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1 Derbolav, Josef
Search for a new humanity : a dialogue / Josef Derbolav
and Daisaku Ikeda.-- New York: I.B. Tauris, 2008.
x,221p. 24cm.
Echoes and reflections : the selected works of Daisaku
ISBN : 9781845115982.
144 DER 137795
In this book, the authors explore a wide range of topics,
beginning with a discussion of the tension between
tradition and modernity in Japan and elsewhere. They go
on to compare humanism in East and West, the role in
society of ethics and religion, and the encounter between
Christianity and Buddhism. Focusing on the central topic
of education and the business of changing attitudes and
minds, their discussion zeroes in on concrete problems
and issues: education and political authority,
absenteeism and violence in schools, and juvenile

** Humanism, Manners and customs, Ethics.
   2 Nolan, Riall W (ed)
A Handbook of practicing anthropology / Riall W Nolan.--
Chichester: Wiley-Blackwell, 2013.
xiv, 417p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9780470674598.
301.01 NOL 137806
This book presents a comprehensive account of
contemporary, collaborative anthropological practice. The
diverse range of topics includes professional training
and preparation, job hunting, professional development,
career planning, ethics, teamwork, and other important
aspects of anthropological practice beyond the confines
of academia. Key practice sectors such as freelancing,
managing a consulting firm, and working for government,
nonprofits, and corporations are also examined.

** Anthropology - Methodology - Handbooks, manuals, etc.
   3 Mark, Melvin M (ed)
Social psychology and evaluation / Melvin M Mark, Stewart
I Donaldson and Bernadette Campbell.-- New York: The
Guilford Press, 2011.
xii, 420p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781609182120.
302.01 MAR 137780
The book examines how social psychological knowledge can
serve as the basis for theory-driven evaluation,
facilitate more effective partnerships with stakeholders
and policy makers, and help evaluators ask more effective
questions about behavior.

** Social psychology -- Methodology , Evaluation

4 Bateman, Antony
A2 media studies : the essential introduction for AQA /
Antony Bateman and others.--2nd ed-- New York: Routledge,
2010. xv, 296p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780415457330.
302.23 BAT 137791
This book covers the following key areas: Introduction:
From AS to A2, Developing Textual Analysis, Critical
Perspectives, Issues and Debates: Case Studies, Passing
MEST 3: Critical Perspectives, Research and Production
Skills, and, Passing MEST 4: Media Research and

** Mass media.

5 Bateman, Antony
A2 media studies : the essential introduction for WJEC /
Antony Bateman and others.-- New York: Routledge, 2010.
xiv, 334p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780415586597.
302.23 BAT 137792
This book covers the following key areas: Introduction:
From AS to A2, Key Concepts: genre, narrative,
representation, audience, Developing Textual Analysis,
Theoretical Perspectives, Passing MS4: Text, Industry and
Audience, Passing MS3: Media Investigation and Production

** Mass media.

6 Padgett, John F
The Emergence of organizations and markets / John F
Padgett and Walter W Powell.-- Princeton: Princeton
University Press, 2012.
xxii, 583p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9780691148878.
302.35 PAD 137817
This book develops a theory about the emergence of
organizational, and biographical novelty from the
coevolution of multiple social networks.

** Organizational sociology , Industrial organization
(Economic theory)

7 Kurihara, Tomoko
Japanese corporate transition in time and space / Tomoko
Kurihara.-- New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2009.
xvi, 284p. 21cm.
ISBN : 9781403966544.
302.350952 KUR 137809
Precarious office friendships and email romance, delicate
status politics, multiple femininities and masculinities,
changing employment practices and career pathways,
temporal and spatial practices of regulation, detection
and slipping free - these analytical themes comprise the
core of this book. A skillful analysis of the subtleties
of language and embodiment discloses the various
knowledge and practices that reinforce and subvert
ideology and culture within the workplace community. This
field study brings the work of continental theorists
Mikhail Bakhtin, Pierre Bourdieu, and Michel de Certeau
into conversation with the anthropology of Japan.

** Corporate culture - Janan, Organizational behavior -
   8 Straus, Joseph (ed)
The role of law and ethics in the globalized economy /
Joseph Straus.-- Heidelberg: Springer, 2009.
xxi, 177p. 24cm.
(MPI studies on intellectual property, competition and
tax law , 10).
ISBN : 9783540926801.
303.482 STR 137779
This book provides insight into the functioning of the
global economy, the roots of the present international
financial crisis and the responses of highly
distinguished politicians, industrialists and academics.

