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 170   ETHICS  
   1 Abend, Gabriel
The Moral background : an inquiry into the history of
business ethics / Gabriel Abend.-- Princeton: Princeton
University Press, 2014.
viii, 399p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780691159447.
174.4 ABE 141829
This book examines the work of numerous business
ethicists and organizations - such as Protestant
ministers, business associations, and business schools.

** Business ethics -- History
   2 Dujon, Veronica (ed)
Social sustainability : a multilevel approach to social
inclusion / Veronica Dujon, Jesse Dillard and Eileen M
Brennan.-- New York: Routledge, 2013.
xviii, 332p. , 23cm.
(Routledge advances in sociology, 101).
ISBN : 9780415623926.
302 DUJ 141886
The social dimension of sustainability is becoming
recognized as a necessary if not sufficient condition for
attaining economic and environmental sustainability. The
requisite dialogue requires inclusion at multi-levels.
This book is an ambitious and multi-disciplinary effort
to indemnify and articulate the design, implementation
and implications of inclusion. It examines the related
issues at the local, national and international levels.

** Social capital (Sociology) , Sustainable development -
Social aspects

3 Hogg , Michael A (ed)
Social identity processes in organizational contexts /
Michael A Hogg and Deborah J Terry.-- New York:
Psychology Press, 2012.
xiv, 339p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781841690575.
302.35 HOG 141910
This book explores social identity theory in
organizational contexts. The chapters are wide ranging -
they deal with basic social identity theory,
organizational diversity, leadership, employee turnover,
mergers and acquisitions, organizational identification,
cooperation and trust in organizations, commitment and
work, and socialization and influence within

** Group identity , Organizational behavior
   4 Groys, Boris
On the new / Boris Groys.-- London: Verso, 2014.
vi, 200p. , 21cm.
ISBN : 9781781682920.
303.372 GRO 141830
This book looks at the economies of exchange and
valuation that drive modern culture-s key sites: the
intellectual marketplace and the archive. As ideas move
from one context to another, newness is created. This
continuous shifting of the line that separates the
valuable from the worthless, culture from profanity, is
at the center of the author-s investigation which aims to
map the uncharted territory of what constitutes artistic
innovation and what processes underpin its recognition
and appropriation.

** Postmodernism -- Social aspects , Social values ,
   5 Raju, Saraswati
Atlas of women and men in India / Saraswati Raju and
others.-- New Delhi: Zuban, 1999.
131p. , 38cm.
ISBN : 9788185107943.
305.30954022 RAJ 141897
This compilation of almost 100 maps is put together using
date from the 1991 Census of India. The Atlas maps a
regional geography of women and men, using indicators as
diverse as literacy, education, voting patterns, cultural
groupings, fertility rates, workforce participation etc.
The aim is to provide information based on census data
which can help demonstrate the diversity of women s lives
in India, and to provide it in such a way that
readers/users can link one set of facts with another, to
look at what kinds of patterns emerge.

** Women -- Employment -- India -- Maps , Men --
Employment -- India -- Maps , Women -- India -- Social
conditions -- Maps

6 Procida, Mary A
Married to the empire : gender, politics and imperialism
in India, 1883-1947 / Mary A Procida.-- Manchester:
Manchester University Press, 2002.
x, 246p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9780719091339.
305.420954 PRO 141840
This book provides a new approach to the growing history
of women and empire by situating women at the centre of
the practices and policies of British imperialism.The
book demonstrates that women were crucial to establishing
and sustaining the British Raj in India from the -High
Noon- of imperialism in the late nineteenth century
through to Indian independence in 1947. Using three
separate modes of engagement with imperialism -
domesticity, violence and race - it demonstrates the many
and varied ways in which British women, particularly the
wives of imperial officials, created a role for
themselves in the empire.

** British -- India , Colonial administrators- spouses --
India , Imperialism

7 Titchkosky, Tanya
Disability, self, and society / Tanya Titchkosky.--
Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2013. xiv, 283p. ,
ISBN : 9780802084378.
305.908 TIT 141953
Disability, Self, and Society speaks with authenticity
about disability as a process of identity formation
within a culture that has done a great deal to de-
emphasize the complexity of disability experience. The
author approaches disability as an agentive (not passive)
embodiment of liminality.She argues that disability can
and should be a -teacher- to, and about, non-disabled or
-temporarily abled- society.

** Sociology of disability , People with disabilities
   8 Haiven, Max
Crises of imagination, crises of power : capitalism,
creativity and the commons / Max Haiven.-- London: Zed
Books, 2014.
314 p. , 22 cm.
ISBN : 9781780329536.
306.3 HAI 141879
The author argues that capitalism has colonized how we
all imagine and express what is valuable. Looking at the
decline of the public sphere, the corporatization of
education, the privatization of creativity, and the power
of finance capital in opposition to the power of the
imagination and the growth of contemporary social
movements, he provides a powerful argument for creating
an anti-capitalist commons.

