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 170   ETHICS 
   1 Holmes, Robert L.
Introduction to applied ethics / Robert L. Holmes.-- New
York: Bloomsbury, 2018.
xviii, 527 p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781350029811.
170 HOL 146601
This textbook approaches thinking ethically as we do in
real life - by first encountering practical moral
problems and then introducing theory to understand and
integrate the issues. - This book explains and defines
the moral problem dealt with - provides excerpts of
readings on all sides of the issue - analyses the
problem, using the relevant theory The examples are
recognizable ethical problems, including judgments about
racism and sexism, controversial debates such as assisted
suicide and the death penalty, and contemporary concerns
like privacy and technology, corporate responsibility,
and the environment. The mission of the book is to assist
us to engage in informed, independent, critical thinking
and to enable you to enter into ethical discussions in
the classroom and beyond.

** Ethics , Applied ethics--Textbooks

2 Lawton, Alan (ed)
Ethics in public policy and management : a global
research companion / Alan Lawton, Zeger van der Wal and
Leo Huberts.-- London: Routledge, 2016.
xviii, 352 p. ,24 cm.
ISBN : 9780415725286.
172 LAW 146600
This book showcases the latest research from established
and newly emerging scholars in the fields of public
management and ethics. This collection examines the
profound changes of the last 25 years, including the rise
of New Public Management, New Public Governance and
Public Value, how these have altered practitioners┬░
delivery of public services, and how academics think
about those services. This volume will prove thought-
provoking for educators, administrators, policy makers
and researchers across the fields of public management,
public administration and ethics.

** Political ethics , Policy sciences ,
   3 Jackson,Robert
Introduction to international relations : theories and
approaches / Robert Jackson and Georg Sorensen.--5th ed--
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016.
xxiv,348p., 26cm.
ISBN : 9780198814351.
327.101 JAC 146596
This new edition is structured to guide students through
classical theories, contemporary approaches and debates,
and key issues in international relations, and includes a
new chapter on feminism, post-structuralism, and post-
colonialism. It provides a highly readable introduction to
the principal theories in international relations,
combining incisive and original analysis with a clear and
accessible writing style, and a range of helpful learning

** Foreign policy , International relations ,
   4 Evanoff, Douglas D (ed)
Achieving financial stability : challenges to prudential
regulation / Douglas D Evanoff and others.-- New Jersey:
World Scientific, 2018. xviii, 366p. , 23cm.
(World scientific studies in international economics , 61
ISBN : 9789813223394.
332.1 EVA 146683

** Financial institutions -- Government policy ,
Financial institutions -- State supervision , Financial
institutions -- Law and legislation

5 Jiang, Chunxia
Chinese banking reform : from the pre-WTO period to
financial crisis and beyond / Chunxia Jiang and Shujie
Yao.-- Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017.
ISBN : 9783319639246.
332.10951 JIA 146720
This book is a wide-ranging and timely overview of the
contemporary Chinese banking system. It charts the vast
changes in Chinese banking from before China-s admission
to the WTO in 2001 to more recent regulatory reform and
developments in the shadow banking sector. The book
begins with an economic history of the mono-banking
system, and a critical discussion of reforms taken by the
government in preparation for China-s entry to the WTO.
The second part of the book discusses banking regulation
and government policy during and after the global
financial crisis in 2008-2009 and their impact on
banking, including recent developments. Finally, the book
concludes an empirical analysis of the impact of banking
reforms on a number of important issues, including bank
efficiency, capital structure, competition and financial
stability, and risk taking behaviour.

** Banks and banking--China , Banks and banking

6 Teall, John L
Financial trading and investing / John L Teall.--2nd ed--
London: Academic Press, 2018.
xiii,507p., 26cm.
ISBN : 9780128111161.
332.6 TEA 146671
A former member of the American Stock Exchange introduces
trading and financial markets to upper-division
undergraduates and graduate students who are planning to
work in the finance industry. Unlike standard investment
texts that cover trading as one of many subjects,
Financial Trading and Investing gives primary attention
to trading, trading institutions, markets, and the
institutions that facilitate and regulate trading
activities-what economists call "market microstructure.

** Business and Economics--Investments and Securities ,
Investments , Securities

   7 Gautschi, Heidi
Technological innovation and economic transformation : a
method for contextual analysis / Heidi Gautschi and David
Gautschi.-- Houndmills: Palgrave Macmillan, 2016.
xvii,196 p. , 23 cm.
ISBN : 9781137548689.
338.064 GAU 146723
This book encourages thoughtful technological innovation
while remaining conscious of its positive and negative
consequences for society, presenting a method to help
innovators anticipate consequences, minimize resistance,
and enhance acceptance.

