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   1 Liang, Thow Yick
Complexity-intelligence strategy : a new paradigmatic
shift / Thow Yick Liang.-- New Jersey: World Scientific,
xvii, 720p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9789813200630.
302.35 LIA 146168
This book provides the foundation for nurturing the new
intelligence mindset that is critical in the present
context. Fundamentally, the intelligence mindset
encompasses intelligence/consciousness-centricity,
complexity-centricity, network-centricity and stability-
centricity, and constructionist thinking as its
foundation pillars. The conceptual foundation of this new
paradigmatic shift is presented as the intelligent
organization theory, and the theory of relativistic

** Management , Organizational sociology , Complex
organizations , Knowledge management
   2 Peri, Giovanni
The Economics of international migration / Giovanni Peri.
-- New Jersey: World Scientific, 2016.
xiv, 423p. , 24cm.
(World scientific studies in international economics , 49
ISBN : 9789814719896.
304.8 PER 146219
This book is a collection of the fundamental articles
written by Giovanni Peri on the economic determinants and
consequences of international migration. These papers
have provided the theoretical framework and empirical
analysis for a rethinking of the economics of migration,
going beyond the Canonical model of labor demand and
supply used until the 1990s. Beginning with a simple
model that recognizes the differences between immigrants
and natives as workers, the articles develop the analysis
of complementarity, specialization and productivity
effect of immigrants in developed economies. The book
then presents a series of papers analyzing and testing
the economic motivation for international migration.

** Emigration and immigration -- Economic aspects ,
Immigrants -- Economic conditions , Emigration and
immigration -- Cross-cultural studies
   3 Sen, Tansen
India, China, and the world : a connected history /
Tansen Sen.-- Oxford: Rowman and Littlefield, 2017.
xviii,541p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9780199485543.
327.54051 SEN 146186
This book provides the first comprehensive history of
India-China interactions in the broader contexts of Asian
and world history. The author fills a striking gap in the
study of India and China by tracing their connected
histories in a global setting.

** India -- Foreign relations -- China , China -- Foreign
relations -- India
 330    ECONOMICS 
   4 Singh, Abhay Kumar
R in finance and economics : a beginner-s guide / Abhay
Kumar Singh and David Edmund Allen.-- New Jersey: World
Scientific, 2017.
xvii, 245p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9789813144460.
330.02855133 SIN 146217
This book provides an introduction to the statistical
software R and its application with an empirical approach
in finance and economics. It is specifically targeted
towards undergraduate and graduate students. It provides
beginner-level introduction to R using R Studio and
reproducible research examples.

** Finance -- Software , Economics -- Software , R
(Computer program language)

5 India. Ministry of Finance
Economic survey 2017-18.-- New Delhi: Oxford University
Press, 2018.
2vols , 29cm.
ISBN : 9780199489398.
330.954005 IFM 146170-146171
The Economic Survey is the budget document of the
Government of India. It presents the state of affairs of
the Indian economy. Economic Survey 2017-18 consists of
two volumes. Volume 1 provides an analytical overview of
the performance of the Indian economy during the
financial year 2017-18. It highlights the long-term
challenges facing the economy. Volume 2 is a descriptive
review of the major sectors of the economy. It emphasizes
economic reforms of contemporary relevance like GST, the
investment-saving slowdown, fiscal federalism and
accountability, gender inequality, climate change and
agriculture, science and technology, among others.

** India--Economic conditions--21st century , India--
Economic conditions--21st century--Statistics.

   6 Siegel, Donald (ed)
The World Scientific reference on innovation / Donald
Siegel.-- New Jersey: World Scientific, 2017.
4vols ,26cm.
ISBN : 9789813147027.
ISBN : 9789813147058.
ISBN : 9789813147065.
ISBN : 9789813147072.
ISBN : 9789813147089.
338.064 SIE 146243,V1, 146244,V2, 146245,V3,
This multi-volume set covers a wide range of topics on
innovation, which are all of great interest to academics,
policymakers, university administrators, state and
regional economic development officials, and
students.Volume 1 provides extensive global evidence on
university technology transfer and innovation
partnerships. Volume 2 is focused on the managerial and
public policy implications of the globalization of RandD.
Volume 3 presents start-of-the-art theoretical and
empirical evidence on open innovation. Volume 4 is a
comprehensive analysis of cybersecurity.

