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   1 Plant, Robert
An executive-s guide to information technology :
principles, business models, and terminology / Robert
Plant and Stephen Murrell.-- Cambridge: Cambridge
University Press, 2007.
x, 374p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9780521853361.
004.0246584 PLA 135864
The Executive-s Guide to Information Technology, Second
Edition is a practical, comprehensive guide to running a
cost-effective, efficient, and business delivery-focused
corporate IT department. Eschewing the theoretical for
the practical, the book gives managers the guidance they
need to handle any problem effectively with specific
policies, approaches, and tools for IT management

** Information technology , Industrial management --
Information technology
   2 Belcher, Wendy Laura
Writing your journal article in 12 weeks : a guide to
academic publishing success / Wendy Laura Belcher.-- Los
Angeles: Sage Publications, 2009.
xxi, 351p. 28cm.
ISBN : 9781412957014.
070.50973 BEL 135790
This book provides all the tools you need to write an
excellent academic article and get it published.

** Scholarly publishing -- United States
 170   ETHICS  
   3 McKinley, Mary M (ed)
Ethics in marketing and communications : towards a global
perspective / Mary M McKinley.-- New York: Palgrave
Macmillan, 2012.
xi, 130p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9780230358553.
174.4 MAC 135767
This book takes an international perspective on the
topical issues of marketing ethics and ethical
communications. The contributors are professors of
business in various European institutions who bring their
international background and experience to this body of

** Marketing -- Moral and ethical aspects 2.
Communication in marketing -- Moral and ethical aspects
3. Business ethics

   4 Shon, Phillip Chong Ho
How to read journal articles in the social sciences : a
very practical guide for students / Phillip Chong Ho Shon
-- New Delhi: Sage Publications, 2012.
x, 110p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9781446209325.
300 SHO 135746
Using a reading code sheet developed by the author, this
book teaches students how to approach social and
behavioral science journal articles as texts that can be
deciphered structurally, mechanically, and grammatically.
The included reading code sheet and reading strategies
will allow students and researchers to systematize the
reading, note-taking, and organizing of voluminous
amounts of information in an easily identifiable and
retrievable format, and will be a huge confidence boost
to those who struggle with this first phase in the
writing process.

** Social sciences 2. Reader-response criticism
   5 Raines, Claire
The art of connecting : how to overcome differences,
build rapport, and communicate effectively with anyone /
Claire Raines and Lara Ewing.-- New Delhi: BPI India,
ix, 230p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9788184975222.
302.2 RAI 135867
Explains how the skillful connectors are able to shift
perspectives to see a situation from three points of
view: "me," "you," and "them." This book reveals core
principles and presents corresponding, specific
strategies for overcoming communications barriers and
connecting with anyone, regardless of professional,
generational, and ethnic.

** Intercultural communication , Interpersonal
communication , Communication in management
   6 Menon, Meena
Riots and after in Mumbai : chronicles of truth and
reconciliation / Meena Menon.-- Los Angeles: Sage
Publications, 2012.
xcii, 266p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9788132107002.
303.6230954792 MEN 135850
Riots and After in Mumbai provides a synoptic record of
events in Mumbai, focusing essentially on the history of
riots in the city. Using this framework, it attempts to
understand the sociopolitical and cultural realities of
present-day Mumbai through a collection of narratives of
the people affected by the communal riots of 1992-93. The
author uses a novel approach, combining historical
records from the pre-Independence era (1893-1945) and
personal interviews of both Muslims and Hindus living in
the city. It also looks into the political manipulations
that ordinary people of both communities alike are
subjected to by the ruling powers and political parties.
This book will help the reader form a bridge between the
Mumbai-s past and present in order to better understand
the relations between the two communities.

** Bombay Riots, Bombay, India, 1992-1993 2. Riots --
India -- Bombay -- History -- 20th century 3. Communalism
-- India -- Bombay -- History -- 20th century 4. Hindus -
India -- Bombay -- Interviews 6. Muslims -- India --
Bombay -- Interviews 7. Bombay (India) -- Ethnic
   7 Simpson, Ruth (ed)
Dirty Work : concepts and identities / Ruth Simpson and
others.-- New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.
xi, 274p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9780230277137.
306.361 SIM 135806
This book explores understandings and experiences of
-dirty work- - tasks or occupations that are seen as
disgusting and degrading. It complicates the
-clean/dirty- divide in the context of organizations and
work and illustrates some of the complex ways in which
dirty work identities are managed.

