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   1 Hirsi Ali, Ayaan
The Caged virgin : an emancipation proclamation for women
and Islam / Ayaan Hirsi Ali.-- New York: Free Press, 2002
xviii, 188p. 21cm.
ISBN : 9780743288347.
297.082 HIR 140164
The Caged Virgin is a call to arms for the emancipation
of women from a brutal religious and cultural oppression
and from an outdated cult of virginity. It is a defiant
call for clear thinking and for an Islamic Enlightenment.
But it is also the courageous story of how Hirsi Ali
herself fought back against everyone who tried to force
her to submit to a traditional Muslim woman-s life and
how she became a voice of reform.

** Women in Islam, Women’s rights --Religious aspects --
Islam, Women’s rights --Islamic countries, Women --
Islamic countries --Social conditions, Women (Islamic
law) Muslim women --Netherlands.
   2 MacClancy, Jeremy
Anthropology in the public arena : historical and
contemporary contexts / Jeremy MacClancy.-- West Sussex:
Wiley-Blackwell, 2013.
xi, 235p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9781118475508.
301.0941 MAC 140217
This articulate and authoritative survey of both the
popular and academic trends in anthropology demonstrates
the broad relevance of anthropological knowledge and
argues for a more inclusive conception of the discipline
that engages the public imagination. Demonstrates the
evolving social contexts of British anthropological
theory and practice from the mid-19th century. Highlights
the importance of popular anthropology in forming and
sustaining the professional discipline.

** Anthropology --Great Britain --History, Anthropology -
Great Britain --Methodology, Anthropology --Great Britain
   3 Lieberman, Matthew D
Social : why our brains are wired to connect / Matthew D
Lieberman.-- Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013.
x, 374p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780199645046.
302.3 LIE 140199
Now one of its founding pioneers, Matthew D. Lieberman,
presents the discoveries that he and fellow researchers
have made. Using fMRI scanning and a range of other
techniques, they have been able to see that the brain
responds to social pain and pleasure the same way as
physical pain and pleasure, and that unbeknown to
ourselves, we are constantly -mindreading- other people
so that we can fit in with them. It is clear that our
brains are designed to respond to and be influenced by
others. For good evolutionary reasons, he argues, we are
wired to be social.

** Social psychology, Social interaction, Neurosciences -
Social aspects, Social networks.

   4 Rajan, Rajeshwari Sunder
Scandal of the state : women, law, and citizenship in
postcolonial India / Rajeshwari Sunder Rajan.-- Durham:
Duke University Press, 2003.
xv, 313p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780822330486.
305.420954 RAJ 140165
The Scandal of the State is a path-breaking examination
of the relationship between the postcolonial, democratic
Indian nation-state and Indian women-s actual needs and
lives. Well-known for her work combining feminist theory
and postcolonial studies, Rajeswari Sunder Rajan shows
how the state is central to understanding women-s
identities and how, reciprocally, women and "women-s
issues" affect the state-s role and function.

** Women --Legal status, laws, etc. --India, Women --
Government policy --India., Womenès rights --
India.Citizenship --India.

5 Hardgrove, Anne
Community and public culture : the Marwaris in Calcutta,
c 1897-1997 / Anne Hardgrove.-- New York: Columbia
University Press, 2004.
xxvi, 323p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780231122160.
305.8914 HAR 140157
An elite community in India, neither Anglicized nor
traditional, shaped instead by diaspora and capitalist
enterprise, is the subject of Anne Hardgrove-s research.

** Marwaris --India --Kolkata --History, Marwaris --India
--Kolkata --Ethnic identity.

   6 Jodhka, Surinder S (ed)
Interrogating India-s modernity : democracy, identity,
and citizenship / Surinder S Jodhka.-- New Delhi: Oxford
University Press, 2013.
xi, 328p. 22cm.
Essays in honour of Dipankar Gupta.
ISBN : 9780198092070.
306.0954 JOD 140187
This book brings together an Introduction and 11 essays,
written by well-known experts and commentators on modern
Indian society. They cover a wide range of thematic and
topical issues, from class constitution of Indian cities
to social hierarchies, from the state of scheduled tribes
to religion and politics, and from violence of law to
health care in India. Compiled in the honour of Professor
Dipankar Gupta, whose four-decade-long contribution to
Indian sociology has shaped the way the discipline has
evolved, is learnt, taught, and practiced in India, this
volume brings to fore the key concerns of his

