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 001   KNOWLEDGE  
   1 Gray, Paul S
The Research imagination : an introduction to qualitative
and quantitative methods / Paul S Gray and others.--
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2007.
xxii, 456p., 25cm.
ISBN : 9780521705554.
001.4 GRA 140988
This book emphasizes scientific method, but also
acknowledges its critics. It covers a wide variety of
data collection techniques, but presents them as
reinforcing rather than competing with one another, thus
striking a balance between qualitative and quantitative

** Social sciences -- Research -- Methodology , Social
sciences -- Methodology , Social surveys -- Methodology
   2 Tucker, Patrick
The Naked future : what happens in a world that
anticipates your every move? / Patrick Tucker.-- New York
: Current, 2014.
xviii, 268p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781591845867.
005.7 TUC 140973
This book discusses the impact the increased use of
computer-aided forecasting will have on everyday life,
cataloging the possible benefits and potential abuses of
predictive analytics over the next decade.

** Information technology -- Social aspects , Forecasting
, Big data -- Social aspects

3 Bhansali, Neera (ed)
Data governance : creating value from information assets
/ Neera Bhansali.-- Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2014.
xiii, 254p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781439879139.
005.74 BHA 140821
This book examines the processes of using data governance
to manage data effectively. Addressing the complete life
cycle of effective data governance-from metadata
management to privacy and compliance-it provides business
managers, IT professionals, and students with an
integrated approach to designing, developing, and
sustaining an effective data governance strategy. The book
summarizes the experiences of global experts in the field
and addresses critical areas of interest to the
information systems and management community. Case
studies from healthcare and financial sectors, two
industries that have successfully leveraged the potential
of data-driven strategies, provide further insights into
real-time practice.

** Management information systems, Database management,
Information resources management, Information technology-
4 Lans, Rick F van der
Data virtualization for business intelligence systems :
revolutionizing data integration for data warehouses /
Rick F van der Lans.-- Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2012.
xix, 275p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9780123944252.
005.74 LAN 140742
This book explains how data virtualization servers work,
what techniques to use to optimize access to various data
sources and how these products can be applied in
different projects. This title outlines the advantages
and disadvantages of data virtualization and illustrates
how data virtualization should be applied in data
warehouse environments.

** Data warehousing , Management information systems ,
Virtual computer systems , Business intelligence
   5 Ye, Nong
Data mining : theories, algorithms, and examples / Nong
Ye.-- Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2014.
xvii, 329p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781439808382.
006.312 YEN 140822
This book introduces and explains a comprehensive set of
data mining algorithms from various data mining fields.
The book reviews theoretical rationales and procedural
details of data mining algorithms, including those
commonly found in the literature and those presenting
considerable difficulty, using small data examples to
explain and walk through the algorithms.It covers a wide
range of data mining algorithms, including those commonly
found in data mining literature and those not fully
covered in most of existing literature due to their
considerable difficulty. The book presents a list of
software packages that support the data mining
algorithms, applications of the data mining algorithms
with references, and exercises, along with the solutions
manual and PowerPoint slides of lectures.

** Data mining , Data mining -- Mathematical models
   6 Korhonen, Pekka
The Rocky road to publishing in the management and
decision sciences and beyond : experiencing the journey
and lessons learned / Pekka Korhonen, Herbert Moskowitz
and Jyrki Wallenius.-- Heidelberg: Springer, 2013. xiii,
193p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9783642420474.
070.5068 KOR 140955
This book documents the history of two research papers,
from the first drafts to the final polished published
articles, including the reviewer comments and the author
responses. The documentary provides unique insights into
the publishing process, which at times is filled with
uncertainties, not only for young researchers. The book
discusses lessons learned and also provides an
experienced editor-s and reviewer-s perspective.

** Management literature -- Publishing -- Case studies ,
Management science -- Publishing -- Case studies ,
Decision making -- Publishing -- Case studies
   7 Somasundaram, Daya
Scarred communities : psychosocial impact of man-made and
natural disasters on Sri Lankan society / Daya
Somasundaram.-- New Delhi: Sage Publications, 2014.
liv, 453p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 9788132111689.
155.935095493 SOM 140929
This book presents a qualitative, psycho-ecological study
of the long-term effects of disasters - both man-made and
natural - on Sri Lankan communities. It studies the
effects of war and the 2004 tsunami on families and

** Disasters -- Sri Lanka -- Psychological aspects ,
Psychoanalytic counseling -- Sri Lanka
   8 Bilgrami, Akeel
Secularism, identity, and enchantment / Akeel Bilgrami.--
Ranikhet: Permanent Black, 2014.
xiii, 397p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9788178243856.
211.6 BIL 140981
In a rigorous exploration of how secularism and identity
emerged as conflicting concepts in the modern world, the
author elaborates a notion of secular enchantment with a
view to finding in secular modernity a locus of meaning
and value, while addressing squarely the anxiety that all
such notions are exercises in nostalgia.

** Secularism , Identity (Philosophical concept) ,
Political science -- Philosophy
   9 Doniger, Wendy
The Hindus : an alternative history / Wendy Doniger.--
New York: Penguin Books, 2009.
vi, 779p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9780143116691.
294.509 DON 140919
This book offers a new way of understanding one of the
world-s oldest major religions. Hinduism does not lend
itself easily to a strictly chronological account. Many
of its central texts cannot be reliably dated within a
century, its central tenets arise at particular moments
in Indian history and often differ according to gender or
caste, and the differences between groups of Hindus far
outnumber the commonalities. This groundbreaking work
elucidates the relationship between recorded history and
imaginary worlds, the inner life and the social history
of Hindus.

** Hinduism -- Social aspects -- History , Women in
Hinduism -- History

10 O-Flaherty, Wendy Doniger
Siva : the erotic ascetic / Wendy Doniger O-Flaherty.--
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1981.
xii, 386p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9780195202502.
294.5211 OFL 140999
** Siva (Hindu deity) , Hindu mythology

11 Urban, Hugh B
The Economics of ecstasy : tantra, secrecy and power in
colonial Bengal / Hugh B Urban.-- Oxford: Oxford
University Press, 2001.
xvii, 286p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9780195139020.
294.5514095414 URB 141000
This is a study of the Bengali Kartabhaja sect and its
place in the broader movement of Tantrism.The author
looks closely at the relationship between the rise of the
Kartabhajas, who flourished at the turn of the 19th
century, and the changing economic context of colonial
Bengal. Made up of the poor lower classes laboring in the
marketplaces and factories of Calcutta, the Kartabhajas
represent "the underworld of the imperial city." He shows
that their esoteric poetry and songs are in fact
saturated with the language of the marketplace and the
bazaar, which becomes for them the key metaphor used to
communicate secret knowledge and mystical teachings.

** Kartabhaja , Hindu sects -- India -- Bengal , Tantrism
-- India -- Bengal

12 Manu
The Laws of Manu : with an introduction and notes / Manu.
-- New Delhi: Penguin India, 2000. xi, 362p. , 20cm.
ISBN : 9780140445404.
294.5926 MAN 140922
The several Brahmin hands who wrote the Laws of Manu drew
on jurisprudence, philosophy and religion to create an
extraordinary, encyclopedic model of how life should be
lived, in public and in private, by Untouchables as well
as by priests and kings, by women as well as by men.

** Hindu law

13 Nash, Geoffrey (ed)
Postcolonialism and Islam : theory, literature, culture,
society and film / Geoffrey Nash, Kathleen Kerr-Koch and
Sarah E Hackett.-- London: Routledge, 2014.
xv, 232p. ,23cm.
ISBN : 9780415710572.
297.27 NAS 140678
With a focus on the areas of theory, literature, culture,
society and film, this collection of essays examines,
questions and broadens the applicability of
Postcolonialism and Islam from a multifaceted and cross-
disciplinary perspective.Topics covered include the
relationship between Postcolonialism and Orientalism,
theoretical perspectives on Postcolonialism and Islam,
the position of Islam within postcolonial literature,
Muslim identity in British and European contexts, and the
role of Islam in colonial and postcolonial cinema in
Egypt and India.

** Postmodernism , Postmodernism -- Religious aspects --
Islam , Islam and state
   14 Bazeley, Pat
Qualitative data analysis : practical strategies / Pat
Bazeley.-- Los Angeles: Sage Publications, 2013. xxii,
444p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781849203036.
300.72 BAZ 140938
The book pairs theoretical discussion with practical
advice using a host of examples from diverse projects
across the social sciences. It describes data analysis
strategies in actionable steps and helpfully links to the
use of computer software where relevant. .

** Qualitative research , Social sciences -- Research ,
Qualitative research -- Data processing
   15 Manning, Jimmie
Researching interpersonal relationships : qualitative
methods, studies, and analysis / Jimmie Manning and
Andrianne Kunkel.-- Los Angeles: Sage Publications, 2014.
xxii, 231p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781452203904.
302 MAN 140939
This book explores and demonstrates methodological tools
used to guide qualitative relationships research,
especially studies of interpersonal communication.

