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   1 Cooper, Cary L. (ed.)
From stress to wellbeing / Cary L. Cooper.-- Houndmills:
Palgrave Macmillan, 2013.
-vols , 23 cm.
Volume 1. The Theory and research on occupational stress
and wellbeing --.
ISBN : 9780230300576.
158.72 COO 143608
The book draws on research in a number of areas including
stress-strain relationships, sources of workplace stress
and stressful occupations. Split into two volumes, the
chapters present a range of research and theories linked
to the field of occupational stress and wellbeing. It
charts the flow from concerns about specific occupations
to the widening of the concept of stress into the more
positive arena of wellbeing. Volume 1 includes the
following chapters : Theory and Reviews of Stress and
Wellbeing, Stress-Strain Relationships , Sources of
Workplace Stress , Stressful Occupations , Research
Methods in Stress and Wellbeing. .

** Job stress, Well-being.

 170   ETHICS  
   2 Jackall, Robert
Moral mazes : the world of corporate managers / Robert
Jackall.-- Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010.
ix,294p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780199729883.
174.4 JAC 143617
This book presents an eye-opening account of how
corporate managers think the world works, and how big
organizations shape moral consciousness. The author
explains how a bureaucratic language designed to dull
resistance to wrongdoing has been developed, how the
tight chain of command reduces the possibility that
someone within the organization will become a whistle
blower, and how the bureaucratic organization gangs up to
achieve its ends, and fights like a cornered animal for
its survival. It is a book for anyone interested in how
large organizations function, or concerned with the moral
laxity in public life.

** Business ethics -- United States , Executives --
Professional ethics -- United States , Corporations --
Corrupt practices -- United States

   3 Hofstede, Geert
Masculinity and femininity : the taboo dimension of
national cultures / Geert Hofstede and others.-- Thousand
Oaks: Sage Publications, 1998.
xviii, 238p. , 24cm.
(Cross cultural psychology series , 3).
ISBN : 9780761910299.
305.3 HOF 143614
This book is the in-depth discussion of the masculinity
dimension, and how it can help us to understand
differences amongst cultures. The author begins with a
general explanation of the masculinity dimension, and
discusses how it illuminates broad features of different
cultures. Parts Two, Three and Four apply the dimension
more specifically to gender (and gender identity),
sexuality (and sexual behavior), and religion, probably
the most influential variable of all. It closes with a
synthesizing statement about cultural values as they are
linked to sexuality, gender and religion.

** Sex role -- Cross-cultural studies , Masculinity --
Cross-cultural studies , Femininity -- Cross-cultural

4 Behera, M C (ed)
Resources, tribes and development : competing interests
and contours of possibilities / M C Behera and Jumyir
Basar.-- New Delhi: Rawat Publications, 2014.
318p. , 22 cm.
ISBN : 9788131606704.
305.800954 BEH 143592
The papers included in this book primarily focus on
contradicting perspectives, competing interests, and
emerging outcomes, when the relation between India’s
tribes and their resource perceptions shifts along the
line of corporate induced development projects.
Precisely, it is a compendium of issues related to
development induced displacement. In a broad sense, the
relation between India-s ecology and economy has been
examined, with reference to specific contexts in
development practices where resource perception and
utilization are contested by traditional and commercial

** Tribes -- India -- Economic conditions -- Congresses ,
Natural resources -- India -- Congresses , Land tenure --
India -- Congresses , Economic development -- Social
aspects -- India -- Congresses
   5 Hofstede, Geert
Cultures and organizations : software of the mind :
intercultural cooperation and its importance for survival
/ Geert Hofstede, Gert Jan Hofstede and Michael Minkov.--
3rd ed-- New York: McGraw-Hill, 2010.
xiv, 561p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9780071664189.
306 HOF 143615
This is a study of how the place where we grew up shapes
the way we think, feel, and act - with new dimensions and
perspectives. Based on research conducted in more than
seventy countries over a forty-year span, this book
examines what drives people apart - when cooperation is
so clearly in everyone-s interest.

** Ethno psychology , Intercultural communication ,
International cooperation , National characteristics ,
Organization --Research

   6 Smith, Kevin B.
Governing states and localities : the essentials / Kevin
B. Smith and Alan Greenblatt.-- Los Angeles: SAGE/CQ
Press, 2015.
xxi, 359 pages , 26 cm.
ISBN : 9781483308111.
320.473 SMI 143616
This book Presents a combination of smart scholarship
with journalistic writing, the effective deployment of
the comparative method as an analytic approach, and the
well-developed features that help students compare state
and localities: Difference that Makes a Difference,
Policy in Practice, Local Focus, and States under Stress.

