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 003   SYSTEMS 
   1 Borshchev, Andrei
The Big book of simulation modeling : multimethod
modeling with AnyLogic 6 / Andrei Borshchev: AnyLogic
North America., 2013.
612p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780989573177.
003.3 BOR 145379-145388
The Big Book of Simulation Modeling" is the only book
that comprehensively presents all three methods, or
paradigms, in simulation modeling: Agent Based, System
Dynamics, and Discrete Event. It explains how to choose
the right constructs of the modeling language to create a
representation of a real world system that is suitable
for risk-free dynamic experiments. The book is based on
the modeling languages supported by AnyLogic, the
software tool that enables a modeler to utilize all three
methods and is the only one with the capability to
combine them together in a single model.

** AnyLogic (Computer file) , Computer simulation ,

 170   ETHICS  
   2 Surprenant, Chris W
Kant and the cultivation of virtue / Chris W Surprenant.-
New York: Routledge, 2014.
x,137p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780415735209.
170.92 SUR 145317
In this book, the author puts forward an original
position concerning Kant’s practical philosophy and the
intersection between his moral and political philosophy.
Although Kant provides a detailed account of the nature
of morality, the nature of human virtue, and how right
manifests itself in civil society, he does not explain
fully how individuals are able to become virtuous. This
book aims to resolve this problem by showing how an
individual is able to cultivate virtue, the aim of Kant’s
practical philosophy.

** Virtue. , Ethics, Modern
   3 Brinton, Christopher G
The Power of networks : six principles that connect our
lives / Christopher G Brinton and Mung Chiang.--
Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2017.
xi, 310p. ,
ISBN : 9780691170718.
302.30285 BRI 145376
The Power of Networks answers questions like these for
the first time in a way that all of us can understand and
use, whether at home, the office, or school. Using simple
language, analogies, stories, hundreds of illustrations,
and no more math than simple addition and multiplication,
Christopher Brinton and Mung Chiang provide a smart but
accessible introduction to the handful of big ideas that
drive the technical and social networks we use every day-
from cellular phone networks and cloud computing to the
Internet and social media platforms.

** Computer networks , Computer network architectures ,
Cloud computing

4 Shekhar, Sandhya
Managing the reality of virtual organizations / Sandhya
Shekhar.-- India: Springer, 2016.
xxiv, 263p. , 24cm.
(Management for professionals).
ISBN : 9788132227359.
302.35 SHE 145343
This book comes at a time when virtual organizations
(VO), are proliferating exponentially due to the twin
catalysts of globalization and technological enablement.
It provides conceptual frameworks and simple tools for
identifying and addressing the complexities of managing
geographically dispersed, virtually linked organizations,
which may have grown organically or inorganically into a
potpourri of multiple cultures, capabilities and
practices. These can help to scientifically assess the
impact of virtualization, balance the physical with the
virtual and manage risks using early indicators.

** Virtual reality in management , Virtual corporations ,

   5 Ewence, Hannah (ed)
Visualizing Jews through the ages : literary and material
representations of Jewishness and Judaism / Hannah Ewence
and Helen Spurling.-- New York: Routledge, 2015.
xiii,335p. , 24cm.
(Routledge studies in cultural history , 37).
ISBN : 9781138795624.
305.8924 EWE 145315
This book explores literary and material representations
of Jews, Jewishness and Judaism from antiquity to the
twenty-first century. Gathering leading scholars from
within the field of Jewish Studies, it investigates how
the debates surrounding literary and material images
within Judaism and in Jewish life are part of an on-going
strategy of image management - the urge to shape, direct,
authorize and contain Jewish literary and material images
and encounters with those images - a strategy both
consciously and unconsciously undertaken within
multifarious arenas of Jewish life from early modern
German lands to late twentieth-century North London, late
Antique Byzantium to the curation of contemporary
Holocaust exhibitions.