** Interpersonal relations -- Research

16 Croteau, David
Media/society : industries, images, and audiences / David
Croteau and William Hoynes.--5th ed-- Los Angeles: Sage
Publications, 2014.
xviii, 402p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781452268378.
302.23 CRO 140839
This book provides a framework for understanding the
relationship between media and society and helps readers
develop skills for critically evaluating both
conventional wisdom and their own assumptions about the
social role of the media.

** Mass media -- Social aspects -- United States , Mass
media -- Political aspects -- United States

17 Banaji, Shakuntala (ed)
South Asian media cultures : audiences, representations,
contexts / Shakuntala Banaji.-- London: Anthem Press,
2012. viii, 265p. , 21cm.
ISBN : 9789380601465.
302.230954 BAN 140984
This book examines a wide range of media cultures and
practices from across South Asia, using a common set of
historical, political and theoretical engagements.

** Mass media -- Social aspects -- South Asia , Mass
media -- Political aspects -- South Asia

18 Chingangbam, P (ed)
History of media : mass communication / P Chingangbam and
G Handuja.-- New Delhi: Pearl Books, 2013.
256p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9789383026111.
302.231 CHI 140866

** Mass media

19 Fuchs, Christian
Social media : a critical introduction / Christian Fuchs.
-- Los Angeles: Sage Publications, 2014.
vii, 293p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781446257319.
302.231 FUC 140849
A critical exploration of the structures and power
relations at the heart of our social media landscape.An
introduction not only to social media, but to critical
theory and how it relates to contemporary digital
culture, this book illuminates an increasingly important
social phenomenon that has become an integral part of
modern daily living.

** Social media
   20 Baviskar, B S
Inside-outside : two views of social change in rural
India / B S Baviskar and D W Attwood.-- New Delhi: Sage
Publications, 2014.
xv, 451p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9788132113508.
303.40954 BAV 140927
Poverty in rural India: is this a permanent condition?
Are villagers immobilized by a rigid caste system,
limited resources and economic exploitation? This book is
about villagers who have done remarkable things with
their lives - people who have broken the constraints of
poverty and inequality to become innovative and mobile.

** Social change -- India , India -- Social conditions --
1947- , Rural development -- India
   21 Saavala, Minna
Fertility and familial power relations : procreation in
South India / Minna Saavala.-- New York: Routledge, 2001.
xvi, 239p. , 23cm.
(Nordic Institute of Asian Studies monograph series, 87).
ISBN : 9780700714841.
304.63209548 SAA 140918
This social anthropological study on fertility practices
describes and analyzes the corollaries of declining
fertility in Southern India. It seeks to broaden the
scope of our understanding of the consequences of
fertility-reducing policies at the level of the
individual and the family.

** Fertility, Human -- Social aspects -- India, South ,
Families -- India, South

22 Mcleman, Robert A
Climate and human migration : past experiences, future
challenges / Robert A Mcleman.-- New York: Cambridge
University Press, 2014.
xviii, 294p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 9781107606708.
304.8 MAC 140802
This book provides a comprehensive review of how physical
and human processes interact to shape migration, using
simple diagrams and models to guide the researcher,
policy maker and advanced student through the climate-
migration process. The book applies standard concepts and
theories used in climate and migration scholarship to
explain how events such as Hurricane Katrina, the Dust
Bowl, African droughts, and floods in Bangladesh and
China have triggered migrations that haven-t always fit
the environmental refugee storyline. Lessons from past
migrations are used to predict how future migration
patterns will unfold in the face of sea level rise, food
insecurity, political instability, and to review options
for policy makers.

** Climatic changes, Human beings--Effect of climate on,
Human beings--Migrations, Human geography
   23 Kashyap, Rekha
Women and empowerment : issues and challenges / Rekha
Kashyap and others.-- Mumbai: Himalaya Publishing, 2013.
74p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9789350973509.
305.420954 KAS 140718

** Women in development--India , Women -- India --
Economic conditions , Women--Education--India , Women--
Social conditions--India

24 Saavala, Minna
Middle-class moralities : everyday struggle over
belonging and prestige in India / Minna Saavala.-- New
Delhi: Orient Blackswan, 2012.
x, 226p. , 21cm.
ISBN : 9788125044635.
305.55095484 SAA 140968
This book examines how the new middle classes of India
create identities, practices and politics of the everyday
in a dialogue that involves other social categories and
an imaginary West.Drawing upon ethnographic and interview
material, it studies family relations, leisure, food,
housing and religious practices of these emerging and
enterprising social classes.

** Middle class -- India -- Hyderabad -- Conduct of life
Hindus -- India -- Hyderabad -- Conduct of life ,
Hyderabad (India) -- Social life and customs
   25 Carayannis, Elias G
The Knowledge of culture and the culture of knowledge :
implications for theory, policy and practice / Elias G
Carayannis and Ali Pirzadeh.-- New York: Palgrave
Macmillan, 2014.
vii, 221p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9781403942432.
306 CAR 140656
This book explores the construct of information and
information culture and its relationship to the
prevailing culture. The author provides an analysis of
the relationship of media to the core constructs in the
book by explaining why they have been put together to
form one single idea. The book focuses on a case study of
how media is used to construct realities as it is in the
case of economic crisis in order to draw implications for
society as a whole.

** Knowledge, Sociology of , Technology and civilization
Culture and globalization , Popular culture

26 Coffman, Curt W
Culture eats strategy for lunch : the secret of
extraordinary results igniting the passion within / Curt
W Coffman and Kathie Sorenson.-- Denver: Liang Addison
Press, 2013. 201p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9780615577968.
306 COF 140578
Culture isn-t the enemy of strategy and performance, but
an equal player in the game, not to be underestimated or
overlooked.This book defines what constitutes a winning
culture,and provides a powerful prescription for creating
and sustaining it.

** Culture

27 Fligstein, Neil
The Architecture of markets : an economic sociology of
twenty-first-century capitalist societies / Neil
Fligstein.-- Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2001.
xiv, 274p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9780691102542.
306.342 FLI 140944
This book represents a major stop beyond recent, largely
empirical studies that oppose the neoclassical model of
perfect competition but provide sparse theory toward a
coherent economic sociology.

** Capitalism -- Social aspects , Economics --
Sociological aspects , Capitalism -- Social aspects --
United States

28 Kadar, Daniel Z
Understanding politeness / Daniel Z Kadar and Michael
Haugh.-- Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013.
xiii, 295p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781107626942.
306.44 KAD 140994
This book focuses on politeness as social practice, and
sets politeness within a social, historical and
evaluative context. It constitutes an excellent
engagement with past and current politeness research,
describes key concepts in politeness clearly. It is
divided into three parts and is based on an innovative
framework which relies on the concepts of social
practice, time and space. In this multidisciplinary
approach, the authors capture a range of user and
observer understandings and provide a variety of examples
from different languages and cultures.

** Politeness (Linguistics) , Grammar, Comparative and
general -- Honorific , Interpersonal relations ,
   29 Motiur Rahman, Pk Md
Dynamics of poverty in rural Bangladesh / Pk Md Motiur
Rahman, Noriatsu Matsui and Yukio Ikemoto.-- Japan:
Springer, 2013.
xii, 262p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9784431542841.
307.72095492 MOT 140958
This book presents statistical analyses based on panel
data collected from over 1,200 rural households in
Bangladesh. It serves as a useful resource for planning
and implementing effective poverty alleviation policies
in developing countries.

** Bangladesh -- Economic conditions , Poverty --
Bangladesh , Bangladesh -- Rural conditions

30 Katznelson, Ira
Marxism and the city / Ira Katznelson.-- Oxford:
Clarendon Press, 2004.
x, 320p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9780198279242.
307.76 KAT 140923
In this book, the author critically assesses the
scholarship on cities that has developed within Marxism
in the past quarter century to show how some of the most
important weaknesses in Marxism as a social theory can be
remedied by forcing it to engage seriously with cities
and spatial concerns.

** Sociology, Urban , Marxian school of sociology
   31 Kollman, Ken
Perils of centralization : lessons from church, state,
and corporation / Ken Kollman.-- New York: Cambridge
University Press, 2013.
xii, 205p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781107616943.
320.4049 KOL 140992
In this book, the author examines the histories of the US
government, the Catholic Church, General Motors, and the
European Union as examples of federated systems that
centralized power over time. He shows how their
institutions became locked-in to intensive power in the

** Decentralization in government -- Case studies ,
Decentralization in management -- Case studies ,
Executive power -- Case studies

32 Hobsbawm, E J
Nations and nationalism since 1780 : programme, myth,
reality / E J Hobsbawm.--2nd ed-- Delhi: Cambridge
University Press, 2013.
viii, 206p. , 21cm.
ISBN : 9781107632097.
320.54 HOB 140893
This book attempts to trace the history of nations and
nationalism over the last two centuries and tries to
assess its changing historical nature and importance.

