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   1 Sutoris, Peter
Visons of development : films division of India and the
imagination of progress, 1948-75 / Peter Sutoris.-- New
Delhi: Oxford University Press,2016.
ISBN : 9780199472109.
070.18 SUT 144803
Visions of Development examines the Indian state’s
postcolonial development ideology between Independence in
1947 and the Emergency of 1975-7. Sutoris pioneers a
novel methodology for the study of development thought
and its cinematic representations, analysing films made
by the Films Division of India between 1948 and 1975. By
comparing these documentaries to late-colonial films on
°progress°, his book highlights continuities with and
departures from colonial notions of development in modern
India. It is the first scholarly volume to be published
on the history of Indian documentary film. Of the
approximately 250 documentaries analysed by Peter
Sutoris, many of which have never been discussed in the
existing literature, most are concerned with economic
planning and industrialisation, large dams, family
planning, schemes aimed at the integration of tribal
peoples (Adivasis) into society.

** Documentary films -- India -- History -- 20th century,
   2 Malhotra, Karamjit K
The Eighteenth century in Sikh history : political
resurgence, religious and social life, and cultural /
Karamjit K Malhotra.—New Delhi: Oxford University Press,
ISBN : 9780199463541.
294.609033 MAL 144802
The eighteenth century marks that transformative era in
Sikh history when rebels became rulers. Riding on the
wave of a political revolution, peasants and artisans in
the Khalsa order refashioned themselves into
administrators in the Punjab region. This was no mean
feat as it meant displacing first the mighty Mughals and
then the Afghans. Based on a wide range of contemporary
sources, this volume takes a fresh look at the political
processes and the accompanying changes in the religious,
social and cultural life of the Sikhs. The author
examines the political resurgence of the Sikhs and their
system of government. She takes a closer look at their
conception of God and Guru, the emergence of Amritsar as
the premier centre of the Sikh world and the rites,
ceremonies and ethics of the Khalsa. Issues of caste and
gender and Sikh interest in literature, art and
architecture are also explored.

** Sikhism -- History -- 18th century.
   3 Bramoulle, Yann (ed)
The Oxford handbook of the economics of networks / Yann
Bramoulle, Andrea Galeotti and Brian W.Rogers.-- New York
: Oxford University Press, 2016.
xi,841p.,26 cm.
ISBN : 9780199948277.
302.3 BRA 144823
This Handbook represents the frontier of research into
how and why networks form, how they influence behavior,
how they help govern outcomes in an interactive world and
how they shape collective decision making, opinion
formation and diffusion dynamics.

** Social networks, Economic aspects.
 330   ECONOMICS  
   4 Ackerman, Frank (ed)
The Political economy of inequality / Frank Ackerman and
others.-- Washington: Island Press, 2000.
(Frontier issues in economic thought , 5).
ISBN : 9781559637985.
330 ACK 144819
The disparity in wealth both within and between nations
has grown rapidly and is becoming a significant issue in
attempts to deal with environmental problems. This book
offers an in-depth examination of the economic theory
behind the causes, consequences and cures for inequality.

** Economics -- Moral and ethical aspects , International
trade -- Moral and ethical aspects , Income distribution

5 Gupta, Gautam
An Introduction to experimental economics / Gautam Gupta.
-- New Delhi: Orient BlackSwan, 2016.
ISBN : 9788125060796.
330.0724 GUP 144804
Experiments in economics involve gathering human subjects
in a classroom or a computer laboratory, presenting them
with a situation and making them take decisions that are
monetarily incentivised. These decisions will later be
analysed statistically or econometrically to yield
results that confirm, but also challenge, predictions of
economic theory, thereby expanding the boundaries of
knowledge regarding human economic behaviour and its
motives. An Introduction to Experimental Economics
details the methodology, procedure and protocol to be
followed while conducting experiments in economics. It
draws the contours of the newly emerging discipline
through the main areas where experiments are being used.

** Economics-Research, Experimental Economics

6 Jinglian, Wu
Whither China? : restarting the reform agenda / Wu
Jinglian and Ma Guochuan.-- New York: Oxford University
Press, 2016.
ISBN : 9780190223151.
330.951 JIN 144817
In a series of insightful dialogues, The authors attempt
to address the following question: Where is China going?
The volume provides readers with a clear and concise
understanding of the future prospects of China-s economic

** Economic history -- China , Economic policy -- China
   7 Prabhu, Nagesh
Reflective shadows : political economy of the World Bank
of India / Nagesh Prabhu.-- New Delhi: Oxford University
Press, 2017.
ISBN : 9780199466825.
332.15320954 PRA 144815
This book examines the relevance of World Bank-s lending
to India across sectors and states, highlighting its
influence on structural adjustments during the nation-s
pre- and post-liberalization phases.

