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   1 Chakravarthy, R C
Information technology and library science / R C
Chakravarthy and P R S Murthy.-- Delhi: Pacific Books
International, 2012.
v, 285p. 21cm.
ISBN : 9789381138045.
025.30285 CHA 133235
This book describes the impact of information technology
in library and information services. For the libraries,
ICT-s has tremendously changed the management of
resources as well as the way services are delivered.
While general IT application tools and integrated library
management systems are largely used in housekeeping
operations, like acquisition, cataloguing, circulation
control, serials control etc, internet has been used
extensively as a resource as well as a tool to deliver
the Library and Information Services (LIS). In the
specific context of LIS, one of the implications of use
of ICT is that Libraries can reach out globally to
provide their services 24-hours a day in very cost
effective manner. ICT has enabled users to avail many
services without any human intervention, the role of the
role of LIS professional is changing from an intermediary
to a facilitator and enabler.

** Library science.

2 Reddy, T R Sanjiv
Library classification and information technology / T R
Sanjiv Reddy and Shyamgopal Verma.-- Delhi: Pacific Books
International, 2012.
v, 308p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9789380472874.
025.460285 RED 133512
Library Classification is a system of coding and
organizing library materials according to their subject
and allocating a call number to that information
resource. Similar to classification systems used in
biology, bibliographic classification systems group
entities that are similar together typically arranged in
a hierarchical tree structure. This book attempts to
provide a detailed story of the impacts of information
technology in library classification and also the latest
developments that have been made in this area.
Introducing the nature and purposes of library
classification, the book discusses in detail the canons,
principles and laws, which evaluate a scheme of
classification. The book is ideally suited to students
and researchers of library and information science and
library professionals alike.

** Library science, Classification --Books,
Classification --Books --Technology.

   3 Department of Management Studies
Reflections and reminiscences : a compilation of
conservations with esteemed personalities / Department of
Management Studies.-- Jaipur: Poornima Group of Colleges,
187p. 22cm.
080 DEP 134415
The book is a compilation of conversations with eminent
personalities and provides a unique mix of interviews
with people who have dared to stretch to reach their
dreams. This is an outcome of suggestions made by Dr S M
Seth. Among other things, which the management faculty
could take up, he mentioned a challenging task of
interviewing some of the eminent personalities who
visited the Department of Management Studies (DMS),
Poornima Group College (PGC) during the last three years
and obtaining, in their own words, reflections of their
lives, childhood, education, professional achievements
and impressions on environment related to their
respective areas. Also contains a verbatim account of the
interview proceedings.

** Interviews.
   4 Phillips, Stephen
Epistemology in classical India : the knowledge sources
of the Nyaya school / Stephen Phillips.-- New York:
Routledge, 2012.
x, 194p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780415895545.
121.0954 PHI 134680
In this book, the author gives an overview of the
contribution of Nyaya--the classical Indian school that
defends an externalist position about knowledge as well
as an internality position about justification. Nyaya
literature extends almost two thousand years and
comprises hundreds of texts, and in this book, Phillips
presents a useful overview of the under-studied system of
thought. For the philosopher rather than the scholar of
Sanskrit, the book makes a whole range of Nyaya positions
and arguments accessible to students of epistemology who
are unfamiliar with classical Indian systems.

** Knowledge, Theory of (Hinduism), Nyaya.
   5 Cooke, Bill
A wealth of insights : humanist thought since the
enlightenment / Bill Cooke.-- Amherst: Prometheus Books,
528p. 21cm.
ISBN : 9781591027270.
144.09 COO 134692
In this broad overview of the global humanist tradition,
the author shows that humanism has indeed produced a
wealth of insights. In the first of three main sections,
the author accounts for the renewed interest in the
humanist idea provoked by Hegel and others in the early
nineteenth century. The second section follows the
various strands humanism followed in the twentieth
century, including scientific humanism, pragmatism,
religious and Christian humanism, and the humanism of the
European thinkers. The third section traces the story of
humanism in India, China, the Near East, and Africa.
Cooke finishes the book with a survey of humanist thought
on the environment, tackling the thorny issue of humanism
and species ism. He then looks at the prospects for a
genuine planetary humanism, examining the thoughts of
John Rawls, Kwame Anthony Appiah, and Paul Kurtz, among

** Humanism --History.

 170   ETHICS  
   6 Johnson, Craig E
Organizational ethics : a practical approach / Craig E
Johnson.--2nd ed-- Los Angeles: Sage, 2012.
xiii, 465p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781412987967.
174.4 JOH 134717
The book shows how we can develop our ethical expertise,
just as we develop our abilities to manage or oversee
operations. The book provides opportunities for readers
to practice problem-solving and to defend their
decisions. This book is a significant revision of the
author-s earlier book Ethics in the Workplace: Tools and
Tactics for Organizational Transformation. It retains the
practical focus of the first edition but now addresses
organizational ethics in both work and volunteer

** Ethics, Business ethics, Corporate culture, Ethics,
Business, Organizational Culture.

   7 Rathod, G K (ed)
Civil society : views and reviews / G K Rathod.-- New
Delhi: Viva Books, 2012.
viii, 284p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9788130917795.
301 RAT 134669
This book covers a diversity of discussions and arguments
on the subject from several relevant perspectives. It
also explores the historical and political evolution and
political potential of the idea. The essays in this book
seek to outline the origin of the concept of civil
society and its characteristics. They delineate the
relation relationship between nationalism and civil
society, civil society and government, civil society and
democracy, and civil society and the public spheres. The
book also focuses on civil society and the politics of
identity, and discusses ideas of social order and public

** Sociology, Social sciences, Social change.
   8 Lange, Paul A M Van (ed)
Handbook of theories of social psychology / Paul A M Van
Lange, Arie W Kruglanski and E Tory Higgins.-- Los
Angeles: Sage Publications, 2012.
xx, 537p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9780857029614.
302 LAN 134729,Vol-II
The second volume in this innovative two-volume set,
Handbook of Theories of Social Psychology, provides a
comprehensive exploration of the major developments of
social psychological theories that have taken place over
the past half century, culminating in a state of the art
overview of the primary theories and models that have
been developed in this vast and fascinating field. Volume
Two covers Interpersonal Level of Analysis, Group and
Cultural Level of Analysis. Authored by leading
international experts, each chapter represents a personal
and historical narrative of the theory-s development
including the inspirations, critical junctures, and
problem-solving efforts that effected theoretical choices
and determined the theory-s impact and its evolution.

** Social psychology.

9 Lange, Paul A M Van (ed)
Handbook of theories of social psychology / Paul A M Van
Lange, Arie W Kruglanski and E Tory Higgins.-- New York:
Sage Publications, 2012. xx, 562p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9780857029607.
302 LAN 134730,vol. I
The first volume in this innovative two-volume set
provides a comprehensive exploration of the major
developments of social psychological theories that have
taken place over the past half century, culminating in a
state of the art overview of the primary theories and
models that have been developed in this vast and
fascinating field. Volume One covers
Biological/Evolutionary Level of Analysis, Cognitive
Level of Analysis, Content Model and Motivational and
Affective Level of Analysis. Authored by leading
international experts, each chapter represents a personal
and historical narrative of the theory-s development
including the inspirations, critical junctures, and
problem-solving efforts that effected theoretical choices
and determined the theory-s impact and its evolution.

** Social psychology.

10 Fischhoff, Baruch
Risk analysis and human behavior / Baruch Fischhoff.--
London: Earthscan, 2011.
xiv, 418p. 23cm.
(The earthscan risk in society series, 26).
ISBN : 9781849714433.
302.12 FIS 134660
The articles collected here are foundational
contributions to integrating behavioral research and risk
analysis. They include seminal articles on three
essential challenges. One is ensuring effective two-way
communication between technical experts and the lay
public, so that risk analyses address lay concerns and
provide useful information to people who need it. The
second is ensuring that analyses make realistic
assumptions about human behaviors that affect risk
levels. The third is ensuring that analyses recognize the
strengths and weaknesses of experts- understanding, using
experts- knowledge, while understanding its limits. The
articles include overviews of the science, essays on the
role of risk in society, and applications to domains as
diverse as environment, medicine, terrorism, human
rights, chemicals, pandemics, vaccination, HIV/AIDS,
sexual assault, energy, and climate change.

** Risk perception, Risk-taking (Psychology), Decision
making, Risk --Sociological aspects.

11 Hallin, Daniel C (ed)
Comparing media systems beyond the western world / Daniel
C Hallin and Paolo Mancini.-- Cambridge: Cambridge
University Press, 2012.
ix, 344p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781107699540.
302.23091724 HAL 134720
The book offers a broad exploration of the conceptual
foundations for comparative analysis of media and
politics globally. It takes as its point of departure the
widely used framework of the authors Comparing Media
Systems, exploring how the concepts and methods of their
analysis do and do not prove useful when applied beyond
the original focus of their "most similar systems" design
and the West European and North American cases it
encompassed. It is intended both to use a wider range of
cases to interrogate and clarify the conceptual framework
of Comparing Media Systems and to proposed new middles,
concepts, and with processes of political transition. The
book covers, among other cases, Brazil, China, Isreal,
Lebanon, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and

** Mass media --Political aspects --Developing countries,
Mass media --Political aspects --Developing countries --
Case studies, Mass media --Social aspects --Developing
countries --Case studies, Mass media policy --Developing
countries --Case studies.

12 Prell, Christina
Social network analysis : history, theory and methodology
/ Christina Prell.-- Los Angeles: Sage, 2012.
vi, 263p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9781412947152.
302.3072 PRE 134740
The book provides a full overview of the field -
historical origins, common theoretical perspectives and
frameworks, traditional and current analytical procedures
and fundamental mathematical equations needed to get a
foothold in the field. This engaging book represents
these interdependencies- positive and negative
consequences, their multiple effects and the ways in
which a local occurrence in one part of the world can
directly affect the rest. Then it demonstrates precisely
how these interactions and relationships form. This is a
book for the social network novice on learning how to
study, think about and analyze social networks, the
intermediate user, not yet familiar with some of the
newer developments in the field, and the teacher looking
for a range of exercises, as well as an up-to-date
historical account of the field.

** Social networks --Research --Methodology.

13 Robbins, Stephen P
Organizational behavior / Stephen P Robbins, Timothy A
Judge and Seema Sanghi.--13th ed-- Delhi: Pearson, 2009.
xxxv, 782p. 28cm.
ISBN : 9788131721216.
302.35 ROB 134767
The book reflects the most recent research and
developments in the field of organizational behavior.
Some of the key topics covered in this book include
management functions, the nature and scope of OB,
foundations of individual behavior, attitudes and job
satisfaction, personality and values, perception and
decision making, motivational concepts, behavior of
groups and work teams, communication, leadership, power
and politics, conflict and negotiation, organizational
structure and culture, and stress management. By
providing invaluable insights into organizational issues
and practices in India and other Asian countries, this
edition balances the best Western and Asian perspectives.
With its tradition of making the text come alive with
examples, case incidents, current research, and learning

** Organizational behavior.
   14 Aier, Goma Sasai
Modernization of Indian society / Goma Sasai Aier.--
Jaipur: ABD Publishers, 2011.
vi, 296p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9788183763325.
303.40954 AIE 133244
The book deals social changes in Indian society.
Modernization is a composite concept. It is also an
ideological concept. The models of modernization co-vary
with the choice of ideologies. The composite nature of
this concept renders it pervasive in the vocabulary of
social sciences and evokes its kinship with concepts like
development, growth, evolution and progress. The book
analyses the varied and complex processes involved in the
modernization of India, the forces released by it and
their bearing on the stability, creativity and
development in India as a dynamic nation and composite
civilization. This book provides deep insight into
various dimensions of issues relating to the subject.

