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   1 Morales, Helen
Classical mythology : a very short introduction / Helen
Morales.-- Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007.
144p. , 18cm.
ISBN : 9780192804761.
292.13 MOR 144030
From Zeus and Europa, to Diana, Pan, and Prometheus, the
myths of ancient Greece and Rome seem to exert a timeless
power over us. But what do those myths represent, and why
are they so enduringly fascinating? Why do they seem to
be such a potent way of talking about ourselves, our
origins, and our desires? This imaginative and stimulating
book goes beyond a simple retelling of the stories to
explore the rich history and diverse interpretations of
classical myths. It is a wide-ranging account, examining
how classical myths are used and understood in both high
art and popular culture, taking the reader from the
temples of Crete to skyscrapers in New York, and finding
classical myths in a variety of unexpected places: from
Arabic poetry and Hollywood films, to psychoanalysis, the
bible, and New Age spiritualism.

** Mythology, Classical , Mythology, Classical, in art ,
Mythology, Classical, in literature
   2 Gomes, Lawrence
Role of NGOs in rural development / Lawrence Gomes.--
Jodhpur: Agrobios (India), 2016.
149p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9788177546286.
307.14120954 GOM 144017-144018

** Non-governmental organizations -- India , Rural
development -- India
3 Ghosh, D N
No Regrets / D N Ghosh.-- New Delhi: Rupa Publications,2015.
xi, 375p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9788129137104.
332.1092 GHO 144026
In this book, bureaucrat extraordinaire D.N. Ghosh offers
an eyewitness account of perhaps the most important event
in India-s banking history post-Independence, baring the
manoeuvrings behind the enabling ordinance and the pickle
over fair compensation for the dispossessed bank
owners.But that-s not all. Years later, he enters the
portals of the State Bank of India as its chairman, at a
time when the stirrings of change have just begun to be
felt in the Indian economy. Anticipating the future, he
goes for a paradigm shift: to rid -profit- of its -dirty
word- tag and place it at the core of the bank-s
operating strategy. Gradually, he takes SBI into the
capital markets, establishes its credit standing
globally, launches India-s first mutual fund and, above
all, cajoles the trade unions into accepting full
computerization.Post-retirement, he steps into the
corporate world. During this period he deals with
scarcely veiled threats from a mighty corporate house and
even finds himself verbally assaulted by the promoter of
an erstwhile bank. In between, the could-have-been-
academic tills the soil for certain reputable management
institutes to bloom and grow even as he sets up the
credit rating agency, ICRA.

** Ghosh, Dhruba Narayan, -- 1928- , Bankers -- India --
Biography , State Bank of India -- Biography
   4 Shome, Parthasarathi (ed)
The G20 development agenda : an Indian perspective /
Parthasarathi Shome.-- Delhi: Cambridge University Press,
xiii, 309p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781107091528.
338.91 SHO 144027
This book focuses on major development themes in the
G20-s agenda in the provision of global public goods.

** Economic assistance -- India , Economic development
projects -- Management , Economic policy -- International
   5 Maslin, Mark
Climate change : a very short introduction / Mark Maslin.
--3rd ed-- Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014.
xxiv, 187p. , 18cm.
ISBN : 9780198719045.
363.73874 MAS 144031
In this book, Mark Maslin explores all of the key
debates. Examining the most recent scientific research,
he looks what climate change is, its impact on our
planet, and why it-s such a complex problem to solve.

** Climatic changes.
 370   EDUCATION  
   6 Thomas, Gary
Education : a very short introduction / Gary Thomas.--
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013.
xvi, 137p. ,18cm.
ISBN : 9780199643264.
370 THO 144033
From the schools of ancient times to the present day,
Gary Thomas looks at how and why education evolved as it
has. By exploring some of the big questions, he examines
the ways in which schools work, considers the differences
around the world, and concludes by considering the future
of education worldwide.

** Education , Education -- Philosophy
 500   SCIENCE  
   7 Rao, P V Manoranjan (ed)
From fishing hamlet to red planet : India-s space journey
/ P V Manoranjan Rao.-- Uttar Pradesh: HarperCollins
Publishers, 2015.
xlv, 689p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 9789351776895.
500.50954 MAN 144019
On 21 November 1963, the first rocket took off from
Thumba, a fishing hamlet near Thiruvananthapuram,
announcing the birth of India-s space programme. The
rocket, the payload, the radar, the computer, the
helicopter - all that was required for the launch - came
from outside the country. Fifty years later, on 5
November 2013, when ISRO launched its Mars Orbiter
Mission (MOM) from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre,
Sriharikota, all of it had been indigenously
manufactured. Ten months after the launch, on 24
September 2014, India became the first country in the
world to put a satellite around the Red Planet in the
very first attempt.From Fishing Hamlet to Red Planet
tracks this stupendous journey through articles,
interviews and reminiscences with contributions from
intellectual giants like Dr Vikram Sarabhai, Satish
Dhawan, M.S. Swaminathan, Jacques Blamont, Dr A.P.J.
Abdul Kalam, U.R. Rao and Dr K. Kasturirangan, among
others, this is the story of India-s space journey from
its modest beginnings to its rendezvous with Mars.

