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   1 Majetschak, Stefan (ed)
Aesthetics today : contemporary approaches to the
aesthetics of nature and of arts, proceedings of the 39th
International Wittgenstein Symposium / Stefan Majetschak
and Anja Weiberg.-- Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, 2017.
x,475p. , 24cm.
(Publications of the Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein
Society,new series , 25).
ISBN : 9783110539585.
111.85 MAJ 146673
Aesthetics is no longer merely the philosophy of
perception and the arts. Nelson Goodman, Arthur Danto and
others have contributed to develop the former marginal
field to one permeating substantial areas of theoretical
and practical philosophy. New approaches like
environmental and ecological aesthetics widened the
understanding of the aesthetics. The chapters in this
book discuss the most important issues in contemporary

** Aesthetics -- Congresses , Wittgenstein, Ludwig, --
1889-1951 , Aesthetics
   2 Bilimoria, Purusottama (ed)
History of Indian philosophy / Purusottama Bilimoria.--
London: Routledge, 2018.
xxv, 612p. , 26cm.
ISBN : 9780415309769.
181.4 BIL 146612
The History of Indian Philosophy is a comprehensive and
authoritative examination of the movements and thinkers
that have shaped Indian philosophy over the last three
thousand years.

** Philosophy, Indic -- History , Philosophy -- India --
History , Philosophy
   3 Shah, Atul K
Jainism and ethical finance : a timeless business model /
Atul K Shah and Aidan Rankin.-- London: Routledge, 2017.
xiii, 176p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781138648869.
294.4173 SHA 146602
Jain individuals, businesses and charities have played a
powerful role in India’s rise and within the global
Indian Diaspora. Jain communities are noted everywhere
for their contributions to business, the professions and
science. These successes are based on the principles of
interdependence and co-operation, with an emphasis on
long term consolidation rather than short-term bursts of
growth. Researchers and students interested in the ethics
of finance, accounting and economics will find Jainism
and Ethical Finance a scholarly and illuminating
evaluation of Jain Dharma as a non-western case study. In
the light of current concerns about the way global
finance and banking systems operate, this book offers a
timely alternative perspective.

** Finance -- Religious aspects -- Jainism , Finance --
Moral and ethical aspects

4 Maitra, Keya
Philosophy of the Bhagavad Gita : a contemporary
introduction / Keya Maitra.-- London: Bloomsbury Academic
, 2018.
xii, 191p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9781350040182.
294.5924046 MAI 146617
This book presents a complete philosophical guide and new
translation of the most celebrated text of Hinduism. It
focuses on the philosophy underpinning the story of a
battle between two sets of cousins of the Aryan clan.

** Bhagavadgat -- Criticism, interpretation, etc. ,
   5 Fernandez, Bina (ed)
Land, labour and livelihoods : Indian women-s
perspectives / Bina Fernandez, Meena Gopal and Orlanda
Ruthven.-- Cham: Palgrave Macmillan, 2016.
xvii, 352p. ,22cm.
ISBN : 9783319408644.
305.420954 FER 146620
This book brings together a unique collection of
theoretical and empirical analyses of women-s access to
land, labour and livelihoods in contemporary India. The
authors recognize that gender relations must be viewed
intersectionally, along with other social relationships
such as caste, ethnicity, religion, sexuality and age, in
order to inform an integrated analysis of women-s
persistent disadvantage in India. The chapters examine a
diverse range of rural and urban livelihoods within
sectors such as tea plantations, nursing, hair salons,
sex work and waste collection. Documenting the shifts in
these sectors in the context of economic liberalization,
the authors offer insights on the challenges of
development interventions as women negotiate shifts in
their livelihood options.

** Political science , Asia -- Politics and government ,
Sociology , Gender expression , Women--Economic
conditions , Women--Social conditions
   6 Kenski, Kate (ed)
The Oxford handbook of political communication / Kate
Kenski and Kathleen Hall Jamieson.-- New York: Oxford
University Press, 2017.
xiv, 957p. , 26cm.
ISBN : 9780199793471.
320.014 KEN 146598
This book provides contexts for viewing the field of
political communication, examines political discourse,
media, and considers political communication-s evolution
inside the altered political communication landscape. The
authors bring together some of the most ground breaking
scholars in the field to reflect upon their areas of
expertise to address the importance of their areas of
study to the field, the major findings to date, including
areas of scholarly disagreement, on the topics, the
authors- perspectives, and unanswered questions for
future research to address. Their answers reveal that
political communication is a hybrid with complex
ancestry, permeable boundaries and interests that overlap
with those of related fields such as political sociology,
public opinion, rhetoric, neuroscience and the new hybrid
on the quad, media psychology.