** Work -- Social aspects 2. Stigma (Social psychology)
3. Occupational prestige 4. Occupations -- Psychological
aspects 5. Work -- Psychological aspects
   8 Worley, Matthew
Labour inside the gate : a history of the British Labour
Party between the wars / Matthew Worley.-- London: I T
Tauris, 2005.
vii, 278p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9781850437987.
324.2410709042 WOR 135739
The period between the wars was a watershed for the
Labour Party as it transformed from a failed alternative
to the Conservatives to a majority party of government.
After a slow build-up, it went on to win a landslide
victory that brought in the Attlee government of 1945.
Labour inside the Gate is the first study dedicated to
this period in Labour-s development. In this
comprehensive history, Worley examines the parliamentary
Labour Party and the growing network of constituency
parties. He explores Labour-s shifting identity at a
national and local level and the evolution of a party
policy that would drive the historic Attlee government
into office.

** Labour Party (Great Britain) -- History

9 Baringhorst, Sigrid
Political campaigning on the Web / Sigrid
Baringhorst,Veronika Kneip and Johanna Niesyto.-- London:
Transcript, 2009.
274p. 22cm.
(Media Upheavals, 37).
ISBN : 9783837610475.
324.730285678 BAR 135740
Drawing upon a common conceptual framework of political
Web campaigning the book offers theoretical reflections on
internet-based campaign politics.

** Internet in political campaigns 2. Political campaigns
-- Effect of technological innovations on
 330   ECONOMICS  
   10 Anderson, William P
Economic geography / William P Anderson.-- London:
Routledge, 2012.
xvi, 383p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780415701204.
330.9 AND 135804
The goal of this book is to provide the student with a
rigorous introduction to a diverse but logically
consistent set of analytical models of the spatial
decisions and interactions that drive the evolution of
the economic landscape. The book begins by explaining
fundamental concepts that are critical to all topics in
economic geography: the friction of distance,
agglomeration, spatial interaction, market mechanisms,
natural resources and production technologies. The
following sections cover major areas of inquiry including
multiregional economies, location theory, markets for
space and systems of cities. The final section
synthesizes and builds on these topics to address two
trends that provide particular challenges to economic
geographers today: globalization and the emergence of the
knowledge economy.

** Economic geography 2. Space in economics 3. Regional

11 Taylor, Robert (ed)
International business in China : understanding the
global economic crisis / Robert Taylor.-- London:
Routledge, 2012.
viii, 143p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9780415674836.
330.951 TAY 135793
This book deals with a number of contentious issues in
Chinese management as China emerges as a global economic
player, with a greater role in international business
during a global economic crisis. This step is in tandem
with an economically driven foreign policy. Since the
1980s, Chinese management while still in transition, has
benefited from an infusion of capital, technology and
managerial expertise through inward direct investment via
joint and wholly-owned foreign ventures. The creation of
a knowledge economy, in addition to outward investment in
manufacturing, could lead to a distinctive independent
style of Chinese management. Simultaneously, China-s
participation in intra-regional trade underlines the
nation-s role in Asian regional business networks. Such
developments in turn present a challenge to Western and
global business.

** China -- Economic conditions -- 2000- 2. China --
Foreign economic relations -- 21st century
   12 Hinrichs, Karl (ed)
Labour market flexibility and pension reforms : flexible
today, secure tomorrow? / Karl Hinrichs and Matteo
Jessoula.-- New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.
xviii,262p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9780230290068.
331.12 HIN 135777
Increasingly flexible labour markets and reforms of old-
age pension systems are still ranking high on the
political agenda of European countries. This volume
investigates whether, and to what extent, the interplay
between pension reforms and the spread of -atypical-
employment patterns and fragmented careers has a negative
influence uponeconomic security in old age. The volume,
therefore, analyzes the flexibility-security nexus by
focusing on the post-retirement phase, thus extending the
conventional narrow concept of -flexicurity-. The book
also questions whether reforms of public and private
pension schemes compensate or aggravate the risks of
increasingly flexible labor markets and atypical
employment careers after retirement?

** Career changes 2. Labor market 3. Pensions

13 Yahya, Faizal bin
The Migration of Indian human capital : the ebb and flow
of Indian professionals in Southeast Asia / Faizal bin
Yahya and Arunajeet Kaur.-- London: Routledge, 2011.
xvi, 240p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780415481083.
331.12791 YAH 135865
Examines the trends of human capital flows from India
into Southeast Asia. Focusing in particular on Malaysia,
Singapore, and, Thailand, this book provides an analysis
of Indian labour in various sectors, including
information technology (IT) sector, and oil and gas. It
is useful to policy makers and students in the field of
Asian studies.

