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 003    SYSTEMS 
1 Watts, Christopher
Simulating innovation : computer-based tools for
rethinking innovation / Christopher Watts and Nigel
Gilbert.-- Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2014.
x,291p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781849801607.
003.3 WAT 147122
The authors explore the generation, diffusion and impact
of innovations, which can now be studied using computer
simulations. This book provides a critical review of
recent advances in agent-based modelling and other forms
of the simulation of innovation. Bringing together
simulation models from several innovation-related fields,
this book will prove a fascinating read for academics and
researchers in a wide range of disciplines, including:
innovation studies, evolutionary economics, complexity
science, organisation studies, social networks, and
science and technology studies.

** Computer simulation , Imaging systems , Technological
2 Hoffman, Mark (ed)
Advances in cross-cultural decision making : proceedings
of the AHFE 2017 International Conference on Cross-
Cultural Decision Making, July 17-21, 2017, The Westin
Bonaventure Hotel, Los Angeles, California, USA / Mark
Hoffman.-- New York: Springer, 2017.
xi, 262p. , 24cm.
(Advances in intelligent systems and computing , 610).
ISBN : 9783319607467.
153.83 HOF 147116
This book reports on the latest advances in understanding
cross-cultural decision and human cognition with respect
to various cultural constructs, such as geographical,
historical, sociological, and organizational cultures. It
addresses researchers, scholars, and industry
practitioners from diverse fields, including sociology,
linguistics, business, military science, psychology,
human factors research, neuroscience, and education. The
book covers a wealth of topics, including: analyses of
historical events and intercultural competence,
commercial applications of social-cultural science, the
study of decision-making similarities (and differences)
across cultures, cultural behavioural modelling and
simulation technology, and social networks and studies on
group communication alike. It also reports on real-world
case studies relevant to cross-cultural decision-making.

** Decision making -- Congresses , Decision making ,
Psychology -- Cognitive Psychology
   3 Kumar, Ravindra
Many Everests : an inspiring journey of transforming
dreams into reality / Ravindra Kumar.-- New Delhi:
Bloomsbury India, 2017.
x, 360p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9789386141323.
158.1 KUM 147138
As the first IAS officer to climb the world-s tallest
peak, Ravindra Kumar in this book has presented Mount
Everest as a symbol of life-s problems beyond the limit
of a physical barrier. Introducing the innovative
technique of -Advanced Positive Visualisation-, the
author explains how the various Everests of life can be
conquered with this success key.

** Success , Visualization
4 Ayaluri, Sridevi
Digital India in action : selected e-governance
initiatives-2015 / Sridevi Ayaluri and Vijaya Sekhar K S.
-- Hyderabad: Religiate Interactive Brand Consulting,
426p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9788190971973.
303.48330954 AYA 147132

** Information technology -- Economic aspects -- India ,
Social change -- India

5 Li, Cheng
The Power of ideas : the rising influence of thinkers and
think tanks in China / Cheng Li.-- New Jersey: World
Scientific, 2017.
xvi, 355p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9789813100220.
320.60951 LIC 147118
This book focuses on China-s major think tanks where
policies are initiated, and on a few prominent thinkers
who influence the way in which elites and the general
public understand and deal with the various issues
confronting the country. The book examines a number of
factors contributing to the rapid rise of Chinese think
tanks in the reform era. These include the leadership-s
call for -scientific decision-making,- the need for
specialized expertise in economics and finance as China
becomes an economic powerhouse, the demand for opinion
leaders in the wake of a telecommunication revolution
driven by social media, the accumulation of human and
financial capital, and the increasing utility of the
-revolving door- nature of think tanks. It has been
widely noted that think tanks and policy advisors have
played an important role in influencing the strategic
thinking of the top leadership, including the formation
of ideas of ideas.

** Political planning -- China, Policy sciences -- China,
Research institutes -- China,
6 Jain, Swati (ed)
Small and medium enterprises in the global economy /
Swati Jain, Ranu Sharma and Arpita Mehta.-- New Delhi:
Excellent Publishing House, [n.d.]
iv, 171p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9789384935344.
338.6420954 JAI 147141

** Small business -- India -- Congresses , Globalization
- Economic aspects -- India -- Congresses , Globalization
-- Economic aspects

7 Sukhodolov, Alexander P (ed)
Models of modern information economy : conceptual
contradictions and practical examples / Alexander P
Sukhodolov, Elena G Popkova and Tatiana N Litvinova.--
United Kingdom: Emerald Publishing, 2018.
xviii, 361p. ,24cm.
ISBN : 9781787562882.
338.926 SUK 147121
This book analyses modern conceptual models of
information economies, highlighting and examining their
systemic contradictions and failings. It explores the
disconnection between the readiness of the technical
infrastructure for forming and developing the information
economy, and an unprepared institutional and societal
structure that is therefore unable to implement these
processes and models. The editors present different
approaches to solving these methodological and practical
contradictions and lay out future models across different
international contexts. They also provide recommendations
for optimizing their theoretical model and improving its
implementation in modern economic systems.

