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   1 Critchley, Terry
Making it in IT / Terry Critchley.-- Boca Raton: CRC
Press, 2017.
xxv, 271p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781498782760.
004.023 CRI 144969
The book looks at all facets of an IT professional-s
career. It explains how to build an IT team and examines
the roles and responsibilities within the team. It shows
how to provide professional customer care to IT clients.
Business executives recognize the importance of IT, and
this book shows technology professionals how to thrive in
the business world.

** Information technology -- Vocational guidance. ,
Computers / Computer Literacy.
   2 Nussbaum, Martha C
Political Emotions : why love matters for justice /
Martha C Nussbaum.-- Cambridge: Harvard University Press,
viii, 457p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780674503809.
320.019 NUS 144940
Martha Nussbaum asks: How can we sustain a decent society
that aspires to justice and inspires sacrifice for the
common good? Amid negative emotions endemic even to good
societies, public emotions rooted in love--intense
attachments outside our control--can foster commitment to
shared goals and keep at bay the forces of disgust and

** Political science --Philosophy , Emotions --Political
aspects , Emotions (Philosophy) , Political psychology.

3 Atkinson, Anthony B
Inequality : what can be done? / Anthony B Atkinson.--
London: Harvard University Press, 2015.
xi, 384p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780674504769.
320.954 CHA 144941 Inequality
and poverty have returned with a vengeance in
recent decades. To reduce them, we need fresh ideas that
move beyond taxes on the wealthy. Anthony B. Atkinson
offers ambitious new policies in technology, employment,
social security, sharing of capital, and taxation, and he
defends them against the common arguments and excuses for

** India --Politics and government
   4 Satish Chandra, A V
Federalism and decentralization in India for better
governance / A V Satish Chandra.-- New Delhi: Viva Books,
x, 105p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9789386385048.
321.020954 CHA 144942
This book looks at how federalism is the best form of
decentralization and how the adoption of federalism will
take governance closer to the people and therefore how
it will take governance closer to the to the people and
therefore how it will positively impact on the
developmental processes. The book however, also has
caveats which it puts in place to say that federalism if
wrongly understood or wrongly implemented can produce
results which are contrary to what is expected.

** Decentralization in government --India , Federal
government --India --Case studies
 330   ECONOMICS  
   5 Chiang, Alpha C
Elements of dynamic optimization / Alpha C Chiang.--
Kolkata: Levant Books, 2012.
xiii, 327p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9789380663371.
330.0151 CHI 144945
In this book, the author introduces readers to the most
important methods of dynamic optimization used in
economics. The classical calculus of variations, optimal
control theory, and dynamic programming in its discrete
form are explained in the usual Chiang fashion--with
patience and thoroughness. The economic examples, selected
from both classical and recent literature, serve not only
to illustrate applications of the mathematical methods,
but also to provide a useful glimpse of the development
of thinking in several areas of economics.

** Mathematical optimization , Economics, Mathematical

   6 Shanmugam, K R (ed)
Environment and development : essays in honour of Dr. U
Sankar / K R Shanmugam and K S Kavi Kumar.-- New Delhi:
Sage Publications, 2016.
xxxi, 479p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9789351506492.
333.70954 SHA 144938
This book argues that sustainable development as a long-
term objective demands a paradigm shift in the approach
to viewing ecology and that sustainability has to be
assessed in terms of economic, social and environmental

** Economic development --Environmental aspects --India.
Environmental policy --Economic aspects --India. ,
Sustainable development --India. ,

7 Inoue, Makoto (ed)
Multi-level forest governance in Asia : concepts,
challenges and the way forward / Makoto Inoue and Ganesh
P Shivakoti.-- New Delhi: Sage Publications, 2015.
xviii, 461p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9789351502593.
333.75095 INO 144939
This book presents the remarkable diversity of policy
implementation in forest resource management in 14 Asian
countries: five in South Asia (Bangladesh, India, Nepal,
Sri Lanka and Bhutan), six in South-east Asia (Indonesia,
Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Laos)
and three in East Asia (China, Korea and Japan). It
explores how effective forest governance can be achieved
by bridging multi-level outcomes. Further, this volume
highlights the importance of context in defining flexible
policies for policy makers, development practitioners and
the academic communities of these countries. It also
provides assistance to government officers, NGOs and
academics based on relevant empirical information on
resource management.

** Forest policy --Asia , Forest management --Asia ,
Decentralization in management --Asia

   8 Tandon, Pankaj
A textbook of microeconomic theory / Pankaj Tandon.-- New
Delhi: Sage Publications, 2015.
xiv, 439p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9789351502753.
338.5 TAN 144937
A comprehensive analysis of the theoretical tools, real-
world applications, policy implications and corner
solutions of microeconomics. This book offers a
discussion of all significant topics including
applications and extension of consumer theory, theory of
the firm, production, cost and supply, partial and
general equilibrium, welfare economics, uncertainty and
information, market imperfections as well as a detailed
overview of the theory of games. It provides coverage of
the basic as well as modern aspects in the subject,
supported by India-centric examples, data and case
studies. Complete with a number of original algebraic
derivations and graphical expositions, this textbook will
serve as an indispensible companion for students of

** Microeconomics

9 Burgelman, Robert A
Becoming Hewlett Packard : why strategic leadership
matters / Robert A Burgelman, Webb McKinney and Philip E
Meza.-- New York: Oxford University Press, 2017.
xix,384p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780190640460.
338.7610040973 BUR 144923
This book documents how HP-s successive CEOs have
contributed to the company-s process of corporate
becoming. The strategic leadership frameworks used to
illuminate these contributions will be helpful for theory
development and offer practical tools for founders of new
companies and CEOs and boards of directors of existing

** Hewlett-Packard Company -- Management. , Computer
industry -- United States. , Electronic industries --
United States.