** Jews -- Identity , Jews in literature -- History ,
Jews in art -- History

 330   ECONOMICS  
   6 Rothe, Jorg
Economics and computation : an introduction to
algorithmic game theory, computational social choice, and
fair division / Jorg Rothe.-- Heidelberg: Springer, 2016.
xiii, 612p. , 24cm.
(Springer texts in business and economics).
ISBN : 9783662479032.
330.0151 ROT 145277
This textbook connects three vibrant areas at the
interface between economics and computer science:
algorithmic game theory, computational social choice, and
fair division.

** Economics, Mathematical , Econometrics , Game theory.

7 Hanappi, Gerhard (ed)
Advances in evolutionary institutional economics :
evolutionary mechanisms, non-knowledge and strategy /
Gerhard Hanappi and Wolfram Elsner.-- Cheltenham: Edward
Elgar, 2008.
ix, 245p. , 24cm.
(Studies in evolutionary political economy).
ISBN : 9781847209085.
330.1 HAN 145337
Features a survey of the many branches of evolutionary
economics, containing innovative different perspectives
on market dynamics and evolutionary institutional
mechanisms. This book also tackles problems in the field
such as profound uncertainty and the significance of
knowledge in economics.

** Evolutionary economics , Institutional economics

8 Muchie, Mammoe (ed)
Informal sector innovations : insights from the global
south / Mammo Muchie and others.-- London: Routledge,
xvi, 161p. , 28cm.
ISBN : 9781138943520.
330.91724 MUC 145267
It is well documented that the space of informal economic
activity is rising across the globe. This rise has been
particularly significant in the least developed and
developing countries, especially after the onset of neo-
liberal policies and withdrawal of welfare state. This
book addresses a specific concern: the issue of knowledge
generation and innovative activities, which lies at the
core of sustained competitive advantage of these

** Informal sector (Economics) -- Developing countries ,
Technological innovations -- Economic aspects

   9 Hyer, Tom
Derivatives algorithms / Tom Hyer.--2nd ed-- New Jersey:
World Scientific, 2016.
xiv, 332p. , 23cm.
Volume 1 : Bones.
ISBN : 9789814699518.
332.6457028551 HYE 145344
This book provides a unique expert overview of the
abstractions and coding methods which support real-world
derivatives trading. Written by an industry professional
with extensive experience in large-scale trading
operations, it describes the fundamentals of library code
structure, and innovative advanced solutions to thorny
issues in implementation. For the reader already familiar
with C++ and arbitrage-free pricing, the book offers an
invaluable glimpse of how they combine on an industrial
scale. Topics range from interface design through code
generation to the protocols.

** Derivative securities -- Data processing , Algorithms
- Data processing , Business and Economics -- Investments and
Securities -- General.

10 Chan, Ernest P
Machine trading : deploying computer algorithms to
conquer the markets / Ernest P Chan.-- Hoboken: Wiley,
xii, 250p. , 24cm.
(Wiley trading series).
ISBN : 9781119219606.
332.640285 CHA 145373
This book provides step-by-step instruction on
quantitative trading and the latest technologies
available even outside the Wall Street sphere. You-ll
discover the latest platforms that are becoming
increasingly easy to use, gain access to new markets, and
learn new quantitative strategies that are applicable to
stocks, options, futures, currencies, and even bit coins.
The companion website provides downloadable software
codes, and you-ll learn to design your own proprietary
tools using MATLAB. The author-s experiences provide deep
insight into both the business and human side of
systematic trading and money management, and his
evolution from proprietary trader to fund manager
contains valuable lessons for investors at any level.
Algorithmic trading is booming, and the theories, tools,
technologies, and the markets themselves are evolving at
a rapid pace.