** India -- Social life and customs -- 20th century ,
India -- Social conditions -- 21st century ,

7 Kapur, Jyotsna
Politics of time and youth in brand India : bargaining
with capital / Jyotsna Kapur.-- London: Anthem Press,
x, 148p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780857281098.
306.30954 KAP 140194
This book traces the heightened time-consciousness that
has emerged since the 1990s in popular Indian discourses
è across cinema, television, print and consumer culture è
and argues that these anxieties concerning time are
symptomatic of the struggle between labor and capital.
Drawing on critical theory, cinema and media studies and
Marxist-feminist concepts, Kapur shows how the recent
political-economic shift in India toward neoliberalism
has been accompanied by a new emphasis on youth and a
preoccupation with change, novelty and the acceleration
of time, with profound consequences for conceptions of
time, youth and the relations between generations.

** Youth --India, Branding (Marketing) --India,
Neoliberalism --India, India --Social conditions --21st
   8 Bose, Sumantra
Transforming India : challenges to the world-s largest
democracy / Sumantra Bose.-- London: Picador India, 2013.
337p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9789382616191.
320.954 BOS 140200
The ninth LokSabha election of November 1989 marked the
beginning of a new political era, and since then the
nation-s political landscape has been dramatically
transformed by the rise of regional parties and leaders.
Sumantra Bose illuminates the roots, significance and
challenges of this bottom-up federalization driven by the
will of the people and the transition to a de-centered
democracy. The principal personalities, events, and
turning points of the pre-1990 and post-1990 eras come to
life in the pages of Transforming India. Transforming
India: Challenges to the World-s Largest Democracy
combines lucid writing with incisive analysis, and
masterly command of detail with unwavering attention to
the big picture. Bose finds the story of Indian democracy
profoundly inspiring, but never loses sight of its flaws
and warts, challenges and contradictions.

** Political science, Democracy, India
   9 Bolleyer, Nicole
New party in old party systems : persistence and decline
in seventeen democracies / Nicole Bolleyer.-- Oxford:
Oxford University Press, 2013.
xiii, 250p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780199646067.
324.2 BOL 140190
New Parties in Old Party Systems addresses a pertinent
yet neglected issue in comparative party research: why
are some new parties that enter national parliament able
to defend a niche on the national level, while other fail
to do so? Unlike most existing studies, which strongly
focus on electoral (short-term) success or particular
party families, this book examines the conditions for the
organizational persistence and electoral sustainability
of the 140, organizationally new parties that entered
their national parliaments in seventeen democracies from
1968 to 2011.

** Political parties, Political parties --Platforms.
   10 Callahan, William A
China dreams : 20 visions of the future / William A
Callahan.-- Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013.
212p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780199896400.
327.51073 CAL 140219
William A. Callahan-s China Dreams gives voice to China-s
many different futures by exploring the grand aspirations
and deep anxieties of a broad group of public
intellectuals. Stepping outside the narrow politics of
officials vs. dissidents, Callahan examines what a third
group--"citizen intellectuals"--think about China-s
future. China Dreams eavesdrops on fascinating
conversations between officials, scholars, soldiers,
bloggers, novelists, film-makers and artists to see how
they describe China-s different political, strategic,
economic, social and cultural futures.

** Social change --China, Politics and culture --China.,
Intellectuals --China --Biography, China --Foreign
relations --2002-, China --Forecasting, China --Foreign
relations --United States, United States --Foreign
relations --China, China --Intellectual life.
 330   ECONOMICS  
   11 Frank, Robert H
Choosing the right pond : human behavior and the quest
for status / Robert H Frank.-- New York: Cambridge
University Press, 1985.
x, 286p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780195049459.
330 FRA 140156
This challenging and provocative book offers an
alternative to the prevailing view of human beings as
economic automatons. Individual desires--notably the
quest for status--profoundly affect the marketplace. The
book offers a radical reinterpretation of what private
markets can and cannot do and suggests new ways of
looking at familiar regulations and social programs. Many
of the issues discussed touch directly upon the strongest
concerns we feel as human beings struggling to define our
roles and affirm our importance in the world around us..