** Economic growth , Information technology--Economic
aspects ,

8 Mulligan, Martin
An introduction to sustainability : environmental, social
and personal perspectiv / Martin Mulligan ... [et al.]--
2nd ed.-- London: Routledge, 2018.
xxii, 315 p. , 26 cm.
ISBN : 9781138698307.
338.927 MUL 146599
An Introduction to Sustainability provides students with
a comprehensive overview of the key concepts and ideas
which are encompassed within the growing field of
sustainability. .

** Sustainability

9 Sardana, Deepak
Conducting business in China and India : a comparative
and contextual analysis / Deepak Sardana and Ying Zhu.--
London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017.
xxiii, 291p. , 22 cm.
(Palgrave macmillan asian business series.)
ISBN : 9781137547194.
338.951054 SAR 146668
This book takes a holistic approach to explore how
business is being conducted in China and India, and to
analyze the factors that influence business decisions in
present times. In doing so the book seeks to develop a
fuller understanding of the present -context- within the
two Asian nations, drawing upon a complete understanding
of the culture, history and behaviour of the society and
its institutions. The authors probe an area that has not
been widely addressed before and seek to provide a finer
analysis of the influences behind day-to-day business
operations. This study has widespread appeal as it covers
business processes at three different levels: macro-
level, including government policies and institutions,
meso-level, organisations and communities, and micro-
level, individuals within business.

** Business--China--India , Ethnology--China--India
   10 Breward, Christopher
The Suit : form, function and style / Christopher Breward
-- London: Reaktion Books, 2016. 240p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 9781780235233.
391.473 BRE 146681
The Suit unpicks the story of this most familiar garment,
from its emergence in western Europe at the end of the
seventeenth century to today. Suit-wearing figures such
as the Savile Row gentleman and the Wall Street
businessman have long embodied ideas of tradition,
masculinity, power and respectability, but the suit has
also been used to disrupt concepts of gender and
conformity. For all those interested in the history of
menswear, this beautifully illustrated book offers new
perspectives on this most mundane, and poetic, product of
modern culture.

** Suits (Clothing) -- Pictorial works , Suits (Clothing)
, Men-s clothing , Suits (Clothing) -- History , Fashion
   11 Sowey, Eric
A Panorama of statistics: perspectives, puzzles and
paradoxes in statistics/ / Eric Sowey and Peter Petocz.
-- New Jersey: Wiley, 2017.
xii,313p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781119075820.
519.5 SOW 146493
This book is a stimulating panoramic tour quite different
from a textbook journey of the world of statistics in
both its theory and practice, for teachers, students and
practitioners. At each stop on the tour, the authors
investigate unusual and quirky aspects of statistics,
highlighting historical, biographical and philosophical
dimensions of this field of knowledge. Each chapter opens
with perspectives on its theme, often from several points
of view. Five original and thought-provoking questions
follow. These aim at widening readers knowledge and
deepening their insight. Scattered among the questions
are entertaining puzzles to solve and tantalising
paradoxes to explain. Readers can compare their own
statistical discoveries with the authors detailed answers
to all the questions.

** Statistics , Probability and Statistics
   12 Shelke, Kantha
Pasta and noodles : a global history / Kantha Shelke.--
London: Reaktion Books, 2016.
176p.: ill. , 21 cm.
ISBN : 9781780236490.
641.822 SHE 146679
Pasta and Noodles reveals little-known facts, tasty
titbits and cultural lore about the history of pasta.
Kantha Shelke takes us on a journey across five
continents to trace the evolution of this highly
adaptable foodstuff. From roadside noodle snack vendors
in Singapore and traditional pasta companies in Parma, to
a state-of-the-art noodle manufacturer in Japan, and
pasta makers in Brazil, Mexico and the USA, the culinary
quest continues in our own kitchen, as the book presents
iconic recipes to try at home.

** Cooking , Cooking (Pasta)--History, Noodles

13 Arntzen, Mari Grinde
Dress code : the naked truth about fashion / Mari Grinde
Arntzen.-- London: Reaktion Books, 2015.
127 p.,21cm.
ISBN : 9781780234397.
646.404 ARN 146677

This book questions why we have such a love-hate relation
ship with fashion. Guiding us through the major figures
and brands of today-s fashion system, Dress Code shows
how they shape us and in turn why we love to be shaped by
them. The book focuses on every day, affordable -fast
fashion- brands as well as the luxury market, to show how
both ends of the fashion industry exert a powerful force
over our lives. It also discusses trend forecasters, the
media and the pressures on consumers, arguing that the
world of fashion is both a dictatorship and a democracy,
directing our shopping habits as well as our appearance.

