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 001   KNOWLEDGE  
   1 Verlander, Edward G
The Practice of professional consulting / Edward G
Verlander.-- San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2012.
xix,298p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9781118241844.
001 VER 138515
This book provides the most comprehensive introduction to
the field of consulting, including a complete system of
guidelines, and all the tools, templates, techniques,
case studies, competencies, and assessments to become a
professional consultant.

** Business consultants, Consulting firms.
   2 Mayrhofer, Philip
Interdependencies in the discovery and adoption of
facebook applications : an empirical investigation /
Philip Mayrhofer.-- Fachmedien: Springer Gabler, 2013.
xvii, 172p. 21cm.
ISBN : 9783834938862.
006.76 MAY 138488
This book compiled individual-level survey data as well
as an original panel data set of Facebook applications in
order to examine the market for Facebook applications in
detail. Specifically it identifies interdependencies such
as bandwagon effects between users and spillovers between
applications and analyzes whether they contribute to the
concentrated market structure.

** Facebook(Electronic resources), Application software -
Development -- Computer programs, Online social networks
-- Computer programs
 170   ETHICS  
   3 Jonasson, Haukur Ingi
Project ethics / Haukur Ingi Jonasson and Helgi Thor
Ingason.-- Surrey: Gower, 2013.
xiv, 142p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781409410966.
174.4 JON 138517
The book aims to demystify the field of ethics for
project managers and managers in general - takes both a
critical and a practical look at project management in
terms of success criteria, and ethical opportunities and

** Project management -- Moral and ethical aspects.

4 Manikutty, S
Being ethical : ethics as the foundation of business / S
Manikutty.-- London: Random House, 2011.
xviii, 237p.20cm.
ISBN : 9788184001389.
174.4 MAN 138522
In this book, author takes us through the minefield of
business and ethics looking at the ways in which ethics
enters work and the choices available to companies and to
individuals. He argues that being ethical is not a simple
question of doing the right thing vs the wrong thing, it
is to find a balance between multiple right or wrong
choices, arriving at not a solution but a compromise.

** Business ethics, Leadership - Moral aspects and
ethical aspects, Success in business - Moral and ethical.

5 Miller, Tina (ed)
Ethics in qualitative research / Tina Miller and others.-
2nd ed-- Los Angeles: Sage Publications, 2012.
viii, 194p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9781446210895.
174.900142 MIL 138521
Examines the theoretical and practical aspects of ethical
dilemmas in qualitative research.

** Social sciences -- Research -- Moral and ethical
aspects, Social sciences -- Methodology -- Moral and
ethical aspects, Qualitative research -- Moral and
ethical aspects.
 220   THE BIBLE  
   6 Israel, Hephzibah
Religious transactions in colonial south India :
language, translation, and the making of protestant
identity / Hephzibah Israel.-- New York: Palgrave
Macmillan, 2011.
xv, 269p. 21cm.
(Palgrave studies in cultural and intellectual history).
ISBN : 9780230105621.
220.59481109 ISR 138493
The book shows a fresh perspective on the translated
Bible as a cultural object. It focuses on conflicts in
three key areas of translation--locating a sacred
lexicon, the politics of "standard versions" and
categorizing genres--as discursive sites within which
Protestant identities have been articulated by Tamils. By
widening the cultural and historical framework of the
Tamil Bible, this book is the first to analyze links
between language use, translation practices and caste
affiliations in the articulation of Protestant identities
in India.

** BibleTamil-Versions, language-Style, Identification
(Religion), Bible- Criticism, interpretations
   7 Saner, Raymond
The Expert negotiator : strategy, tactics, motivation,
behavioiur, leadership / Raymond Saner.--4th ed-- Leiden:
Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 2012.
299p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9789004233904.
302.3 SAN 138480
In this book the author draws upon his long years of
experience as a negotiation adviser, teacher, trainer,
researcher and university lecturer to show that two-
thirds of negotiation practice is learnable." "Without
sacrificing scientific accuracy, author offers a highly
readable and fascinating guide to the subject. In so
doing, he does not limit himself to the over-simplified
tips generally put out on successful bargaining in every
imaginable situation. Rather, he treats the different
aspects of negotiation practice in a way that is useful
to both academics and practitioners, such that the
general laws and principles gradually become evident as
and of themselves."