** Economics , Welfare economics , Wages , Social status
Social status Economic aspects ,

12 Dore, Ronald
Stock market capitalism : welfare capitalism - Japan and
Germany versus the Anglo-Saxons / Ronald Dore.-- Oxford:
Oxford University Press, 2000.
xiv, 264p. 21cm.
ISBN : 9780199240616.
330.122 DOR 140170
In this book author traces the fascinating debates which
ensue on corporate governance, on worker rights, on
supplier relations, on cartels and anti-trust, on
pensions and welfare. He also analyses actual changes in
economic behavior-an essential means of sorting out a
lot of the muddle and double-talk not just in the
internal debates themselves, but even more in the foreign
reporting of them. These accounts of the battle for the
national soul in Japan and Germany constitute one of the
finest contributions to the -diversity of capitalism-

** Management --Japan, Management --Germany, Management -
United States, Management --Great Britain, Capitalism --
Japan, Capitalism --Germany, Capitalism --United States,
Capitalism --Great Britain.

13 Whaples, Robert (ed)
Routledge handbook of modern economic history / Robert
Whaples and Randall E Parker.-- London: Routledge, 2013.
xvi, 352p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9780415677042.
330.9 WHA 140198
The Routledge Handbook of Modern Economic History aims to
introduce readers to important approaches and findings of
economic historians who study the modern world. Its short
chapters reflect the most up-to-date research and are
written by well-known economic historians who are
authorities on their subjects. It begins by examining an
equally important "sector" of the economy which scholars
have increasingly analyzed using economic tools religion.
Part 4 focuses on the work force and human outcomes
including inequality, labor markets, unions, education,
immigration, slavery, urbanization, and the evolving
economic roles of women and African-Americans. The text
will be of great value to those taking economic history
courses as well as a reference book useful to
professional practitioners, policy makers and the public.

** Economic history --1918-, Economic history --1750-1918

14 Ozawa, Terutomo
Rise of Asia : the -flying-geese- theory of tandem growth
and regional agglomeration / Terutomo Ozawa.-- Cheltenham
: Edward Elgar, 2009.
xxi, 228p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9781847208156.
330.95 OZA 140173
Terutomo Ozawa introduces a newly reformulated theory of
-flying-geese- economic development, exploring Asia-s
dynamic growth and financial development. This unique
book shows how the flying-geese theory can be expanded
and applied to both the real- and the financial-sector
structural transformation of regionally clustered
economies. The author explores an array of concepts -
from the ladder of economic development and hegemon-led
growth clustering, through -stages jumbling-,to
comparative advantage recycling and the Ricardo-Hicksian
limits of industrialism - which together help bring an
understanding of the dynamics of tandem growth and
regional agglomeration in Asia.

** Economic development --Asia, Regional economic

15 Deng, Gang
The Premodern Chinese economy : structural equilibrium
and capitalist sterility / Gang Deng.-- London: Routledge
, 2007.
420p., 23cm.
(Routledge explorations in economic history).
ISBN : 9780415458641.
330.951 DEN 140155

** China --Economic conditions --To 1644, China --
Economic conditions --1644-1912, China --History --Shang
dynasty, 1766-1122 B.C., China --History --Qing dynasty,

16 D-Costa, Anthony P
Long march to capitalism : embourgeoisment,
internationalisation and industrial transformation in
India / Anthony P D-Costa.-- New York: Palgrave Macmillan
, 2005.
xviii, 243p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9781403936479.
330.954 DCO 140166

** Capitalism --India --History --20th century,
Industrialization --India --History --20th century,
Automobile industry and trade --India --History --20th
century, India --Economic conditions --20th century,
India --Politics and government --20th century.
   17 Agarwala, Rina
Informal labor, formal politics, and dignified discontent
in India / Rina Agarwala.-- Delhi: Cambridge University
Press, 2013.
xx, 250p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781107059733.
331 AGA 140186
This book offers a fresh and provocative look into the
alternative social movements informal workers in India
are launching. It also offers a unique analysis of the
conditions under which these movements succeed or fail.
Drawing from 300 interviews with informal workers,
government officials and union leaders, Rina Agarwala
argues that Indian informal workers are using their power
as voters to demand welfare benefits from the state,
rather than demanding traditional work benefits from
employers. In addition, they are organizing at the
neighborhood level, rather than the shop floor, and
appealing to -citizenship-, rather than labor righ.