** Human capital -- India , Labor mobility -- Southeast
Asia , Foreign workers -- Southeast Asia , Southeast Asia
-- Emigration and immigration
   14 Abergel, Frederic (ed)
Econophysics of order-driven markets : proceedings of
Econophys-Kolkata V / Frederic Abergel...[et al.]--
Heidelberg: Springer, 2011.
xv, 308p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9788847017658.
332.015195 ABE 135766
The primary goal of the book is to present the ideas and
research findings of active researchers from various
communities (physicists, economists, mathematicians,
financial engineers) working in the field of
"Econophysics", who have undertaken the task of modelling
and analyzing order-driven markets. Of primary interest
in these studies are the mechanisms leading to the
statistical regularities ("stylized facts") of price
statistics. Results pertaining to other important issues
such as market impact, the profitability of trading
strategies, or mathematical models for microstructure
effects, are also presented. Several leading researchers
in these fields report on their recent work and also
review the contemporary literature. Some historical
perspectives, comments and debates on recent issues in
Econophysics research are also included.

** Income distribution -- Mathematical models --
Congresses 2. Finance -- Mathematical models --
Congresses 3. Statistical physics -- Congresses

15 Tankha, Ajay
Banking on self-help groups : twenty years on / Ajay
Tankha.-- Los Angeles: Sage Publications, 2012.
xxvi, 295p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9788132109648.
332.280954 TAN 135868
Banking on Self-help Groups reviews the existing state of
affairs in respect of the SHG (Self-help Group) movement
and addresses the question of what should be the next
phase of development of the SHGs. It identifies the
policy gaps and opportunities that exist for the SHGs to
be mainstreamed further into the formal financial system.
The author examines elements of strategy and design being
adopted by the National Rural Livelihoods Mission as also
the potential role of NABARD in the development of SHGs
in the future. The study focuses on three core issues
pertaining to SHGs. The book concludes with a discussion
of proposals and institutional arrangements that provide
the way forward for the continued and uninterrupted
growth of SHGs as an agency for change in the rural
sector of India.

** Self-help groups --India --Evaluation

16 Velmurugan PS (ed)
Research in financial derivatives : commodity, equity,
currency, interest rate / Velmurugan PS, P Palanichamy
and V Shunmugam.-- New Delhi: Global Research
Publications, 2011.
xxiii, 575p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9788189630331.
332.6328 VEL 135735
Papers presented at the International Conference on
Financial Derivatives, held at Pondicherry University
during 17-19 December 2010.

** Commodity futures -- Congresses 2. Commodity futures -
India -- Congresses 3. Derivative securities --
Congresses 4. Commodity exchanges --Congresses
   17 Ojha, Hemant R (ed)
Adaptive collaborative approaches in natural resource
governance : rethinking participation, learning and
innovation / Hemant R Ojha, Andy Hall and Rasheed
Sulaiman V.-- London: Routledge, 2013.
xviii, 327p. 23cm
ISBN : 9780415699105.
333.7 OJH 135857
The purpose of this book is to showcase a range of
approaches that consider learning and collaboration as
central processes in agriculture and natural resources
governance and management. These include four related and
overlapping adaptive collaborative approaches - Adaptive
Collaborative Management, Participatory Action Research,
Social Learning and Innovation Systems. Despite these
being generated in different institutional domains with
somewhat diverse epistemological and policy orientations,
the authors show that there are common themes among these

** Natural resources -- Co-management , Adaptive natural
resource management , Social learning , Natural resources
-- Co-management -- Case studies , Adaptive natural
resource management -- Case studies , Social learning --
Case studies

18 Shmelev, Stanislav E
Ecological economics : sustainability in practice /
Stanislav E Shmelev.-- Heidelberg: Springer, 2012.
xix, 248p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9789400719712.
333.7 SHM 135803
This book presents the state of the art in ecological
economics. It details cutting edge methods used in
sustainability research and contains practical case
studies focused on renewables, biodiversity, waste
management and sustainable business.

** Ecology -- Economic aspects
   19 Goglio, Silvio (ed)
Financial cooperatives and local development / Silvio
Goglio and Yiorgos Alexopoulos.-- London: Routledge, 2013
xvii, 238p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780415698375.
334.2 GOG 135837
This book examines the opportunities opened up for
financial cooperatives by the recent financial crisis,
and explores the role of these institutions in promoting
and sustaining local development. The global financial
crisis has not only shown the limits of the mainstream
theory of markets and rational expectations, but has also
generated a great deal of disillusionment with the
banking system and underlined the importance of a healthy
society for the welfare of the individual. Consequently,
new and innovative ways of providing finance are needed,
especially for strengthening the development of local

** Financial institutions 2. Banks and banking 3.
Sustainable development
   20 Pilling, Geoff
Marxist political economy : essays in retrieval -
selected works of Geoff Pilling / Geoff Pilling and Doria
Pilling.-- London: Routledge, 2012.
xxiii, 246p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780415678520.
335.412 PIL 135859
Geoff Pilling-s work shows that Marxist theory is
relevant to those struggling to understand the problems
of capitalist society today, and that the work not only
of Marx and Engels but that of later Marxist theorists,
including Lenin is worth studying. It also shows that to
understand the problems of today-s society needs more
than narrow specialist economic analysis, but a deep
awareness of current developments in society.

