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 001    KNOWLEDGE 
   1 McGregor, Sue
Understanding and evaluating research : a critical guide
/ Sue McGregor.-- Thousand Oaks: SAGE Publications, 2018.
xxxi,568p., 25 cm.
ISBN : 9781506350950.
001.4 MCG 146378
This book shows students how to be critical consumers of
research and to appreciate the power of methodology as it
shapes the research question, the use of theory in the
study, the methods used, and how the outcomes are
reported. The book starts with what it means to be a
critical and uncritical reader of research, followed by a
detailed chapter on methodology, and then proceeds to a
discussion of each component of a research article as it
is informed by the methodology. The book encourages
readers to select an article from their discipline,
learning along the way how to assess each component of
the article and come to a judgment of its rigor or
quality as a scholarly report.

** Research--Evaluation
 330    ECONOMICS 
   2 Yamarone, Richard
The Economic indicator handbook : how to evaluate
economic trends to maximize profits and minimize losses /
Richard Yamarone.-- Hoboken: Wiley, 2017.
xi, 340p. ,24cm.
ISBN : 9781118204665.
330.9 YAM 146446
This book helps investors more easily evaluate economic
trends, to better inform investment decision making and
other key strategic financial planning. The book presents
a visual distillation of the indicators every investor
should follow, with clear explanation of how they°re
measured, what they mean, and how that should inform
investment thinking.

** Economic indicators , Investments

3 Singh, Lakhwinder (ed)
Economic transformation of a developing economy : the
experience of Punjab, India / Lakhwinder Singh and
Nirvikar Singh.-- Heidelberg: Springer, 2016.
xxviii,470p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9789811001963.
330.95455 SIN 146443
This book traces the development experience of one of
India-s most dynamic and prosperous states, Punjab, which
has provided the country with a much-needed degree of
food security. The book address the question of why the
structural transformation of Punjab-s economy has fallen
into the middle-income trap. Each investigates the policy
constraints influencing the relative stagnation of the
economy and suggests appropriate measures for alleviating
them. By integrating theoretical constructs and new
evidence, the authoritative contributions diagnose the
nature of the current problems and offer practical
solutions. They cover important issues such as the crisis
of agrarian transition, agrarian markets and distributive
justice, employment growth and transition to non-
agriculture sectors, fiscal policy, external factors in
economic transformation, and perspectives on rejuvenating
the state-s economy.

** Development economics--India--Punjab , Economic growth
-India--Punjab , Agricultural economics--India--Punjab
   4 Siklos, Pierre L.
Central banks into the breach : from triumph to crisis
and the road ahead / Pierre L. Siklos.-- New York: Oxford
University Press, 2017.
xviii, 324 p. , 25 cm.
ISBN : 9780190228835.
332.11 SIK 146374
This volume provides an overarching analysis of the
current and vulnerable state of central banks and offers
potential solutions to stabilize the uncertain future of
central banking.

** Banks and banking , Monetary policy

5 Walsh, Carl E
Monetary theory and policy / Carl E Walsh.--4th ed.--
London: MIT Press, 2017.
xxi, 661p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780262035811.
332.46 WAL 146416
This book presents a comprehensive treatment of the most
important topics in monetary economics, focusing on the
primary models monetary economists have employed to
address topics in theory and policy. It covers the basic
theoretical approaches, shows how to do simulation work
with the models, and discusses the full range of
frictions that economists have studied to understand the
impacts of monetary policy. The new edition offers an
entirely new chapter on the effective lower bound on
nominal interest rates, forward guidance policies, and
quantitative and credit easing policies.

** Monetary policy , Money
   6 Neeley, Tsedal
The Language of global success : how a common tongue
transforms multinational organizations / Tsedal Neeley.--
Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2017.
188 p., 24cm.
ISBN : 9780691175379.
338.88 NEE 146454
In The Language of Global Success, Tsedal Neeley provides
an in-depth look at a single organization--the high-tech
giant Rakuten--in the five years following its English
lingua franca mandate. Neeley-s behind-the-scenes account
explores how language shapes the ways in which employees
who work in global organizations communicate and
negotiate linguistic and cultural differences. Drawing on
650 interviews conducted across Rakuten-s locations in
Brazil, France, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan,
Thailand, and the United States, Neeley argues that an
organization-s lingua franca is the catalyst by which all
employees become some kind of "expat"--someone detached
from their mother tongue or home culture.

** International business enterprises , Language and
languages, Corporate culture
   7 Cetindamar, Dilek
Technology management : activities and tools / Dilek
Cetindamar, Rob Phaal and David Probert.--2nd ed.-- New
York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2016.
xviii, 236p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781137431851.
620.0068 CET 146445
This book addresses the major tools and techniques needed
for a business to successfully conduct their TM
activities. There is no single best way to manage
technology in a company and there is no mechanistic route
to success, but this accessible handbook provides a
wealth of international examples, up-to-date case studies
and activities designed to increase the dynamic
capability of an organisation.

