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   1 Lewis, Chris
Too fast to think : how to reclaim your creativity in a
hyper-connected work culture / Chris Lewis.-- New York:
Kogan Page, 2016.
xv, 212p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780749478865.
153.35 LEW 146291
Exposing current work environments and practices, this
book argues that these two elements are detrimental to
and block creativity from flourishing. Employees are too
busy, too overloaded with constant information, and too
focused on analytical left brain thinking to allow for
diffuse thinking, which is usually when creativity can
flow uninterrupted and where the best ideas emerge. The
author promotes a model that re-balances left and right
brain thinking, takes a holistic approach to the process
of thoughts (including emotional thinking and wellbeing),
and promotes eight traits that are inherently linked to
creation and innovation. Supported by the latest research
he teaches how to retrain the brain into allowing
creative ideas to emerge, before being shut down by
constant interruptions and self-doubts.

** Creative ability , Psychology, Industrial , Creativity
 170   ETHICS  
   2 Morkevicius, Valerie
Realist ethics : just war traditions as power politics /
Valerie Morkevicius.-- Cambridge: Cambridge University
Press, 2017.
x, 261p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781108402477.
172.42 MOR 146286
Just war thought is imagined as speaking truth to power -
forcing realist decision-makers to abide by moral limits
governing the ends and means of the use of force. This
book argues that this oversimplification is not only
wrong, but dangerous. Casting just war thought to be the
alternative to realism makes just war thinking out to be
what it is not - and cannot be: a mechanism for avoiding
war. A careful examination of the evolution of just war
thinking in the Christian, Islamic, and Hindu traditions
shows that it is no stranger to pragmatic politics. The
author proposes here a radical recasting of the
relationship between just war thinking and realism.

** Just war doctrine , Realism , War -- Religious aspects
-- Christianity , War -- Religious aspects -- Hinduism ,
War (Islamic law)
   3 Stephens-Davidowitz, Seth
Everybody lies : what the internet can tell us about who
we really are / Seth Stephens-Davidowitz.-- London:
Bloomsbury Publishing, 2017.
ISBN : 9781408894705.
302.231 STE 146276
This book exposes the secrets embedded in our internet
searches. In Internet searches, however, people confess
their secrets - about sexless marriages, mental health
problems, even racist views. The author shows that this
could just be the most important dataset ever collected.
He reveals information we can use to change our culture
and the questions we-re afraid to ask that might be
essential to our health - both emotional and physical.

** Data mining -- Social aspects , Big data -- Social
aspects , Internet -- Social aspects
   4 Toye, John
The Many faces of socioeconomic change / John Toye.--
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017.
vi, 190p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780198723349.
303.4 TOY 146289
Development is not a purely economic phenomenon, it also
has a strong sociological element. This book surveys
narratives of how development occurs, starting with early
evolutionary models and moving on to recent types of
development theory, outlining the main long term changes
in how socioeconomic development has been envisaged
through time.

** Economic development -- Social aspects , Economics --
Sociological aspects , Social change , Progress ,
Economic development
 330   ECONOMICS  
   5 Dutta, Mohan Jyoti
Imagining India in discourse : meaning, power, structure
/ Mohan Jyoti Dutta.-- Singapore: Springer, 2017.
xv,215p. , 24cm.
(The Anthropocene: Politik-Economics-Society-Science, 14)
ISBN : 9789811030499.
330.954 DUT 146272
The economic liberalization of India, changes in global
structures, and the rapid emergence of India on the
global landscape have been accompanied by the dramatic
rise in popular, public, and elite discourses that offer
the promise to imagine India. These discourses conceive
of India through specific frames of global change and
simultaneously offer prescriptive suggestions for the
pathways to fulfilling the vision. Both as summary
accounts of the shifts taking place in India and in the
relationships of India with other global actors as well
as roadmaps for the immediate and longer term directions
for India, these discourses offer meaningful entry points
into elite imaginations of India.

** Cultural property , Economic geography , Literacy ,
Politics and government--India , Social conditions--India

   6 Clark, Ephraim
Evaluating country risks for international investments :
tools, techniques and applications / Ephraim Clark.--
Singapore: World Scientific Publishing, 2018.
xvii,544p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9789813224933.
332.673 CLA 146266
This book presents a trailblazing project of country risk
analysis for international investments. It develops an
innovative range of tools and techniques on the cutting
edge of financial theories and practices for assessing
and incorporating country/political risk in cross-border
investment strategies. These tools and techniques address
the nature of country risk as a broad concept that
comprises an underlying combination of economics,
finance, geopolitics, sociology, and history.