** Negotiation.

8 Ashkanasy, Neal M (ed)
Experiencing and managing emptions in the workplace /
Neal M Ashkanasy, Charmine E J Hartel and Wilfred J Zerbe
-- United Kingdom: Emerald, 2012.
xvi, 401p. 23cm.
(Research on emotion in organizations, 8).
ISBN : 9781780526768.
302.35 ASH 138479
This book contains a further selection of the best papers
presented at the Seventh Emonet conference (Montreal,
Canada, August 2010), following on from Volume 7 and
augmented once again with invited chapters authored by
leading scholars in the field. "Experiencing and managing
emotions in the workplace" comprises fourteen chapters
arranged in four sections: The experience of emotion, The
dynamics of emotion, Regulating emotion, and The
emotionally intelligent organization. These encompass a
variety of methodological approaches, including
qualitative and quantitative research, sourced from
research conducted in organizations in the USA, Europe,
and Australasia.

** Business and Economics -- Organizational Behavior,
Organizational theory and behaviour, Organizational

9 Sydow, Jorg (ed)
Self-reinforcing processes in and among organizations /
Jorg Sydow and Georg Schreyogg.-- New York: Palgrave
Macmillan, 2013.
xiv, 266p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9780230392823.
302.35 SYD 138495
This volume is dedicated to the theoretical and empirical
study of self-reinforcements and decidedly redirects
attention to these processes, including: escalating
commitment, organizational imprinting and path
dependence, and sheds light on the genesis and rise of
their pervasive influence.

** Organizational behavior, Risk management
   10 Carrier, James G (ed)
The Handbook of sociocultural anthropology / James G
Carrier and Deborah B Gewertz.-- London: Bloomsbury, 2013
xxii, 630p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9781847883841.
306 CAR 138486
This book presents a state of the art overview of the
subject - its methodologies, current debates, history and
future. It examines the changing theoretical and
analytical orientations that have led to new ways of
carrying out research, presents an analysis of the
traditional historical core and how the discipline has
changed since 1980, considers the ethnographic regions
where work has had the greatest impact on anthropology as
a whole, outlines the people and institutions that are
the context in which the discipline operates, covering
topics from research funding to professional ethics.

** Ethnology -- Handbooks, manuals, etc.
   11 Kellstedt, Paul M
The Fundamentals of political science research / Paul M
Kellstedt and Guy D Whitten.--2nd ed-- Cambridge:
Cambridge University Press, 2013.
xxiv, 316p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9781107621664.
320.072 KEL 138446
This book provides an introduction to the scientific
study of politics, offering the basic tools necessary for
readers to become both critical consumers and beginning
producers of scientific research on politics. It refines
discussions from the first edition, with a new chapter on
how to write about an original research project.

** Political science -- Research.
   12 Giacalone, Robert A (ed)
Handbook of unethical work behavior : implications for
individual well-being / Robert A Giacalone and Mark D
Promislo.-- Armonk: M E Sharpe, 2013.
xii, 348p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9780765632562.
323.49 GIA 138491
This book covers the widest possible range of
organizational misbehaviors (age, race, and gender
discrimination, abuse, bullying, aggression, violence,
fraud and corruption), all with an eye toward the effects
on individual and organizational health and well-
being. This is the first-ever single-source resource on
this important topic.

** Harassment, Work Environment, Leadership-Moral and
ethical aspects
 330   ECONOMICS  
   13 Levine, David
Pathology of the capitalist spirit : an essay on greed,
hope, and loss / David Levine.-- New York: Palgrave
Macmillan, 2013.
viii, 100p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9781137325556.
330.122 LEV 138514
This book is about capital and about the economic system
that bears its name. In this humanist look at capitalism,
Levine explores the meaning of capital as a social
reality connected to fundamental human aspirations. The
link between capital and the pursuit of a hoped-for state
is especially important in light of the stubborn
insistence on the part of its critics that capitalism
exists to serve the material interests of those whose
vocation is to own capital. This misunderstanding ignores
what is essential about capital, which is its link not to
interests but to hope, especially the hope that by
accumulating capital the individual can achieve an
attachment to the good.

** Capitalism -- Philosophy.
   14 Lake, Andy
Smart flexibility : moving smart and flexible working
from theory to practice / Andy Lake.-- Surrey: Gower,
xxi, 286p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9780566088520.
331.25724 LAK 138496
In this book, written for managers at the leading edge of
change, the author takes a strategic, comprehensive and
integrated approach to Smart and Flexible Working.