** Technology -- Management
   8 Talwar, Sangeeta
The Two-minute revolution : the art of growing businesses
/ Sangeeta Talwar.-- New Delhi: Portfolio, 2018.
ISBN : 9780670091355.
658 TAL 146481-146482
This book provokes you to think big-about innovation as
well as excellence in on-the-ground execution. Sangeeta
Talwar, the first woman executive in the FMCG industry,
who established one of the most beloved and enduring
brands of India-Maggi Noodles-shares creative and
strategic lessons which can help you grow and add value
to your business.

** Nestle -- Employees -- Biography , Executives -- India
-- Biography , Success in business -- India , Noodles
industry -- India -- History , Talwar, Sangeeta

9 Jessop, Bob (ed)
Financial cultures and crisis dynamics / Bob Jessop,
Brigitte Young and Christoph Scherrer.-- London:
Routledge, 2016.
xxviii, 320p. , 25cm.
(Routledge frontiers of political economy , 189).
ISBN : 9781138226807.
658.155 JES 146442
This book explores cultures of finance in sites such as
corporate governance, hedge funds, central banks, the
City of London and Wall Street, and small and medium
enterprises. It uses different methods to explore these
cultures and their interaction with different financial
orders to improve our understanding of financial crisis
dynamics. This book-s great strength is its multi-faceted
approach to cultures of finance. Contributors deploy the
cultural turn creatively to enhance comparative and
historical analysis of financial regimes, institutions,
organizations, and practices as well as their roles in
crisis generation, construal, and management. Developing
different paradigms and methods and elaborating diverse
case studies, the authors illustrate not only how and why
-culture matters- but also how its significance is shaped
by different financial regimes and contexts.

** Financial crises , Financial risk management

10 Tyson, Shaun
Essentials of human resource management / Shaun Tyson.--
6th ed.-- New York: Routledge, 2015.
xii, 427p. , 26cm.
ISBN : 9780415655842.
658.3 TYS 146441
This book provides a strategic explanation of how
established human resource policies can be adapted to
meet new challenges. It offers an introduction to
organizational behaviour studies, incorporates relevant
aspects of employee relations, and presents an overview
of employment law.

** Personnel management

11 Willcocks, Leslie P (ed)
Outsourcing and offshoring business services / Leslie P
Willcocks, Mary C Lacity and Chris Sauer.-- Cham:
Springer International Publishing, 2017.
xiv, 651p. ,22cm.
ISBN : 9783319526508.
658.4058 WIL 146444
This book provides a definitive guide to research
discovered on the growing global sourcing phenomenon.
Paying particular attention to Information Technology
Outsourcing (ITO) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO),
theoretical chapters explore insightful ways of thinking
about the different facets of outsourcing, and provide
useful information to practitioners and researchers.

** Business , Affaires , Customer relations -- Management

12 Tidd, Joseph
Exploiting intellectual property to promote innovation
and create value / Joseph Tidd.-- New Jersey: World
Scientific, 2018.
xiii, 387 p. , 23 cm.
(Series on technology management , 29).
ISBN : 9781786343505.
658.4063 TID 146453
This book identifies how intellectual property can be
harnessed to create and capture value through exploiting
new opportunities for innovation. It is organized around
three related themes: public policies for IP, firm
strategies for IP, and creating value from IP, and offers
insights from the latest research on IP strategies and
practices to create and capture the economic and social
benefits of innovation.

** Technological innovations , Industrial property--
Management ,

13 Bjerke, Bjorn
Alternative marketing approaches for entrepreneurs /
Bjorn Bjerke.-- Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2018
ix, 303p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781786438942.
658.8 BJE 146474
Consumers have, to a large extent, become their own
producers, they are more aware of marketing and are
active in adding value to the products and experiences
they want. By assessing customers as active agents rather
than passive consumers, Bjoern Bjerke explores
alternative ways of marketing for new businesses and
social entrepreneurial ventures. This book first presents
the dominant approach to marketing theory used for the
last half a century. After that, it presents an
alternative approach to marketing theory by emphasizing
how new infrastructures and organizations, including
online platforms, influence new ways of linking the
formal and informal economies together. Building on
fundamental theories of science and methodological
issues, Bjerke creates useful theoretical conceptions
that can develop a greater connection between practice
and research.