** Country risk , Investments, Foreign

   7 Kayalica, M. Ozgur (ed)
Economics of international environmental agreements : a
critical approach / M. Ozgur Kayalica, Selim Cagatay and
Hakan Mihci.-- New York: Routledge, 2017.
xii, 292 p. , 24 cm.
(Routledge Explorations in Evironmental Economics , 49).
ISBN : 9781138650657.
333.7 KAY 146251
International environmental agreements provide a basis
for countries to address ecological problems on a global
scale. However, countries are heterogeneous with respect
to their economic structures and to the problems relating
to the environment that they encounter. Therefore,
economic externalities and global environmental conflicts
are common and can cause problems in implementation and
compliance with international agreements.

** Environmental law, International --Compliance costs,
Environmental policy --International cooperation --
Economic aspects, Sustainable development, Environmental

   8 Athique, Adrian (ed)
The Indian media economy / Adrian Athique, Vibodh
Parthasarathi and S V Srinivas.-- New Delhi: Oxford
University Press, 2018. 2vols , 22cm.
ISBN : V1-9780199482634.
ISBN : V2-9780199482641.
338.4730223 ATH 146233,V1, 146234,V2

The first volume illustrates the distinctive industrial
dynamics of India’s media economy, tracking the deeply
embedded cultural, political and economic forces that
determine its everyday operation. It posits a
comprehensive approach to understanding the nature of
media resources, the negotiation of industrial norms and
the cultural context of a media economy firmly situated
in the realities of India’s distinct regions, cultures
and human networks. The second volume provides a
comprehensive analysis of the interlocking markets that
constitute the media economy, focusing upon its
particular commodity forms, labour conditions and spaces
of consumption. It argues for the necessary consideration
of multiple and interdependent markets in explicating our
everyday encounters with media.

** Mass media -- Economic aspects -- India , Mass media
and culture -- Economic aspects -- India , Cultural
industries -- India

9 Mishra, Ajit (ed)
Markets, governance, and institutions in the process of
economic development / Ajit Mishra and Tridip Ray.-- New
Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2017.
xviii, 392p., 25cm.
ISBN : 9780198824664.
338.9 MIS 146208
With contributions from past and present collaborators,
this book celebrates the contributions of Kaushik Basu to
development economics. It reflects on the issues of rent
control, child labour, labour laws, harrassment, shared
prosperity, and gender empowerment in the broader context
of interactions between markets, governments, and

** Development economics

10 Lanoszka, Anna
International development : socio-economic theories,
legacies and strategies / Anna Lanoszka.-- New York:
Routledge, 2018.
xiv, 261p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 9781138670358.
338.90091724 LAN 146271
This book is a comprehensive inquiry into the field of
socio-economic development founded on an understanding
that economic advancement involves transformation of
society. It explores successful developmental strategies
but also tries to identify factors behind failed
endeavours and the human costs associated with them. The
book evaluates the role played by influential agents of
development, such as the state and its institutions,
authoritarian leaders, international organizations, donor
agencies, non-governmental organizations, civil society
activists, and private business actors.

** Sustainable development -- Developing countries,
Urbanization -- Developing countries , Economic
development -- Developing countries , International
economic relations

11 Zhang, Jin (ed)
China and the world economy : transition and challenges /
Jin Zhang and Zhang Laiming (ed).-- New York: Routledge,
x, 307p 24 cm.
(China in the world series).
ISBN : 9781138736863.
338.951 ZHA 146250
This book brings together leading international scholars
and leading scholars from China’s highly prestigious
Development Research Centre of the State Council of the
People’s Republic of China, who all put forward their
insights into the current challenges for the Chinese and
the world economy. The book focuses on six topics:
economic growth, trade, industry and services,
innovation, finance, and environment and ecology, all of
which are central to the sustainable economic growth of
China and the world. Overall, the book provides balanced
perspectives as well as rich empirical evidence from
China and other parts of the world on the development and
regulation of the Chinese and the world economy.

