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 170   ETHICS  
   1 Beckerman, Wilfred
Economics as applied ethics : value judgments in welfare
economics / Wilfred Beckerman.-- New York: Palgrave
Macmillan, 2011.
x, 269p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780230278370.
174 BEC 135575
The focus of this textbook is on the link between ethics
and economic policy analysis. Basic philosophical
concepts are systematically described, followed by
conventional welfare economic theory and policy, and
applications to some topical economic problems such as
income distribution and sustainable development.

** Welfare economics 2. Economics -- Moral and ethical
aspects 3. Value

2 Gardner, Howard
Truth, beauty and goodness reframed : educating for the
virtues in the twenty-first century / Howard Gardner.--
New York: Basic Books, 2011.
xii, 244p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780465021925.
179.9 GAR 135614
The author philosophizes on the intricacies of teaching
what he sees as the three key virtues in the modern

** Virtues -- Study and teaching
 200   RELIGION  
   3 Slyke, James A van
The Cognitive science of religion / James A van Slyke.--
Surrey: Ashgate, 2011.
vi, 178p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9781409421238.
200.19 SLY 135616
Intends to bridge the reductionist divide between science
and religion through examination and critique of
different aspects of the cognitive science of religion
and offers a conciliatory approach that investigates the
multiple causal factors involved in the emergence of

** Psychology, Religious 2. Cognitive science

   4 Levitt, Tom
Partners for good : business, government and the third
sector / Tom Levitt.-- Surrey: Gower, 2012.
xix, 245p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9781409434375.
302.14 LEV 135607
In "Partners for Good", Tom Levitt points the way to
successful partnerships at local, national and
international levels. There is now even an agreed
international standard on what constitutes the social
responsibility obligations of organisations operating in
all sectors, in all parts of the world, over and above
international legal frameworks. Sustainability today
refers to the triple bottom line (financial, social,
environmental) rather than being a green concept alone.
On the down side, grants and other funding opportunities
provided by governments to the third sector over the last
ten years are suddenly ending and support structures are

** Voluntarism -- Great Britain 2. Social service --
Great Britain 3. Non-governmental organizations -- Great
   5 Franklin, Daniel (ed)
Megachange : the world in 2050 / Daniel Franklin and John
Andrews.-- London: Profile Books, 2012.
xv, 304p. 21cm.
ISBN : 9781846685859.
303.490905 FRA 135597
In 2050 there will be 9.3 billion people alive - compared
with 7 billion today - and the number will still be
rising. And, in 2050 it should be clear whether we are
alone in the universe. What other megachanges can we
expect - and what will their impact be? This
comprehensive and compelling book will cover the most
significant trends that are shaping the coming decades,
with each of its twenty chapters elegantly and
authoritatively outlined by Economist contributors, and
rich in supporting facts and figures. It will chart the
rise and fall of fertility rates across continents, how
energy resources will change in light of new technology,
and how different nations will deal with major
developments in science and warfare. Megachange is
essential reading for anyone who wants to know what the
next four decades hold in store.

** Social Science

6 Chatterji, Manas (ed)
Governance, Development and Conflict / Manas Chatterji,
Darvesh Gopal and Savita Singh.-- United Kingdom: Emerald
, 2011.
xvii, 403p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780857248954.
303.66 CHA 135593
Over the last three decades, a considerable amount of
work has been conducted in the field of peace studies,
conflict management, peace science in economics,
sociology, anthropology and management. This volume
presents up-to-date, cutting-edge research by respected
scholars with an emphasis on theoretical and mathematical
constructs in the area of peace economics and peace

** Peace-building 2. Peace-building -- Economic aspects
   7 Dillard, Jesse (ed)
Understanding the social dimension of sustainability /
Jesse Dillard, Veronica Dujon and Mary C King.-- New York:
Routledge, 2009.
xii, 300p.23cm.
ISBN : 9780415964654.
304.2 DIL 135680
Identifies the key elements of social sustainability
through an examination of what motivates its pursuit and
the conditions that promote or detract from its
achievement. This title includes theoretical and
empirical pieces, examination of international and local
efforts, and, a substantial focus on business practices.

** Social capital (Sociology) 2. Environmental policy --
Social aspects 3. Sustainable development -- Social

8 Dow, Kirstin
The atlas of climate change : mapping the world-s
greatest challenge / Kirstin Dow and Thomas E Downing.--
3rd ed-- Abingdon: Earthscan, 2011.
128p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9781849712170.
304.25 DOW 135571
Examines key issues and debates about climate change,
using maps to examine the signs of climate change, and
discussing the causes of climate change, the threat it
poses to the environment and human health, and the
political debate over the topic.