** Social change--India, History / Modern / 21st century,
India--Social conditions.
   15 Sharma, M P
Human geography / M P Sharma.-- Jaipur: Aadi Publications
, 2011.
iii, 290p. 21cm.
ISBN : 9789380902593.
304.6 SHA 133621
This book deals human geography with a very important
resource collection of writings significant to
understanding the field as a whole and enlightening the
connections of its component elements. It is designed to
give students ready access to the literature their
studies are most likely to lead them to consult. This
collected works of chapters aims to be revealing,
challenging and engaging. It sufficiently demonstrates
why human geography is a subject commendable of the
student-s engagement and gives a very important and
satisfying resource for its understanding.

** Population, Human geography.
   16 Rycroft, Daniel J (ed)
The politics of belonging in India : becoming adivasi /
Daniel J Rycroft and Sangeeta Dasgupta.-- London:
Routledge, 2011.
xvii, 238p. 24cm.
(Routledge contemporary South Asia series, 43).
ISBN : 9780415600828.
305.800954 RYC 134685
This book responds to the growing need for an inter-
disciplinary re-assessment of Tribal studies in
postcolonial India and defines a new agenda for Adivasi
studies. It considers the existing conceptual and
historical parameters of Tribal studies, as a means of
addressing new approaches to histories of de-colonization
and patterns of identity-formation that have become
visible since national independence. Contributors address
a number of important concerns, including the meaning of
Indigenous studies in the context of globalised academic
and political imaginaries, and the possibilities and
pitfalls of constructions of indigeneity as both a
foundational and a relational concept. A series of short
editorial essays provide theoretical clarity to issues of
representation, resistance, agency, recognition and

** Adivasis --Ethnic identity, Adivasis --Social
conditions, Group identity --India, India --Ethnic
relations, India --Social conditions.
   17 Malik, Anas
Political survival in Pakistan : beyond ideology / Anas
Malik.-- London: Routledge, 2011.
vii, 242p. 24cm.
(Routledge advances in South Asian studies, 18 / Mitra,
Subrata K (ed.)).
ISBN : 9780415779241.
306.2095491 MAL 134684
Presenting a framework that incorporates macro-level
forces into micro-level strategic calculations, this book
explains key political choices by leaders and challengers
in Pakistan through the political survival mechanism. It
offers an explanation for continuing polity weakness in
the country, and describes how political survival shapes
the choices made by the leaders and challengers. Using a
unique analysis that synthesizes theories of weak states,
quasi-states and political survival, the book extends
beyond rationalist accounts and the application of choice
theoretical approaches to developing countries. It
challenges the focus on ideology and suggests that
diverse, religiously and ethnically-defined affinity
groups have interests that are represented in particular
ways in weak state circumstances.

** Political culture --Pakistan, Pakistan --Politics and
government --1988-.

   18 Cattell, Vicky
Poverty, community and health : co-operation and the good
society / Vicky Cattell.-- New York: Palgrave Macmillan,
ix, 195p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9780230019973.
307.0941 CAT 134706
Drawing on key concepts and on community studies
conducted in East London housing estates, this book
brings together diverse strands of influence on
participatory community life and individual well-being.
Residents- rich narratives are used to emphasize the
significance of different social network patterns for
mediating disadvantage and happiness. The book makes a
timely contribution to post 2010 policy agendas and to
current political debates on the -big society- and the
-good society-.

** Community development --Great Britain --History,
Poverty --Government policy --Great Britain --History,
Public Policy / Social Policy, SOCIAL SCIENCE / Sociology
/ Urban, SOCIAL SCIENCE / Poverty and Homelessness, Great
Britain --Social policy.

19 Chakravarthy, R C
Information technology and rural development / R C
Chakravarthy and P R S Murthy.-- Delhi: Pacific Books
International, 2012.
v, 290p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9789381138038.
307.720285 CHA 133236
This book illustrates the applications of Information and
Communication Technologies (ICTs) for rural development
in India and several other developing societies. ICT have
a potential for economic growth and social empowerment.
Direct or indirect application of ICT, in rural
development sector has also been referred to as rural
informatics. Rural economies can be benefited from ICT by
focusing on social production, social consumption and
social services in the rural areas. It explores the
applications of ICTs in the core sectors of agriculture,
healthcare, geographic information system, networking,
rural and industrial development. This book is a valuable
resource for future research and policy formation,
management and intervention in national development.

** Rural development, Technology, Information technology.

20 Ashokvardhan, C (ed)
Socio-economic profile of rural India (series II) :
Eastern India (Orissa, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Bihar and
Uttar Pradesh) / C Ashokvardhan and Ashish Vachhani.--
New Delhi: Concept Publishing, 2011.
xxxix, 560p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9788180697234.
307.720954 ASH 133521,vol. 4
The Socio-Economic Profile of Rural India is based on the
data collected by the IAS Officer Trainees of IAS. Their
studies are marked by an inquisitiveness that is mostly
associated with youth bereft of layers and layers of
knowledge often contaminated by biases and preconceived
notions. The Socio-Economic Profile of Rural India Series
I is already published in four volumes. The centre also
initiated the publication of Series II in five volumes.
The present volume on Eastern India contains study
reports of the States of Orissa, Jharkhand, West Bengal,
Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

** India --Rural conditions, India --Economic conditions,
Socio-economic factors.

21 Sethi, Raj Mohini (ed)
Socio-economic profile of rural India / Raj Mohini Sethi.
-- New Delhi: Concept Publishing, 2011.
xix, 314p. 22cm.
V.5 : North and Central India : Punjab, Haryana,
Himachal Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.
ISBN : 9788180697364.
307.720954 SET 134253,V.5
This book achieves to make an attempt to gauge the extent
of socio-economic changes experienced by rural society of
North and Central India especially in view of the
agrarian crisis in many parts of Indian society. In doing
so, it not only provides the raison d- etre for this
study but also fulfils one of the major objectives of the
Centre for Rural Studies, LBS National Academy of
Administration. It also puts forward suggestions for
remodeling strategies for change taking into
consideration the different social and cultural
contextual factors hindering development within the
region. Also contains research articles of the States of
Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

** India - Rural conditions, India - Economic
   22 Robison, Richard (ed)
Routledge handbook of Southeast Asian politics / Richard
Robison.-- London: Routledge, 2012.
xiii, 378p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9780415494274.
320.0959 ROB 134672
This handbook provides a comprehensive analysis of the
major themes that have defined the politics of Southeast
Asia. The introductory chapter provides an overview of
the theoretical and ideological themes that have
dominated the study of the region-s politics and presents
the different ways the complex politics of the region
have been understood. The handbook analyses how the
dominant political and social coalitions of the region
were forged in the Cold War era, and assesses the complex
processes of transition towards various forms of
democratic politics. How institutions and systems of
governance are being forged in an increasingly global
environment is discussed and whether civil society in
Southeast Asia has really evolved as an independent
sphere of social and political activity.

** Southeast Asia --Politics and government --1945-.
   23 Carter, April
People power and political change : key issue and
concepts / April Carter.-- London: Routledge, 2012.
207p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780415580496.
322.4 CAR 134683
This book examines the upsurge in mass popular protest
against undemocratic regimes. Relating early revolutions
to recent global trends and protests, it examines the
significance of -people power- to democracy. The author
assesses the influence on people power of global politics
and trends, such as the growth of international
governmental organizations and international law, citizen
networks operating across borders, and emerging media
(like Twitter and Wikileaks). Drawing from contemporary
debates about democratization and literatures on power,
violence and nonviolence, from both academic sources and
media perspectives, this text builds an incisive
analytical argument about the changing nature of power
itself. The book is a must read for students and scholars
of democratic theory, international politics and current

** Government, Resistance to, Protest movements,
Democratization, Regime change.
   24 Bignall, Simone
Postcolonical agency : critique and constructivism /
Simone Bignall.-- Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press,
vii, 260p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780748639434.
325.3 BIG 134686
This book complements and balances the attention given by
postcolonial theory to the revitalization and recognition
of the agency of colonized peoples. It offers new
conceptual scaffolding to those who have inherited the
legacy of colonial privilege, and who now seek to
responsibly transform this historical injustice. Simone
Bignall attends to a minor tradition within Western
philosophy including Spinoza, Nietzsche, Bergson and
Deleuze, to argue that a non-imperial concept of social
and political agency and a postcolonial philosophy of
material transformation are embedded within aspects of
poststructuralist social philosophy. Beginning with a
critical treatment of the dialectical notions that
dominate much postcolonial theory, Bignall then outlines
a constructive and transformative theory of practice by
drawing from Foucault and Deleuze.

** Deleuze, Gilles, 1925-1995, Colonization,
   25 Peterson, Christian Philip
Globalizing human rights : private citizens, the Soviet
Union, and the west / Christian Philip Peterson.-- New
York: Routledge, 2012.
xi, 279p. 23cm.
(Routledge studies on history and globalization, 1).
ISBN : 9780415885119.
327.73047 PET 134681
The book explores the complexities of the role human
rights played in US-Soviet relations during the 1970s and
1980s. It will show how private citizens exploited the
larger effects of contemporary globalization and the
language of the Final Act to enlist the US government in
a global campaign against Soviet/Eastern European human
rights violations. A careful examination of this
development shows the limitations of existing literature
on the Reagan and Carter administrations- efforts to
promote internal reform in USSR. It also reveals how the
Carter administration and private citizens, not Western
European governments, played the most important role in
making the issue of human rights a fundamental aspect of
Cold War competition.

** Human rights --Soviet Union, Human rights --Government
policy --United States, Lobbying --United States,
Pressure groups --International cooperation --History --
20th century, United States --Foreign relations --Soviet
Union, Soviet Union --Foreign relations --United States.

 330   ECONOMICS  
   26 Camerer, Colin F
Behavioral game theory : experiments in strategic
interaction / Colin F Camerer.-- New Delhi: New Age
International Pvt Ltd Publishers, 2010.
xv, 550p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9788122431261.
330.015195 CAM 133916
Game theory, the formalized study of strategy, began in
the 1940s by asking how emotionless geniuses should play
games, but ignored until recently how average people with
emotions and limited foresight actually play games. This
book marks the first substantial and authoritative effort
to close this gap. Behavioral game theory has three
ingredients that come clearly into focus in this book:
mathematical theories of how moral obligation and
vengeance affect the way people bargain and trust each
other, a theory of how limits in the brain constrain the
number of steps of "I think he thinks..." reasoning
people naturally do, and a theory of how people learn
from experience to make better strategic decisions.