** Nationalism -- History

33 Chandler, J A (ed)
Local government in liberal democracies : an introductory
survey / J A Chandler.-- London: Routledge, 1993.
viii,209p. , 21cm.
ISBN : 9780415088756.
320.8 CHA 140711
The quality and nature of local government varies widely
between countries. This book draws together contributors
who outline the structures and workings of local
government in England and Wales, Germany, France,
Ireland, Italy, Sweden, Canada and America.

** Local government , Comparative government , Democracy
   34 West Bengal. Chief Electoral Officers, Office of
Statistical handbook : parliamentary elections in West
Bengal - 1991,1996,1998 / Office of the Chief Electoral
Officer.-- Calcutta: Office of the Chief Electoral
Officers, 1998.
146p. , 23cm.
324.95414021 WBC 140716,G

** Elections-India, India-Politics and government

   35 Costigliola, Frank (ed)
America in the world : the historiography of American
foreign relations since 1941 / Frank Costigliola and
Michael J Hogan.--2nd ed-- New York: Cambridge University
Press, 2014.
xiv, 376p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9780521172462.
327.73 COS 140987
This book includes historiographical surveys of American
foreign relations since 1941 by some of the country-s
leading historians. Some of the essays offer sweeping
overviews of the major trends in the field of
foreign/international relations history. Others survey
the literature on US relations with particular regions of
the world or on the foreign policies of presidential

** United States -- Foreign relations -- 1945-1989 --
Historiography , United States -- Foreign relations --
1933-1945 -- Historiography

 330   ECONOMICS  
   36 Cleff, Thomas
Exploratory data analysis in business and economics: an
introduction using SPSS, Stata, and Excel / Thomas Cleff.
-- Heidelberg: Springer, 2014.
xxii, 215p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9783319015163.
330.015195 CLE 140959
This book aims to familiarise students of economics and
business as well as practitioners in firms with the basic
principles, techniques, and applications of descriptive
statistics and data analysis.Drawing on practical
examples from business settings, it demonstrates the
basic descriptive methods of univariate and bivariate
analysis.It covers a range of subject matter, from data
collection and scaling to the presentation and univariate
analysis of quantitative data, and also includes analytic
procedures for assessing bivariate relationships.

** Commercial statistics , Economics--Statistical methods
, Business--Research

37 Karabell, Zachary
The Leading indicators : a short history of the numbers
that rule our world / Zachary Karabell.-- New York: Simon
and Schuster, 2014.
287p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781451651201.
330.015195 KAR 140970
A history and critical assessment of leading indicators
reveals their indelible impact on the economy, public
policy, and other critical decisions, discussing their
shortcomings while making suggestions for reducing
dependence on them.

** Economic indicators -- History , Economics --
Statistical methods -- History , Economic indicators --
United States -- History

38 Burgin, Angus
The Great persuasion : reinventing free markets since the
depression / Angus Burgin.-- Cambridge: Harvard
University Press, 2012.
303p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780674058132.
330.122 BUR 140830
Just as economists struggle today to justify the free
market after the global economic crisis, an earlier
generation revisited their worldview after the Great
Depression. In this intellectual history of that project,
the author traces the evolution of postwar economic
thought in order to reconsider the most basic assumptions
of a market-centered world.

** Capitalism , Economic policy , Free enterprise

39 Hashimzade, Nigar
Solutions manual to accompany intermediate public
economics / Nigar Hashimzade, Jean Hindriks and Gareth D
Myles.--2nd ed-- Cambridge: The MIT Press, 2013.
623p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9780262518482.
330.126 HAS 140774
A solutions manual for all 582 exercises in the second
edition of Intermediate Public Economics.

** Welfare economics -- Problems, exercises, etc ,
Finance, Public -- Problems, exercises, etc , Economic
policy -- Problems, exercises, etc.

40 Forman, Fonna (ed)
The Adam Smith review / Fonna Forman.-- London: Routledge
, 2014.
xxv, 333p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780415810746.
330.153 SMI 140948,vol. 7
Adam Smith’s contribution to economics is well-recognised
but in recent years scholars have been exploring anew the
multidisciplinary nature of his works. This book is a
refereed annual review that provides a unique forum for
interdisciplinary debate on all aspects of Adam Smith’s
works, his place in history, and the significance of his
writings to the modern world. It is aimed at facilitating
debate between scholars working across the humanities and
social sciences, thus emulating the reach of the
Enlightenment world which Smith helped to shape.

** Smith, Adam, -- 1723-1790 , Economics

41 Abu-Lughod, Janet L
Before European hegemony : the world system A.D. 1250-
1350 / Janet L Abu-Lughod.-- New York: Oxford University
Press, 1989.
xiii, 443p. , 21cm.
ISBN : 9780195067743.
330.94017 ABU 141001
In this portrait of world trade before the age of
European hegemony, the author examines global commercial
connections amongst a large number of cities between the
years 1250 and 1350.

** Economic history --Medieval, 500-1500 , International
trade --History , Cities and towns, Medieval

42 Patomaki, Heikki
The Great Eurozone disaster : from crisis to global New
Deal / Heikki Patomaki.-- London: Zed Books, 2013.
ix, 274p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9781780324791.
330.940561 PAT 140952
This book provides a captivating narrative about how
Europe ended up in its present predicament.The author
presents a radical new vision for -global economic
democracy- as the only viable way out of the current

** Financial crises -- European Union countries ,
European Union , Eurozone

43 Roberts, Richard
Saving the city : the great financial crisis of 1914 /
Richard Roberts.-- Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013.
xiv, 301p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780199646548.
330.941083 ROB 140979
A week before the outbreak of the First World War, an
acute financial crisis surged over London: the Stock
Exchange closed, money markets worldwide were paralysed.
Drawing on diaries, letters, memoirs, press reports, and
official archives, this book tells the extraordinary, and
largely unknown, story of the first true global financial

** Financial crises -- Great Britain -- History -- 20th
century , World War, 1914-1918 -- Causes , Economics

44 Murray, James M
Bruges, cradle of capitalism, 1280-1390 / James M Murray.
-- Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009.
xii, 409p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9780521120531.
330.949312201 MUR 140920
Teeming with merchants from all over Europe, medieval
Bruges provides an early model of a great capitalist
city. Bruges established a sophisticated money market and
an elaborate network of agents and brokers.In this book
the author explores how Bruges became the commercial
capital of northern Europe in the late fourteenth
century. He argues that a combination of fortuitous
changes such as the shift to sea-borne commerce and the
extraordinary efforts of the city-s population served to
shape a great commercial centre.

** Bruges (Belgium) -- Commerce -- History , Bruges
(Belgium) -- Economic conditions , Bruges (Belgium) --
Politics and government

45 Maira, Arun
Redesigning the aeroplane while flying : reforming
institutions / Arun Maira.-- New Delhi: Rupa Publications
, 2014.
xxiii, 204p. , 20cm.
ISBN : 9788129131263.
330.954 MAI 140975
This book looks at how India, the world-s largest
democracy, which embraced capitalism twenty years ago,
has become the principal laboratory for institutional
reform. It provides new ways to think about institutions
and the process of reforming them, and explains how we
should go about reformation as a nation.

** India -- Economic policy -- 1991- , Institutional
economics --India

46 Greenspan, Alan
The Map and the territory : risk, human nature, and the
future of forecasting / Alan Greenspan.-- London: Allen
Lane, 2013.
388p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780241003596.
330.97300112 GRE 140971
This book explains how the financial crisis has
challenged fundamental assumptions about leading economic
models, drawing on twenty-first-century technologies and
the expertise of behavioral economists to outline new
forecasting practices.

** Economic forecasting -- United States , Financial
crises -- United States , United States -- Economic

47 Baer, Werner
The Brazilian economy : growth and development / Werner
Baer.--7th ed-- London: Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2014.
xvii, 469p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9781588268426.
330.981 BAE 140949
Bringing the analysis of Brazil-s economic performance up
to date, this book provides a thorough historical,
statistical, and institutional description of the
Brazilian economy. This book includes a review of the
major controversies surrounding such issues as the high
degree of concentration in the country-s income
distribution, the causes of inflation, the impact of
various stabilization programs, and the influences of the
state in the economy.

** Brazil -- Economic conditions
   48 Piketty, Thomas
Capital in the twenty-first century / Thomas Piketty.--
Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2014.
viii, 685p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780674430006.
332.041 PIK 140925, 140960
This book analyzes a unique collection of data from
twenty countries, ranging as far back as the eighteenth
century, to uncover key economic and social patterns.It
shows that modern economic growth and the diffusion of
knowledge have allowed us to avoid inequalities on the
apocalyptic scale predicted by Karl Marx, but we have not
modified the deep structures of capital and inequality as
much as we thought in the optimistic decades following
World War II.

