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   1 Mahajan, Sanjeev
Media advertising and youth / Sanjeev Mahajan.-- New
Delhi: Arpan Publications, 2016.
xvi, 280p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9789382135647.
302.23083509542 MAH 144850
Mass media have emerged as powerful agent of
socialization during last few decades. Mass media can
teach norms and values by way of symbolic reward and
punishment for different kinds of behavior as represented
in the media. Advertisements in mass media have also
started influencing the attitudes, values and culture of
consumers. In fact, this is more true about TV
advertising. This is the reason that TV advertising is no
longer a tool of marketing, but it is now regarded as a
powerful agent of socialization, the process of learning
one-s culture and how to live within it. This book aims to
find out as to how far TV advertisements are emerging as
an agency of socialization with respect to youth in
influencing their behaviour and foster consumer culture.

** Mass media and youth -- India -- Meerut. , Advertising
and youth -- India -- Meerut. , Young consumers -- India
- Meerut.
   2 Sinha, Himanshu
Panchayati raj in rural India / Himanshu Sinha and
Sanjana Metha.-- New Delhi: Commonwealth publishers, 2016
264p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9788131105528.
320.840954 SIN 144888
This book is a comprehensive account of Panchayati Raj
Institutions in rural India since the 73rd Constitutional
Amendment mandated them in the year 1993. It presents a
balanced and complete picture of the origin, objectives,
evolution, advantages and limitations of these
institutions. It also analyses the various issues
pertaining to rural development, decentralization, and
participatory governance at grassroots level.

** Panchayat -- India. , Rural development -- India.

   3 Owen, Taylor
Disruptive power : the crisis of the state in the digital
age / Taylor Owen.-- Oxford: Oxford University Press,
x, 248p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780199363865.
327 OWE 144921
In Disruptive Power, Taylor Owen provides a sweeping look
at the way that digital technologies are shaking up the
workings of the institutions that have traditionally
controlled international affairs: humanitarianism,
diplomacy, war, journalism, activism and finance. The
traditional nation state system and the subsequent
multinational system were founded on and have long
functioned through a concentration of power in the state,
through the military, currency controls, foreign policy,
the rule of law and so on. In this book, Owen argues that
in every aspect of international affairs, the digitally
enabled are changing the way the world works and
disrupting the institutions that once held a monopoly on
power. Each chapter of Owen-s book looks at a different
aspect of international affairs, profiling the disruptive
innovators and demonstrating how they are challenging
existing power structure. Owen considers what
constitutes successful online international action, what
sorts of technologies are being used as well as what
these technologies might look like a decade from now and
what new institutions will be needed to moderate the new

** Technology and international relations. , Technology and
Engineering -- Electronics -- Digital. , Political
science -- International Relations -- General. , Internet
and international relations.
   4 Rodgers, Kevin
Why aren-t they shouting? : a banker-s tale of change,
computers and perpetual crisis / Kevin Rodgers.-- London:
Random House Business Books, 2016.
xvi, 304p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781847941527.
332.10285 ROD 144927
When Kevin Rodgers embarked on his career in finance,
dealing rooms were filled with clamoring traders and
gesticulating salesmen. Nearly three decades later, the
feverish bustle has gone and the loudest noise you°re
likely to hear is the gentle tapping of keyboards. Why
Aren°t They Shouting? is a very personal, often wryly
amusing chronicle of this silent revolution that takes us
from the days of phone calls, hand signals and alpha
males to a world of microwave communications, complex
derivatives and computer geeks. In addition, it’s a
master class in how modern banking works, for those who
don’t know their spot FX from their VaR or who struggle
to recall precisely how Monte Carlo pricing operates. But
it’s also an account of thirty years of seismic change
that raises a deeply worrying question: Could it be that
the technology that has transformed banking and that
continues to do so is actually making it ever more

