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   1 Martinez, Raoul
Creating freedom : power, control and the fight for our
future / Raoul Martinez.-- Edinburgh: Canongate Books,
xi, 496p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781782111870.
123.5 MAR 146098
In this book, the author compellingly dismantles the
sacred myth of freedom, showing that our belief that our
institutions are free, even our sense of ourselves as
agents of free will, is all based on false understanding.
From the lottery of our birth, to the coercive influence
of our media, to the self-reinforcing, consent-
manufacturing realities of power and money, this book
demonstrates just how differently we would act if we
accepted how the world really is. It shows that freedom
is not something we are given, it is not even something
we can easily take. But with empathy, imagination, and
determination - it is something we can create.

** Liberty , Liberty--Economic aspects , Liberty--
Political aspects , Liberty--Social aspects
   2 Wilson, Edward O
The Origins of creativity / Edward O Wilson.-- New Delhi:
Allen Lane, 2017.
243p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780241309209
153.35 WIL 146099
The author demonstrates that human creativity began not
10,000 years ago, as we have long assumed, but over
100,000 years ago in the Paleolithic Age. Chronicling the
evolution of creativity from primates to humans, he shows
how the humanities, in large part spurred on by the
invention of language, have played a previously
unexamined role in defining our species.

** Creative ability , Creation (Literary, artistic, etc.)
   3 Allocca, Kevin
Videocracy : how youtube is changing the world ... with
double rainbows, singing foxes, and other trends we can-t
stop watching / Kevin Allocca.-- New Delhi: Bloomsbury,
xv,335p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9789387146686.
303.4833 ALL 146077
In Videocracy, The author lays bare what YouTube videos
say about our society and how our actions online--
watching, sharing, commenting on, and remixing the people
and clips that captivate us--are changing the face of
entertainment, advertising, politics, and more. Via
YouTube, we are fueling social movements, enforcing human
rights, and redefining art--a lot more than you-d expect
from a bunch of viral clips.

** Internet videos--Social aspects , Information society
Popular culture

4 Yan, Zheng
Mobile phone behavior / Zheng Yan.-- New York: Cambridge
University Press, 2018.
xiii, 286p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781107561946.
303.4833 YAN 146113
This book presents the unexpected complexity of human
mobile phone behavior through four basic aspects of
mobile phone usage (users, technologies, activities, and
effects), and then explores four major domains of such
behavior (medicine, business, education, and everyday

** Cell phones -- Social aspects , Mobile communication
systems -- Social aspects , Interpersonal communication -
Technological innovations -- Social aspects
   5 Fernandez, Marilyn
The New frontier : merit vs. caste in the Indian IT
sector / Marilyn Fernandez.-- New Delhi: Oxford
University Press, 2018.
xvi,331p., 23cm.
ISBN : 9780199479498.
305.0954 FER 146075
This book addresses pertinent issues around the role and
status of caste in this new private occupational sector
that boasts of merit as the ultimate equalizer. The
author finds that in spite of the narrative of equality
and justice, caste status continues to influence access
to IT education and in the new IT occupations in India.

** Social science , Social group
   6 Lemire, Beverly
Global trade and the transformation of consumer cultures
: the material world remade,c.1500-1820 / Beverly Lemire.
-- Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018.
ISBN : 9780521141055.
306.30903 LEM 146114
The author charts the rise of the cosmopolitan material
cultures that reshaped the world c.1500 to 1820. She
reveals the role of social, economic and cultural forces
in shaping consumer behavior, as well as the ways in
which consumer goods shaped and defined empires and

** Consumption (Economics) -- History , Commerce --
History , International trade -- History
   7 Essays from Economic and Political Weekly
Quarter century of liberalization in India / Essays from
Economic and Political Weekly.-- New Delhi: Oxford
University Press, 2018.
viii,244p., 23cm.
ISBN : 9780199481071.
320.510954 ECO 146072
The collection of essays in this volume captures
different ideological positions and offers an informed,
360-degree analysis on economic liberalization.