** Capital , Income distribution , Wealth

49 Marakkath, Nadiya
Sustainability of Indian microfinance institutions : a
mixed methods approach / Nadiya Marakkath.-- New Delhi:
Springer, 2014.
xvi, 166p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9788133216285.
332.28 MAR 140957
This book investigates, specifically in the Indian
context, the concept of sustainability in one of the most
celebrated form of social enterprises of our times "
Microfinance Institutions (MFIs).It attempts to answer
pertinent questions such as: What are the determinant and
discriminating factors for the sustainability of MFIs in
India? How are these factors being managed by the
operationally efficient Indian MFIs that remained
sustainable at reasonable interest rates before the onset
of the crisis and ceilings imposition in Indian
microfinance markets? What does the Indian microfinance
crisis teach us about sustainability management and
mismanagement? In a nutshell, the answers show that
sustainability is a strategic issue that needs managerial
attention and not a matter to be left to serendipity.

** Microfinance -- India , Financial services industry --

50 International Monetary Institute, Renmin University of
The Internationalization of the Renminbi / International
Monetary Institute, Renmin University of China.-- London:
Routledge, 2014.
xv, 220p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780415870733.
332.450951 INT 140767
This book aims to document the process and the
development of the internationalization of Renminbi and
to identify the challenges. The book introduces an index
of internationalization of Renminbi. It also uses a
comprehensive multi-variable index to determine the
degree of internationalization of Renminbi.

** Monetary policy-China , Renminbi , Foreign exchange

51 Swarup, Bob
Money mania : booms, panics, and busts from ancient Rome
to the great meltdown / Bob Swarup.-- London: Bloomsbury,
2014. 310p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9789384052676.
332.64509 SWA 140972
This book presents a researched history packed with great
stories and insights. It takes the reader through a
fascinating and thought provoking analysis of emotional
biases, money, credit and social complexity.

** Speculation -- History , Finance -- History ,
Investments -- History
   52 Lankford, Bruce (ed)
Water security : principles, perspectives, and practices
/ Bruce Lankford and others.-- New York: Routledge, 2013.
xviii, 357p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9780415534710.
333.91 LAN 140985
The purpose of this book is to present an overview of the
latest research, policy, practitioner, academic and
international thinking on water security-an issue that,
like water governance a few years ago, has developed much
policy awareness and momentum with a wide range of
stakeholders. It is based on a masters level degree plus
a short professional course on water security both given
at the University of East Anglia, delivered by
international authorities on their subjects.

** Water-supply -- Government policy , Water security ,
Water resources development

53 Naz, Farhat
The Socio-cultural context of water : study of a Gujarat
village / Farhat Naz.-- New Delhi: Orient BlackSwan, 2014
xxii, 255p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9788125054306.
333.910095475 NAZ 140983
This book analyses various aspects of water management at
a project in Mathnaa in Sabarkantha district of the state
of Gujarat noted for its aridity.Water scarcity is an
arena of conflict, which leads to the social actors
trying to exploit the situation for their vested
interests depending on their relative power positions.
The author has explained to what extent attempts to
revive the institutions for community water management
have been successful, illustrating local power dynamics
in terms of wealth, land ownership and access to water.

** Water -- Social aspects -- India -- Mathnaa (Village)
Water resources development -- India -- Mathnaa
(Village) , Water-supply, Rural -- India -- Mathnaa

54 Sangameswaran, Priya
Neoliberalism and water : complicating the story of
-reforms- in Maharashtra / Priya Sangameswaran.--
Hyderabad: Orient BlackSwan, 2014.
xvi, 323p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9788125054917.
333.910095479 SAN 140974
Neoliberalism and Water tells us the story of the reforms
in the water sector in Maharashtra in the first decade of
the twenty-first century.It looks at it through the prism
of neoliberalism, which works in combination with other
processes, and by the specific nature of water as a
resource.It discusses changes in urban and rural drinking
water, and irrigation and concepts like piped water, 24x7
water, water entitlements, commodity and

** Water-supply -- Government policy -- India --
Maharashtra , Water resources development -- India --
Maharashtra , Neoliberalism -- India -- Maharashtra
   55 Jones, R J Barry
Globalisation and interdependence in the international
political economy : rhetoric and reality / R J Barry
Jones.-- London: Bloomsbury, 2013.
vii, 249p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781472514547.
337 JON 140951
This book addresses central developments within the
contemporary international system. The notions of
interdependence and globalisation that have accompanied
the political discourse of -a new world disorder- are
replete with definitional ambiguities, theoretical
difficulties and empirical complexities. The author
offers a critical review and analysis of these concepts,
their significance and place within the wider debates of
international political economy. He argues that
contemporary conditions are complex, with regionalising
tendencies cross-cutting those of increasing
globalisation, and -national- impulses surviving even in
the face of powerful -internationalising- forces.

** International trade , International economic relations
, Economic relations

56 Mandelbaum, Michael
The Road to global prosperity / Michael Mandelbaum.-- New
York: Simon and Schuster, 2014.
xxi, 245p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781476769998.
337 MAN 140978
This book describes the forces driving the next stage of
globalization, which the author predicts will be a period
of expanding wealth, opportunity, and international

** Capitalism , International trade , International
economic relations
   57 Bower, Tom
Branson : behind the mask / Tom Bower.-- London:
Faber and Faber, 2014.
xvi, 368p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9780571297108.
338.04092 BRA 140801
The image remains pristine: a charismatic high-school
dropout turned billionaire, whose stratospheric rise and
daring exploits have won him millions of enduring
admirers and made him a model for aspiring entrepreneurs
throughout the world. But is this story still credible?
Over the last decade, has Branson matched the
expectations perpetuated by Virgin-s relentless publicity
machine? The author explores the reality of the Branson
empire. In doing so, he unravels the gripping story of
his recent activities - from the astonishing success of
mobile phones to his troubled airlines and his long
delayed plan to send multimillionaires into space - and
asks whether he really remains Britain-s heroic

** Branson, Richard, Businessmen -- Great Britain --

58 Downes, Larry
Big bang disruption : business survival in the age of
constant innovation / Larry Downes and Paul Nunes.--
London: Portfolio Penguin, 2014.
vi, 259p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9780241003527.
338.064 DOW 140800
It used to take years for new products and services to
dethrone industry leaders. Now any business can be
instantly devastated by something better and cheaper. How
can you protect yourself, and harness the power of Big
Bang Disruption?The good news is that any business can
master the strategy of the start-ups. In this book, the
authors show how to spot the next big thing. Drawing on
extensive research by the Accenture Institute for High
Performance and interviews across thirty industries, they
give you the tools to take control of your future.

** Technological innovations--Economic aspects ,
Technological innovations--Management , Product
obsolescence, Disruptive technologies, Business
enterprises--Technological innovations , New business
enterprises , Technological innovations , Strategic

59 Getzen, Thomas E
Health economics and financing / Thomas E Getzen.--5th ed
-- Hoboken: Wiley, 2013.
xxvii, 468p. , 26cm.
ISBN : 9781118184905.
338.433621 GET 141002
This book is updated with the latest information in the
field including a detailed look at health care reform and
the emergence of Barack Obama-s plan. The developing
health care system in China is covered to provide a more
global perspective. Investment cases along with a look at
the ROI of specialty medical education are also
presented. And new C-B and CEA case studies help health
and medical professionals see how to effectively apply
the principles and concepts.

** Medical economics , Medical care, Cost of , Flow of

60 Pettigrew, Andrew M
The Awakening giant : continuity and change in Imperial
Chemical Industries / Andrew M Pettigrew.-- New York:
Routledge, 2011.
xxi, 542p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9780415668767.
338.476600941 PET 141004
This book is about Imperial Chemical Industries- response
to the changing social, political, business and economic
environment over the past twenty years. Using personal
interviews and archival material, Andrew Pettigrew
examines the evolution of business strategy, organisation
structure and culture, technology and union-management
relations within this corporate giant over an extended
period of time.

** Imperial Chemical Industries, ltd. -- History -- 20th
century , Chemical industry -- Great Britain -- History -
20th century , Imperial Chemical Industries -- History

61 Fabiani, Silvia (ed)
Pricing decisions in the Euro area : how firms set prices
and why / Silvia Fabiani and others.-- Oxford: Oxford
University Press, 2007.
xvi, 292p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780195309287.
338.6041094 FAB 140901
The book provides an unprecedented amount of information
from more than 11,000 euro area firms, addressing issues
such as the relevance of nominal and real rigidities, the
information set used by firms in the price setting
process, the strategy followed to review prices, the
frequency of both price reviews and price changes, the
reasons underlying price stickiness, and asymmetries in
price adjustment. It also compares results for the euro
area to those obtained for other countries by similar
studies. Finally, it draws the main implications for
theoretical modeling and for monetary policy.

** Pricing -- European Union countries , Pricing , Europe
-- European Union countries

62 Silva, Rui Vinhas Da
Competitiveness in the real economy : value aggregation,
economics and management in the provision of goods and
services / Rui Vinhas Da Silva.-- Surrey: Gower
Publishing, 2013. 394p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 9781409461227.
338.6048 SIL 140758
This book shows that the nature and dynamics of
contemporary global competition requires a sharper focus
on value aggregation. The author provides a rounded,
integrative and multi-disciplinary perspective linking
national competitiveness, economics and management.He
emphasises that culture, the notion of being cosmopolitan
and understanding aspirational and discriminatory
consumers with high disposable income are key drivers of
success in the global economy. Acknowledging that the
complexity of problems comes from diversity of global
actors, the author highlights the limitations of current
economics in responding to contemporary challenges.