** Communication in politics
 330    ECONOMICS 
   7 Dutt, Romesh
The Economic history of India under early British rule :
from the rise of the British power in 1757 to the
accession of Queen Victoria in 1837 / Romesh Dutt.--7th
ed.-- London: Routledge, 1950.
xxiv, 436 p. , 21 cm.
ISBN : 9780415865708.
330.954 DUT 146665
This is an excellent works on the military and political
transitions of the British in India have been written by
eminent historians. Englishmen can look back on their work
in India, if not with unalloyed satisfaction, at least
with some legitimate pride. They have conferred on the
people of India what is the greatest human blessing -
Peace. They have introduced Western Education, bringing
an ancient and civilised nation in touch with modern
thought, modern sciences, modern institutions and life.
They have built up an Administration which, though it
requires reform with the progress of the times, is yet
strong and efficacious. So a brief Economic History of
British India is therefore needed at the present time.

** Economic history--India , British colonies , Politics
and government
   8 Tian, Weidong (ed)
Commercial banking risk management : regulation in the
wake of the financial crisis / Weidong Tian.-- New York:
Palgrave Macmillan, 2017.
xxvii, 429 p. : ill. , 22 cm.
ISBN : 9781137594419.
332.12 TIA 146667
This book addresses the widespread regulatory challenges
uncovered and changes introduced in financial markets
following the 2007-2008 crisis, suggesting strategies by
which financial institutions can comply with stringent
new regulations and adapt to the pressures of close
supervision while responsibly managing risk. It covers
all important commercial banking risk management topics,
including market risk, counterparty credit risk,
liquidity risk, operational risk, fair lending risk,
model risk, stress test, and CCAR from practical aspects.
It also covers major components of enterprise risk
management, a modern capital requirement framework, and
the data technology used to help manage risk. Each
chapter is written by an authority who is actively
engaged with large commercial banks, consulting firms,
auditing firms, regulatory agencies, and universities.

** Banks and banking--Risk management , Banking law

9 Low, Linda
Inclusive fintech : blockchain, cryptocurrency and ICO /
David Lee and Linda Low.-- New Jersey: World Scientific
Publishing, 2018.
xxiv, 523p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9789813238633.
332.178 LEE 146618
Crypto currency market has been growing fast since its
emergence in recent years. Moreover, digital finance has
forged the convergence of profit motives with social
objectives creating a class of large FinTech companies.
In addition, the underlying technology innovation may be
applied to a wide range of industries, not limited to
financial sector. Yet, few researches have been done to
study these phenomena. Hence, it is the task of this book
to shed light on the introduction and trends in FinTech,
block chain and token sales. Richly illustrated with
original lecture slides taught by the authors, this book
hopes to dispel the many misconceptions about block chain
and crypto currencies (especially bit coin, Initial Crypto-
Token Offering or ICO), as well as the idea that
businesses can be sustainable without a social dimension
going forward.

** Finance -- Technological innovations , Block chains
(Databases) , Bit coin

10 Ziemba, William T
The Adventures of a modern renaissance academic in
investing and gambling / William T Ziemba.-- Singapore:
World Scientific Publishing, 2018.
xvii, 466p. , 23cm.
(World Scientific series in finance , 12).
ISBN : 9789813148291.
332.6092 ZIE 146619
This book tells the story of how financial markets have
evolved over time and became increasingly more complex.
The author shares how one can navigate today-s dangerous
financial markets and be successful. The author discusses
the various ways that traders and investors lose money in
the financial markets. He also discusses great investors,
their methods and evaluation and the authors- work with
several of them.

** Capitalists and financiers -- Biography , Investments

11 Petitt, Barbara S
Fixed income analysis workbook / Barbara S Petitt and
others.--3rd ed.-- Hoboken: Wiley, 2015.
viii, 171p. ,25cm.
ISBN : 9781118999509.
332.632044 PET 146672
This book offers a range of practical information and
exercises that will enhance your understanding of the
tools, strategies, and techniques associated with fixed-
income portfolio management. It is an accessible guide
for understanding the metrics, methods, and mechanics as
applied in the competitive world of fixed-income
analysis. It also provides a stress-free way to practice
the tools and techniques described in the companion text.

** Fixed-income securities -- Problems, exercises, etc. ,
Interest rate risk , Portfolio management
   12 Allen, Kieran
Marx : the alternative to capitalism / Kieran Allen.--
London: Pluto Press, 2017.
vii, 232p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9780745337425.
335.4 ALL 146604
Kieran Allen begins the task with an accessible and
comprehensive look at the ideas of Karl Marx. Dispensing
with the dryness of traditional explanations of Marx,
Allen shows how Marx-s ideas apply to modern society. The
first section briefly outlines Marx-s life and the
development of his work, then goes on to clearly explain
his key theories, including historical materialism and
surplus value. The second section examines alternatives
to capitalism, the concept of -anti-capitalism- and
provides concrete, contemporary examples of Marx-s
theories being put into practice in today-s world.