** State governments-United States, Local government-
United States, Comparative government.

 330   ECONOMICS  
   7 India. Ministry of Finance
Economic survey 2014-15.-- New Delhi: Oxford University
Press, 2015.
2vols , 28cm.
ISBN : 9780199460182.
330.954005 IFM 143583,V1, G, 143584,V2, G
This book reviews the developments in the Indian economy
over the previous twelve months, summarizes the
performance on major development programmes and
highlights the policy initiatives of the government and
the prospects of the economy in the short to medium term.
This document is presented to both houses of Parliament
during the Budget Session, tabled a day ahead of the
Union Budget. It provides an overview of key issues such
as state of the Indian economy, challenges, policy
responses and medium-term outlook, fiscal policy and
monetary management, financial intermediation and the
role of markets, external sector, balance of payments and
trade, agriculture, industrial development and services
sector, energy, infrastructure and communications, human
development, climate change and public programmes and
India and the global economy.

** India-Economic conditions-2014-15

   8 India. Labour Bureau
Wage rates in rural India (2012-13).-- Shimla: Labour
Bureau, 2014.
105p. , 29cm.
331.2 ILB 143582

** Wages -- India -- Statistics , Agricultural wages --
India -- Statistics , Rural poor -- India -- Statistics

   9 India. Directorate of Economics and Statistics
Agricultural statistics at a glance 2014.-- New Delhi:
Oxford University Press, 2015.
xxvii, 452p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9780199459650.
338.1021 IES 143585,G
This book is an authentic source of data on various
facets of agriculture and allied sector. It gives a
comprehensive picture of Indian agriculture by presenting
statistical data across states and time periods, covering
diverse aspects, such as crop production and
productivity, land use, agricultural inputs, terms of
trade, price support and procurement, domestic and
international trade, rainfall, credit and insurance.
Though primarily based on data being continuously
generated by the Ministry of Agriculture through a nation
wide agricultural data collection system and by various
other central and state government Departments, the 2014
edition includes key indicators of Situation Assessment
Survey of Agricultural Households 2013, made public in
December 2014.

** Statistics, Agricultural , Agricultural productivity -
India -- Statistics

10 Kakani, Ram Kumar
Indian Business groups : strategy and performance / Ram
Kumar Kakani, Santosh Sangem and Madhvi Sethi.-- New
Delhi: Foundation Books, 2015.
x, 253 pages : illus. ,
24 cm.
ISBN : 9789384463373.
338.740954 KAK 143613

** Corporations-India, Business planning-India.

11 Dev, S Mahendra (ed)
India development report 2015 / S Mahendra Dev.-- New
Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2015.
xxii, 470p. ,28cm.
ISBN : 9780199459452.
338.954 DEV 143586

** India - Economic policy, India - Economic conditions,
Economic development - India

 346   PRIVATE LAW  
   12 Shao, Ken (ed.)
Innovation and intellectual property in China :
strategies, contexts and challenges / Ken Shao and
Xiaoqing Feng.-- Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar, 2014.
xiv,266 pages , 25 cm.
ISBN : 9781781001592.
346.51048 SHA 143609
This book is an insightful response to ill-conceived
notions of, and mis-assumptions regarding, the Chinese
innovation economy. It represents an effort to marry a
variety of "insiders- perspectives" from China, with the
analysis of international scholars. It seeks to unveil
and understand the complexities and challenges that
confront China-s innovation economy, setting out the
cultural and historical context, the strategies that form
the basis for this evolution, and the measures China has
at its disposal to protect intellectual property.

** Intellectual property-Economic aspects-China,
Technological innovations -Law and legislation-China.

13 Ramaiya, A
Guide to the companies act: providing guidance on the
companies Act 2013 / A Ramaiya.--18th ed-- Gurgaon: Lexis
Nexis, 2015.
-vols , 25 cm.
V1: Sections 1-127, V2 : Sections 128-240, V3 : Sections
241-470 , Appendix 1: Appendices 1-60, Appendix 2 :
Appendices 61-180, Consolidated table of cases and subject
Index and additional reference material.
ISBN : 9789351433255.
346.54066 RAM 143568-143573