** Competition , Leadership , Entrepreneurship

63 Lohr, Nicolas
Foreign market subsidiary mandates : a select and
temporary MNC phenomenon? / Nicolas Lohr.-- Wiesbaden:
Springer Gabler, 2014.
xix, 294p. , 21cm.
ISBN : 9783658026677.
338.88 LOH 140648
This book investigates how foreign subsidiaries of
multinational corporations expand their presence and
functional scope into foreign territories. It thereby
focuses on how cross-border subsidiary mandates are
obtained and how they develop over time.

** International business enterprises , BUSINESS and
ECONOMICS / Industries / General

64 Albert, Pauline J (ed)
Global poverty alleviation : a case book / Pauline J
Albert, Patricia Werhane and Tim Rolph.-- Dordrecht:
Springer, 2014.
xiv, 358p. , 23cm.
(The International society of business, economics and
ethics book series, 3).
ISBN : 9789400774780.
338.9 ALB 140950
This case book provides examples of multi-stakeholder
partnerships that aim to create sustainable enterprises
for both the for-profit sectors and for individuals who
live in conditions of poverty. The cases are presented as
descriptions with no comments or criticisms. These are
arranged thematically and cover a broad array of
solutions in diverse countries including India,
Bangladesh, Vietnam, Tanzania, the United States, South
Africa, Mozambique, Peru, Ghana, Haiti,and Mexico. The
cases highlight solutions that focus on bringing about
substantive shifts in the conditions of life for those
living in poverty.

** Economic development , Economic development -- Moral
and ethical aspects , Poverty

65 Shimomura, Yasutami (ed)
A Study of China-s foreign aid : an Asian perspective /
Yasutami Shimomura and Hideo Ohashi.-- New York: Palgrave
Macmillan, 2013.
xiii, 245p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9781137323767.
338.9151 SHI 140710
This book provides a new perspective of China-s
controversial foreign aid strategy. The chapters offer a
thorough examination of data to show how China has
created knowledge in its long experiences of aid and how
this accumulated knowledge could contribute to other
developing countries. The book also examines China-s aid
philosophy and strategy through an Asian perspective,
instead of the Western perspective that is postulated in
existing academic literature.

** Economic assistance, Chinese , Industry

66 Kohama, Hirohisa
Industrial development in postwar Japan / Hirohisa Kohama
-- London: Routledge, 2007.
xiii, 226p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780415437073.
338.952009045 KOH 140943
This book provides a clear and accessible examination of
industrial development, without over-generalizing or
being weighed down by historical details.

** Industrialization -- Japan , Japan -- Economic
conditions -- 1945-1989 , Japan -- Economic conditions --

67 Ascher, William (ed)
The Economic roots of conflict and cooperation in Africa
/ William Ascher and Natalia Mirovitskaya.-- New York:
Palgrave Macmillan, 2013.
xiv, 276p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781137356789.
338.96 ASC 140890
This book explores how the development strategies of
African nations shape the nature and dynamics of inter-
group violence. The overview chapter assesses development
doctrines, patterns of development, and levels and nature
of violence in both North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.
Focusing on eleven countries, the case-study
contributions explore the immediate and long-term impacts
of development initiatives on reducing or increasing
inter group conflict and violence.

** Intergroup relations -- Africa , Conflict management -
Africa , Violence -- Africa , Economic development --
   68 Mankiw, N Gregory
Macroeconomics / N Gregory Mankiw.--8th ed-- New York:
Worth Publishers, 2013.
xxxvi, 625p. , 26cm.
ISBN : 9781429240024.
339 MAN 141008
Macroeconomics is the study of the fluctuations in the
cycles of income and economic growth, unemployment,
production and income distribution, inflation, and
financial markets. This book includes coverage of issues
relevant to the European economy and uses European
examples and new European cases.

** Macroeconomics

69 Scherf, Gundbert
Financial stability policy in the Euro zone : the
political economy of national banking regulation in an
integrating monetary union / Gundbert Scherf.-- Wiesbaden
: Springer Gabler, 2014.
xx, 256p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9783658009823.
339.53 SCH 140996
Due to the lack of political salience that financial
stability policy enjoys in tranquil economic times, this
policy field lends itself particularly well to capture è
the more so the more important the role of banks is in
the financial system.This book focuses on this nexus
between integrated banking, supranational monetary policy
and national banking regulation.

** Economic stabilization -- Government policy --
European Union countries , Banking law -- European Union
countries , Banks and banking -- Government policy --
European Union countries
   70 Nakagawa, Junji
International harmonization of economic regulation /
Junji Nakagawa.-- Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011.
xvi, 391p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780199604661.
343.07 NAK 140946
International efforts to harmonize economic regulations,
ranging from intellectual property and labour standards
to competition law and finance, are comprehensively
examined in this book. It combines a theoretical approach
with empirical analyses, making it highly useful for both
practitioners and scholars.

** International trade , Foreign trade regulation --
International unification , International economic
   71 Schefer, Krista Nadkavukaren
Poverty and the international economic legal system :
duties to the world-s poor / Krista Nadkavukaren Schefer.
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013.
xlv, 453p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781107032743.
344.0325 SCH 140953
This book examines international trade, investment and
finance law with a focus on poverty.

** Law and economics , Poverty , International law --
Economic aspects

72 Green, Stuart P
Thirteen ways to steal a bicycle : theft law in the
information age / Stuart P Green.-- Cambridge: Harvard
University Press, 2012. xii, 382p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780674047310.
345.0262 GRE 140852
Theft causes greater economic injury than any other
criminal offense. Yet fundamental questions about what
should count as stealing remain unresolved. The author
assesses our legal framework at a time when our economy
commodities intangibles (intellectual property,
information, ideas, identities, and virtual property) and
theft grows more sophisticated.

** Theft -- English-speaking countries
 346   PRIVATE LAW  
   73 Kannabiran, Kalpana (ed)
Women and law : critical feminist perspectives / Kalpana
Kannabiran.-- New Delhi: Sage Publications, 2014.
xxi, 305p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9788132113133.
346.540134 KAN 140930
How should we approach the problem of -women and law-?
Should the focus be on women-centered laws and their
efficacy? This book examines these questions and a range
of concerns - domestic violence, employment and labour,
anti-discrimination jurisprudence, family laws, access to
forest and land rights, the right to health, and more.

** Women -- Legal status, laws, etc. -- India , Feminist
jurisprudence -- India , Feminism -- India
   74 McLoughlin, Ian
Digital government at work : a social informatics
perspective / Ian McLoughlin, Rob Wilson and Mike Martin.
-- Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013. xxiv, 208p. ,
ISBN : 9780199557721.
352.3802854678 MAC 141007
The book examines the use of digital technologies to
provide more joined-up public services, and combines
cross disciplinary insights to provide a new social
informatics perspective on digital government.

** Internet in public administration , Electronic
government information
   75 Collins, Charles
Valuing health systems : a framework for low and middle
income countries / Charles Collins and Andrew Green.--
New Delhi: Sage Publications, 2014.
xiv, 338p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9788132107248.
362.1091724 COL 140931
This book emphasizes the importance of understanding and
strengthening health systems to improve a population-s
health in low and middle income countries. It promotes
the values of equity and the right to health, efficiency,
participative and accountable decision-making and the
need for a long-term perspective.

** Medical care -- Developing countries , Medical ethics
- Developing countries , Medical policy -- Developing

   76 Hough, Dan
Corruption, anti-corruption and governance / Dan Hough.--
New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2013. xi, 165p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9781137268709.
364.1323 HOU 140658
By exploring the anti-corruption strategies in six
countries, this book analyses on techniques to address
corruption. It highlights the importance of understanding
that quality of governance is critical to tackling
corruption and that only when this link is truly
appreciated can inroads into corruption be made.

** Political corruption , Political corruption --

77 Tonry, Michael (ed)
Retributivism has a past : has it a future? / Michael
Tonry.-- Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011. ix,
291p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780199798278.
364.601 TON 140900
This book examines retributivism-s resurgence in light of
actual practices, especially in the United States. Each
of the essays by other major figures in punishment
theory, law, and philosophy critically examines a variety
of theories of punishment, old and new. Many of the
essays, including several by prominent younger
contributors to these debates, engage contemporary
theories and concepts of restorative justice, therapeutic
jurisprudence, rehabilitation of offenders, and mandatory

** Punishment -- Philosophy , Retribution
 381   COMMERCE  
   78 Easterling, Cynthia R
Merchandising mathematics for retailing / Cynthia R
Easterling and others.--5th ed-- Boston: Pearson, 2013.
xiii, 317p. , 27cm.
ISBN : 9780132724166.
381.01513 EAS 140680
Written by experienced retailers, Merchandising
Mathematics for Retailing, 5/e introduces students to the
essential principles and techniques of merchandising
mathematics, and explains how to apply them in solving
everyday retail merchandising problems. Instructor- and
student-friendly, it features clear and concise
explanations of key concepts, followed by problems, case
studies, spreadsheets, and summary problems using
realistic industry figures.