** Globalization -- Congresses, Globalization -- Economic
aspects, Law and globalization -- Congresses.
   9 Sarma, Sarmistha (ed)
Demographic dividend of India : myth or reality /
Sarmistha Sarma.-- New Delhi: Kunal Books, 2012.
xv, 343p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9789380752587.
304.60954 SAR 137828
This book is a compilation of papers presented at a
conference on Demographic dividend of India : a myth or
reality, held at New Delhi. The chapters of the book
debate over the impact of demographic changes on the
economic growth of the country.

** Demographic transition -- India -- Congresses ,
Population -- Economic aspects -- India -- Congresses

   10 Biju, M R (ed)
Rural development : under decentralised governance / M R
Biju.-- New Delhi: Concept Publishing, 2012.
xliv, 428p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9788180698385.
307.14120954 BIJ 137871
The rapid growth of rural institutions in country like
India during the past six decades, especially after the
passing of the 73rd Constitutional Amendment Act, 1992
shows the ever increasing role being played by Rural
Development Institution to achieve the fundamental goals
of the decentralization. Keeping all the above concerns,
the present volume explores the ways and means for the
development of rural India. In this book, the authors
have tried to explore the existing problems faced by the
rural development sector and present solid suggestions to
revamp the system.

** Rural development - India, Decentralization in
government - India, Panchayat - India, Women in
development - India, Self-help groups - India.
   11 Freeden, Michael (ed)
Comparative political thought : theorizing practices /
Michael Freeden and Andrew Vincent.-- London: Routledge,
ix,196p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780415632065.
320.01 FRE 137800
This book examines some of the following issues: Whether
political theory is -Western-centric-, We can learn what
from non-Western traditions of political thought, We
compare different strands of national and regional
political thought in which way, Political thought in
China, India, the Middle East and Latin America, Islamic
political thought, Political thought in the wake of post-

** Political science -- Philosophy, Philosophy,

12 Mossberger, Karen (ed)
The Oxford handbook of urban politics / Karen Mossberger,
Susan E Clarke and Peter John.-- New York: Oxford
University Press, 2012.
xii, 684p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9780195367867.
320.85 MOS 137797
This book covers the major themes that animate the
subfield: the politics of space and place, power and
governance, urban policy, urban social organization,
citizenship and democratic governance, representation and
institutions, approaches and methodology, and the future
of urban politics.

** Municipal government, Metropolitan government,
Sociology, Urban.

   13 Elstub, Stephen (ed)
Democracy in theory and practice / Stephen Elstub.--
London: Routledge, 2012.
v,111p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9780415505642.
321.8 ELS 137793
Democracy is an issue of major importance in theory and
practice in politics throughout the world. However,
democracy-s study and advancement has been significantly
compromised by a dichotomy between theorizing about
democracy, and empirical studies of democracy in
practice. In addition to highlighting the need for this
gap to be overcome, this book contributes to overcoming
this divide, by demonstrating a number of ways that
democracy in theory and practice can be synthesized,
deepening our understanding of the relationship between
democracy in theory and practice in the process.
Different, but related, democratic principles and
concepts are considered such as legitimacy, political
equality, deliberation, and participation. A range of
practical contexts are also investigated including multi-
level polities, deeply divided societies, whole polities,
local rural and urban areas, and a range of
democratic processes, innovations and spectacular events.

** Democracy, Democracy -- Philosophy.

14 Peruzzotti, Peruzzotti (ed)
Critical theory and democracy : civil society,
dictatorship, and constitutionalism in Andrew Arato-s
democratic theory / Enrique Peruzzotti and Martin Plot.--
New York: Routledge, 2013.
xii, 291p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780415665551.
321.8 PER 137801
This book focuses on Andrew Arato’s democratic theory and
its relevance to contemporary issues such as processes of
democratization, civil society, constitution-making, and
the modern Executive.

