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 330   ECONOMICS  
   1 Westra, Richard (ed)
The Political economy of emerging markets : varieties of
BRICS in the age of global crises and austerity / Richard
Westra.-- London: Routledge, 2017.
xiv, 223p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781138121225.
330.91724 WES 145030

** Capital market -- Developing countries , Financial
crises -- Developing countries.

   2 Chakrabarti, Rajesh
Grit, guts and gumption: driving change in a state-owned
giant / Rajesh Chakrabarti.-- New Delhi: Penguin Books,
xxii, 234p. , 19cm.
ISBN : 9780143415657.
332.10680954 CHA 145022
This is the story of the carefully planned resurgence of
the State Bank of India (SBI) from a laid-back incumbent
under threat from private players to a customer-oriented
competitive organization that has outperformed rivals
despite several constraints. The leadership at SBI
succeeded in reshaping perspectives and profitability at
the bank, which employs a staggering 200,000 people,
notwithstanding salary restrictions and regulatory
bottlenecks. While the primary thrust was on changing
employee attitude towards their own organization and, of
course, its customers, the transformation exercise was
broad-based, encompassing fundamental changes in
technology, processes and business-mix alike.

** State Bank of India -- Management , Bank management --
India , Banks and banking -- State supervision -- India

   3 Crane, Daniel A (ed)
The Making of competition policy : legal and economic
sources / Daniel A. Crane and Herbert Hovenkamp.-- New
York: Oxford University Press, 2013.
viii, 499p. , 26cm.
ISBN : 9780199782796.
338.6048 CRA 145029
This book provides edited selections of primary source
material in the intellectual history of competition
policy from Adam Smith to the present day. Chapters
include classical theories of competition, the U.S.
founding era, classicism and neoclassicism,
progressivism, the New Deal, structuralism, the Chicago
School, and post-Chicago theories. Although the focus is
largely on Anglo-American sources, there is also a
chapter on European Ordoliberalism, an influential school
of thought in post-War Europe.

** Competition -- History , Competition

4 Anji Reddy, K
An Unfinished agenda : my life in the pharmaceutical
industry / K Anji Reddy.-- Gurgaon: Portfolio/Penguin,
xiv, 270p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780670087808.
338.7616151092 ANJ 145020
From his birth in a village in Andhra to founding and
running Dr. Reddy-s Laboratories, now one of India-s
largest pharmaceutical enterprises, Dr. K. Anji Reddy-s
journey makes for an inspiring story. That story is told
rivetingly in his own words in his memoir, An Unfinished
Agenda. Dr. Anji Reddy became an entrepreneur at a time
when India was woefully short of technology to
manufacture many basic medicines.

** Anji Reddy, K. -- (Kallam), -- 1941-2013 , Dr. Reddy-s
Laboratories -- Biography , Businesspeople -- India --

5 Jackson, Tim
Prosperity without growth : economics for a finite planet
/ Tim Jackson.--2nd ed.-- London: Earthscan, 2017.
xxxix, 310p. , 21cm.
ISBN : 9781138935419.
338.927 JAC 145035
The author provides a credible vision of how human
society could flourish within the ecological limits of
finite planet. The book offers a penetrating insight into
our current state of affairs and thought provoking
pathway towards redesigning our future. The book provide
a convincing case why conventional economic growth can-t
deliver prosperity and provide tools to build an economy
based on sustainable development.

** Sustainable development, Wealth, Globalization-
Economic aspects.

   6 Blanchard, Olivier
Macroeconomics / Olivier Blanchard.--7th ed.-- New Jersey
: Prentice-Hall, 2017.
530p. , 26cm.
ISBN : 9780133780581.
339 BLA 145044

** Macroeconomics

   7 Greenhow, Christine (ed)
Education and social media : toward a digital future /
Christine Greenhow, Julia Sonnevend and Colin Agur.--
Cambridge: The MIT Press, 2016.
viii, 257p. : 23cm.
ISBN : 9780262529044.
371.3344678 GRE 145038
In this book, leading scholars from education, law,
communications, sociology, and cultural studies explore
the digital transformation now taking place in a variety
of educational contexts. The contributors examine such
topics as social media usage in schools, online youth
communities, and distance learning in developing
countries the disruption of existing educational models
of how knowledge is created and shared, privacy,
accreditation, and the tension between the new ease of
sharing and copyright laws.

** Internet in education -- Social aspects. , Web-based
instruction -- Social aspects , Educational technology --
Social aspects.

   8 Mohan, Pankaj
Pharmaceutical operations management : manufacturing for
competitive advantage / Pankaj Mohan, Jarka Glassey and
Gary A Montague.-- New York: McGraw-Hill, 2006.
xix, 363p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780071472494.
615.10685 MOH 145036
The author offers a comprehensive solution for the drug
manufacturing industry: a method to reduce cost, increase
efficiency, and decrease time to market.

