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 003   SYSTEMS  
   1 Joyner, David
Selected unsolved problems in coding theory / David
Joyner and Jon-Lark Kim.-- New York: Birkhauser, 2011.
xi, 200p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780817682552.
003.54 JOY 135200
Using an original mode of presentation, and emphasizing
the computational nature of the subject, this book
explores a number of the unsolved problems that still
exist in coding theory. A well-established and highly
relevant branch of mathematics, the theory of error-
correcting codes is concerned with reliably transmitting
data over a noisy channel. Despite frequent use in a
range of contexts, the subject still contains interesting
unsolved problems that have resisted solution by some of
the most prominent mathematicians of recent decades.
Employing Sage a free open-source mathematics software
system to illustrate ideas, this book is intended for
graduate students and researchers in algebraic coding
theory. The work may be used as supplementary reading
material in a graduate course on coding theory or for
self study.

** Coding theory 2. Mathematics 3. Geometry, Algebraic 4.
Algebraic Coding theory 5. Algebraic Coding application.
 200   RELIGION  
   2 Halbertal, Moshe
On sacrifice / Moshe Halbertal.-- Princeton: Princeton
University Press, 2012.
ix, 134p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9780691152851.
203.4 HAL 135178
The idea and practice of sacrifice play a profound role
in religion, ethics, and politics. This book explores the
meaning and implications of sacrifice, developing a
theory of sacrifice as an offering and examining the
relationship between sacrifice, ritual, violence, and
love. It also looks at the place of self-sacrifice within
ethical life.

** Sacrifice, Self-sacrifice.
   3 Patton, Michael Quinn
Essentials of utilization-focused evaluation / Michael
Quinn Patton.-- Los Angeles: Sage Publications, 2012.
xxii, 461p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781412977418.
300.72 PAT 135181
This book provides an overall framework and essential
checklist steps for designing and conducting evaluations
that actually get used. The new material and innovative
graphics present the utilization-focused evaluation
process as a complex adaptive system, incorporating
current understandings about systems thinking and
complexity concepts. The book integrates theory and
practice, is based on both research and professional
experience, and offers new case examples and cartoons
with Patton-s signature humor.

** Evaluation research (Social action programs) -- United

   4 Kupchan, Charles A
How enemies become friends : the sources of stable peace
/ Charles A Kupchan.-- Princeton: Princeton University
Press, 2010.
xiii, 442p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780691154381.
303.66 KUP 135175
This book provides a bold and innovative account of how
nations escape geopolitical competition and replace
hostility with friendship. Through compelling analysis
and rich historical examples that span the globe and
range from the thirteenth century through the present,
foreign policy expert Charles Kupchan explores how
adversaries can transform enmity into amity--and he
exposes prevalent myths about the causes of peace.

** Peaceful change (International relations), Peace-
building, International relations --History --21st
century World politics --21st century.

 330   ECONOMICS  
   5 Tomasi, John
Free market fairness / John Tomasi.-- Princeton:
Princeton University Press, 2012.
xxvii, 348p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780691144467.
330.122 TOM 135174
Can libertarians care about social justice? In this book,
the author argues that they can and should. Drawing
simultaneously on moral insights from defenders of
economic liberty such as F. A. Hayek and advocates of
social justice such as John Rawls, author presents a new
theory of liberal justice. This theory, free market
fairness, is committed to both limited government and the
material betterment of the poor.

** Liberalism, Equality, Liberty, Capitalism, Free

6 Salvadori, Neri (ed)
Keynes, sraffa and the criticism of neoclassical theory :
essays in honour of Heinz Kurz / Neri Salvadori and
Christian Gehrke.-- New York: Routledge, 2011.
441p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780415664509.
330.157 SAL 135230
Heinz Kurz is recognised internationally as a leading
economic theorist and a foremost historian of economic
thought. This book pays tribute to his outstanding
contributions on the occasion of his 65th birthday by
bringing together a unique collection of new essays by
distinguished economists from around the world. Keynes,
Sraffa, and the Criticism of Neoclassical Theory
comprises twenty-three essays, covering themes in
Keynesian economic theory, in the development of the
modern classical approach to economic theory, linear
production models, and the critique of neoclassical
theory. The essays in this book will be an invaluable
source of inspiration for economists interested in
economic theory and in the evolution of economic thought.
They will also be of interest to postgraduate and
research students specialising in economic theory and in
the history of economic thought.