** Democracy -- Philosophy, Arato, Andrew.

   15 Elleman, Bruce A (ed)
Beijing-s power and China-s borders : twenty neighbors in
Asia / Bruce A Elleman, Stephen Kotkin and Clive
Schofield.-- Armonk: M E Sharpe, 2013.
xvii, 371p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780765627643.
327.5105 ELL 137876
This book brings together some of the foremost
historians, geographers, political scientists, and legal
scholars on modern Asia to examine each of China-s twenty
land or sea borders. The alphabetically arranged chapters
cover Afghanistan, Bhutan, Brunei, Indonesia, India,
Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Malaysia,
Mongolia, Myanmar (Burma), Nepal, Pakistan, The
Philippines, Russia, Taiwan, Tajikistan, and Vietnam.
Each chapter details the history and status of boundary
setting and the ongoing management of transnational
interactions--trade, resource exploitation, fishing
rights, and population movements.

** China -- Foreign relations -- Asia, Asia -- Foreign
relations -- China, China -- Boundaries.

 330   ECONOMICS  
   16 Tormey, Simon
Anti-capitalism : a beginner-s guide / Simon Tormey.--
England: Oneworld Publications, 2004.
vii,184p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9781851683420.
330.122 TOR 137799
In this book, the author examines the ideas of the
various components that make up the movement: the
anarchists and Marxists, the greens and
environmentalists, the anti-corporate activists and
autonomists, among many others. He looks in detail at how
the movement operates its reliance on a unique
combination of word-of-mouth, the internet, and
communications technology. The examples he draws on
include the efforts of the Zapatistas, who helped the
indigenous peoples of the Chiapas region of Mexico to
establish an autonomous zone beyond the clutches of the
Mexican state.

** Capitalism, Globalization, Protest movements.

17 Heilbroner, Robert L
The Making of economic society / Robert L Heilbroner and
William Milberg.--13th ed-- Boston: Pearson, 2012.
xxiii, 194p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780136080695.
330.9 HEI 137879
This book traces the development of our economic society
from the Middle Ages to the present, offering a balanced
perspective of why our economy is the way it is and where
it may be headed. It explores the catalytic role past
economic trends and dynamics particularly capitalism have
played in creating the present challenges we face, and
offers suggestions on how we may deal with them most
effectively in the future.

** Economic history.

18 Chaturvedi, S (ed)
Dynamics and developmental changes in business practices
: innovations globalisation and policies / S Chaturvedi
and Rachita Rana.-- New Delhi: Kunal Books, 2012.
xii, 291p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9789380752679.
330.954 CHA 137831
This book is an effort to elucidate and illustrate the
dynamics of developmental changes and practices,
deliberate on contemporary issues in marketing, HR and
finance and related areas in business.

** Globalization -- Economic aspects -- India , Business
enterprises -- Information technology -- India , Business
planning -- India
   19 Tsay, Ruey S
An Introduction to analysis of financial data with R /
Ruey S Tsay.-- New Jersey: John Wiley, 2013.
xiv,390p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780470890813.
332.0285133 TSA 137807
This book explores basic concept of visualization of
financial data. Through a fundamental balance between
theory and applications, the book supplies readers with
an accessible approach to financial econometrics models
and their applications to real-world empirical research.

** Finance - Econometric models, Time-series analysis,

Econometrics. R (Computer program language).

   20 Scott, James C
Two cheers for Anarchism : six easy pieces on autonomy,
dignity, and meaningful work and play / James C Scott.--
Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2012.
xxvi, 169p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9780691155296.
335.83 SCO 137819
This book offers a defense of an anarchist way of seeing
one that provides a unique and powerful perspective on
everything from everyday social and political
interactions to mass protests and revolutions.

** Anarchism
   21 Mathew, George Eby
India-s innovation blueprint : how the world-s largest
democracy is becoming an innovation superpower / George
Eby Mathew.-- New Delhi: Chandos Publishing, 2010.
xxi, 166p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9781843342298.
338.0640954 MAT 137776
India-s Innovation Blueprint assesses the new economic
climate in India, together with talent and
entrepreneurship which are also making India a net
supplier of innovation. It identifies gaps in the current
innovation ecosystem and recommends a portfolio approach
and calls for a National Innovation System (NIS) as a
blueprint to fix the gaps.

