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   1 Willimott, Andy
Living the revolution : urban communes and Soviet
socialism, 1917-1932 / Andy Willimott.-- Oxford: Oxford
University Press, 2017.
viii, 203p. , 25cm.
(Oxford studies in modern European history).
ISBN : 9780198725824.
307.76094709041 WIL 145624
This book offers a pioneers insight into the world of the
early Soviet activist. At the heart of this book is a
cast of fiery-eyed, bed-headed youths determined to be
the change they wanted to see in the world. The book
illuminates the thoughts and aspirations of individual
activists as the idea of the urban commune grew from an
experimental form of living, limited to a handful of
participants in Petrograd and Moscow, into a cultural
phenomenon that saw tens of thousands of youths form
their own domestic united of socialist living by the end
of the 1920s.

** Communitarianism , Soviet Union
   2 Ruparelia, Sanjay
Divided we govern : coalition politics in modern India /
Sanjay Ruparelia.-- New York: Oxford University Press,
xxiv, 480p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9780199466702.
320.9540904 RUP 145694
This text investigates the rise and fall of the broader
parliamentary left, and the dynamics of national
coalition governments, in modern Indian democracy.

** India -- Politics and government -- 1977- , Politics
and government
 330    ECONOMICS 
   3 Lee, Jong-Wha
Crisis and recovery : learning from the Asian experience
/ Jong-Wha Lee.-- New Jersey: World Scientific, 2016.
xxxix, 593p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9789814749633.
330.95043 LEE 145703
This book is a collection of selected articles related to
the Asian experience with two crises the Asian financial
crisis in 1997-98 and the global financial crisis of 2007
08.These papers are grouped into three broad topics:
Anatomy of Asian Growth and Crises, Asian Financial
Crises: Responses and Lessons, and Global Financial
Crisis and Challenges to Asia-s Sustained Growth. The
topics include the relation of the East Asia-s
development strategies with the 1997-98 Asian financial
crisis, the causes of the Asian financial crisis, the
desirability of IMF programs, the assessment of recovery
and structural reforms, the process of spillovers of the
global financial crisis to Asia, regional and global
economic linkages, the role of China and the renminbi,
and the long-term growth projections of Asian economies.

** Financial crises -- Asia , Global Financial Crisis,
2008-2009 , Asia -- Economic conditions -- 1945-

4 Perkins, Dwight H
The Economic transformation of China / Dwight H Perkins.-
Singapore: World Scientific, 2015.
xxxii, 482p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9789814612371.
330.951 PER 145705
The book covers the Chinese transformation beginning in
the 1950s and continuing through the second decade of the
twenty-first century. It includes an analysis of the
forces that held China back before 1949, the nature of
the economy as it operated under the Soviet model of
development, and the transformation since 1978 into a
"socialist market economy." The essays of the post-1978
era reflect the author-s view of the state of the reform
effort at the time the essay was written and carries the
story up to the 2012-2013 slowdown in economic growth.

** Economic development -- China , China -- Economic
policy -- 1949- , China -- Economic conditions -- 1949-

   5 Kundu, Sumit
Human capital and innovation : examining thr role of
globalization / Sumit Kundu and Surender Munjal.-- London
: Palgrave macmillan, 2017.
Xvi, 254p, 22cm.
(Palgrave studies in global human capital management).
ISBN : 9781137565600.
331.11 KUN 145659
The second title in the Palgrave Studies in Global Human
Capital Management series, this book explores how human
capital contributes to innovation within the context of
an inter-connected and globalized world. Investigating
globalization as a phenomenon reflected within increasing
cross-border flows of goods, services, know-how and
talent, Human Capital and Innovation: Examining the Role
of Globalization illustrates various facets of innovation
at individual, team and organizational level. It
highlights the influence of new economic realities, such
as technological advances and the rise of emerging
economies, on human capital and innovation.

** Human Capital, Business, Management, Industrial

   6 Hairault, Jean-Olivier (ed)
Labour market and retirement interactions : a new
perspective on employment for older workers / Jean-
Olivier Hairault and Francois Langot.-- New York: Oxford
University Press, 2017.
xii,94p., 23cm.
(Studies of Policy Reform).
Includes bibliographical references and index.
ISBN : 9780198779179.
332.024014 HAI 145623
This volume examines the interaction of labour market
conditions and retirement decisions. Based on French and
US data, it provides empirical evidence and quantitative
analysis of retirement and labor market flows. It studies
the horizon effect and uses French individual data and
probity models to show that the horizon effect does matter
for the probability of being employed before the early
retirement age. It analyses the influence of the
retirement age on labour-market equilibrium, as well as
the impact of labour market conditions, especially the
importance of unemployment risk, on retirement decisions.