** Game theory, Statistical decision, Negotiation --
Mathematical models, Decision making.

27 Kusuoka, S (ed)
Advances in mathematical economics / S Kusuoka and T
Maruyama.-- Tokyo: Springer, 2011.
vi, 132p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9784431539292.
330.0151 KUS 134105,vol. 15
The book looks a lot of economic problems can be
formulated as constrained optimizations and equilibration
of their solutions. Various mathematical theories have
been supplying economists with indispensable machineries
for these problems arising in economic theory.
Conversely, mathematicians have been stimulated by
various mathematical difficulties raised by economic
theories. The book is designed to bring together those
mathematicians who are seriously interested in getting
new challenging stimuli from economic theories with those
economists who are seeking effective mathematical tools
for their research.

** Economics, Mathematical.

28 Chakravarthy, R C
Information technology and economics / R C Chakravarthy
and P R S Murthy.-- Delhi: Pacific Books International,
v, 273p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9789381138021.
330.0285 CHA 133269
The book deals role played by Information Technology in
economic development. In addition to supporting
productivity and innovation across sectors, ICTs are also
critical enablers of trade development itself as they
help correct, improve and make more relevant the very
processes with which trade is conducted. This book
evaluates the impacts of ICT in economic development and
provides a systematic overview of the major developments
and trends in ICT sector. It assesses the role of the
state and of government policy, especially with regard to
the opportunities for shaping the future of this sector.
It also explores the processes of the restructuring of
work and employment in the wake of the IT revolution.

** Information technology --Economic aspects, Economic

29 Emmett, Ross B (ed)
Frank H Knight in lowa city 1919-1928 / Ross B Emmett.--
Bingley: Emerald Group Publishing, 2011.
liii, 440p. 23cm.
(Research in the history of economic thought and
methodology, 29B / Samuels, Warren J (ed) and others).
ISBN : 9781780520087.
330.09 EMM 133069
This book provides access to the entire range of Knight-s
writings while in Iowa City, with results that may
surprise those familiar with his work: his concern about
farm policy, his participation in religious dialogue, his
openness to noneconomic analysis of society, and the way
his critical analysis - quite recognizable to those who
knew him from his later years at Chicago - is tempered by
other commitments. The collection includes both refereed
articles and review essays of recent books in the history
of economic thought and methodology. The articles
highlight research the historiography and methodology of
the English Poor Laws, behavioral economics, and the
socialist calculation debate, as well as A D Roy and
portfolio theory and correspondence regarding John
Maurice Clark-s Economics of Planning.

** Economics.

30 Stiglitz, Joseph E
Global crisis - the way forward : the stiglitz commission
report / Joseph E Stiglitz.-- Hydrabad: Orient BlackSwan,
xxxii, 204p. 19cm.
ISBN : 9788125043201.
330.9 STI 133647
The book deals recent financial crisis as the latest and
damaging of several concurrent crises - of food, water,
energy, and sustainability - that are tightly
interrelated. From short-term mitigations to deep
structural changes, from crisis response to lasting
reform of the global economic and financial architecture,
the analysis and recommendations recorded here establish
a bold agenda for policy change, both broad in scope and
profound in its ambitions. Sure to be the gold standard
for understanding and contending with international
economy for many years to come, The Stiglitz Commission
Report is essential reading for anyone concerned about a
secure and prosperous world.

** Financial crises, Macroeconomics, International
finance Recessions.

31 Charpe, Matthieu
Financial assets, debt and liquidity crises : a Keynesian
approach / Matthieu Charpe and others.-- Cambridge:
Cambridge University Press, 2011.
xxiv, 432p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9781107004931.
330.90511 CHA 134656
This book takes on the challenge of interpreting and
about macroeconomic. The macroeconomic development of
most major industrial economies is characterized by boom-
bust cycles. Normally such boom-bust cycles are driven by
specific sectors of the economy. In the financial
meltdown of the years 2007-2009 it was the credit sector
and the real-estate sector that were the main driving
forces. In doing so it revives the traditional Keynesian
approach to the financial-real economy interaction and
the business cycle, extending it in several important
ways. In particular, it adopts the Keynesian view of a
hierarchy of markets and introduces a detailed financial
sector into the traditional Keynesian framework. The
approach of the book goes beyond the currently dominant
paradigm based on the representative agent, market
clearing and rational economic agents.

** Macroeconomics, Business cycles, Financial crises,
Keynesian economics, BUSINESS and ECONOMICS / Economics /

32 Beblavy, Miroslav (ed)
The Euro area and the financial crisis / Miroslav
Beblavy, David Cobham and L-udovit Odor.-- Cambridge:
Cambridge University Press, 2011.
xix, 351p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781107014749.
330.94 BEB 134725
The financial crisis of 2007-2010 has presented a number
of key policy challenges for those concerned with the
long term stability of the euro area. It has shown that
price stability as provided by the European Central Bank
is not enough to guarantee financial stability, and
exposed fault lines in governance and deficiencies in the
architecture of the financial supervisory and regulatory
framework. This book addresses these and other issues,
including why the crisis affected some countries more
than others, whether the euro is still attractive for new
EU states, and what policy changes and structural
reforms, both macro and micro, should be undertaken to
ensure its future viability. Written by a team of leading
academic and central bank economists, the book also
includes chapters on the cross-country incidence of the
crisis, the Irish crisis and ECB monetary policy during
the crisis.

** Monetary policy --European Union countries, Euro,
Global Financial Crisis, 2008-2009.
   33 Fairbrother, Peter
Unions and globalisation : governments, management, and
the state at work / Peter Fairbrother and others.-- New
York: Routledge, 2012.
xiv, 239p. 22cm.
(Routledge studies in employment and work relations in
contex, 7).
ISBN : 9780415416641.
331.881135141 FAI 134705
In this book, there has been a wide-ranging debate about
the form of trade unionism, the bases for collective
organization and struggle and the future of trade
unionism. This book addresses these questions both
theoretically, in relation to debates, as well as
substantively via a series of selected studies. It is a
must read for all those studying industrial relations,
human resource management, the sociology of work and
employment, economic sociology, economic and labor
geography and business studies in general.

** Government employee unions --Australia, Government

employee unions --Great Britain, Employee-management
relations in government --Australia, Employee-management
relations in government --Great Britain.

   34 Cousin, Violaine
Banking in China / Violaine Cousin.--2nd ed-- New York:
Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.
xxi, 334p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9780230272699.
332.10951 COU 134711
The book offers an in-depth analysis of the Chinese
banking sector, of its challenges, and the reasons for
its present form, as well as the implications for reform.
The author analyses the industry-s critical issues such
as financial intermediation, capital and credit risk
management, corporate governance, and identifies the
challenges ahead relating to retail banking, Basel II and
the WTO membership. She has remodeled her in-depth
discussion of the types of bank operating in China to
reflect recent changes. The part on regulations has fully
been revised and all data have been fully updated to
reflect the latest developments and financial

** Banks and banking --China, BUSINESS and ECONOMICS /
Banks and Banking, BUSINESS and ECONOMICS / Finance, BUSINESS
and ECONOMICS / Development / Economic Development.

35 Straumann, Tobias
Fixed ideas of money : small states and exchange rate
regimes in twentieth-century Europe / Tobias Straumann.--
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010.
xix, 392p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780521112710.
332.456094 STR 134657
This book analyzes for the first time the experience of
seven small states (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, the
Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland) during the
last hundred years, starting with the restoration of the
gold standard after World War I and ending with Sweden-s
rejection of the Euro in 2003. The comparative analysis
shows that for the most part of the twentieth century the
options of policy makers were seriously constrained by a
distinct fear of floating exchange rates. Only with the
crisis of the European Monetary System (EMS) in 1992-93
did the idea that a flexible exchange rate regime was
suited for a small open economy gain currency. The book
also analyses the differences among small states and
concludes that economic structures or foreign policy
orientations were far more important for the timing of
regime changes than domestic institutions and policies.

** Foreign exchange --Europe, Monetary policy --Europe,
States, Small.

36 Economica India
Reports on investment approval and FDI in India /
Economica India.-- New Delhi: Academic Foundation, 2004.
348p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9788171883370.
332.6730954 ECO 132466
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) today is seen as an
instrument to facilitate and support domestic investment
for achieving a higher level of economic development,
since it benefits both the domestic industry as well as
the consumer, by providing opportunities for
technological up gradation, access to global managerial
skills and practices, optimal utilization of human and
natural resources, making industry internationally
competitive, opening up export markets, providing
backward and forward linkages and access to international
quality goods and services. In the wake of current era of
globalization a transnational economic regime has

** Investments, Foreign --Government policy --India.
   37 Economica India
Reports on India-s power sector / Economica India.-- New
Delhi: Academic Foundation, 2003.
424p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9788171882847.
333.790954 ECO 132476
The book brings out the problems as well as strategies
and initiatives to resolve them for accelerated
development of the power sector. In order to ensure
electrification of all villages in the country, the
supply of electricity has been accepted as a basic
minimum service and the Ministry of Power in this
document has prepared an action plan for the provision of
electricity to all villages by end of the Tenth Plan and
all households by the end of the Eleventh Plan. The
second document included in this volume is the Report of
the Distribution Policy Committee of Ministry of power.
The report highlights the importance of distribution
reforms if electricity sector is to turnaround and become
self sustaining. The Report has discussed the present
structure of distribution and the strategy for reforms
relating to improvement in efficiency of operations.

** Power resources --Economic aspects --India, Energy
industries --India.
   38 National Research Council
Choosing the nation-s fiscal future : committee on the
fiscal future of the United States, division of
behavioral and social sciences and education / National
Research Council and National Academy of Public Adm.--
Washington D.C.: The National Academies Press, 2010.
xxii, 338p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780309147231.
336.73 NAT 133219
The book assesses the options and possibilities for a
sustainable federal budget. This comprehensive book
considers a range of policy changes that could help put
the budget on a sustainable path: reforms to reduce the
rate of growth in spending for Medicare and Medicaid,
options to reduce the growth rate of Social Security
benefits or raise payroll taxes, and changes in many
other government spending programs and tax policies. The
book also examines how the federal budget process could
be revised to be more far sighted and to hold leaders
accountable for responsible stewardship of the nation-s
fiscal future.

** Budget --United States, Government spending policy --
United States, Fiscal policy --United States.
   39 Shields, Stuart
Critical international political economy : dialogue,
debate and dissensus / Stuart Shields, Ian Bruff and Haw
Macartney.-- New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.
xiii, 195p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9780230280304.
337 SHI 134712
This book gives provocative responses to recent debates
in International Political Economy. It provides a much
needed and timely intervention to the current anodyne
discussions about the evolution of the discipline and
prompts wider reflection on the nature of enquiry itself.

** International economic relations.
   40 Rahman, H
Entrepreneurship in agriculture : scopes and
opportunities / H Rahman and others.-- Udaipur: Agrotech
publishing academy, 2011.
368p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9788183212212.
338.13 RAH 132524
The book says about entrepreneurship that plays a vital
role in marketing agriculture economically viable, and
success or failure of sustainable agriculture is largely
decide the fate of our farming community. The book deals
with the concepts of entrepreneurship along with the
issues and dynamics of entrepreneurship followed by all
the relevant technologies concerning to field crops in
agriculture and their entrepreneurial aspects. The major
portion of the book deli-neatest horticulture, spices,
post-harvest and processing technologies suitable for
entrepreneurship development under sustainable farming
system. The later part of the book highlights
entrepreneurial opportunities in livestock sector, women
entrepreneurship and financial analysis and marketing
network, etc.

