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   1 Gaskill, Malcolm
Witchcraft : a very short introduction / Malcolm Gaskill.
-- New York: Oxford University Press, 2010.
xvi, 146p.,17cm.
(Avery short introduction , 228).
ISBN : 9780199236954.
133.43 GAS 143996
Throughout history, to the present day, witchcraft raises
questions about the distinction between reality and
fantasy, faith and proof. This book explores witchcraft,
both as a contemporary phenomenon and a historical
subject. It looks at witch-beliefs and accusations around
the world, from pre-history to the present.

** Witchcraft -History.
   2 Braithwaite, Dawn O (ed)
Engaging theories in interpersonal communication :
multiple perspectives / Dawn O Braithwaite and Paul
Schrodt.--2nd ed-- New Delhi: Sage Publications, 2015.
xviii, 453p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781452261409.
153.6 BRA 143958
Engaging Theories in Interpersonal Communication
highlights theories used to guide interpersonal
communication research, featuring chapters written by
leading scholars of interpersonal communication.
Presenting both classic and cutting-edge issues, the book
organizes theories into three clusters-theories that are
individually-centered, theories that are focused on
discourse and interaction processes, and theories that
examine how communication functions in personal

** Interpersonal communication- Philosophy.
   3 Hawley, Katherine
TRUST : a very short introduction / Katherine Hawley.--
United Kingdom: Oxford University Press, 2012.
121p. , 17cm.
(Very short introductions , 325).

ISBN : 9780199697342.
302.1 HAW 143995

** Trust

4 Fischhoff, Baruch
RISK : a very short introduction / Baruch Fischhoff and
John Kadvany.-- Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011.
xiv, 162p. , 17cm.
(Very short introductions, 270).
ISBN : 9780199576203.
302.12 FIS 143992
Risk is everywhere - from genetically modified crops,
dams, and stem-cell therapy to heartbreak, online
predators, inflation, and robbery. This introduction
examines what science has learned about how people deal
with risks, what we can learn through decision theory,
and how we can evaluate risk in our own lives.

** Risk-taking (Psychology), Risk assessment.
   5 Sarkar, Runa
Another development : participation, empowerment and well
being in rural India / Runa Sarkar and Anup Sinha.-- New
Delhi: Routledge, 2015.
xxiv, 288p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9781138822412.
307.14120954 SAR 144001-144002

** Rural development -- India, Economic development --
India, Economic development -- Social aspects -- India.
 330   ECONOMICS  
   6 Kocka, Jurgen
Capitalism : a short history / Jurgen Kocka.-- Princeton:
Princeton University Press, 2016.
viii, 196p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9780691165226.
330.122 KOC 143973
In this book, one of the world’s most renowned historians
provides a concise and comprehensive history of
capitalism within a global perspective from its medieval
origins to the 2008 financial crisis and beyond. From
early commercial capitalism in the Arab world, China, and
Europe, to nineteenth- and twentieth-century
industrialization, to today’s globalized financial
capitalism, Jurgen Kocka offers an unmatched account of
capitalism, one that weighs its great achievements
against its great costs, crises, and failures. Based on
intensive research, the book puts the rise of capitalist
economies in social, political, and cultural context, and
shows how their current problems and foreseeable future
are connected to a long history.

** Capitalism -- History, Economic history, BUSINESS and
ECONOMICS -Economics -General

7 Hanley, Ryan Patrick (ed)
Adam Smith : his life, thought, and legacy / Ryan Patrick
Hanley.-- Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2016.
xxiv, 571p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780691154053.
330.153092 SMI 143974
"Adam Smith (1723-90) is perhaps best known as one of the
first champions of the free market and is widely regarded
as the founding father of capitalism. From his ideas
about the promise and pitfalls of globalization to his
steadfast belief in the preservation of human dignity,
his work is as relevant today as it was in the eighteenth
century. Here, Ryan Hanley brings together some of the
world-s finest scholars from across a variety of
disciplines to offer new perspectives on Smith-s life,
thought, and enduring legacy. Contributors provide
succinct and accessible discussions of Smith-s landmark
works and the historical context in which he wrote them,
the core concepts of Smith-s social vision, and the
lasting impact of Smith-s ideas in both academia and the
broader world.