** Electronic trading of securities , Computer algorithms

   11 Gruber, Jonathan
Public finance and public policy / Jonathan Gruber.--5th
ed-- New York: Worth Publishers, 2017.
xxvii, 810p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 9781464143335.
336 GRU 145372
In the past few decades, the field of public finance has
undergone a dramatic evolution, with a growing interest
in the study of transfer programs and social insurance.
The field has also moved from predominantly theoretic
approaches to putting more emphasis on high-quality
empirical work, both in the traditional areas of tax and
direct spending and in the newer areas of transfer
programs and social insurance. This book acknowledge
those changes. It brings the realities of contemporary
public finance to the classroom.

** Economics
   12 Bajpai, Kanti (ed)
China-India relations : cooperation and conflict / Kanti
Bajpai, Huang Jing and Kishore Mahbubani.-- London:
Routledge, 2016.
xii, 227p. , 24cm.
(Routledge contemporary Asia series , 56).
ISBN : 9781138955752.
337.51054 BAJ 145319
This book assesses the varying interests of China and
India in economics, environment, energy, and water and
addresses the possibility of cooperation in these
domains. It analyses the nature of existing and emerging
conflict, describes the extent of cooperation, and
suggests possibilities for collaboration in the future.

** China -- Relations -- India , Environmental policy --
China , China -- Foreign economic relations -- India ,
Energy policy -- India , Water resources development --
Government policy -- India , Water resources development
- Government policy -- China

   13 Currie, David (ed)
Microeconomic analysis : essays in microeconomics and
economic development / David A Currie, David A Peel and
Will Peters.-- Abingdon: Routledge, 1981.
495p. , 23cm.
Papers presented at the 1979 and 1980 annual conference
of the Association of University Teachers of Economics.
ISBN : 9781138665613.
338.5 CUR 145268
First published in 1981, this book brings together a
collection of essays on microeconomics and development
presented at the conference of the Association of
University Teachers of Economics. Topics covered include
the intergenerational transfer of economic inequality, a
review of the recent development in the theory of equity
in the economy’s distribution and production process,
labour and unemployment, market structure and
international trade, taxation and the public sector,
Third World industrialization and Indian agriculture.

** Microeconomics

14 La Grandville, Olivier De
Economic growth : a unified approach / Olivier De La
Grandville.--2nd ed-- Cambridge: Cambridge University
Press,, 2017.
xxi, 428p, 25cm.
ISBN : 9781107535602.
338.9001 LAG 145338
How can society improve its living standards? What are
the conditions necessary for prosperity? These are the
questions that define the essence of growth theory. In
this user-friendly book, Olivier de la Grandville
provides a fascinating introduction to the theory of
economic growth and shows how many results from this
field are of paramount importance for society. The
classical mechanics of the growth process are carefully
explained, with two chapters devoted to the fundamental
issue of the substitution of labor for capital in the
growth process (co-written with Robert M. Solow, winner
of the Nobel Prize in Economics). The book also addresses
the fundamental question of the optimal investment rate
of an economy.

** Economic development., Economics - Mathematical

   15 Boughzala, Imed (ed)
Case studies in e-Government 2.0 : changing citizen
relationships / Imed Boughzala, Marijn Janssen and Said
Assar.-- Heidelberg: Springer, 2015.
xiv, 215p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9783319080802.
351.02854678 BOU 145341
The goal of this book is to provide a comprehensive,
multi-dimensional approach to research and practice in e-
government 2.0 implementation. Contributions from an
international panel of experts apply a variety of
methodological approaches and illustrative case studies
to present state-of-the-art analysis and perspectives.
Around the world, governments are employing technological
advancements to revolutionize their ways of working,
resulting in changing relationships among public
organizations and their constituents. .