** Climatic changes -- Atlases 2. Climatic changes --
Environmental aspects -- Atlases 3. Climatic changes --
Social aspects -- Atlases 4. Greenhouse effect,
Atmospheric -- Government policy -- Atlases
   9 Ferry, Luc
From the rights of man to the republican idea / Luc Ferry
and Alain Renaut.-- Chicago: University of Chicago Press,
vii, 148p. 22cm.
(Political philosophy , 3).
ISBN : 9780226244730.
323 FER 135730,vol. 3
What is the common element linking the right to health
care and the right of free speech, the right to leisure
and the right of free association, the right to work and
the right to be protected? Debates on the rights of man
abound in the media today, but all too often they remain
confused and fail to recognize the fundamental political
conceptions on which they hinge. Several French theorists
have recently attempted a new account of rights, one that
would replace the discredited Marxist view of rights as
mere formalities concealing the realities of class
domination. In this final volume of "Political
Philosophy," Luc Ferry and Alain Renaut summarize these
efforts and put forward their own set of arguments.

** Human rights 2. Rights
 330   ECONOMICS  
   10 Cornwall, John
Capitalist development in the twentieth century : an
evolutionary-Keynesian analysis / John Cornwall and Wendy
Cornwall.-- Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2001.
xv, 286p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780521341493.
330.122 COR 135590
The authors consider the macroeconomic record of
developed capitalist economies over the past 100 years.

** Economic history -- 20th century 2. Economic
development 3. Capitalism

11 Whalen, Charles J (ed)
Financial instability and economic security after the
great recession / Charles J Whalen.-- Cheltenham: Edward
Elgar, 2011.
xiv, 219p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780857934833.
330.90512 WHA 135578
This text rethinks economic theory and policy by focusing
on the problem of financial instability and the need to
secure broadly shared prosperity in the United States and
across the globe.

** Global Financial Crisis, 2008-2009 2. Macroeconomics
3. International finance 4. Economic stabilization

12 Yang, Dali L
The Global recession and China-s political economy / Dali
L Yang.-- New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.
xii, 267p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9780230340855.
330.951 YAN 135620
In this volume, some of the leading scholars on China-s
development examine China-s responses to the global
financial crisis and their implications for China-s
economy, society, and the international balances of

** Global Financial Crisis, 2008-2009 2. China --
Economic conditions -- 2000- 3. China -- Economic policy
- 2000-

13 Hetzel, Robert L
The Great recession : market failure or policy failure? /
Robert L Hetzel.-- Cambridge: Cambridge University Press,
xiv, 384p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781107011885.
330.973 HET 135630
The 2008รจ2009 recession not only destroyed the
professional consensus about the kinds of models required
to understand cyclical fluctuations but also revived the
credit-cycle or asset-bubble explanations of recession
that dominated thinking in the nineteenth century and the
first half of the twentieth century. These -market-
disorder- views emphasize excessive risk taking in
financial markets and the need for government regulation.
The present book argues for the alternative -monetary-
disorder- view of recessions. A review of cyclical
instability over the last two centuries places the 2008-
2009 recession in the monetary-disorder tradition, which
focuses on the monetary instability created by central
banks rather than on a boom-bust cycle in financial

** Recessions -- United States 2. Monetary policy --
United States 3. Business cycles -- United States 4.
United States -- Economic policy -- 2009- 5. United
States -- Economic conditions -- 2009-

   14 Brannan, Matthew J (ed)
Branded lives : the production and consumption of meaning
at work / Matthew J Brannan, Elizabeth Parsons and
Vincenza Priola.-- Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2011.
xiv, 201p. 23c,.
ISBN : 9781849800921.
331.25 BRA 135582
Branded Lives explores the increasingly popular concept
of employee branding as a new form of employment
relationship based on brand representation. In doing so
it examines the ways in which the production and
consumption of meaning at work are increasingly mediated
by the brand. This insightful collection draws on
qualitative empirical studies in a range of contexts to
include services, retail and manufacturing organizations.

** Product management 2. Quality of work life 3.
Industrial relations 4. Personnel management 5. Branding

15 Healy, Geraldine
Diversity, ethnicity, migration and work : international
perspectives / Geraldine Healy and Franklin Oikelome.--
New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.
xiv, 363p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9780230252189.
331.7613621 HEA 135586
Providing a comprehensive picture of diversity,
ethnicity, and migration in the health sector this book
analyses the key themes of career and career structures,
social processes, segregation, racism and sexism at
international, national and local levels.