** Retirement income , Employment forecasting , Labor
   7 Pilkey, Orrin H
Retreat from a rising sea : hard choices in an age of
climate change / Orrin H Pilkey, Linda Pilkey-Jarvis,
Keith C Pilkey.-- New York: Columbia University Press,
xx, 214p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780231168441.
333.917 PIL 145701
This book explains in gripping terms what rising oceans
will do to coastal cities and the drastic actions we must
take now to remove vulnerable populations. The authors
detail specific threats faced by Miami, New Orleans, New
York, and Amsterdam.

** Coast changes , Sea level , Shore protection

 338    PRODUCTION  
   8 Kar,Sabyasachi
The Political economy of India-s growth episodes /
Sabyasachi Kar and Kunal Sen.-- Palgrave Macmillan:
Switzerland, 2016.
xi, 105p, 22cm.
(Building a sustainable political economy : SPERI
Research and Policy).
ISBN : 9781352000252.
338.954 KAR 145661
This book moves beyond the usual economic analysis of the
Indian growth story and provides a fresh perspective on
the determinants of growth episodes in post-independence
India, based on its political economy. Using a robust and
novel technique, the authors identify four such episodes
during this period. The first, running from the fifties
to 1992, was mostly characterized by economic stagnation,
with a nascent recovery in the eighties. The second,
covering the period 1993 to 2001, witnessed the first
growth acceleration in the economy. A second acceleration
ran from 2002 to 2010. The fourth and final episode
started with the slowdown in 2010 and continues to this
day. The book provides a theoretical framework that
focuses on rent-structures, institutions and the polity,
and demonstrates how changes in these can explain the
four growth episodes.

** Economic development -Political aspects -India,
Development economics, India -Economic conditions

   9 Zhao, Rongguang
A History of food culture in China / Rongguang Zhao.--
New York: SCPG Publishing Corporation, 2015.
ISBN : 9781938368165.
394.120951 ZHA 145706
Since the 1980s, China has developed a broader and deeper
connection with the world. One of the most intriguing
aspects of Chinese culture is its rich cuisine and
fascinating cooking. China is a nation with a long
history of food culture, and food has become an essential
part of Chinese culture. This book tells in sprightly and
straightforward language about the structure of
traditional Chinese food, food customs for festivals and
celebrations in China, Chinese dining etiquette,
traditional food and cooking methods, healthy and
medicinal diets, as well as historical exchanges of foods
between China and other nations.

** Food habits -- China -- History , Cooking, Chinese --
History , China -- Social life and customs

   10 Kantola, Jussi
Organizational resource management : theories,
methodologies, and applications / Jussi Kantola.-- Boca
Raton: CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group, 2016.
xxix,138p 25cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
ISBN : 9781439851203.
658.4 KAN 145625
This book presents a unique approach that aims to tackle
these management challenges. This approach is based on
four propositions that together form a solid framework
for the management of organizational resources. The scope
of the book is general management, science the Evaluate
approach is applicable to any kind of management field.

** Management , Organization , Organizational behavior

11 London, Ted
The Base of the pyramid promise : building businesses
with impact and scale / Ted London.-- Stanford: Stanford
Business Books, 2016.
xiii, 218p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780804791489.
658.408091724 LON 145702
This book offers concrete guidelines for how to build
better enterprises while simultaneously alleviating
poverty. The author outlines three key components that
must be integrated to achieve results: the lived
experiences of enterprises to date-both successes and
failures, the development of an ecosystem that is
conducive to market creation, and the voices of the poor,
so that entrants can truly understand what poverty
alleviation is about. London provides aspiring market
leaders and their stakeholders with the tools and
techniques needed to succeed in the unique, opportunity-
rich BoP.