** Labor movement -- India , Unskilled labor -- Labor
unions -- India , Informal sector (Economics) -- India ,
   18 Forsyth, Douglas J (ed)
The Origins of national financial systems : Alexander
Gerschenkron reconsidered / Douglas J Forsyth and Daniel
Verdier.-- London: Routledge, 2003.
xiii, 237p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780415301688.
332.1 FOR 140154
Since the nineteenth century, there has been an accepted
distinction between financial systems that separate
commercial and investment banking and those that do not.
This comprehensive collection aims to establish how and
why financial systems develop, and how knowledge of
financial differentiation in the nineteenth century may
afford insight into the development of contemporary
banking structure. This book poses a systematic challenge
to Alexander Gerschenkron-s 1950s thesis on universal
banks. With contributions from leading scholars such as
Ranald Michie and Jaime Reis, this well written book
provides solid and intriguing arguments throughout. .

** Gerschenkron, Alexander, Banks and banking --History,
Investment banking --History, Universal banks --History.

19 Marcuzzo, Maria Cristina (ed)
Monetary standards and exchange rates / Maria Cristina
Marcuzzo, L H Officer and A Rosselli.-- London: Routledge
, 1997.
xiii, 302p. 23cm.
(Routledge explorations in economic history , 6).
ISBN : 9780415142977.
332.45 MAR 140153

** Money --History, Foreign exchange rates, Gold standard
--History, Bimetallism, Monetary policy.

20 Atkin, John
Foreign exchange market of London : development since
1900 / John Atkin.-- London: Routledge, 2005.
xiv, 218p.23cm.
(Routledge explorations in economic history).
ISBN : 9780415647830.
332.4509421 ATK 140158
Foreign Exchange is big business in the City of London.
At the last official count, turnover on the London
foreign exchange market averaged a staggering $504
billion a day. No other financial centre in the world
even comes close to matching this total. Thirty one per
cent of global foreign exchange activity takes place in
the United Kingdom, compared with only sixteen per cent
in the United States and nine per cent in Japan. However,
this has not always been so. A hundred years ago, the
London foreign exchange market played second fiddle to
more important centres in New York, Paris and Berlin.
This book charts the inexorable rise of foreign exchange
in London over the past century and is the first full-
length study of this amazing transformation.

** Bank of England, Foreign exchange market --England --
   21 Eriksson, Clas
Economic growth and the environment : an introduction to
the theory / Clas Eriksson.-- Oxford: Oxford University
Press, 2013.
xvi, 217p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780199663897.
333.7 ERI 140222
Economic Growth and the Environment explores the debate
on how to reconcile economic growth with protection of
the natural environment, and the closely related
discussion on whether an increasing scarcity of natural
resources will eventually force economic growth to cease.
It aims to present models where both sides can meet and
where both are able to derive expected results with the
parameter values that they deem appropriate. From there,
the discussions can turn to the empirical observations
about these parameters.

** Economic development --Environmental aspects,
Environmental economics.

22 Levi, Michael
Power surge : energy, opportunity, and the battle for
America-s future / Michael Levi.-- Oxford: Oxford
University Press, 2013.
260p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780199986163.
333.790973 LEV 140195
This book is about two revolutions in U.S. energy - one
in -old- energy (oil, gas, coal) and one in -new energy-
(wind, solar, biofuels, efficiency) - and the intense
clash that they have produced. Yet as Levi shows, the
inevitable clash between the two has been overblown, at
least as a matter of substance (though certainly not
politics). He argues that for at least the next two
decades, a smart strategy will carefully blend and
exploit the best of old and new energy alike.

