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   1 Sloman, Steven
The Knowledge illusion : why we never think alone /
Steven Sloman and Philip Fernbach.-- New York: Macmillan,
296p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781509813070.
153.42 SLO 145148
In The Knowledge Illusion, Sloman and Fernbach show that
our intelligence resides not in individual brains but in
the collective mind. To function, individuals rely not
only on knowledge that is stored within our skulls but
also on knowledge stored elsewhere, be it in our bodies,
in the environment or especially in other people. Put
together, human thought is incredibly impressive, but at
its deepest level it never belongs to any individual
alone. And yet the mind supports the most sublime,
incredible phenomenon of all: consciousness.

** Thought and thinking , Knowledge, Sociology of ,
Sociology of knowledge

   2 McMartin, Jim
Personality psychology : a student-centered approach /
Jim McMartin.--2nd ed.-- Los Angeles: SAGE Publications,
xviii, 382p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781483385259.
155.2 MCM 145219
Personality Psychology: A Student-Centered Approach
organizes the field of personality psychology around
basic questions relevant to the reader’s past, present,
and future selves. Answers to the questions are based on
findings from up-to-date research and shed light on the
validity of personality theories to help students deepen
their understanding of their own personalities. Concise,
conversational, and easy-to-understand, the Second
Edition is enhanced with new chapters, new research that
reflects the latest scholarship, and new photos and
illustrations throughout.

** Personality , Personality development

   3 Berger, Arthur Asa
Media and communication research methods : an
introduction to qualitative and quantitative approaches /
Arthur Asa Berger.--4th ed.-- Los Angeles: Sage, 2016.
xvii, 417p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781483377568.
302.23072 BER 145156
This book is a concise and practical text designed to
give students a step-by-step introduction to conducting
media and communication research. Offering real-world
insights along with the author-s signature animated
style, this text makes the discussion of complex
qualitative and quantitative methods easy to comprehend.
This fourth edition includes a new chapter on discourse
analysis, expanded discussion of social media, expanded
coverage of the research process, and more.

** Mass media--Research--Methodology , Communication--

   4 Thapar, Romila
The Public intellectual in India / Romila Thapar and
Others.-- New Delhi: Aleph, 2015.
xxxiv, 170p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9789384067380.
305.5520954 THA 145152
The Public Intellectual in India shows us why it is
important to have self-governing voices to protect the
deprived and safeguard human rights and social justice.
Romila Thappar and the others tell us in this book why we
should care about the public intellectual in India. The
author explains that these factors play an important role
in our society.

** Intellectuals - India , India - Intellectual life ,
Intellectual life.

   5 Kotler, Philip
Democracy in decline : rebuilding its future / Philip
Kotler.-- London: Sage Publications, 2016.
xiv, 210p. , 21cm.
ISBN : 9781473980501.
321.8 KOT 145223
An examination by the -father of modern marketing- into
how well a long cherished product (democracy) is
satisfying the needs of its consumers (citizens),
bringing conversation and solutions on how we can all do
our bit to bring about positive change.

** Democracy , Democratization , World politics -- 21st

   6 Appelqvist, Orjan
The Political economy of Gunnar Myrdal : transcending
dilemmas post-2008 / Orjan Appelqvist.-- London:
Routledge, 2017.
xviii, 147p. , 22cm.
(Routledge frontiers of political economy).
ISBN : 9780415527149.
330.092 APP 145163
The intellectual trajectory of Gunnar Myrdal, Swedish
Nobel Laureate economist, sociologist, and politician,
brings us through many of the major issues in the world
economy and politics of the 20th century.

** Myrdal, Gunnar, -- 1898-1987 , Economists -- Sweden ,

   7 Lim, Kian Guan
Financial valuation and econometrics / Kian Guan Lim.--
2nd ed.-- New Jersey: World Scientific, 2015.
xvii, 585p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9789814667722.
332.015195 LIM 145197
This book is an introduction to financial valuation and
financial data analyses using econometric methods. It is
intended for advanced finance undergraduates and
graduates. Most chapters in the book would contain one or
more finance application examples where finance concepts,
and sometimes theory, are taught.

** Finance -- Econometric models , Econometrics ,
Corporations -- Valuation -- Econometric models

8 Cohan, William D
Why wall street matters / William D Cohan.-- New York:
Penguin Random House, 2017.
xxviii, 152p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780241309629.
332.64273 COH 145154
A timely, counterintuitive defense of Wall Street and the
big banks as the invisible--albeit flawed--engines that
power our ideas, and should be made to work better for
all of us. Maybe you think the banks should be broken up
and the bankers should be held accountable for the
financial crisis in 2008.