** Social entrepreneurship -- Developing countries ,
Industrial management -- Developing countries , Success
in business -- Developing countries

12 Halkias, Daphne
Leadership and change management : a cross-cultural
perspective / Daphne Halkias and others.-- New York:
Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group, 2017.
viii,140p. , 26cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
ISBN : 9781472471666.
658.4092 HAL 145620
This book provides a leader’s role in the management of
change is a critical issue for successful outcomes of
strategic initiatives. Globalization and economic
instability have prompted an increase in organizational
changes related to downsizing and restructuring in order
to improve financial performance and organizational
competitiveness. The research presented in this book by
an eminent group of scholars explores the influence of
culture-ethnic, regional, religious-on how leaders manage
change within organizations.

** Organizational change , Industrial management ,

13 Kemayou, Yanick
More class in management : the relationship between
socioeconomic background and managerial attitudes /
Yanick Kemayou.-- Weisbaden: Springer, 2015.
xiv, 214p.,21.5 cm.
ISBN : 9783658120627.
658.4092072 KEM 145678
This book investigates how the socioeconomic
background of organizational leaders can explain their
management-relevant attitudes. The study provides theory
development and first empirical tests of the impact of
leaders socioeconomic background on their risk
propensity, sense of control and justice perceptions.

** Leadership -- Social aspects -- Research., Leadership
- Moral and ethical aspects -- Research, Management --
Philosophy -- Research.

14 Lehmacher, Wolfgang
The Global supply chain : how technology and circular
thinking transform our future / Wolfgang, Lehmacher.--
New York: Springer, 2017.
xiv, 169p. ,24 cm.
(Management for professionals)
ISBN : 9783319511146.
658.5 LEH 145658
This book provides readers an in-depth understanding of
the inner mechanisms and principles of the global supply
chain. Authored by the Head of Supply Chain and Transport
Industries at the World Economic Forum, it draws on a
wealth of operational and managerial expertise in the
global supply chain industry that drive the world-s
economies. The book analyzes the importance and impact of
globally networked sourcing, production and distribution,
and presents detailed information on the opportunities,
limitations and challenges of linear value and supply
chain systems. Building on a series of recent industry
cases and with a focus on the latest developments in
actual business processes and models, it reveals how the
transformation toward circular supply chains and
regenerative resource management forms the basis for
success and sustainability in business.

** Business logistics, BUSINESS and ECONOMICS -- Management
BUSINESS and ECONOMICS -- Reference.

   15 Sengupta, Kiriti
Dreams of the sacred and ephemeral / Kiriti Sengupta.--
Kolkata: Hawakal Publishers, 2017.
xviii, 170p. , 21cm.
ISBN : 9789385782626.
821.92 SEN 145681

** Indic poetry , India -- Poetry , Indic poetry -- 21st

16 Sengupta, Kiriti
The Earthen flute : collected and new verses / Kiriti
Sengupta and illustrations by Tamojit Bhattacharya.--
Calcutta: Hawakaal Publishers, 2016.
ISBN : 9789385782930.
821.92 SEN 145682
Prayers carry lives within - as do these luminous and
varied poems: some, brief as a firefly-s single pulse
from the darkness, some, brightly lit as the long bridge
between cultures. In these poems "an enormous God steps
in" and reveals. The world is multi-valences,
multifaceted and multilayered. "Live in the layers,"
another poet, Stanley Kunitz, advises us. These poems
dwell a language beyond the many borders of languages.
Something else speaks: Truth-of the known, the unknown
and the unknowable. "A wonderful world opens up deep
inside." You owe it to yourself to read these poems right
now, not so much as to get out of your "self" as to come
inside. Just as the old maps of the new "India" would
label the margins, "There Be Demons Here" within these
pages of Kiriti Sengupta: Here Lives The Angelic, right
here on this "Earth...where I wish to live.

** Indic poetry , Literature , India

   17 Zhang, Zhenjun
Song Dynasty tales : a guided reader / Zhenjun Zhang and
Jing Wang.-- New Jersey: World Scientific, 2017.
xxxi,337p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9789813143272.
895.134208 ZHA 145704
As the first English translation of a selected collection
of 12 Song dynasty tales, this book opens a window into
the world of literature, culture, and colorful lives of
the royal house and commoners in the 10th- to 13th-
century China. Besides the translation and the meticulous
annotations, it offers a general introduction as well as
commentaries on each tale.

** Chinese fiction -- Song dynasty, 960-1279 , Chinese
fiction , Song Dynasty (China)



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