** Knowledge economy , Information technology -- Economic

 346    PRIVATE LAW 
8 Sujan, M A
Law of frustration of contract / M A Sujan.-- Delhi:
Universal Law Publishing, 2001.
xix, 244p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 8175342168.
346.54022 SUJ 147134

** Breach of contract -- India , Contracts -- India ,
Breach of contract

9 Singh, Avtar
Introduction to company law / Avtar Singh.--11th ed.--
Lucknow: Eastern Book Company, 2014.
lvi, 255p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9789351450689.
346.54066 SIN 147136

** Corporation law -- India , Corporation law
10 Status of policing in India report 2018 : a study of
performance and perceptions / Common Cause and Centre for
the study of developing society.--3rd ed.-- New Delhi:
Common Cause and Centre for the Study of Developing
Society, 2019.
214p. , 30cm.
363.20954 STA 147142

** Police -- India , Law enforcement -- India , Law

11 Herrmann, Andreas
Autonomous driving : how the driverless revolution will
change the world / Andreas Herrmann, Walter Brenner and
Rupert Stadler.-- Bingley: Emerald Publishing, 2018.
xiv, 445p. , 20cm.
ISBN : 9781787148345.
388.342 HER 147120
This book looks at the latest advances in autonomous
driving, demonstrating that a future once considered
science fiction is now close at hand. Acceptance of
driverless cars relies on more than just the technology
that delivers it, In this book the authors consider the
shift in attitudes required for social acceptance and a
move towards considering cars one aspect of a wider
mobility solution. Autonomous driving offers a solution
for the high pollution levels and management of the
transport infrastructure where current methods are
proving insufficient in places of high population
density. From ethical considerations in the programming
of automated driving procedures to changes in attitudes
towards car ownership and design, this title is a
comprehensive look at the latest revolution in mobility.

** Autonomous vehicles, Autonomous vehicles -- Social
aspects, Autonomous vehicles -- Environmental aspects,
Automobiles -- Automatic control

12 Agarwal, Rajeev
What I did not learn at IIT : transitioning from campus
to workplace / Rajeev Agarwal.-- Noida: Random House,
xx, 194p. , 20cm.
ISBN : 9788184004861.
650.1 AGA 147143
The author draws from his own experiences and describes
what it takes to be successful. The book highlights the
habits, behaviours, and thought processes that lead to
success. It underlines the importance of setting long
term goals and not settling for short term monetary
lures. It encourages graduates to look at their career
over a 40 year span and explains that successful people
strike a common chord with each other in terms of being
passionate about their jobs. It says that small amounts
of learning here and there all add up , which is
reflected in successful people showing up to work on
time, getting proper rest and nutrition, and being
willing to learn.

** Management , Success in business
13 Gronwald, Klaus-Dieter
Global communication and collaboration : global project
management,global sourcing, cross-cultural competencies /
Kalus-Dieter Gronwald.-- New York: Springer, 2017.
xxi,180p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9783662531495.
658.18 GRO 147117
Speed, social change, historical inheritance and cultural
gaps are key factors which have significant impact on
global collaboration and global sourcing. The author
explains how working in virtual teams in a global,
multicultural environment requires a significant amount
of organizational and behavioural change of people and
organizations. Understanding cultural differences in
working styles is important for successful global project
management. Major theories of international management,
company internationalization, cultural dimensions and
distances will be discussed to develop cross-cultural
competencies and conflict management styles for
international project managers. They will understand
modern theories and methods of international management
and will be able to apply these to practical project
management problems.

** International business enterprises -- Cross-cultural
studies , Intercultural communication , International
business enterprises

14 Mathur, Ajit
Organizational culture-what why how : a quick primer for
practicing managers / Ajit Mathur.-- Chennai: Notion
Press, 2019.
x, 169p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9781684668663.
658.406 MAT 147139-147140
If you believe culture makes a real difference to an
organization-s performance, this book is for you. It
unravels organizational culture by answering three key
questions: What is culture? Why is it important? How to
transform culture? As a practical guide for managers and
leaders, it will help you take the right steps toward
creating a high-performance culture.

** Corporate culture , Management , Leadership , Culture

15 Hastings, Gerard
Social marketing : rebels with a cause / Gerard Hastings
and Christine Domegan.--3rd ed.-- New York: Routledge,
xxxvi, 602p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781138123830.
658.8 HAS 147119
This popular introductory textbook has been updated to
provide greater depth on marketing theory, more on
branding, co-production of value, and community based
prevention marketing (CBPM). In addition, the
communications chapter is extended and radically updated
to include much more on digital media.

** Social marketing -- Handbooks, manuals, etc. ,
Behaviour modification , Social marketing




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