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 001    KNOWLEDGE 
   1 Levenson, Michael
The Humanities and everyday life : the literary agenda /
Michael Levenson.-- New York: Oxford University Press,
ISBN : 9780198808299.
001.3 LEV 146231

** Humanities--Study and teaching , Humanities
   2 Mishra, Udaya S.
India-s aged : needs and vulnerabilities / Udaya S.
Mishra and S. Irudaya Rajan (ed).-- Hyderabad: Orient
BlackSwan, 2017.
xiv, 254 p.,23cm.
ISBN : 9789386689573.
305.260954 MIS 146257
This book discusses the most vulnerable aspects of
elderly life health and well-being under the current
conditions of economic and societal change. This volume
explores (a) whether the nature of living arrangements
has a bearing on the health outcomes of the elderly, (b)
Whether the real or perceived economic dependence and
financial vulnerability of the elderly is conditioned by
translation of capabilities into functioning, and (c) The
implied healthcare costs, which are defined as based on
both actual needs and the elderly people’s own perception
of their needs. .

** Older people-Health and hygiene-India , Older people-
India-Economic conditions
   3 Ghosh, Swati
The Gendered proletariat : sex work, workers- movement,
and agency / Swati Ghosh.-- New Delhi: Oxford University
Press, 2017.
xxxiv, 226p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9780199477753.
306.740954 GHO 146230
This book examines whether sex work is generative of
value and renders problematic the dimension of °work° in
sex work. It traces the history of sex work through the
colonial and postcolonial period and the transformation
of the role of the state from a penal to a watch-care
model of surveillance in the wake of the AIDS
scourge. With sex workers’ movement in Sonagachi, Kolkata,
defining the context, the book deploys Marxian categories
of use value and exchange value and the dual in concrete
labour and abstract labour to explore the case. It
presents a critical observation on agency that the sex
workers° movement claims to have obtained. Delving into
the case, the book provides a close reading of sex
workers° manifesto to reveal the fault lines that make
incorporation of the prostitute in worker citizen complex
always incomplete.

** Prostitution -- India -- Bengal , Sex-oriented
businesses -- India -- Bengal , Sex workers -- Political
activity -- India -- Bengal
   4 Kenski, Kate (ed)
The Oxford handbook of political communication / Kate
Kenski and Kathleen Hall Jamieson.-- New York: Oxford
University Press, 2017.
957p. , 26cm.
ISBN : 9780199793471.
320.014 KEN 146236
This book provides contexts for viewing the field of
political communication, examines political discourse,
media, and considers political communication-s evolution
inside the altered political communication landscape. The
authors bring together some of the most groundbreaking
scholars in the field to reflect upon their areas of
expertise to address the importance of their areas of
study to the field, the major findings to date, including
areas of scholarly disagreement, on the topics, the
authors- perspectives, and unanswered questions for
future research to address. Their answers reveal that
political communication is a hybrid with complex
ancestry, permeable boundaries and interests that overlap
with those of related fields such as political sociology,
public opinion, rhetoric, neuroscience and the new hybrid
on the quad, media psychology.

** Communication in politics
   5 Dueck, Colin
The Obama doctrine : American grand strategy today /
Colin Dueck.-- New York: Oxford University Press, 2017.
xi, 323p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9780190569943.
327.73009051 DUE 146235
In this book, the author analyzes and explains what the
Obama Doctrine in foreign policy actually is, and maps
out the competing visions on offer from the Republican
Party. He contends that Obama-s policy of international
retrenchment is in large part a function of his emphasis
on achieving domestic policy goals. The author explains
that within the Republican Party, there are two basic
impulses vying with each other: neo-isolationism and
forceful internationalism. He subdivides each impulse
into the specific agenda of the various factions within
the party: Tea Party nationalists, neoconservatives,
Republican internationalists, and anti-interventionists.
The Obama Doctrine not only provides a sharp appraisal of
foreign policy in the Obama era, it lays out an
alternative approach to marshaling American power that
will help shape the foreign policy debate in the years to

** Obama, Barack , World politics -- 21st century ,
Diplomatic relations--United States , Political and
social views , Politics and government
 330    ECONOMICS 
   6 Glazer, Jacob
Models of bounded rationality and mechanism design /
Ariel Rubinstein and Jacob Glazer.-- New Jersey: World
Scientific, 2017.
xiii, 138p. , 24cm.
(World scientific series in economic theory , 7).
ISBN : 9789813141322.
330.015193 GLA 146221
This book brings together the authors- joint papers from
over a period of more than twenty years. The collection
includes seven papers, each of which presents a novel and
rigorous model in Economic Theory. All of the models are
within the domain of implementation and mechanism design
theories. These theories attempt to explain how incentive
schemes and organizations can be designed with the goal
of inducing agents to behave according to the designer-s
(principal-s) objectives. The authors inject into each
model an element which conflicts with the standard notion
of full rationality, demonstrating how such elements can
dramatically change the mechanism design problem.

