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   1 Lukacs, Georg
The Destruction of reason / Georg Lukacs.-- New Delhi:
Aakar Books,2016.
865p, 22cm.
ISBN: 9789350024089
193 LUK 147042
In this book, the author shows how Nazism attacked reason
and science. Irrationalism mirrors reaction-s contempt
for science and its indulgence in superstition and
myth. He shows how irrationalism was born in German feudal
absolutism-s reaction to the French revolution of 1789.
Lukacs examines and criticises German sociology in the
imperialist period (Max Weber, Karl Mannheim and Carl
Schmitt), social Darwinism and racial theory from Joseph
Gobineau to Houston Chamberlain, and vitalism in imperial
Germany (Wilhelm Dilthey, Georg Simmel, Oswald Spengler,
Martin Heidegger and Karl Jaspers). He shows how their
ideas were either no barrier to Nazism (Weber, Mannheim,
Dilthey, Simmel and Jaspers) or actually paved the way
for fascism (Schmitt, Gobineau, Chamberlain, Spengler and
Heidegger).Lukacs shows how Nazism took over the whole
legacy of irrationalism. Irrationalism is always an
ideology of militant reaction, it is all about combating
Marxism,dialectical and historical materialism.

** Philosophy, German, Irrationalism (Philosophy)
 330   ECONOMICS  
2 Hanappi, Gerhard (ed)
Theory and method of evolutionary political economy: a
Cyprus symposium / Gerhard Hanappi, Sabbas Katsikides and
Manuel Scholz-Wackerle.-- London: Routledge, 2017.
xiv,264p. , 24cm.
(Routledge advances in heterodox economics , 34).
ISBN : 9781138204096.
330.15 HAN 147055
This book promises to describe political and economic
dynamics as interwoven as they are in real life and it
adds to that an evolutionary perspective. The latter
allows for a long-run view, which makes it possible to
discuss the emergence and exit of social institutions. The
essays in this volume explore the theoretical and
methodological aspects of evolutionary political economy.
In part one, the authors consider the foundational
contributions of some of the great economists of the
past, while the second part demonstrates the benefits of
adopting the methods of computer simulation and agent-

** based modeling, Evolutionary economics, Economic
history, 21st century, Global Financial Crisis, 2008-2009,
Europe Economic policy -- 21st century.

3 Madra, Yahya M
Late neoclassical economics: the restoration of
theoretical humanism in contemporary economic theory /
Yahya M Madra.-- London: Routledge, 2017.
xi, 206p. ,24cm.
New political economy,18.
ISBN: 9780415738507.
330.157 MAD 147052
This book draws on the work of Louis Althusser, Michel
Foucault and the Amherst School, to construct the concept
of a self-transparent and self-conscious human subject
(Homo economics) as the theoretical humanist core of the
neoclassical tradition. It offers a careful genealogy of
many of the new concepts and approaches - including
evolutionary game theory, experimental economics and
behavioural economics - and reads their elaboration as
part of the restoration of the theoretical humanist core
of the tradition.

** Neoclassical school of economics, Economics.

4 Kevorkian, Aleksandr V
Transition economies: transformation, development, and
society in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union /
Aleksandr V Gevorkyan.-- London: Routledge, 2018.
xx,272p., 25cm.
ISBN : 9781138831131
330.947 GEV 147027
This book explores the continuous economic and social
transformation of the post-socialist world. The book’s
core exploration evolves along three pivots of
competitive economic structure, institutional change, and
social welfare. The main elements include analysis of the
emergence of the socialist economic model, its
adaptations through the twentieth century, discussion of
the 1990s market transition reforms, post-2008 crisis
development, and the social and economic diversity in the
region today. With an appreciation for country specifics,
the book also considers the urgent problems of social
policy, poverty, income inequality, and labor migration.

** Europe,Eastern, Economic conditions-1989,
Former Soviet republics, Economic conditions, Post-
Communism-Europe, Post-communism, Former Soviet republics.