** Internet in public administration -- Case studies ,
Economics/Management Science , Innovation/Technology

   16 Mukherjee, Anit (ed)
India-s naval strategy and Asian security / Anit
Mukherjee and C Raja Mohan.-- London: Routledge, 2016.
xx, 260p. , 24cm.
(Cass series: naval policy and history , 56).
ISBN : 9781138950917.
359.030954 MUK 145272
This book examines India’s naval strategy within the
context of Asian regional security. It investigates the
growing strategic salience of the Indian Navy.The book
provides much needed texture to the abstract debate on
India’s rise by focusing on the changing nature of
India’s maritime orientation, the recent evolution of its
naval strategy, and its emerging defence diplomacy. In
tracing the drift of the Navy from the margins of Delhi’s
national security consciousness to a central position,
analyzing the tension between its maritime possibilities
and the continentalist mind set , and in examining the gap
between the growing external demands for its security
contributions and internal ambivalence, the book offers
rare insights into India’s strategic direction at a
critical moment in the nation’s evolution.

** India. -- Indian Navy , Sea-power -- India , India --
Military policy

   17 Aronsson, Thomas
Welfare measurement in imperfect markets : a growth
theoretical approach / Thomas Aronsson, Karl-Gustaf
Lofgren and Kenneth Backlund.-- Cheltenham: Edward Elgar,
viii, 196p. , 24cm.
(New horizons in environmental economics).
ISBN : 9781840647792.
363.7 ARO 145339
This book cleverly integrates the research on welfare
measurement and social accounting in imperfect market
economies. In their previously acclaimed volume, Welfare
Measurement, Sustainability and Green National
Accounting, the authors focused on the external effects
associated with environmental damage and analysed their
role in the context of social accounting. This book
adopts a much broader perspective by analysing a wide
spectrum of resource allocation problems of real-world
market economies.

** Economic development -- Environmental aspects --
Econometric models , Welfare economics -- Econometric
models , Environmental auditing

 610   MEDICINE and HEALTH  
   18 Scull, Andrew
Madness in civilization : a cultural history of insanity,
from the Bible to Freud, from the madhouse to modern
medicine / Andrew Scull.-- Princeton: Princeton
University Press, 2015.
448p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9780691173443.
616.89009 SCU 145375
The loss of reason, a sense of alienation from the
commonsense world we all like to imagine we inhabit, the
shattering emotional turmoil that seizes hold and won-t
let go--these are some of the traits we associate with
madness. Today, mental disturbance is most commonly
viewed through a medical lens, but societies have also
sought to make sense of it through religion or the
supernatural, or by constructing psychological or social
explanations in an effort to tame the demons of unreason.
Madness in Civilization traces the long and complex
history of this affliction and our attempts to treat it.
Beautifully illustrated throughout, Madness in
Civilization takes readers from antiquity to today,
painting a vivid and often harrowing portrait of the
different ways that cultures around the world have
interpreted and responded to the seemingly irrational,
psychotic, and insane.

** Mental illness -- History , Mental illness --
Treatment -- History , Mentally ill -- Care -- History

   19 A Guide to the project management body of knowledge (PMBOK
guide) / Project Management Institute.--5th ed-- Newtown
Square: Project Management Institute, 2013.
xxi, 589p. , 28cm.
ISBN : 9781935589679.
658.404 PRO 145377-145378
Presents the fundamental processes of project management
that drive the design and implementation of business
changes for any organization--local, regional or global,
updated to reflect the most current industry knowledge
and practices.

** Project management , Project management -- Methodology
, Project management -- Standards

20 Brockner, Joel
The Process matters : engaging and equipping people for
success / Joel Brockner.-- Princeton: Princeton
University Press, 2016. viii, 320p. , 21cm.
ISBN : 9780691175676.
658.406 BRO 145374
The author discusses how business managers can lead with
input, consistency and accountability and still succeed
in the results-oriented business world.

** Organizational change , Reengineering (Management) ,
Success in business

21 Brocke, Jan vom (ed)
Business process management : driving innovation in a
digital world / Jan vom Brocke and Theresa Schmiedel.--
Heidelberg: Springer, 2015.
x, 308p. , 24cm.
(Management for professionals).
ISBN : 9783319144290.
658.0285 BRO 145340
This book shows how business process management (BPM), as
a management discipline at the intersection of IT and
Business, can help organizations to master digital
innovations and transformations. At the same time, it
discusses how BPM needs to be further developed to
successfully act as a driver for innovation in a digital
world. In recent decades, BPM has proven extremely
successful in managing both continuous and radical
improvements in many sectors and business areas. While
the digital age brings tremendous new opportunities, it
also brings the specific challenge of correctly
positioning and scoping BPM in organizations. This book
shows how to leverage BPM to drive business innovation in
the digital age.