** Entrepreneurship, Agriculture - economic aspects.

41 Sarkar, A K (ed)
Integrated farming systems for sustainable production / A
K Sarkar and others.-- Udaipur: Agrotech Publishing
Academy, 2011.
384p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9788183211932.
338.162 SAR 132525
This book is a compilation of lecture notes of eminent
scientists in the field of Agriculture and allied sectors
on integrated farming systems for sustainable livelihood,
food and nutritional security of rural masses. Farming
system is a judicious mix of cropping systems with
associated enterprises like fruits, vegetables, flowers,
dairy, poultry, piggery, duckery, goatery, fishery, lac,
sericulture etc. suited to given agro-climatic conditions
which will help to generate additional employment and
income for the small and marginal farmers under rain fed
and irrigated conditions. In this book an effort has been
made to present the detailed information about the
integrated farming system concept, principles,
components, model development and their usefulness to the
farm household.

** Farming, Agricultural systems.

42 Chakravarthy, R C
Information technology and tourism / R C Chakravarthy and
P R S Murthy.-- Delhi: Pacific Books International, 2012.
v, 256p. 21cm.
ISBN : 9789381138014.
338.47910285 CHA 133237
This book describes the impact of information technology
in tourism industry. The world tourism industry has
certainly been one of the first to make large-scale use
of the new information technologies, focusing on
information and communication technologies it appears
that technological progress over the past thirty years
has allowed the most innovative tourism enterprises to
redefine not only their own organizational structure but
their relationships with partner organizations, thus
achieving the twin goals of optimizing operating costs
and increasing ability to generate value for their
customers. The book is valuable reference tool for
students and professional in this field.

** Tourism, Information technology.

43 Jha, K P
International tourism management / K P Jha.-- New Delhi:
ALP Books, 2011.
288p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9789380184753.
338.4791068 JHA 134249
This book reflects importance of tourism management as
international level. Many countries in the world,
especially the developing countries, have lately realized
the importance of tourism and benefits which it brings
out. The planning methods for national economic
development which have been largely utilized since early
fifties do not always cover tourism development as a
particular field. The increasing significance of tourism
as a source of income, employment generation, and
regional development and as a major factor in the balance
of payments for many countries has been attracting
increasing attention on the part of many governments as
well as others with an interest in economic development.

** Tourism.

44 Wimmer, Engelbert
Motoring the future : VW and Toyota vying for pole
position / Engelbert Wimmer.-- New York: Palgrave
Macmillan, 2012.
xiii, 272p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780230299559.
338.76292 WIM 134737
The book deals with the challenges facing the global car
industry today, analyzing Volkswagen and Toyota, with
some surprising results. The book provides insights into
each car manufacturer-s corporate culture, products,
production, leadership and technologies, as well as some
thoughts on the future of the car. The book offers
updates on Volkswagen-s and Toyota-s next generation
vehicles, both plotting a new course into the future. In
this thoroughly revised edition the book, new facts and
material have extended the scope to American
manufacturers and to new competitors from the Far East.

** Toyota Jidosha Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha, Volkswagenwerk,
Automobile industry and trade.

45 Nijkamp, Peter (ed)
Innovation, growth and competitiveness : dynamic regions
in the knowledge-based world economy / Peter Nijkamp and
Iulia Siedschlag.-- Heidelberg: Springer, 2011.
xii, 380p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9783642149641.
338.90091724 NIJ 134603
This book investigates dynamic regions in the context of
greater global interaction in a world economy
increasingly driven by knowledge and innovation. It
offers novel empirical evidence on the underlying factors
of the growth performance of these spaces. In particular,
the following questions are addressed: What role is there
for research, education and innovation in the development
strategies of the dynamic growth regions? What are the
risks and consequences of dynamic growth on patterns of
world growth and development, competitiveness,
inequalities, and convergence? What development
strategies should be promoted at national and
international levels to promote a growing and more
sustainable world economy? Using an innovative,
integrated framework of analysis, the contributions in
this book combine a wide array of complex theoretical and
methodological approaches.

** Economic development --Developing countries,
Technological innovations --Developing countries,
Competition --Developing countries.

46 Karlsson, Charlie (ed)
Innovation, technology and knowledge / Charlie Karlsson,
Borje Johansson and Roger R Stough.-- London: Routledge,
xix, 361p. 24cm.
(Routledge studies in global competition, 55 / Cantwell,
John (ed.) and Mowery, David (ed.)).
ISBN : 9780415667784.
338.94 KAR 134682
This book explores the uneven patterns of development
within the EU, discusses the relative effect of
investments on innovation and productivity growth and
looks at the mechanisms involved in economic development
and policy. In the last four decades the developed
economies have developed into veritable knowledge
economies at the same time as more and more economies
have entered the road to economic development. Typical
for the developments during this time has been
substantially increased investments in research and
development (RandD) to generate new knowledge and new
technologies and increased investments in diffusing
existing knowledge by means of education and thereby
raising the volume of human capital. However, many member
states and regions within the EU are struggling with
their economic development.

** Economic development --European Union countries,
Technological innovations --European Union countries.
   47 Burca, Grainne De (ed)
The worlds of European constitutionalism / Grainne De
Burca and J H H Weiler.-- Cambridge: Cambridge University
Press, 2012.
vi, 348p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780521177757.
342.24 BUR 134744
This book explores the nature and character of EU legal
and political authority, and the complex analytical and
normative questions which the notion of European
constitutionalism raises, both in the EU-s internal and
its external relations. The idea of the EU as a
constitutional order has recently taken on renewed life,
as the Court of Justice declared the primacy of EU law
not just over national constitutions but also over the
international legal order, including the UN Charter. The
book culminates in an interactive epilogue in which the
authors- arguments are questioned and challenged by the
editor, providing a unique and stimulating approach to
the subject. By bringing together leading constitutional
theorists of the European Union, this book offers a
sharp, challenging and engaging discussion for students
and researchers alike.

** Constitutional law --European Union countries,
POLITICAL SCIENCE / Government / General.
   48 Gajanan, R P
Comparative public administration / R P Gajanan and Anoop
Sharma.-- New Delhi: Crescent Publishing Corporation,
v, 273p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9788183421942.
351 GAJ 133502
The present text aims to look at public administration in
a comparative situation, that is, assessing the public
administration set-up of different nations with each
other in order to analyses the best course of
administration and reach towards insightful solutions
towards the issue for each nation. The various scholarly
views which have been incorporated into the text have
been made in order to reach a comprehensive view of the
field, and examine it in a panoramic manner.

** Public administration.
   49 Gill, Stephen (ed)
Global crises and the crisis of global leadership /
Stephen Gill.-- Cambridge: Cambridge University Press,
xvi, 299p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781107674967.
352.236 GIL 134728
This groundbreaking collection on global leadership
features innovative and critical perspectives by scholars
from international relations, political economy,
medicine, law and philosophy, from North and South. The
book suggests that there is an overarching condition of
global organic crisis, which shapes the political and
organizational responses of the dominant global
leadership and of various subaltern forces. Contributors
argue that to meaningfully address the challenges of the
global crisis will require far more effective, inclusive
and legitimate forms of global leadership and global
governance than have characterized the neoliberal era.

** Political leadership, Leadership, Financial crises --
History --21st century, Crises --History --21st century.

50 Joyce, Paul
Strategic leadership in the public services / Paul Joyce.
-- London: Routledge, 2012.
xiii, 343p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780415616492.
352.236 JOY 134690
Providing insights into useful approaches and techniques
for strategic leaders, the book covers topics such as the
nature of leaders and how leaders lead. It probes
strategic thinking and thoroughly explores strategic
processes of implementation, monitoring and evaluation.
It provides advice on being strategic and encourages the
reader to appreciate the challenges of strategic
leadership in practice. In the end, the book argues that
leadership and strategy have become hegemonic ideas for
reinventing the state. Replete with real world practical
case studies and examples, drawn from a range of
countries, the book provides students with a truly
international outlook on the subject and offers a clear
understanding of the emerging significance of leadership,
strategic management, and public services reform.

** Leadership, Strategic planning, Public administration.

51 Kakabadse, Andrew
Leading smart transformation : a roadmap for world class
government / Andrew Kakabadse and others.-- New York:
Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.
xxiv, 229p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780230243729.
352.367 KAK 134735
In this book, and smart transformation, is the idea that
government along with corporations must take
responsibility for finding a balanced business model, one
that meets the needs of shareholders as well as other
stakeholders, such as employees, customers and local
communities. Leading Smart Transformation describes a
holistic, rapid, flexible, dynamic approach, where
leadership is integral to the process, stakeholders are
fully engaged, and last but not least, the transformation
programmed is well planned with a clear roadmap linking
the various components of the cycle. The authors provide
powerful insights into what it takes for leaders to
create efficient, successful governments. .

** Organizational change, Administrative agencies --
Reorganization, Executive departments --Reorganization,

52 Kumar, Ravindra
Electronic governance / Ravindra Kumar and Manish
Deshpande.-- Delhi: Pacific Books International, 2012.
v, 259p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9789380472706.
352.3802854678 KUM 133263
This book explores the enormous future potential of e-
governance using case studies and cutting-edge research.
As the era of digital economy evolves, the concept of
good governance assumes a greater significance. The book
offers the experiences of many countries using electronic
government, showing what mistakes they made and the
benefits they-ve reaped. This book is an essential
reference tool for all elected officials and their
staffs, e-government practitioners, researchers and
information specialists to use in order to stay up-to-
date with the growing needs of general public.

** Public administration --Automation, Communication in
public administration --Automation, Government
information --Data processing, Electronic data processing
--Management, Internet in public administration.
   53 Bagchi, Sanjoy
The changing face of bureaucracy : fifty years of the
Indian administrative service / Sanjoy Bagchi.-- New
Delhi: Rupa and Co., 2007.
xii, 592p. 21cm.
ISBN : 9788129111944.
354.0954 BAG 133965
The book is about the Indian Administrative Service and
its transformation during the fifty years of its
existence. IAS is a unique institution in the world the
like of which is not found anywhere else. Sardar Patel,
India-s first home minister conceived it as an elite all-
India service, selected on pure merit by an independent
authority, functioning at the federal centre as well as
the states. It was meant to be politically neutral,
representative of the entire nation and containing the
best talents in the country. It was to provide efficient
administration and was expected to be scrupulously
honest. Up to the Emergency, the Service fulfilled the
expectations of its creator. It extended uniform
standards of administration throughout the country. It
paved the way for the planned economic uplift. It brought
about self-sufficiency in food and industrial

** Indian Administrative Service --History, India --
Politics and government --1947.
   54 Tzu, Sun
The art of war / Sun Tzu.-- London: Watkins Publishing,
272p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9781844831791.
355.02 TZU 133302
In this book Sun Tzu-s profound wisdom is not limited to
military applications - his aphorisms offer important
advice for dealing with other realms of human conflict,
such as the psychological tensions of everyday life and
the difficulties of any joint Endeavour, including
business ventures. Arranged into 13 chapters, from
Estimates to Employment of Secret Agents, and enhanced by
beautiful calligraphy, The Art of War is more relevant
now than ever.