** Marx, Karl, -- 1818-1883 , Communism
 338    PRODUCTION  
13 Karnik, Kiran
The Coalition of competitors : the story of Nasscom and
the IT industry / Kiran Karnik.-- Noida: Collins Business
, 2017.
xix, 187p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9789350291801.
338.47025520954 KAR 146586
In this book, the author, who headed Nasscom from 2001 to
2008, explores the competition and cooperation in the IT
sector, and the role that Nasscom played in this. At the
end of the day, he concludes, it was the -compete but
cooperate- mantra that was the secret of the IT
industry-s - and Nasscom-s - success. Many countries, as
well as other industrial sectors in India, have expressed
an interest in adopting the Nasscom model and, here,
Karnik examines whether it can be replicated.

** National Association of Software and Service Companies
(New Delhi, India) , Computer software industry -- India
- History , Information services industry -- India --

14 Kingsbury, Damien
International development : issues and challenges /
Damien Kingsbury ...[et al.]--3nd ed-- New York: Palgrave
Macmillan, 2012.
xii, 443p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780230303225.
338.91091724 KIN 146670
This text provides a critical interdisciplinary
introduction to the theory, practice and study of
development and to such key challenges in the 21st
century as securitization and attempts to address global

** Economic development - Developing countries , Economic
assistance - Developing countries , Community development
- Developing countries , Nation-building -- Developing
countries ,
   15 Barwell, Richard
Macroeconomic policy after the crash : issues in monetary
and fiscal policy / Richard Barwell.-- London: Palgrave
Macmillan, 2016.
xv, 477p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781137515919.
339.5 BAR 146675

This book reviews the key policy debates during the post-
crash era, describing the issues that policymakers
grappled with, the decisions that they took and the
details of the policy instruments that were created.The
book demonstrate that very little that was done during
this period conformed to the simple textbook treatment of
macroeconomic policy: central banks cutting policy rates
or finance ministers cutting the rate of income tax. The
author guides the reader through the revolution in the
conduct of macroeconomic policy in an engaging and
approachable manner, and illuminates the key innovations
in the toolkit and themes in the debate over past years
with great detail, from negative rates to quantitative
easing, and from austerity versus financial repression,
restructuring and default to productivity puzzles and

** Public policy , Economic policy , Macroeconomics ,
Monetary policy
   16 Johnson, Richard A
Applied multivariate statistical analysis / Richard A
Johnson and Dean W Wichern.--6th ed.
770p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9789332549555.
519.535 JOH 146605
This book offers a readable introduction to the
statistical analysis of multivariate observations. Its
primary goal is to impart the knowledge necessary to make
proper interpretations and appropriate techniques for
analyzing multivariate data.

** Multivariate analysis
   17 Clarke, Thomas
International corporate governance : a comparative
approach / Thomas Clarke.--2nd ed.-- London: Routledge,
xxi, 710p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 9780415586450.
658.049 CLA 146614
This book offers a comprehensive guide to corporate
governance forms and institutions and examines the
recurring crises in corporate governance and the
resulting corporate governance reform around the world.
It contains a wealth of pedagogical material to guide the
reader through this complex subject, including student
questions to help with assessments, and a new companion

** Corporate governance , Comparative management -- Case
studies , Corporate Governance

18 Olson, David L
Enterprise risk management models / David L Olson and
Desheng Dash Wu.--2nd ed.-- Berlin: Springer, 2017.
ix,216p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9783662537848.
658.155 OLS 146674
This book is a comprehensive guide to several aspects of
risk, including information systems, disaster management,
supply chain and disaster management perspectives. A
major portion of this book is devoted to presenting a
number of operations research models that have been (or
could be) applied to enterprise supply risk management,
especially from the supply chain perspective.

** Business , Production management , Risk management

19 Belleflamme, Paul
Industrial organization : markets and strategies / Paul
Belleflamme and Martin Peitz.--2nd ed.-- New Delhi:
Cambridge University Press, 2011.
xxi, 702p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781107014121.
658.4012 BEL 146666
This book provides an up-to-date account of modern
industrial organization that blends theory with real-
world applications. It covers a wide range of topics
including recent developments on product bundling,
branding strategies, restrictions in vertical supply
relationships and intellectual property protection.

** Marketing , Strategic planning

20 Goffin, Keith
Innovation management : effective strategy and
implementation / Keith Goffin and Rick Mitchell.-- London
: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017.
ISBN : 9781137373434.
658.406 GOF 146669
The new edition of this highly successful textbook draws
on the authors extensive industry experience and
academic research to provide a concise and practical
approach to developing and implementing strategies.
Offering a highly readable text alongside an effective
mix of theory, case studies and updated pedagogical
features, the book covers both strategic and managerial
elements of innovation. The tools described by the well-
respected and authoritative author team can be used to
improve performance in both service and manufacturing
companies, and the text is an excellent practical
resource for students and managers alike.This textbook
caters primarily for MBA and executive students of
Innovation Management.