** Capitalism , Capitalism -- Social aspects ,
Globalization -- Economic aspects , Anti-globalization

9 Bhattacharjee, Sukalpa (ed)
Society, representation and textuality : the critical
interface / Sukalpa Bhattacharjee and C Joshua Thomas.--
Los Angeles: Sage Publications, 2013.
xliv, 274p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9788132109532.
306.4 BHA 141848
This book brings together papers from various critical
perspectives of Humanities and Social Sciences. It takes
stock of the recent developments in critical theory and
cultural studies, and studies the impact of these
developments on the understanding of social reality and
the human predicament in India.

** Literature and society , Literature and society --
India , POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Policy / Cultural
   10 Bara, Judith (ed)
Comparative politics : explaining democratic systems /
Judith Bara and Mark Pennington.-- Los Angeles: Sage
Publications, 2012.
viii, 334p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9788132102922.
320.3 BAR 141842
This book provides an introduction to the study of
comparative politics. Rich in case study material and
global in coverage, it sets out the basic theoretical and
methodological foundations for studying different
political systems as well as the key structures and
actors of which they are comprised.

** Comparative government , Political science

11 Guneratne, Arjun (ed)
Pathways to power : the domestic politics of South Asia /
Arjun Guneratne and Anita M Weiss.-- New Delhi: Orient
BlackSwan, 2014.
viii, 420p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9788125054573.
320.954 GUN 141869
This book moves beyond conventional views of South Asian
politics as it explicitly weaves the connections between
history, culture, and social values into its examination
of political life.

** South Asia -- Politics and government , Power (Social
sciences) -- South Asia , Politics and culture -- South

12 Stobdan, P
Central Asia : democracy, instability and strategic game
in Kyrgyzstan / P Stobdan.-- New Delhi: Pentagon Press,
xx, 276p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9788182747524.
320.95843 STO 141864
Central Asia remains both stable and unpredictable after
20 years of its reemergence. The states here continue to
undergo a complex nation-building process, which is far
from complete, but they firmly remain insulted by Russia
China. Only Kyrgyzstan has so far uniquely follow in
liberal polity, but this young country had a cope with
two revolutions before achieving a parliamentary
democracy in 2010.

** Democracy -- Kyrgyzstan , Kyrgyzstan -- Politics and
government , Kyrgyzstan -- Foreign relations
   13 Lobo, Lancy (ed)
Federalism in India : towards a fresh balance of power /
Lancy Lobo, Mrutuyanjaya Sahu and Jayesh Shah.-- Jaipur:
Rawat Publications, 2014.
xv, 303p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9788131606599.
321.020954 LOB 141844

** Federal government -- India -- Congresses ,
Decentralization in government -- India -- Congresses ,
Central-local government relations -- India -- Congresses
   14 Women Living Under Muslim Laws
Knowing our rights : women, family, laws and customs in
the Muslim world / Women Living Under Muslim Laws.-- New
Delhi: Zubaan, 2006.
360p. , 28cm.
ISBN : 9788186706695.
323.34091767 WOM 141900
Knowing Our Rights is designed as a tool for activists
engaged in lobbying and advocacy related to Muslim women
s rights within the family, at the policy level and in
communities. It covers twenty-six topics relevant to
marriage and divorce, including the status of children
(paternity and adoption) and child custody and
guardianship. It is unique in providing a user-friendly,
cross-comparative analysis of the diversities and
commonalities of laws and customs across the Muslim
world. This handbook is an essential resource for those
taking a critical and questioning approach to rights,
laws, and constructions of womanhood in Muslim countries
and communities and beyond.

** Muslim women -- Legal status, laws, etc. , Women-s
rights , Marriage (Islamic law)
 330   ECONOMICS  
   15 Cartwright, Edward
Behavioral economics / Edward Cartwright.--2nd ed--
London: Routledge, 2014.
xxvi, 556 p. , 24 cm.
(Routledge advanced texts in economics and finance, 22).
ISBN : 9780415737647.
330 CAR 141875

** Economics -- Psychological aspects

16 Faucci, Riccardo
A History of Italian economic thought / Riccardo Faucci.-
London: Routledge, 2014.
ix, 268p. , 24cm.
(Routledge history of economic thought ,13).
ISBN : 9780415519830.
330.0945 FAU 141826
This book provides the non-Italian scholar with an
extensive picture of the development of Italian
economics, from the sixteenth century to the present. It
insists on stressing that Galiani, Verri, and Beccaria
were economists quite sensitive to practical issues, but
who also were willing to attain generally valid

** Economics -- Italy -- History

17 Derber, Charles
Capitalism: should you buy it ? : an invitation to
political economy / Charles Derber and Yale R Magrass.--
Boulder: Paradigm Publishers, 2014.
vi, 270p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781612056890.
330.122 DER 141820
Before there was economics, there was political economy,
an interdisciplinary adventure boldly and critically
seeking to understand capitalism. Over time, the social
sciences evolved into specific disciplines - economics,
sociology, political science - that less often questioned
capitalist perspectives and the state. Contrasting three
traditions - neoclassicism, Keynesianism, and neo-
Marxism. This book traces the historical development of
each and evaluates whether they view capitalism as the
root cause of or the solution to the pressing problems
now facing humanity.