** Flextime.
   15 Gray, Wesley R
Quantitative value : a practitioner-s guide to automating
intelligent investment and eliminating behavioral errors
+ website / Wesley R Gray and Tobias E Carlisle.--
Hoboken: John Wiley, 2013.
xiv, 274p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781118328071.
332.6 GRA 138519
This book seeks to take the best aspects of value
investing and quantitative investing as disciplines and
apply them to a completely unique approach to stock
selection. Such an approach has several advantages over
pure value or pure quantitative investing.

** Investments -- Psychological aspects, Investments --
Decision making, Quantitative research.

16 Davidson, Ian
Principles of equity valuation / Ian Davidson and Mark
Tippett.-- New York: Routledge, 2012.
xiv, 310p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9780415696029.
332.632 DAV 138516
The book provides a rigorous introduction to corporate
finance and the valuation of equity. The first half of
the book covers much of the received theory in these
areas such as the relationship between the risk of an
equity security and the return one can expect from it,
the effects of leverage (that is, the borrowing policies
of the firm) on the return one can expect from the firm-s
shares and the role that dividends, operating cash flows
and accounting earnings play in the valuation of equity.
The second half of the book is more advanced and deals
with the important role that "real options" (that is, as
yet unexploited investment opportunities) play in the
valuation of equity.

** Corporations -- Valuation, Business enterprises --
Valuation, Investment analysis.

   17 Berg, Hendrik Van den
International economics : a heterodox approach / Hendrik
Van den Berg.--2nd ed-- Armonk: M E Sharpe, 2012.
x,669p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9780765625441.
337 BER 138453
This book offers full coverage of international trade
theory, international trade policy, balance of payments
international investment, the international financial
system, and international migration, historical
perspective, with chapters on the history of trade
policy, the international monetary system, and
immigration policy, analysis of the role of transnational
corporations in international trade and investment etc..

** International trade, Protectionism, Investments,
   18 Tremblay, Victor J
New perspectives on industrial organization : with
contributions from behavioral economics and game theory /
Victor J Tremblay and Carol Horton Tremblay.-- New York:
Springer, 2012.
xxvi, 811p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9781461432401.
338.6 TRE 138513
This book covers the main topics on Industrial
Organization. It reviews the classic models and important
empirical evidence related to the field. The book
incorporates contributions from behavioral economics and
neuroeconomics, providing with a richer understanding of
consumer preferences and the motivation for many of the
business practices we see today. The book discusses how
firms exploit consumers who are prone to making mistakes
and who suffer from cognitive dissonance, attention
lapses, and bounded rationality.

** Industrial organization.

19 Ke, Ding
Market platforms, industrial clusters and small business
dynamics : specialized markets in China / Ding Ke.--
Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2012.
ix, 238p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9781781006276.
338.6420951 KED 138508
This book summarizes the experience of specialized
markets in a systematic manner. Specialized markets are a
unique product of China-s economic transition. They are
marketplaces located in industrial clusters, specializing
in the wholesale of local commodities and related goods.
The author reveals that despite their seemingly primitive
form, specialized markets appeared in many of the modern
industrial sectors and were paradoxically upgraded and
expanded as these clusters developed. He argues that
specialized markets have also formed solid linkages with
marketplaces in various cities in China and in other
developing economies. Based on thorough fieldwork
covering ten years, and using the novel theory of the
platform, this book clarifies the unique development
logic of specialized markets.

** Small business -- China, Markets -- China, China --
Economic conditions -- 2000-.

   20 Lester, Simon
World trade law : text, materials and commentary / Simon
Lester and Bryan Mercurio.-- New Delhi: Universal Law
Publishing, 2010.
xiv, 892p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9788175348462.
343.087 LES 138449
This book on world trade law offers a unique perspective
on this important subject in a number of ways. It
provides both detailed explanations and analysis of the
law to help understand the issues as well as case
extracts to offer a flavor of the judicial reasoning of
trade adjudicators. For instance, where domestic
regulatory issues come into play, the book examines a
variety of country practices, to illustrate how the rules
apply around the world. The book provides an ideal
learning tool to appeal to students across the globe.

** World Trade Organization, General Agreement on Tariffs
and Trade (Organization), Foreign trade regulation.
   21 Flynn, Norman
Public sector management / Norman Flynn.--6th ed-- Los
Angeles: Sage Publications, 2012.
xvii, 273p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780857028747.
352.30941 FLY 138526
This book offers new insights into the organisation and
management of the public sector in the United Kingdom.