** Retail trade -- Mathematics , Merchandising
   79 Willem, Michel
Functional analysis : fundamentals and applications /
Michel Willem.-- New York: Springer, 2013.
xiii, 213p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781461470038.
515.7 WIL 140649
The goal of this work is to present the principles of
functional analysis in a clear and concise way. The first
three chapters of this book describe the general notions
of distance, integral and norm, as well as their
relations.The three chapters that follow deal with
fundamental examples: Lebesgue spaces, dual spaces and
Sobolev spaces.Two subsequent chapters develop
applications to capacity theory and elliptic problems.The
epilogue contains a sketch of the history of functional
analysis, in relation with integration and

** Functional analysis , Mathematics , Functional

   80 Liao, Ming
Applied stochastic processes / Ming Liao.-- Boca Raton:
CRC Press, 2014.
viii, 199p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781466589339.
519.23 LIA 140650
The book covers Poisson processes, renewal processes,
discrete- and continuous-time Markov chains, and Brownian
motion. It also offers an introduction to stochastic
differential equations.The author develops the
mathematical theory with a strong emphasis on probability

** Stochastic processes

81 Valliant, Richard
Practical tools for designing and weighting survey
samples / Richard Valliant, Jill A Dever and Frauke
Kreuter.-- New York: Springer, 2013.
xxi, 670p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781461464488.
519.52 VAL 140956
This book explains approaches long used by survey
statisticians, illustrating how existing software can be
used to solve survey problems, and developing some
specialized software where needed.

** Sampling (Statistics) , Mathematical statistics ,

82 Diggle, Peter J
Statistical analysis of spatial and spatio-temporal point
patterns / Peter J Diggle.--3rd ed-- Boca Raton: CRC
Press, 2014.
xxxi, 267p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781466560239.
519.535 DIG 140644
** Spatial analysis (Statistics), Statistics.

83 Wolsey, Laurence A
Integer programming / Laurence A Wolsey.-- New York:
Wiley Blackwell, 1998. xviii, 264p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780471283669.
519.77 WOL 140924
A practical, accessible guide to optimization problems
with discrete or integer variables Integer Programming
stands out from other textbooks by explaining in clear
and simple terms how to construct custom-made algorithms
or use existing commercial software to obtain optimal or
near-optimal solutions for a variety of real-world
problems, such as airline timetables, production line
schedules, or electricity production on a regional or
national scale.

** Integer programming
   84 Gies, Frances
Cathedral, forge, and waterwheel : technology and
invention in the Middle Ages / Frances Gies and Joseph
Gies.-- New York: HarperPerennial, 1995.
357p. , 20cm.
ISBN : 9780060925819.
609.02 GIE 140961
This book provides an overview of the history of
technology from pre-classical times to the Renaissance.

** Technology -- History , Inventions -- History ,
Science, Medieval
 610   MEDICINE and HEALTH  
   85 Orford, Jim
Power, powerlessness and addiction / Jim Orford.--
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2014.
xv, 261p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781107610095.
616.8584 ORF 140993
This book argues that power and powerlessness have been
neglected in addiction studies and that they are a
unifying theme that brings together different areas of
research from the field including the disempowering
nature of addiction, effects on family, community and the
workplace, epidemiological and ethnographic work, studies
of the legal and illegal supply, and theories of
treatment and change.

** Compulsive behavior , Control (Psychology)
   86 Migge, Leberecht
Garden culture of the twentieth century / Leberecht Migge
Washington: Harvard University Press, 2013.
xiv, 226p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 9780884023883.
635.90943 MIG 140829
Leberecht Migge (1881-1935) was one of the most
innovative landscape architects of the early twentieth
century. With work ranging from large urban parks to
housing settlements with allotment gardens, he sought to
create functional green spaces that would not only meet
the environmental challenges of the industrial metropolis
but also improve the social conditions of modern life.
Migge-s notion of -garden culture- captured the essence
of the progressive reform movements of early twentieth-
century Germany and yet was unique in proposing a
comprehensive role for open space planning within this
vision. The book-s greatest significance today lies in
Migge-s emphasis on the socioeconomic benefits of urban
agriculture, which prefigured both this important
contemporary trend as well as other recent developments
in green technology and infrastructure.

** Gardens-Germany , Landscape gardening-Germany ,
   87 Baker, Wayne
Achieving success through social capital : tapping the
hidden resources in your personal and business networks /
Wayne Baker.-- New York: Jossey-Bass, 2000.
xvii, 238p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781118602591.
650.1 BAK 140998
In this book, the author incorporates the latest findings
about social capital into an empowering, practical, step-
by-step program. He shows you how to move beyond the myth
of individualism to the recognition that we are all
connected and that connections are the keys to success.
He guides you through the process of evaluating the
quality of your current networks, improving your networks
by applying dozens of proven practices, and using your
social capital to invoke the power of reciprocity,
helping yourself by contributing to others.

** Business networks , Social networks , Social capital
   88 Abdel-Khalik, A Rashad
Accounting for risk, hedging and complex contracts / A
Rashad Abdel-Khalik.-- New York: Routledge, 2014.
xxviii, 559p. , 29cm.
ISBN : 9780415808934.
657.833 ABD 140926
With the exponential growth in financial derivatives,
accounting standards setters have had to keep pace and
devise new ways of accounting for transactions involving
these instruments, especially hedging activities. This
book addresses the essential elements of these
developments. The early chapters provide a basic
foundation by discussing the concepts of risk, risk types
and measurement, and risk management.A final chapter is
devoted to the disclosure of financial instruments and
hedging activities.

** Accounting , Hedging (Finance) -- Accounting , Risk
   89 Camp, Robert B
Sustainable lean : the story of a cultural transformation
/ Robert B Camp.-- Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2013.
vii, 175p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781466571686.
658 CAM 140661
This book illustrates the process of implementing a
sustainable Lean transformation. It describes how to
conduct Hoshin Kanri (strategic policy deployment). It
also describes the relationship between top-down metrics,
organizational accountability, the breaking down of
"stovepipes," and the concept of "alignment" that comes
about as the result of Hoshin Kanri.

** Lean manufacturing , Organizational change ,
Industrial management

90 Wensley, Robin
Effective management in practice : analytical insights
and critical questions / Robin Wensley.-- Los Angeles:
Sage Publications, 2013.
xv, 232p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781446272619.
658 WEN 140933
This book explores all the basic analytical approaches
required to inform a sound analytical approach to
practical issues in the management of human

** Management

91 Griseri, Paul
An Introduction to the philosophy of management / Paul
Griseri.-- Los Angeles: Sage Publications, 2013.
164p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781446246979.
658.001 GRI 140935
This book introduces key philosophical concepts and ideas
and applies them to fundamental issues in management and
organizations. Written for business and management
students with no previous knowledge of philosophy, this
text will lead readers to question the basic assumptions
widely made about business and management. .

** Management -- Philosophy

92 Tissington, Patrick
Study skills for business and management : how to succeed
at university and beyond / Patrick Tissington and
Christos Orthodoxou.-- Los Angeles: Sage Publications,
xv, 269p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781446266496.
658.00711 TIS 140940
This text provides up-to-date coverage of hot topics such
as effective reading, essay skills, how to use social
media and how to secure employment after university.

** Study skills , Business , Management

93 Worth, Michael J
Nonprofit management : principles and practice / Michael
J Worth.--3rd ed-- Los Angeles: Sage Publications, 2014.
xxiii, 453p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 9781452243092.
658.048 WOR 140936
This book provides a broad overview of key topics on and
important trends affecting governance and management of
nonprofit organizations, including the scope and
structure of the nonprofit sector, leadership of
nonprofits, managing the nonprofit organization,
fundraising, earned income strategies, financial
management, nonprofit lobbying and advocacy, managing
international and global organizations, and social

** Nonprofit organizations--Management

94 Saiyadain, Mirza S
Human resource management / Mirza S Saiyadain.--4th ed--
New Delhi: Tata McGraw Hill Education, 2011.
xvi, 551p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780070263635.
658.3 SAI 141003
The book is designed to provide a lucid treatment of
principles of human resource management with a conceptual
and empirical orientation.

** Personnel management , Personnel management -- India

95 Sundararaman, K (ed)
Corporate governance practices / K Sundararaman and P
Baba Gnanakumar.-- New Delhi: Excel India Publishers,
viii, 202p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9789382880936.
658.4 SUN 140685
The book makes a number of contributions in this
direction as it aims to broaden the scope of the
corporate governance with better conceptual
understanding, providing an evidence for a positive
relationship between corporate governance quality and
firm performance and the positive impact of board
effectiveness on corporate governance.