** Wall Street (New York, N.Y.) -- History , Investment
banking -- United States.

   9 Bakke, Gretchen
The Grid : the fraying wires between Americans and our
energy future / Gretchen Bakke.-- New York: Bloomsbury,
xxx, 352p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781608196104.
333.7932 BAK 145147
The grid is an accident of history and of culture, in no
way intrinsic to how we produce, deliver and consume
electrical power. Yet this is the system the United
States ended up with, a jerry-built structure now so
rickety and near collapse that a strong wind or a hot day
can bring it to a grinding halt. The grid is now under
threat from a new source: renewable and variable energy,
which puts stress on its logics as much as its
components. In entertaining, perceptive, and deeply
researched fashion, cultural anthropologist Gretchen
Bakke uses the history of an increasingly outdated
infrastructure to show how the United States has gone
from seemingly infinite technological prowess to a land
of structural instability.

** Electric power systems -- Technological innovations --
United States , Electric power distribution -- United
States -- History , Clean energy -- United States

   10 Baldwin, Richard
The Great convergence : information technology and the
new globalization / Richard Baldwin.-- Cambridge: The
Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2016.
329p. ,22cm.
ISBN : 9780674660489.
337 BAL 145146
Between 1820 and 1990, the share of world income going to
today-s wealthy nations soared from twenty percent to
almost seventy. Since then, that share has plummeted to
where it was in 1900. As Richard Baldwin explains, this
reversal of fortune reflects a new age of globalization
that is drastically different from the old. In the 1800s,
globalization leaped forward when steam power and
international peace lowered the costs of moving goods
across borders. This triggered a self-fueling cycle of
industrial agglomeration and growth that propelled
today-s rich nations to dominance. That was the Great
Divergence. The new globalization is driven by
information technology, which has radically reduced the
cost of moving ideas across borders.

** Globalization -- Economic aspects , Income
distribution , Economic geography

   11 Ojha, Nikhil Prasad (ed)
The Liberalization story / Nikhil Prasad Ojha and Sundeep
Khanna.-- Gurgaon: Penguin Random House, 2017.
xiii, 169p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9780670089789.
338.9 OJH 145149
The Liberalization Story is a selection of essays which
explain the most important financial event in modern
Indian history and its impact. The book contains candid
interviews with decision-makers like Montek Singh
Ahluwalia and entrepreneurs like Sunil Bharti Mittal and
Uday Kotak, who give a ringside view into the changing
Indian economy.

** Economic policy , Economic development

12 Bellini, Nicola (ed)
Europe-s changing geography : the impact of inter-
regional networks / Nicola Bellini and Ulrich Hilpert.--
London: Routledge, 2016.
xvi, 206p. , 24cm.
(Regions and cities , 65).
ISBN : 9781138215283.
338.94 BEL 145162
European macro-regions, Euro regions and other forms of
inter-regional, cross-border cooperation have helped to
shape new scenarios and new relational spaces which may
generate opportunities for economic development, while
redefining the political and economic meaning of national
borders. This book is based on a number of key case
studies which are crucial to understanding the complex
web of political, economic and cultural factors that
shape the heterogeneous picture of Europe-s new

** Regional economics -- Europe , Regional planning --
Europe , European cooperation

   13 Callahan, David
The Givers : wealth, power, and philanthropy in a new
gilded age / David Callahan.-- New York: Alfred A. Knopf,
343p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781101947050.
361.740973 CAL 145145
An inside look at the secretive world of elite
philanthropists--and how they-re quietly wielding ever
more power to shape American life in ways both good and
bad. While media attention focuses on famous
philanthropists such as Bill Gates and Charles Koch,
thousands of donors are at work below the radar promoting
a wide range of causes.

** Philanthropists -- United States , Rich people --
United States , Pressure groups -- United States

   14 Parijs, Philippe van
Basic income : a radical proposal for a free society and
a sane economy / Philippe van Parijs and Yannick
Vanderborght.-- Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2017
384p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 9780674052284.
362.582 PAR 145133
Providing a basic income to everyone, rich or poor,
active or inactive, was advocated by Paine, Mill, and
Galbraith but the idea was never taken seriously. Today,
with the welfare state creaking, it is one of the world-s
most widely debated proposals. The authors present a
comprehensive defense of this radical idea.

** Guaranteed annual income , Public welfare , Basic

   15 Wilhelm, Terry
Shared leadership : the essential ingredient for
effective PLCs / Terry Wilhelm.-- Thousand Oaks: SAGE
Publishing, 2017.
xxvi, 208p. , 28cm.
ISBN : 9781506311227.
370.711 WIL 145221
This book outlines the specific practices and processes
that are needed to develop shared leadership in a
professional learning community.