** Renewable energy --United States, Energy industries --
United States.
   23 McCarthy, Dennis M P
International economic integration in historical
prespective / Dennis M P McCarthy.-- London: Routledge,
xii, 254p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780415514637.
337.1 MAC 140159
Author Dennis McCarthy examines seven types of
organizations that exemplify international economic
integration (colonial empires, merchant associations,
religious empires, criminal empires, free trade areas,
customs unions and common markets), and representative
examples of each type are analyzed in a comparative
framework. Timely and unique, this book demonstrates that
international economic integration is an economic and
political process that also involves political economy.
With an introduction defining key terms and concepts, a
retrospective summarizing the main insights, and endnotes
and a detailed bibliography offering readers ways to
pursue these topics further, McCarthy-s book will prove
indispensable to students .

** International economic integration, International
economic relations
   24 Vaitheeswaran, Vijay V
Need, speed, and greed : how the rules of innovation can
tranform business, propel nations to greatness, and tame
the world-s most wicked problems / Vijay V Vaitheeswaran.
-- New York: Harper Business, 2012. viii, 293p. 21cm.
ISBN : 9780062313072.
338.064 VAI 140189
Vaitheeswaran outlines new rules for global innovation
that can help individuals businesses, and nations compete
in this new era. This book is recommended reading for
those who seek to understand current trends and want to
become an integral part of the change and drive it.

** Technological innovations --Economic aspects,
Technological innovations --Social aspects, Diffusion of
innovations, Intellectual capital, Social problems.

25 D-Costa, Anthony (ed)
India in the global software industry : innovation, firm
strategies and development / Anthony D-Costa and E
Sridharan.-- New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2004.
xxii, 292p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9781403912527.
338.470050954 DCO 140167
In this timely and unique study, the innovations in
India-s information (IT) industry are examined in detail.
Globally the IT Industry has experienced phenomenal
growth. The book examines the issues surrounding the
analysis of the Indian IT sector on a global, national,
regional, firm, and product level and the significance of
national policies to sustain the competitiveness of the
Indian IT sector.

** Computer software industry --India.

26 Rogers, Robert P
An Economic history of the American steel industry /
Robert P Rogers.-- London: Routledge, 2009.
x, 210p. 23cm.
(Routledge explorations in economic history , 42).
ISBN : 9780415743525.
338.47669142 ROG 140163
This book provides a basic outline of the history of the
American steel industry, a sector of the economy that has
been an important part of the industrial system. The book
starts with the 1830-s, when the American iron and steel
industry resembled the traditional iron producing sector
that had existed in the old world for centuries, and it
ends in 2001. The product of this industry, steel, is an
alloy of iron and carbon that has become the most used
metal in the world. The very size of the steel industry
and its position in the modern economy give it an unusual
relevance to the economic, social, and political system.

** Steel industry and trade --United States --History --
19th century, Steel industry and trade --United States --
History --20th century.

27 Pearce, Robert (ed)
China and the multinationals : international business and
the entry of China into the global economy / Robert
Pearce.-- Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2011.
ix, 204p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9781848446687.
338.88851 PEA 140171
This book explores how the interaction between China and
multinational enterprises (MNEs) has the potential to
affect the future of the Chinese economy, the global
economy, and international business. It examines the
interaction of two of the most important forces affecting
the development of the global economy in recent decades -
namely the opening and massive growth of the Chinese
economy, and secondly the rise in foreign direct
investment per se and the consequent strategic
restructuring of major MNEs. The expert contributors
begin by investigating precisely how leading MNEs, with
well-honed international practices and commitments, have
drawn their operations in China into their established

** International business enterprises --China, China --
Economic conditions --2000-
   28 Wood, John H
History of macroeconomic policy in the United States /
John H Wood.-- London: Routledge, 2009.
x, 221p. 24cm.
(Routledge explorations in economic history , 41.)
ISBN : 9780415777186.
339.50973 WOO 140161
The book addresses the history of the interests, ideas,
and practices of monetary and fiscal policies in the
U.S., although it also examines macro-policies in other
countries, particularly the UK. Professor Wood argues
that economic policies in the United States have been
relatively predictable and stable historically, through a
detailed examination of conflicts over taxes and monetary
policy such as the whiskey rebellion, Magna Carta, the
Stamp Act, the Banks of the U.S., and the Federal
Reserve. Issues covered also include property,
economists? theories of stabilization, taxes, deficits,
and monetary policy.