** Technological innovations -- Economic aspects ,
Diffusion of innovations , Technology transfer

7 Hirway, Indira (ed)
Growth or development : which way is Gujarat going? /
Indira Hirway, Amita Shah and Ghanshyam Shah.-- New Delhi
: Oxford University Press, 2014.
xxxii, 576p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9780199451180.
338.95475 HIR 146183
This book provided an objective assessment of Gujarat, a
state often considered a role model for others because of
its rapid growth rate. It examines the validity of the
theory and policy framework underlying the economic
reforms in India, and provides an in-depth analysis of
the interpretation and implementation of this framework
in Gujarat. It also assesses the overall inclusiveness -
or lack thereof - of Gujarat-s growth in achieving
development goals.

** Economic development -- India -- Gujarat , Gujarat
(India) -- Economic conditions -- 21st century , Gujarat
(India) -- Economic policy
   8 Ayyar, R V Vaidyanatha
History of education policymaking in India, 1947-2016 / R
V Vaidyanatha Ayyar.-- New Delhi: Oxford University Press
, 2018.
xix, 582p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 9780199474943.
379.54 AYY 146185
This book documents the history of education policymaking
in India from 1947 to 2016. It provides a nuanced
understanding of policy developments from the inception
of the Indian Education Commission (1882) to developments
in the field of education during the British era, and
consequently the post-independence period.

** Education and state -- India -- History -- 20th
century , Education -- India , India -- Politics and
government -- 1947-
 381    COMMERCE 
   9 Ahmad, Aisha
Jihad and co. : black markets and Islamist power / Aisha
Ahmad.-- Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017.
xxv,303p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780190872656.
381 AHM 146187
Why are Islamists able to build state-like polities out
of enduring civil war stalemate? By tracking the
financial origins of jihadists in Afghanistan, Somalia,
Pakistan, Mali, and Iraq, the book shows that behind the
heated rhetoric, there are hard economic reasons behind
Islamist success.

** Islamic countries -- Economic conditions -- 21st
century , Economic history , Islamic countries , Black
market , Civil war--Economic aspects , Informal sector
   10 Ramirez, Rafael
Strategy for a networked world / Rafael Ramirez and Ulf
Mannervik.-- London: Imperial College Press, 2016.
xxiv, 290p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781783269921.
658.4012 RAM 146218
This book provides the theoretical basis for strategies
of value co-creation, an accessible methodology and
practical guidance, case studies of Facebook and the
World Economic Forum, and examples of successful
collaborations with organisations such as EDF, Scania,
SCA and Shell.Designed to advise strategists and business
developers working in uncertain, complex and turbulent
contexts, it is suitable both for practitioners and for
academics, combining theory and the means to turn it into

** Strategic planning , Industrial management , Value

11 Siegel, Donald (ed)
The World Scientific reference on entrepreneurship /
Donald Siegel.-- New Jersey: World Scientific, 2017.
4vols , 25cm.
ISBN : 9789814733304.
ISBN : V1-9789814733397.
ISBN : V2-9789814733403.
ISBN : V3-9789814733410.
ISBN : V4-9789814733427.
658.421 SIE 146239,V1, 146240,V2, 146241,V3,
This book examines an important economic development in
East Asia during the first decade of the 21st
century.Whereas regional arrangements were, with the sole
significant exception of ASEAN, conspicuously absent
before 2000, they have proliferated since 2000 in both
the monetary and trade areas. The book places this
political development in the changing nature of the
national economies, especially their increasing
integration into regional and global value chains with
the fragmentation of production processes.