** Capitalism , Marxian economics
   21 Colyer, Dale
Green trade agreements / Dale Colyer.-- New York:
Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.
xv, 298p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9780230321069.
337 COL 135772
Green Trade Agreements reviews and analyses the
environmental provisions that have become an important
characteristic of the growing number of bilateral and
regional free trade agreements. This book examines the
range of approaches to these environmental provisions,
evaluates their effectiveness and suggests potential
improvements to the process.

** International economic relations -- Environmental
aspects 2. Commercial treaties -- Environmental aspects
   22 Branson, Richard
Business stripped bare : adventures of a global
entrepreneur / Richard Branson.-- London: Virgin Books,
xxii, 359p. 17cm.
ISBN : 9780753516942.
338.04092 BRA 135830
For the first time, the billionaire entrepreneur reveals
the secrets of his success and shares the lessons he-s
learned along the way. Includes all-new material
including never-before-seen diary and notebook entries
from Branson-s personal archive.

** Branson, Richard , Entrepreneurship , Success in

23 Xiaoyun, Li
Agricultural development in China and Africa : a
comparative analysis / Li Xiaoyun...[et al.]-- London:
Routledge, 2012.
xviii, 310p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781849713887.
338.10951XIA 135795
Many African countries are increasingly interested in
learning from China-s experiences in achieving effective
agricultural development. The Chinese government and
academic community are also keen to share experiences and
lessons with Africa. The book highlights experiences and
lessons from China and, in particular, analyzes why
Africa has not yet been able to emulate China-s
agricultural development trajectory. It compares the
similarities and discrepancies in conditions, processes,
and outcomes between China and Africa from the
perspectives of investment, science and technology,
policies and international development aid. Based on this
it explores which experiences and lessons from China-s
agriculture development can be shared with African
countries in order to contribute to the sustainable
improvement and transformation of African agriculture.

** Agriculture -- Economic aspects -- China 2.
Agriculture -- Economic aspects -- Africa 3. Agriculture
and state -- China 4. Agriculture and state - Africa 5.
Rural development -- China

24 Calabrese, Giuseppe (ed)
The greening of the automotive industry / Giuseppe
Calabrese.-- New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.
xxvii, 369p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9780230369092.
338.47629222 CAL 135773
An examination of the greening of the automotive industry
by the path dependence of countries and carmakers-
trajectories. Three sources of path dependency can be
detected: business models, consumer attitudes, and policy
regulations. The automobile is changing and the race
towards alternative driving systems has started!

** Automobile industry and trade -- Environmental aspects
2. Automobile industry and trade -- Technological

25 Centre for Science and Environment
Into the furnace : the life cycle of the Indian iron and
steel industry / Centre for Science and Environment.--
New Delhi: Centre for Science and Environment, 2012.
250p. 27cm.
ISBN : 9788186906590.
338.47672 CEN 135687


26 Pokrovskii, Vladimir N
Econodynamics : the theory of social production /
Vladimir N Pokrovskii.--2nd ed-- Heidelberg: Springer,
xii, 197p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9789400720954.
338.5 POK 135802
This book explains how the growth of production is
connected with achievements in technological consumption
of labour and energy. The theory allows one to analyse
the past and present of the social production system and
to build scripts for future progress.

** Production (Economic theory) 2. Labor productivity

27 Calcagnini, Giorgio (ed)
The Economics of Small Businesses : An International
Perspective / Giorgio Calcagnini and Ilario Favaretto.--
Berlin: Physica-Verlag, 2011.
xxvi, 219p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9783790826227.
338.642 CAL 135765
Is small still beautiful? This book provides an
international perspective on analyses and policy
recommendations for how small businesses can reinforce
their role in modern economies.

** Small business 2. Organizational change 3. Small
business -- Finance

28 Seligson, Mitchell A (ed)
Development and underdevelopment : the political economy
of global inequality / Mitchell A Seligson and John T
Passe-Smith.--4th ed-- New Delhi: Viva Books, 2010.
xiii, 437p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9788130912240.
338.9 SEL 135863
Why have some countries succeeded at the task of economic
development, while others have failed dismally? Designed
to address this question - to explain the persistence and
even widening of the gap between both rich and poor
countries, and rich and poor within poor countries - this
anthology draws upon classic as well as current
literature. Students should find conventional
explanations based on theories of modernisation and
culture, revisionist explanations focusing on dependency
and world-systems analysis, and the most recent
literature on rent-seeking, markets and states. Empirical
evidence evaluates the success of the contending theories
presented, case studies are also included. The final
chapter draws conclusions about where development theory
has been and where it is going.