** Capitalism , Economics

18 Feldner, Heiko
States of crisis and post-capitalist scenarios / Heiko
Feldner, Fabio Vighi, and Slavoj Zizek.-- Surrey: Ashgate
Publishing, 2014.
ix, 275p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781409461890.
330.122 FEL 141834
Organised around the themes of economy and politics,
critical theory, and culture in order to offer an
impressive range of thematic perspectives and critical
angles, the book delves into the most pressing of today-s
quandaries by combining stringent critical analysis with
creative foresight. It develops paradigms that promise to
rekindle the desire to move beyond capitalism towards a
different social order.

** Financial crises , Capitalism

19 Florio, Massimo
Applied welfare economics : cost-benefit analysis of
projects and policies / Massimo Florio.-- London:
Routledge, 2014.
xxv, 412p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9780415858311.
330.126 FLO 141817
What is the effect of a new infrastructure on the well-
being of a local community? Does the privatization of a
telecommunication provider increase social welfare? To
answer these questions governments and their policy
advisors should have in mind an operative definition of
social welfare, and cannot rely on simple official
statistics, such as GDP. The price we observe are often
misleading as welfare signals, and costs and benefits for
the society should be based on -shadow prices-, revealing
the social opportunity costs of goods and of changes of
the world. This book explains how to apply these welfare
economics ideas to the real world. It offers a unique and
original blend of theory, empirics and experience.

** Welfare economics , Cost effectiveness

20 Perelman, Michael
Classical political economy : primitive accumulation and
the social division of labor / Michael Perelman.-- London
: Bloomsbury, 2013.
ix, 270p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781472514417.
330.153 PER 141821
This book addresses the question of what determines the
social division of labour, the division of society into
independent firms and industries and develops the
theoretical implications of primitive accumulation. It
also offers a significantly different interpretation of
classical political economy, demonstrating that this
school of thought supported the process of primitive

** Classical school of economics -- History , Economics -
History , Division of labor -- History , Capitalism --

21 Fakier, Khayaat (ed)
Socio-economic insecurity in emerging economies :
building new spaces / Khayaat Fakier and Ellen Ehmke.--
London: Routledge, 2014.
xx, 259p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781138017825.
330.91724 FAK 141833
Taking a unique comparative approach to the respective
development paths of India, Brazil and South Africa
(IBSA), this book shows that people and governments in
all three countries are faced with similar challenges of
heightened insecurity, caused by liberalization and
structural adjustment. The ways in which governments, as
well as individuals and worker organisations in IBSA have
responded to these challenges are at the core of this
book. The book explores the nature of insecurity in the
Global South, the nature of the responses to this
insecurity on public and small-scale collective as well
as individual level, the potential of these responses to
be more than neo-liberal mechanisms to govern and contain
the poor and lessons to be learnt from these three

** Economic security -- Developing countries , Developing
countries -- Economic policy , Developing countries --
Social policy

22 Dzarasov, Ruslan
The Conundrum of Russian capitalism : the post-Soviet
economy in the world system / Ruslan Dzarasov.-- London:
Pluto Press, 2014.
x, 294p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9780745332796.
330.947 DZA 141884
This book looks at the nature of Russian capitalism
following the fall of the Soviet Union, showing how the
system originated in the degenerated Soviet bureaucracy
and the pressures of global capital. The author provides
a detailed analysis of Russian corporate governance,
labour practices and investment strategies.

** Capitalism -- Russia (Federation) , Russia
(Federation) -- Economic conditions -- 1991- ,
Corporations -- Russia (Federation)
   23 Bruce, Ken
Conceptions of professionalism : meaningful standards in
financial planning / Ken Bruce and Abdullahi D Ahmed.--
Surrey: Gower Publishing, 2014.
xiv, 191p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 9781472412508.
332.024 BRU 141878
This book has undertaken a study which attempts to
understand how those financial planners who hold the
internationally recognised Certified Financial Planner
(CFP) designation think about being professional. It does
this by interestingly applying the qualitative
methodology of phenomenography which in this book gives
voice to CFP professionals from America, Hong Kong and
Australia. It identifies the qualitatively limited number
of ways professionalism is experienced by this group of
professionals in each of those countries and then
discusses the similarities and differences in conceptions
of professionalism.

