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   1 Jandt, Fred E
Conflict and communication / Fred E Jandt.-- Los Angeles:
SAGE, 2017.
xiii, 258p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781506308272.
303.69 JAN 145130
Introduce your students to important theories, key
concepts, and essential research in the study of
conflict, along with practical skills for managing
conflict in their daily lives.

** Conflict management - Study and teaching , Negotiation
in business

   2 Hass, Jeffrey K
Economic sociology : an introduction / Jeffrey K Hass.--
London: Routledge, 2007.
xiii, 252p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780415392228.
306.3 HAS 145132
Presents an account of economic sociology. This book
provides an analysis of economic behaviour and phenomena,
and explores economic structures and change from a global
perspective. It also addresses important economic issues
directly impacting on students- lives.

** Sociologia economica

3 Das, Veena (ed)
Sociology and anthropology of economic life : the moral
embedding of economic action / Veena Das and Ranendra K
Das.-- New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2010.
x,304p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9780199453320.
306.30954 DAS 145131
The Oxford in India Readings in Sociology and Social
Anthropology comprises a set of volumes, each on an
important theme or sub-area within these disciplines.
Along with authoritative introductions and sectional
prefaces, each book brings together key essays that
apprise readers of the current debates and developments
within the area concerned, with specific reference to

** Economic anthropology - India , Resource-based
communities - India , Consumption (Economics)- Moral and
ethical aspects - India.

   4 Satyam, Amitabh
The Smart city transformations: the revolution of the
21st century / Amitabh Satyam and Igor Calzada.-- New
Delhi: Bloomsbury, 2017.
xi, 333p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9789386349040.
307.1216 SAT 145078
A handbook for the practitioners, this book is a complete
treatise on the topic of Smart, covering: 1. A
comprehensive framework with the needed definitions,
concepts, strategies, approaches and technologies to
develop and manage a greenfield or brownfield Smart city.
2. Integrating economics, developmental concepts,
engineering, environment and governance that sets the
definitive foundation of the Smart framework. 3.
Technologies that are powering the Smart movement.
Extensive case-studies. 4. Societal and Political
research and progress made by the academia. 5. Specific
methodology of measuring Smart elements of a city.
Introduction to the concepts of Smart Map and Smart
Index. 6. A structured approach to transformation,
setting priorities, execution, financing and governance.
The new structure and market dynamics of the Smart

** Energy development , Sustainable urban development ,
City planning

   5 Dasgupta, Sukti (ed)
Transformation of women at work in Asia : an unfinished
development agenda / Sukti Dasgupta and Sher Singh Verick
-- Thousand Oaks: SAGE, 2016.
xvi, 312p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9789385985058.
331.4095 DAS 145126
This book examines the drivers of, and barriers to,
participation of women in the Asian labour market for its
socio-economic development and structural transformation.

** Women -- Employment -- Asia , Women employees -- Asia
Labor market -- Asia.

   6 Paul, Samuel
The Paradox of India-s North-South divide : lessons from
the states and regions / Samuel Paul and Kala Seetharam
Sridhar.-- Los Angeles: SAGE Publications, 2015.
X, 235p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9789351501411.
338.9542009051 PAU 145124
This book examines the socio-economic and political
scenario of India-s southern states vis-a-vis their
northern counterparts. Exploring the paradox behind the
underlying North-South divide in India, it reveals that
the gap was much smaller at the outset, with the North
having had a head start in certain areas. It goes on to
establish that although the South was somewhat better
placed in terms of initial conditions, it was the post-
liberalization era that saw it realizing this potential
and surging forward.

** Economic development - India, North - History ,
Economic development - India, South - History , India,
North - Economic conditions - 21st century.

   7 Mukherjee, Arpita (ed)
Trade in services and trade agreements : perspectives from
India and the European Union / Arpita Mukherjee, Rupa
Chanda and Tanu M Goyal.-- Los Angeles: SAGE, 2016.
xvii, 443p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9789351503248.
382.45 MUK 145125
A comprehensive assessment of how trade complementarities
and agreements help facilitate trade in services between
India and the European Union A first of its kind, it
addresses policy initiatives on services trade between
two economies that are actively engaged in trade
agreements. It establishes that the Broad Based Trade and
Investment Agreement (BTIA), if signed, will be India-s
first agreement with a major advanced regional bloc and a
major trading partner, and the EU-s first agreement with
a large emerging market. It is, therefore, likely to have
a far-reaching impact on other large trading nations such
as the United States and China.

** Service industries -- India , Service industries --
European Union countries , India -- Commercial policy

   8 Chesser, Jerald W
Human resource management in a hospitality environment /
Jerald W Chesser.-- Oakville: Apple Academic Press, 2016.
xv, 267p. , 26cm.
ISBN : 9781771883009.
647.940683 CHE 145108
This new textbook provides a complete study of human
resource management from the perspective of management
and operation in a hospitality environment. The
hospitality industry continues to grow every day,
bringing new challenges and opportunities. This up-to-
date textbook provides the information on effective human
resource management that managers need to know to succeed
in today-s competitive hospitality business environment.
The volume presents the complex nature of human resource
management, covering the processes, procedures, and law,
as well as the impact of environment and attitudes.

