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 002   THE BOOK  
   1 Orsini, Francesca (ed)
The History of the book in South Asia / Francesca Orsini.
-- Burlington: Ashgate, 2013.
xxix, 25cm.
ISBN : 9781409437840.
002.095 ORS 139227
The History of the Book in South Asia covers not only the
various modern states that make up South Asia today but
also a multitude of languages and scripts. For centuries
it was manuscripts that dominated book production and
circulation, and printing technology only began to make
an impact in the late eighteenth century. Print
flourished in the colonial period and in particular
lithographic printing proved particularly popular in
South Asia both because it was economical and because it
enabled multi-script printing. There are now vibrant
publishing cultures in the nation states of South Asia,
and the essays in this volume cover the whole range from
palm-leaf manuscripts to contemporary print culture.

** South Asia, Publishers and publishing, Book
 003   SYSTEMS  
   2 Lineweaver, Charles H (ed)
Complexity and the arrow of time / Charles H
Lineweaver,Paul C W Davies and Michael Ruse.-- Cambridge:
Cambridge University Press, 2013.
xii, 357p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781107027251.
003 LIN 139804
This book brings together a wide range of experts in
science, philosophy and theology and unveils their joint
effort in exploring this idea. They confront essential
problems behind the theory of complexity and the role of
life within it: what is complexity? When does it
increase, and why? Is the universe evolving towards
states of ever greater complexity and diversity? If so,
what is the source of this universal enrichment? This
book addresses those difficult questions, and offers a
unique cross-disciplinary perspective on some of the most
profound issues at the heart of science and philosophy.
Readers will gain insights in complexity that reach deep
into key areas of physics, biology, complexity science,
philosophy and religion.

** Complexity (Philosophy), Science --Philosophy
   3 Privitera, Gregory J
Research methods for the behavioral sciences / Gregory J
Privitera.-- Los Angeles: Sage Publications, 2014.
xxix, 593p. 26cm.
ISBN : 9781412975117.
150.721 PRI 139246

** Psychology--Research--Methodology, Psychology--
Statistical methods, Social sciences--Research--
   4 Turner, Jonathan H
Theoretical sociology : a concise introduction to twelve
sociological theories / Jonathan H Turner.-- Los Angeles:
Sage Publications, 2014.
xi, 271p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9781452203478.
301 TUR 139247

** Sociology--Philosophy, Sociology
   5 Simonson, Peter (ed)
The Handbook of communication history / Peter Simonson
and others.-- New York: Routledge, 2013.
xvi, 511p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9780415892605.
302.209 SIM 139226
The volume examines the history of communication history,
the history of ideas of communication, the history of
communication media, and the history of the field of
communication. Readers will explore the history of the
object under consideration (relevant practices, media,
and ideas), review its manifestations in different
regions and cultures (comparative dimensions), and orient
toward current thinking and historical research on the
topic (current state of the field). As a whole, the
volume gathers disparate strands of communication history
into one volume, offering an accessible and panoramic
view of the development of communication over time and
geographical places, and providing a catalyst to further
work in communication history.

** Communication --History.

6 MacKinnon, Rebecca
Consent of the networked : the world-wide struggle for
Internet freedom / Rebecca MacKinnon.-- New York: Basic
Books, 2013.
xxvii, 314p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9780465063758.
302.231 MAC 139805
As corporations and countries fight for control of the
Internet, the likely losers are us, unless we act to
protect our freedoms. Internet policy specialist
MacKinnon argues that it-s time for us to claim respect
and protection for our rights before they-re sold,
legislated, programmed, and engineered away.

** Internet --Political aspects, Internet --Social
aspects Internet --Censorship, Freedom of information,
World politics --21st century.