** Economic development , Income distribution ,
Capitalism , Economic history -- 1945- , Social history -
1945- , Developing countries -- Economic conditions ,
Economic conditions Inequality

29 Marletto, Gerardo
Creating a sustainable economy : an institutional and
evolutionary approach to environmental policy / Gerardo
Marletto.-- London: Routledge, 2012.
xix, 268p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780415610766.
338.927 MAR 135796
This book is designed for those scholars, students,
policy makers - or just curious readers - who are looking
for heterodox thinking on the issue of environmental
economics and policy. Contributions to this book draw on
multiple streams of institutional and evolutionary
economics and help build an approach to environmental
policy that radically diverges from mainstream
prescriptions. Institutions and technologies - and not
only markets - are at the heart of a systemic and dynamic
analysis of those structural changes which are needed to
create a sustainable economy. Actors for change - and
their ability to influence politics and policy - are
explicitly taken into consideration. These issues are
analyzed from different viewpoints by contributors to the
book: some focus on behavior and institutions, others
analyze the interaction of economic and technological

** Economic development -- Environmental aspects 2.
Environmental policy -- Economic aspects 3. Sustainable
development 4. Environmental economics
   30 Wickens, Michael
Macroeconomic theory : a dynamic general equilibrium
approach / Michael Wickens.--2nd ed.-- Princeton:
Princeton University Press, 2011.
xvii, 596p. 26cm.
ISBN : 9780691152868.
339 WIC 135839
Emphasizing the general equilibrium character of
macroeconomics, this book explains effects across the
whole economy, not just part. It presents the simplest
general equilibrium macroeconomic model for a closed
economy, and develops a comprehensive model of the open

** Macroeconomics 2. Equilibrium (Economics)
   31 Bakshi, P M
The constitution of India / P M Bakshi.-- New Delhi:
Universal Low Publishing, 2010.
cii, 437p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9788175348400.
342.54 BAK 135734

** Constitutional law-India

   32 Chakrabarty, Bidyut
Public administration in a globalizing world : theories
and practices / Bidyut Chakrabarty and Prakash Chand.--
Los Angeles: Sage Publications, 2012.
xxxi, 547p. 21cm.
ISBN : 9788132109488.
351 CHA 135849
Public Administration in a Globalizing World, fully
accessible and written in a comprehensive textbook mould,
provides a synoptic view of the developments in the
discipline of public administration in the age of

** Public administration 2. Public administration --
History -- 21st century 3. Public administration -- India
   33 Zafarullah, Habib
Managing development in a globalized world : concepts,
processes, institutions / Habib Zafarullah and Ahmed
Shafiqul Huque.-- Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2012.
xxxiv, 493p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9781420068375.
352.34 ZAF 135778
A careful synthesis of theoretical/conceptual and
empirical literature, the book assesses real-world
situations and provides insight into the operational
dynamics of development policies, programs, and
institutions. It focuses on goals, values, and dynamics
of development management that are undergoing rapid
changes and continue to be enhanced to alleviate poverty
and improve living standards in an era of globalization
and inter-regional and inter-institutional synergies. It
highlights best practices essential for the efficient and
effective delivery of human development services that are
designed and put in place to obtain optimum results in
meeting the needs of society.

** Public administration 2. Political planning 3.
Political development 4. Economic development 5. Social
   34 Dasgupta, Sumita
Climate change and natural resources : a book of
activities / Sumita Dasgupta.-- New Delhi: Centre for
Science and Environment, 2011.
118p. 28cm.
ISBN : 9788186906538.
363.73874 DAS 135685

** Climatic changes
   35 Antoldi, Fabio
Export consortia in developing countries : successful
management of cooperation among SMEs / Fabio Antoldi,
Daniele Cerrato and Donatella Depperu.-- Heidelberg:
Springer, 2011. xiii, 123p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9783642248788.
382.6091724 ANT 135768-135769
The book analyzes export consortia from the strategic
management perspective. It builds on an empirical
analysis of nine export consortia promoted by UNIDO in
developing countries between 2004 and 2007. The book is
based heavily on actual export consortium experiences, in
order to combine a rigorous research approach with a more
pragmatic view of the phenomenon. The book includes a
literature review which combines the topics of SME
internationalization, strategic networks, and the issues
which relate specifically to SME alliances in the form of
export consortia. Entrepreneurs and executives will find
useful business models and management tools for the
successful design and implementation of export consortia.