** Military art and science--Early works to 1800.
   55 Bateman, Sam (ed)
Southeast Asia and the rise of Chinese and Indian naval
power : between rising naval powers / Sam Bateman and
Joshua Ho.-- London: Routledge, 2010.
xv, 255p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780415559553.
359.030959 BAT 134689
This book examines the emerging maritime security scene
in Southeast Asia. It considers highly topical
implications for the region of possible strategic
competition between China and India - the rising naval
powers of Asia - with a possible naval "arms race"
emerging between these countries both with naval force
development and operations. As part of its "Look East"
policy, India has deployed naval units to the Pacific
Ocean for port visits and exercises both with East Asian
navies and the US Navy, but India is also concerned about
the possibility of the Chinese Navy operating in the
Indian Ocean. This book identifies possible cooperative
and confidence-building measures that may contribute to
enhanced relations between these two major powers and
dampen down the risks associated with their strategic

** China. Zhongguo ren min jie fang jun. Hai jun --
History India. Indian Navy --History, Southeast Asia --
Foreign relations --China, China --Foreign relations --
Southeast Asia, Southeast Asia --Foreign relations --
India India --Foreign relations --Southeast Asia.

   56 Murthy, B N
Applied sociology : problems and prospects / B N Murthy.-
Jaipur: Ritu Publications, 2012.
248p. 21cm.
ISBN : 9789381422106.
361.1 MUR 134225
The book deals the social relationship and social
problems. Social relationships might be institutional
such as familial, marital etc. They may be communal such
as rural, urban etc. They might be structural or
concerned with social classes. These classifications of
social problems determine the field or sphere of social
problems. Marital problems are the problems of tensions
between males and females or opposite sexes. These lead
to marital disorganization, divorces, prostitution etc.
This book focuses such kind of social problems.

** Applied sociology, Social problems.

57 Gupta, Sunil
Social structure and social work / Sunil Gupta.-- Jaipur:
ABD Publishers, 2011.
vi, 304p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9788183763387.
361.30954 GUP 133250
This book contains the fundamental and basic information
on social science. Social structure is a term used in the
social sciences to refer to patterned social arrangements
which form the society as a whole, and which determine,
to some varying degree, the actions of the individuals
socialized in the structure. The meaning of -social
structure- differs between various fields of sociology.
On the macro scale, it can refer to the system of socio-
economic stratification (e.g., the class structure),
social institutions, or other patterned relations between
large social groups. On the micro scale, it can refer to
the structure of social network ties between individuals
or organizations. On the micro scale, it can refer to the
way norms shape the behavior of actors within the social

** Social work, Social structure, Social structure--
   58 Inozu, Bahadir
Performance improvement for healthcare : leading change
with lean, six sigma, and constraints management /
Bahadir Inozu and others.-- New York: McGraw-Hill, 2012.
xxix, 319p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780071761628.
362.1068 INO 134666
The book lays out an integrated approach for using three
improvement methods that have proven to be the most
effective way to transform hospital operations in terms
of patient outcomes and experience, financial viability,
and employee satisfaction. This pioneering guide presents
a strategy for managing bottlenecks, eliminating waste,
reducing errors, and containing costs in healthcare
organizations, as well as sustaining the gains achieved.
The book is an in-depth guide for healthcare leaders and
includes topics such as: Assessing your organization-s
readiness for adopting a best-of-breed performance
improvement strategy, Using Constraints Management to
identify leverage points and break constraints that exist
in all healthcare organizations, Building a program that
consistently meets milestones on time and on budget,
Preventing common issues with sustaining improvement

** Medical care --United States --Quality control, Six
sigma (Quality control standard), Health services
administration --United States, Hospital Administration -
methods, Total Quality Management --methods, Total
Quality Management --organization and administration.

59 Winter, Harold
The economics of excess : addiction, indulgence and
social policy / Harold Winter.-- Stanford: Stanford
University Press, 2011.
xiii, 189p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780804761482.
362.29 WIN 134723
The book discusses both standard and behavioral economics
as they apply to addiction, indulgence, and social
policy. Chapter one provides a thorough discussion of
economic models of addiction. The model developed in most
detail takes into account both standard and behavioral
approaches. The next three chapters examine specific
indulgences: smoking, drinking, and overeating. The heart
of this book is its comprehensive discussion of what is
often referred to as the "new paternalism." As more and
more economists are arguing for policies that are
designed to protect people from themselves, this book
offers a serious, yet accessible, discussion of the pros
and cons of such interventions. Written in an
approachable style, this book will serve researchers who
are new to the economics of addiction and students in a
variety of economics and policy courses alike.

** Substance abuse --Economic aspects, Substance abuse --
Government policy, Social policy --Economic aspects,
Economics --Psychological aspects.
   60 Enders, Walter
The political economy of terrorism / Walter Enders and
Todd Sandler.--2nd ed-- Cambridge: Cambridge University
Press, 2012.
xvi, 390p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780521181006.
363.32 END 134658
The book presents a widely accessible political economy
approach to the study of terrorism. It applies economic
methodology - theoretical and empirical - combined with
political analysis and realities to the study of domestic
and transnational terrorism. In so doing, the book
provides both a qualitative and quantitative
investigation of terrorism in a balanced up-to-date
presentation that informs students, policy makers,
researchers, and the general reader of the current state
of knowledge. Included are historical aspects, a
discussion of watershed events, the rise of modern-day
terrorism, examination of current trends, the dilemma of
liberal democracies, evaluation of counterterrorism,
analysis of hostage incidents, and much more.

** Terrorism, Terrorism --Economic aspects, BUSINESS and
ECONOMICS / Economics / Theory.

61 McKinnon, Catriona
Climate change and future justice : precaution,
compensation, and triage / Catriona McKinnon.-- London:
Routledge, 2012.
ix, 181p. 24cm.
(Routledge issues in contemporary political theory, 3).
ISBN : 9780415461245.
363.73874 MCK 134675
Climate change creates unprecedented problems of
intergenerational justice. Providing important new
insights within the theoretical framework of political
liberalism, the book presents arguments in three key
areas: Mitigation: the current generation ought to adopt
a strong precautionary principle in formulating climate
change policy in order to minimize the risks of serious
harm from climate change imposed on future generations.
Adaptation: the current generation ought to create a fund
to which members of future generations may apply for
compensation if the risks of climate change harm imposed
on them by the current generation ripen into harms.
Triage: future generations ought to keep alive hope for a
return to the framework of justice for the social
cooperation of future people less burdened by climate
change harms.

** Climatic changes --Political aspects, Climatic changes
--Environmental aspects, Environmental justice,
Intergenerational relations.
   62 Kochan, Nick
Corruption : the new corporate challenge / Nick Kochan
and Robin Goodyear.-- New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.
xx, 295p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780230298439.
364.168 KOC 134721
This book provides a clear and comprehensive introduction
to the new legal and political landscape and examines
future issues in compliance and enforcement. Now, for the
first time, corporate strategy and responsibility have
been analyzed in the context of the new law, as well as
that of previous statutes and the law of other countries.
The book surveys the roots of corruption, outlines
worldwide efforts to combat the problem, and explores
enforcement and policy choices for businesses faced with
a new international environment that is ever more hostile
to corruption. Numerous case studies and practical
compliance tips provide businesses with the knowledge
needed to operate in high-risk industrial sectors and
geographical regions. The authors have conducted
extensive interviews with senior figures in law
enforcement, academics and lawyers to explore likely
developments in the law.

** Corruption, Corporations--Corrupt practices,
Corporations--Corrupt practices--Prevention.

 370   EDUCATION  
   63 Chakravarthy, R C
Information technology and education / R C Chakravarthy
and P R S Murthy.-- Delhi: Pacific Books International,
v, 279p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9789381138007.
370.0285 CHA 133234
This book is intended to help policymakers in developing
countries define a framework for the appropriate and
effective use of Information and Communication
Technologies (ICTs) in their educational systems by first
providing a brief overview of the potential benefits of
ICT use in education and the ways by which different ICTs
have been used in education thus far. It also explains
the key challenges that policymakers in developing
countries must reckon with when making decisions about
the integration of ICTs in education, namely, educational
policy and planning, infrastructure, capacity building,
language and content and financing.

** Education, Information technology.
   64 Kumar, Ravindra
Electronic business / Ravindra Kumar and Manish Deshpande
-- Delhi: Pacific Books International, 2012.
v, 265p. 21cm.
ISBN : 9789380472676.
380.02854678 KUM 133262
This book shows the application of information and
communication technologies (ICTs) in support of all the
activities of business. Commerce constitutes the exchange
of products and services between businesses, groups and
individuals and can be seen as one of the essential
activities of any business. E-business methods enable
companies to link their internal and external data
processing systems more efficiently and flexibly, to work
more closely with suppliers and partners and to better
satisfy the needs and expectations of their customers.
The book provides unique insight into the emerging
electronic business place. It combines clarity of vision
that will help us to appreciate the true significance of
e business, with a rigorous roadmap for reinventing our
business design. It is a must-read for managers who are
creating tomorrow-s e-business companies today.

** Electronic industries, Electronic commerce.
   65 Akhtar, Shahid
International trade / Shahid Akhtar.-- Jaipur: ABD
Publishers, 2011.
vi, 296p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9788183763257.
382 AKH 133239
The book looks exchange of capital, goods and services
across international borders and territories. In most
countries, it represents a significant share of gross
domestic product (GDP). While international trade has
been present throughout much of history (see Silk Road,
Amber Road), it-s economic, social, and political
importance has been on the rise in recent centuries.
Industrialization, advanced transportation,
globalization, multinational corporations, and
outsourcing are all having a major impact on the
international trade system. Increasing international
trade is crucial to the continuance of globalization.
Without international trade, nations would be limited to
the goods and services produced within their own borders.
This book contains the fundamental and basic information
on the subject.

** International trade, International economic relations.
   66 Bethencourt, Pino
Success in six cups of coffee : how smart networking
conquers hidden obstacles / Pino Bethencourt.-- New York:
Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.
vii, 272p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780230347878.
384.54065 BET 134741
The book joins new technologies with age-old wisdom on
human nature to help you succeed on an international
scale. Use the latest tools and coaching techniques to
challenge your moves and improve your perceptions. Draw
inspiring tips from accomplished executives and business
owners across industries -- global citizens who network
daily to create value, to innovate, and to develop a
better sustainable future for us all.

** Business networks, Strategic alliances (Business),
Interpersonal relations.
 400   LANGUAGE  
   67 Gass, Susan M (ed)
The routledge handbook of second language acquisition /
Susan M Gass and Alison Mackey.-- London: Routledge, 2012
xviii, 609p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9780415479936.
401.93 GAS 134687
The book brings together fifty leading international
figures in the field to produce a state-of-the-art
overview of Second Language Acquisition. The Handbook
covers a wide range of topics related to Second Language
Acquisition: language in context, linguistic,
psycholinguistic, and neurolinguistic theories and
perspectives, skill learning, individual differences, L2
learning settings and language assessment. All chapters
introduce the reader to the topic, outline the core
issues, and then explore the pedagogical application of
research in the area and possible future development.
This book is an essential resource for all those studying
and researching Second Language Acquisition.