7 Geraghty, Lincoln
Living with Star Trek : American culture and the star
trek universe / Lincoln Geraghty.-- London: I B Tauris,
viii, 232p. 21cm.
ISBN : 9781845112653.
302.2340973 GER 139231
The book not only sets -Star Trek- in dialogue with ideas
and stories of utopia, community, self-improvement, that
are central to American culture and history, but goes
further to examine the complex ways in which these are
taken up and used by -ordinary- fans, who engage with
-Star Trek- in complex and significant ways. Author
explores, for example, -Star Trek-s multiple histories
and how -Star Trek- and the American Jeremiad, one of the
nation-s foundational texts, refer back to the past to
prophesy a better future. He reveals how fans define the
series as a blueprint for the solution of such social
problems in America as racism and war and shows how they
have used the series to cope with personal trauma and
such characters as Data and Seven of Nine in moments of
personal transformation.

** Star Trek television programs -- Social aspects --
United States, Star Trek films -- Social aspects --
United States, Star Trek fiction -- Social aspects --
United States.

8 Garsten, Christina (ed)
Organisational anthropology : doing ethnography in and
among complex organisations / Christina Garsten and
Anette Nyqvist.-- London: Pluto Press, 2013.
viii, 259p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780745332475.
302.35 GAR 139235
This book focuses on the process of initiating contact,
establishing rapport and gaining the trust of the
organisation-s members. The contributors work from the
premise that doing fieldwork in an organisation shares
essential characteristics with fieldwork in more
-classical- anthropological environments, but that it
also poses some particular challenges to the
ethnographer. These include the ideological or financial
interests of the organisations, protection of resources
and competition between organisations.

** Business anthropology, Corporate culture.

9 Thornton, Patricia H
The Institutional logics perspective : a new approach to
culture, structure and process / Patricia H. Thornton,
William Ocasio and Michael Lounsbury.-- Oxford: Oxford
University Press, 2012.
xiv, 234 p. , 24 cm.
ISBN : 9780199601943.
302.3501 THO 140150
This book is an essential road map to and program for the
future development of theories of institutional logic. It
offers a host of uncharted, under-theorized, unthought,
and unexplored causal mechanisms linking the macro and
the micro, practice and interaction, value and identity.

** Organizational sociology, Associations, institutions,
etc.- Philosophy
   10 Ostrofsky, Marc
Word of mouse : 101+ trends in how we buy, sell, live,
learn, work, and play / Marc Ostrofsky.-- New York: Simon
and Schuster, 2013.
xiii, 239p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781451668407.
303.4833 OST 139825
The New York Times bestselling author of Get Rich Click!
delivers cutting-edge advice for consumers and marketers
on how to get the most from today-s technology. Whether
voluntary, involuntary, conscious, subconscious, or
unconscious, the role we have assigned technology in our
lives is a dominant one. Word of Mouse is a wake-up call
for consumers and marketers.

** Information technology --Economic aspects, Information
technology --Social aspects, Technological innovations --
Social aspects, Internet --Social aspects, Electronic
commerce --Social aspects.
   11 Chaudhary, S N (ed)
Globalization, national development and tribal identity /
S N Chaudhary.-- Jaipur: Rawat Publications, 2013.
xii,305p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9788131605943.
305.800954 CHA 139568
As an outcome of a national seminar in India, this book
take stock of the status of tribal identity with
reference to India-s national development and
globalization from a historical perspective. It also
underlines the factors and conditions responsible for:
the origin, functioning, and change in indices of tribal
identity, the emergence of new identity, the interface
between traditional and modern identity, and the overall
impact of changes in identity on their material and non-
material culture, as well as their physical and social
quality of life.