** Financial planners -- Practice , Financial planners --
Professional ethics , Financial services industry --

24 Joshi, V C
E-finance : the future is here / V C Joshi.--2nd ed-- Los
Angeles: Response Books, 2010.
xvi, 189p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9788132102458.
332.102854678 JOS 141843
This book focuses on system improvements, marketing,
customer services, security and legal remedies. It covers
issues like web design and emphasizes on the integration
of the channel with the established -brick-click- model.
It surveys the spread of internet facilities and the use
of mobile phones with internet connectivity.

** Financial services industry -- Computer networks --
India , Internet banking -- India , BUSINESS and ECONOMICS
- Banks and Banking
   25 Batabyal, Amitrajeet A
Dynamic and stochastic resource economics : essays on
biodiversity, invasive species, joint systems, and
regulation / Amitrajeet A Batabyal.-- New Jersey: World
Scienctific Publishing, 2014.
xv, 330p. , 23cm.
(World scientific series on environmental and energy
economics and policy, 12).
ISBN : 9789814472821.
333.7 BAT 141825
This book demonstrates how new dynamic and probabilistic
techniques can be profitably used to study a whole host
of research questions in natural resource management,
biological diversity, ecological economics, invasive
species management, and environmental regulation. It
collects the results of frontier-level research in many
different areas within the general field of natural
resource and environmental economics. It shows how
theoretical modeling, frequently using techniques that
are unfamiliar to economists, can be gainfully utilized
to shed new light on a whole host of issues, some of
which have not been modeled previously in a comprehensive
manner. The book draws connections between the different
areas that are covered so as to provide a common
methodological approach to research questions and a
unified perspective on the key issues in natural resource
and environmental economics.

** Environmental economics , Ecology -- Economic aspects
Natural resources -- Management , Stochastic analysis

26 Freeman, A Myrick
The Measurement of environmental and resource values :
theory and methods / A Myrick Freeman III, Joseph A
Herriges and Catherine L Kling.--3rd ed-- Oxon: RFF Press
, 2014.
xvii, 459p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9780415501583.
333.7 FRE 141827
This book presents a comprehensive treatment of the
theory and methods involved in estimating environmental
benefits. Researchers, policy-makers, and practitioners
will welcome the work as an up-to-date reference on
recent developments.

** Environmental policy --Cost effectiveness ,
Environmental policy --Evaluation , Environmental

27 Wolf, Simon
Climate politics as investment : from reducing emissions
to building low-carbon economies / Simon Wolf.--
Fachmedien: Springer VS, 2013.
278p. , 21cm.
ISBN : 9783658024055.
333.7 WOL 141883
The author describes how the growing awareness for the
economic consequences of climate change and the economic
opportunities of climate protection has led to changes in
the rationality of governing climate change, from
reducing emissions to building low-carbon economies. One
crucial strategy for governments in orchestrating the
transformation to cleaner economies is to enable low-
carbon investment.The author therefore takes a critical
look at how climate governance is reframed as an economic
and investment challenge in recent years, and reveals
some of the blind spots of focusing on the economic and
investment opportunities related to climate protection.

** Climatic changes -- Economic aspects , Environmental

28 International Finance Corporation
Market presence of off-grid lighting products : insights
from a study in Bihar and Odisha / International Finance
Corporation.-- New Delhi: International Finance
Corporation, 2014.
34p. , 30cm.
333.790954 INT 141889-141890

** Energy industries , Consumer Protection , Lighting
Systems , Capacity , Prices

29 International Finance Corporation
Harnessing energy from the sun : empowering rooftop
owners : white paper on grid-connected rooftop solar
photovoltaic development models 2014 / International
Finance Corporation.-- New Delhi: International Finance
Corporation, 2014.
130p. , 30cm.
333.7923 INT 141888

** Solar energy industries , Solar energy , Consumer
Protection , Lighting Systems , Capacity , Prices

30 Banerjee, Sudeshna Ghosh
Power for all : electricity access challenge in India /
Sudeshna Ghosh Banerjee and others.-- Washington: The
World Bank, 2015.
xiv, 93p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 9781464803413.
333.79320954 BAN 141895

** Rural electrification --India , Electric power
production --India , Electric utilities --India

31 International Finance Corporation
From gap to opportunity : business models for scaling up
energy access : in partnership with Austria /
International Finance Corporation.-- Washington:
International Finance Corporation, 2012.
169p. , 28cm.
333.7932 INT 141891

** Energy industries , Economic development ,
Environmental economics

32 Khurana, Mani
Beyond crisis : the financial performance of India-s
power sector / Mani Khurana and Sudeshna Ghosh Banerjee.-
Washington: The World Bank, 2015.
xvi, 131p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 9781464803925.
333.79320954 KHU 141892