** Public administration -- Great Britain, Collective
   22 Singleton, Glenn E
More courageous conversations about race / Glenn E
Singleton.-- California: Corwin, 2013.
xx, 337p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9781412992664.
379.26 SIN 138520
The book provides the requisite framework and tools to
help educators move beyond random acts of equity and
pockets of excellence to systemic racial equity
transformation. This breakthrough book illustrates the
powerful possibilities that can be unleashed when you:
cultivating a deeper understanding of the role of
systemic racism in shaping our policies and practices,
use the Courageous Conversations About Race Protocol to
transform your school, learn from the experiences and
challenges of other equity leaders, and equip yourself
with the language and knowledge you need to break down
barriers to academic success for underserved students of

** Educational equalization -- United States, United
States -- Race relations, Academic achievement -- United

   23 Warner, Rebecca M
Applied statistics : from bivariate through multivariate
techniques / Rebecca M Warner.--2nd ed-- Los Angeles:
Sage Publications, 2013.
xxxiii, 1172p. 26cm.
ISBN : 9781412991346.
519.535 WAR 138525
This book provides a clear introduction to widely used
topics in bivariate and multivariate statistics,
including multiple regression, discriminant analysis,
MANOVA, factor analysis, and binary logistic regression.

** Social Sciences -- statistics and numerical data,
Psychology -- statistics and numerical data, Multivariate
 610   MEDICINE and HEALTH  
   24 Voogt, Alex De (ed)
Mechanisms in the chain of safety : research and
operational experiences in aviation psychology / Alex De
Voogt and Teresa D-Oliveira.-- Surrey: Ashgate Publishing
, 2012.
viii, 170p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9781409412540.
616.980213 VOO 138511
Contemporary approaches to aviation safety show a dynamic
endeavour to identify a variety of inputs, operational
interventions that manage and improve activities and
performance, as well as proactive initiatives that
minimize the emergence of adverse situations. In this
process, aviation psychologists study personnel selection
and training activities, they evaluate the management of
a flight operation, and ultimately analyse the things
that went wrong. There has always been a strong
interrelation between these components and it allows us
to talk about a chain of safety. This volume presents the
most recent efforts in this chain of safety streaming
from both the industry and academia, as well as the
future challenges for operational settings.

** Air pilots -- Psychology, Aviation psychology,
Aeronautics -- Safety measures.
   25 Wulferth, Hegen
Managerial discretion and performance in China : towards
resolving the discretion puzzle for Chinese companies and
multinationals / Hegen Wulferth.-- Heidelberg: Physica-
Verlag, 2013.
xxiii, 534p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9783642358364.
658.00951 WUL 138506
Using a representative sample of double-blind interviews
with managers of more than 450 firms in China, this book
examines the contradictory impacts of managerial
discretion on performance. It offers key advice on how to
manage managers.

** Management -- China.

26 Manville, Graham (ed)
Third sector performance : management and finance in not-
for-profit and social enterprises / Graham Manville and
Richard Greatbanks.-- Surrey: Gower, 2013.
xxiv, 240p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9781409429616.
658.048 MAN 138501
This book will appeal, internationally, to policy makers
within the third sector or involved in the management of
n f-p and voluntary organisations, as well as to those
with responsibility for wider public policy, scholars
teaching or researching in this area, and students of
business and management preparing for roles in social

** Nonprofit organizations, Public-private sector
cooperation, Financial institutions-social aspects,
Social responsibility in banking

27 Holmqvist, Mikael (ed)
Managing -human reosurces- by exploiting and exploring
people-s potentials / Mikael Holmqvist and Andre Spicer.-
United Kingdom: Emerald, 2013.
x, 279p. 23cm.
(Research in the sociology of organizations, 37).
ISBN : 9781781905050.
658.3 HOL 138507,vol. 37
This book explores the impact of ambidextrous
organizations on individuals- working lives. The authors
analyze how employees are required to follow routines at
the same time as they are expected to break these
routines. They also explore how the individual dilemmas
of ambidexterity play out in the lives of precarious
work, online communities, management consultants, workers
in the automotive industry, and consumers of pop-
management books in the US.