** Tribes--Social conditions, India, Globalization
   12 Sharp, Jonathan (ed)
The China Renaissance : the rise of Xi Jinping and the
18th Communist party congress / Jonathan Sharp.-- New
Jersey: World Scientific, 2013.
xii, 321p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9789814522861.
324.251075 SHA 139554
This book sheds good insights on exclusive facts on China
and how its leadership seeks to renew the country from

** Xi, Jinping , Zhongguo gong chan dang. Quan guo dai
biao da hui. (18th : 2012 : Beijing, China) , China --
Politics and government -- 2002- -- Congresses
   13 Chan, Steve
Enduring rivalries in the Asia-Pacific / Steve Chan.--
Camridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013.
xiv, 234p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781107041431.
327.5 CHA 139811
Enduring rivalries recurrently ensnare states in
militarized disputes and wars. Are they poised to
intensify in the Asia-Pacific, a region characterized by
regime and cultural differences, territorial contests,
and competing nationalist and regime claims? It is often
argued that these conditions and recent power shifts are
likely to lead to conflict escalation and contagion,
especially in Sino-American relations. Steve Chan-s book
challenges this common view and argues instead that Asia-
Pacific rivalries are likely to be held in abeyance. He
suggests that the majority of leaders in the region wish
to base their political legitimacy on their economic
performance rather than popular mobilization against
foreign enemies.

** Asia --Foreign relations, Pacific Area --Foreign
relations, Asia --Foreign economic relations, Pacific
Area --Foreign economic relations, Asia --Economic
integration, Pacific Area --Economic integration.
 330   ECONOMICS  
   14 Ruth, Matthias
Modeling dynamic economic systems / Matthias Ruth and
Bruce Hannon.--2nd ed-- New York: Springer, 2012.
xvii, 326p. 24cm.
(Modeling dynamic systems).
ISBN : 9781461422082.
330.0113 RUT 139258
This book explores the dynamic processes in economic
systems, concentrating on the extraction and use of the
natural resources required to meet economic needs. It
covers methods for dynamic modeling in economics,
microeconomic models of firms, modeling optimal use of
both nonrenewable and renewable resources, and chaos in
economic models. It does not require a substantial
background in mathematics or computer science.

** Economics, Computer Simulation, Models, Theoretical

15 Kapila, Uma (ed)
Indian financial reforms : priorities and policy thrust
post global financial crisis / Uma Kapila.-- New Delhi:
Academic Foundation, 2013.
413p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9789332700079.
330.90511 KAP 139556
This book focuses on the unfinished agenda, the need for
next generation of reforms, and lessons and new
responsibilities for central banks in the wake of the
global financial crisis. It also addresses policy
challenges that have arisen from the new trilemma: price
stability, financial stability and sovereign debt
sustainability, and implications of Basel III and G-20,
as well as issues and challenges in financial inclusion.

** Financial crises -- India , Global Financial Crisis,
2008-2009 , Financial crises -- India

16 Mishra, R K (ed)
The Global financial crises : challenges and
opportunities / R K Mishra and K Trivikram.-- New Delhi:
Academic Foundation, 2013.
458p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9788171889846.
330.90511 MIS 139555
The book focuses on how the GFC has impacted the outlook
of the investment community and the various industry
sectors in developed as well as developing countries.

** Global Financial Crisis, 2008-2009 , Economic history
- 21st century , International finance , Financial crises
-- India , India -- Economic policy -- 1991-

17 Fujita, Masahisa
Economics of agglomeration : cities, industrial, and
globalization / Masahisa Fujita.--2nd ed-- New York:
Cambridge University Press, 2013.
xiv, 528p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9780521171960.
330.91732 FUJ 139810
This book is a study of the economic reasons for the
existence of a large variety of agglomerations arising
from the global to the local. This second edition
combines a comprehensive analysis of the fundamentals of
spatial economics and an in-depth discussion of the most
recent theoretical developments in new economic geography
and urban economics. It aims to highlight several of the
major economic trends observed in modern societies.