** Business Enterprises , Marketing management

14 Peppers, Don
Managing customer experience and relationships : a
strategic framework / Don Peppers and Martha Rogers.--3rd
ed.-- New Jersey: Wiley, 2017.
xxiv, 600 p. , 25 cm.
(Wiley corporate FandA series).
ISBN : 9781119236252.
658.812 PEP 146473
This book positions the customer as central to long-term
strategy, and provides essential guidance toward
optimizing that relationship for the long haul. By
gaining a deep understanding of this critical dynamic,
you’ll become better able to build and manage the
customer base that drives revenue and generates higher
margins. A practical framework for implementing the IDIC
model merges theory, case studies, and strategic analysis
to provide a ready blueprint for execution, and in-depth
discussion of communication, metrics, analytics, and more
allows you to optimize the relationship on both sides of
the table. This new third edition includes updated
examples, case studies, and references, alongside
insightful contributions from global industry leaders to
give you a well-rounded, broadly applicable knowledge
base and a more effective CRM strategy.

** Customer relations--Management , Consumers-
preferences , Relationship marketing

15 Turow, Joseph
The Aisles have eyes : how retailers track your shopping,
strip your privacy, and define your power / Joseph Turow.
-- New Haven: Yale University Press, 2017.
331p., 24cm.
ISBN : 9780300212198.
658.8342 TUR 146472
This book shows how a new hyper-competitive generation of
merchants-including Macy-s, Target, and Walmart-is
already using data mining, in-store tracking, and
predictive analytics to change the way we buy, undermine
our privacy, and define our reputations. Eye-opening and
timely, Turow-s book is essential reading to understand
the future of shopping.

** Consumer profiling , Consumer behavior , Customer
services--Technological innovations
   16 Lancaster, Kurt
DSLR cinema : a beginner-s guide to filmmaking on a
budget / Kurt Lancaster.--3rd ed.-- New York: Routledge,
Taylor and Francis Group, 2018.
xxxv, 277 p. , 25 cm.
ISBN : 9780415793544.
778.5 LAN 146379
This book takes the wisdom of some of the best shooters
and empowers you to create visually stunning images with
low budget cinema cameras. It includes six all new case
studies, as well as updated examples from short films and

** Digital cinematography , High definition video
recording--Amateurs- manuals
   17 Chatterji, Shoma A
The Cinema of Bimal Roy : an "outsider" within / Shoma A
Chatterji.-- New Delhi: Sage Publications, 2017.
xvi,239p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9789386062864.
791.43023092 ROY 146479
This book examines Roy-s adaptations of Bengali and Hindi
literary classics while dwelling on his approach and
treatment of women, a focal point of many of his films. It
draws attention to his cinema of social relevance and the
inhumanity of oppression and forced urbanization. The book
goes on to discuss Roy-s ability to bestow new screen
identities to established actors such as Nutan, Meena
Kumari and Dilip Kumar on one hand and discover new
talents such as Sunil Dutt, Sadhana and Tarun Bose on the
other. Apart from this, his tutelage introduced many new
faces to the film industry-Salil Choudhury, Hrishikesh
Mukherjee, Nabendu Ghosh and Gulzar among others. Further,
the book details the aesthetics of technique-
cinematography, editing and sound-in Roy-s films, his
movies had some of the best musical scores in Hindi
cinema. It also analyses what made Madhumati his biggest
commercial success.

** Roy, Bimal, 1909-1966 -- Criticism and interpretation

18 Proferes, Nicholas T.
Film directing fundamentals : see your film before
shooting / Nicholas T. Proferes.--4th ed.-- London:
Routledge, 2018.
xxii, 317 p. : ill. , 27 cm.
ISBN : 9781138052918.
791.430232 PRO 146475
Film Directing Fundamentals gives the novice director an
organic methodology for realizing on-screen the full
dramatic possibility of a screenplay. Unique among
directing books, Nicholas Proffers provides clear-cut
ways to translate a script to the screen. Using the
script as a blueprint, the reader is led through specific
techniques to analyze and translate its components into a
visual story. A sample screenplay is included that
explicates the techniques discussed. Written for both
students and entry-level professionals, the book assumes
no knowledge and introduces basic concepts and
terminology. Appropriate for screenwriters, aspiring
directors and filmmakers, Film Directing Fundamentals
helps filmmakers bring their story to life on screen.

** Motion pictures--Production and direction ,

19 Bean, Jennifer M (ed)
Silent cinema and the politics of space / Jennifer M
Bean, Anupama Kapse and Laura Horak.-- Bloomington:
Indiana University Press, 2014.
x, 346p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9789386552679.
791.4309 BEA 146478
In this cross-cultural history of narrative cinema and
media from the 1910s to the 1930s, leading and emergent
scholars explore the transnational crossings and
exchanges that occurred in early cinema between the two
world wars. Drawing on film archives from around the
world, this volume advances the premise that silent
cinema freely crossed national borders and linguistic
thresholds in ways that became far less possible after
the emergence of sound. These essays address important
questions about the uneven forces geographic, economic,
political, psychological, textual and experiential that
underscore a non-linear approach to film history. The
-messiness- of film history, as demonstrated here, opens
a new realm of inquiry into unexpected political, social
and aesthetic crossings of silent cinema.

** Silent films -- History and criticism , Space in
motion pictures , Silent films



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