** Liberalization , Economic Liberalization

8 Sadanandan, Anoop
Why Democracy Deepens: Political information and
decentralization in India / Anoop Sadanandan.-- Cambridge
: Cambridge University Press, 2017.
ix, 192p., 24cm.
ISBN : 9781108435642.
320.954 ANO 146078
Democracy in India is only a top-dressing on an Indian
soil, which is essentially undemocratic-, warned Bhimrao
Ambedkar, the principal architect of the country-s
constitution, a year into independence. The social order
the soil on which India-s new democratic edifice was
then being erected - was marked by social hierarchies and
economic vulnerabilities. Decades of socio-economic
changes since then would transform this old order, albeit
unevenly across Indian states, to decisively shape the
development of democracy in the country. Why Democracy
Deepens relates how these socio-economic changes have
deepened democracy in India beyond its topsoil. Drawing
on his research in villages and states, Anoop Sadanandan
explains how socio-economic changes have heightened the
need for local voter information, and have promoted
grassroots democracy in some Indian states.

** Politics and government , Decentralization in
   9 Shani, Ornit
How India became democratic : citizenship and the making
of the universal franchise / Ornit Shani.-- Cambridge:
Cambridge University Press, 2018.
xiii, 284p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781107673540.
324.60954 SHA 146112
This book explores the greatest experiment in democratic
human history. It tells the untold story of the
preparation of the electoral roll on the basis of
universal adult franchise in the world-s largest
democracy. The author offers a new view of the
institutionalization of democracy in India, and of the
way democracy captured the political imagination of its
diverse peoples. Drawing on rich archival materials, the
author shows how the Indian people were a driving force
in the making of democratic citizenship as they struggled
for their voting rights.

** Suffrage -- India -- History , Representative
government and representation -- India -- History ,
Citizenship -- India -- History
 330    ECONOMICS 
   10 Mayer-Schonberger, Viktor
Reinventing capitalism in the age of big data / Viktor
Mayer-Schonberger and Thomas Ramge.-- London: John Murray
, 2018.
ISBN : 9781473656499.
330.122 MAY 146138
This book discusses how data is replacing money as the
driver of market behavior and shares predictions for how
data will revolutionize the market economy and make cash,
banks, and big companies obsolete.

** Information technology -- Economic aspects , Big data
- Economic aspects , Data mining -- Economic aspects
   11 Mitchell, Olivia S (ed)
Financial decision making and retirement security in an
aging world / Olivia S Mitchell, P Brett Hammond and
Stephen P Utkus.-- New York: Oxford University Press,
xviii, 230p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780198808039.
332.02400846 MIT 146119
This book will explore how financial decision-making
changes at older ages, how and when financial advice can
be useful for the older population, and what solutions
and opportunities are needed to resolve the likely
problems that will arise.

** Older people -- Finance, Personal , Older people --
Economic conditions , Retirement income

12 Eichengreen, Barry
How global currencies work : past, present, and future /
Barry Eichengreen, Arnaud Mehl and Livia Chitu.--
Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2017.
ISBN : 9780691177007.
332.042 EIC 146009
This book Offers a new history of global finance over the
past two centuries, and marshaling extensive new data to
test established theories of how global currencies work,
Barry Eichengreen, Arnaud Mehl, and Livia Chitu argue
for a new view, in which several national monies can
share international currency status, and their importance
can change rapidly. They demonstrate how changes in
technology and in the structure of international trade
and finance have reshaped the landscape of international
currencies so that several international financial
standards can coexist.

** International finance , Money

13 Hall, Sarah
Global finance : places, spaces and people / Sarah Hall.-
Los Angeles: Sage Publications, 2018.
ISBN : 9781473905948.
332.042 HAL 146120
The author offers a broad selection of case studies that
ground critical theory in our current financial climate.
He examines and reviews a wide range of critical
approaches relating to the role of money and finance in
the global economy, dividing these approaches into three
key sections: Global finance and international financial
centres,Global finance and the -real- economy’, Global
financial subjects and actors.