** Second language acquisition --Handbooks, manuals, etc,
Language and languages --Handbooks, manuals, etc.

   68 Levine, David M
Statistics for managers : using Microsoft excel / David M
Levine and others.--5th ed-- New Delhi: PHI Learning,
xxvi, 858p. 28cm.
ISBN : 9788120337770.
519.5028554 LEV 134759
It was the first book to thoroughly integrate the use of
Microsoft Excel as a statistical tool for analysis and
interpretation based on the needs of the workplace. The
book includes enhanced Excel coverage -- In-chapter
worksheet illustrations include cell formulas. Also all
Excel instructions have been revised and gathered into
end of-chapter Excel Companions for easier reference.
Ready for Excel 2007 -- Step-by-step instructions feature
command sequences that are compatible with all Excel
versions. For tasks that are fundamentally different in
Excel 2007, the Excel Companions include paired sets of
Excel 97-2003 and Excel 2007 instructions.

** Management --Statistical methods, Commercial
statistics Electronic spreadsheets, Management -
statistical methods-computer programs, Commercial
statistics --Computer programs.

69 Zieffler, Andrew S
Comparing groups : randomization and bootstrap methods
using R / Andrew S Zieffler, Jeffrey R Harring and
Jeffrey D Long.-- Hoboken: Wiley, 2011. xxxii, 298p.
ISBN : 9780470621691.
519.54 ZIE 134662
This book addresses common issues in statistical analysis
for the behavioral and educational sciences. Modern
Statistical and Computing Methods for the Behavioral and
Educational Sciences using R emphasizes the direct link
between scientific research questions and data analysis.
Purposeful attention is paid to the integration of
design, statistical methodology, and computation to
propose answers to specific research questions. Optional
sections for each chapter include methodological
extensions for readers desiring additional technical
details. Statistical computing is an integral part of
statistical work, and to support student learning in this
area, examples using the R computer program are provided
throughout the book.

** Bootstrap (Statistics), Random data (Statistics),
Psychology --Data processing, R (Computer program
language), Distribution (Probability theory), SOCIAL
SCIENCE / Statistics.

 610   MEDICINE and HEALTH  
   70 Wagner, Barry M
Suicidal behavior in children and adolescents / Barry M
Wagner.-- New Haven: Yale University Press, 2009.
xi, 314p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780300112504.
618.92858445 WAG 134691
In this remarkably clear and readable evaluation of the
research on this topic, Barry Wagner presents the current
state of knowledge about suicidal behaviors in children
and adolescents, addressing the trends of the past ten
years and evaluating available treatment approaches.
Wagner provides an in-depth examination of the problem of
suicidal behavior within the context of child and
adolescent behavior. Among the developmental issues
covered are the evolving capacity for emotional self-
regulation, change and stresses in family, peer, and
romantic relationships, and developing conceptions of
time and death. He also provides an up-to-date review of
the controversy surrounding the possible influence of
antidepressant medications on suicidal behavior. Within
the context of an integrative model of the suicide
crisis, Wagner discusses issues pertaining to assessment,
treatment, and prevention.

** Teenagers --Suicidal behavior --United States, High
school students --Suicidal behavior --United States,
Suicide --United States.

   71 Supe, S V
Integrated extension education / S V Supe.-- Udaipur:
Agrotech Publishing, 2011.
380p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9788183212359.
630.7150954 SUP 132099
The book deals new dimensions are appearing on the
horizon of extension education. The age old basic
concepts are being modified to suit the changing
scenario. The traditional media are being supported by
modern media like e-mail, cyber cafe, Facsimile (FAX),
Kisan call Centers, etc. In view of the above it has
become imperative to learn these media these media and
use them in practice. The present effort has been
undertaken to cater this educational need of the village
leaders, specialists and policy makers. This book is
expected to equip the agri-experts in this integrated
approach of extension education.

** Rural extension --India, Agricultural extension --
India Integrated extension education.
   72 Saad, Gad (ed)
Evolutionary psychology in the business sciences / Gad
Saad.-- Heidelberg: Springer, 2011.
xxvi, 371p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9783540927839.
650.019 SAA 133204
This edited book addresses this lacuna by culling
chapters at the intersection of the evolutionary
behavioral sciences and specific business contexts
including in marketing, consumer behavior, advertising,
innovation and creativity, inter temporal choice,
negotiations, competition and cooperation in
organizational settings, sex differences in workplace
patterns, executive leadership, business ethics, store
design, behavioral decision making, and electronic
communication. To reword the famous aphorism of T. G.
Dobzhansky, nothing in business makes sense except in the
light of evolution.

** Evolutionary psychology - Social aspects, Social
perception, Business.
   73 Banerjee, Ashok
Financial accounting : a managerial emphasis / Ashok
Banerjee.--3rd ed-- New Delhi: Excel Books, 2010.
793p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9788174467430.
657 BAN 134749
This book covers the aspect of Management Accounting. It
seeks to delve deep into all the aspects of Financial
Accounting from a manager-s perspective. The objective is
to present the concepts, applications and practices of
Financial Accounting in such a manner that even those
readers having no prior exposure to the subject can
understand its theory and practice. Apart from this, the
readers will also become thoroughly acquainted with the
financial disclosure practices followed in India. The
highlights of the book are discussions on: Accounting
Standards in India, Understanding Published Financial
Statements, Inventory Valuation and Depreciation
Accounting, Cash Flow Reporting and Interpretation,
Financial Statements Analysis, Intra-firm and Inter-firm
Comparisons, Consolidated Financial Statements.

** Accounting, Financial accounting.

74 Enterprise management : study text.-- Oxford: CIMA
Publishing, 2009.
xxii, 532p. 28cm.
Paper 2.
ISBN : 9789380501086.
657.076 ENT 134533
This book provides a resource for students attempting to
pass Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA
) exams. It contains a detailed explanation of all
syllabus areas, extensive materials, including reading
from relevant journals, generous questions practice,
together with full solution and an exam preparation
section, complete with exam standard questions and
solutions. The main body of the text is divided into a
number of chapters, each of which is organized into,
detailed learning outcome, step by step coverage, reading
activates, question practice and solutions.

** Chartered Institute of Management Accountants-
Examinations, Accounting-Examinations, questions, etc,
Accounting-Problems, exercises, etc, Accounting-
Examinations--Study guides.

75 Enterprise strategy : study text.-- Oxford: CIMA Publishing
, 2011.
xii, 1.2p. 28cm.
Paper E3.
ISBN : 9789381269114.
657.076 ENT 134536
This book provides a resource for students attempting to
pass Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA
) exams. It contains a detailed explanation of all
syllabus areas, extensive materials, including reading
from relevant journals, generous questions practice,
together with full solution and an exam preparation
section, complete with exam standard questions and
solutions. The main body of the text is divided into a
number of chapters, each of which is organized into,
detailed learning outcome, step by step coverage, reading
activates, question practice and solutions.

** Chartered Institute of Management Accountants-
Examinations, Accounting-Examinations, questions, etc ,
Accounting-Problems, exercises, etc, Accounting-
Examinations--Study guides.

76 Norton, Ann
Enterprise Management : study text / Ann Norton and Jenny
Hughes.-- Oxford: CIMA Publishing, 2011.
xii, 588p. 28cm.
Paper E2.
ISBN : 9789381269107.
657.076 NOR 134534
This book provides a resource for students attempting to
pass Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA
) exams. It contains a detailed explanation of all
syllabus areas, extensive materials, including reading
from relevant journals, generous questions practice,
together with full solution and an exam preparation
section, complete with exam standard questions and
solutions. The main body of the text is divided into a
number of chapters, each of which is organized into,
detailed learning outcome, step by step coverage, reading
activates, question practice and solutions.

** Chartered Institute of Management Accountants-
Examinations, Accounting-Examinations, questions, etc,
Accounting-Problems, exercises, etc, Accounting-
Examinations--Study guides.

77 Ogilvie, John
Financial strategy / John Ogilvie: CIMA Publishing., 2010
xxvii, 656p. 28cm.
Paper F3.
ISBN : 9789380501130.
657.076 OGI 134537
This book provides a resource for students attempting to
pass Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA
) exams. It contains a detailed explanation of all
syllabus areas, extensive materials, including reading
from relevant journals, generous questions practice,
together with full solution and an exam preparation
section, complete with exam standard questions and
solutions. The main body of the text is divided into a
number of chapters, each of which is organized into,
detailed learning outcome, step by step coverage, reading
activates, question practice and solutions.

** Chartered Institute of Management Accountants-
Examinations, Accounting-Examinations, questions, etc ,
Accounting-Problems, exercises, etc, Accounting-
Examinations--Study guides.

78 Performance management : study text.-- Oxford: CIMA
Publishing, 2012.
xii, 660p. 28cm.
Paper P2.
ISBN : 9789381269077.
657.076 PER 134529
This book provides a resource for students attempting to
pass Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA
) exams. It contains a detailed explanation of all
syllabus areas, extensive materials, including reading
from relevant journals, generous questions practice,
together with full solution and an exam preparation
section, complete with exam standard questions and
solutions. The main body of the text is divided into a
number of chapters, each of which is organized into,
detailed learning outcome, step by step coverage, reading
activates, question practice and solutions.

** Chartered Institute of Management Accountants-
Examinations, Accounting-Examinations, questions, etc ,
Accounting-Problems, exercises, etc, Accounting-
Examinations--Study guides.

79 Sagar, David
Fundamentals of ethics, corporate government and business
law : relevant for computer-based assesments / David
Sagar, Larry Mead and Kevin Bampton.-- Oxford: CIMA, 2009
xxi, 529p. 28cm.
CIMA certificate in business accounting.
ISBN : 9789380501048.
657.076 SAG 134538
This book provides a resource for students attempting to
pass Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA
) exams. It contains a detailed explanation of all
syllabus areas, extensive materials, including reading
from relevant journals, generous questions practice,
together with full solution and an exam preparation
section, complete with exam standard questions and
solutions. The main body of the text is divided into a
number of chapters, each of which is organized into,
detailed learning outcome, step by step coverage, reading
activates, question practice and solutions.

** Chartered Institute of Management Accountants-
Examinations, Accounting-Examinations, questions, etc ,
Accounting-Problems, exercises, etc, Accounting-
Examinations--Study guides.

80 Scarlett, Bob
Performance operations / Bob Scarlett.-- Oxford: CIMA
Publishing, 2010.
xxiv, 611p. 28cm.
Paper P1.
ISBN : 9789380501062.
657.076 SCA 134530
This book provides a resource for students attempting to
pass Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA
) exams. It contains a detailed explanation of all
syllabus areas, extensive materials, including reading
from relevant journals, generous questions practice,
together with full solution and an exam preparation
section, complete with exam standard questions and
solutions. The main body of the text is divided into a
number of chapters, each of which is organized into,
detailed learning outcome, step by step coverage, reading
activates, question practice and solutions.