** Space in economics, Regional economics, Urban
economics Industrial location.

18 Kumar, Arun
Indian economy since independence : persisting colonial
disruption / Arun Kumar.-- New Delhi: Vision Books, 2013.
xxiv, 792p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9788170948735.
330.954 KUM 139799
This book presents a historical and political survey of
India-s economic development since independence. It
analyses the post-independence developments in the
context of the preceding British rule. The book
highlights that there is a common explanation of how a
handful of British could conquer India and rule over it
for two hundred years and why independent India has not
been able to overcome its problems over the last six

** India -- Economic conditions -- 1947- , India --
Economic policy -- 1947-
   19 Steiner, Christopher
Automate this : how algorithms came to rule our world /
Christopher Steiner.-- New Delhi: Portfolio/Penguin, 2012
vi, 248p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781591844921.
332.0113 STE 139801
The author traces the story of how algorithms have spread
from Wall Street to Main Street, altering every aspect of
our lives. Sooner than we think, our schools, shopping
choices, blind dates, and more will be governed by
cleverly designed bots rather than human experience and

** Finance -- Computer simulation , Finance -- Decision
making -- Data processing , Capital market -- Computer

20 Taylor, Frederick
Downfall of money: Germany-s hyperinflation and the
destruction of the middle class / Frederick Taylor.-- New
York: Bloomsbury Publishing, 2013.
415p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9781408839911.
332.494309042 TAY 139808
The Downfall of Money will tell a new the dramatic story
of the hyperinflation that saw the once-solid German
mark, worth 4.2 to the dollar in 1914, trading at over
four trillion by the autumn of 1923. It is a trajectory
of events uncomfortably relevant for today-s uncertain
world. The Downfall of Money will reveal the real causes
of the crisis, what this collapse meant to ordinary
people, and also trace its connection to Germany-s
subsequent catastrophic political history. By drawing on
a wide range of sources and making sense for the general
reader of the vast amount of specialist research that has
become available in recent decades, it will provide a
timely, fresh and surprising look at this chilling period
in history.

** Inflation (Finance) --Germany --History --20th century
Financial crises --Germany --History --20th
century. Germany --Economic conditions --1918-1945,
Germany --Politics and government --1918-1933.
   21 Hoffman, Andrew J (ed)
Organizations, policy, and the natural environment :
institutional and strategic perspectives / Andrew J.
Hoffman and Marc J. Ventresca.-- Stanford: Stanford
University Press, 2002.
xxxiv, 489p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 0804741964.
333.7 HOF 140151
This book brings together emerging perspectives from
organization theory and management, environmental
sociology, international regime studies, and the social
studies of science and technology to provide a starting
point for discipline based studies of environmental
policy and corporate environmental behavior.

** Green movement, Pressure groups, Environmental policy

22 Ricoveri, Giovanna
Nature for sale : the commons versus commodities /
Giovanna Ricoveri.-- London: Pluto Press, 2013.
xii, 144p. 20cm.
ISBN : 9780745333700.
333.7 RIC 139234
In this book, author argues that the subsistence commons
of the past can be reinvented today to provide an
alternative to the current destructive economic order.
She outlines the distinct features of common ownership as
it has existed in history: cooperation, sustainable use
of natural resources and decision-making through direct
democracy. In doing so, she shows how it is possible to
provide goods and services which are not commodities
exchanged on the capitalistic market, something still
demonstrated today in village communities across the
global South.

** Commons, Natural resources, Communal, Sustainable
   23 Baronian, Laurent
Marx and living labour / Laurent Baronian.-- London:
Routledge, 2013.
xvii, 234p. 24cm.
(Routledge frontiers of political economy, 171).
ISBN : 9780415508674.
335.412 BAR 139233

This book aims at showing how both determines the
original categories and economic laws in Capital and
constitutes the profound innerspring of Marx-s critique
of political economy.

** Labor theory of value, Capitalism, Marxian economics.
   24 Barrett, Christopher B (ed)
Food security and sociopolitical stability / Christopher
B Barrett.-- United Kingdom: Oxford University Press,
xx, 489p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780199679362.
338.119 BAR 139812
Explores the complex relationship between food security
and sociopolitical stability and how the global food
economy and climate patterns relevant to food production
might change over the coming decade.