** Banks and banking -- Data processing. , Finance --
Information technology. , Banks and banking --
Technological innovations. , Financial services industry.
   5 Palermo, Giulio
Economics and power : a marxist critique / Giulio Palermo
-- London: Routledge, 2017.
x, 168p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9781138923096.
335.412 PAL 144917
In the economic debate, power is defined and studied
mainly as an interpersonal relation occurring out of
perfect competition. This is a consequence of the
combination of methodological individualism and the
assumption of competition as a natural and everlasting
coordinating mechanism, operating without any sort of
coercion. This methodology, however, is not adequate to
analyze the forms of social coercion that characterize
capitalism. Economics and Power criticizes the main
theories of power developed in economic literature,
analyzing ultraliberal contractualism to radical
political economics, and ultimately suggesting a Marxist
conception of power and coercion in capitalism. Palermo-s
ontological argument is rooted in the philosophy of
critical realism. This unique volume presents his main
finding as being that the essential coercive mechanism of
capitalism is competition. Capitalist power is
not caused by a lack of competition, but by the central
role it plays in this mode of production. Following this,
the chapters reconstruct a Marxian conception of power
where it is analyzed as a social relation and argues that
perfect competition does in fact exist under the disguise
of capitalist power. This book criticizes the construct
of power and the underlying ideas surrounding perfect
competition. This book is of interest to those who study
political economy, as well as economic theory and

** Marxian economics. , Economics -- Philosophy. ,
Political Science -- Political Ideologies -- Communism and
   6 Rasiah, Rajah (ed)
Globalization, industrialization and labour markets in
East and South Asia / Rajah Rasiah, Bruce McFarlane and
Sarosh Kuruvilla.-- London: Routledge, 2016.
x, 168p. ,
ISBN : 9781138924932.
338.095 RAS 144918
This book addresses this issue head on, using empirical
evidence from some of the fastest growing and transition
economies from East and South Asia. Countries such as the
Philippines and Malaysia have already started to
deindustrialize before enjoying industrial maturity,
while with the exception of China and evidence of some
growth in real wages in the other economies, the evidence
appears compelling to suggest that increased
industrialization and integration into the capitalist
economy have not succeeded in providing significant
labour improvement.

** Globalization--Economic aspects--Southeast Asia,
Industrialization--Southeast Asia, Labor market--Social
aspects--Southeast Asia

7 Rock, Michael T
Dictators, democrats, and development in Southeast Asia :
implications for the rest / Michael T Rock.-- New York:
Oxford University Press, 2017.
xvii, 342p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780190619862.
338.959 ROC 144916
Since 1960 only nine developing countries have succeeded
in sustaining high growth. The aim of this book is to
examine how dictators and democrats in three of the nine,
Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, who share broad
similarities with the Rest, built and sustained pro-
growth political coalitions.

** Economic development -- Political aspects -- Indonesia
, Economic development -- Political aspects -- Malaysia ,
Economic development -- Political aspects -- Thailand
   8 Conard, Edward
The Upside of inequality : how good intentions undermine
the middle class / Edward Conard.-- New York: Penguin
Random House, 2016.
311p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781595231239.
339.22086220973 CON 144919
Conventional wisdom says income inequality is rising and
harmful to nearly everyone, and the rich are to blame.
But as Ed Conard shows, the growing success of innovators
doesn-t hurt the rest of the workforce. In fact, the
opposite is true--their success increases the demand for
our middle and working class labor. Well-meaning attempts
to decrease inequality will hurt not just the 1%, but
everyone else too. Challenging the arguments of liberal
economists like Paul Krugman and Joseph Stiglitz, Conard
reveals the truth about the income inequality panic. And
by drawing on a historical study of the ebbs and flows of
our economy, he proposes ways to grow the economy faster,
which will benefit everyone on the income spectrum.

** Middle class -- United States -- Economic conditions.
Equality -- United States. , Distributive justice --
United States. , United States -- Economic conditions --
2009 ,
 346   PRIVATE LAW  
   9 Anand, Anita (ed)
Systemic risk, institutional design, and the regulation
of financial markets / Anita Anand.-- Oxford: Oxford
University Press, 2016.
xi, 221p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780198777625.
346.082 ANA 144915
A collection of essays from an impressive group of
scholars, this book disseminates the type of regulation
that can be devised and implemented to respond to
systemic risk as well as how systemic risk can be
regulated in both a domestic and international market.

** Financial risk management , Financial institutions --
Law and legislation
   10 Eggers, William D
The Solution revolution : how business, government, and
social enterprises are teaming up to solve society-s
toughest problems / William D Eggers and Paul Macmillan.-
Boston: Harvard Business Review Press, 2013.
292p., 24cm.
ISBN : 9781422192191.
361.8 EGG 144912
In this book, the authors identify an accelerating shift
toward a new operating paradigm, in which
entrepreneurship and innovation range freely across all
of the sectors that shape our lives as citizens and
consumers. This shift offers a powerful spring of hope
for public innovation in an era of financial constraints.