** World Bank -- India , Economic development -- India ,
India -- Economic policy

8 Appadurai, Arjun
Banking on Words : the failure of language in the age of
derivative finance / Arjun Appadurai.-- New Delhi: Orient
BlackSwan, 2016.
ISBN : 9788125060758.
332.6457 APP 144805

** Derivative securities -- Social aspects , Global
Financial Crisis, 2008-2009
   9 Fine, Ben
Macroeconomics : a critical companion / Ben Fine and
Ourania Dimakou.-- London: Pluto Press, 2016.
Includes Index.
ISBN : 9780745336879.
339 FIN 144824
Macroeconomics is fundamental to our understanding of how
the world functions today. But too often our
understanding is based on orthodox, dogmatic analysis.
This distinctive book draws upon years of critical
questioning and teaching and exposes how macroeconomic
theory has evolved from its origins to its current
impoverished and extreme state. Moving from the Keynesian
Revolution to the Monetarist Counter-Revolution, through
to New Classical Economics and New Consensus
Macroeconomics, the authors both elaborate and question
the methods and content of macroeconomic theory at a
level appropriate for both undergraduate and postgraduate

** Macroeconomics.
   10 Chatterjee, Debtrou
Presidential discretion / Debtrou Chatterjee.-- New Delhi
: Oxford University Press, 2016.
ISBN : 9780199466566.
342.5406 CHA 144814
This title examines the discretionary powers of the
President of India. It is replete with examples mainly
drawn from India, the Commonwealth countries, and Great
Britain, of actual instances of exercise of such powers
by a constitutional sovereign. For instance, the book
flags the crucial role a President can play in the event
of a hung parliament.

** Executive power -India, Executive power -Great Britain
Executive power - Commonwealth countries, Presidents -
India - Biography,

11 Roy, Anupama
Oxford India short introductions : citizenship inIndia /
Anupama Roy.-- New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2016.
ISBN : 9780199467969.
342.54083 ROY 144806
Citizenship is identified with an ideal condition of
equality of status and belonging, it gets challenged in
societies marked by inequalities. This short introduction
describes the history of citizenship in India, before
moving on to the pluralities and the contemporary
landscapes of citizenship. It traces the amendments in
the Citizenship Act, 1955 and argues that the legal
enframing of the citizen involves a simultaneous
production of its other-the non-citizen.

** Citizenship -- India.
   12 Shambaugh, David (ed)
The China reader : rising power / David Shambaugh.--6th
ed.-- New York: Oxford University Press, 2016.
ISBN : 9780199397082.
951.061 SHA 144801
Chronicles the diverse aspects of this transition since
the late-1990s. It is comprehensive in scope and draws
upon both primary Chinese sources and secondary Western
analyses written by the world-s leading experts on
contemporary China ... covers the full range of China-s
internal and external developments.

** China - Politics and government - 2002-, China -
Economic conditions - 2000-, China - Social conditions -
2000-, China - Foreign relations - 21st century, China -
Foreign economic relations - 21st century

13 Bandyopadhyay, Sekhar (ed)
Religion and modernity in India / Sekhar Bandyopadhyay
and Aloka Parasher Sen.-- New Delhi: Oxford Univeresity
Press, 2017.
ISBN : 9780199467785.
954 BAN 144816
This book explores this complex relationship through a
series of case studies on the quotidian experiences of
people practising a variety of religions. It presents the
dynamically interacting textures of society engaging with
modernity in divergent ways, both historically and in
contemporary times. The essays in this collection
consciously bring in the idea of inclusivity by factoring
in the small and local contexts. They raise important
questions about marginality and sexuality, and discuss
the oral and cultural traditions of both mainstream and
marginal communities such as tribal communities and

** India -- Civilization , India -- Religion , Secularism
-- India

14 Dalmia, Vasudha (ed)
Religious Interactions in mughal India / Vasudha Dalmia
and Munis D Faruqui.-- New Delhi: Oxford University Press
ISBN : 9780198081678.
954.0254 DAL 144800
Popular knowledge generally operates with the notion that
"Hindu" and "Muslim" as polarized religious identities
have existed from the moment Muslims entered northern
India in the eleventh century. The essays for this volume
interrogate this idea. They focus on Islamicate
traditions in their interaction with coterminous Hindu
ones in the three centuries between 1500 and 1800. They
examine a wide tableau of sites and modes of
interchanges, allowing the texts to speak in their own
languages, whether these are assimilative, antagonistic,
or indifferent. Given the charged nature of Hindi-Muslim
relations today, a fresh study of these relations in
their regional and temporal specificity along with a
renewed attempt to closely interrogate the language in
which we talk about them is absolutely vital in order to
contest powerful and contemporary "clash of
civilizations" narratives in South Asia.

** Mogul Empire-Religion, Mogul Empire-Ethnic relations,




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