** Space sciences -- India , Indian Space Research
Organisation , Space sciences.
   8 Parry, Warren
Big change, best path : successfully managing
organizational change with wisdom, analytics and insight
/ Warren Parry.-- London: Kogan Page, 2015.
xviii, 285p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780749469429.
658.4063 PAR 144022
Using ground-breaking modelling, Big Change, Best Path
brings unique insights to the dynamics and process of
organizational change, understanding success and failure,
defining and describing the drivers and conditions of
change, and the patterns and paths of organizational
change. It shows that a whole new way of managing change
is possible, using empirical benchmarking, predictive
approaches that highlight the specific actions needed at
any point of a change program, and visualization. The
author challenges many of the myths of change management
and the dynamics of how organizations respond to change,
clearly showing common pitfalls and misunderstandings.
The book provides a new, more analytical way for driving
successful change, and presents a vision for the future
of how organizations can become more agile and resilient.

** Organizational change -- Management.

9 Lines, Hilary
Touchpoint Leadership : creating collaborative energy
across teams and organizations / Hilary Lines and Jacqui
Scholes-Rhodes.-- London: Kogan Page Limited, 2013.
xii,210p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780749465780.
658.4092 LIN 144021
The early 21st century has witnessed an erosion of trust
in business leaders - in their capacity to deliver
sustained growth and in the integrity which underpins
their decisions. In responding to these challenges, this
book puts forward a new leadership paradigm, asserting
that relationships are the primary asset of a business.
Drawing on a diverse array of case stories from their
coaching work, the authors demonstrate how successful
leaders apply touch point principles to building critical
business relationships - between individuals, teams and
business entities - with significant results. They
provide a developmental framework through which
individuals can scrutinise their own leadership, inject
it with new life and meaning and release the energy and
creativity necessary for collective learning and growth.

** Leadership , Interpersonal relations , Teams in the

10 Passmore, Jonathan (ed)
Leadership coaching : working with leaders to develop
elite performance / Jonathan Passmore.--2nd ed-- London:
Kogan Page, 2015.
xix, 360p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9780749473297.
658.4092 PAS 144020
This book draws on evidence-based thinking and the
writing of some of the world-s top leadership thinkers
and coaching practitioners to present a start-of-the-art
coverage of leadership models and how to use them
effectively to benefit your coaching relationships.
Leaders face many challenges, and this book will
challenge you to adapt your coaching approach to suit
your clients- needs. Its coverage ranges from newer
topics such as strengths focused leadership and
conversational leadership to more tried-and-tested
frameworks such as Porter-s strategy model and Goleman-s
model of leadership styles. It also incorporates non-
Western perspectives from Asia and Africa and considers
multinational topics like coaching global boards.

** Leadership , Executives -- Training of , Mentoring in

11 Millar, Mark
Global supply chain ecosystems : strategies for
competitive advantage in a complex world / Mark Millar.--
London: Kogan Page Limited, 2015.
xi, 274p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780749471583.
658.7 MIL 144024
Exploring the latest market trends and industry
developments across emerging, developing and developed
markets, in this book ,the author presents detailed and
practical insights that will help you capitalise on
market opportunities, overcome supply chain challenges
and make better informed business decisions.In addition
to highlighting key supply chain shifts such as the move
beyond globalisation back towards regionalisation, this
ground-breaking new publication explores several critical
aspects of global supply chain ecosystems - including
visibility, resilience, sustainability and collaboration.

** Business logistics.
   12 Fletcher, Winston
Advertising : a very short introduction / Winston
Fletcher.-- Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010.
140p., 18cm.
ISBN : 9780199568925.
659.1 FLE 144029
This book contains a short history of advertising and an
explanation of how the industry works, and how each of
the parties (the advertisers , the media and the
agencies) are involved. It considers the extensive
spectrum of advertisers and their individual needs. It
also looks at the financial side of advertising and asks
how advertisers know if they have been successful, or
whether the money they have spent has in fact been
wasted. The author concludes with a discussion about the
controversial and unacceptable areas of advertising such
as advertising products to children and advertising
products such as cigarettes and alcohol. He also
discusses the benefits of advertising and what the future
may hold for the industry.