** Hospitality industry - Personnel management

   9 Ellis, Sean
Hacking growth : how today-s fastest-growing companies
drive breakout success / Sean Ellis and Morgan Brown.--
London: Penguin Random House, 2017.
308p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9780753545379.
658 ELL 145066
The definitive playbook by the pioneers of Growth
Hacking, one of the hottest business methodologies in
Silicon Valley and beyond. It seems hard to believe
today, but there was a time when Air Bnb was the best-
kept secret known of travel hackers and couch surfers,
Pint rest was a niche web site frequented only by bakers
and crafters, LinkedIn was an exclusive network for C-
suite executives and top-level recruiters.

** Success in business , Consumer behavior , Marketing

10 Kouzes, James M
The Leadership challenge : how to make extraordinary
things happen in organizations / James M Kouzes and Barry
Z Posner.--6th ed-- Hoboken: John Wiley and Sons, 2017.
xv, 378p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9788126568208.
658.4092 KOU 145076

** Leadership , Executive ability , Management.

11 Quintanilla, Kelly M
Business and professional communication : keys for
workplace excellence / Kelly M Quintanilla and Shawn T
Wahl.--3rd ed.-- Los Angeles: SAGE, 2017.
xxiv, 371p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 9781506315522.
658.45 QUI 145128
Organized around the transition from student to
professional life, Business and professional
communication, third editing gives readers the tools they
need to move from interview candidate to team member to

** Business communication

12 Brent, Andrew
The Growth director-s secret : why businesses struggle to
grow - and what can you do to change it / Andrew Brent.--
London: Bloomsbury, 2017.
x, 236p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781472936295.
658.8 BRE 145074
Growth can be the most important attribute that any
business can have, and yet is commonly the least well-
managed area of a business- operations. Explaining why
this is, The Growth Director-s Secret examines the
structural/cultural factors that hold many conventionally
organized companies back. The book explores important new
insights from neurological research, which reveal near-
universal misunderstandings about consumer motivations,
shopping behaviour and brand choice. Andy Brent shows how
these flaws lead many businesses to develop bland,
undifferentiated consumer propositions and wasteful
commercial/marketing plans, which condemn them to year
upon year of stagnant growth.

** Marketing -- Management , Product management , Market

13 Sheridan, Marcus
They ask you answer: a revolutionary approach to inbound
sales, content marketing and today-s digital consumer /
Marcus Sheridan.-- New Delhi: Wiley, 2017.
xii, 226p. ,23cm.
ISBN : 9788126568062.
658.8 SHE 145079
They Ask You Answer is a straightforward guide to fixing
your current marketing strategy. Regardless of your
budget, you are almost certainly overspending on
television, radio and print ads, yet neglecting the
number one resource you have at your disposal: the
Internet. Content marketing is no longer about keyword-
stuffing and link-building, in fact, using those tactics
today gets your page shuffled to the bottom of the heap.
Quality content is the key to success and you already
have the ingredients in-house. This book shows you how to
structure an effective content strategy using the same
proven principles that have revolutionized marketing for
all types of businesses, across industries.

** Marketing , Sales promotion

14 Rangappa, Paddy
Spark : the insight to growing brands / Paddy Rangappa.--
London: Simon and Schuster, 2017.
193p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9788193355220.
658.8343 RAN 145072
This book addresses the important issue of growing bands
in an increasingly competitive, crowded market place.
Written by an expert in marketing, here is a book that
demystifies the esoteric subject of brand-building. It
achieves this by providing a practical framework.

** Brand name products -- Management , Branding
(Marketing) , Marketing , Advertising , Brand name
products , Advertising -- Brand name products

   15 Mcintyre, Charles (ed)
Multi-channel marketing, branding and retail design : new
challenges and opportunities / Charles Mcintyre, T C
Melewa and Charles Dennis.-- Bingley: Emerald Group
Publishing, 2016.
xiii, 259p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781786354563.
659 MCI 145109
This book focuses on service design, including retail and
multi-channel marketing matters pertinent to the current
age, where physical contact with consumers has resurfaced
as an enduring part of the marketing and branding
landscape -- complementary to online and virtual worlds.
The span of the text goes from what may be regarded as
micro-environmental issues of type design and the
semiotics of brand meanings towards macro-environmental
concerns of city design and ecological threat, all
relative to living within any world (and all worlds) that
businesses and consumers may co-create or are invited and
welcomed to in their own multi-layered experience.

** Marketing , Branding (Marketing) , Social media --
Economic aspects.

16 Altstiel, Tom
Advertising creative : strategy - copy - design / Tom
Altstiel and Jean Grow.--4th ed.-- Los Angeles: SAGE,
xxiii, 463p. , 27cm.
ISBN : 9781506315386.
659.1 ALT 145127
Advertising creative, fourth edition is the first "
postdigital" creative strategy and copywriting textbook
in which digital technology is woven throughout every

** Advertising

   17 Canavor, Natalie
Business writing today : a practical guide / Natalie
Canavor.--2nd ed.-- Los Angeles: Sage Publications, 2016.
xvi, 366p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781483358666.
808.06665 CAN 145129
The text instructs business students how to write for the
21st century business environment in the style it
demands: clearly, concisely, powerfully, and with
individuality. It also addresses explicitly the digital
realm of email, social networking, and social media

** Business writing




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