** Food supply --Political aspects, Food security,
Agriculture and politics, Agriculture and politics, Food
security, Food supply --Political aspects.

25 Ramburuth, Prem (ed)
Dynamics of international business : Asia-Pacific
business cases / Prem Ramburuth.-- New York: Cambridge
University Press, 2013.
xvii, 242p. , 25cm.
ISBN : 9781107675469.
338.88 RAM 139814
This book brings the challenges and complexities of the
contemporary international business environment into the
classroom. These authentic case studies, based on recent
research and events, enable students to engage with the
economic, social, political and intercultural factors
that impact on international business and understand how
these factors are addressed in the real world. Designed
to facilitate a problem-based learning approach, the
cases in this book. Extra resources for instructors,
including case synopses and learning objectives, are
available on the companion website.

** International business enterprises

26 Ramalingam, Ben
Aid on the edge of chaos : rethinking international
cooperation in a complex world / Ben Ramalingam.-- United
Kingdom: Oxford University Press, 2013.
xxix, 440p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780199578023.
338.91 RAM 139800
This book presents fresh thinking that transcends the
-more- verses -less- arguments. Drawing on complexity
theory it shows how aid could be transformed into a truly
dynamic form of global cooperation fit for the twenty-
first century.

** Economic assistance , Economic assistance --

27 Nayyar, Deepak
Catch up : developing countries in the world economy /
Deepak Nayyar.-- New York: Oxford University Press, 2013.
xvii, 221p. , 24cm.
ISBN : 9780199652983.
338.911724 NAY 139216
Catch Up analyzes the evolution of developing countries
in the world economy from a long-term historical
perspective, from the onset of the second millennium but
with a focus on the second half of the twentieth century
and the first decade of the twenty-first century. It is
perhaps among the first to address this theme on such a
wide canvas that spans both time and space. In doing so,
it highlights the dominance of what are now developing
countries and it traces their decline and fall from 1820
to 1950. This book explores the factors underlying this
fall and rise, to discuss the on-going catch up in the
world economy driven by industrialization and economic

** Economic development --Developing countries --History,
Developing countries --Foreign economic relations.

28 Pan, Gary
Dynamics of governing IT innovation in Singapore : a
casebook / Gary Pan.-- New Jersey: World Scientific, 2013
xii, 282p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9789814417822.
338.9595706 PAN 139813
Focusing on issues in the management and governance of IT
innovation, this book links concepts and theories of
academic learning to actual real-life scenarios from the
successful experiences of public and private sector
organisations in Singapore. There are various issues to
be considered, such as the question of processes and
structures that need to be in place in order to maximise
value, how to leverage IT innovation to formulate
constantly evolving strategies so as to seize emergent
opportunities, and how to overcome challenges faced in
implementation, amongst others. The book provides a
concise introduction the subject through the use of case
studies and teaching notes, affording a broad perspective
on the most important issues.

** Information technology --Government policy --Singapore
--Case studies, Information technology --Management --
Singapore --Case studies, Electronic government
information --Singapore --Case studies, Technological
innovations --Singapore --Case studies.
   29 Mander, Jerry
The Capitalism papers : fatal flaws of an obsolete system
/ Jerry Mander.-- Berkeley: Counter Point, 2012.
318p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781619021587.
339.2 MAN 139802
This book tells why capitalism is destroying the
environment, our communities, our well-being, and our
very humanity. The author writes about complex issues in a
conversational style with honesty and directness.It also
presents entirely novel perspectives, such as using the
macroeconomic concept of "comparative advantage" to
explain why the U.S. must continually manufacture and
sell arms - and why we will always be at war.