** Keynes, John Maynard, - 1883-1946 2. Sraffa, Piero 3.
Neoclassical school of economics.

7 Feierstein, Mitch
Planet ponzi : how politicians and bankers stole your
future / Mitch Feierstein.-- London: Bantam press, 2012.
xi, 370p.24cm.
ISBN : 9780593069622.
330.9051 FEI 135215
Reveals the true debts of Britain, the US government and
the euro zone - the full picture, not the figures the
politicians would have us believe. This title explains
the background to the world-s worst financial crisis for
seventy years.

** Global financial crisis,2008-2009 2. Debts, public 3.
Economic forecasting.

   8 Taylor, Lester D
Capital, accumulation, and money : an integration of
capital, growth and monetary theory / Lester D Taylor.--
2nd ed.-- New York: Springer, 2010.
xxvii, 278p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780387981680.
332.4 TAY 135236
This book will benefit individuals interested in a non-
mathematics-based theory of capital. Coverage includes
the factors that led to the financial market turmoil of
2008. Additionally, the author proposes ideas for
avoiding economic crises in the future.

** Capital 2. Saving and investment 3. Money 4. Economic
development 5. Macroeconomics.

9 Carlberg, Michael
Dynamic policy interactions in a monetary union / Michael
Carlberg.-- Heidelberg: Springer, 2011.
xii, 347p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9783642182273.
332.46 CAR 135233
This book studies the dynamics of monetary and fiscal
interactions in the Euro Area. The policy makers are the
European Central Bank and national governments. The
primary target of the ECB is low inflation. And the
primary target of a national government is low
unemployment. However, there is a short-run trade-off
between low inflation and low unemployment. Here the main
focus is on sequential policy decisions. Another focus is
on simultaneous and independent policy decisions. And a
third focus is on policy cooperation. There are demand
shocks, supply shocks, and mixed shocks. There are
country specific shocks and common shocks. The key
question is: Given a shock, what are the dynamic
characteristics of the resulting process?

** Monetary unions 2. Monetary policy
   10 Jager, Henk
Introduction to international economics / Henk Jager and
Catrinus Jepma.--2nd ed.-- New York: Palgrave Macmillan,
406p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780230202412.
337 JAG 135222
This introductory text for international trade and
finance courses presents a comprehensive overview of the
major theories in international economics. At all times
theory is related back to the everyday experience of
international economics.

** International economic relations 2. International
trade 3. International finance 4. Balance of payments 5.
Commercial policy.
   11 Baumol, William J
The Microtheory of innovative entrepreneurship / William
J Baumol.-- Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2010.
xiv, 246p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780691145846.
338.0401 BAU 135164
Entrepreneurs are widely recognized for the vital
contributions they make to economic growth and general
welfare. This title provides the framework for
introducing entrepreneurship into mainstream microtheory
and incorporating the activities of entrepreneurs,
inventors, and managers into standard models of the firm.

** Entrepreneurship.

12 Landes, David S (ed)
The invention of enterprise : entrepreneurship from
ancient Mesopotamia to modern times / David S Landes,
Joel Mokyr and William J Baumol.-- Princeton: Princeton
University Press, 2010.
xiii, 566p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9780691143705.
338.0409 LAN 135176
The book chronicles the sweeping history of enterprise in
Mesopotamia and Neo-Babylon, carries the reader through
the Islamic Middle East, offers insights into the
entrepreneurial history of China, Japan, and Colonial
India, and describes the crucial role of the entrepreneur
in innovative activity in Europe and the United States,
from the medieval period to today. In considering the
critical contributions of entrepreneurship, the authors
discuss why entrepreneurial activities are not always
productive and may even sabotage prosperity.

** Entrepreneurship -- History.

13 James, Harold
Krupp : a history of the legendary German firm / Harold
James.-- Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2012.
360p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9780691153407.
338.669142 JAM 135177
In this book, the author tells the story of the Krupp
family and its industrial empire between the early
nineteenth century and the present, and analyzes its
transition from a family business to one owned by a
nonprofit foundation.