** Professional learning communities -- United States ,
Teacher-principal relationships -- United States ,
Teacher participation in administration -- United States.

   16 Melvin, James R (ed)
Trade, theory, and econometrics : essays in honor of John
S. Chipman / James R Melvin, James C Moore and Raymond
Riezman.-- London: Routledge, 2016.
xxii, 382p. , 23cm.
(Routledge studies in the modern world economy).
ISBN : 9781138985933.
382 MEL 145164
This book presents cutting edge contributions in the
fields of international economics, micro theory, welfare
economics and econometrics, inspired by the work of
economist John S. Chipman.

** International trade -- Econometric models , Free trade
-- Econometric models , Equilibrium (Economics) --
Econometric models

   17 Steltzner, Adam
The Right kind of crazy : a true story of teamwork,
leadership, and high-stakes innovation / Adam Steltzner.-
New York: Portfolio/Penguin, 2016.
viii, 246p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781591846925.
629.46 STE 145153
The true story of how an unlikely leader helped inspire a
team of rocket scientists to achieve the near impossible:
landing a two-thousand pound rover on Mars. Few
organizations solve as many impossible problems as NASA-s
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and nobody knows more about
leading rocket scientists to unlikely breakthroughs than
Adam Steltzner.

** Steltzner, Adam , Curiosity (Spacecraft) , Jet
Propulsion Laboratory (U.S.)

   18 Sekerka, Leslie E
Ethics is a Daily Deal : Choosing to Build Moral Strength
as a Practice / Leslie E Sekerka.-- Cham: Springer
International Publishing, 2016.
x, 259p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9783319180892.
658.1 SEK 145155
Are you an ethical person? Regardless of your answer, a
follow-up probe might be: °How do you know?° Your
personal values reflect your beliefs, what you care
about. These values, if they really matter to you, are
activated by and through your everyday decisions. How do
you ensure that your values, those that reflect your best
ethical self, are actually demonstrated in the choices
you make on a daily basis? Sometimes what we say we value
does not match our actual behavior.

** Business , Organization , Planning

19 Armstrong, Michael
Armstrong-s handbook of human resource management
practice / Michael Armstrong.--14th ed.-- London: Kogan
Page, 2017.
xxxii, 738p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9780749474119.
658.3 ARM 145222
This book is covering in one source every aspect of the
human resource function. The book Includes HRM processes
and strategies, organizational behavior, rewarding
employees, performance management, employee relations
plus much more.

** Personnel management -- Handbooks, manuals

20 Mabey, Christopher (ed)
Developing leadership : °questions business schools don-t
ask? / Christopher Mabey and Wolfgang Mayrhofer.-- Los
Angeles: Sage, 2015.
xx, 298p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781446296110.
658.4 MAB 145224
The role of business schools in developing future
managers and leaders has long been scrutinized and
critiqued. This has been exacerbated by the recent
financial crisis and many books have been written that
condemn business schools for producing leaders who
graduate without the ability to respond to the changing
world around them, innovate, or act in a responsible way.

** Leadership , Business schools -- Management , Business
schools -- Leadership

21 Heidari-Robinson, Stephen
ReOrg : how to get it right / Stephen Heidari-Robinson
and Suzanne Heywood.-- Boston: Harvard Business Review
Press, 2016.
viii, 252p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 9781633692237.
658.402 HEI 145142
This book present a practical guide for successfully
planning and implementing a reorg in five steps-
demystifying and accelerating the process at the same
time. Based on their twenty-five years of combined
experience managing reorgs and on McKinsey research with
over 2,500 executives involved in them, the authors
distill what they and their McKinsey colleagues have been
practicing as an -art- into a -science- that executives
can replicate-in companies or business units large or

** Corporate reorganizations -- Handbooks, manuals, etc.
Industrial management -- Handbooks, manuals, etc. ,
Corporate reorganizations

22 Mithas, Sunil
Digital intelligence : what every smart manager must have
for success in an information age / Sunil Mithas.--
Gurgaon: Penguin Random House, 2016.
xliii, 320p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9780670089079.
658.4038 MIT 145136
Digital intelligence-the ability to understand and use
the power of information technology-is becoming critical
for organizations and managers to thrive in the global
marketplace. This book provides every manager the
information they need to understand how to manage
critical technology initiatives and how to synchronize
technology and business initiatives to deliver business

** Information technology -- Management , Knowledge
management , Industrial management

23 Anderson, Donald L
Cases and Exercises in Organization Development and
Change / Donald L Anderson.--2nd ed.-- Thousand Oaks:
SAGE Publications, 2018.
xxx, 368p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781506344478.
658.406 AND 145217
Designed for courses in organization development and
change, this is a comprehensive collection of case
studies and exercises. Original cases are written by
experts in the field and designed to focus very precisely
on a specific topic in the OD process or intervention
method. Each case is accompanied by learning objectives,
discussion questions, references, and suggested
additional readings.