** International finance

14 Bandyopadhyay, Tamal
From Lehman to demonetization : a decade of disruptions,
reforms and misadventures / Tamal Bandyopadhyay.--
Haryana: Penguin Random House, 2017.
ISBN : 9780670090396.
332.120954 BAN 146069
This book enlightens the readers about the deep rooted
problems in Indian Banking system and helps deciphering
the cause and impacts of important financial events in
India in the last decade. It also provides a glimpse into
the lives and achievements of the eminent personalities
of Indian Financial system.

** Economic policy , Banks and banking

   15 Carlisle, Juliet E
The Politics of energy crises / Juliet E Carlisle and
others.-- New York: Oxford University Press, 2017.
ISBN : 9780190264642.
333.790973 CAR 146121
As the book demonstrates, one can discern patterns in
politics and policymaking when looking at the cycles of
energy crises in the United States. By charting the
commonalities in political battles during energy crises,
the authors make prognoses about what future energy
crises will mean for United States policy.

** Petroleum industry and trade--Political aspects--
United States , Petroleum products--Prices--United States
, Energy consumption , Energy policy--United States
   16 Sun, Irene Yuan
The Next factory of the world : how Chinese investment is
reshaping Africa / Irene Yuan Sun.-- Boston: Harvard
Business Review Press, 2017.
ISBN : 9781633692817.
338.4096 SUN 146137
China is now the biggest foreign player in Africa:
largest trade partner, largest infrastructure financier,
and fastest-growing source of foreign direct investment.
Chinese entrepreneurs are flooding into Africa, investing
in long-term assets, such as factories and heavy
equipment. The fact that China sees Africa not for its
poverty but for its potential wealth is a striking
departure from the attitude of the West, in particular
the United States. The author follows these entrepreneurs
and finds, instead, that they are factory owners,
building in Africa what they so recently learned to build
in China--a global manufacturing powerhouse.

** Investments, Chinese -- Africa , Manufacturing
industries -- Africa, Factories -- Africa

17 Pilling, David
The Growth delusion : the wealth and well-being of
nations / David Pilling.-- New Delhi: Bloomsbury
Publishing, 2018.
338p.,24 cm.
ISBN : 9789387146679.
338.9 PIL 146074
We live in a society in which a priesthood of economists,
wielding impenetrable mathematical formulas, set the
framework for public debate. Ultimately, it is the
perceived health of the economy which determines how much
we can spend on our schools, highways, and defense,
economists decide how much unemployment is acceptable and
whether it is right to print money or bail out profligate
banks. The backlash we are currently witnessing suggests
that people are turning against the experts and their
faulty understanding of our lives.

** Poverty , Wealth , Economic development
   18 Garg, Shashank (ed)
Alternative dispute resolution : the Indian perspective /
edited by Shashank Garg.-- New Delhi: Oxford University
Press, 2018.
xxviii,450p., 23cm.
ISBN : 978019948361.
347.5409 GAR 146066
This book provides an insight into the contemporary
aspects of the law and practice of ADR in India. The
volume, with contributions from eminent experts, sheds
light on the usage of the best practices of dispute
resolution in India and answers complex legal questions
related to ADR. It equips the readers to understand the
challenges associated with the ever-increasing ADR
mechanism and addresses issues that have emerged
following the enactment of the Arbitration and
Conciliation (Amendment) Act, 2015.

** Dispute resolution , Mediation , Arbitration
   19 Uslaner, Eric M
The Historical roots of corruption : mass education,
economic inequality, and state capacity / Eric M Uslaner.
-- New York: Cambridge University Press, 2017.
ISBN : 9781108403900.
364.1323 USL 146115
This book argues that corruption levels today depend
largely upon the level of education in a country over a
century ago.