** Innovations--management , Technological innovations--

21 Madsen, Susan R
Handbook of research on gender and leadership / Susan R
Madsen.-- Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2018.
xxiv, 457p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781788119740.
658.409082 MAD 146611
This book comprises the latest research from the world-s
foremost scholars on women and leadership, exposing
problems and offering both theoretical and practical
solutions on how to best strengthen the impact of women
around the world. It provides a brief overview of the
current state of women in global leadership, explores
theories (both established and emerging) focused
specifically on women, and examines with both theoretical
and empirical research some of the factors that influence
women-s motivations to lead. The authors delineate some
of the most persistent barriers to women-s leadership
success and conclude with the latest research findings on
how to best develop women leaders to improve their status

** Leadership -- Sex differences , Women executives

22 Bovee, Courtland L
Business communication today / Courtland L Bovee, John V
Thill and Roshan Lal Raina.-- Uttar Pradesh: Pearson,
xliv, 746p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 9789332578753.
658.45 BOV 146607
This book carefully blends technology awareness and
skills with basic communication skills and practices. The
new coverage of mobile communication includes major new
sections in many chapters and important updates in other
places, along with a variety of new questions, activities
and cases.

** Business communication -- United States -- Case
studies , Communication in organizations -- United States
-- Case studies , Business and Management

23 Ulrich, Karl T
Product design and development / Karl T Ulrich and Steven
D Eppinger.--5th ed.-- Chennai: McGraw-Hill, 2016.
xvi,415p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9789352601851.
658.5752 ULR 146606
This book presents in a clear and detailed way a set of
product development techniques aimed at bringing together
the marketing, design, and manufacturing functions of the
enterprise. The integrative methods in the book
facilitate problem solving and decision making among
people with different disciplinary perspectives,
reflecting the current industry toward designing and
developing products in cross-functional teams.

** Industrial management , Production management ,
Industrial engineering
   24 McStay, Andrew
Digital advertising / Andrew McStay.--2nd ed.-- London:
Palgrave, 2016.
viii, 221p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781137494344.
659.144 MAC 146664
This textbook addresses structural change in the
advertising industry, its legal and political
environment, and the ways in which people engage with

** Digital media , Advertising , Advertising media
   25 Dimitrova, Diana (ed)
Imagining Indianness : cultural identity and literature /
Diana Dimitrova and Thomas de Bruijn.-- Cham: Springer,
xvi, 166p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9783319410142.
809.8954 DIM 146621
This book brings together several important essays
examining the interface between identity, culture, and
literature within the issue of cultural identity in South
Asian literature.

** Group identity in literature , South Asian literature
- History and criticism , South Asian literature ,
Civilization in literature
   26 Agnew, Eadaoin
Imperial women writers in Victorian India : representing
colonial life, 1850-1910 / Eadaoin Agnew.-- Cham:
Palgrave Macmillan, 2017.
vii, 203p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9783319331942.
820.9355095409034 AGN 146622
This book is about Victorian women-s representations of
colonial life in India. These accounts contributed to
imperial rule by exemplifying an idealized middle-class
femininity and attesting to the Anglicisation of the
subcontinent. Writers described familiarly feminine modes
of experience, focusing on the domestic environment,
household management, the family, hobbies and pastimes,
romance and courtship and their busy social lives.
However, this book reveals the extent to which their
lives in India bore little resemblance to their lives in
Britain and suggests that the acclaimed transportation of
the home culture was largely an ideological construct
iterated by women writers in the service of the Raj.

** English literature--Women authors , Imperialism in
literature , Indic literature (English) , Literature,
   27 Mookerjea-Leonard, Debali
Literature, gender and the trauma of Partition : the
paradox of independence / Debali Mookerjea-Leonard.--
London: Routledge, 2017.
xiii, 198p. , 25cm.
(Routledge research on gender in Asia series , 18).
ISBN : 9781138183100.
891.40935854042 MOO 146603
This book examines neglected narratives of the Partition
of India in 1947 to study the traces left by this
foundational trauma on the national- and regional-
cultural imaginaries in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.
To arrive at a more complex understanding of how
Partition experiences of violence, migration, and
displacement shaped postcolonial societies and
subjectivities in South Asia, the author analyses,
through novels and short stories, multiple cartographies
of disorientation and anxiety in the post-Partition
period. The book illuminates how contingencies of
political geography cut across personal and collective
histories, and how these intersections are variously
marked and mediated by literature.

** Partition, Territorial, in literature , Psychic trauma
in literature , Women in literature -- India , Collective
memory in literature



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