** Health services administration 2. Diversity in the
   16 Rajan, Ramkishen S
Emerging Asia : essays on crises, capital flows, FDI, and
exchange rates / Ramkishen S Rajan.-- New York: Palgrave
Macmillan, 2011.
xiii, 175p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9780230238459.
332.042095 RAJ 135574
This book on the different aspects of international
economic policy covers financial crises, reserve
accumulation, capital flows and currency wars as well as
issues relating to foreign direct investment and
developments in China and India.

** Monetary policy -- Asia 2. Capital movements -- Asia
3. Foreign exchange rates -- Asia 4. Financial crises --
Asia 5. Investments, Foreign -- Asia 6. BUSINESS and
ECONOMICS / International / General 7. BUSINESS and
ECONOMICS / Finance 8. BUSINESS and ECONOMICS / Development
/ Economic Development

17 Batten, Jonathan A (ed)
The Impact of the global financial crisis on emerging
financial markets / Jonathan A Batten and Peter G
Szilagyi.-- United Kingdom: Emerald, 2011.
xii, 732p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780857247537.
332.1091724 BAT 135622
The Global Financial Crisis of 2007-2009 has highlighted
the resilience of the financial markets and broader
economies from the developing world. This outcome owes
much to the bitter experience and economic strategies
developed and implemented at both a national and
international level following the Asian Financial Crisis
of 1997-1998. The objective of this volume is to
investigate and assess the impact and response to the
crisis from an emerging markets perspective including
asset pricing, contagion, financial intermediation,
market structure and regulation. The volume spans four
dimensions: first, a series of background studies offer
explanations of the causes and impacts of the crisis on
emerging markets more generally, then, implications are
considered. The third and final sections provide insights
from regional and country-specific perspectives.

** Financial institutions -- Developing countries 2.
Global Financial Crisis, 2008-2009 3. Developing
countries -- Economic conditions -- 21st century

18 Wagner, Deron
Trading ETFs : gaining an edge with technical analysis /
Deron Wagner.--2nd ed-- Hoboken: Bloomberg Press, 2012.
xii, 203p. 26cm.
ISBN : 9781118109137.
332.6327 WAG 135615
This book will teach the reader a detailed system of how
to profit from the various types of exchange-traded funds
(ETFs) through a unique strategy of technical analysis
designed to compare relative strength using a top-down
approach. It focuses on the opportunities in the lesser-
known industry sector ETFs, as well as international,
commodity, and currency ETFs.

** Exchange traded funds 2. Investment analysis

19 Alon, Ilan
Chinese international investments / Ilan Alon, Marc
Fetscherin and Philippe Gugler.-- New York: Palgrave
Macmillan, 2012.
xxiii, 419p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9780230280960.
332.67351 ALO 135626
This book provides authoritative academic and
professional insights into the strategies of Chinese
Foreign Direct Investments in Europe, Asia, Africa and
the Americas. Distinguished authors from across the world
will make a contribution to the growing literature on
OFDI (outward foreign direct investment) from China.

** Investments, Chinese
   20 Boyd, Emily (ed)
Adapting institutions : governance, complexity, and
social ecological resilience / Emily Boyd and Carl Folke.
-- Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2012.
xxii, 290p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780521897501.
333.7 BOY 135627
Presents cutting-edge insights into adapting institutions
that build social-ecological resilience to complex multi-
scale environmental change.

** Environmental management -- Social aspects 2.
Ecosystem management -- Social aspects 3. Sustainable
development -- Environmental aspects 4. Environmental
policy 5. Globalization -- Environmental aspects 6.
Global governance 7. TECHNOLOGY and ENGINEERING /
Environmental / General
   21 Jameson, Fredric
Representing capital : a commentary on volume one /
Fredric Jameson.-- London: Verso, 2011.
158p. 21cm.
ISBN : 9781844674541.
335.41 JAM 135609
Representing Capital, Fredric Jameson-s first book-length
engagement with Marx-s magnum opus, is a unique work of
scholarship that records the progression of Marx-s
thought as if it were a musical score. These immense
segments overlap each other to combine and develop on new
levels in the same way that capital itself does,
stumbling against obstacles that it overcomes by
progressive expansions, which are in themselves so many
leaps into the unknown. Marx-s fundamental concepts are
not presented philosophically, or in social scientific
terms, but rather as a series of figures produced by the
development of the text.

** Marx, Karl, 1818-1883. Capital 2. Marxian economics 3.
   22 Shim, T Youn-ja (ed)
Korean entrepreneurship : the foundation of the Korean
economy / T Youn-ja Shim.-- New York: Palgrave Macmillan,
xvi, 212p. 21cm.
ISBN : 9780230107076.
338.04095195 SHI 135624
The growth of entrepreneurship in South Korea has turned
the country into an economic powerhouse. In this
collection of essays, scholars highlight the favourable
political and cultural values conductive to its
development, including the characteristics of
entrepreneurial family firms and the impact of new media
and globalization.