** Energy industries -- India -- Finance , Energy policy
- India

33 Mayer, Kristy
Elite capture : residential tariff subsidies in India /
Kristy Mayer, Sudeshna Ghosh Banerjee and Chris Trimble.-
Washington: The World Bank, 2015.
xvii, 82p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 9781464804120.
333.79320954 MAY 141894

** Electric utilities --India , Tariff --India ,
Subsidies --India , Elite (Social sciences) --India

34 Mukherjee, Mohua
Private participation in the Indian power sector :
lessons from two decades of experience / Mohua Mukherjee.
-- Washington: The World Bank, 2014.
xix, 160p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 9781464803390.
333.79320954 MUK 141893

** Energy development --India , Electric utilities --
India , Public-private sector cooperation --India

35 Lele, Ajey
Strategic materials : a resource challenge for India /
Ajey Lele and Parveen Bhardwaj.-- New Delhi: Pentagon
Press, 2014.
xv, 204p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9788182747869.
333.850954 LEL 141870
This work debates the issues of strategic materials and
their importance for nation-states. This study presents a
macro view with regard to India-s strategic minerals
architecture and undertakes analysis to understand
current and futuristic challenges and opportunities in
this sector, and offers a few recommendations based on
the assessment undertaken. Issues related to Rare Earth
and New Materials are also discussed.

** Strategic materials -- India , Mineral industries --
Military aspects -- India , Mineral industries --
Government policy -- India , Strategic materials --
Government policy -- India

36 Lautze, Jonathan (ed)
Key concepts in water resource management : a review and
critical evaluation / Jonathan Lautze.-- London:
Routledge, 2014.
xix, 131p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9780415711739.
333.91 LAU 141885
The vocabulary and discourse of water resource management
have expanded vastly in recent years to include an array
of new concepts and terminology, such as water security,
water productivity, virtual water and water governance.
This book applies critical scrutiny to a prominent set of
new but widely used terms, in order to clarify their
meanings and improve the basis on which we identify and
tackle the world-s water challenges. The book takes stock
of what several of the more prominent new terms mean,
reviews variation in interpretation, explores how they
are measured, and discusses their respective added value.
The book enables greater precision on the
interpretational options for the various terms, and for
the value that they add to water policy and its

** Water-supply , Water resources development

37 Ahmad, Sara (ed)
Flowing upstream : empowering women through water
management initiatives in India / Sara Ahmad.-- New Delhi
: Foundation Books, 2005.
xiv, 258p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9788175962620.
333.9100954 AHM 141898

** Water resources development -- India , Women in
community development -- India , Women -- India --
Economic conditions , Women--Economic conditions

38 Tortajada, Cecilia (ed)
Water resources and decision-making systems / Cecilia
Tortajada and Kevin Parris.-- London: Routledge, 2014.
xiii, 107p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 9780415854276.
333.9115 TOR 141887
Water data and information are essential to support
efforts to understand, manage, allocate, utilize and
protect water resources. The impact of climate change on
hydrological regimes represents a key potential stress on
water systems. This issue could be the catalyst for
adapting policies to provide more efficient and effective
use and management of water resources and advance
institutional and governance reforms in the water
sector. This book is based on a special issue of the
International Journal of Water Resources Development.

** Water resources development--Decision making
   39 Harvey, David
A Companion to Marx-s Capital / David Harvey.-- London:
Verso, 2013.
viii, 404p. , 21cm.
ISBN : 9781781681213.
335.41 MAR 141822,V2
The biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression
has generated a surge of interest in Marx-s work in the
effort to understand the origins of our current
predicament. For nearly forty years, the author has
written and lectured on Capital, becoming one of the
world-s most foremost Marx scholars. Based on the
author-s recent lectures, this book aims to bring this
depth of learning to a broader audience, guiding first-
time readers through a fascinating and deeply rewarding
text. This book offers fresh, original and sometimes
critical interpretations of a book that changed the
course of history and, as the author intimates, may do so

** Marx, Karl, 1818-1883. Capital , Marxian economics

40 Harvey, David
A Companion to Marx-s Capital / David Harvey.-- London:
Verso, 2010.
viii, 356p. , 21cm.
ISBN : 9781844673599.
335.41 MAR 141823,V1
The biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression
has generated a surge of interest in Marx-s work in the
effort to understand the origins of our current
predicament. For nearly forty years, the author has
written and lectured on Capital, becoming one of the
world-s most foremost Marx scholars. Based on the
author-s recent lectures, this book aims to bring this
depth of learning to a broader audience, guiding first-
time readers through a fascinating and deeply rewarding
text. This book offers fresh, original and sometimes
critical interpretations of a book that changed the
course of history and, as the author intimates, may do so

** Marx, Karl, 1818-1883. Capital , Marxian economics

   41 Baron, Robert A
Essentials of entrepreneurship : evidence and practice /
Robert A Baron.-- Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2014.
xiv,370p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 9781783471775.
338.04 BAR 141819
Entrepreneurs are, in essence, individuals who take
action to convert their ideas into reality. Doing so
involves completing many steps, the author describes
these steps, and provides guidance for performing them