** Smith, Adam,- 1723-1790

8 Krugman, Paul
End this depression now! / Paul Krugman.-- New York: W W
Norton and Company, 2012.
xii, 259p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780393088779.
330.973 KRU 143986
The Great Recession that began in 2007 is now more than 4
years old, and counting. Some 24 million Americans are
unemployed of underemployed, and at recent rates of job
creation we won-t be back to normal levels of production
until late this decade. Here the author pursues the
questions of how bad the "Great Recession" really is, how
we got stuck in what can now be called a depression and,
above all, how we can free ourselves. He explains the
financial crisis that triggered the greatest downturn
since the Great Depression and outlines the efforts that
have been made thus far. He answers such questions as:
How concerned should we be about inflation?, or about the
deficit? , or about the deregulation of financial
institutions? As the author points out in this powerful
** Financial crises -- United States -- History -- 21st
century, Recessions -- United States -- History -- 21st
century, United States -- Economic policy -- 21st
   9 India. Ministry of Finance
Economic survey 2015-16, Volume. II.-- New Delhi: Oxford
University Press, 2016.
ix, A163p. , 28cm.
ISBN : 9780199469284.
338.954 IFM 143979-143980
   10 Andrade, Tonio
The Gunpowder age : China, military innovation, and the
rise of the west in world history / Tonio Andrade.--
Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2016.
ix, 432p. ,24cm.
ISBN : 9780691135977.
355.0095 AND 143972
The Chinese invented gunpowder and began exploring its
military uses as early as the 900s, four centuries before
the technology passed to the West. But by the early
1800s, China had fallen so far behind the West in
gunpowder warfare that it was easily defeated by Britain
in the Opium War of 1839°42. What happened? In The
Gunpowder Age, Tonio Andrade offers a compelling new
answer, opening a fresh perspective on a key question of
world history: why did the countries of western Europe
surge to global importance starting in the 1500s while
China slipped behind? By showing that China’s military
dynamism was deeper, longer lasting, and more quickly
recovered than previously understood, The Gunpowder Age
challenges long-standing explanations of the so-called
Great Divergence between the West and Asia.

** Asia-History, Military, Military art and science-
History, Gunpowder-History.
   11 Roberts, Julian V
Criminal justice : a very short introduction / Julian V
Roberts.-- United Kingdom: Oxford University Press, 2015.
xvi, 137p. , 17cm.
(Very short introductions, 441).
ISBN : 9780198716495.
364 ROB 143999
The criminal justice system is wide ranging, from the
crimes themselves and policing to the sentencing of
offenders and prisons. In this Very Short Introduction
Julian V. Roberts draws upon the latest research and
current practices from a number of different countries
around the world. Focusing on the adversarial model of
justice found in common law countries such as the United
States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, he
discusses topics such as the uses of imprisonment, the
effects of capital punishment, and the purposes of
sentencing. Considering the role of the victim throughout
the criminal justice system, as well as public knowledge
and attitudes towards criminal justice, Roberts
critically assesses the way in which the system functions
and its importance around the world.

** Criminal justice, Administration of, Criminal justice,
Administration of -- Case studies.
   12 Wood, Roy C (ed)
Key concepts in hospitality management / Roy C Wood.--
New Delhi: Sage Publications, 2013.
xiv, 180p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 9781446200681.
647.94068 WOO 143990
Key Concepts in Hospitality Management is written for
undergraduate students and those studying short
postgraduate or executive education courses in
hospitality management, events management, tourism
management and leisure management.

** Hospitality industry -- Management, Gastgewerbe.
   13 Wilson, Clive
Designing the purposeful organization : how to inspire
business performance beyond boundaries / Clive Wilson.--
New Delhi: Kogan Page, 2015.
xv, 240p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9780749472207.
658.314 WIL 143989
Organizations are constantly under pressure to deliver
growth. Hard-hitting management may deliver short-term
results but in the longer term, key people burn out or
leave, and business performance falls back. Designing the
Purposeful Organization explains how to implement a more
enlightened and authentic leadership style that aligns
people-s strengths to the delivery of a compelling
future. It draws on a unique framework that helps leaders
manage the eight elements essential for high performance
- purpose, vision, engagement, structure, character,
results, success and talent. It moves beyond the
boundaries of transactional performance (pay me X and
I-ll deliver Y) to purpose-centered performance that
releases talent, creativity and engagement.

** Organizational effectiveness, Employee motivation,

14 Waters, Donald
Global logistics : new directions in supply chain
management / Donald Waters and Stephen Rinsler.--7th ed.-
London: Kogan Page, 2014.
xxiv, 488p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9780749471330.
658.7 WAT 143988
The world of logistics is constantly evolving and in the
same way, the seventh edition of this established book
has evolved to represent the current trends, best
practice and latest thinking in global logistics. It
serves as a forum allowing the contributors, a range of
acknowledged sector specialists, to discuss key logistics
issues and share their authoritative views. This new
edition includes guidance on collaboration, energy and
its relationship to logistics, sustainability in a wider
sense, outsourcing, humanitarian logistics.

** Physical distribution of goods, Business logistics --
Management. BUSINESS and ECONOMICS -- Industrial
   15 Melville, Herman
Moby-Dick : an authoritative text before moby-dick... /
Herman Melville.--2nd ed.-- New York: W W Norton and
Company, 2002.
xv, 726p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 0393972836.
813.3 MEL 143987

** Ahab, Captain (Fictitious character)- Fiction, Whaling
ships- Fiction, Ship captains- Fiction
   16 Mayhew, Susan
A Dictionary of geography / Susan Mayhew.--5th ed.-- New
York: Oxford University Press, 2015. 546p. , 20cm.
ISBN : 9780199680856.
R 910.3 MAY 144000

** Geography-Dictionaries



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