** Organizational change -- Case studies , Organizational
behavior -- Case studies , Management -- Case studies

24 Dawson, Patrick
Managing change, creativity and innovation / Patrick
Dawson and Constantine Andriopoulos.--3rd ed-- London:
Sage Publications, 2017.
xxvi, 638p.p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781473964280.
658.406 DAW 145198
This book provides an integrative overview of the
concepts of change, creativity and innovation, as the
authors define, explain and use plentiful examples and
case studies to take the student through the essential
theories and business processes.

** Organizational change -- Management , Creative ability
in business -- Management , Organizational change --
Management -- Case studies , Creative ability in business
-- Management -- Case studies

25 Anthony, Scott D
The Little black book of innovation : how it works, how
to do it / Scott D Anthony.-- Boston: Harvard Business
Review Press, 2017.
xxii, 281p. , 21cm.
ISBN : 9781633693401.
658.4063 ANT 145150
In this book the author draws on stories from his
research and field work with companies like Procter and
Gamble to demystify innovation. He presents a simple
definition of innovation, breaks down the essential
differences between types of innovation, and illuminates
innovation-s vital role in organizational success and
personal growth. This unique hybrid of professional
memoir and business guidebook also provides a powerful 28
day program for mastering innovation-s key steps: (1)
Finding insight, (2) Generating ideas, (3) Building
businesses, and (4) Strengthening innovation prowess in
workforces and organizations.

** Technological innovations -- Management , Business
planning , New products.

26 Robertson, David
The Power of little ideas : a third way to innovate for
market success / David Robertson and Kent Lineback.--
Boston: Harvard Business Review Press, 2017.
xiii, 236p., 24cm.
ISBN : 9781633691681.
658.4063 ROB 145151
The Power of Little Ideas argues there-s a "third way"
that is neither sustaining nor disruptive. This low-risk,
high-reward strategy is an approach to innovation that
all company leaders should understand so that they
recognize it when their competitors practice it, and
apply it when it will give them a competitive advantage.
This distinctive approach has three key elements: It
consists of creating a family of complementary
innovations around a product or service, all of which
work together to make that product more appealing and

** Technological innovations , New products , Management

27 Cameron, Esther
Essential leadership : develop your leadership qualities
through theory and practice / Esther Cameron and Mike
Green.-- London: Kogan Page, 2017.
xx, 377p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9780749477400.
658.4092 CAM 145225
Get up to date with leadership theory and take
responsibility for becoming a more effective leader with
this guide complete with supporting exercises, practical
examples and rigorous self-assessments.

** Leadership

28 Carroll, Brigid (ed)
Leadership : contemporary critical perspectives / Brigid
Carroll, Jackie Ford and Scott Taylor.-- Los Angeles:
SAGE, 2015.
xxvii, 298p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781446294383.
658.4092 CAR 145227
Written from a global and critical perspective with a
diverse range of cases and examples throughout,
Leadership is an essential read for developing leaders
operating within global and multicultural work settings.

** Leadership , Business and Management

29 Marques, Joan (ed)
Leadership today : practices for personal and
professional performance / Joan Marques and Satinder
Dhiman: Springer., 2017.
vi, 419p. , 24cm.
(Springer texts in business and economics).
ISBN : 9783319310343.
658.4092 MAR 145158
This textbook provides a clear understanding of
leadership needs in today’s business world, explained
within the scope of hard and soft leadership skills. It
captures qualities and skills such as spirituality,
empathy, moral behavior, mindfulness, empathy, problem
solving, self-confidence, ambition, knowledge, global
understanding, and information technology. This text
explains and provides guidelines for the implementation
of each skill and includes examples from contemporary and
historical leaders inviting the reader to consider each
quality and engage in self-reflection. This book deviates
from excessive theoretical descriptions presenting a
timely, hands-on approach to leadership.

** Leadership , Executive ability.

30 Wuffli, Peter A
Inclusive leadership : a framework for the global era /
Peter A Wuffli.-- Heidelberg: Springer, 2016.
xvi, 256p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9783319235608.
658.4092 WUF 145161
This book introduces an inspirational new ethics-oriented
approach to business and leadership for current and
future leaders. It argues that the challenges of today-s
global era require a new, more holistic and ethical
leadership approach than conventional concepts suggest.
The author offers practical suggestions on how to apply
inclusive leadership in day-to-day activities. The book
also emphasizes how ethics and virtues should influence
and shape leadership, a link that is often absent in
conventional leadership literature.