** Personnel management, Organizational behavior,
Employees -- Psychology.

28 Parry, Emma (ed)
Global trends in human resource management / Emma Parry,
Eleni Stavrou and Mila Lazarova.-- New York: Palgrave
Macmillan, 2013.
xvii, 267p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9780230354838.
658.3 PAR 138485
This book provides an understanding of how HRM policies
and practices may differ across countries and how the
development of management practice may be affected by
different institutional and cultural contexts. It
compiles of contributions from a range of well-respected
HRM scholars worldwide, offers such an understanding and
is based upon data from a unique research project,
Cranet, that have been collected from more than 40
countries and over a period of 23 years.

** Personnel management , Social responsibility of

29 Kirwan, Cyril
Making sense of organizational learning : putting theory
into practice / Cyril Kirwan.-- Surrey: Gower, 2013.
151p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9781409441861.
658.3124 KIR 138490
This book shows a way how to best exploit the knowledge
that already exists within an organization while at the
same time develop the capability of the people. It deals
in turn with individual learning, learning with others,
learning in organizations, and in particular the role of
HR function and of line managers after providing real-
world examples.

** Organizational Learning , Employees -Training of

30 Schriesheim, Chester A (ed)
Perspectives on justice and trust in organizations /
Chester A Schriesheim and Linda L Neider.-- Charlotte, NC
: Information Age Publishing, 2012.
x, 185p. 24cm.
(Research in management, 9).
ISBN : 9781617358203.
658.314 SCH 138494
This volume of the Research in Management series brings
together seven chapters written leading scholars in the
field of justice and trust who present new research,
models and conceptualizations to provide insights for key
issues in this field both from a scholarly perspective as
well as pragmatic suggestions for practice.

** Organization justice , Management- Moral and ethical
aspects , Trust , Justice , Industrial relations

31 Antoniou, Alexander-Stamatios G (ed)
The Psychology of the recession on the workplace /
Alexander-Stamatios G Antoniou and Cary L Cooper.--
Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2013.
xvii, 339p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780857933836.
658.315 ANT 138518
This book shows a significant increase in the mean levels
of distress and dissatisfaction in the work place. In
particular, increasing job demands, intrinsic job
insecurity and increasingly inadequate salaries make
substantial contributions to psychological distress,
family conflict and related behaviors. The contributors
reveal that the recession has fundamentally altered the
way employees view their work and leaders. With employers
and employees still facing a continued period of

** Job satisfaction, Psychology, Industrial, Industrial

32 Courtney, Roger
Strategic management in the third sector / Roger Courtney
-- London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2013.
xix, 405p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780230336933.
658.4012 COU 138497
This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the
strategic development of voluntary, community and social
enterprise organizations. The author introduces s to the
different ways of thinking about a third sector
organization and its external environment, including
strategic thinking and analysis, and strategy formulation
and implementation.

** Voluntarism -- Management, Strategic planning.

33 Rao, P M
Strategies for high-tech firms : marketing, economic, and
legal issues / P M Rao and Joseph A Klein.-- Armonk: M E
Sharpe, 2013.
xi, 236p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780765617972.
658.4012 RAO 138498
This book presents marketing strategy of high-tech
products and services in a legal, economic, and global
context. From software to hardware, from pharmaceuticals
to digital movies and TV, the authors argue that the
understanding of intellectual property rights (IPRs) is
essential to devising effective marketing strategies.

** High technology industries, High technology industries
-- Marketing, Technological innovations.

34 Teece, David J
Strategy, innovation and the theory of the firm / David J
Teece.-- Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2012.
xix, 464p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9781849808644.
658.4012 TEE 138499
This book is a collection of author-s papers which
explores ideas of both theoretical and practical
significance. Topics addressed include the development
and elaboration of the dynamic capabilities framework,
with an emphasis on the orchestration of resources both
inside and outside the firm to capture value. Another
area of focus is the theoretical and conceptual
understanding of the essence of the firm. In an era of
global specialization, mainstream theories about
contracts and production functions fall short of the
reality that managers confront every day.

** Strategic planning, Business planning, Technological
innovations -- Management.

35 Wise, Thomas P
Trust in virtual teams / Thomas P Wise.-- Surrey: Gower,
xxii, 188p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9781409453611.
658.4022 WIS 138502
This book provides a clear view of how virtual projects
can succeed, and how quality assurance compliments and
promotes effective organizational design and project
management to build solid trust relationships. It
combines the latest research in virtual team trust with
simple, proven quality methods and completely based upon
to guide team managers in creating high performing
project teams.