10 Kim, Eun Mee
Big business, strong state : collusion and conflict in
South Korean development, 1961-1990 / Eun Mee Kim.--
Albany: State University of New York Press, 1997.
xvii,280p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9780791432105.
338.95195009045 KIM 144947
This book debunks the rosy success story about South
Korean economic development by analyzing how the state
and businesses formed an alliance, while excluding labor,
in order to attain economic development, and how these
three entities were transformed in the process. The
author analyzes the paradox of South Korean development
from 1960 to 1990--a period during which the country
experienced dramatic social, economic, and political

** Corporations, Korean , Korea (South) -- Economic
policy , Korea (South) -- Economic conditions -- 1948-
   11 Lambert, Rob (ed)
Neoliberal capitalism and precarious work : ethnographies
of accommodation and resistance / Rob Lambert and Andrew
Herod.-- Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2016.
xi,336p. , 24cm.
344.01 LAM 144946
This book explores the spread across a number of economic
sectors and countries worldwide of work that is
invariably insecure, dirty, low-paid, and often temporary
and/or part-time.

** Labor laws and legislation , Precarious employment --
Social aspects , Neoliberalism

   12 Banerjee , Sudipto
Linear algebra and matrix analysis for statistics /
Sudipto Banerjee and Anindya Roy.-- Boca Raton: CRC Press
, 2014.
xvii, 565p. , 24cm.
(Texts in statistical science.)
ISBN : 9781420095388.
512.5 BAN 144967
Linear algebra and the study of matrix algorithms have
become fundamental to the development of statistical
models. Using a vector space approach, this book provides
an understanding of the major concepts that underlie
linear algebra and matrix analysis.

** Mathematical statistics , Matrices , Algebras, Linear

13 Robbins, Neville
Beginning number theory / Neville Robbins.--2nd ed.--
Burlington: Jones and Bartlett Learning, 2017.
xi,338p. ,24cm.
ISBN : 9789384323172.
512.7 ROB 144944
The new Second Edition of Neville Robbins- Beginning
Number Theory is a rich yet flexible account of classic
number theory, blending in numerous applications and
specialized treatments of many essential topics,
including Cryptology, Fibonacci Numbers, and
Computational Number Theory. It strikes a balance between
the traditional and algorithmic approaches to elementary
number theory and is supported with numerous exercises,
applications, and case studies throughout. Beginning
Number Theory is appropriate for use in a one-semester,
undergraduate number theory course. It is robust with
interesting facts, historical notes, and modern
applications, yet is clear and manageable for
introductory students. With 21st century applications,
this text is truly an entertaining and comprehensive
introduction to number theory.

** Number theory

   14 Bickel, Peter J
Mathematical statistics : basic ideas and selected topics
/ Peter J Bickel and Kjell A Doksum.-- Boca Raton: CRC
Press, 2016.
xix,465p. , 26cm.
(Texts in statistical science).
ISBN : 9781498722681.
519.5 BIC 144970,V2
This book presents important statistical concepts,
methods, and tools not covered in the authors- previous
volume. This second volume focuses on inference in non-
and semiparametric models. It not only reexamines the
procedures introduced in the first volume from a more
sophisticated point of view but also addresses new
problems originating from the analysis of estimation of
functions and other complex decision procedures and large
scale data analysis. It covers a number of topics that
are important in current measure theory and practice. It
emphasizes nonparametric methods which can really only be
implemented with modern computing power on large and
complex data sets.

** Mathematical statistics.

15 West, Brady T
Linear mixed models : a practical guide using statistical
software / Brady T West, Kathleen B Welch and Andrzej T
Gatecki.--2nd ed.-- Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2015.
xxv,414p. , 26cm.
ISBN : 9781466560994.
519.535 WES 144968
This book gives an explanation of mixed modeling
techniques and theories and demonstrates the use of
popular statistical software procedures for fitting
linear mixed models (LMMs). The authors fit LMMs based on
both general and hierarchical model specifications, and
also develops the model-building process step-by-step.

** Linear models (Statistics) -- Data processing.
   16 Rowles, Daniel
Building digital culture : a practical guide to
successful digital transformation / Daniel Rowles and
Thomas Brown.-- London: Kogan Page, 2017.
xiii, 240p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780749479657.
658.4038 ROW 144897
This book aims to answer a simple question: How can
organisations succeed when the environment they operate
in is changing so quickly? The last thing businesses need
today is a digital strategy. The book doesn-t address
whether or not you should advertise on Facebook or invest
in virtual reality. It doesn-t seek to unearth a silver
bullet to make digital investments a sure-thing. It steps
back from the hype, and argues that whatever digital
might mean for your business, if you don-t create a
digital culture you-ll most likely fail, or at least fall
short of what you want to achieve.

** Information technology -- Management. , Business and
Economics / Industrial Management

17 Croxen-John, Dan
E-commerce website optimization: why 95 per cent of your
website visitors don-t buy and what you can do about it /
Dan Croxen-John and Johann Van Tonder.-- London: Kogan
Page, 2017.
xvi, 233p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780749475383.
658.872028546 CRO 144899
This book helps readers to improve conversion rates, increase ROI from online
marketing campaigns, and generate higher levels of repeat business. It
brings together usability, analytics and persuasion to offer a
straightforward and detailed 5-step methodology of how to use the
tools and techniques of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) to increase the e-
commerce value of websites.

** Internet marketing. , Internet advertising. , Web
sites -- Design.




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