** Technological innovations -- India , Globalization ,
India -- Economic conditions -- 1947- , India -- Economic
policy -- 1991- ,

22 Gorton, Gary B
Misunderstanding financial crises : why we don-t see them
coming / Gary B Gorton.-- New York: Oxford University
Press, 2012.
xiv, 278p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780199922901.
338.542 GOR 137707
It offers a back-to-basics overview of financial
crises, and shows that they are not rare, idiosyncratic
events caused by a perfect storm of unconnected factors.

** Financial crises -- United States , United States --
Economic policy , Monetary policy -- United States.

23 Andrews, Matt
The Limits of institutional reform in development :
changing rules for realistic solutions / Matt Andrews.--
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013.
xii, 254p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9781107016330.
338.90091724 AND 137878
This book convincingly shows that the export of
institutional reforms to developing countries has often
resulted in superficial changes that have had little or
no impact. Mimicking institutional devices cannot replace
profound changes in the basic operational norms of how
the government in developing countries tries to solve
real problems.

** Institution building - Developing countries,
Developing countries - Economic conditions, Economic
development - Developing countries.

   24 De Grauwe, Paul
Lectures on behavioral macroeconomics / Paul De Grauwe.--
Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2012.
viii, 136p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780691147390.
339.019 DEG 137818
In this book, the author argues for a different
macroeconomics model--one that works with an internal
explanation of the business cycle and factors in agents-
limited cognitive abilities. By creating a behavioral
model that is not dependent on the prevailing concept of
rationality, it explains the fluctuations of economic
activity that are an endemic feature of market economies.
This new approach illustrates a richer macroeconomic
dynamic that provides for a better understanding of
fluctuations in output and inflation.

** Macroeconomics
 340   LAW  
   25 Shukla, Abhishek
Rule of law and right to information / Abhishek Shukla
and Surinder K Shukla.-- New Delhi: Concept Publishing,
416p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9788180698590.
340.110954 SHU 137870
This book focuses on the position of Rule of Law and
Right to Information as it is beginning to unfold since
its recent inception. This book seeks to bring out the
genesis, the points of jurisprudence and principles of
governance with an attempt to bridge the gap between
citizen and the state. The book is of interest and use to
policy makers, scholars and researchers interested in
rule of law, issue of representation and accountability
as well as legal fraternity.

** Rule of law - India, Freedom of information - India
 346   PRIVATE LAW  
26 Jain, B K
Digital rights management : imperatives and innovative
opportunities / B K Jain.-- New Delhi: Global Vision
Publishing, 2012.
xiv, 378p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9788182205024.
346.0482 JAI 137830
This book presents the introduction of Digital Rights
Management (DRM) systems used to protect copyrighted
content, why these systems are emphasized and by whom.
Legal and technical aspects of such methods are also

** Copyright and electronic data processing , Digital
rights management.

27 Wilson, David (ed)
International patent litigation : developing an effective
strategy / David Wilson.-- London: Globe Law and Business
, 2009.
294p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9781905783212.
346.0486 WIL 137778
The book provides a useful comparison of how each
jurisdiction deals with the issues that arise and the
practical consequences of litigating in each location.
This comparison is designed to assist those involved in
international patent litigation in devising an effective
strategy to manage the litigation and so maximize the
chances of a successful outcome, while also reducing
unnecessary costs.

** Patent suits , Patents (International law)
   28 Kearnes, Matthew (ed)
Critical risk research : practices, politics and ethics /
Matthew Kearnes, Francisco Klauser and Stuart Lane.-- West
Sussex: Wiley-Blackwell, 2012.
xi, 240p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9780470974872.
361.1 KEA 137775
A collection of essays about what it means to do risk
research, and about how and with what effects - risk
research is practiced, articulated and exploited.

** Environmental engineering , Risk management ,
Technology -- Moral and ethical aspects
   29 How-s life? : measuring well-being / Organisation for
Economic Co-operation and Development.-- New Delhi:
Academic Foundation, 2012.
282p. 28cm.
ISBN : 9788171889839.
362.1 HOW 137702
This new compendium presents some of the core elements
and indicators relevant to the assessment of the well-
being and progress of communities, and of the people
living in them. It focuses on the most important
dimensions that shape people-s lives today, using as a
starting point the dimensions highlighted in the 2009
Report of the Commission on Economic Performance and
Social Progress.