** Virtual work teams, Virtual work teams- Management,
Teams in the workplace, Trust

36 Runcie, Tim
Making effective business decisions using Microsoft
project / Tim Runcie and Mark Dochtermann.-- Hoboken:
John Wiley, 2013.
vii, 376p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781118097397.
658.403028553 RUN 138489
This book introduces students to human factors concepts
and reinforces them using cases, articles, and examples
on the Web site. The contents are organized around the
flow of information in control theoretic diagrams that
link the various system elements, including the human
element, to guide the analysis of real world situations.
The associated Web site enables customization for each
course and professor so that content can be both uploaded
and redesigned for specific classes.

** Project Management-computer programs

37 Stowell, Frank
The Manager-s guide to systems practice : making sense of
complex problems / Frank Stowell and Christine Welch.--
West Sussex: Wiley, 2012.
xix, 256p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9781118345634.
658.4032 STO 138505
This book is on the subject of systems practice for busy
managers whose time is scarce. It provides a rapid
introduction to straightforward, yet powerful ideas that
enable users to address real world problems.

** Problem solving, System analysis, System theory.

38 Ghadiri, Argang
Neuroleadership : a journey through the brain for
business leaders / Argang Ghadiri, Andreas Habermacher
and Theo Peters.-- Berlin: Springer-Verlag, 2012.
xvii, 156p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9783642301643.
658.4092 DHA 138512
The book approaches the background, history, and major
thinkers in the field, but also reassesses the
fundamental concept of neuroleadership. The authors look
into the fundamental basic needs of human beings, how
they are represented in the neural networks, and how this
manifests in motivational drives. The book also focuses
explicitly on how impactful organisational tools can be
from the viewpoint of the brain.

** Leadership -- Psychological aspects, Neuropsychology,

39 Laufer, Alexander
Mastering the leadership role in project management :
practices that deliver remarkable results / Alexander
Laufer.-- Upper Saddle River: FT Press, 2012.
xvii, 246p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780132620345.
658.4092 LAU 138510
In this book, author leads an all-star team of
practitioners and thought leaders in presenting a
powerful project leadership framework. Author-s framework
addresses the toughest challenges of new product
development: large, complex projects composed of many
diverse, geographically distributed, and highly
interdependent components, organizational change, and
repeated and risky tasks. The author reveals core
leadership principles that are crucial to successful
project leadership in dynamic and complex environments,
regardless of industry, project goals, or stakeholders.

** Project management, Leadership.

40 Besterfield, Dale H
Quality improvement (formerly entitled quality control) /
Dale H Besterfield.--9th ed-- Boston: Pearson, 2013.
vi,267p. 28cm.
ISBN : 9780132624411.
658.562 BES 138447
This book brings with an introductory chapter covering
quality improvement tools, which is followed by chapters
"Lean Enterprise" and "Six Sigma." Subsequent chapters
discuss qualitative aspects of statistical process
control , fundamentals of statistics, control charts for
variables, additional statistical process control (SPC)
techniques for variables.

** Quality control.

41 Schniederjans, Marc J
Reinventing the supply chain life cycle : strategies and
methods for analysis and decision making / Marc J
Schniederjans and Stephen B LeGrand.-- Upper Saddle River
: FT Press, 2013.
xviii, 477p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780132963879.
658.7 SCH 138492
This book shows optimize supply chains throughout their
entire lifecycle: creation, growth, maturity, and
decline! Reflecting up-to-the-minute "in-the-trenches"
experience and pioneering research. It also illuminates
the complex transformational processes associated with
managing complex supply chains that incorporate multiple
products and services within ever-changing networks.

** Business Logistics, Strategic Planning

42 Tesar, George
Marketing management in geographically remote industrial
clusters : implications for business-to-consumer
marketing / George Tesar and Jan Bodin.-- New Jersey:
World Scientific, 2013.
xxi, 505p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9789814383059.
658.8 TES 138509
This book covers marketing management issues in
geographically remote industrial clusters (GRICs). The
practice of marketing management is not singular to
industry clusters in Nordic countries. This book contains
cases that cover issues like cluster formation,
information gathering, marketing strategies and
operations, and information-technology.

** Marketing -- Management.

43 Kumar, Nirmalya
Brand breakout : how emerging market brands will go
global / Nirmalya Kumar and Jan-Benedict E M Steenkamp.--
London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2013.
xvi, 256p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9781137276612.
658.827 KUM 138442
This book looks at what Asian and emerging market brands
need to do to succeed in international markets and the
challenges they face when competing with western brands.

** Branding (Marketing), Brand name products, Branding
(Marketing) -- Developing countries.



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