** Chartered Institute of Management Accountants-
Examinations, Accounting-Examinations, questions, etc ,
Accounting-Problems, exercises, etc, Accounting-
Examinations--Study guides.

81 Bhattacharyya, Asish K
Cost accounting for business managers / Asish K
Bhattacharyya.-- Gurgaon: Elsevier, 2008.
xiv, 418p.24cm.
ISBN : 9788131214985.
657.42 BHA 134747
The book brings a fresh approach to the traditional
subject of Cost Accounting by adopting a management
perspective throughout its presentation. The emphasis is
on the use of cost and revenue materials, labor and
overhead as well as product costing methods have been
treated concisely with a focus on management principles
rather than technical details. The book would also be
useful for the managers / executives attending in company
and executive development programmes on the subject.

** Cost accounting.

82 Bhattacharyya, Asish K
Principles and practice of cost accounting / Asish K
Bhattacharyya.--3rd ed-- New Delhi: Prentice-Hall, 2007.
xiii, 1070p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9788120325555.
657.42 BHA 134511
This book covers the new syllabus of Cost Accounting
recommended by U.G.C. for B.Com courses and also the
syllabus of Cost Accounting (PE-II Exam., of ICAI). The
text is example based and illustrates each concept by
providing solved problems that demand the application of
the concept. In addition, under the section, Review
Problems, complete solutions to a large number of
problems selected from professional examinations have
been incorporated. A key feature of the book is
discussion at the end of each solution, under Points to
remember that provides insights into the problem.
Learning cost accounting using this book will be more
enjoyable as the problems are interesting and arranged in
order of difficulty.

** Cost accounting.
   83 Garg, B K
Handbook of management techniques / B K Garg.-- Jaipur:
Ritu Publications, 2012.
248p. 21cm.
ISBN : 9789381422205.
658 GAR 134247
The book is an essential resource for managers in all
departments and across all industries. The book boasts
systematic and analytical methods used by managers to
improve decision-making and managerial performance,
covering: marketing management, operations management,
financial management, human resource management,
management science, planning and resource allocation,
efficiency and effectiveness. Written in an accessible,
easy-to-read style and supported by diagrams throughout,
this is essential reading for managers and a key text for
business and management students.

** Management.

84 Schuman, Amy
Family business as paradox / Amy Schuman, Stacy Stutz and
John L Ward.-- New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2010.
xiv, 210p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780230243606.
658.045 SCH 134726
This book provides the common language, framework, tools
and processes needed to learn to embrace, manage and, in
some cases, synthesize contradictions in a family
business. The first step is to suspend judgment about
contradictions and recognize that we have been brought up
and educated to treat all problems the same, when not all
problems are the same. Not all can be solved, and the
remainder must be managed or coped with. In order to do
this, we have to develop the capacity within ourselves
and our organization to thrive on contradictions. To be
successful business leaders, we need to develop an
appreciation for ambiguity, and we need to fundamentally
shift how we think about and manage contradictions in the

** Family-owned business enterprises --Management, Family
corporations --Management.

85 Pattanaik, Arun
Financial markets and institutions / Arun Pattanaik.--
Jaipur: Ritu Publications, 2012.
248p. 21cm.
ISBN : 9789381422175.
658.1 PAT 134246
The book provides a balanced introduction to the
operation, mechanics and structure of the Indian
financial system emphasizing its institutions, markets
and financial system emphasizing its institutions,
markets and financial instruments. The author stresses
the mastery of fundamental material, placing an emphasis
on how things really work in a market context. The book
has balanced coverage of the Indian financial system with
a strong emphasis on both institutions and markets.
Special attention is given to the Reserve System and its
conduct of monetary policy. The author also stresses the
risks that the financial institutions face (i.e. interest
rate risk, credit risk, liquidity risk, foreign exchange
risk) and how they can manage those risks in financial

** Financial institutions, Capital market, Money market,
Financial Management.

86 Dutta, Hitakshi
Financial diagnosis / Hitakshi Dutta.-- New Delhi: Rajat
Publications, 2011.
305p. 21cm.
ISBN : 9788178805047.
658.15 DUT 134245
This book characterizes financial diagnosis in order to
in indicate guidelines for automation of financial
diagnosis. The book introduces us with a general, domain
independent, description of the problem of diagnosis. It
deal how to compare the problem of financial diagnosis
with diagnostic problems from the medical and physical
domains. The book does not give a complete survey of
diagnostic research performed in these domains, but look
instead at domain specific features that constitute
points of comparison with financial diagnosis.

** Business enterprises - Finance, Financial Management.

87 Singh, Dhirendra Kumar
Encyclopaedia of business and finance / Dhirendra Kumar
Singh.-- Jaipur: ABD Publishers, 2011.
vi, 280p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9788183762991.
658.15 SIN 133507
This book says about a business (firm) is a legally
recognized organization designed to provide goods or
services, or both, to consumers, businesses and
governmental entities. A business is typically formed to
earn profit that will increase the wealth of its owners
and grow the business itself. The owners and operators of
a business have as one of their main objectives the
receipt or generation of a financial returns in exchange
for work and acceptance of risk. Notable exceptions
include cooperative enterprises and state-owned
enterprises. Financial assets, known as investments, are
financially managed with careful attention through
financial risk management to control financial risk.
Financial instruments allow many forms of securitized
assets to be traded on securities exchanges such as stock
exchanges, including debt such as bonds as well as equity
in publicity traded corporations.

** Business enterprises--Finance, Financial Management.

88 Vij, Madhu
Management accounting / Madhu Vij.-- Delhi: Macmillan,
xii, 583p. 28cm.
ISBN : 9780230636385.
658.1511 VIJ 134500
This book provides a clear and well-structured
introduction to financial and management accounting. It
focuses on presenting, with great clarity, how to use
accounting information to make business decisions in
order to help students interpret, analyze and evaluate
actual corporate financial statements. The book is
suitable for students taking a first course in
accounting. Focusing squarely on the needs of business
and management students, the book offers an innovative
and practical approach to the subject. The book provides
a complete overview of the subject supplemented with
practical exercises to test their skill at the end of
each chapter skipping unnecessary details. Most of the
exercises and case studies presented in the book have
been discussed in the classrooms and the student feedback
has been incorporated in the final analysis.

** Managerial accounting.

89 Kim, Kenneth A
Global corporate finance : a focused approach / Kenneth A
Kim.-- New Jersey: World Scientific, 2011.
viii, 424p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9789814335829.
658.1599 KIM 134663
The book introduces students to basic principles of
international corporate finance. The book stresses
practical applications in a user-friendly format and is
hence suitable for both undergraduate and graduate level
courses in international finance. A self-contained book
combining theory and applications, the text can be used
in any part of the world as it takes a global viewpoint.
Students will be exposed to key tools and techniques of
global corporate finance without a complex treatment of
theoretical financial concepts.

** International business enterprises --Finance,
Corporations --Finance, International finance.

90 Baring, Sukhjinder
Human resource and personnel management / Sukhjinder
Baring.-- New Delhi: Rajat Publications, 2011.
311p. 21cm.
ISBN : 9788178805146.
658.3 BAR 134248
The book deals the turbulent business climate, caused by
increased global price competitiveness, changing
technologies, changing employment legislation and
changing workforce composition is challenging managers to
utilize their employees more effectively to gain
competitive advantage. In respect years there have been
significant practical developments with increasing
numbers of private and public sector organization
adopting HRM initiatives alongside downsizing and
reengineering the organization.

** Personnel management.

91 Furnham, Adrian
Bad apples : identity, prevent and manage negative
behavior at work / Adrian Furnham and John Taylor.-- New
York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.
xv, 304p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780230584747.
658.3045 FUR 134718
This book looks at the problems companies can face but
also shows how to resolve these issues and work towards a
positive outcome. Using case studies and practical tips
and tools, the authors explain how to reduce the risks
and develop loyalty and commitment within an
organization. In a difficult economic climate it is more
important than ever to manage bad behavior in the
workplace and minimize the damage negative and
destructive employees can have on an organization. If you
leave a rotten apple in a barrel of apples, the bacteria
destroying it will gradually spread throughout the whole
barrelful. In the same way, a person who causes
difficulties or is dishonest may influence others in the
community or organization he or she belongs to.

** Problem employees, Psychology, Industrial, Corporate
culture, Employee crimes --Prevention.

92 Dinkin, Steven
The exchange : a bold and proven approach to resolving
workplace conflict / Steven Dinkin, Barbara Filner and
Lisa Maxwell.-- New York: CRC Press, 2011.
xiv, 123p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9781439852989.
658.3145 DIN 133064
The book indicates on average, managers and supervisors
spend a little more than forty percent of their time
resolving workplace conflicts. All this time adds up to a
lot of headaches, a hit to morale, and a significant loss
in productivity. The book is for every director, manager,
and supervisor who is tired of using trial and error to
put out fires. Supplying readers with proven tools for
resolving emotionally charged disputes, this go-to-guide
details a four-stage process derived from the conflict
resolution model used for more than 25 years at the
National Conflict Resolution Center. Designed
specifically for the workplace, this highly structured
process facilitates the discussion of intense emotional
issues so we can learn to preempt and de-escalate
disputes before they become volatile.

** Personnel management, Problem solving, Interpersonal
conflict--Prevention, Conflict management, Interpersonal

93 Addlesson, Mark
Beyond management : taking charge at work / Mark Addleson
-- New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.
xii, 276p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780230308169.
658.4 ADD 134713
Beyond Management explains why the tools, rules,
competition, and compliance favored by management are
actually disorganizing and cause breakdowns at work. It
also shows you how to replace out-dated practices with
new ones that empower knowledge workers. The systems and
structures that we call -management- are obsolete. They
were developed for smokestack factories, during the
industrial era. Devised for producing goods efficiently,
management practices are geared to solving technical,
left brain problems: the kind that occurs when production
is highly mechanized, work is repetitive, and people
labor in isolation. In smoke-free offices, 21st Century
knowledge workers organize themselves. Creative and
agile, they network or team to tackle complex, right-
brain problems by interacting and sharing information:
talking, texting, asking questions as they make decisions

** Management, Knowledge workers.

94 Rutherford, Sarah
Women-s work, men-s cultures : overcoming resistance and
changing organizational cultures / Sarah Rutherford.--
New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.
xvi, 250p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780230283701.
658.40082 RUT 134746
The book makes clear links between what goes on in
society and what goes on in organizations. Why do women
still suffer from a lack of confidence and require
tailored leadership programmed when they have been
educated in the same way as men? Acknowledging and
understanding this wider context can help organizations
and their members move forward in their quest for more
inclusive cultures. This book explains why and sets out
what is needed to effect real change. The book is not
pessimistic, it is realistic. There has been a huge
increase in women in the workforce over the past forty
years. However for every advance there are new obstacles
to overcome. The current vogue for explaining away
women-s lack of power in organizations through
"differences" or -choice- fails women, and is a strong
example of the backlash that exists against the recent
inroads women have made in public life.