** Capitalism , Capitalism -- Moral and ethical aspects
   30 Humphries, Reynold
Hollywood-s blacklists : a political and cultural history
/ Reynold Humphries.-- Edinburgh: Edinburgh University
Press, 2010. viii, 184p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780748624560.
384.80979494 HUM 139228
Hollywood-s Blacklists is a history of the political and
cultural factors relevant to understanding the why and
the how of the various investigations of the alleged
Communist infiltration of Hollywood. What was HUAC? What
propaganda role did films play during World War II and
the Cold War? What values were at stake in the
confrontation between Left and Right that saw the former
so resoundingly defeated and expelled from Hollywood?
Answers to these and other questions are offered via
analyses of the motives of the various players and of the
tactics deployed by HUAC to reward collaboration and
punish dissent.

** Motion picture industry --California --Los Angeles --
History, Motion picture industry --Political aspects --
California --Los Angeles --History, Blacklisting of
entertainers --California --Los Angeles --History,
Communism and motion pictures --California --Los Angeles
-History, Anti-communist movements --California --Los
 610   MEDICINE and HEALTH  
   31 Rath, Tom
Eat move sleep: why small choices leads to big changes /
Tom Rath: Missionday., 2013.
x, 246p. , 20cm.
ISBN : 9781939714022.
613 RAT 139809
Eat Move Sleep will help make good decisions automatic -
more than a book - this is a new way to live. From Tom
Rath, author of StrengthsFinders 2.0, comes a powerful
book about what people can do to lead healthier lives.
Eat Move Sleep features Tom-s deeply personal story,
supported by practical, credible, and timeless ideas from
more than a decade of research. Eat Move Sleep focuses on
all three components and their interconnectedness.
Comprehensive yet simple, rooted in cutting edge
research, and sound advice that-s valuable to everyone.

** Sleep, Exercise, Health behavior, Food habits
   32 Allen, Michael
Live from the moon : film, television and the space race
/ Michael Allen.-- London: I B Tauris, 2009.
xxv, 214p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9781845111694.
629.4 ALL 139230
This is the first comprehensive exploration of the role
played by film and television systems in enabling these
feats of interplanetary exploration to be witnessed by
audiences of hundreds of millions of people. Using
material from the NASA archives, expert and enthusiast
Michael Allen traces the parallel development and
interdependency of space and media technologies during
the Space Race - of satellite surveillance and
interplanetary probes, early Russian successes and the
American missions that landed men on the moon. He also
chronicles the part played by film and television in
recording what was, and is, man-s greatest leap: the
exploration of outer space and other planets.

** Space race --Press coverage --United States, Space
race --United States --History --20th Century, Space race
--Soviet Union --History --20th Century, Space flight to
the moon, Space flight to the moon --Press coverage,
Outer space --Exploration.
   33 Clegg, Stewart (ed)
Managing organizations: current issues / Stewart Clegg,
Cynthia Hardy and Walter R Nord.-- New Delhi: Sage, 1999.
xvi,268p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780761960461.
658 CLE 139569
In this, edition of the landmark Handbook of
Organization Studies, editors Stewart R. Clegg, Cynthia
Hardy, and Walter R. Nord survey the major issues and
debates in management and organization. The text
addresses key topics such as leadership, decision making,
and innovation in organizations alongside such themes as
diversity, globalization, and ecology. Students and
teachers of management will find this a comprehensive and
wide-ranging resource on the core issues for contemporary
managers and organizations.

** Management-, Organization.

34 Hoffman, Kenneth C (ed)
Enterprise dynamics sourcebook / Kenneth C Hoffman and
others.-- Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2013.
xxii, 355p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781420082562.
658.0011 HOF 139127
Rapidly changing market, technological, and
organizational environments are forcing government and
private sector enterprises to improve services and
transform processes. Employing a case study approach, the
Enterprise Dynamics Sourcebook presents frameworks and
analytical models of the enterprise as a complex system
to improve your understanding of its dynamic elements and
their interactions.