** Corporation law-India

   14 Bruni, Luigino
The Economics of values-based organisations : an
introduction / Luigino Bruni and Alessandra Smerilli.--
London: Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group, 2015.
viii,150 pages : illustrations , 23 cm.
(Routledge advances in social economics).
ISBN : 9780415723350.
658 BRU 143610
This book looks at the governance of values-based
organizations (VBOs), which are organizations with an
ideal mission and identity. Examples of these VBOs
include non-profit organizations, charities, NGOs,
environmental, educational or cultural organizations, and
social enterprises. The main objective of any VBO is to
evolve and grow without losing its identity, to which its
survival is linked in the middle and long run. The focus
of the book is the study of the relational and
motivational dynamics during identity crisis, using
critical mass models and Hirschman-s "exit and voice"

** Business ethics ,

15 Dyer, Suzette
Understanding management critically : a student text /
Suzette Dyer and others.-- London: Sage Publications,
xix, 297p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 9780857020802.
658.001 DYE 143587
This book uses critical theory and revolutionary ideas to
help you challenge the status quo and prevailing
ideologies in management. It covers key issues, thinkers
and topics in an accessible style to provide a broad and
clear understanding of vital theory which is applied to
the real world through international case studies and
reflective questions and think points for you to carry
into practice.

** Management -- Philosophy

16 India. Department of Public Enterprises
Public enterprises survey 2013-14 : annual report on the
performance of Central Public Sector Enterprises.-- New
Delhi: Department of Public Enterprises, 2015.
2vols ,28cm.
658.159 IPE 143580,V1, G, 143581,V2, G

** Government business enterprises -- India -- Statistics
-- Periodicals , Corporations, Government -- India --
Statistics -- Periodicals , Industrial organization
(Economic theory)

17 Developing resilient organizations : how to create an
adaptive, high performance and engaged organization /
Doug Strycharczyk and Charles Elvin.-- London: Kogan Page
, 2014.
xiii, 246 pages , 24 cm.
ISBN : 9780749470098.
658.3 STR 143612
The book addresses a wide variety of organizational
issues including motivation, performance, staff
retention, behavior, trust, attention span and teamwork.
With case studies from leading organizations across
different industries internationally, it shows readers
how to develop organizational performance, well-being and
a positive approach to adversity and change in

** Organizational change, Employees-Training of, BUSINESS
and ECONOMICS / Training , BUSINESS and ECONOMICS / Human
Resources and Personnel Management.

18 Lawton, Thomas C. (ed.)
The Routledge companion to non-market strategy / Thomas
C. Lawton and Tazeeb Rajwani.-- London: Routledge, Taylor
and Francis Group, 2015.
xxii, 426 pages : illustrations , 25 cm.
(Routledge companions in business, management and
ISBN : 9780415712316.
658.4012 LAW 143611
It is commonplace for today-s transnational enterprises
to undertake political risk analysis when choosing
foreign markets and creating entry strategies. Despite
this, non-market elements of corporate strategy are less
well researched than the traditional economics-based
perspectives. Providing comprehensive and leading edge
overviews of current scholarship, this companion surveys
the current state of the field and provides a basis for
improving our understanding of the non-market
environment, encouraging new insights to improve
strategies for enhancing a firm-s performance and

** International business enterprises-Management,
Comparative management, Strategic planning.

19 Dawson, Patrick
Managing change, creativity and innovation / Patrick
Dawson and Constantine Andriopoulos.--2nd ed-- London:
Sage Publications, 2014.
xviii, 428p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781412948524.
658.406 DAW 143588
This book provides an integrative overview of the
concepts of change, creativity and innovation, as the
authors define, explain and use plentiful examples and
case studies to take the student through the essential
theories and business processes.

** Organizational change -- Management , Creative ability
in business -- Management , Organizational change --
Management -- Case studies , Creative ability in business
-- Management -- Case studies

   20 Talwar, Urmi (ed)
Culture, transformation and identity : travel, fiction,
autobiography / Urmi Talwar and Bandana Chakrabarty.--
Jaipur: Rawat Publications, 2015.
224p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9788131606742.
823.00932 TAL 143593
This book captures the excitement of 19 creative and
exploratory essays concerning physical and psychological
journeys in search of knowledge and spiritual peace,
escape from one’s self or ones past, a new beginning or a
search for roots and identity, adventure and conquest,
business or trade. Opening out of a multidimensional
movement of imagination and through cross-cultural
dialogue, the book-s contributors deal with the
constructs of identity and nation, community and
belonging, and a broadening of confined spaces.

** Travel in literature -- Congresses , Time travel in
literature -- Congresses , English fiction -- History and
criticism -- Congresses




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