** Entrepreneurship -- Korea, South -- History 2.
Business enterprises -- Korea, South -- History

23 Tyfield, David
The Economics of science : a critical realist overview /
David Tyfield.-- London: Routledge, 2012.
xiv, 230p. 23cm.
Volume 1:Illustrations and philosophical preliminaries.
ISBN : 9780415688796.
338.475 TYF 135580,1
This book argues that the fundamental underlying problem
in all cases is the ontological shallowness of these
theories, which can only be remedied by attention to
ontological presuppositions. Conversely, a critical
realist approach affords the integration of a realist
political economy into the analysis of the economics of
science that does afford explicit attention to these
crucial questions, a -cultural political economy of
research and innovation- (CPERI). Accordingly, the book
sets out an introduction to the existing literature on
the economics of science together with novel discussion
of the field from a critical realist perspective. In
arguing thus across levels of abstraction, however, the
book also explores how concerted engagement with
substantive social enquiry and theoretical debate
develops and strengthens critical realism as a
philosophical project.

** Science -- Economic aspects

24 Ciravegna, Luciano (ed)
Sustaining industrial competitiveness after the crisis :
lessons from the automotive industry / Luciano Ciravegna.
-- New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.
xviii, 241p. 22cm
ISBN : 9780230348165.
338.47629222 CIR 135613
Adopting a multi-disciplinary approach and using the case
of the automotive industry as a starting point this
volume discusses how industrial companies can remain
competitive in spite of the current economic downturn.

** Automobile industry and trade 2. Competition

25 Tanzi, Vito
Government versus markets : the changing economic role of
the state / Vito Tanzi.-- Cambridge: Cambridge University
Press, 2011.
xiii, 376p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781107096530.
338.9 TAN 135598
Vito Tanzi offers a truly comprehensive treatment of the
economic role of the state in the twentieth and twenty-
first centuries from a historical and world perspective.
The book addresses the fundamental question of what
governments should do, or have attempted to do, in
economic activities in past and recent periods. It also
speculates on what they are likely or may be forced to do
in future years. The investigation assembles a large set
of statistical information that should prove useful to
policy-makers and scholars in the perennial discussion of
government-s optimal economic roles.

** Trade regulation 2. Economic policy

26 Rickne, Annika (ed)
Innovation governance in an open economy : shaping
regional nodes in a globalized world / Annika Rickne,
Staffan Laestadius, and Henry Etzkowitz.-- London:
Routledge, 2012.
xiv, 308p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780415504935.
338.9485 RIC 135623
In an increasingly globalised world, paradoxically
regional innovation clusters have moved to the forefront
of attention as a strategy for economic and social
development. Transcending international success cases,
like Silicon Valley and Route 128, as sources of lessons,
successful high tech clusters in niche areas have had a
significant impact on peripheral regions. Are these
successful innovation clusters born or made? If they are
subject to planning and direction, what is the shape that
it takes: top down, bottom up or lateral?

** Regional planning -- Sweden 2. Technological
innovations -- Economic aspects -- Sweden 3. Diffusion of
innovations -- Sweden 4. Business and education -- Sweden
5. Organizational learning -- Case studies 6. Sweden --
Economic policy -- Case studies

   27 Loughman, Brian P
Bribery and corruption : navigating the global risks /
Brian P Loughman and Richard A Sibery.-- Hoboken: John
Wiley and Sons, 2012.
xiii, 415p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781118011362.
345.02323 LOU 135581
As businesses continue to expand globally into new and
emerging markets, bribery and corruption risks have
increased exponentially. Bribery and Corruption offers a
comprehensive look at this growing problem, and at the
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and other
international anti-bribery and corruption conventions.

** International business enterprises -- Law and
legislation -- Criminal provisions 2. Bribery 3.
Corporations, Foreign -- Corrupt practice 4. BUSINESS and
ECONOMICS / Accounting / Financial
 346   PRIVATE LAW  
   28 George, Alexandra
Constructing intellectual property / Alexandra George.--
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2012.
xxviii, 405p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781107014619.
346.048 GEO 135592
This book examines the way in which this important area
of law is constructed by the legal system.

** Intellectual property -- Philosophy 2. LAW /
Intellectual Property / General

29 Heldeweg, Michiel A (ed)
Regulating technological innovation : a multidisciplinary
approach / Michiel A Heldeweg and Evisa Kica.-- New York:
Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.
ix, 236p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9780230363632.
346.048 HEL 135608
Acollection of essays concerning the relationship between
regulation and technological innovation. It represents an
academic exchange of ideas on the realities and
challenges of regulating technological innovation and
examines the regulatory issues of fostering technological
innovation and its applications.