** Entrepreneurship

42 Matias, Alvaro (ed)
Quantitative methods in tourism economics / Alvaro
Matias, Peter Nijkamp and Manuela Sarmento.-- Berlin:
Physica-Verlag, 2013.
viii, 352p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9783790828788.
338.4791 MAT 141831
This book comprises novel studies - mainly of a
quantitative-analytical nature - on the supply, demand
and contextual aspects of modern tourism. It contains a
sound mix of theory, methodology, policy and case studies
on various tourism issues in different parts of the

** Tourism , BUSINESS and ECONOMICS / Industries /
Hospitality, Travel and Tourism , Economics , Regional
economics , Environmental economics

43 Weeden, Clare
Responsible tourist behaviour / Clare Weeden.-- London:
Routledge, 2014.
xiii, 162p. , 24cm.
(Routledge advances in tourism, 30).
ISBN : 9780415573993.
338.4791 WEE 141832
This book explores the concerns of responsible tourists,
their motivational values and a detailed presentation of
how these values inform their holiday choices.

** Tourism--Psychological aspects , Tourists --
Psychology , Human behavior

44 Goodwin, Neva
Microeconomics in context / Neva Goodwin and others.--3rd
ed-- Armonk: M E Sharpe, 2014.
xxvii, I385p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 9780765638786.
338.5 GOO 141828
This book takes a broad -contextual- approach to
economics - including consideration of ecological,
feminist, and social concerns. It also covers the
standard microeconomic concepts and models.

** Microeconomics , Microeconomics -- Social aspects

45 Yen, Qing-hwang
Ethnic Chinese business in Asia : history, culture and
business enterprise / Qing-hwang Yen.-- New Jersey: World
Scientific, 2014.
xi, 519p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9789814317528.
338.7089951 YEN 141881
This book examines the nature and characteristics of the
ethnic Chinese business, such as business networks,
family business and conglomerates, concepts of xinyong
and guanxi, and entrepreneurship and management. It also
examines the input of history and culture in the
formation and operation of ethnic Chinese business.

** Corporations, Chinese -- Asia , Chinese -- Asia --
Economic conditions , Business networks -- China

46 Sanchez, Marco V (ed)
Financing human development in Africa, Asia and the
Middle East / Marco V Sanchez and Rob Vos.-- London:
Bloomsbury, 2013.
xxiv, 302p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781780932194.
338.91 SAN 141882
How much would poor nations need to invest to eliminate
poverty, get all children in school and provide adequate
basic health care for all? Can they afford it? This book
provides some clear answers to these questions. The
contributors assess feasible financing strategies
underpinning actions to enhance human development in
pursuance of the United Nations- Millennium Development
Goals (MDGs). They analyse these strategies in the
context of broader concerns of economic development in
nine countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. The
assessments stress the importance of redesigning
macroeconomic policies so as to make these more
supportive of long-term economic growth and employment
creation, while ensuring sufficient investments in human
development in order to end poverty and overcome deep-
rooted inequalities.

** Economic development -- Africa -- Finance , Economic
development -- Asia -- Finance , Economic development --
Middle East -- Finance , Economic history

47 Borowy, Iris
Defining sustainable development for our common future :
a history of the World Commission on Environment and
Development (Brundtland Commission) / Iris Borowy.--
London: Routledge, 2014.
xv, 260p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780415825504.
338.927 BOR 141824
This book positions the Brundtland Commission as a key
event within a longer series of international reactions
to pressing problems of global poverty and environmental
degradation. It shows that its report, "Our Common
Future", published in 1987, covered much more than its
definition of sustainable development as "development
that meets the needs of the present without compromising
the ability of future generations to meet their own
needs" for which it became best known. It also addressed
a long list of issues which remain unresolved today. It
explores how the work of the Commission juggled
contradictory expectations and world views, which existed
within the Commission and beyond, and drew on the concept
of sustainable development as a way to reconcile profound

** World Commission on Environment and Development ,
Sustainable development , Environmental policy ,
POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Policy / Environmental Policy
LAW / Environmental , POLITICAL SCIENCE / International
Relations / Treaties

48 Ehrenfeld, John
Flourishing : a frank conversation about sustainability /
John Ehrenfeld and Andrew J Hoffman.-- Stanford: Stanford
Business Books, 2013.
x, 151p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9780804784153.
338.927 EHR 141909
This book discusses how to create a sustainable world.
Through their dialogue and essays that open each section,
the authors uncover two core facets of our culture that
drive the unsustainable, unsatisfying, and unfair social
and economic machines that dominate our lives. First, our
collective model of the way the world works cannot cope
with the inherent complexity of today-s highly connected,
high-speed reality. Second, our understanding of human
behavior is rooted in this outdated model.