** Economics, Mathematical , Game theory , Rational
expectations (Economic theory)

7 Dhami, Sanjit
The Foundations of behavioral economic analysis / Sanjit
Dhami.-- Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016.
xxxiii,1764p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 9780198715535.
330.019 DHA 146229

** Economics -- Psychological aspects , Economics --
Sociological aspects , Economics -- Methodology

8 Agarwal, Manmohan (ed)
The Economies of china and India: cooperation and
conflict / Manmohan Agarwal, Jing Wang and John Whalley.-
New Jersey: World Scientific, 2016.
3 vols, 25cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
ISBN : 9789813100398(hbk).
330.951 AGA
146226,V1, 146227,V2, 146228,V3
China and India, the two largest developing countries,
are developing rapidly both inside themselves and towards
global markets. Are these two economies dual or dueling?
This 3-volume set tries to answer this question by
providing comprehensive analyses scoping varied economic
issues. This volumes set covers both China-s and India-s
strategies and objectives in international governance,
their bilateral and multilateral trade agreement
negotiations, financial liberalization, growth prospects,
rural development and agriculture, income distribution,
labor market mechanism, manufacturing and competitiveness
upgrading, as well as environmental and other social
issues. The set collects papers (most unpublished until
now) written by Chinese and Indian researchers who have
rich experiences and strong backgrounds in policy
analyses and are well connected to Chinese and Indian
policy makers.

** China , India , Economic development , Economic
history , Economic policy , International economic

9 Murali, Kanta
Caste, class, and capital : the social and political
origins of economic policy in India / Kanta Murali.--
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2017.
xviii,297p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9781108409995.
330.954 MUR 146274
This book addresses this highly consequential question by
focusing on a specific empirical puzzle - policy
variation across Indian states in the competition for
private industrial investment, a phenomenon that came to
the fore after the country adopted market reforms in
1991. Through the analysis of investment policies, this
book offers a novel explanation, which links social
identity, class, and economic policy outcomes. Its main
findings highlight a link between pro-business policies
and exclusionary political trends in India-s high growth
phase, and offer a sobering perspective on the current
model of growth in the country. It adds to our
understanding of Indian political economy as well as to
the dynamics of economic development in poor democracies.

** India - Economic conditions , India - Social

   10 Filho, Walter Leal,
Sustainable economic development : green economy and
green growth / Walter Leal, Filho, and others.-- New York:
Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2016.
viii, 331p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9783319450797.
338.927 FIL 146273
This book introduces the influence and impacts of green
economy and green growth on sustainable economic
development. Combining empirical and theoretical
information, it provides detailed descriptions of state-
of the-art approaches, methods and initiatives from
around the globe that illustrate green policies and
demonstrate how green growth can be implemented on an
international scale.

** Environmental policy , Environmental management

11 Balakrishnan, Pulapre (ed)
Economic growth and its distribution in India : Essays
from economic and political weekly / Pulapre Balakrishnan
(ed).-- Hyderabad: Orient BlackSwan, 2015.
x, 122p.,25cm.
ISBN : 9781446274163.
338.954 BAL 146255
This book discusses against the backdrop of these
developments, the essays in this volume represent a range
of perspectives and methods pertaining to the study of
growth and its distribution in India.

** Economic development-India , Income distribution-
   12 Ferdinand, Nicole
Events management : an international approach / Nicole
Ferdinand and Paul J Kitchin.--2nd ed.-- Los Angeles:
Sage Publications, 2017.
xii, 370p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781473919082.
394.2068 FER 146223
Taking an explicit international approach to the subject,
this book combines theory and practice to address the
challenges and opportunities of working in a global world
to help prepare students for the realities of the events
management sector.

** Special events -- Management
 610    MEDICINE and HEALTH 
   13 Klenerman, Paul
The Immune system : a very short introduction / Paul
Klenerman.-- Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017.
xx,119p. , 18cm.
(Very short introductions , 544).
ISBN : 9780198753902.
616.079 KLE 146232
The immune system is central to human health and the
focus of much medical research. Growing understanding of
the immune system, and especially the creation of immune
memory (long lasting protection), which can be harnessed
in the design of vaccines, have been major breakthroughs
in medicine. Paul Klenerman describes the immune system,
and how it works in health and disease. In particular he
focuses on the human immune system, considering how it
evolved, the basic rules that govern its behaviour, and
the major health threats where it is important.