** Technological innovations -- Law and legislation

   30 Padovani, Emanuele
Managing local governments : designing management control
systems that deliver value / Emanuele Padovani and David
W Young.-- London: Routledge, 2012.
xv, 333p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780415783309.
352.14 PAD 135596
Local Government is an area where management skills are
tested to the extreme. With political considerations
evident both locally and nationally, managing resources
can be complex and subject to change. This book
introduces new concepts and new ways of doing business
that can greatly enhance the value of the services a
local government provides to its citizens, without
putting a greater financial burden on taxpayers.

** Local government 2. Public administration 3. Cost
control 4. Strategic planning

   31 Gilboy, George J
Chinese and Indian strategic behavior : growing power and
alarm / George J Gilboy and Eric Heginbotham.-- Cambridge
: Cambridge University Press, 2012.
xxx, 346p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781107661691.
355.033551 GIL 135628
This book offers an empirical comparison of Chinese and
Indian international strategies across culture, foreign
policy, the military and the economy.

** China -- Foreign relations -- 21st century 2.
Strategic culture -- China 3. China -- Military policy

32 Rao, D Vijaya
Armies, wars and their food / D Vijaya Rao.-- Delhi:
Foundation Books, 2012.
xx, 534p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9788175969186.
355.81 RAO 135542
This book examines the subject of ancient and modern
military forces, wars and practices from the point of a
food scientist. Providing insights into the concept of
nutrition during different periods of time, it discusses
the evolution of military rations, the supply systems in
force and the nature of foodstuffs required by soldiers.

** Operational rations (Military supplies) 2. Operational
rations (Military supplies) -- India
   33 Ramanna, Mridula
Health care in Bombay presidency, 1896-1930 / Mridula
Ramanna.-- Delhi: Primus Books, 2012.
viii, 202p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9789380607245.
362.10954792 RAM 135482
This book is a study of aspects of public health in
Bombay Presidency from 1896 to 1930, and is asked upon
extensive primary data. It charts both the changes in the
colonial plague policy, from the deadly epidemic of 1896
to the frequent epidemics that appeared in the 1900s, as
well as the changes in Indian responses to that policy in
different regions of the Presidency. Through a survey of
unique local initiatives by activist health officials,
civic leaders, and Indian doctors, efforts to bring
sanitary consciousness into the public sphere, to promote
preventive measures, and to tackle public health
challenges like tuberculosis become apparent. The
twentieth century witnessed an increasing acceptance of
the idea of hospitalization and thus gave rise to the
expansion of hospital facilities.

** Medical care -- India -- Bombay -- History -- 19th
century 2. Medical care -- India -- Bombay -- History --
20th century 3. Public health -- India -- Bombay --
History 4. Medical policy -- India -- Bombay -- History
 500   SCIENCE  
   34 Picknett, Lynn
The Forbidden universe / Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince.-
London: Constable, 2011.
390p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9781849014090.
509 PIC 135618
Were the first scientists hermetic philosophers? What do
these occult origins of modern science tell us about the
universe today? The author goes in search of the Hermetic
origins of modern science and prove that not everything
is as it seems and that over the past 400 years there has
been a secret agenda behind our search for truth.

** Science -- History 2. Hermetism
   35 Brooks, Steve (ed)
Handbook of Markov chain Monte Carlo / Steve Brooks [et
al.]-- Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2011.
xxv, 592p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9781420079418.
519.233 BRO 135579
Brings together the major advances that have occurred
over the years while incorporating enough introductory
material for new users of Markov Chain Monte Carlo. Along
with coverage of the theoretical foundations and
algorithmic and computational methodology, this handbook
also includes case studies that demonstrate the
application of MCMC methods.

** Markov processes 2. Monte Carlo method

36 Stirling, Wynn C
Theory of conditional games / Wynn C Stirling.--
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2012.
xiii, 236p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781107011748.
519.3 STI 135599
This book describes conditional games - a form of game
theory that accommodates multiple stakeholder decision-
making scenarios.