** Fiscal policy --United States, Monetary policy --
United States.

   29 Doi, Takero
Public sector in Japan : past developments and future
prospects / Takero Doi and Toshihiro Ihori.-- Cheltenham:
Elgar Edward, 2009.
xii, 320p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9781847203625.
351.52 DOI 140172
This book presents a comprehensive, theory-based analysis
of Japan-s public sector. These include macroeconomic
incidence of fiscal decentralization, dependence on
government bonds for covering financial deficits, and
social security reform. In analyzing Japan-s
underperforming public sector, the authors develop and
recommend policy solutions aimed at achieving Japan-s
growth potential, improving the quality of the public
sector, and strengthening the sector-s contribution to
the Japanese economy.

** Public administration --Japan.
   30 Biehl, Joao (ed)
When people come first : critical studies in global
health / Joao Biehl and Adriana Petryna.-- Princeton:
Princeton University Press, 2013.
446p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780691157399.
362.1 BIE 140152
When People Come First critically assesses the expanding
field of global health. It brings together an
international and interdisciplinary group of scholars to
address the medical, social, political, and economic
dimensions of the global health enterprise through vivid
case studies and bold conceptual work. The book
demonstrates the crucial role of ethnography as an
empirical lantern in global health, arguing for a more
comprehensive, people-centered approach.

** World health, Public health --International
cooperation SOCIAL SCIENCE / Anthropology / Cultural,
   31 Guzman, Andrew T
Overheated : the human cost of climate change / Andrew T
Guzman.-- Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013.
xii, 260p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780199933877.
363.73874 GUZ 140192
Deniers of climate change sometimes quip that claims
about global warming are more about political science
than climate science. They are wrong on the science, but
may be right with respect to its political implications.
A hotter world, writes Andrew Guzman, will bring
unprecedented migrations, famine, war, and disease. It
will be a social and political disaster of the first
order. In Overheated, Guzman takes climate change out of
the realm of scientific abstraction to explore its real-
world consequences. He writes not as a scientist, but as
an authority on international law and economics. He takes
as his starting point a fairly optimistic outcome in the
range predicted by scientists: a 2 degree Celsius
increase in average global temperatures. Even this modest
rise would lead to catastrophic environmental and social

** Climatic changes --Social aspects, Climatic changes --
Economic aspects, Climatic changes --Effect of human
beings on, Human ecology.

   32 Bernholz, Peter (ed)
Political competition and economic regulation / Peter
Bernholz and Roland Vaubel.-- London: Routledge, 2007.
xii, 281p. 24cm.
(Routledge explorations in economic history , 36).
ISBN : 9780415429856.
382.1 BER 140160
Organized, readable, technically sound and comprehensive
from both theoretical and empirical standpoints, this
book summarizes a vast amount of institutional,
historical and descriptive detail. Using case studies
from the US, Canada, Germany and Switzerland as well as
the European Union and the global economy, this is the
first book of its kind to examine historical evidence on
how competition among states or the lack of it affects
regulation, especially labour market regulation. Edited
by internationally respected scholars of economics and
containing contributions from eminent economists, this
book reveals important implications as to whether
European political integration leads to more regulation
and whether globalization restrains regulation. It will
be of great interest to both economists and students
engaged with political economy, public choice and

** Competition, International, Economic policy --Case

   33 Reid, Howard M
Introduction to statistics : fundamental concepts and
procedures of data analysis / Howard M Reid.-- Los
Angeles: Sage Publications, 2014. xxii, 606p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781452271965.
519.5 REI 140214
Using a truly accessible and reader-friendly approach,
this book redefines the way statistics can be taught and
learned. Unlike other books that merely focus on
procedures, Reidès approach balances development of
critical thinking skills with application of those skills
to contemporary statistical analysis. He goes beyond
simply presenting techniques by focusing on the key
concepts readers need to master in order to ensure their
long-term success. Indeed, this exciting new book offers
the perfect foundation upon which readers can build as
their studies and careers progress to more advanced forms
of statistics.