** Leadership

31 Gardner, Heidi K
Smart collaboration : how professionals and their firms
succeed by breaking down silos / Heidi K Gardner.--
Boston: Harvard Business Review Press, 2016.
xi, 250p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781633691100.
658.46 GAR 145144
** Many professional service firms today face a serious
dilemma. Clients are demanding more sophisticated service
for complex problems that can only be delivered by
interdisciplinary teams of experts. No one consultant or
lawyer--or even one functional group--can guide a client
through today-s challenges, which often span
technological, regulatory, economic, and environmental
issues on an increasingly global scale.

** Professional corporations ; Institutional cooperation;Cooperation ;

32 Martinez-Loopez, Francisco J
Online brand communities : using the social web for
branding and marketing / Francisco J Martinez-Loopez and
others.-- Cham: Springer, 2016.
viii, 253p. , 24cm.
(Progress in IS).
ISBN : 9783319248240.
658.8 MAR 145159
his book presents and analyzes the concept of online
brand communities, an emerging and exciting topic in
marketing and ecommerce. First, it lays out the
foundations like the evolution of the Web and the so-
called Social Web, its utility for users and businesses,
and the evolution of the marketing mind-set to adapt the
Social Web.

** Business , Marketing , Information technology

33 Gouillart, Francis
The Co-creation edge : harnessing big data to transform
sales and procurement for business innovation / Francis
Gouillart and Bernard Quancard.-- New York: Palgrave
Macmillan, 2016.
vii, 186p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781137526755.
658.81 GOU 145157
Rapid changes in business along with better informed
customers threaten the traditional sales and procurement
process. Sales and procurement professionals have a
bright future ahead of them if they can respond to six
trends that the authors have identified in the business-
to business world. Each trend offers an opportunity to
develop a new skill for sales and procurement
professionals and adopt a new practice. Because these
practices are not yet widely adopted as -best practices-,
the authors coin them -next practices-. If these trends
are adopted by organizations, the ability to co-create
means providing significant value to both the sales
management team at the supplier and the purchasing
management team at the customer.

** Sales management , Sales personnel -- Organization ,
Industrial procurement

34 Gothelf, Jeff
Sense and respond : how successful organizations listen to
customers and create new products continuously / Jeff
Gothelf and Josh Seiden.-- Boston: Harvard Business
Review Press, 2017.
viii, 253p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781633691889.
658.812 GOT 145143
We-re in the midst of a revolution. Quantum leaps in
technology are enabling organizations to observe and
measure people-s behavior in real time, communicate
internally at extraordinary speed, and innovate
continuously. New technologies are transforming the way
companies interact with their customers, employees, and
other stakeholders. But this is no mere tech issue, it is
quickly becoming the key operational challenge for
businesses of all kinds.

** Organizational effectiveness , Organizational
resilience , Customer relations -- Management

35 Burkhalter, Janee N
Maximizing commerce and marketing strategies through
micro blogging / Janee N Burkhalter and Natalie T Wood.--
Hershey: IGI Global, 2015.
xxi, 380p. , 29cm.
ISBN : 9781466684089.
658.872 BUR 145258
This book examines the various methods and benefits of
using micro-blogs within a business context, bringing
together the best tools and tactics necessary to properly
incorporate this approach.

** Marketing -- Management , Blogs , Business planning
   36 Looy, Amy Van
Social media management : technologies and strategies for
creating business value / Amy Van Looy.-- Cham: Springer,
xix, 250p. , 24cm.
(Springer texts in business and economics).
ISBN : 9783319219899.
659.144 LOO 145160
This undergraduate textbook adopts the perspective of
organizations - not individuals - and clarifies the
impact of social media on their different departments or
disciplines, while also exploring how organizations use
social media to create business value. To do so, the book
pursues a uniquely multi-disciplinary approach, embracing
IT, marketing, HR and many other fields.

** Social media , Internet marketing , Business --
Computer network resources

   37 Tissington, Patrick
How to write successful business and management essays /
Patrick Tissington and Markus Hasel.--2nd ed.-- Los
Angeles: Sage, 2017.
xiv, 168p. , 24cm.
(Sage study skills).
ISBN : 9781473960510.
808.06665 TIS 145226
Addresses the all too common pitfalls of essay
assignments, as well as providing students with a step-by
step programme to approach essay questions, both in
coursework and exam contexts.

** Business writing , Academic writing




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