** Immune system

14 Lee, Bill
Conducting case study research : for business and
management students / Bill Lee and Mark N K Saunders.--
Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications, 2017.
x, 122p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 9781446274163.
658.00723 LEE 146225
This concise and practical guide explores the use of case
studies as a method for conducting research in a business
and management Masters dissertation.

** Business , Business--Research--Methodology ,
Dissertations, Academic , Industrial management ,
Industrial management--Research--Methodology

15 Galliers, Robert D. (ed)
The Routledge companion to management information systems
/ Robert D. Galliers and Mari-Klara Stein.-- New York:
Routledge, 2017.
xix, 514p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 9781138666450.
658.4038 GAL 146335
This prestige reference work offers students and
researchers a critical reflection on major topics and
current scholarship in the evolving field of Information
Systems. This single-volume survey of the field is
organized into four parts. The first section deals with
Disciplinary and Methodological Foundations. The second
section deals with Development, Adoption and Use of MIS °
topics that formed the centre piece of the field of IS in
the last century. The third section deals with Managing
Organizational IS, Knowledge and Innovation, while the
final section considers emerging and continuing issues
and controversies in the field ° IS in Society and a
Global Context. Each chapter provides a balanced overview
of current knowledge, identifying issues and discussing
relevant debates.

** Management information systems , Information
technology Management

16 Palvia, Shailendra C Jain (ed)
Global sourcing of services : strategies, issues and
challenges / Shailendra C Jain Palvia and Prashant Palvia
-- Singapore: World Scientific, 2017.
xxix, 692p. , 24cm.
(World Scientific-Now Publishers series in business , 11)
ISBN : 9789813109308.
658.4058 PAL 146222
There are three stages to outsourcing: The first occurred
at the dawn of industrial era in the 19th century, where
mass production for consumption by many, became the norm
and simple domestic means could not meet such demands.
With the cost of labor soaring in developed countries,
manufacturing of products started moving to countries
like China to take advantage of labor arbitrage in the
1900s. This is the second stage of outsourcing. This book
addresses issues and challenges in the third stage of
outsourcing whose focus is on movement of services at
electronic speed, utilizing the Internet platform.

** Offshore outsourcing , Contracting out , Information
technology -- Contracting out

17 Maital, Shlomo
Innovate your innovation process : 100 proven tools /
Shlomo Maital.-- Singapore: World Scientific, 2016.
xvii, 180p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 9789814759946.
658.4063 MAI 146220
This book will help managers and entrepreneurs rethink
their innovation processes, using the tools outlined in
the book. The basic idea is that the best way to become a
world-class innovator is to learn from other world-class
innovators and to study what they did and how they did

** Technological innovations

18 Alvesson, Mats
Reflexive leadership : organizing in an imperfect world /
Mats Alvesson, Martin Blom and Stefan Sveningsson.--
London: Sage Publications, 2017.
ix, 238p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 9781412961585.
658.4092 ALV 146224
Making a case for a reflexive approach to leadership that
is informed by in-depth studies of managers. The book
aims to facilitate reflexivity in terms of challenging
one-s position - understanding of leadership - and
considering alternatives.
** Leadership

19 Sheth, Jagdish N (ed)
Legends in strategic marketing : Rajan Varadarajan /
Jagdish N Sheth.-- Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications, 2018
5vols , 25cm.
ISBN : 9789352805952.
658.802 VAR 146260,V1, 146261,V2, 146262,V3,
146263,V4, 146264,V5
This series comprises various sets, each focused on the
multiple ways in which a legend has contributed to the
field of Strategic Marketing. While Strategic Marketing
is a relatively young discipline, it has been
transformative. It shifted the focus from the descriptive
understanding of various functions of marketing to
prescriptive managerial actions anchored to future
financial outcomes for the company.

** Marketing, Strategic planning

20 Pemble, John
The Rome we have lost / John Pemble.-- New York: Oxford
University Press, 2017. viii, 171p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9780198803966.
937 PEM 146201

After 1870, Rome underwent vast changes both as a city
and as an idea - Old Rome, enshrined in myth and legend,
became New Rome, a national capital. Understanding Rome-s
transition is essential to understanding what Europe was,
and the crisis it is now confronting. The author musters
popes, emperors, writers, exiles, and tourists, to weave
a rich fabric of Roman experience. He tells the story of
how, why, and with what consequences that Rome, centre of
Europe and the world, became a national capital: no
longer central and unique, but marginal and very similar
in its problems and its solutions to other modern cities
with a heavy burden of -heritage-.

** Rome -- Civilization -- Influence , Rome (Italy) --
History , Civilization--Influence




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