** Statistics --Textbooks.
   34 Pfeffer , Jeffrey
Power : why some people have it and others don-t /
Jeffrey Pfeffer.-- New York: Harper Business, 2010.
273p. 21cm.
ISBN : 9780062312792.
650.1 PFE 140196

** Success in business, Power (Social sciences),
   35 Zurn, James
Learning with lean : unleashing the potential for
sustainable competitive advantage / James Zurn and Perry
Mulligan.-- Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2014.
xvi, 280p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9781466572942.
658.401 ZUR 140215
Examining the performance gap between good organizations
and great ones, Learning with Lean: Unleashing the
Potential for Sustainable Competitive Advantage explains
how to use Lean as a learning vehicle for achieving and
sustaining a competitive advantage. It helps to
understand better the current state of the organization
and outlines a series of five simple phases for
developing an architecture and implementation plan to
transform your organization-s performance.

** Lean manufacturing, Quality control.

36 Blowfield, Michael
Turnaround challenge : business and the city of the
future / Michael Blowfield and Leo Johnson.-- Oxford:
Oxford University Press, 2013.
xvi, 245p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780199672219.
658.4012 BLO 140202
Turnaround Challenge examines the nexus of challenges
confronting society and delivers a comprehensive overview
of the innovators driving the next wave of growth for
business. It explores three possible cities of the
futurePetropolis, Cyburbia, and the Distributed City and
their implications for business success and tackling
global megatrends.

** Strategic planning, Capitalism, Sustainable
development Environmental economics, Social
responsibility of business.

37 Harrington, H James
Performance acceleration management : rapid improvement
to your key performance drivers / H James Harrington.--
Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2013.
xxvi, 194p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781466572577.
658.4013 HAR 140216
Focusing on important opportunities that will provide
value for the organization, this book provides direction
and motivation for the improvement process. It provides a
method for continuous review of the improvement process
and encourages timeliness through its digital-setting and
milestones. The potential answers to key questions will
create a comprehensive list of value propositions. The
book walks readers through the steps of defining
organizational driving factors, identifying benchmarks
and leading practices, conducting knowledge gap,
analysis, developing value propositions, and reviewing
and obtaining approval from the executive team.

** Organizational effectiveness, Benchmarking

38 Fuda, Peter
Leadership transformed: how ordinary managers become
extraordinary leaders / Peter Fuda.-- London: Profile
Books, 2013.
xxviii, 210p. 21cm.
ISBN : 9781781251249.
658.4092 FUD 140188
Leadership Transformed uses seven easy-to-remember
metaphors to distil Fuda-s research into a pathway for
real, lasting change. The Fire metaphor, for example,
will help you shift from burning platforms (fear-driven
leadership) to burning ambition (purpose-driven
leadership), while the Snowball metaphor will teach you
how to foster mutual accountability and create
unstoppable momentum. Fuda has helped leaders on four
continents achieve greatness. Previously available only
to the select clients of his industry-leading
consultancy, now Fuda-s expert knowledge can help kick-
start your own leadership transformation.

** Leadership.

39 Logan, Dave
Tribal leadership : leveraging natural groups to build a
thriving organisation / Dave Logan , John King and Halee
Fischer-Wright.-- New York: Harper Business, 2008.
xiii, 303p. 21cm.
ISBN : 9780062312815.
658.4092 LOG 140201
In Tribal Leadership, Dave Logan and John King show
corporate leaders how to first assess their companys
tribal culture and then raise their companies tribes to
unprecedented heights of success. In a rigorous eight-
year study of approximately 24,000 people in over two
dozen corporations, Logan and King discovered a common
theme: the success of a company depends on its tribes,
the strength of its tribes is determined by the tribal
culture, and a thriving corporate culture can be
established by an effective tribal leader. TRIBAL
LEADERSHIP will show leaders how to employ their
companies tribes to maximize productivity and profit: the
authors research, backed up with interviews ranging from
Brian France (CEO of NASCAR) to "Dilbert" creator Scott
Adams, shows that over three quarters of the
organizations theyve studied have tribal cultures that
are adequate at best.

** Leadership, Organizational behavior, Teams in the

40 Liu, Shunzhong
Innovation management in knowledge intensive business
services in China / Shunzhong Liu.-- Heidelberg: Springer
, 2013. viii, 75p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9783642346750.
658.514 LIU 140213
In a knowledge-based economy, the development of a
particular type of services, knowledge intensive business
services (KIBS), becomes one of the characteristic trends
in economic evolution. Current research focuses mainly on
service innovation in developed countries, but little
consideration is given to the situation in developing
countries. Based on empirical research in the People-s
Republic of China, this book aims to contribute to a
better appreciation and understanding of the innovative
characteristics of KIBSs in developing countries.