** Social entrepreneurship, Social responsibility of
business, Social problems -- Economic aspects, Economics
- Sociological aspects
   11 Shukla, Ashutosh Kumar
Indian business environment / Ashutosh Kumar Shukla.--
New Delhi: Pearl Books, 2017.
256p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9789383026043.
382.0954 SHU 144846
The Indian economy has been emerging as global or
transnational economy. A global or transnational economy
is one which transcends the national borders unhindered
by artificial restrictions like Government restrictions
on trade and factor movements. The Transnational economy
is different from the international economy. The Indian
Business Environment is characterized by the existence of
different economics the economic relations between them
being regulated by the government.

** India -- Commerce. , India -- Economic policy -- 1991
   12 Sinha, Himanshu
Agricultural system in rural India / Himanshu Sinha and
Sanjana Metha.-- New Delhi: Commonwealth Publishers, 2016
280p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9788131105559.
630.954 SIN 144838
Agriculture, with its allied sectors, is unquestionably
the largest live hood provider in India, more so in the
vast rural areas. It also contributes a significant
figure to the Gross Domestic Product. Sustainable
agriculture, in terms of food security, rural employment,
and environmentally sustainable technologies such as soil
conservation and biodiversity protection, are essential
for holistic rural development. The book provides a much-
needed overview of the transforming agricultural systems
and developmental issues in rural India. The readers will
gain a unique understanding of the ecological,technical,economic
and sociological aspects of rural
agricultural systems. The book will be a core reading for
courses in agricultural systems and management,
sustainable agricultural management, and cropping

** Agriculture -- India. , Rural development -- India. ,
Land tenure -- India.
   13 Lansberg, Ivan
Succeeding generations : realizing the dream of families
in business / Ivan Lansberg.-- Boston: Harvard Business
School Press, 1999.
xiii, 379p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780875847429.
658.045 LAN 144910
Finding the right successor to a well-loved founder or
president is often the most difficult task an
organization can face and the challenge can be even
greater for family-run businesses. "Succeeding
Generations" explores leadership transitions in family
businesses, offering a clear-eyed assessment of the
different options, from direct succession to building
partnerships between siblings and cousins. Family-owned
companies may dominate the worldwide business landscape,
yet surprisingly few are successfully passed down from
one generation to the next, and fewer still reach the
third generation intact. Author Ivan Lansberg, an
organizational psychologist who grew up in a family
business, examines the reasons behind this high failure
rate and reveals the factors that contribute to long-term
success. He offers practical advice on how to mentor
successors, how to set up a systematic selection process
and how to make the best use of the board of directors
during times of transition. With a wealth of examples
from companies in the United States, Europe, and Latin
America, "Succeeding Generations" provides a thoughtful
and comprehensive look at the sensitive dynamics of
leadership succession in family businesses.

** Family-owned business enterprises -- Management. ,

14 Kressel, Henry
If you really want to change the world : a guide to
creating, building, and sustaining breakthrough ventures
/ Henry Kressel and Norman Winarsky.-- Boston: Harvard
Business Review Press, 2015.
xii, 215p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781625278296.
658.11 KRE 144908
Silicon Valley’s popular approach to creating new
ventures is rooted in trial and error test markets with
new concepts and a minimum amount of capital, and hope
for valuable businesses to emerge.

** New business enterprises. , Venture capital. ,
Business and Economics / Entrepreneurship. , Business and
Economics / Leadership. , Business and Economics /

15 Davis, Jocelyn R
Strategic speed : mobilize people, accelerate execution /
Jocelyn R Davis, Henry M Frechette and Edwin H Boswell.--
Boston: Harvard Business Press, 2010.
xii, 204p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9781422131527.
658.314 DAV 144909
Only 30 percent of strategic initiatives are successfully
executed. Of those that are, most CEOs view the process
as too slow. What’s going on? And how can you accelerate
execution in your company? In Strategic Speed, the
authors provide the answers. Start by understanding the
barriers to execution: Employees don’t grasp where an
initiative is going. They don’t adopt new behaviors.
They° re not committed to working together to achieve
results. Most leaders try to speed things up by changing
processes or installing new technologies. But better
processes and systems won’t remove the barriers. Instead,
you need to unleash three people factors° clarity
(understanding the goal), unity (collaborating across
work groups), and agility (adapting quickly).The authors
explain how to unleash these factors by exercising four
leadership abilities:° Affirming strategies: Ensuring
everyone knows the destination and wants to go there°
Driving initiatives: Accelerating projects called for by
your strategy° Managing climate: Controlling what it
feels like to work in your team° Cultivating experience:
Harnessing employees° knowledge and expertise Strategic
Speed provides real-world examples° from companies as
diverse as Tata Sky, Thermo Fisher Scientific,
Ameriprise, and Fender Guitars° showing these practices
in action. And it’s packed with tools and assessments for
diagnosing where your execution efforts are in trouble
and choosing specific actions for accelerating results in
your firm.