** Export consortia -- Developing countries 2. Developing
countries -- Foreign economic relations

   36 Van Dijk, Jan
The Network society / Jan VanDijk.--3rd ed-- London: Sage
Publications, 2012.
vi, 326p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9781446248966.
384 VAN 135724
A new edition of a truly classic text in media studies.
This now benchmark title is written by one of the leading
academics in the world, and has been revised and updated
to fully understand the changes in our society due to the
rise of social networks and their impact on our world.

** Information networks 2. Telecommunication

   37 Ayyub, Bilal M
Probability, statistics and reliability for engineers and
scientists / Bilal M Ayyub and Richard H McCuen.--3rd ed-
Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2011.
xxiii, 639p. 26cm.
ISBN : 9781439809518.
519.502462 AYY 135866
Introduces probability, statistics, reliability, and risk
methods with a balance of theory and applications. This
book emphasises on simulation, particularly as a modeling
tool. It also discusses the analysis of variance
including single- and two-factor analyses. It also covers
Monte Carlo simulation.

** Engineering mathematics , Reliability (Engineering)
 577   ECOLOGY  
   38 Dudley, Nigel
Authenticity in nature : making choices about the
naturalness of ecosystems / Nigel Dudley.-- London:
Earthscan Publishing, 2011.
xii, 244p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9781844078356.
577 DUD 135805
Examines the concept of naturalness in ecosystems,
discusses its values and considers choices about the
level of naturalness in conservation efforts. This book
discusses the choices face us and some of the information
we need to make decisions relating to land and water

** Ecosystem management -- Philosophy 2. Nature
conservation -- Philosophy 3. Naturalness (Environmental
sciences) 4. Authenticity (Philosophy)
 610   MEDICINE and HEALTH  
   39 Khan, M E (ed)
Shaping demand and practices to improve family health
outcomes : designing a behavior change communication
strategy in India / M E Khan and others.-- Los Angeles:
Sage Publications, 2012.
2v, 395p. 25cm.
v.1- Uttar Pradesh,v.2- Bihar.
ISBN : 9788132108979.
613.0954163 KHA 135852,vol. 1, 135853,vol. 2
Maternal and child-health indicators have remained poor
in northern India, with various factors contributing to
the continued mortality and morbidity. Covering UP and
Bihar, this title offers information on family dynamics
that could be used to develop a comprehensive behavior
change communication (BCC) strategy on family health in
northern India.

** Families -- Health and hygiene -- India, North Health
behavior -- India, North Health promotion -- India, North
   40 Faunce, Thomas
Nanotechnology for a sustainable world : global
artificial photosynthesis as nanotechnology-s moral
culmination / Thomas Faunce.-- Cheltenham: Edward Elgar,
ix, 217p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9781848446717.
620.5 FAU 135860
Does humanity have a moral obligation to emphasize
nanotechnology-s role in addressing the critical public
health and environmental problems of our age? This well
crafted book explores this idea by analyzing the
prospects for a macro science nanotechnology-for-
environmental sustainability project in areas such as
food, water and energy supply, medicine, healthcare,
peace and security. The book concludes that the moral
culmination of nanotechnology is a Global Artificial
Photosynthesis (GAP) project. It argues that the
symmetric patterns of energy creating photosynthesis,
life and us, are shaping not only the nano technological
advances of artificial photosynthesis, but also the
ethical and legal norms likely to best govern such
scientific achievements to form a sustainable existence
on this planet.

** Nanotechnology -- Moral and ethical aspects , Science
- Moral and ethical aspects , Environmental ethics ,
Photosynthesis -- Research
   41 Covey, Stephen M R
The Speed of trust : the one thing that changes
everything / Stephen M R Covey and Rebecca R Merrill.--
London: Pocket Books, 2006.
xxvi, 354p. 19cm.
ISBN : 9781847392718.
650.1 COV 135829
From Stephen R. Covey-s eldest son come a revolutionary
book that will guide business leaders, public figures and
their organizations towards unprecedented productivity
and satisfaction. Trust, says Stephen M. R. Covey, is the
very basis of the 21st century-s global economy, but its
power is generally overlooked and misunderstood. Covey
shows you how to inspire immediate trust in everyone you
encounter - colleagues, constituents, the marketplace -
allowing you to forego the time-killing and energy-
draining check and balance bureaucracies that are so
often relied upon in lieu of actual trust.

** Trust , Success in business , Business ethics

42 Addesso, Patricia J
The boss from outer space and other aliens at work : a
down-to-earth guide for getting along with just about
anyone / Patricia J Addesso.-- New Delhi: BPI India, 2012
v, 216p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9788184975260.
650.13 ADD 135871
Anyone who works in an office probably has to deal with
at least some people who are so different they might as
well be from another planet. These differences can lead
to conflict or - if handled properly - to a greater
appreciation of others and a more productive workplace.
The secret to getting along lies in understanding the
different personality traits people exhibit and how to
relate to them.The author identifies 11 traits that can
make work relationships difficult, which she compares to
the planets (plus the moon and the sun), and shows
whether one is more of a conformist or experimenter,
Jupiter, made up mostly of gases, has a bubbly spirit,
and signifies one-s level of optimism, Earth (as in "down
to Earth") indicates whether someone is grounded, or has
one-s "head in the clouds."