** Advertising.

13 Rogers, Danny
Campaigns that shook the world : the evolution of public
relations / Danny Rogers.-- London: Kogan Page Limited,
xii, 218p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9780749475093.
659.113 ROG 144023
Over the past four decades, a series of PR campaigns have
helped to shape popular culture and influence public
opinion. This book provides the inside story on the
pivotal PR campaigns of the past four decades, following
and celebrating the maturation and expansion of the PR
industry towards today-s practice. It examines ten of
these campaigns in detail from the 1970s to the present
day: - explaining their strategy and tactics - looking at
the imagery and icons they created - interviewing the
powerful, flamboyant personalities who crafted and
executed these seminal projects. Each chapter is built
around extended case studies including Thatcherism
(1979), New Labour, The Royal Family, The Rolling Stones
(1981), David Beckham, London 2012, Product [RED], The
Obama Campaign (2008) and Dove Real Beauty. Featuring
campaigns by Saatchi and Saatchi, Bell Pottinger, Ogilvy,
Freuds, Pitch and other well-known agencies, Campaigns
that Shook the World grapples with PR-s uneasy place at
the nexus of politics and celebrity, holding the best
campaigns up to scrutiny and showcasing just how powerful
PR can be as an instrument of change, for the good, and
at times for the less than good. It contains insights
from Alastair Campbell, Lord Tim Bell, Alan Edwards,
Paddy Harverson, Matthew Freud and many others.

** Advertising campaigns -- Case studies , Political
campaigns -- Case studies , Branding (Marketing) -- Case
   14 Bevis, Matthew
Comedy : a very short introduction / Matthew Bevis.--
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013.
xvi, 150p. , 18cm.
ISBN : 9780199601714.
809.917 BEV 144032
This book explores comedy both as a literary genre, and
as a range of non-literary phenomena, experiences and
events. The author studies the classics of comic drama,
prose fiction and poetry, alongside forms of pantomime,
comic opera, silent cinema, popular music, Broadway
shows, music-hall, stand-up and circus acts, rom-coms,
sketch shows, sit-coms, caricatures, and cartoons. Taking
in scenes from Aristophanes to The Office, from the Roman
Saturnalia to Groundhog Day, he also considers comic
theory from Aristotle to Freud and beyond, tracing how
comic achievements have resisted as well as confirmed
theory across the ages. This book takes comedy seriously
without taking it solemnly, and offers an engaging study
of the comic spirit which lies at the heart of our shared
social and cultural life. .

** Comedy , Comedy -- History and criticism
   15 Dasgupta, Sanjukta
Radical Rabindranath : nation, family and gender in
Tagore-s fiction and films / Sanjukta Dasgupta, Sudeshna
Chakravarti and Mary Mathew.-- Hyderabad: Orient
BlackSwan, 2014.
xlvi, 343p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9788125050285.
891.44309 DAS 144028
This book breaks new ground as it critiques Tagore-s non-
conformism, radical outlook and occasional ambivalence as
seen in his novels and short stories. In its re-readings
of his works, it meticulously analyses issues such as
sexual desire, repression, and jealousy on the one hand,
and nation, politics, family and gender on the other. It
also shows how, amidst changing social structures, his
women protagonists are motivated by promptings of self-
discovery and self-realisation, as well as a compulsive
need to recreate their identities. The book includes
readings from selected film versions of Tagore-s fiction.
These trace the deviations from the original texts to
highlight how pre- and post-independence Indian/Bengali
film-makers have appropriated Tagore-s literary texts by
emphasising gender positions, the politics of the sexualised
body and body images.

** Tagore, Rabindranath, -- 1861-1941 -- Criticism and
interpretation , Nationalism in literature , Nationalism
in motion pictures
   16 Salway, Peter
Roman Britain : a very short introduction / Peter Salway.
--2nd ed.-- Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015.
xv,122p. , 18cm.
ISBN : 9780198712169.
936.104 SAL 144025
For four centuries Britain was an integral part of the
Roman Empire, a political system stretching from Turkey
to Portugal and from the Red Sea to the Tyne and beyond.
Its involvement with Rome started long before the
Conquest launched by the Emperor Claudius in 43 AD and it
continued to be a part of the Roman world for some time
after the final break with Roman rule. Bringing together
archaeological investigation and historical scholarship,
the author explores some of the key issues arising from
this period in Britain-s history, discussing the question
of identity at this time and analysing the importance of
widespread literacy in Roman Britain. Covering the period
from Julius Caesar-s first forays into Britain and
Claudius- subsequent conquest, as well as Britain under
the later Roman Empire, he outlines the key events of
this time period, providing a focus on society in Roman
Britain and offering a thoughtful consideration of the
aftermath of Roman rule.

** Romans , History , Great Britain -- History -- Roman
period, 55 B.C.-449 A.D.
   17 Sharma, Anand (ed)
Remembering Jawaharlal Nehru : Indian national congress /
Anand Sharma.-- New Delhi: Academic Foundation, 2016.
287p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9789332703315.
954.042092 NEH 144016
This lavishly produced coffee table, with its rich
collection of articles and archival pictures, is both a
remembrance of things past and a commemoration of
Jawaharlal Nehru s life and legacy. This tribute is a
humble attempt to revisit the life, thought and journey
of the tallest leader of his times, to cherish his rich
legacy and gratefully acknowledge his historic contributions
with a view to reasserting their durability and

** Nehru, Jawaharlal, --1889-1964 , Prime ministers --
India --Biography , India --Politics and government --
20th century



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