** Labor productivity. , Employee motivation. ,
Industrial productivity. , Strategic planning.

16 Lerner, Josh
The Architecture of innovation : the economics of
creative organizations / Josh Lerner.-- Boston: Harvard
Business Review Press, 2012.
x, 206p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781422143636.
658.4063 LER 144911
The developed world is struggling with unsustainable
promises and unappealing choices, and sustained economic
growth represents one of the few ways out. And over the
centuries, growth in advanced economies has been strongly
linked to innovation. Despite the vast amounts written
about innovation over the years, understanding of its
drivers remains surprisingly limited. This book, by top
Harvard Business School professor Josh Lerner, seeks to
remedy this shortfall. It highlights that while
organizational economists have made strides in
understanding what combinations of incentives and
organization structure can encourage innovative
breakthroughs, many of these insights have not yet
received the attention they deserve in the real world,
or been developed in ways that can easily be applied in
real situations. The author focuses on two models for
encouraging innovation, the corporate research
laboratory and the start-up. Each model, while proven and
successful, also faces significant challenges and
ambiguities. A central argument is that there remains
considerable potential for hybrids between these two
approaches. This book draws on important research in
economics and reviews different approaches to
innovation, combining this with a series of case examples
to explore the challenges that face startup firms, large
firms, and nations. It is essential reading for anybody
faced with the challenge of innovation. .

** Managerial economics. , Organizational change--
Management , Technological innovations--Management ,
Creative ability in business
   17 Paramita, Prajna
English drama (1586-1642) : the age of Shakespeare /
Prajna Paramita.-- New Delhi: Pearl Books, 2017.
368p., 22cm.
ISBN : 9789383026371.
822.33 PAR 144844
Shakespeare is usually set apart from his contemporaries,
in kind no less than quality. This book sees Elizabethan
drama as drawn together by a shared need to deal with
contradictory pressures from heterogeneous audiences,
censorious authorities, profit driven managers, and
authors looking for classic status and social esteem. The
power of poetry gives these contradictory purposes an
intensity and scope that speaks directly to our own
motives, aspirations, and evasions. But this connection
must be shallow if we do not face the strangeness as well
as the accessibility of this repertory.

** Shakespeare, William, -- 1564-1616 -- Criticism and
interpretation. , English drama -- Early modern and
Elizabethan, 1500-1600 -- History and criticism. ,
English drama -- 17th century -- History and criticism. ,
Shakespeare, William, -- 1564-1616.

18 Parihar, Rajsherkhar
The Complete critical guide to Thomas Hardy / Rajsherkhar
Parihar.-- New Delhi: Pearl Books, 2017.
256p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9789383026487.
823.809 PAR 144841
This book provides students with a lucid introduction to
Hardy-s life and works and the basis for a sound
comprehension of his work, including : a) the major
aspects of Hardy-s life in the context of contemporary
culture, b) a detailed commentary on Hardy-s most
important work and a critical map of Hardy-s complete
writing, c) an outline of the vast body of criticism that
has built up around Hardy-s work with examples of recent
critical debate.

** Hardy, Thomas, -- 1840-1928 -- Criticism and
interpretation , Hardy, Thomas, -- 1840-1928
   19 Agarwal, Chetan
Jawaharlal Nehru and India-s foreign policy / Chetan
Agarwal and R K Pruthi.-- New Delhi: Commonwealth
Publishers, 2016.
272p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9788131105405.
954.042 AGA 144847
Jawaharlal Nehru said in 1952 that the foreign policy of
a country is a legacy of the past. That is why India has
certain values and principles which are even reflected
today in its foreign policy. Freedom, peace and unity of
the world are the three basic ideals of the Indian
foreign policy. Thus in-depth study of Indian foreign
policy with unique features, can be important source
material for evolving a sustainable foreign policy for a
happy healthy and peaceful world order. This book,
therefore, on Jawaharlal foreign policy will be of great
value to all those who are interest in the subject for
further in-depth studies and understanding of the subject
in proper perspectives.

** India -- Foreign relations -- 1947-1984. , Nehru,
Jawaharlal, -- 1889-1964.



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