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   1 Jodhka, Surinder S (ed)
Mapping the elite : power, privilege, and inequality /
Surinder S Jodhka and Jules Naudet.-- New Delhi: Oxford
University Press, 2019.
xvi, 304p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9780199491070.
305.520954 JOD 147394
This book seeks to expand the understanding of processes
of formations and transformations of the Indian elite.
The contributors explore the emergent elite spaces, the
new idioms of power and inequality, the diverse
strategies in which symbolic boundaries of privilege are
traced in everyday lives, as well as the class mobilities
in an age of proclaimed meritocracy.

** Elite (Social sciences) -- India , Caste -- India ,
Caste-based discrimination -- India
   2 Cavallaro, Dani
Critical and cultural theory : thematic variations / Dani
Cavallaro.-- New Delhi: Bloomsbury, 2016.
xv, 252p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9781350014299.
306 CAV 147395

** Critical theory , Culture

   3 Hayter, Susan (ed)
Industrial relations in emerging economies : the quest
for inclusive development / Susan Hayter and Chang-Hee
Lee.-- Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2018.
vii,227p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9789221303831.
331 HAY 147389
By examining the evolution of industrial relations
institutions in the emerging economies of Brazil, China,
India, South Africa and Turkey, the authors in this book
assess the contribution of these institutions to
inclusive development. It uses real-world examples to
assess the relevance of the conceptual frameworks used to
examine employment relations. The chapters focus on the
evolution of industrial relations institutions and the
role that these have played in periods of economic and
political transition. They demonstrate that rather than
acting as a constraint on development, trade unions can
contribute to stability, security and equity.

** Industrial relations--Developing countries

   4 Weiss, John (ed)
Poverty strategies in Asia : a growth plus approach /
John Weiss and Haider Khan.-- Cheltenham: Edward Elgar
Publishing, 2006.
xii, 314p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781845429287.
339.46095 WEI 147391
This book offers an examination of a range of measures
aimed at reducing poverty in Asia, such as trade
liberalization, infrastructure investment, population
policies, employment guarantee programs and contract
farming. This volume brings together a series of case
studies on the poverty impact of alternative
interventions in a range of Asian economies.

** Poverty -- Asia , Asia -- Economic policy

   5 Mohanty, B B
Agrarian transformation in Western India : economic gains
and social costs / B B Mohanty.-- London: Routledge, 2019
xxiii, 362p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9780367247294.
630.95479 MOH 147393
This book examines the economic gains and social costs of
agrarian transformation in India. The author looks at
three phases of agrarian transformation: colonial, post-
colonial and neoliberal. This work combines macro and
micro economic data, economic and noneconomic phenomena
and quantitative and qualitative aspects while exploring
the context of historical and contemporary changes with
special reference to Maharashtra in Western India.It
discusses regional disparities in agricultural
development, issues of Modernization and social
inequality, land owning among Scheduled castes and
tribes, women in Agriculture, pattern of labour migration
and farmers suicides and documents the experiences and
conditions of the rural poor and socially weaker sections
to provide a comprehensive understanding of the
significant changes in agrarian rural economy of Western

** Agriculture -- India -- Maharashtra , Agriculture -
India , Agriculture -- Economic aspects -- India --

   6 The Technology fallacy : how people are the real key to
digital transformation / Gerald C Kane and others.--
Cambridge: MIT Press, 2019.
x, 269p. , 24cm.
(Management on the cutting edge).
ISBN : 9780262039680.
658.05 KAN 147387
Digital technologies are disrupting organizations of
every size and shape, leaving managers scrambling to find
a technology fix that will help their organizations
compete. This book offers managers and business leaders a
guide for surviving digital disruptions-but it is not a
book about technology. It is about the organizational
changes required to harness the power of technology.The
authors argue that digital disruption is primarily about
people and that effective digital transformation involves
changes to organizational dynamics and how work gets

** Organizational behavior, Organizational change,
Technological innovations--Management, Information

7 Goel, Sandeep
Finance for non-finance people / Sandeep Goel.--2nd ed.--
London: Routledge, 2019.
xxvii, 430p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9780367322083.
658.15 GOE 147392
This book makes sense of the finance world from a non-
finance perspective. It introduces, explains and
demystifies essential ideas of business finance to those
who do not have financial background or training. The
book delineates the financial workings of businesses and
offers an overview of corporate finance in the global

** Corporations--Finance , Business enterprises--Finance

8 Dawson, Patrick
Managing change, creativity and innovation / Patrick
Dawson and Constantine Andriopoulos.--3rd ed-- London:
Sage Publications, 2017.
xxvi, 638p.p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781473964280.
658.406 DAW 147390
This book provides an integrative overview of the
concepts of change, creativity and innovation, as the
authors define, explain and use plentiful examples and
case studies to take the student through the essential
theories and business processes.

** Organizational change -- Management , Creative ability
in business -- Management , Organizational change --
Management -- Case studies , Creative ability in business
-- Management -- Case studies

9 O-Brien, Jonathan
Category management in purchasing : a strategic approach
to maximize business profitability / Jonathan O-Brien.--
3rd ed.-- London: Kogan Page, 2015.
xxiii, 477p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780749482619.
658.72 OBR 147388
This book is a comprehensive guide to strategic category
management which provides a step-by-step guide to its
implementation and use, and enables readers to deliver
value and cost savings when sourcing and purchasing. In
this book, the author shows how a strategic approach
needs to integrate with other approaches, such as
supplier relationship management and how the procurement
function negotiates.

** Purchasing , Business logistics , Industrial

   10 Abraham, Joshil K (ed)
Dalit literatures in India : with a new introduction /
Joshil K Abraham and Judith Misrahi-Barak.--2nd ed.--
London: Routledge, 2018.
xv, 359p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9781138346529.
891.409920694 ABR 147396
This book breaks new ground in the study of Dalit
literature, including in its corpus a range of genres
such as novels, autobiographies, pamphlets, poetry, short
stories as well as graphic novels. It discusses how Dalit
writing has come to play a major role in asserting
marginal identities in contemporary Indian politics.

** Indic literature -- Dalit authors -- History and
criticism , Dalits in literature , Indic literature --
Dalit authors




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