** Corporate governance

96 Sutton, Robert I
Scaling up excellence : getting to more without settling
for less / Robert I Sutton and Huggy Rao.-- London:
Random House Business books, 2014.
xviii, 346p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781847940995.
658.4013 SUT 140980
This book shares the methods and strategies that
successful leaders rely on to spread the beliefs and
behaviors that can accelerate an organization-s growth
while simultaneously improving its processes.

** Organizational effectiveness , Organizational change ,
Customer relations

97 Salas, Eduardo (ed)
Developing and enhancing teamwork in organizations :
evidence-based best practices and guidelines / Eduardo
Salas and others.-- San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2013.
xxxvi, 697p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781118145890.
658.4022 SAL 141009
This book provides evidence-based guidelines to help
practitioners seeking advice, recommendations, and
guidance for developing and enhancing high-performance

** Teams in the workplace

98 Saaty, Thomas L
Decision making with the analytic network process :
economic, political, social and technological
applications with benefits, opportunities, costs and
risks / Thomas L Saaty and Luis G Vargas.--2nd ed-- New
York: Springer, 2013.
xvii, 363p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781461472780.
658.4033 SAA 140986
The book is a selection of the latest applications of
Analytic Network Process (ANP) to economic, social and
political decisions, and also to technological design.It
focuses on the application of the ANP in three different
areas: economics, the social sciences and the linking of
measurement with human values.It applies the ANP to
provide people in the physical and engineering sciences
with a quantitative method to link hard measurement to
human values.

** Decision making -- Mathematical models , Problem

99 Menon, Mini
Riding the wave : seven leaders of change / Mini Menon.--
Noida: Collins Business, 2013.
xvii, 325p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9789350291788.
658.406 MEN 140976
Riding the Wave is the story of seven entrepreneurs, some
products of the Licence-Permit Raj, others new-age
businessmen. But they all have one thing in common - they
have changed the rules of the game. Together they hold
the promise of a transformed Indian business that can
take on the best in the world. .

** Organizational change

100 Edger, Chris
International multi-unit leadership : developing local
leaders in international multi-site operations / Chris
Edger.-- Surrey: Gower Publishing, 2013.
xii, 220p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 9781409460701.
658.4092 EDG 141005
The book has a cross-border perspective on leading from
the middle in international subsidiaries that are
committing significant capital to land-based multi-unit
infrastructures. It addresses the conundrum that most
subsidiary multi-unit leaders (regional, area and
district managers) face, generating commitment amongst
their unit managers and team members, whilst coping with
their firm-s country of origin-based control and change

** Leadership , International business enterprises

101 Groschl, Stefan (ed)
Uncertainty, diversity and the common good : changing
norms and new leadership paradigms / Stefan Groschl.--
Surrey: Gower, 2013.
xxi, 203p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 9781409453390.
658.4092 GRO 140947
This book indicates what new paradigms might look like,
with particular regard to the issue of diversity as an
asset with which to confront uncertainty. Case studies
tell of leaders working with diversity to create social
change and new visions of leadership that are impacting
social and cultural norms. This leads to discussion of
the nature and diversity of leadership itself which will
be helpful to academic researchers and higher level
students, as well as policy makers and practitioners.

** Leadership , Social responsibility of business ,
Industrial management -- Social aspects

102 Kupers, Wendelin (ed)
A Handbook of practical wisdom : leadership, organization
and integral business practice / Wendelin Kupers and
David J Pauleen.-- Surrey: Gower Publishing, 2013. xxi,
226p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 9781409439936.
658.4092 KUP 141006
This book presents a critically informed understanding of
wise practices, contributing to more integrative
organizational and leadership studies and practices. The
focus on integration emphasises the interdependencies of
practical wisdom in relation to members, groups and
cultures of organisations in their socio-cultural

** Leadership , Management

103 Wahl, Christine (ed)
On becoming a leadership coach : a holistic approach to
coaching excellence / Christine Wahl, Clarice Scriber and
Beth Bloomfield.--2nd ed-- New York: Palgrave Macmillan,
xv, 319p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781137322883.
658.4092 WAH 140891
This book focuses on coaching leaders in the context of
the organizational systems within which they lead.

** Executives -- Training of , Executive coaching ,

104 Vanderbroeck, Paul
Leadership strategies for women : lessons from four
queens on leadership and career development / Paul
Vanderbroeck.-- Heidelberg: Springer, 2014.
xv, 115p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9783642396229.
658.42082 VAN 140954
How do women leaders make it to the top of an
organization? How can women stay at the top when most of
their colleagues are men? What should women do to
exercise leadership well? This book tells the stories of
four powerful women who knew the answers to these three
questions. Therefore, this book also explicitly
identifies the key factors in these leaders- career
success, and it elucidates the competencies that enabled
the women to exercise leadership effectively.The four
success stories offer women who already serve in
leadership roles and those who aspire to become great
leaders both inspiration and practical lessons that can
be applied to real-world challenges.

** Leadership in women , Leadership

105 Sharma, Gulnar
Entrepreneurship management / Gulnar Sharma and Meghashri
Dalvi.-- Mumbai: Shroff Publishers, 2013.
ix, 171p. , 21cm.
ISBN : 9789351102182.
658.421 SHA 140934
This book focuses on the strategic learning opportunities
with the discussion about entrepreneurship is
complemented with several contemporary case studies and
examples to give a complete and practical perspective of
the subject.

** Entrepreneurship , Industrial management

106 Newsome, Bruce
A Practical introduction to security and risk management
/ Bruce Newsome.-- Los Angeles: Sage Publications, 2014.
xv, 391p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781452290270.
658.47 NEW 140937
Introducing the full spectrum of security risks along
with their root causes from the political to the
personal, this book provides practical knowledge of and
skills in the management of security risks.

** Risk management , Risk assessment , Security systems

107 Ladley, John
Data governance : how to design, deploy, and sustain an
effective data governance program / John Ladley.--
Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2012.
xx, 236p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9780124158290.
658.478 LAD 140741
This book offers an overview of why data governance is
needed, how to design, initiate, and execute a program
and how to keep the program sustainable. It also includes
case studies to detail -do-s- and -don-ts- in real-world

** Data protection, Management information systems,
Information resources management

108 Coimbra, Euclides A
Kaizen in logistics and supply chains / Euclides A
Coimbra.-- New York: McGraw Hill Education, 2013.
xx, 363p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780071811040.
658.5 COI 140837
Based on the themes of Masaaki Imai-s bestseller, Gemba
Kaizen, considered the "bible" of the quality/management
movement, this book provides the first highly detailed
explanation of how to create world-class logistics and
supply chains regardless of industry. It includes more
than 200 photographs, flow diagrams, value stream maps,
and tables--and features a case study that illustrates
how a company became more competitive by successfully
implementing kaizen principles.

** Business logistics--Cost effectiveness , Delivery of
goods--Management, Organizational effectiveness ,
Industrial efficiency

109 Rathore, S
Logistics and supply chain / S Rathore.-- New Delhi:
Advanced Learner Press, 2013.
263p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9789383028054.
658.7 RAT 140868

** Supply Chain Management , Business logistics

110 Baines, Paul
Essentials of marketing / Paul Baines, Chris Fill and
Kelly Page.-- Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013.
xxiii, 413p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780199646500.
658.8 BAI 140787
This text encourages to consider how you would tackle the
real marketing challenges and issues encountered by
professionals on a daily basis.

** Marketing

111 Kumar, V
Customer relationship management : concept, strategy, and
tools / V Kumar and Werner Reinartz.--2nd ed-- Heidelberg
: Springer, 2012. xxxiii, 378p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 9783642201097.
658.812 KUM 140997
This book closely examines the strategic and tactical
aspects of customer relationship management as it stands
today. Benefiting advanced students and working
executives, the book stresses economic customer value as
the guiding concept for marketing decisions.

** Customer relations -- Management , Customer relations
- Management -- Data processing

112 Lusch, Robert F
Service-dominant logic : premises, perspectives,
possibilities / Robert F Lusch and Stephen L Vargo.--
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2014.
xxvi, 225p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780521124324.
658.812 LUS 140982
In this book, the authors present a thorough primer on
the principles and applications of Service-dominant
logic. They describe a clear alternative to the dominant
worldview of the heavily planned, production-oriented,
profit-maximizing firm, presenting a coherent, organizing
framework based on ten foundational premises.

** Customer relations -- Philosophy , Customer services -
Philosophy , Service industries -- Philosophy

113 Kumar, V
Customer lifetime value : the path to profitability / V
Kumar.-- Hanover: Now Publishers, 2008. xi, 99p. , 23cm.
(Foundations and trends in marketing , 2:1).
ISBN : 9781601981561.
658.8343 KUM 140967
This book provides methods to measure CLV, strategies for
developing customer-centric strategies, explains the
implementation of CLV strategies in a B2B and B2C
setting, and examines the challenges faced by an
organization in implementing a CLV-based framework.

