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   1 Knobloch-Westerwick, Silvia
Choice and preference in media use : advances in
selective exposure theory and research / Silvia Knobloch-
Westerwick.-- New York: Routledge, 2015.
x, 454p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780805855159.
302.23 KNO 145452
This book mediated messages flood our daily lives,
through virtually endless choices of media channels,
genres, and content. However, selectivity determines what
media messages we attend to and focus on. The present
book examines the factors that influence this

** Mass media -- Psychological aspects , Mass media --

2 Greenwood, Royston (ed)
The Sage handbook of organizational institutionalism /
Royston Greenwood and others.-- Los Angeles: Sage, 2017.
xxvi, 900p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 9781412961967.
302.35 GRE 145465
This book brings together extensive coverage of aspects
of Institutional Theory and an array of top academic
contributors. Now in its second edition, the book has
been thoroughly revised and reorganized, with all
chapters updated to maintain a mix of theory, how to
conduct institutional organizational analysis, and
contemporary empirical work. New chapters on translation,
networks and institutional pluralism are included to
reflect new directions in the field.

** Organization, Social institutions

   3 DeVotta, Neil (ed)
An Introduction to South Asian politics / Neil DeVotta.--
London: Routledge, 2016.
xvi, 166p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 9780415822794.
320.954 DEV 145322
This introductory textbook provides students with a
fundamental understanding of the social, political, and
economic institutions of six South Asian countries:
Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri
Lanka. It adopts a broad theoretical framework and
evaluates the opportunities and constraints facing South
Asia-s states within the context of democracy.

** South Asia -- Politics and government
 330    ECONOMICS  
   4 Bavel, Bas Van
The Invisible hand? : how market economies have emerged
and declined since AD 500 / Bas Van Bavel.-- Oxford:
Oxford University Press, 2016. ix, 330p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780199608133.
330.122 BAV 145348
The Invisible Hand- offers a radical departure from the
conventional wisdom of economists and economic
historians, by showing that -factor markets- and the
economies dominated by them - the market economies - are
not modern, but have existed at various times in the
past. This work analyses three major, pre-industrial
examples of successful market economies in western
Eurasia: Iraq in the early Middle Ages, Italy in the high
Middle Ages, and the Low Countries in the late Middle
Ages and the early modern period.

** Capitalism -- History , Capitalism

5 Iyer, Lakshmi
Institutions, institutional change and economic
performance in emerging markets / Lakshmi Iyer.-- New
Jersey: World Scientific, 2016.
viii, 501p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9789814719759.
330.91724 IYE 145389
This book is an invaluable resource for researchers in
the fields of economics business to understand the role
of specific economic and political institutions in
shaping the business environment and economic growth in
emerging markets.

** Developing countries -- Economic policy , Investments,
Foreign -- Developing countries , Globalization --
Developing countries

   6 Goetzmann, William N
Money changes everything : how finance made civilization
possible / William N Goetzmann.-- Princeton: Princeton
University Press, 2016.
viii, 588p. , 20cm.
ISBN : 9780691178370.
332.09 GOE 145449
The critical role of finance over the millennia, and
around the world, Goetzmann details how wondrous
financial technologies and institutions--money, bonds,
banks, corporations, and more--have helped urban centers
to expand and cultures to flourish. And it-s not done
reshaping our lives, as Goetzmann considers the
challenges we face in the future, such as how to use the
power of finance to care for an aging and expanding

** Finance -- History , Economic history , Civilization -

7 Mallin, Chris A (ed)
Handbook on corporate governance in financial
institutions / Chris A Mallin.-- Cheltenham: Edward Elgar
Publishing, 2016.
286p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781784711788.
332.10688 MAL 145358
The global financial crisis has led to more and more
focus on corporate governance and financial institutions.
There has been much coverage in the media about various
corporate governance related issues in banks and other
financial institutions, such as executive directors-
remuneration and bankers- bonuses, board composition and
board diversity. This book, dedicated to the corporate
governance of banks and other financial institutions,
makes a timely and accessible contribution to the
literature in this area.

** Financial institutions -- Management , Corporate

8 Ganziro, Taranza T
The Exorbitant burden : the impact of the U.S. dollar-s
reserve and global currency status on the U.S. twin-
deficits / Taranza T Ganziro and Robert G Vambery.--
United Kingdom: Emerald, 2016.
xxix, 250p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781785606410.
332.4973 GAN 145313
This economic and political science work is a rigorous
analysis that demonstrates that although it is a
privilege and a benefit for the US to have its currency,
the dollar, as the leading world reserve currency, the
privilege also proves to be a very significant economic
and security burden imposed on the nation.

