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700 ARTS




   1 Bezio, Kristin M S
Leadership, popular culture and social change / Kristin M S
Bezio and Kimberly Yost.-- Cheltenham: Edward Elgar
Publishing, 2018.
x, 240p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 9781785368967.
303.34 BEZ 147358
This book examines works and creators of popular culture
from literature to film and music to digital culture -
in order to address the ways in which popular culture
shapes and is shaped by leaders around the globe as they
strive to change their social systems for the better.

** Leadership , Popular culture
   2 Narain, Vishal
Public policy : a view from the South / Vishal Narain.--
New Delhi: Cambridge University Press, 2018.
x, 213p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781108454490.
320.6091724 NAR 147366
This book discusses theories, terms and concepts used in
the analysis of public policy processes. It aims to shape
our understanding of public policy processes as developed
across several disciplines and study them within the
Indian context, explaining most ideas and concepts with
reference to India and the global South.

** Policy sciences , Political planning , Social policy--
Developing countries , Economic policy
   3 Ray, Panchali
Politics of precarity : gendered subjects and the health
care industry in contemporary Kolkata / Panchali Ray.--
New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2019.
xi, 265p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9780199489763.
331.129161073 RAY 147365
Drawing on three years of fieldwork in hospitals and
nursing homes in the city of Kolkata, the book is an
ethnographic study that analyses how hierarchies at
workplace intersect with social identities to produce a
differentiated workforce. The book interrogates the
politics of distinction and distancing that produces a
feminine workforce divided by class, caste and
Sexualities to examine the various contestations among
ranks of workers who deploy modernity, morality and
gendered norms as strategies to secure marginal gains at
the expense of others.

** Nursing -- India -- Kolkata , Labor market -- India --
Kolkata , Discrimination in employment -- India --

   4 Jones, Alan R
Principles, process and practice of professional number
juggling / Alan R Jones.-- Abingdon: Routledge, 2018.
xx, 241p. , 24cm.
(Working guides to estimating and forecasting , 1).
ISBN : 9781138063969.
338.51 JON 147360
This book sets the scene of traceability and good
estimate practice that is followed in the other volumes
in this series of five working guides. It clarifies the
difference between an estimating process, procedure,
approach, method and technique. It expands on these
definitions of approach (top-down, bottom-up and
-ethereal-) and method (analogy, parametric and -trusted
source-) and discusses how these form the basis of all
other means of establishing an estimate.The book also
underlines the importance of -data normalisation- in any
estimating procedure, and demonstrates that the
Estimating by analogy method, in essence, is a simple
extension of data normalisation. This book provides a
taster of the more numerical techniques covered in the
remainder of the series by considering how an estimator
can potentially exploit Benford-s Law (traditionally used
in Fraud Detection) to identify systematic bias from
third party contributors.

** Costs, Industrial -- Estimates , Costs, Industrial --
Statistical methods , Industrial engineering --
Statistical methods

5 Jones, Alan R
Risk, opportunity, uncertainty and other random models /
Alan R Jones.-- Abingdon: Routledge, 2019.
xxiii, 291p. , 24cm.
(Working guides to estimating and forecasting , 5).
ISBN : 9781138065055.
338.51 JON 147362

** Costs, Industrial -- Statistical methods , Research,
Industrial -- Statistical methods , Risk -- Statistical

   6 Jones, Alan R
Probability, statistics and other frightening stuff /
Alan R Jones.-- Abingdon: Routledge, 2019.
xxvii, 471p. , 24cm.
(Working guides to estimating and forecasting , 2).
ISBN : 9781138065031.
519.5 JON 147361
This book considers many of the commonly used Descriptive
Statistics in the world of estimating and forecasting. It
considers values that are representative of the ‘middle
ground’ (Measures of Central Tendency), and the degree of
data scatter (Measures of Dispersion and Shape) around
the ‘middle ground’ values.

** Probabilities , Industrial engineering -- Statistical
   7 Boje, David M (ed)
The Emerald handbook of management and organization
inquiry / David M Boje and Mabel Sanchez.-- Bingley:
Emerald Publishing, 2019.
xxiv, 287p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781787145528.
658 BOJ 147363

** Management , Organization

8 Jones, Alan R
Learning, unlearning and re-learning curves / Alan R
Jones.-- Abingdon: Routledge, 2019.
xxiii, 303p. , 24cm.
(Working guides to estimating and forecasting , 4).
ISBN : 9781138064973.
658.3124 JON 147359
This book focuses in on Learning Curves, and the various
tried and tested models of Wright, Crawford, DeJong,
Towill-Bevis and others. It explores the differences and
similarities between the various models and examines the
key properties that Estimators and Forecasters can

** Learning curve (Industrial engineering) , Industrial
productivity -- Statistical methods

 700   ARTS 
   9 Prakash, Brahma
Cultural labour : conceptualizing the -folk performance-
in India / Brahma Prakash.-- New Delhi: Oxford University
Press, 2019.
xvi, 332p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9780199490813.
700.954 PRA 147364
Folk performances reflect the life-worlds of a vast
section of subaltern communities in India. In this book,
the author studies bhuiyan puja (landworship), bidesia
(theatre of migrant labourers), reshma-chuharmal (Dalit
Ballads), dugola (singing duels) from Bihar, and the
songs and performances of gaddar, who was associated with
Jana Natya mandali, Telangana. He examines various ways
in which meanings and behaviour are engendered in
communities through rituals, theatre, and enactments.
Focusing on various motifs of landscape, materiality, and
performance, the author looks at the relationship between
culture and labour in its immediate contexts. Based on an
extensive ethnography and the authors own life experience
as a member of such a community, the book offers a new
conceptual framework to understand the politics and
aesthetics of folk performance in the light of
contemporary the theories of theatre and Performance

** Performance art -- India , Folk art -- India , India -
Social life and customs
   10 Tagore, Rabindranath
Shades of difference : selected works of Rabindranath
Tagore / Rabindranath Tagore.-- New Delhi: Social Science
Press, 2015.
xvi, 291p. , 25cm. + 1 CD-ROM.
ISBN : 9789383166107.
820.80954 TAG 147367
This book brings together Rabindranath Tagore-s writings
on forms of difference based on gender, caste, class,
nation, community, religion, language, art, literature,
philosophy, social custom and political belief. Via new
translations, along with Tagore-s own writings, lectures
and conversations in English, this illustrated anthology
presents his complex, dynamic approach to commonly
perceived dualities -- such as life/death,
nature/culture, male/female, tradition/modernity,
East/West, local/universal, urban/rural etc. -- to
highlight his humanistic vision and its significance for
us today.

** Tagore, Rabindranath, 1861-1941 , Bengali literature



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