** Pharmaceutical industry , Pharmaceutical industry --

   9 Iyer, K C (ed)
Accelerating development : harnessing the power of
project management / K C Iyer and others.-- Delhi:
Project Management Institute, 2017.
viii, 465p. , 28cm.
It is a Conference proceedings. Conference name " Project
Management Research and Academic Conference 2017--.
ISBN : 9788192320038.
658.404 IYE 145026
Project Management is an interdisciplinary skill and has
great potential for study and research. The PMI India
Research and Academic conference is a biennial project
management research and education event that brings
together scholars, professors and students of project
management and allied disciplines. The conference
provides an opportunity to present and discuss new
project management research findings and teaching

** Project management , Personnel management

10 Valikangas, Liisa
Strategic innovation : the definition guide to outlier
strategies / Liisa Valikangas and others.-- New Jersey:
Pearson Education, 2016.
viii, 280 pages , illustrations , 23cm.
ISBN : 9780133989441.
658.4063 VAL 145041

** Business planning, Creative ability in business,
Strategic planning.

11 Sheth, Jagdish N.
The 4 A-s of marketing : creating value for customer,
company and society / Jagdish Sheth and Rajendra Sisodia.--
New York:Routledge,2012.
209p. , 26cm.
658.8 SHE 145034
The authors present a powerful and tested approach that
helps managers see a business’s every action through the
eyes of its customers. This approach is organized around
the values that matter most to customers: Acceptability,
Affordability, Accessibility and Awareness. Taken
together, these attributes are called the "4A-s." The 4A
framework derives from a customer-value perspective based
on the four distinct roles that customers play in the
market: seekers, selectors, payers and users. The authors
demonstrate how looking at the world through the 4A lens
helps companies avoid marketing myopia (an excessive
focus on the product) as well as managerial myopia (an
excessive focus on process).

** Relationship marketing , Customer relations --
Management , Marketing

12 Strauss, Judy
E-marketing / Judy Strauss and Raymond Frost.--7th ed.--
London: Routledge, 2016.
xvi, 480p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781138228429.
658.872 STR 145033
This book teaches marketers how to engage and listen to
buyers, and how to use what they learn to improve their
offerings in today-s internet and social media-driven
marketing environment.

** E-Marketing, Customer relations, Customer services ,
Internet marketing

 700   ARTS  
   13 Hjorth, Larissa
Screen ecologies : art, media, and the environment in the
Asia-Pacific region / Larissa Hjorth and others.--
Cambridge: The MIT Press, 2016.
viii, 210p., 23cm.
701.03 HJO 145040
Images of environmental disaster and degradation have
become part of our everyday media diet. This visual
culture focusing on environmental deterioration
represents a wider recognition of the political,
economic, and cultural forces that are responsible for
our ongoing environmental crisis. And yet efforts to
raise awareness about environmental issues through
digital and visual media are riddled with irony, because
the resource extraction, manufacturing, transportation,
and waste associated with digital devices contribute to
environmental damage and climate change. Screen Ecologies
examines the relationship of media, art, and climate
change in the Asia-Pacific region -- a key site of both
environmental degradation and the production and
consumption of climate-aware screen art and media.

** Art and society -Pacific Area - History - 21st century
Art and technology - Pacific Area - History - 21st
century, Climatic changes - Social aspects - Pacific Area
- History -21st century.
   14 Sekhri, Desh Gaurav
Not out! : the incredible story of the Indian premier
league / Desh Gaurav Sekhri.-- Gurgaon: Penguin/Viking,
xii, 243p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9780670088737.
796.3580954 SEK 145018
Chronicling the Indian Premier League (IPL), India’s
first sports league and the most controversial ever, this
book explores the intricacies of the business and the
acceptability of the IPL to take a closer look at the
various scams that have plagued it. It is a blow-by-blow
description of the highs, lows, and future of the IPL
that has, possibly, redefined the way the rest of the
world perceives India.

** Indian Premier League , Cricket -- Economic aspects --
India , Cricket -- Tournaments -- India.

   15 Easwaran, Eknath
Gandhi the man : how one man changed himself to change
the world / Eknath Easwaran.-- Ahmedabad: Jaico
Publishing House, 2015.
213p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9788172245177.
954.035092 EAS 145019
This is the moving story of a nonviolent hero,
illustrated with more than 70 photographs, and told by a
highly respected author who grew up in Gandhi-s India.
Gandhi-s life continues to inspire and baffle readers
today. How did an unsuccessful young lawyer become the
Mahatma, the "great soul" who led 400 million Indians in
their struggle for independence from the British Empire-
What is nonviolence, and how does it work- Easwaran
answers these questions and gives a vivid account of the
turning points and choices in Gandhi-s life that made him
an icon of nonviolence. Easwaran witnessed at firsthand
how Gandhi inspired ordinary people to turn fear into
fearlessness, and anger into love. He visited Gandhi in
his ashram to find out more about this human alchemy, and
during the prayer meeting watched the Mahatma absorbed in
meditation on the Bhagavad Gita, the scripture that was
the wellspring of his spiritual power.

** Gandhi, Mahatma, 1869-1948




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