5 Subramanian, Arvind
Of counsel: the challenges of the Modi-Jaitley economy/
Arvind Subramanian.-- Gurgaon: Penguin Random House, 2018
lii, 347p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780670092093
330.954053 SUB 147016
In this book, the author provides an inside account of
his rollercoaster journey as the chief economic advisor
to the Government of India from 2014-18, succeeding
Raghuram Rajan as captain of the ship. With an illustrious
cast of characters, Subramanian-s part-memoir, part-
analytical writings candidly reveal the numerous triumphs
and challenges of policymaking at the zenith, while
appraising India-s economic potential, health and future
through comprehensive research and original hypotheses.
He also addresses the overleveraging of public-sector
banks, the fraught links between the state and private
sector (-stigmatized capitalism-), the changing
relationship between the state and the individual, and
the ever-pervasive, life-threatening issues surrounding
climate change.

** India-Economic policy-1991, India-Economic
6 Allen, Joan (ed)
Histories of labour: national and international
perspectives/ Joan Allen, Alan Campbell and John McIlroy
-- Delhi: Aakar Books,2011.
399p. 25cm.
ISBN: 9789350021286
331.09 ALL 147046
This book asserts the importance of the lives,
aspirations and actions of ordinary workers. Their history
is as important for understanding the past as the
activities of their rulers. The book provides a unique and
authoritative survey of trends in labour history and
historiographical developments around the world over the
last fifty years.

** Labour-Historiography, Working class-
Historiography, Labor movement-Historiography

7 Hayter, Susan (ed)
Industrial relations in emerging economies: the quest
for inclusive development/Susan Hayter and Chang Hee
Lee.-- Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2018.
vii,227p., 24cm.
ISBN: 9781788114370
331.091724 HAY 147051
By examining the evolution of industrial relations
institutions in the emerging economies of Brazil, China,
India, South Africa and Turkey, the authors in this book
assess the contribution of these institutions to
inclusive development. This book uses real-world examples
to assess the relevance of the conceptual frameworks used
to examine employment relations. The chapters focus on
the evolution of industrial relations institutions and
the role that these have played in periods of economic
and political transition. They demonstrate that rather
than acting as a constraint on development, trade unions
can contribute to stability, security and equity. The
authors reveal a continuing demand for independent
collective interest representation in labour relations,
whether in the informal economy or in rapidly
industrializing districts.

** Industrial relations-Developing countries
   8 Bikker, Jacob A (ed)
Handbook of competition in banking and finance/Jacob A
Bikker and Laura Spierdijk.-- Cheltenham: Edward Elgar
x,408p., 25cm.
ISBN: 9781785363290
332.1 BIK 147049
The goal of this Handbook is to provide a collection of
state-of-the-art chapters to address this issue. The book
consists of four parts, the first of which discusses the
characteristics of various measures of financial sector
competition. The second part includes several empirical
studies on the level of, and trends in, competition
across countries. The third part deals with the
spillovers of market power to other sectors and the
economy as a whole. Finally, the fourth part considers
competition in banking submarkets and subsectors.

** Banks and banking, Antitrust law, Competition

9 Chiu,Iris HY(ed)
Research handbook on shadow banking: legal and
regulatory aspects / Iris H Y Chiu and Iain G Mac Neil.--
Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2018.
ISBN : 9781785362620
332.1 CHI 147054
In this book, the authors discusses shadow banking
activities, the purposes they serve, the risks they pose
to the financial system, and the wider implications for
regulators and the regulatory perimeter.
The book discusses a range of wholesale sector shadow banking
activities including the rehypothecation of assets,
securitization and derivatives as well as the
implications of hedge fund activities for systemic risk.
** Nonbank financial institutions -- Law and
legislation, Banking law

10 Ito, Takatoshi
Managing currency risk: how Japanese films choose
invoicing currency/Takatoshi Ito and others.--
Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing,2018.
ISBN: 9781785360121
332.45 ITO 147053
The yen is now one of the major currencies freely traded
in the world, and yet, many Japanese exporters take on a
currency risk by invoicing in US dollars. In this book,
the authors examine why this is the case, particularly
for those exporters who have a strong presence in global
markets. It enhances our understanding of exporters’
behaviour by analysing the key factors that influence
their choice of invoice currency. Detailed research based
on unique data sets is used to highlight how firm size,
product competitiveness, intra/inter-firm trade and the
geography of export destination impact this decision.