** Money -- United States -- History , Business and
Economics -- Finance , Money.

   9 Buggeln, Marc (ed)
The Political economy of public finance : taxation, state
spending and debt since the 1970s / Marc Buggeln, Martin
Daunton and Alexander Nutzenadel.-- Cambridge: Cambridge
University Press, 2017.
xv, 313p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781107140127.
336 BUG 145446
A study of major trends in public finance and fiscal
justice in developed capitalist countries since the

** Finance, Public
 338    PRODUCTION  
   10 Squicciarini, Mara P (ed)
The economics of chocolate / Mara P Squicciarini and
Johan Swinnen.-- Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016.
xxvi, 478p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780198726449.
338.17374 SQU 145349
This book, written by global experts, provides a
comprehensive and topical analysis on the economics of
chocolate. While the main approach is economic analysis,
there are important contributions from other disciplines,
including psychology, history, government, nutrition, and

** Chocolate industry , Chocolate--Economic aspects.

11 Donze, Pierre-Yves
Industrial development, technology transfer, and global
competition : a history of the Japanese watch industry
since 185 / Pierre-Yves Donze.-- London: Routledge, 2017.
xii, 241p. , 24cm.
(Routledge advances in management and business studies).
ISBN : 9781138650695.
338.476811140952 DON 145444
The phenomena of Japan emerging as one of the most
competitive industrial nations in the twentieth century
and the general shift of competitiveness to East Asia
since the 1980s have been widely studied by many scholars
from different fields of the social sciences. Drawing on
sources from Japanese, Swiss, and American archives, the
historical analysis of this book tackles a wide range of
actors and sheds light on the various processes that
enabled Japanese watch companies to transfer technology
and expand commercially starting in the second half of
the nineteenth century.

** Clock and watch industry -- Japan -- History

12 Caradonna, Jeremy L
Sustainability : a history / Jeremy L Caradonna.-- New
York: Oxford University Press, 2014.
x, 331p. , 21cm.
ISBN : 9780190614478.
338.92709 CAR 145350
Today, the word is nearly ubiquitous: seeming to have
come out of nowhere to dominate the discussion, from
permaculture to renewable energy to the local food
movement, the ideas that underlie and define
sustainability can be traced back several centuries. In
this illuminating and entertaining history, Jeremy L.
Caradonna traces its origins to the emergence of planned
yield forestry in the late 17th and 18th centuries,
through the challenges of the Industrial Revolution in
the 19th, the birth of the environmental movement in the
20th, and finally the emergence of a concrete effort to
create a society that is stable, prosperous, ecologically
minded, and forward looking.

** Sustainability -- History

13 Kabe, Shigesaburo (ed)
Moving up the ladder : development challenges for low and
middle-income Asia / Shigesaburo Kabe and Others.-- New
Jersey: World Scientific, 2016.
xxiv, 242p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9789814723565.
338.95 KAB 145390 , 145476
A growing middle class in Asia has contributed to the
area-s economic expansion, providing Asian countries with
a window of opportunity to leap from low/middle income
levels to high income levels. It may sound easy for these
countries to run up the ladder of economic growth, but
the potential risks of quickly shifting from low/middle
to high income levels are often overlooked.

** Income -- Asia , Middle class -- Asia , Economic
development -- Asia

14 Dev, S Mahendra
Development in India : micro and macro perspectives / S
Mahendra Dev and P G Babu.-- New Delhi: Springer, 2016.
xiii, 377p. , 24cm.
(India studies in business and economics).
ISBN : 9788132225409.
338.954 DEV 145394
This book examines various facets of the development
process such as aid, poverty, caste networks, corruption,
and judicial activism. It explores the efficiency of and
distributional issues related to agriculture, and the
roles of macro models and financial markets, with a
special emphasis on bubbles, liquidity traps and
experimental markets. The importance of finite changes in
trade and development, as well as that of information
technology and issues related to energy and ecosystems,
including sustainability and vulnerability, are analyzed.

** Economic development -- India -- Congresses , India --
Economic conditions -- 1991- -- Congresses , Finance --
India -- Congresses

   15 Barreto, Humberto
Teaching macroeconomics with Microsoft Excel / Humberto
Barreto.-- New York: Cambridge University Press, 2016.
xvi, 182p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 9781107584983.
339.0285554 BAR 145447
Humberto Barreto gives professors a simple way to teach
fundamental concepts for any undergraduate macroeconomics
course using Microsoft Excel° with Excel workbooks and
add ins and videos freely available on his university
website. The Excel files are designed to be used by
students with any textbook, and have been used many times
by the author in his own teaching. Each Excel workbook
contains links to short screencasts, around five to ten
minutes, that show the cursor and typing as the file is
manipulated with narration that walks the student through
the steps needed to complete a task.

** Microsoft Excel (Computer file) , Macroeconomics --
Study and teaching

16 Vroey, Michel De
A History of macroeconomics from Keynes to Lucas and
beyond / Michel De Vroey.-- New York: Cambridge
University Press, 2016.
xx, 429p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781107584945.
339.09 VRO 145448
This book retraces the history of macroeconomics from
Keynes-s General Theory to the present. Central to it is
the contrast between a Keynesian era and a Lucasian - or
dynamic stochastic general equilibrium (DSGE) - era, each
ruled by distinct methodological standards. In the
Keynesian era, the book studies the following theories:
Keynesian macroeconomics, monetarism, disequilibrium
macroeconomics (Patinkin, Leijongufvud and Clower), non-
Walrasian equilibrium models, and first-generation new
Keynesian models.