** Technological innovations --China --Management.,
Knowledge management, Technological innovations

41 Wood, Burk Marian
The Marketing plan handbook / Marian Burk Wood.--5th ed--
Boston: Pearson, 2014.
xiv, 210p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780133078350.
658.802 WOO 140174
Directed primarily toward undergraduate Marketing
college/university majors, this text also provides
practical content to current and aspiring industry
professionals. The Marketing Plan Handbook is the only
planning handbook to guide readers, step-by-step, through
the complete development of a realistic, customized
marketing plan.

** Marketing --Management --Handbooks, manuals, etc.
 700   ARTS  
   42 Cucker, Felipe
Manifold mirrors : the crossing paths of the arts and
mathematics / Felipe Cucker.-- Cambridge: Cambridge
University Press, 2013.
x, 415p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780521728768.
700.105 CUC 140212
Most works of art, whether illustrative, musical or
literary, are created subject to a set of constraints. In
many cases, these constraints have a mathematical
nature, for example, the geometric transformations
governing the canons of J. S. Bach, the various
projection systems used in classical painting, the
catalog of symmetries found in Islamic art, or the rules
concerning The author provides both a development in
geometry and a description of how these frameworks fit
the creative process within several art practices. He
furthermore discusses the perceptual effects derived from
the presence of particular geometric characteristics. The
book began life as a liberal arts course and it is
certainly suitable as a textbook. However, anyone
interested in the power and ubiquity of mathematics will
enjoy this revealing insight into the relationship
between mathematics and the arts.

** Arts --Mathematics
   43 Steel, Danielle
Until the end of time : a novel / Danielle Steel.-- New
York: Delacorte Press, 2013.
323p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780345530882.
813.54 STE 140169
Two couples, four decades apart. One believes that if
lovers die, they find each other again in another life.
Or perhaps they wind up as stars side by side in the sky,
together forever. Who knows how it really ends? Danielle
Steel breaks new ground in her career as a perennial New
York Times bestseller with the poignant story of two
parallel destinies, and the kind of love we all hope will
be everlasting.

** Marriage --Fiction, Publishers and publishing --
   44 Wasserstrom, Jeffrey N
China in the 21st century : what everyone needs to know /
Jeffrey N Wasserstrom.--2nd ed-- Oxford: Oxford
University Press, 2013.
xix, 182p. 21cm.
ISBN : 9780199974962.
951.06 WAS 140220
In the fully revised and updated second edition of China
in the 21st Century: What Everyone Needs to Know, China
expert Jeffrey Wasserstrom provides cogent answers to the
most urgent questions regarding the newest superpower,
and offers a framework for understanding its meteoric
rise. Focusing his answers through the historical
legacies Western and Japanese imperialism, the Mao era,
and the massacre near Tiananmen Square-that largely
define China-s present-day trajectory, Wasserstrom
introduces readers to the Chinese Communist Party, the
building boom in Shanghai, and the environmental fall-out
of rapid Chinese industrialization. He also explains
unique aspects of Chinese culture such as the one-child
policy, and provides insight into how Chinese view

** China --History --21st century.

45 Guha, Ramachandra
Gandhi before India / Ramachandra Guha.-- New Delhi:
Penguin Books, 2013.
x, 673p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780670083879.
954.035092 GUH 140181
The first volume of a magisterial biography: the
definitive portrait of the life and work of one of the
most abidingly influential--and controversial--men in
modern history. Here is a revelatory work of biography
that takes us from Gandhi-s birth in 1869 through his
upbringing in Gujarat, his 2 years as a student in
London, and his 2 decades as a lawyer and community
organizer in South Africa. Ramachandra Guha has uncovered
a myriad of previously untapped documents, including:
private papers of Gandhi-s contemporaries and co-workers,
contemporary newspapers and court documents, the writings
of Gandhi-s children, secret files kept by British Empire

** Gandhi, Mahatma, 1869-1948, Statesmen --India --




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