** Entrepreneurship

12 Clampitt, Phillip G
Communicating for managerial effectiveness : challenges,
strategies, solutions / Phillip G Clampitt.--6th ed.--
Los Angeles: Sage Publications, 2016.
xxiii, 359p. , 26cm.
ISBN : 9781483358512.
658.45 CLA 146167
This book equips students, managers, and executives with
the strategies and tools to address common communication
problems experienced in organisations, with the goal of
learning how to add value to their organisations by
communicating more effectively.

** Communication in management

13 Mention, Anne-Laure (ed)
Open innovation : a multifaceted perspective / Anne-Laure
Mention and Marko Torkkeli.-- New Jersey: World
Scientific, 2016.
2vols , 24cm.
(Open innovation - bridging theory and practice , 1).
ISBN : 9789814719179.
ISBN : 9789814719209.
ISBN : 9789814719216.
658.514 MEN 146247,Pt1, 146248,Pt2
This book unveils research on open innovation from
multidisciplinary perspectives and with practical
insights from leaders and policy-makers. The first
section addresses the links between open innovation and
various disciplines, methods, concepts and policy
instruments. The second section reviews selectively the
literature, focusing essentially on open service
innovation and innovation in financial services
industries. It also explores different forms and types of
practices reflecting the adoption and implementation of
open innovation. The third section focuses on the
management of open innovation, paying specific attention
to the individual, intra- and inter-organizational

** Technological innovations--Management

14 Kavoura, Androniki (ed)
Strategic innovative marketing : 5th IC-SIM, Athens,
Greece 2016 / Androniki Kavoura, Damianos P Sakas and
Petros Tomaras.-- Cham: Springer, 2017.
xxiv, 556p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9783319562872.
658.802 KAV 146169
This book presents the latest on the theoretical approach
of the contemporary issues evolved in strategic marketing
and the integration of theory and practice. It highlights
strategic research and innovative activities in
marketing. The contributed chapters are concerned with
using modern qualitative and quantitative techniques
based on information technology used to manage and
analyze business data, to discover hidden knowledge and
to introduce intelligence into marketing processes.

** Marketing management , Innovation , Marketing

   15 Doyle, Arthur Conan
Gothic tales / Arthur Conan Doyle.-- Oxford: Oxford
University Press, 2016.
xl, 549p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9780198734291.
823 DOY 146182
This collection brings together 33 of Conan Doyle-s best
Gothic Tales. Jones-s introduction discusses the
contradictions in Conan Doyle-s public life - as a doctor
who became obsessed with the spirit world, or a British
imperialist drawn to support Irish Home Rule, showing the
ways in which these found articulation in the Gothic.

** Gothic fiction (Literary genre), English

   16 Narang, Gopi Chand
Ghalib : innovative meanings and the ingenious mind /
Gopi Chand Narang.-- New Delhi: Oxford University Press,
xxv, 459p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9780199475919.
891.43909 GHA 146181
This work studies the ingenious poetics of Ghalib by
tracing the roots of his creative consciousness and
enigmatic thought in Buddhist dialectical philosophy, in
particular in Nagarjuna-s concept ofshunyata(emptiness or
voidness). The author also underscores the importance of
the Sabke Hindi tradition, that is, the Indian style of
Mughal Persian poetry with indigenized poetics,
especially through Abdul-Qadir Bedil, whom Ghalib
considered his mentor. He contends that Ghalib reinvented
and polished this tradition deploying the dialectical
mode and the language of silence he mastered through his
understanding of the ancient philosophy of India under
the influence of his mentor Bedil of the Sabke Hindi

** Ghalib, Mirza Asadullah Khan, -- 1797-1869 --
Criticism and interpretation , Ghalib, Mirza Asadullah
Khan, -- 1797-1869 -- Philosophy , Ghalib, Mirza
Asadullah Khan, -- 1797-1869




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