** Krupp family -- History, Fried. Krupp GmbH -- History,
Steel industry and trade -- Germany -- History.

14 Cavusgil, S Tamer
Born global firms :a new international enterprise / S
Tamer Cavusgil and Gary Knight.-- New York: Business
Expert Press, 2009.
128p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9781606490129.
338.88 CAV 135156
This book describes companies that conduct international
business at or near the founding of the firm. They
internationalize rapidly--the period from domestic
establishment to initial foreign market entry is often
three or fewer years. Born globals are emerging in
sizable numbers worldwide. Until recently, international
business was mainly the domain of large, well-resourced
multinational enterprises (MNEs). The appearance of large
numbers of born global firms is revolutionizing the
traditional character of international business and
helping reshape the global economy. This book helps
managers and scholars understand the born global
phenomenon. We offer a comprehensive treatment of born
globals, from distinctive features of these companies, to
strategies that they use for international success, to
implications of the phenomenon for international small-
and medium-sized enterprises.

** International business enterprises 2. New business

15 Czinkota, Michael R
Emerging trends, threats, and opportunities in
international marketing :what executives need to know /
Michael R Czinkota, Ilkka A Ronkainen and Masaaki Kotabe.
-- New York: Business Expert Press, 2009.
xxi, 378p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9781606490358.
338.88 CZI 135158
This book addresses three major changes that have taken
place in the last decade in a series of articles compiled
by the authors. First, the landscape of the global
economy changed drastically in the last decade or so.
Second, the explosive growth of information technology
tools, including the Internet and electronic commerce (e-
commerce), has had a significant effect on the way we do
business internationally. Third, it is an underlying
human tendency to desire to be different when there are
economic and political forces of convergence (often
referred to as globalization). When the globalization
argument (and movement) became fashionable in the 1980s
and 1990s, many of us believed that globalization would
make global business easier. Attention to local market
demands remains a global business imperative.

** Export marketing 2. Globalization-Economic aspects 3.
International business enterprises.

16 Li, Shaomin
Managing international business in relation-based versus
rule-based countries / Shaomin Li.-- New York: Business
Expert Press, 2009.
viii, 144p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9781606490846.
338.88 LIS 135163
Summarizing the research in the past 10 years on how
different governance environments at the national level
affect business operations and management, this book
distinguishes and examines the two major governance
environments in the world.

** International business enterprises - Management 2.
International business enterprises - Cross-cultural
studies 3. Western countries-Politics and government.
 346   PRIVATE LAW  
   17 Maggiolino, Mariateresa
Intellectual property and antitrust : a comparative
economic analysis of US and EU law / Mariateresa
Maggiolino.-- Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2011.
263p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781848443402.
346.24048 MAG 135226
This insightful book compares how the US and EU antitrust
authorities have enforced Section 2 of the Sherman Act,
and Article 102 of the TFEU against monopolists-
practices involving intellectual property rights.

** Intellectual property - United States 2. Intellectual
property - European Union countries 3. Antitrust law -
United States 4. Antitrust law - European Union countries.
   18 Cline, William R
Carbon abatement costs and climate change finance /
William R Cline.-- Washington, DC: Peterson Institute for
International Economics,2011.
xiii, 139p. 22cm.
(Policy analyses in international economics,96).
ISBN : 9780881326079.
363.438746 CLI 135168
Envoys at the recent United Nations meeting in Cancun,
Mexico, agreed to a climate protection package, which
included a fund that would manage a significant share, of
the $100 billion pledged in 2009 by developed countries
for poorer nations. The money pledged begs the very real
question of what are the real economic costs of a
coordinated international effort to curb global warming?
Cline, whose previous work in this area has garnered a
number of awards, develops a framework that helps
determine these costs. Carbon Abatement Costs and Climate
Change Finance also investigates the policy paths needed
to not only abate carbon dioxide emissions growth but
also decrease it.

** Carbon offsetting 2. Carbon dioxide mitigation - Costs
3. Climatic changes - Economic aspects 4. Global warming
International cooperation.

19 Harris, Paul G (ed.)
Ethics and global environmental policy : cosmopolitan
conceptions of climate change / Paul G Harris.--
Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2011.
x, 205p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780857931603.
363.7 HAR 135235
This collection of provocative essays re-evaluates the
world-s failed policy responses to climate change, in the
process demonstrating how cosmopolitan ethics can inform
global environmental governance.

** Environmental policy-Moral and ethical aspects
   20 Cinlar, Erhan
Probability and stochastics / Erhan Cinlar.-- New York:
Springer, 2011.
xiii, 557p. 24cm.
(Graduate texts in mathematics , 261).
ISBN : 9780387878584.
519.2 CIN 135151
This book gives an introduction to the modern theory and
applications of probability and stochastics. The style
and coverage is geared towards the theory of stochastic
processes, but with some attention to the applications.
In many instances the gist of the problem is introduced
in practical, everyday language and then is made precise
in mathematical form. The first four chapters are on
probability theory: measure and integration, probability
spaces, conditional expectations, and the classical limit
theorems. There follows chapters on martingales, Poisson
random measures, Levy Processes, Brownian motion, and
Markov Processes. Special attention is paid to Poisson
random measures and their roles in regulating the
excursions of Brownian motion and the jumps of Levy and
Markov processes. Each chapter has a large number of
varied examples and exercises.