** Office politics , Personality , Interpersonal
relations , Conflict management , Emotional intelligence
   43 Bacon, Terry R
The behavioral advantage : what the smartest, most
successful companies do differently to win in the B2B
arena / Terry R Bacon and David G Pugh.-- New Delhi: BPI
India, 2012.
xi, 308p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9788184975239.
658.0019 BAC 135869
Reveals the chess game with competitors. The book argues
that to win the game, companies must develop an opening
game aligned to make the most of resources, an efficient
middle game outflanking competitors, and an endgame that
assures a successful relationship and lays the groundwork
for successful future games.

** Organizational behavior , Organizational effectiveness
, Strategic planning , Selling -- Psychological aspects ,
Customer relations , Industrial management

44 Scott, Gini Graham
A survival guide to managing employees from hell :
handling idiots, whiners, slackers, and other workplace
demons / Gini Graham Scott.-- New Delhi: BPI India, 2012.
x, 230p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9788184975420.
658.3045 SCO 135855
Every manager is plagued with an "employee from hell"
from time to time. What sets apart a great manager is her
or her ability to handle them. This guide differentiates
between the different types of difficult employees - from
the incompetent to the angry to the partier, and gives
readers advice on how to rein them in, and maintain

** Problem employees -- Case studies , Supervision of

45 Scarborough, Helen
Cost-benefit analysis and distributional preferences : a
choice modelling approach / Helen Scarborough and Jeff
Bennett.-- Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2012.
xiii, 117p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780857932228.
658.403 SCA 135798
This pathbreaking study illustrates and enhances the
potential of cost - benefit analysis as a tool for

** Decision making 2. Decision making -- Mathematical
models 3. Cost effectiveness

46 Lee, Michael Soon
Black belt negotiating : become a master negotiator using
powerful lessons from the martial arts / Michael Soon Lee
and Sensei Grant Tabuchi.-- New Delhi: BPI India, 2012.
vi, 241p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9788184975253.
658.4052 LEE 135672
This book uses the principles of martial arts to guide
readers step-by-step, from basic techniques through
advanced strategies, all the way to achieving their
"black belt" in negotiating. Get over your fear of
bargaining, and the fight is already won. Identify Vital
Striking Points - Weaken others- positions by identifying
what-s most important to them...and bring down even the
biggest opponent. Read Your Opponent - Counter an
opponent-s moves by honing in on what technique they-re
using - and hit them with the perfect response. Grounded
in authentic martial arts tactics, this book turns novice
bargainers into black belt negotiators who can get
whatever they want out of any situation.

** Negotiation in business

47 Tomasko, Robert M
Bigger isn-t always better : the new mindset for real
business growth / Robert M Tomasko.-- New Delhi: BPI
India, 2012.
viii, 262p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9788184975246.
658.406 TOM 135870
Bigger Isn-t Always Better also offers stunning examples
of the failure of the Big-Is-Good philosophy, including
the ill-fated Hewlett-Packard/Compaq merger and its
highest-profile casualty, CEO Carly Fiorina.After years
of cutbacks, growth is in again. But instead of assuming
that an inflated business can dominate a market through
sheer size or manufactured numbers, the new model shows
how engaged growers use positive psychology to drive
robust and sustainable growth. Combining real-life
stories, thorough scientific research, and insightful
analysis, Bigger Isn-t Always Better shows how your
organization can move forward-without tripping over its
own feet."

** Corporations -- Growth , Sustainable development ,
Creative ability in business

48 Pedler, Mike
A manager-s guide to leadership : an action learning
approach / Mike Pedler, John Burgoyne and Tom Boydell.--
2nd ed.-- Berkshire: McGraw-Hill Professional, 2010.
xiii, 319p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780077128845.
658.4092 PED 135838
This book encourages the reader to be pro-active and
learn from experience to develop themselves, their
colleagues and their organisation.