** Customer relations -- Management , Customer relations
- Data processing , Customer loyalty
   114 Ryan, Michael
An introduction to film analysis : technique and meaning
in narrative film / Michael Ryan and Melissa Lenos.-- New
York: Continuum, 2012.
ix, 229p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9780826430021.
791.4309 RYA 140747
An innovative textbook combining an introduction to
filmmaking technique with rigorous and comprehensive
training in film interpretation.

** Film criticism , Motion pictures

115 Kotler, Steven
The Rise of superman : decoding the science of ultimate
human performance / Steven Kotler.-- Baker Street:
Quercus, 2014.
xxii, 234p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781782060253.
796.046 KOT 140977
An exploration of how extreme athletes are able to break
the limits of ultimate human performance and what we can
learn from their mastery of the state of consciousness
known as -flow-.

** Athletes -- Psychology , Extreme sports --
Psychological aspects , Ability
   116 Williamson, Edwin (ed)
The Cambridge companion to Jorge Luis Borges / Edwin
Williamson.-- Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013
xvi, 246p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9780521141376.
868.6209 BOR 140990
Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986) was one of the great
writers of the twentieth century and the most influential
author in the Spanish language of modern times. He had a
seminal influence on Latin American literature and a
lasting impact on literary fiction in many other
languages. The primary aim of this Companion is to provide
a more comprehensive account of Borges-s oeuvre and the
evolution of his writing. It offers critical assessments
by leading scholars of the poetry of his youth and the
later poetry and fiction, as well as of the -canonical-
volumes of the middle years.Other chapters focus on key
themes and interests, and on his influence in literary
theory and translation studies.

** Borges, Jorge Luis, -- 1899-1986 -- Criticism and
   117 Dabashi, Hamid
The World of Persian literary humanism / Hamid Dabashi.--
Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2012.
x, 372p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780674066717.
891.5509 DAB 140856
Humanism has mostly considered the question "What does it
mean to be human?" from a Western perspective. The author
asks it anew from a non-European perspective, in a
groundbreaking study of 1,400 years of Persian literary
humanism. He presents the unfolding of this vast
tradition as the creative and subversive subconscious of
Islamic civilization.

** Persian literature --History and criticism , Humanism
in literature
   118 Gunn, Paul (ed)
Democratic deliberation in the modern world / Paul Gunn.-
London: Routledge, 2014.
viii, 209p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9780415702850.
909 GUN 140941
This book offers an intervention in the deliberative
literature.The contributors to this collection of essays
bring together a number of analyses of the practical
implications of expanding deliberative processes.

** Deliberative democracy , Democracy

119 Yong, Tan Tai (ed)
Diaspora engagement and development in South Asia / Tan
Tai Yong and Md Mizanur Rahman.-- New York: Palgrave
Macmillan, 2013.
xvii, 262p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9781137334442.
909.04914 YON 140932
The global South Asian diaspora is over 50 million
strong. Many of its members maintain strong social,
economic and cultural connections to their countries of
origin. They also engage in various causes and
institutions that directly benefit their countries and
people in South Asia. A global cast of contributors aim
to document the various forms of diaspora engagement
between global South Asian diasporas and their origin
countries, deepening understanding of the opportunity
that these diaspora communities are hoarding for
development, and providing insight on how to tap the
development potential of diaspora engagement for
countries in South Asia.

** South Asians -- Foreign countries -- Congresses ,
Economic development -- South Asia -- Congresses , South
Asian diaspora -- Congresses

120 Osterhammel, Jurgen
The Transformation of the world : a global history of the
nineteenth century / Jurgen Osterhammel.-- Princeton:
Princeton University Press, 2014.
xxii, 1167p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780691147451.
909.81 OST 140969
The book explores the changing relationship between human
beings and nature, looks at the importance of cities,
explains the role slavery and its abolition played in the
emergence of new nations, challenges the widely held
belief that the nineteenth century witnessed the triumph
of the nation-state, and much more.

** History, Modern -- 19th century , History, Modern
   121 Gies, Joseph
Life in a medieval city / Joseph Gies and Frances Gies.--
New York: Harper Perennial, 1969.
xiii, 274p. , 20cm.
ISBN : 9780060908805.
914.4331 GIE 140963
This book represents a fairly accurate representation of
what life might have been like for the average city
dweller during the Middle Ages.

** Civilization, Medieval , Cities and towns, Medieval
   122 Pirenne, Henri
A History of Europe from the invasions to the XVI century
/ Henri Pirenne.-- New York: University Books, 1955.
xxii, 625p. , 23cm.
With a new introduction to the American ed. by Jan-Albert
ISBN : 9781258829780.
940.1 PIR 140962
This book begins with the Barbarian and Musulman
invasions in the fifth century AD, which signalled the
end of the Roman world in the West, and ends in the
middle of the sixteenth century with the Renaissance and
the Reformation.

** History , Europe -- History -- 476-1492 , Europe --
History -- 1492-1648

123 Roshwald, Aviel (ed)
European culture in the great war : the arts,
entertainment and propaganda, 1914-1918 / Aviel Roshwald
and Richard Stites.-- Cambridge: Cambridge University
Press, 2002.
xii, 430p. , 23cm.
(Studies in the social and cultural history of modern
ISBN : 9780521013246.
940.31 ROS 140921
This book redresses the balance by giving equal attention
to the countries of eastern and central Europe, and
distinguishes itself by focusing specifically on cultural
change during the course of the war, as distinct from the
after-effects and memories of the conflict.

** World War, 1914-1918 -- Social aspects -- Europe ,
World War, 1914-1918 -- Influence , Popular culture --

124 Andrew, Dudley
Popular front Paris and the poetics of culture / Dudley
Andrew and Steven Ungar.-- Cambridge: Harvard University
Press, 2005.
ix, 449, , 23cm.
ISBN : 9780674027169.
944.3610815 AND 140995
The authors highlight the new symbolic forces put in play
by technologies of the illustrated press and the sound
film - technologies that converged with efforts among
writers, artists, and other intellectuals to respond to
the crises of the decade.

** Paris (France) -- History -- 20th century , Paris
(France) -- Intellectual life -- 20th century , Paris
(France) -- Social life and customs -- 20th century

125 Duggan, Christopher
A Concise history of Italy / Christopher Duggan.--2nd ed-
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2014.
xxviii,338p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9780521747431.
945 DUG 140989
Since its creation in 1861, Italy has struggled to
develop an effective political system and a secure sense
of national identity. This concise history, which covers
the period from the fall of the Roman Empire in the west
to the present day, looks in particular at the
difficulties Italy has faced during the last two
centuries in forging a nation state. This book aims to
weave together political, economic, social and cultural
history, and stresses in particular the alternation
between materialist and idealist programmes for forging a
nation state.

** Italy

126 Church, Clive H
A Concise history of Switzerland / Clive H Church and
Randolph C Head.-- Cambridge: Cambridge University Press,
xvi, 324p. , 21cm.
ISBN : 9780521143820.
949.4 CHU 140647
This comprehensive and engaging new history traces
Switzerland-s changeable development from its medieval
origins to the present.

** Switzerland -- History , HISTORY / Europe / General ,

127 Clogg, Richard
A Concise history of Greece / Richard Clogg.--3rd ed--
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013.
xiii, 321p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9781107612037.
949.5 CLO 140991
This book provides a concise, illustrated introduction to
the history of modern Greece, from the first stirrings of
the national movement in the late eighteenth century
until the present day.The current economic crisis has
marked a turning point in the country-s history. It
analyses contemporary political, economic and social

** Greece
   128 Bates, Crispin (ed)
Mutiny at the margins : new perspectives on the Indian
uprising of 1857 / Crispin Bates.-- Los Angeles: Sage
Publications, 2014.
5vols. , 24cm.
V1:Anticipations and experiences in the locality,
V2:Britain and the Indian Uprising,V3:Global perspectives
V4:Military aspects of the Indian uprising,V5:Muslim,
dalit and subaltern narratives.
ISBN : V1.9788132109709.
ISBN : V2.9788132110514.
ISBN : V3.9788132110521.
ISBN : V4.9788132110538.
ISBN : V5.9788132113539.
954.0317 BAT 140913,V1, 140914,V2, 140915,V3,
140916,V4, 140917,V5
This title touches on the thorny issue of how to define
the events of 1857 - as a rebellion, a national uprising
or a small war of the kind experienced in many colonial

** India -- History -- Sepoy Rebellion, 1857-1858 , India

129 Syiemlieh, David R (ed)
On the edge of empire : four British plans for North East
India, 1941-1947 / David R Syiemlieh.-- New Delhi: Sage
Publications, 2014.
xiv, 255p. , 22cm.
ISBN : 9788132113478.
954.1 SYI 140928
In the closing years of the British rule in India, a
secret plan was conceived and discussed at the highest
circles for a crown colony comprising the hill areas of
North East India and the tribal areas of Burma. This book
compiles the four British plans into a single volume.
** India, Northeastern -- Politics and government -- 20th
century , Tribes -- India -- Assam -- History -- 20th
century , Great Britain -- Colonies -- History -- 20th




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