** Foreign exchange options, Risk management, Money-
   11 Levien, Michael
Dispossession without development: land grabs in
neoliberal India / Michael Levien.-- New Delhi: Oxford
University Press,2018.
xxviii,332p., 24cm.
ISBN : 9780190915513
333.3154 LEV 147043
Since the mid-2000s, India has been beset by widespread
farmer protests against land dispossession. This book
demonstrates that beneath these conflicts lay a profound
shift in regimes of dispossession. Using the case of a
village in Rajasthan that was dispossessed for a private
Special Economic Zone, the book ethnographically
illustrates the exclusionary trajectory of capitalism
driving dispossession in contemporary India. Taking us
into the lives of diverse villagers in "Rajpura," the
book meticulously documents the destruction of
agricultural livelihoods, the marginalization of rural
labour, the spatial unevenness of infrastructure
provision and the dramatic consequences of real estate
speculation for social inequality and village politics.

** Economic development-India, Land reform-India
   12 Verma,Sangeeta(ed)
Glimpses of Indian agriculture/Sangeeta Verma and PC
Bodh. -- New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2018.
ISBN: 9780199488834
338.10954 VER 147045
Agriculture is one of the largest sources of livelihood
in India, contributing significantly to the gross
domestic product of the country. This book presents an
extensive study of the performance of Indian agriculture
over the years, focusing on issues such as production,
economics and marketing problems and prospects,
government interventions for the development of
horticulture crops, and sectors allied to agriculture-
livestock, dairy development and fisheries. Further, the
book analyses growth, outcomes, problems and constraints
facing Indian agriculture as inputs for future policy
initiatives, feedback on various government policies and
programmes, and the present status and outlook of Indian

** Agriculture-Economic aspects-India, Agriculture
and state-India , Agriculture-India-Costs

13 Gereffi, Gary
Global value chains and development: redefining the
contours of 21st century capitalism/ Gary Gereffi.--
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018.
xxii, 474p., 23cm.
ISBN: 9781108458863
338.95 GER 147022
This book traces the emergence of arguably the most
influential approach used to analyze globalization and
its impacts. It studies the conceptual foundations of GVC
analysis, the twin pillars of -governance- and
-upgrading-, along with detailed case studies of China,
Mexico and other emerging economies as main beneficiaries
of export-oriented industrialization, and addresses
potential solutions to the deleterious impact of
globalization on workers and communities


** Industries, Labor, Technological innovations-
Economic aspects

 338    PRODUCTION  
   14 Nathan, Dev(ed)
Development with global value chains: upgrading and
innovation in Asia/Dev Nathan, Meenu Tewari and Sandip
Sarka.-- Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018.
xii, 427p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781107104631.
338.95 NAT 147023
Can firms and economies utilize global value chains for
development? How can they move from low-income to middle-
income and even high-income status? This book addresses
these questions through a series of case studies
examining upgradation and innovation by firms operating
in GVCs in Asia.

** Technological innovations, Economic aspects-Asia,
Commerce-Asia, Economic development-Asia
15 Cantwell, Brendan (ed)
Handbook on the politics of higher education/Brendan
Cantwell, Hamish Coates and Roger King.-- Cheltenham:
Edward Elgar Publishing, 2018.
xv, 541p., 25cm.
ISBN: 9781786435019
378 CAN 147050
This book reveals valuable new perspectives for
understanding higher education.Higher education plays an
ever-greater role in contemporary life, creating
innovation, skills, prosperity, and wellbeing. Crafted
as a sophisticated entry point, this Handbook takes a
wide look at the topic, the state of contemporary
research, and future directions.
** Higher education and state, Education, Higher-
Political aspects
16 Heap, Shaun Hargreaves
Game theory: a critical text/Shaun P Hargreaves Heap
and Yanis Varoufakis.--2nd ed.-- London: Routledge, 2006.
xiv, 369p. , 26cm.
ISBN : 9780415250955.
519.3 HEA 147068

** Game theory
   17 Commodity insights yearbook 2018.-- Mumbai: Multi Commodity
Exchange of India, 2018.
185p.30cm.+ 1CD-ROM.
R 332.6328 COM 146964

** Commodity futures-India, Commodity exchanges,
Risk management



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