** Political corruption -- History , Political corruption
-- Cross-cultural studies , Political corruption
   20 Cummings, Stephen
A New history of management / Stephen Cummings and others
-- Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2017.
ISBN : 9781316502907.
658.009 CUM 146117
This book argues that if we are to think differently
about management, we must first rewrite management

** Management -- History , Organizational behavior ,

21 Stengel, Jim
Unleashing the innovators : how mature companies find new
life with startups / Jim Stengel and Tom Post.-- New
York: Crown Business, 2017.
xvii, 214p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9780451497239.
658.042 STE 146076
This book provides the importance of establishing
partnerships with the startup world in order to learn how
to better innovate. Relying on extensive interviews with
innovation leaders at enterprise companies and startups,
Stengel-s Unleashing the Innovators takes readers inside
such storied companies as GE and Wells Fargo, IBM and
Target, Motorola Solutions and Toyota to see what they
are learning from their alliances with
entrepreneurs. Unleashing the Innovators shows how
companies of all sizes can better navigate today-s
changing landscape, accelerate innovation, increase
revenues, and improve their customer relationships.

** New business enterprises , Technological innovations ,
Strategic alliances

22 Herbert, Lindsay
Digital transformation : build your organization-s future
for the innovation age / Lindsay Herbert.-- London:
Bloomsbury Business, 2017.
x, 248p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9789386826565.
658.05 HER 146111
The secrets of real and meaningful digital transformation
are often hard-won and tightly-protected by the
organizations that have achieved it. Often, this means
critical lessons go unshared, while costly mistakes are
repeated. This book puts a stop to this vicious cycle by
unlocking the -how- of transformation through first-hand
experiences in leading major innovation programs,
supplemented by in-depth interviews with key industry
players around the world. It illustrates the tactics that
can be implemented by any organization - regardless of
size, geography or sector.

** Technological innovations--Management , Information
technology--Management , Internet in public relations ,
Internet marketing

23 Cheung, Yin-Wong (ed)
International currency exposure / Yin-Wong
Cheung and Frank Westermann.-- Cambridge: MIT Press, 2017
vi, 313p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780262036405.
658.1524 CHE 146010
This book looks at the issues surrounding foreign
currency exposure in today-s increasingly integrated
world economy. The contributors draw on cross-country as
well as country-specific data.

** Foreign exchange rates , International finance ,
Currency crises

24 Charan, Ram
What the CEO wants you to know: how your company really
works / Ram Charan.-- London: Randmom House Books, 2017.
170p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781847942166.
658.4 CHA 146102
This book describes the fundamentals behind every
business, from street vendors in Mumbai, to Fortune 500
companies. Drawing on stories from Uber, Amazon, Apple,
Toyota, Netflix, Lyft, The Limited, Wal-Mart, GE and
Starbucks, the author explains the ins and outs of how
companies work, from gross revenue and operating costs,
to inventory and cash flow, from turnover, profits and
margins, to return on capital and accounts payable and
receivable, from product quality to sales.

** Executive ability , Middle managers , Success in
 780    MUSIC 
   25 Joshi, Raghavendra Bhimsen
Bhimsen Joshi, my father / Raghavendra Bhimsen
Joshi.-- New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2016.
Translated from Marathi by Shirish Chindhade
ISBN : 9780199467112.
780.92 JOS 146046
This book discusses on the revealing account of the
Hindustani classical music maestro Bharat Ratna Pandit
Bhimsen Joshi-s (1922-2011) little-known personal life,
as told by his eldest son, Raghavendra Bhimsen Joshi.

** Singers , India--Maharashtra , Joshi, Bhimsen, 1922-
   26 Sahu, Bhairabi Prasad
Society and culture in post-Mauryan India c. 200 BC - AD
300 / Bhairabi Prasad Sahu.--2nd ed.-- New Delhi: Tulika
Books, 2016.
xii,81p. , 24cm.
(A People-s history of India, 7)
ISBN : 9789382381846.
954 SAH 146001
This book the companion volume to people-s history of
India no.6, which gave an account of the political and
economic history of the post -mauryan period from c.200
BC to AD 300. The book also deals with the important
aspect of the society and culture of the same period.

** Indian history , Cultural history - India



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