** Leadership 2. BUSINESS and ECONOMICS -- Leadership

49 Fichter, Klaus (ed)
Innovation communities : teamworking of key persons - a
success factor in radical innovation / Klaus Fichter and
Severin Beucker.-- Heidelberg: Springer, 2012.
xx, 337p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9783642221279.
658.514 FIC 135774
Self-organising networks have become the dominant
innovators of complex technologies and radical
innovation. This book introduces the concept of
-innovation communities- and shows how successful
-champions- network on a case-by-case basis to get things

** Technological innovations - Management 2. Innovation
relay centers

50 Gallagher, Richard S
What to say to a porcupine : 20 humorous tales that get
to the heart of great customer service / Richard S
Gallagher.-- New Delhi: BPI India, 2012.
xiv, 111p. 23cm
ISBN : 9788184975451.
658.812 GAL 135856
Takes twenty stories based on Aesop-s fables and uses
them to illustrate fundamental principles of good
customer service. This book follows each story with a
short discussion including real-world-examples and
illuminating topics from, building customer relationships
to how to motivate a service team.

** Customer services -- Humor , Customer services --
Management -- Humor , Customer relations -- Humor

51 Weinstein, Art
Superior customer value : strategies for winning and
retaining customers / Art Weinstein.--3rd ed-- Boca Raton
: CRC Press, 2012.
xvii, 301p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781439861288.
658.812 WEI 135791
Written by an expert with more than fifteen years of
experience, Superior Customer Value: Strategies for
Winning and Retaining Customers, Third Edition benchmarks
the best companies and shows you what it truly means to
create world-class value for customers. The book is a
state-of-the-art guide to designing, implementing, and
evaluating a customer value strategy in service,
technology, and information-based organizations. It
explores key marketing planning issues that emphasize
relationship management strategies to keep customers
happy. It explains valuable tools such as customer value
funnel, customer value assessment, service-quality-image-
price (SQIP) analysis, and CRM models. Each chapter has a
customer value insight checklist, action items, and
informative figures and tables.

** Customer services -- Management
   52 Goldratt, Eliyahu M
The Goal II : it-s not luck / Eliyahu M Goldratt.--
Madras: Productivity and Quality Publishing, 1994.
283p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9788185984100.
823 GOL 135831

** English fiction
   53 Ferry, Luc
Political philosophy / Luc Ferry.-- Chicago: University
of Chicago Press, 1990.
2v, 22cm.
V.1-Rights : the new quarrel between the Ancients and the
Moderns,V.2-Political philosophy : the system of
ISBN : V.1- 0226244717, V.2- 0226244725.
901 FER 135728,vol. 1, 135729,vol. 2
V.1-Luc Ferry reexamines the philosopical basis of the
contemporary retreat from the Enlightenment and then
suggests his own alternative, which defends the ideals of
modernity while giving due consideration to the
objections of the critics.V.2-In Political Philosophy 2,
Luc Ferry provides not only a thorough introduction to
German Idealism and its critics, but also an insightful
look at contemporary political philosophy. Ferry begins
this second volume of his ambitious three-volume
Political Philosophy by considering both the structure
and the potential political effects of the various
philosophies of history born of German Idealism. He
focuses on the key question of whether, and to what
extent, the principle of reason may be said to govern the
totality of the historically real.

** History -- Philosophy 2. Historicism

   54 Gonsalves, Peter
Clothing for liberation : a communication analysis of
Gandhi-s swadeshi revolution / Peter Gonsalves.-- Los
Angeles: Sage Publications, 2010.
xxiii, 163p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9788132103103.
954.0356 GON 135873
This is the first analysis of Gandhi-s dressing style in
terms of communication theory and an exploration of the
subliminal messages that were subtly communicated to a
large audience. Peter Gonsalves chooses three famous
theorists from the field of communication studies and
looks at Gandhi through the lens of each one, to give us
a fascinating and new insight into one of the most famous
men from South Asia.

** Gandhi, Mahatma, 1869-1948 -- Political and social
views , Swadeshi movement , Clothing and dress --
Political aspects -- India -- History -- 20th century ,
Khadi -- Political aspects -- India -- History -- 20th
century , Communication in politics -- India -- History -
20th century , Symbolism in politics -- India -- History
-- 20th century , Social change -- India -- History --
20th century , Nationalism -- India -- History -- 20th
century , India -- Economic policy , India -- Politics
and government -- 1919-1947

55 Geary, David (ed)
Cross-disciplinary perspectives on a contested Buddhist
site : Bodhgaya jataka / David Geary, Matthew R Sayers
and Abhishek Singh Amar.-- London: Routledge, 2012.
xiii, 204p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780415684521.
954.123 GEA 135858
Bodh Gaya in the North Indian state of Bihar has long
been recognized as the place where the Buddha achieved
enlightenment. This book brings together the recent work
of twelve scholars from a variety of disciplines -
anthropology, art history, history, and religion - to
highlight their various findings and perspectives on
different facets of Bodh Gaya-s past and present.

** Buddha Gaya Temple , Sacred space -- Social aspects --
India -- Buddh Gaya , RELIGION / Buddhism / History ,
RELIGION / Buddhism / Rituals and Practice




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