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   1 Ritzer, George
The McDonaldization of society / George Ritzer.--8th ed--
Los Angeles: Sage Publications, 2015.
xi, 262p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781483358949.
306.1 RIT 144527
This book examines ways in which fast food businesses
have created a system of operation based on efficiency,
calculability, predictability, and control, and how the
same principles have been applied to other settings and
contexts as diverse as motel chains, "big box" stores,
churches, child care centers, college rankings, health
care providers, the Internet, and political
participation. The author also looks at attempts to
resist and reverse the effects of McDonalization.
"McDonalization" has become part of the lexicon of
contemporary sociological theory, and the book has been
widely adopted and read for over twenty years by hundreds
of thousands of students in a wide variety of courses,
including many courses created specifically to explore
the phenomena of McDonaldization.

** Social structure -- United States , United States --
Social conditions -- 1980- , Management -- Social aspects
-- United States , Fast food restaurants -- Social
aspects -- United States
   2 Prasad, Anshuman (ed)
Postcolonial theory and organizational analysis: a
critical engagement / Anshuman Prasad.-- New York:
Palgrave Macmillan, 2003.
xv, 309p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9781349387670.
325.3 PRA 144524
This book takes up a question that has rarely been raised
in the field of management: "Could modern Western
colonialism have important implications for the practices
and theories that inform management and organizations?"
Employing the framework of postcolonial theory, an
international group of scholars addresses this question,
and offers remarkable insights about the implications of
the colonial encounter for management. Wide-ranging in
scope, the book covers major topics like cross-cultural
management, control and resistance, corporate culture,
the discourse of exoticization in museums and tourism,
and stakeholder issues, and sheds new light on the
troubling legacy of colonialism.

** Postcolonialism, Organization, Organizational
   3 Krishnan, Rajaram (ed)
A Survey of ecological economics / Rajaram Krishnan,
Jonathan M Harris, and Neva R Goodwin.-- Washington:
Island Press, 1995.
xxxix, 384p. , 23cm.
(Frontier issues in economic thought , 1).
ISBN : 9781559634113.
338.9 KRI 144525
The emergent discipline of ecological economics is based
on the idea that the world-s economies are a function of
the earth-s ecosystems -- an idea that radically reverses
the world view of neoclassical economics. This book
provides the first overview of this new field, and a
comprehensive and systematic survey of its critical

** Economic development- Environmental aspects,
Sustainable development, Ecology -Economic aspects

4 Harris, Jonathan M (ed)
A Survey of sustainable development : social and economic
dimensions / Jonathan M Harris and others.-- Washington:
Island Press, 2001.
xxxvii, 409p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781559638630.
338.927 HAR 144526
This work is the expressly-environmental bookend to the
"Frontier Issues in Economic Thought" series. The purpose
of this book is to synthesis and synopsis the key work
from the many different disciplines that can contribute
to socially and environmentally responsible/sustainable

** Sustainable development
 346   PRIVATE LAW  
   5 David, Matthew (ed)
The Sage handbook of intellectual property / Matthew
David and Debora Halbert.-- Los Angeles: Sage
Publications, 2015.
li, 784p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 9781446266342.
346.048 DAV 144528
The Handbook brings together scholars from around the
world to address the global significance of,
controversies over and alternatives to intellectual
property today. A major statement in a booming field of

** Intellectual property.
   6 Ferguson, Mark
Strategic and tactical aspects of closed-loop supply
chains / Mark Ferguson.-- Boston: Now Publishers, 2010.
ix, 102p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781601983749.
658.7 FER 144522
Strategic and Tactical Aspects of Closed-Loop Supply
Chains reviews the recent research in this field with a
particular focus on the strategic and tactical issues.

** Business logistics -- Environmental aspects ,
Remanufacturing , Supply chain management

7 Ferguson, Mark E
Closed-loop supply chains : new developments to improve
the sustainability of business practices / Mark E
Ferguson and Gilvan C Souza.-- Boca Raton: CRC Press,
xviii, 239p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781420095258.
658.7 FER 144523
Closed-loop supply chain activities such as
remanufacturing, recycling, dismantling for spare parts,
and reverse logistics have helped many companies tap into
different revenue streams by finding secondary markets
for their products, all while reducing their overall
carbon footprint. This book discusses various closed-loop
supply chain processes.

** Business logistics , Business logistics --
Environmental aspects , Remanufacturing , Supply chain
   8 Pillai, Swarnavel Eswaran
Madras studios : narrative, genre, and ideology in Tamil
Cinema / Swarnavel Eswaran Pillai.-- Los Angeles: Sage
Publications, 2015.
xii, 332p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9789351501213.
791.43095482 PIL 144530
This book documents the history of Tamil cinema, one of
the most colossal film industries in the worldand studies
the major studios of Madras, the largest outside
classical Hollywood in the private sector. It engages with
five major studios of Madras-Modern Theatres, AVM,
Gemini, Vijaya-Vauhiniand Prasad - through the origins of
their foundersand explicates how their history influenced
the narratives, genreand ideology of the canonical films
made in Madras studios, arguing for their lasting
influence on Tamil cinema. Based on rare primary and
secondary materials and oral history, this book engages
with Tamil cinema at the intersection of its industrial,
culturaland socio-political history to argue for its
specificity in terms of its aesthetics and its belief in
the potential of the medium to mobilize audiences for
ideology, politics and reflexivity.

** Motion picture industry -India - Tamil Nadu -History,
Motion pictures - India - Tamil Nadu.
   9 Katyal, Anjum
Badal Sircar : towards a theatre of conscience / Anjum
Katyal.-- Los Angeles: Sage Publications, 2015.
xxiii,266p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9789351503705.
891.44271 SIR 144529
Badal Sircar (1925-2011) is one of the most important and
influential figures in the history of post-independence
Indian theatre. As a playwright, he contributed seminal
texts which have inspired the country-s leading directors
and continue to be produced by younger groups. In terms
of form, he was responsible for Third (later called Free)
Theatre, an urban theatre which was alternative, non-
proscenium, mobile and very physical. As a theorist and
philosopher of Indian theatre, he opened up the discourse
to include concerns with democratic human interaction and
a search for a more just and equitable society. As a
teacher and mentor, he traveled widely across the country
holding workshops which had a deep impact on hundreds of
theatre workers, including some major directors. This
book is a full-length, detailed study of Badal Sircar-s
life and work, with its three distinct phases: the
playwriting for the proscenium stage, with path-breaking
texts like Evam Indrajit, Pagla Ghoda and Baki Itihas,
the departure to non-proscenium physical theatre focused
on the actor, with its social critique and commitment to
conscientisation, and the dissemination phase of
extensive workshops and mentoring.

** Sarkar, Badal - Criticism and interpretation, Theater
India, Experimental theater -India.



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