** System analysis, Management science, Systems

35 Brafman, Ori
The Chaos imperative : how chance and disruption increase
innovation, effectiveness, and success / Ori Brafman and
Judah Pollack.-- New York: Crown Business, 2013.
x, 230p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9780307886675.
658.401 BRA 139803
This book shows how even the best and most efficient
organizations, from Fortune 500 companies to today-s US
Army, benefit from allowing a little unstructured space
and disruption into their planning and decision-making.

** Organizational effectiveness , Chaotic behavior in

36 Ishikawa, Akira (ed)
Corporate strategy for dramatic productivity surge /
Akira Ishikawa and Tetsuro Saisho.-- New Jersey: World
Scientfic Publishing, 2013.
xiv, 345p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9789814449298.
658.4012 ISH 139807
Corporate Strategy for Dramatic Productivity Surge deals
with the very basics of productivity and cost performance
- including abridgement of time, increase in speed,
enhancement of capabilities, increase in sensitivity and
precision, enhancement of efficiency and effectiveness,
alteration of size, reduction of costs and increase in
revenue, among others.

** Organizational effectiveness, Strategic planning,
Industrial productivity, Reengineering (Management)

37 Hoffman, Andrew J
From heresy to dogma : an institutional history of
corporate environmentalism / Andrew J Hoffman.--Expanded
ed.-- Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2001.
xxiii, 287 p. , 23 cm.
ISBN : 080474503X.
658.408 HOF 140149
This book offers an intriguing perspective of the
external drivers and the internal workings of a firm as
it wrestle with ever-increasing demands for environmental
protection. It gives the reader a rich history, engaging
analyses, and provocative conclusions.

** Industrial management -- Environmental aspects --
United States, Social responsibility of business --
United States, Environmental policy -- United States

38 Hisrich, Robert D
Managing innovation and entrepreneurship / Robert D
Hisrich and Claudine Kearney.-- Los Angeles: Sage
Publications, 2014.
xv, 207p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781452241357.
658.421 HIS 139245
The book provides detailed coverage of each aspect of the
process of innovation required to achieve success,
including what it takes to build an innovative and
entrepreneurial organization, how to develop innovation
and entrepreneurship in both individuals and teams, how
to manage and operationalize innovation and
entrepreneurship, how to develop a global business plan,
and more. .

** Entrepreneurship, Technological innovations --
Management, Entrepreneurship --Case studies,
Technological innovations --Management --Case studies.

39 McDonald, Duff
The Firm : the story of McKinsey and its secret influence
on American business / Duff McDonald.-- New York: Simon
and Schuster, 2013.
387p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781476737867.
658.460973 MAC 139815
The Firm A behind-the-scenes, revelatory history of
McKinsey and Co., America-s most influential and
controversial business consulting firm. Founded in 1926,
McKinsey and Company has become one of the world-s leading
management consulting firms, helping to invent American
business and shaping its course for decades. Ushering in
the age of American industrial dominance, McKinsey
remapped the power structure in the White House, helped
create the bar code, revolutionized business schools, and
introduced the idea of budgeting as a management tool. In
The Firm, star financial journalist Duff McDonald
uncovers how these high-powered, high-priced business
savants have ushered in waves of structural, financial,
and technological shifts to the biggest and best American

** McKinsey and Company -- History, Business consultants
- United States -- History

40 Molenaar, Cor
End of shops : social buying and the battle for the
customer / Cor Molenaar.-- Surrey: Gower Publishing, 2013
198p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9781409449744.
658.872 MOL 139549
Shops are facing tough times: recession, local
legislation, parking problems, competition from the
internet and the strong position of suppliers. Buying on
the Internet 24/7 has become a real alternative to the
local shop with its rigid opening hours and limited
choice. So is there still a future for the traditional
retailer? What are the latest developments in this
environment and how can these be translated into
significant business models? Cor Molenaar analyses the
struggle and the risks to describe the opportunities and
potential for the retail trade to turn the tide.