** Probabilities , Stochastic processes.

21 Beyersmann, Jan
Competing risks and multistate models with R / Jan
Beyersmann, Arthur Allignol and Martin Schumacher.-- New
York: Springer, 2012.
xi, 245p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781461420347.
519.5 BEY 135199
This book explains hazard-based analyses of competing
risks and multistate data using the R statistical
programming code, placing special emphasis on
interpretation of results. Includes real data examples,
and encourages readers to simulate their own data.

** Statistics-Computer programs 2. R(Computer program
language) 3. Statistics

22 Langville, Amy N
Who-s no.1? : the science of rating and ranking / Amy N
Langville and Carl D Meyer.-- Princeton: Princeton
University Press, 2012.
xvi, 247p. 26cm.
ISBN : 9780691154220.
519.5 LAN 135179
This book offers an engaging and accessible account of
how scientific rating and ranking methods are created and
applied to a variety of uses. The authors provide the
first comprehensive overview of the mathematical
algorithms and methods used to rate and rank sports
teams, political candidates, products, Web pages, and
more. They survey and compare the different methods
employed today, showing why their strengths and
weaknesses depend on the underlying goal, and explaining
why and when a given method should be considered.

** Ranking and selection (Statistics).
   23 Haghirian, Parissa
Understanding Japanese management practices / Parissa
Haghirian.-- New York: Business Expert Press, 2010.
xi, 160p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9781606491188.
658.0952 HAG 135167
Illustrating the many teachings that Japanese management
practice can offer the rest of the world, this book
outlines the particulars of Japanese management and how
modern Japanese management employs many practices which
are very successful and worth adopting.

** Management – Japan.

24 Garrison, Ray H
Managerial accounting / Ray H Garrison, Eric W Noreen and
Peter C Brewer.--11th ed-- New Delhi: Tata McGraw-Hill,
xvi, 863p. CD-ROM. 25cm.
ISBN : 9780070700406.
658.1511 GAR 134863
This book contains the following topics: Managerial
accounting and the business environment, cost term,
concepts, and classification, systems design: job-order
costing, systems design: process costing , cost behavior
: analysis and use, Cost-volume-profit relationships,
variable costing: a tool for management, activity-based
costing: a tool to aid decision making etc.

** Managerial accounting.

25 Meisel, Stephan
Anticipatory optimization for dynamic decision making /
Stephen Meisel.-- New York: Springer, 2011.
xiii, 182p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9781461405047.
658.4033 MEI 135204
The book identifies different degrees of anticipation,
enabling an assessment of specific approaches to dynamic
decision making. It shows for the first time how to
successfully solve a dynamic vehicle routing problem by
approximate dynamic programming. It elaborates on every
building block required for this kind of approach to
dynamic vehicle routing. Thereby the book has a
pioneering character and is intended to provide a footing
for the dynamic vehicle routing community.

** Mathematical optimization 2. Decision making -
Mathematical models 3. Management science.

26 Robinson, Graham
Unsecured leaders : meeting the challenge of the
unexpected / Graham Robinson and John Harris.-- New York:
Palgrave Macmillan, 2009.
xiii, 195p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780230222304.
658.406 ROB 135213
The book addresses the vital issue of how business
leaders can prepare themselves to deal with the impact of
unexpected events. It raises key questions for leaders to
address if they are to avoid being distracted by crisis
and remain in touch with a wider context that is subject
to constant uncertainty and change.

** Crisis management 2. Leadership.

27 Furnham, Adrian
The Elephant in the boardroom : the causes of leadership
derailment / Adrian Furnham.-- New York: Palgrave
Macmillan, 2010.
ix, 283p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780230229532.
658.4092 FUR 135216
This book from the acclaimed management writer Adrian
Furnham, explores the dark side of leadership and how and
why leaders can have a negative impact upon their
companies and organizations. It asks why too often people
do not speak out, but instead ignore the problems they
are causing.