** Decision making 2. Games of strategy (Mathematics)

37 Weisberg, Herbert I
Bias and causation : models and judgment for valid
comparisons / Herbert I Weisberg.-- Hoboken: John Wiley and
Sons Publication, 2010.
xv, 348p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780470286395.
519.535 WEI 135584
A one-of-a-kind resource on identifying and dealing with
bias in statistical research on causal effects Do cell
phones cause cancer? Can a new curriculum increase
student achievement? Determining what the real causes of
such problems are, and how powerful their effects may be,
are central issues in research across various fields of

** Discriminant analysis 2. Paired comparisons
   38 Scott, Noel (ed)
Advances in service network analysis / Noel Scott and
Eric Laws.-- London: Routledge, 2012.
vi, 197p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9780415686648.
658.044 SCO 135585
An examination of advances in the management and analysis
of networks of organizations in service industries. In
recent years recognition of the significance of inter-
organizational networks for the provision of complex
services, for example at tourist destinations, has
stimulated discussion of numerous issues of theoretical
and practical significance. These topics include
governance, collaboration and partnerships between
organizations of varying scale, sophistication and
expertise, concern about leadership and trust in the
management of service networks, and their overall
contribution to social capital development in regions,
sectors and in emergent economies.

** Business networks 2. Service industries -- Management

39 Hommel, Ulrich (ed)
The Strategic CFO : creating value in a dynamic market
environment / Ulrich Hommel...[et al.]-- Heidelberg:
Springer, 2012.
xv, 315p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9783642043482.
658.15 HOM 135612
The role of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) has
substantially changed in a world characterized by
globalized financial markets and truly global products.
The accelerated development of new technologies,
products, and markets has led to an increasingly dynamic
and uncertain competitive situation. The book
demonstrates and discusses the impact of this changing
corporate environment on the role and responsibilities of
the CFO. A more holistic view that integrates business
and financial decisions is required in order to manage
these challenges of globalization. The book shows how the
CFO can adopt and implement this management approach and
thus play a vital role in the firm-s value creation.

** Chief financial officers 2. Corporations -- Finance 3.
Business enterprises -- Finance

40 Bredin, Karin
Human resource management in project-based organizations
: the HR quadriad framework / Karin Bredin and Jonas
Soderlund.-- New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.
xiv, 238p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9780230231900.
658.3 BRE 135573
Presenting findings from research into Sweden-s leading
multinationals this book focuses on engineering companies
operating in global industries such as pharmaceutical,
aerospace, packing systems and automotive. It explores
research and practice within the area of HRM focusing on
project-based organizations.

** Personnel management 2. Project management 3. BUSINESS
and ECONOMICS / Human Resources and Personnel Management 4.
BUSINESS and ECONOMICS / Project Management 5. BUSINESS and
ECONOMICS / Management

41 Cooper, Cary L (ed)
Human resource management in small business : achieving
peak performance / Cary L Cooper and Ronald J Burke.--
Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2011.
x, 368p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781849801218.
658.303 COO 135577
This book examines a range of issues, including the
significance of human resource management (HRM) practices
to small business success, the management of work hours
and work stressors, work and family issues, succession
planning, employee recruitment and selection, and
managing staff.

** Small business -- Personnel management

42 Reilly, Peter
Global HR : challenges facing the function / Peter Reilly
and Tony Williams.-- Surrey: Gower, 2012.
vi, 321p. 25cm
ISBN : 9781409402787.
658.303 REI 135619
The HR function has to adjust itself to the implications
of the globalization of business activity. This title
explores the key issues of building an international
brand, culture and talent pool, whilst contributing to
business and functional transformation.

** International business enterprises -- Personnel
management 2. Personnel management

43 Bazil, Leon
Business games for management and economics : learning by
playing / Leon Bazil.-- New Jersey: World Scientific,
xl, 369p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9789814355575.
658.40353 BAZ 135589
Presents board and video business games which combine
teamwork with individual decisions based on computer
models. This work is based on experience in adaptation,
design and conducting of field, and board and video games
played in college settings within standard schedules.

** Management games

44 Fish, Alan N
Knowledge automation : how to implement decision
management in business processes / Alan N Fish.-- Hoboken
: John Wiley, 2012.
xvii, 180p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781118094761.
658.4038011 FIS 135594
A proven decision management methodology for increased
profits and lowered risks Automating Decisions in
Business Processes describes a simple but comprehensive
methodology for decision management projects, which use
business rules and predictive analytics to optimize and
automate small, high-volume business decisions.

** Information technology 2. Decision making 3. BUSINESS
and ECONOMICS / Decision-Making and Problem Solving

45 Styhre, Alexander
Knowledge sharing in professions : roles and identity in
expert communities / Alexander Styhre.-- Surrey: Gower,
xiii, 192p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9781409420972.
658.4038 STY 135625
Looks at professionalism as a form of systematic and
institutionalized knowledge sharing. This title analyses
professionalism through the everyday practices in
professional communities and the organizations where they
work. It presents three empirical studies, of
pharmaceutical clinical trials researchers, management
consultants, and architects.