** Quality of life , Well-being , Public health
 368   INSURANCE  
   30 Kunreuther, Howard C
Insurance and behavioral economics : improving decisions
in the most misunderstood industry / Howard C Kunreuther,
Mark V Pauly and Stacey McMorrow.-- Cambridge: Cambridge
University Press, 2013.
xii, 329p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780521608268.
368 KUN 137877
This book examines the behavior of individuals at risk,
insurance industry decision makers and policy makers
involved in the selling, buying, and regulating of

** Risk (Insurance), Insurance -- Decision making,
Consumer behavior.

   31 Palanithurai, G
Social relevance of higher learning institutions / G
Palanithurai.-- New Delhi: Concept Publishing, 2012.
xix, 168p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9788180698637.
378.54 PAL 137873
The sudden expansion of higher education in India to meet
the market needs has created such a havoc to the higher
education in India. In the name of expansion quality is
the casualty. Exploitation of the people by the private
sector in education is the order of the day. Barring the
premier public institutions and a few private
institutions, all are not in a healthy condition to
produce quality manpower needed to the market. The above
issues have been analyzed and remedial measures are
suggested in this book.

** Education, Higher - Social aspects - India, Education,
Rural - India, University extension - India.

   32 Chernick, Michael R
An Introduction to bootstrap methods with applications to
R / Michael R Chernick and Robert A LaBudde.-- New Jersey
: John Wiley, 2011.
xvii, 216p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780470467046.
519.54 CHE 137808
This book explores the practicality of this approach and
successfully utilizes R to illustrate applications for
the bootstrap and other resampling methods. This book
provides a modern introduction to bootstrap methods for
readers who do not have an extensive background in
advanced mathematics. Emphasis throughout is on the use
of bootstrap methods as an exploratory tool, including
its value in variable selection and other modeling
environments. Subsequent chapters offer coverage of
improved confidence set estimation, estimation of error
rates in discriminant analysis, and applications to a
wide variety of hypothesis testing and estimation
problems, including pharmaceutical, genomics, and

** Bootstrap (Statistics), R (Computer program language).
   33 Banerjee, Ashok
Financial accounting : a managerial emphasis / Ashok
Banerjee.--2nd ed-- New Delhi: Excel Books, 2006.
xii, 702p. 23cm.
ISBN : 8174464158.
657 BAN 137721
This book covers the first aspect of management
accounting. It seeks to delve deep into all the aspects
of Financial Accounting from a manager-s perspective. The
objective is to present the concepts, applications and
practices of Financial Accounting in such a manner that
even those readers having no prior exposure to the
subject can understand its theory and practice.

** Accounting , Financial accounting
   34 Ford, David
Managing business relationships / David Ford and others.-
3rd ed-- Chichester: John Wiley, 2011.
xiii, 238p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780470721094.
658.044 FOR 137811
This new edition of this book aims to help managers and
students understand the reality of business networks and
how to manage in them. It has been entirely rewritten to
include the latest thinking and research from the IMP
(Industrial Marketing and Purchasing) Group and includes
new chapters on Intermediation in Business Networks, the
Economics of Business Relationships and the Practice of
Business Networking. The book is vital reading for
students of business marketing, purchasing, business
networks and relationship management. It is also a
valuable resource for all managers operating in business
networks, including those in marketing, purchasing,
strategy, technical development and distribution.

** Strategic alliances (Business), Business networks.

35 Briscoe, Dennis
International human resource management : policies and
practices for multinational enterprises / Dennis Briscoe,
Randall Schuler and Ibraiz Tarique.--4th ed-- New York:
Routledge, 2012.
xix, 527p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9780415884761.
658.3 BRI 137777
This book provides an essential foundation for an
understanding of the theory and practice of IHRM.
Featuring data and examples from international business,
consulting practice, academic research, and interviews
with IHRM managers in multinational and global
organizations, it covers almost everything that is
currently known in the field. It includes learning
objectives, key terms, discussion questions, and end-of-
chapter vignettes for application of the ideas in the text.

** International business enterprises -- Personnel

36 Pendleton, David
Leadership: all you need to know / David Pendleton and
Adrian Furnham.-- New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.
x,186p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780230319455.
658.4092 PEN 137810
The book presents a leadership model for the future which
creates the right conditions for people to thrive,
individually and collectively, and achieve significant

** Leadership , Executive ability.

37 Madan, Pankaj
Supply chain management : concept, planning and execution
/ Pankaj Madan and Neeraj Anand.-- New Delhi: Global
Vision Publishing, 2012.
xii, 303p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9788182204461.
658.5 MAD 137874
This book presents a comprehensive view of various
aspects of supply chain management. The six key drivers
of Supply Chain Management viz. facility, inventory,
transportation, information, sourcing and pricing and
their interplay have been described well to appreciate
all operational aspects of Supply Chain Management.