** Electronic commerce, Internet marketing, Teleshopping,
Retail trade, Consumer behavior.
   41 Dabashi, Hamid
Makhmalbaf at large : the making of a rebel filmmaker /
Hamid Dabashi.-- London: I B Tauris, 2008. xxxi, 255p.
ISBN : 9781845115326.
791.43092 MAK 139232
The name of Mohsen Makhmalbaf is almost synonymous with
the dramatic rise of Iranian cinema in the aftermath of
the Islamic Revolution. The author draws from his
friendship with Makhmalbaf, as well as his direct
involvement with Makhmalbaf-s films and thought, to
present us the tumultuous life and spectacular career of
a great filmmaker.

** Makhmalbaf, Muhsin -- Criticism and interpretation.
Motion picture producers and directors -- Iran. Motion
pictures -- Iran.

42 Hughes, Howard
Stagecoach to tombstone : the filmgoers- guide to the
great westerns / Howard Hughes.-- London: I B Tauris,
xxix, 274p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9781845115715.
791.436278 HUG 139238
The true story of the American West on film, through its
shooting stars and the directors who shot them Howard
Hughes explores the Western, running from John Ford-s
-Stagecoach- to the revisionary -Tombstone-. Writing
with panache and fresh insight, he explores 27 key films,
and draws on production notes, cast and crew biographies,
and the films- box-office success, to reveal their place
in western history. He shows how through reinvention
and resurrection, this genre continually postpones the
big adios and avoids ending up in Boot Hill permanently.

** Western films -- United States -- History and
criticism Western films -- Reviews.

43 Reader, Keith
La Regle du Jeu: (Jean Renoir, 1939 ) / Keith Reader.--
London: I B Tauris, 2010.
124p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9781848850545.
791.4372 REA 139229

** Renoir, Jean, 1894-1979 -- Criticism and
interpretation , Regle du jeu (Motion picture) ,
   44 Schaffer, Kay
Women writers in postsocialist China / Kay Schaffer and
Xianlin Song.-- London: Routledge, 2014.
xiv, 191p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780415682749.
895.1099287 SCH 139547
Women Writers in Postsocialist China introduces readers
to a range and variety of contemporary Chinese women-s
writing, which has seen phenomenal growth in recent
years. The book addresses the different ways women-s
issues are understood in China and the West, attending to
the processes of translation, adaptation, and the
grafting of new ideas with existing Chinese
understandings of gender, feminism, subjectivity,
consumerism and (post) modernism.

** Chinese literature --Women authors --History and
criticism, Women authors, Chinese --20th century.
 900   HISTORY  
   45 Magnusson, Sigurour Gylfi
What is microhistory? : theory and practice / Sigurour
Gylfi Magnusson and Istvan M Szijarto.-- London:
Routledge, 2013.
vii, 181p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780415692090.
900 MAG 139239
This book provides the accessible and comprehensive
introduction to the origins, development, and methodology
of microhistory - one of the most significant innovations
in historical scholarship to have emerged in the last few

** Microhistory.
   46 Jacka, Tamara
Contemporary China : society and social change / Tamara
Jacka, Andrew Kipnis, Sally Sargeson.-- Cambridge:
Cambridge University Press, 2013.
xii, 311p. , 23cm.
ISBN : 9781107600799.
951.06 JAC 139806
This book introduces readers to key sociological
perspectives, themes and debates about Chinese society.
It explores topics such as family life, citizenship,
gender, ethnicity, labour, religion, education, class and
rural/urban inequalities. It considers China-s imperial
past, the social and institutional legacies of the Maoist
era, and the momentous forces shaping it in the present.
It also emphasises diversity and multiplicity,
encouraging readers to consider new perspectives and
rethink Western stereotypes about China and its people.
Real-life case studies illustrate the key features of
social relations and change in China.

** China, Social change , Social history



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