** Macroeconomics -- History , Macroeconomics

17 Cappellari, Lorenzo (ed)
Inequality : causes and consequences / Lorenzo
Cappellari, Solo W Polachek, Konstantinos Tatsiramos.--
Bingley: Emerald, 2016.
xiii, 476p. , 23cm.
(Research in labor economics).
ISBN : 9781785608117.
339.2 CAP 145316
Research in Labor Economics volume 43 contains new and
innovative research on the causes and consequences of

** Income distribution , Wage differentials , Equality --
Economic aspects

18 Baghdiantz McCabe, Ina
A History of global consumption : 1500-1800 / Ina
Baghdiantz McCabe.-- London: Routledge, 2015.
x, 301p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780415507929.
339.470903 MCC 145451
The history of consumption throughout the early modern
period. Takes a chronological and global view to the
discussion of evolving consumer practice and culture
between 1500 and 1800.

** Consumption (Economics) -- History , Consumption

   19 Jennings, Jennifer E (ed)
Firms within families : enterprising in diverse country
contexts / Jennifer E Jennings.-- Cheltenham: Edward
Elgar Publishing, 2015.
x, 265p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781782546511.
658.045 JEN 145359
Firms within Families: Enterprising in Diverse Country
Contexts investigates this -double embeddedness- of
business ownership and management through two
illuminating sets of empirical studies. Part I focuses
upon the family-oriented goal of socio-emotional wealth
and its association with a firm-s strategic orientations,
strategies and performance.

** Family-owned business enterprises -- Management --
Cross-cultural studies , Business and Economics --
Industrial Management.

20 Asquith, Paul
Lessons in corporate finance : a case studies approach to
financial tools, financial policies, and valuation / Paul
Asquith and Lawrence A Weiss.-- Hoboken: Wiley, 2016.
xviii, 478p. , 26cm.
(Wiley finance series).
ISBN : 9781119207412.
658.15 ASQ 145392
Corporate finance is a complex field composed of a broad
variety of sub-disciplines, each involving a specific
skill set and nuanced body of knowledge. This text is
designed to give you an intuitive understanding of the
fundamentals to provide a solid foundation for more
advanced study.

** Corporations -- Finance -- Case studies

21 Vanhoucke, Mario
Integrated project management sourcebook : a technical
guide to project scheduling, risk and control / Mario
Vanhoucke.-- New York: Springer, 2016.
xi, 287p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9783319273723.
658.404 VAN 145397
This handbook is a unique, comprehensive resource for
professional project managers and students in project
management courses that focuses on the integration
between baseline scheduling, schedule risk analysis and
project control, also known as Dynamic Scheduling or
Integrated Project Management and Control. It contains a
set of more than 70 articles. Each individual article
focuses on one particular topic and features links to
other articles in this book, where appropriate. Almost
all articles are accompanied with a set of questions, the
answers to which are provided at the end of the book.

** Project Management , Business and Economics -- Project
Management , Project management

22 Kirchmer, Mathias
High performance through business process management :
strategy execution in a digital world / Mathias Kirchmer.
--3rd ed-- Cham: Springer, 2017.
xviii, 221p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9783319512587.
658.5 KIR 145395
High Performance Through Process Excellence explores how
business process management delivers real value in
private and public sector organizations around the world.
It is written for executives and managers as well as
educators and students.

** Business -- Data processing , Business -- Databases ,
Management information systems

23 Adhikari, Atanu (ed)
Instructor-s manual for strategic marketing cases in
emerging markets : a companion volume / Atanu Adhikari
and Sanjit Roy.-- Cham: Springer, 2017.
xii, 90p. , 24cm.
(SpringerLink : Bucher).
ISBN : 9783319526966.
658.8 ADH 145396
This is a teaching companion to the case studies provided
in the book -Strategic Marketing Cases in Emerging
Markets- and is intended to help teachers and trainers
follow a pedagogic line by using the case studies to
develop a critical understanding of the service business
scenarios and strategies for marketing in emerging

** Business , Marketing , Globalization

24 Molenaar, Cor
Shopping 3.0 : shopping, the Internet or both? / Cor
Molenaar.-- London: Routledge, 2010.
212p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 9781138255944.
658.872 MOL 145445

** Electronic commerce , Teleshopping , Retail trade.

   25 Brown, Dan
Origin / Dan Brown.-- New York: Bantam Press, 2017.
461p. , 24cm.
(Robert Langdon series).
ISBN : 9780593078754.
813.54 BRO 145401
Robert Langdon, Harvard professor of symbology and
religious iconology, arrives at the Guggenheim Museum
Bilbao to attend the unveiling of a discovery that "will
change the face of science forever". The evening-s host
is his friend and former student, Edmond Kirsch, a forty-
year-old tech magnate whose dazzling inventions and
audacious predictions have made him a controversial
figure around the world. This evening is to be no
exception: he claims he will reveal an astonishing
scientific breakthrough that will answer two of the
fundamental questions of human existence. But the
meticulously orchestrated evening suddenly erupts into

** Langdon, Robert (Fictitious character) -- Fiction ,
Cryptographers -- Fiction , Spain -- Fiction.



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