** Professions 2. Expertise 3. Knowledge management

46 Alas, Ruth
Crisis management in Chinese organizations : benefiting
from the changes / Ruth Alas and Junhong Gao.-- New York:
Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.
xvi, 195p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9780230273344.
658.40560951 ALA 135587
Provides the theoretical framework on how to manage
crises in organizations. The author connects crisis
management theories with practical examples from Chinese
companies and how they contribute to better crisis
management not only in Chinese organizations, but also in
organizations from other countries.

** Crisis management -- China

47 Coughter, Peter
The Art of the pitch : persuation and presentation skills
that win business / Peter Coughter.-- New York: Palgrave
Macmillan, 2012.
x, 240p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780230120518.
658.452 COU 135486
Through an engaging and humorous narrative, Peter
Coughter presents the tools he designed to help
advertising and marketing professionals develop
persuasive presentations that deliver business. Readers
will learn how to develop skills to create the perfect

** Business presentations

48 Penaloza, Lisa (ed.)
Marketing management : a cultural perspective / Lisa
Penaloza, Nil Toulouse and Luca M Visconti.-- London:
Routledge, 2011.
xxxviii, 540p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780415606837.
658.8 PEN 135569
Culture pervades consumption and marketing activity in
ways that potentially benefit marketing managers. This
book provides a comprehensive account of cultural
knowledge and skills useful in strategic marketing
management.This book highlights the benefits that
managers can reap from applying interpretive cultural
approaches across the realm of strategic marketing
activities including: market segmentation, product and
brand positioning, market research, pricing, product
development, advertising, and retail distribution, among
others.With global contributions grounded in the authors-
primary research with companies such as General Motors,
Camper, Prada, Mama Shelter, Kjaer Group, Hom, and the
Twilight Community, this edited volume delivers a truly
innovative marketing textbook.

** Marketing -- Management -- Cross-cultural studies 2.
Export marketing -- Cross-cultural studies 3. Marketing -
Cross-cultural studies

49 Suki, Norazah Mohd (ed)
Contemporary issues in marketing management / Norazah
Mohd Suki and Norbayah Mohd Suki.-- New York: Nova
Science Publishers, 2011.
xvi, 102p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781617289798.
658.8 SUK 135588
Indulges in the marketing process in a variety of forms
and places. This book includes five contemporary issues
on marketing management: halal images in food stores, the
effect of gender on employees- perception of job
satisfaction and organisational commitment, and,
determinants of user acceptance of the e-Government

** Marketing -- Management

50 Shankar, Venkatesh (ed)
Handbook of marketing strategy / Venkatesh Shankar and
Gregory S Carpenter.-- Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2012.
xxi, 504p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9781849800983.
658.802 SHA 135621
This authoritative, comprehensive, and accessible -go-to-
volume by leading global experts provides a broad
overview of marketing strategy issues and questions.

** Marketing 2. Marketing -- Planning 3. Strategic

51 Wilde, Silvio
Customer knowledge management : improving customer
relationship through knowledge application / Silvio Wilde
-- Heidelberg: Springer, 2011.
xvi, 143p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9783642164743.
658.812 WIL 135617
Managing and transferring knowledge - at the right time,
in the right place and with the right quality for
customers - enables companies to survive in times of
fierce competition. The focus of this work is therefore
on Knowledge Management and Customer Relationship
Management. The theoretical part comprises several
approaches to knowledge, its transfer and the barriers to
be overcome when sharing knowledge. This is followed by a
description of CRM and CKM (Customer Knowledge
Management), outlining how crucial their successful use
is. The practical part explores on the one hand the
dependence on knowledge and on the other hand its
availability for a good customer relationship. It
includes a case study that investigates both the
administrative and the operational area of a concrete

** Customer relations -- Management 2. Knowledge

52 Bukingham, Ian P
Brand champions : how superheroes bring brands to life /
Ian P Buckingham.-- New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.
xii, 209p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780230220324.
658.827 BUC 135583
A case-study based guide which showcases the individuals
within organizations who nurture and sustain brands and
bring them to life through their everyday performance.
Critical enough to remain credible yet overwhelmingly
positive, it is a charismatic illustration of how to
achieve true brand engagement.

** Brand name products 2. Branding (Marketing) 3. Brand
name products -- Case studies 4. Branding (Marketing) --
Case studies

53 Kitchen, Philip J (ed)
Integrated brand marketing and measuring returns / Philip
J Kitchen.-- New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2010.
xviii, 181p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9780230577343.
658.827 KIT 135572
A successful marketing manager needs to be able to use
different media channels to reach specific audiences, and
know through campaign research and evaluation, how the
component parts of integrated brand marketing are
working. This book explores these criteria.