** Sustainability , Sustainable development

49 Gabriel, Jordi Vives (ed)
Case studies in sustainability management : the Oikos
collection / Jordi Vives Gabriel.-- Sheffield: Greenleaf
Publishing, 2014.
xiii, 300p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781783530489.
338.927 GAB 141873,V.3
This collection of case studies on sustainability
management explores both the opportunities and pitfalls
companies face in targeting sustainability issues and how
their values and core assumptions impact their business

** Social responsibility of business , Sustainable
development , Sustainability

50 Nemetz, Peter N
Business and the sustainability challenge : an integrated
perspective / Peter N Nemetz.-- New York: Routledge, 2013
xxiv, 535p. , 26cm.
ISBN : 9780415882415.
338.927 NEM 141877
This book reflects the fundamental holistic nature of
sustainability. It informs students on corporate strategy
in the face of sustainability issues, ensuring that
students understand the environment in which such
strategic decisions are made.

** Business enterprises -- Environmental aspects ,
Sustainable development , Sustainability
   51 Johnson, Gail
Research methods for public administrators / Gail Johnson
-- Jaipur: Rawat Publications, 2002.
xii, 267p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9788131605455.
351.072 JOH 141847
This book focuses on the interpretation and use of
research findings, not just number-crunching. It covers
the entire research process, from initial questions to
final report, in clear, jargon-free language, and
includes numerous examples and exercises that provide
opportunities for concrete applications of the concepts.

** Public administration -- Research -- Methodology ,
POLITICAL SCIENCE -- Public Affairs and Administration ,
POLITICAL SCIENCE -- Government -- Executive Branch
   52 Peters, B Guy (ed)
Politicians, bureaucrats and administrative reforms / B
Guy Peters and Jon Pierre.-- London: Routledge, 2001.
xix, 231p. , 23cm.
(Routledge/ECPR studies in European political science, 22)
ISBN : 9780415406673.
352.28 PET 141846
This book looks critically at administrative reform in a
comparative perspective. The contributors assess its
scope and objectives, and the ways in which these reforms
have impacted on the traditional roles of civil servants.

** Organizational change , Public administration , Civil
   53 Adhikari, Shekhar (ed)
India-s national security in the 21st century / Shekhar
Adhikari and Sanjeev Bhadauria.-- New Delhi: Pentagon
Press, 2014.
xvi, 527p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9788182747395.
355.033054 ADH 141866

** National security -- India , National security , India
   54 Mahan, Sue
Terrorism in perspective / Sue Mahan and Pamela L Griset.
--3rd ed-- Los Angeles: Sage Publications, 2013.
xxi, 433p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 9781452225456.
363.325 MAH 141849
This book offers a comprehensive overview of global and
domestic terrorism by focusing on acts of terrorism and
their relationship to culture, religion, history,
politics, economics, and ideology.

** Terrorism , Terrorism--Social aspects

55 Niizawa, Hidenori (ed)
Governing low-carbon development and the economy /
Hidenori Niizawa and Toru Morotomi.-- Tokyo: United
Nations University Press, 2014.
xvii, 391p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9789280812350.
363.738746 NII 141874
Based on results of the first phase of the Kyoto Protocol
- which requires participating industrial countries to
limit their carbon emissions, this book recommends
creating a global regulatory regime that would set
emission targets for all nations.

** Carbon dioxide mitigation -- Economic aspects ,
Pollution -- Economic aspects , Environmental policy --
Economic aspects

56 Devika, J
Individuals, householders, citizens : Malayalis and
family planning, 1930-1970 / J Devika.-- New Delhi: Zuban
, 2008.
viii, 224p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9788189884475.
363.96 DEV 141899
The creation of widespread public consent for family
planning in Kerala, which ensured the non-coercive
implementation of birth control in Malayali society, has
been regarded as no less than the -jewel in the crown- of
the Kerala model of social development. This book
reconstructs the history of the generation of such assent
to produce a critical examination of this crucial aspect
of social development in Kerala. It adds to the new inter
disciplinary work on questions traditionally considered
native to demography and is of interest to anyone
interested in Kerala-s experience of social development
and its demographic -achievements-.

** Family planning -- India -- Kerala , Malayalis (Indic
people) -- Social conditions , Contraception -- history -
   57 Chesney-Lind, Meda (ed)
Girls, women, and crime : selected readings / Meda
Chesney Lind and Lisa Pasko.--2nd ed-- Los Angeles: Sage
Publications, 2013.
xiv, 265p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 9781412996709.
364.374 CHE 141845
This book is a compilation of journal articles on the
female offender written by leading researchers in the
fields of criminology and women’s studies. The
contributors reveal the complex worlds females in the
criminal justice system must often negotiate’ worlds that
are frequently riddled with violence, victimization,
discrimination, and economic marginalization. This in-
depth collection leaves readers with a greater
understanding of the complexities and nuances of the
relationship between girls and women and crime.