** Fashion , Clothing and dress , Clothing trade
   14 Prowle, Malcolm
Management accounting in the contemporary business world
/ Malcolm Prowle and Michael Lucas.-- London: Palgrave,
xviii, 243p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 9781137387769.
658.1511 PRO 146676
This book explores the nature of the changes businesses
have had to contend with in the past thirty years or so
and the influence this has had on management accounting.
These changes include the shift from manufacturing to
services, the increased role of technology, complex
supply chains and production flow and the deregulation of

** Business , Managerial accounting , Management science

15 Bucci, Joseph J.
Redemptive leadership : offering second chances as a
value added management practice / Joseph J. Bucci.-- New
York: Nature America Inc., 2016.
xxvi,191p. , 22 cm.
ISBN : 9783319313429.
658.4092 BUC 146721
This book highlights research on and examples of
redemptive managerial behaviors used in the successful
reinstatement and improved performance of employees
previously terminated for cause. Organizational pressure
to hire and retain near-perfect employees is higher than
ever, but by offering second chance opportunities and
utilizing the resources outlined in this book managers
can reclaim, restore, and redirect current employees with
great potential. Based on qualitative research and
contemporary stories of successful reinstatement, the
author highlights the benefits of adopting a redemptive
approach and offering employees second chances. The value
proposition of retaining an already trained but
underperforming employee often results in avoidance of
arbitration costs, reduced turnover, higher productivity,
and greater employee loyalty.

** Business , Religion and sociology , Leadership

16 Henson, Ramon
Successful Global Leadership : Frameworks for Cross-
cultural Managers and Organizations / Ramon Henson.-- New
York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2016.
xvi, 302p., 22 cm.
ISBN : 9781137589897.
658.4092 HEN 146722
This book provides practical frameworks for anyone hoping
to become a successful global leader, and outlines the
challenges that international firms face when managing
across cultures. It highlights the cognitive, affective,
and behavioral actions leaders can take to understand the
differences between foreign values and traditions, and
how to develop a corporate environment where global
leadership can thrive. Drawing on the latest research
findings, interviews with executives, and the author-s
own teaching and consulting experience, this book
emphasizes the need to adopt a cultural intelligence that
embraces flexibility, openness, curiosity, and empathy.
It provides advice and guidance on how to develop
universal people management skills and navigate language
barriers to avoid cross-cultural miscommunication. This
multi-disciplinary book is essential reading for students
and researchers.

** International business enterprises , Management.

17 Shen, Lindsey
Silver : nature and culture / Lindsey Shen.-- London:
Reaktion Books, 2017.
208p. : ill. , 21cm.
ISBN : 9781780237565.
669.23 SHE 146680
From silver spoons to silver bullets, silver permeates
our everyday culture and language. For millennia we have
used it to buy what we need, adorn our bodies and trumpet
our social status. Silver vanquishes our insecurities, as
well as vampires and werewolves. Once valued primarily
for its beauty and rarity, silver is now also exploited
for its chemistry, while it used to lubricate markets,
bolster dowries and pay armies, now it permeates our
electronics, textiles and medical devices. Silver was
formed through the supernovae of stars, and its history
continues to be marked by cataclysm. Through currency and
trade, it brought the continents of the Americas, Europe
and Asia closer together, then, through war and trade
imbalance, it destabilized empires.

** Silver--History , Silverwork
 780   MUSIC 
   18 Khan, Amjad Ali
Master on masters / Amjad Ali Khan.-- Gurgaon:
Penguin/Viking, 2017.
xli, 122p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9780670089543.
780.92254 KHA 146718
Veteran musician and sarod maestro, Ustad Amjad Ali Khan,
writes a deeply personal book about the lives and times
of some of the greatest icons of Indian classical music.
Having known these stalwarts personally, he recalls
anecdotes and details about their individual musical
styles, bringing them alive. Twelve eminent musicians of
the twentieth century appear in the book - Bade Ghulam
Ali Khan, Amir Khan, Begum Akhtar, Alla Rakha, Kesarbai
Kerkar, Kumar Gandharva, M.S. Subbulakshmi, Bhimsen
Joshi, Bismillah Khan, Ravi Shankar, Vilayat Khan and
Kishan Maharaj. In writing about them, Amjad Ali Khan
transcends the Gharana and north-south divide and
presents portraits of these great artists that are drawn
with affection, humour and warmth.

** Khan, Amjad Ali, -- Ustad, -- 1945- -- Friends and
associates -- Anecdotes , Sarod players -- India --
Anecdotes , Musicians -- India -- Biography



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