** Leadership-Psychological aspects 2. Executive ability-
Psychological aspects

28 Hall, Tony
The Leadership illusion : the importance of context and
connections / Tony Hall and Karen Janman.-- New York:
Palgrave Macmillan, 2010.
xviii, 180p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780230516564.
658.4092 HAL 135211
This book is about what we have called the "leadership
illusion", the hardwired habit of writers, researchers
and leaders themselves, when examining success or
failure, to focus on predominantly the individual and
often the context, but very rarely both. The Leadership
Illusion asserts that to make sense of leadership, we
have to understand at the same time the context in which
leaders operate because both are inextricably
interlinked. To try to understand a leader without the
context is only half the tale. This book is an attempt to
tell the whole story. More specifically, the book explores
the relevance of the informal social networks that shape
the leadership context and their role in the delivery of
personal and organisational goals.

** Leadership.

29 Schragenheim, Eli
Manufacturing at warp speed : optimizing supply chain
financial performance / Eli Schragenheim and H William
Dettmer.-- Boca Raton: The CRC Press, 2001.
xxviii, 342p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781574442939.
658.5 SCH 135180
Manufacturing systems don-t exist in a vacuum, isolated
from the rest of the company, but they are often managed
that way. A truly effective, highly competitive
manufacturing company integrates its manufacturing,
marketing, sales, purchasing, and financial functions
into a well-coordinated whole. This book explains in
detail how to coordinate all these functions to maximize
sales revenue while controlling inventory and overhead
costs. Ultimately, the effects of applying the new
Simplified-Drum-Buffer-Rope (DBR II) introduced by the
authors include dramatically faster manufacturing cycle
times, shorter order-to-delivery lead times, higher on-
time delivery reliability, and better customer

** Costs, Industrial, Production management.

30 Kohlbacher, Florian(ed)
The silver market phenomenon : marketing and innovation in
the aging society / Florian Kohlbacher and Cornelius
Herstatt.--2nd ed-- Heidelberg: Springer, 2011.
xxxiv, 463p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9783642143373.
658.800846 KOH 135165
This book offers a thorough and up-to-date analysis of
the challenges and opportunities in leveraging
innovation, technology, product development and marketing
for older consumers and employees. Key lessons are drawn
from various industries and countries.

** Marketing-Social aspects 2. Population aging- Economic
aspects 3. Older consumers-Attitudes.

31 Cavusgil, S Tamer
Conducting market research for international business / S
Tamer Cavusgil and others.-- New York: Business Expert
Press, 2009.
vii, 120p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9781606490259.
658.83 CAV 135157
This practical guide leads you through all the issues you
will face in developing new marketing opportunities in
foreign markets. From initiating a project, to sampling
and analyzing data, to taking advantage of your knowledge
by approaching the market, this book is your guide to
understanding and overcoming the most pressing issues
that international marketers face. This book is a guide
to understanding how to develop new marketing
opportunities abroad, one of the most demanding yet
rewarding economic activities. It is a comprehensive, yet
easily understood, treatment of the research issues that
you face when contemplating foreign market entry. It
takes you from the initial step of initiating an
international research project all the way through
sampling and analyzing data and making your first moves.
** Marketing research 2. International trade.

32 Zou, Shaoming
Export marketing strategy :tactics and skills that work /
Shaoming Zou, Daekwan Kim and S Tamer Cavusgil.-- New
York: Business Expert Press, 2009.
vii, 362p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9781606490082.
658.84 ZOU 135159
Export is the oldest form of international marketing and
is still one of the most popular strategies for a firm to
reach foreign markets. Without success in exporting, many
firms may not survive or prosper in the intensely
competitive marketplace. Drawing on their sustained
research in export marketing and knowledge of the
literature, the authors introduce a systematic process
for a firm to assess its readiness to export, identify
and select viable export markets, explore suitable forms
in which to enter foreign markets, develop an effective
export marketing plan, work with export facilitating
firms, set an export budget, manage the supply chain and
logistics in exporting, analyze foreign cultures, adapt
the product and promotion, set export prices, receive
payment for exported products, and manage and control
export transactions.

** Export marketing 2. Export 3. Export marketing

   33 Cookson, Catherine
The fifteen streets / Catherine Cookson.-- New York:
Simon and Schuster, 1952.
246p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781451660111.
823.914 COO 135205
A laborer from the docks falls in love with a young
teacher from a prosperous family, but slander, violence,
and death take their toll before the lovers tentatively
plan a new life together.

** Fiction in English 2. Fiction in English,1900-Texts 3.
Social classes-Fiction.




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