** Branding (Marketing) 2. Communication in marketing

54 Chevalier, Michel
Luxury retail management : how the world-s top brands
provide quality product and service support / Michel
Chevalier and Michel Gutsatz.-- Singapore: John Wiley,
xiii, 306p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780470830260.
658.87 CHE 135595
Noted experts offer invaluable insights into the
glamorous world of luxury retail Luxury Retail Management
is your gold-plated ticket to the glamorous world of
luxury retail.

** Retail trade -- Management 2. Luxury goods industry --
   55 Bell, Judy
Silent selling : best practices and effective strategies
in visual merchandising / Judy Bell and Kate Ternus.--4th
ed-- New York: Fairchild Books, 2012.
xv, 430p. 27cm.
ISBN : 9781609011536.
687.0688 BEL 135636
Capturing the direction in which today-s retail industry
is moving, this text leads students beyond the basics of
visual merchandising, demonstrating the new techniques
which are being used in order to create and deliver
professional-quality presentations.

** Display of merchandise 2. Fashion merchandising
 700   ARTS  
   56 Zaidi,Saima
Mazaar, Bazaar : design and visual culture in Pakistan /
Saima Zaidi.-- Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2009.
xvii, 347 p. 34 cm.
ISBN : 9780195475944.
709.5491 ZAI 135557
An interdisciplinary study on design and visual culture
in Pakistan, this book reflects social, commercial and
geo political changes influencing this region. It
documents contemporary visual vernacular and provides an
overview of the impact of diverse cultures assimilated
over several millennia. A broad horizon of graphic
expression is addressed: from architectural calligraphy
to postage stamps, from steatite seals of the Indus
Valley culture (4000 BC) and coinage to Mughal
manuscripts and cinema posters. Covers typography
depicted by the Urdu, Persian, Arabic and English
languages and script. Pre-partition Perspective is
structured chronologically and offers an illustrated
history of the region. It should be a sourcebook for
designers, artists as well as students of communication
and culture.

** Art -- Pakistan 2. Art and society -- Pakistan 3. Art
and religion -- Pakistan 4. Design -- Pakistan 5.
Civilization -- Pakistan
   57 McDonough, William
Cradle to Cradle : remaking the way we make things /
William McDonough and Michael Braungart.-- New York:
North Point Press, 2002.
193p. 20cm.
ISBN : 9780865475878.
745.2 MAC 135679
A manifesto for a radically different philosophy and
practice of manufacture and environmentalism. "Reduce,
reuse, recycle," urge environmentalists--in other words,
do more with less in order to minimize damage. As this
book argues, however, this approach perpetuates a one-way
"cradle to grave" manufacturing model that casts off as
much as 90 percent of the materials it uses as waste,
much of it toxic. Why not challenge the notion that human
industry must inevitably damage the natural world, they
ask. Products might be designed so that, after their
useful life, they provide nourishment for something new.
Elaborating their principles from experience
(re)designing everything from carpeting to corporate
campuses, the authors make an exciting and viable case
for change.

** Recycling (Waste, etc.) 2. Industrial management --
Environmental aspects 3. Sustainable architecture
   58 Dolles, Harald (ed)
Sport as a business : international, professional and
commercial aspects / Harald Dolles and Sten Soderman.--
New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.
xvi, 263p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9780230249257.
796.069 DOL 135611
Sport has a number of distinctive characteristics which
impact on the extent of its globalization. This book
seeks to gain a deeper understanding of the unique
development in sports, its governance, its logic of co-
creation of value and the advancement of the industry
towards internationalisation, professionalisation and

** Sports administration 2. Sports -- Management 3.Sports
-- Economic aspects 4. Sports -- International
cooperation 5. BUSINESS and ECONOMICS / International /
General 6. BUSINESS and ECONOMICS / Organizational Behavior
7. SPORTS and RECREATION / Business Aspects
   59 Malekandathil, Pius
Maritime India : trade, religion and polity in the Indian
Ocean / Pius Malekandathil.-- Delhi: Primus Books, 2010.
xxvii, 211p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9789380607016.
954 MAL 135484
This volume discusses the various socio-economic and
political processes that evolved over centuries in the
vast coastal fringes of India and out of the circuits of
the Indian Ocean, ultimately giving the littoral zones
the distinctive consciousness and identity of Maritime
India. This book dwells upon a wide range of issues,
including the nature of maritime trade of the Sassanids
with India, the impact of maritime trade on the political
processes of Goa, the social processes linked with the
settlements of foreign merchant groups in India, the
nature of the Portuguese expansion in coastal India, and
the nuances of political assertions over maritime centers
of exchange and their hinterlands.

** Merchant marine--Indian Ocean--History. 2. Indian
Ocean -Commerce--History. 3. Indian Ocean--Politics and




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