** Business -- Data processing -- Management , Management
information systems , Workflow -- Management

22 Sharma, Chitra
Business process transformation : the Process Tangram
framework / Chitra Sharma.-- New Delhi: Springer, 2015.
xv, 201p. , 24cm.
(Management for professionals).
ISBN : 9788132223481.
658.4012 SHA 145274
This book presents a framework through transformation and
explains how business goals can be translated into
realistic plans that are tangible and yield real results
in terms of the top line and the bottom line. Process
Transformation is like a tangram puzzle, which has
multiple solutions yet is essentially composed of
seven? tans? that hold it together. Based on practical
experience and intensive research into existing
material,? Process Tangram? is a simple yet powerful
framework that proposes Process Transformation as a

** Business planning , Industrial management

23 Daim, Tugrul U (ed)
Hierarchical decision modeling : essays in honor of
Dundar F. Kocaoglu / Tugrul U Daim.-- Cham: Springer,
xiv, 336p. , 24cm.
(Innovation, technology, and knowledge management).
ISBN : 9783319185576.
658.403 DAI 145276
This volume, developed in honor of Dr. Dundar F.
Kocaoglu, aims to demonstrate the applications of the
Hierarchical Decision Model (HDM) in different sectors
and its capacity in decision analysis. It is comprised of
essays from noted scholars, academics and researchers of
engineering and technology management around the world.
This book is organized into four parts: Technology
Assessment, Strategic Planning,National Technology Planning
and Decision Making Tools.

** Decision making , Multiple criteria decision making

24 Carayannis, Elias G
Innovation and entrepreneurship : theory, policy and
practice / Elias G Carayannis, Elpida T Samara and Yannis
L Bakouros.-- Heidelberg: Springer, 2015.
xvi, 218p., 24cm.
(Innovation, technology, and knowledge management).
ISBN : 9783319112411.
658.514 CAR 145342
This book aims to meet the needs of education and
training in modern techniques of innovation and
entrepreneurship, and focuses on the detailed
presentation of successful business practices. As today-s
global economic landscape is changing rapidly, the
ability of businesses to introduce new products and
services to the market faster than their competitors is
perhaps their most distinct competitive advantage. This
becomes obvious by the significant market share that the
most innovative companies gain while increasing

** Technological innovations -- Management ,
Entrepreneurship , Economics

25 Weis, Bernd X
From idea to innovation : a handbook for inventors,
decision makers and organizations / Bernd X Weis.--
Berlin: Springer, 2015.
xvi, 263p. , 24cm.
(Management for professionals).
ISBN : 9783642541704.
658.514 WEI 145275
This book examines a wide range of factors that govern
innovation in organizations. It presents a business model
that eases communication between the three stakeholders
of an innovation: inventor, decision maker and

** Technological innovations -- Management -- Handbooks,
manuals , Business and Economics -- Industrial Management ,
Business and Economics-- Management.

   26 Bradatan,Costica (ed)
Philosophy as a literary art : making things up / Costica
Bradatan.-- London: Routledge, 2015.
ix, 126p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 9781138792449.
808.0661 BRA 145318
Despite philosophers’ growing interest in the relation
between philosophy and literature in general, over the
last few decades comparatively few studies have been
published dealing more narrowly with the literary aspects
of philosophical texts. The relationship between
philosophy and literature is too often taken to be
"literature as philosophy" and very rarely "philosophy as
literature." It is the dissatisfaction with this one-
sidedness that lies at the heart of the present book.

** Philosophy -- Authorship , Literature -- Philosophy




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