** Economic development --China, China --Foreign economic
relations, China --Commerce, China --Economic policy --

12 Suresh Babu, M
Hastening slowly : India-s industrial growth in the era
of economic reforms / M. Suresh Babu.-- Hydrabad:
Oriental black swan, 2018.
xviii, 237 p., 23 cm.
ISBN : 9789352870783.
338.954 BAB 146256
This book discusses Post-Independence India-s diverse
economy witnessed major changes in the 1990s, most of
which were aimed at changing the industrial landscape. As
the control and command of the state were diluted,
competitive market conditions were expected to take their
place and enhance output growth in the manufacturing

** Industrialization , Manufacturing industries
   13 Forder, James
Macroeconomics and the Phillips curve myth / James Forder
-- Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018.
ix, 306p. ,23cm.
ISBN : 9780198819875.
339.09 FOR 146267
This book reconsiders the role of the Phillips curve in
macroeconomic analysis in the first twenty years
following the famous work by A. W. H. Phillips, after
whom it is named. The book demonstrates and identifies a
number of main strands of the actual thinking of the
1950s, 1960s, and 1970s on the question of the
determination of inflation and its relation to other

** Macroeconomics , Phillips curve
   14 Heimann, Fritz
Confronting corruption : past concerns, present
challenges, and future strategies / Fritz Heimann and
Mark Pieth.-- New York: Oxford University Press, 2018.
xix, 287 p. , 24 cm.
ISBN : 9780190458331.
364.1323 HEI 146275
Fritz Heimann and Mark Pieth, two of the key movers who
helped push anti-corruption up the political agenda,
describe how the issue all came about over the last
twenty five years. They cover all of the main areas and
industry sectors where corruption is particularly
problematic. The book also dwells on the motivations and
aspirations of corrupt individuals. In the process, the
reader can develop an informed opinion and focus on
corruption-related newspaper stories through the lens of
anti-corruption. The authors identify the prevailing
challenges and also discuss potential future strategies.

** Corruption--Prevention--International cooperation ,
Political corruption
 381   COMMERCE  
   15 Tripathi, Dwijendra
The Oxford history of contemporary Indian business /
Dwijendra Tripathi and Jyoti Jumani.-- New Delhi: Oxford
University Press, 2013.
xviii, 283 p. : ill. , 30 cm.
ISBN : 978019808224.
381.0954 TRI 146200
This book covers a vast canvas-from industrial licensing
and planned economy, to the experiments in cooperative
undertakings, and the opening up of the Indian economy
and liberalization. The book also covers several new and
emerging areas in business history including the rise of
business education and a new managerial class,
technological autonomy, and corporate citizenship.

** Business enterprises , Politics and government--India
India--Economic policy

 500   SCIENCE  
   16 Peach, Ken
Managing science : developing your research, leadership
and management skills / Ken Peach.-- Oxford: Oxford
University Press, 2017.
xvi, 269 p: ill. , 25 cm.
ISBN : 978019879607.
506 PEA 146277
This book aims to introduce the working research
scientists to the art and techniques of management and
the skills necessary to be a good and effective manager
and leader of science and scientists. This includes
understanding the organization and functioning of
scientific research establishments and how to deal with
the associated committee work, recruiting and team
building, how to deal with difficulties managing projects
and handling risks.

** Science--Management , Knowledge management

   17 Page, Scott E
The Diversity bonus : how great teams pay off in the
knowledge economy / Scott E Page.-- Princeton: Princeton
University Press, 2017.
xvii, 302p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 9780691176888.
658.3008 PAG 146270

In this book, the author presents overwhelming evidence
that teams that include different kinds of thinkers
outperform homogenous groups on complex tasks, producing
what he calls "diversity bonuses." These bonuses include
improved problem solving, increased innovation, and more
accurate predictions--all of which lead to better
performance and results. He shows that various types of
cognitive diversity--differences in how people perceive,
encode, analyze, and organize the same information and
experiences--are linked to better outcomes. He then
describes how these cognitive differences are influenced
by other kinds of diversity, including racial and gender
differences--in other words, identity diversity.

** Diversity in the workplace , Knowledge economy

18 Stoneman, Paul
The Microeconomics of product innovation / Paul Stoneman,
Eleonora Bartoloni and Maurizio Baussola.-- Oxford:
Oxford University Press, 2018.
x, 256p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780198816683.
658.575 STO 146268
This book considers how the use of economic analysis can
guide and inform the search for insight in the generation
and adoption of new products.