** Business logistics.

38 McDonald, Malcolm
Marketing plans for services : a complete guide / Malcolm
McDonald, Pennie Frow and Adrian Payne.--3rd ed.--
Chichester: John Wiley, 2011.
xv, 495p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780470979099.
658.802 MAC 137814
In this book, authors highlight key misunderstandings
about marketing and the nature of services and
relationship marketing. This book with revised cases and
new content covering gap analysis, market mapping, CRM
and integrated marketing communications, including
digital marketing and social media, it will be an
essential guide for professional marketers in the service
sector as well as upper level students.

** Service industries - Marketing, Service industries -

39 Wood, Marian Burk
The Marketing plan handbook / Marian Burk Wood.--4th ed.-
Delhi: Prentice Hall, 2011.
xiii, 210p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780136089360.
658.802 WOO 137813
This book is the only planning handbook to guide readers,
step-by-step, through the complete development of a
realistic, customized marketing plan. The fourth edition
includes dozens of new examples, a new conceptual model,
and current coverage of the latest developments found in
marketing today.

** Marketing - management - Handbooks, manuals, etc.

40 Oade, Aryanne
Managing challenging clients : building effective
relationships with difficult customers / Aryanne Oade.--
New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.
xxi, 170p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780230238428.
658.812 OAD 137812
This book is about working as a supplier to challenging
internal and external clients. It focuses on the skills
and know-how involved in working effectively with clients
despite the challenges and the obstacles that their
behavior creates.

** Customer relations -- Management.
   41 Benyahia, Sarah Casey
A2 film studies : the essential introduction / Sarah
Casey Benyahia, Freddie Gaffney and John White.--2nd ed--
New York: Routledge, 2009.
xii, 461p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780415454360.
791.43 BEN 137790
This book covers the following key areas: The small scale
research project, The creative project, Aspects of a
national cinema - Bollywood, Iranian, Japanese, and
Mexican, International Film Styles - German and/or Soviet
Surrealism, Neo-Realism, and New Waves Specialist
studies - Urban Stories, and Empowering Women
Spectatorship topics - Early cinema before 1917,
Documentary, Experimental and expanded film/video, and
Popular film and emotional responses The single film
critical study - every film covered.

** Motion pictures.

42 Bhattacharya, Nandini
Hindi cinema : repeating the subject / Nandini
Bhattacharya.-- London: Routledge, 2013.
x, 219p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780415698672.
791.430954 BHA 137802
The book looks at how cinema presents liminal and counter
modern identities emerging within repeated modern
attempts to re-enact traumatic national events so as to
redeem the past and restore a normative structure to
happenings. Establishing structure and event as
paradigmatic poles of a historical and anthropological
spectrum for the individual in society, the book goes on
to discuss cinematic portrayals of violence, gender
embodiment, religion, economic transformations and new
globalised Indianness as events and sites of liminality
disrupting structural aspirations.

** Motion pictures, Hindi -- History -- 20th century.

   43 Mann, Thomas
Buddenbrooks : the decline of a family / Thomas Mann.--
New York: Random House, 1994.
731p. 20cm.
ISBN : 9780679752608.
833.912 MAN 137815-137816
Buddenbrooks tells the story of three generations of a
proud family in the mid to late 19th century. Sadly, the
family heritage begins to sink into a quagmire of bad
business decisions, bad marital decisions, apathy and
just plain bad luck.

** Families -- Fiction , Germany -- Fiction.

   44 Wickett, Elizabeth
For the living and the dead : the funerary laments of
upper Egypt, ancient and modern / Elizabeth Wickett.--
New York: I B Tauris, 2010.
xviii, 307p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9781848850507.
892.716 WIC 137794
In this book, the author explores the performance, motifs
and meanings of the laments and reveals their relation to
myth, religion, cosmology and the ancient Egyptian
funerary texts.

** Laments -- Egypt -- History and criticism, Funeral
music -- Egypt -- History and criticism.



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