** Female offenders , Women prisoners , Female juvenile
delinquents , Criminology , Feminism

   58 Hacking, Ian
Why is there philosophy of mathematics at all? / Ian
Hacking.-- Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2014.
xv, 290p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781107658158.
510.1 HAC 141871
This book explores how mathematics became possible for
the human race, and how it ensured our status as the
dominant species.

** Mathematics , Mathematical Computing , Philosophy ,
Mathematics--Philosophy , Proof theory
   59 Miles, Jeremy
Applying regression and correlation : a guide for
students and researchers / Jeremy Miles and Mark Shevlin.
-- Los Angeles: Sage Publications, 2011.
viii, 253p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9780761962304.
519.536 MIL 141841
This book takes a fresh look at applying regression
analysis in the behavioural sciences by introducing the
reader to regression analysis through a simple model-
building approach.The authors start with the basics and
begin by re-visiting the mean, and the standard
deviation, with which most readers will already be
familiar, and show that they can be thought of a least
squares model. The book then shows that this least
squares model is actually a special case of a regression
analysis and can be extended to deal with first one, and
then more than one independent variable.

** Regression analysis , Correlation (Statistics)
   60 Rose, Michael
Reward management / Michael Rose.-- London: Kogan Page,
vii, 267p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9780749469801.
658.3225 ROS 141839
This book is a practical guide to understanding and
implementing the right reward strategies for an
organization. It uses a combination of practical tools,
scenarios and case studies to cover areas including pay
grades and structure, job evaluation, pay reviews, bonus
plans, non-cash reward, benefits, tax issues and
measuring the impact of rewards. Aligning reward with
the strategic objectives of the organization, this book
equips HR managers with the skills needed to plan,
implement and assess a reward strategy in any type of

** Compensation management , Incentives in industry ,
Employee motivation

61 Warner, Malcolm (ed)
Demystifying Chinese management : issues and challenges /
Malcolm Warner and Chris Rowley.-- London: Routledge,
xi, 198p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 9780415743792.
658.4 WAR 141880

** Industrial management-China

62 Berger, Warren
A More beautiful question : the power of inquiry to spark
breakthrough ideas / Warren Berger.-- New York:
Bloomsbury, 2014.
260p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781620401453.
658.403 BER 141868
This book shows that one of the most powerful forces for
igniting change in business and in our daily lives is a
simple, under-appreciated tool-one that has been
available to us since childhood. Questioning-deeply,
imaginatively, -beautifully--can help us identify and
solve problems, come up with game-changing ideas, and
pursue fresh opportunities.

** Inquiry-based learning , Creative ability in business
Entrepreneurship , PHILOSOPHY / General , SCIENCE / Life
Sciences / Neuroscience

63 Neck, Heidi M
Teaching entrepreneurship : a practice-based approach /
Heidi M Neck, Patricia G Greene and Candida G Brush.--
Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2014.
vii, 341p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781782540557.
658.421071 NEC 141818
This book moves entrepreneurship education from the
traditional process view to a practice-based approach and
advocates teaching entrepreneurship using a portfolio of
practices, which includes play, empathy, creation,
experimentation, and reflection.

** Entrepreneurship -- Study and teaching ,
Entrepreneurship -- Problems, exercises, etc. ,

64 Lindgreen, Adam (ed)
Sustainable value chain management : a research anthology
/ Adam Lindgreen and others.-- Surrey: Gower Publishing,
xlvii, 529p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 9781409435082.
658.7 LIN 141835
This book provides a basis for deeper understanding of
both the sustainability challenges in value chains and
the business opportunities.

** Industrial management -- Environmental aspects ,
Sustainable development , Industrial procurement --
Environmental aspects , Purchasing --Environmental

65 Rushton, Alan
The Handbook of logistics and distribution management /
Alan Rushton, Phil Croucher and Peter Baker.--5th ed--
London: Kogan Page, 2014.
xxix, 689p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780749466275.
658.788 RUS 141838
This book offers both a broad strategic framework as well
as a clear and straightforward description. It covers all
key topics in logistics and distribution management,
including planning for logistics, procurement and
inventory decisions, warehousing, freight, and
operational management.

** Physical distribution of goods -- Management --
Handbooks, manuals, etc.
   66 Griffin, Andrew
Crisis, issues and reputation management / Andrew Griffin
-- London: Kogan Page, 2014.
xvi, 262p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9780749469924.
659.2 GRI 141837
The reputation of an organisation influences who we buy
from, work for, supply to and invest in. This book
outlines a comprehensive approach to managing situations
that may turn into crises, and handling crises once they

** Corporate image -- Management , Crisis management ,
Reputation , Corporations--Public relations



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