** New products , Technological innovations -- Economic
aspects , Microeconomics

19 Masterson, Rosalind
Marketing : an introduction , MKTG4E / Rosalind
Masterson, Nichola Phillips and David Pickton.--4th ed.--
Los Angeles: Sage Publications, 2017.
xi, 542p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 9781473975842.
658.8 MAS 146295
This book allows students to switch from digital to the
print text and back again, opening windows to the world
of marketing through cases that are vibrant and engaged,
links that allow students to explore topics in more
detail and content to encourage relating theory to
practice. It demystifies key technologies and
terminology, demonstrating where and how emerging digital
marketing techniques and tools fit in to contemporary
marketing planning and practice.

** Marketing

20 Beverland, Michael
Brand management : co-creating meaningful brands /
Michael Beverland.-- Los Angeles: Sage Publishing, 2018.
xvi, 400p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781473951983.
658.827 BEV 146293
Presenting the basics of brand management, the book
provides both a theoretical and practical guide to
brands, placing emphasis on the theory that the consumer
is a co-creator in a brand-s identity. .

** Branding (marketing)

21 Brito, Michael
Participation marketing : unleashing employees to
participate and become brand storytellers / Michael Brito
-- London: Kogan Page, 2018.
xvi, 238p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780749482107.
658.827 BRI 146285
This book takes a detailed look at the benefits that
arise when employees are fully subscribed to a brand-s
ethos, and how this can be used to magnify a brand-s

** Branding (Marketing) , Marketing -- Management ,
Management -- Employee participation , Corporate culture
Employee motivation

22 Kolb, Bonita
Marketing research : a concise introduction / Bonita Kolb
--2nd ed.-- London: Sage Publications, 2018.
xiv, 311p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9781526419279.
658.83 KOL 146296
Essential to any student of the discipline, this book
offers a comprehensive, applied approach to understanding
and designing market research. Balancing the fundamental
quantitative methodologies and theoretical structures
with practical applications of qualitative techniques.

** Marketing research

23 Berkhout, Constant
Retail marketing strategy : delivering shopper delight /
Constant Berkhout.-- London: Kogan Page, 2016.
xv, 277p., 23cm.
ISBN : 9780749476915.
658.87 BER 146287
This book makes the information available to drive new
ways of thinking and make retail practice more agile for
everyone. This book answers some of the most difficult
questions in retail including how to innovate to develop
new ways to interact with customers across multiple
channels, and how to replicate online success stories
from other sectors.

** Marketing , Retail trade , Consumer behavior

24 Mowat, Jon
Video marketing strategy : harness the power of online
video to drive brand growth / Jon Mowat.-- London: Kogan
Page, 2018.
xiv, 277p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780749481599.
658.872 MOW 146292
This book allows marketers to harness the power of video
and create effective video campaigns. The book explores
both theory (why are humans so affected by video on
mobile devices?) and practice (what-s the key to making
videos that deliver results?). It looks at how multiple
videos form wider campaigns and covers content hubs,
activation strategies and testing. It is filled with
invaluable advice, tips and strategies for incorporating
video into a wider content marketing plan.

** Internet marketing , Internet videos

   25 Chaubey, Ajay K. (ed)
South Asian diasporic cinema and theatre : re-visiting
screen and stage in the new millennium / Ajay K. Chaubey,
Ashvin I. Devasundaram.-- Jaipur: Rawat Publications,
xi, 347 p., 23cm.
ISBN : 9788131609071.
791.430954 CHA 146258
This volume contains seventeen path-breaking essays by
Indian, European, Indo-Scottish, and Indo-American
scholars. It seeks to affirm heterogeneity and
difference, celebrating multi-dimensional modes of
looking at South Asian diasporic cinema and theatre in
the new millennium. The essays in the anthology engage in
critical conversations around diverse themes-from -home-
and -homeland- in Afghan Cinema, to the Partition of
India. This co-mingling of multiple voices articulates
the new, topical and sometimes radical dimensions of
contemporary South Asian film and drama. In essence, the
credo of this compendium is to breach extant disciplinary
boundaries and establish a stimulating and thought-
provoking rapport with its readers. This anthology,
arguably the first of its kind, will be useful to both
research students and academics around the world.

** Motion pictures , South Asian diaspora ,
Transnationalism in motion pictures




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