** Women executives, Sex discrimination in employment,
Sex role in the work environment, Corporate culture.

95 Grant, Robert M
Contemporary strategic management / Robert M Grant.--6th
ed-- New Delhi: Wiley, 2010.
xiv, 482p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9788126519644.
658.4012 GRA 134764
The pre-eminent strategy text in the field on both sides
of the Atlantic has been significantly updated and
revised in its latest edition. Introducing students,
especially MBA candidates, to the core concepts and
principles of strategy, the text combines a rigorous
approach to business strategy analysis with lively
examples of current practice. The new edition provides a
fully updated analysis of competitive advantage at
business and corporate level with: Thorough coverage of
internet-based strategies, Fresh examples of resource-
based competitive advantage, improved online resources,
Additional case illustrations in every chapter, new self
study questions.

** Strategic planning, Management.

96 Rohrbeck, Rene
Corporate foresight : towards a maturity model for the
future orientation of a firm / Rene Rohrbeck.-- Berlin:
Springer-Verlag, 2011.
xxiii, 220p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9783790826258.
658.4012 ROH 134593
This book presents findings from 19 case studies in
multinational companies such as Siemens, Volkwagen,
General Electric, Philips and Deutsche Telekom. Rene-
Rohrbeck proposes a Maturity Model to assess how prepared
a company is to respond to external (disruptive) change.
The author uses data from 107 interviews with board
members, corporate strategists, innovation managers, and
corporate foresight professionals to present and discuss
best practices. Using illustrations to show the complex
interaction of corporate foresight with other units such
as innovation and strategic management, author provides
the reader with rich insights on how to make an
organization agile and reactive towards change. For
scholars this book proposes multiple hypotheses and
frameworks for future research.

** Strategic management, Strategic planning--Management,
Policy Making, Strategy--Research, Corporate culture,
Corporate ethics.

97 Ramos, Pedro Pablo
Network models for organizations : the flexible design of
21st-century companies / Pedro Pablo Ramos.-- New York:
Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.
xx, 171p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780230320161.
658.402 RAM 134648
This book shows organizations how to understand and
improve their organizational networks, and explains how
different network models can be implemented that
encourage and promote flexibility within organizations.
If a company cannot adapt to changing environments in the
future, it will suffer and decline. The question is not
whether your company-s structure is suitable for the
needs of today, but whether it will still be suitable
tomorrow. Traditional company models are rigid and
designed for permanency, often making it difficult for
future growth and strategies to succeed. The key to
business success is flexibility, in structures,
relationships and communication. All companies are based
upon networks. These can be well connected or badly
connected, both internally in terms of people, processes,
workflows and strategies, and externally concerning the
market, customers and suppliers.

** Business networks, Industrial organization,
Organizational change.

98 Done, Adrian
Global trends : facing up to a changing world / Adrian
Done.-- New York: Palgrave Macmillan / IESE, 2012.
vii, 296p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780230284869.
658.40355 DON 134715
In this book the author assesses the global events and
developments that will have the greatest impact on our
lives including: repercussions from the financial crisis,
geopolitical power shifts, emerging technological
challenges, climate change, water and food shortages,
educational problems, demographic changes, war and
terrorism, disrupted energy supplies, declining
ecosystems health concerns, and increasing natural
disasters. Such Big Picture challenges confronting
humanity are clearly interrelated, yet experts tend to
treat each of them in isolation. This book, on the other
hand, takes the novel approach of joining-the-dots to
bring them into a single actionable framework. With all
of these daunting issues, it would be easy to take a
negative outlook, yet this book is not about pessimism.
Nor is it about optimism.

** Twenty-first century --Forecasting, Economic
forecasting, Business forecasting.

99 Wellman, Jerry L
Improving project performance : eight habits of
successful project teams / Jerry L Wellman.-- New York:
Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.
xv, 326p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780230112179.
658.404 WEL 134732
The approach to project management is too often
formulaic, describing what should be done and how to do
it, but not adequately describing why those actions are
important. The book outlines what and how of project
management, emphasizing why actions matter, the overall
intention of the formulaic steps, and the strengths or
weakness of various tools and techniques. Successful
project teams must understand and focus intently on what
the author describes as the eight essential habits of
successful project teams: nurture a shared vision of what
is to be accomplished, translate that vision into a
coherent set of performance specifications, have an
integrated plan for accomplishing the purpose, measure
their performance against the plan and their progress
toward the requirements, allow for uncertainty, manage
change, continually act to influence their future and
over communicate.

** Project management, Teams in the workplace.

100 Benoliel, Michael (ed)
Negotiation excellence : successful deal making / Michael
Benoliel.-- New Jersey: World Scientific, 2011.
xxi, 479p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9789814343169.
658.4052 BEN 134665
Objective of the book is to introduce the readers to the
theory and best practices of effective negotiation. The
book includes chapters ranging from: preparing and
planning well for successful negotiations, building
relationships and establishing trust between negotiators,
negotiating creatively to create mutual value and win-win
understanding and dealing with negotiators from
different cultures, and to managing ethical dilemmas. In
addition to emphasizing the link between theory and
practice, the book includes deal examples such as:
Renault Nissan alliance, mega-merger between Arcelor and
Mittal Steel, Kraft Foods- acquisition of Cadbury PLC,
Walt Disney Company-s negotiation with the Hong Kong
government, and Komatsu, a Japanese firm-s negotiation
with Dresser, an American firm.

** Negotiation, Negotiation in business.

101 Subramanian, Guhan
Deal making : new deal making strategies for a
competitive marketplace / Guhan Subramanian.-- New York:
W W Norton and Company, 2011.
xviii, 236p. 21cm.
ISBN : 9780393339956.
658.4052 SUB 134678
Informed by meticulous research, field experience, and
classroom-tested strategies, the book offers essential
insights for anyone involved in buying or selling
everything from cars to corporations. Leading business
scholar the author provides a lively tour of both
negotiation and auction theory, and then takes an in-
depth look at his own hybrid theory, outlining three
specific strategies readers can use in complex deal
making situations. Along the way, he examines case
studies as diverse as buying a house, haggling over the
rights to a TV show, and participating in the auction of
a multimillion-dollar company. Based on broad research
and detailed case studies, the book brings together
negotiation and auction strategies for the first time,
providing the jargon-free, empirically sound advice
professionals need to close the deal.

** Negotiation in business, Auctions.

102 Anderson, Donald L
Organization development : the process of leading
organizational change / Donald L Anderson.--2nd ed-- Los
Angeles: Sage Publications, 2012.
x, 381p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9781412987745.
658.406 AND 134738
Covering classic and contemporary organization
development (OD) techniques, this is a comprehensive text
on individual, team, and organizational change.
Incorporating OD ethics and values into each chapter, the
author provides discussion of the real-world application
of these theoretical ideas. In-depth case studies that
follow major content chapters allow students to
immediately apply what they have learned. In today-s
challenging environment of increased globalization,
rapidly changing technologies, economic pressures, and
expectations in the contemporary workforce, this book is
an essential tool.

** Organizational change.

103 Nair, Mohan
Strategic business transformation : the 7 deadly sins to
overcome / Mohan Nair.-- Hoboken: John Wiley and Sons, 2011
xviii, 216p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780470632222.
658.406 NAI 134627
The book provides a tested framework of this strategic
invention and transformation that the author has applied
to several companies. It includes case studies of the
entrepreneurial and large multi-billion revenue
institutions that have used these methods and succeeded.
The book shows how internal and external factors drive
should drive strategic transformation. When markets
transform, companies caught unprepared are left behind.
But those who recognize that change is in the air, who
are prepared for market shifts, not only prevail but soar
to new competitive heights. Focusing on the -Seven
Deadly Sins- we must avoid in business in order to
survive and thrive during market fluctuations, the book
shows us how to anticipate, understand and ride on top of
transformative market waves.

** Organizational change, Strategic planning, Success in
business, BUSINESS and ECONOMICS / Corporate Finance.

104 Plattner, Hasso (ed)
Design thinking : understand - improve - apply / Hasso
Plattner, Christoph Meinel and Larry Leifer.-- Heidelberg
: Springer, 2011.
xxi, 236p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9783642137563.
658.4062 PLA 134595
This book deals design thinking and innovation. Everybody
loves an innovation, an idea that sells. But how do we
arrive at such ideas that sell? Over the years Design
Thinking has proved to be really successful in educating
innovators. Design Thinking creates a vibrant interactive
environment that promotes learning through rapid
conceptual prototyping. In this book, the researchers
take a system-s view that begins with a demand for deep,
evidence-based understanding of design thinking
phenomena. They continue with an exploration of tools
which can help improve the adaptive expertise needed for
design thinking. The final part of the book concerns
design thinking in information technology and its
relevance for business process modeling and agile
software development, i.e. real world creation and
deployment of products, services, and enterprise systems.

** Creative ability in business, Creative thinking,
Organizational change, Industrial management --
Technological innovations.

105 Howlett, Robert James (ed)
Innovation through knowledge transfer / Robert James
Howlett.-- Verlag: Springer, 2010.
xvi, 370p. 24cm.
Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies 5.
ISBN : 9783642145933.
658.4063 HOW 133073
This book representing the proceedings of the conference,
contains 35 papers selected from conference presentations
the first International Conference on -Innovation
through Knowledge Transfer: Research with Impact-,
InnovationKT-09, held in Kingston, London, UK. The papers
are divided into seven sections. This book forms a
valuable resource for all those who are involved in
knowledge transfer, or wish to know more about it.
University academics can read examples of ways in which
research can be commercialized, increasing impact and
improving relevance. Knowledge transfer practitioners can
find out about best practice in their subject and read
case studies.

** Knowledge management, Innovation.

106 Birchard, Bill
Merchants of virtue : Herman Miller and the making of a
sustainable company / Bill Birchard.-- New York: Palgrave
Macmillan, 2011.
xii, 211p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780230106604.
658.408 BIR 134736
The book is about the company Herman Miller and a band of
people who determined to make their company a good global
citizen. The book tells the story from the point of view
of Murray and other people who made the changes. It does
not simply recount the story of a CEO who, by dint of
power, commanded a sea change in business. It instead
tells of researchers and designers and engineers and
factory bosses who made great things happen in back rooms
and on the factory floor. These people, across the ranks,
joined to advance a revolution. They reached new
insights, recast policies, changed behaviors, and
redesigned management. They also changed the people
around them-and they can change all of us.

** Herman Miller, Inc, Industrial management --
Environmental aspects --United States, Business
enterprises --Environmental aspects --United States,
Sustainable development, Social responsibility of
business --United States, Strategic planning --
Environmental aspects --United States.

107 Bishop, Joshua (ed)
The economics of ecosystems and biodiversity in business
and enterprise / Joshua Bishop.-- London: Earthscan, 2011
xxv, 269p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9781849712514.
658.4083 BIS 134659
This book provides important new evidence of growing
corporate concern about biodiversity loss and offers
examples of how some leading companies are taking action
to conserve biodiversity and to restore ecosystems. It
reviews indicators and drivers of biodiversity loss and
ecosystem decline, and shows how these present both risks
and opportunities to business. The authors explore
emerging business models that seek to deliver
biodiversity benefits and ecosystem services on a
commercial basis, the enabling frameworks needed to
stimulate investment and entrepreneurship to realize such
opportunities, and the obstacles that must be overcome.
Overall, the book examines how businesses can align their
actions in relation to biodiversity and ecosystem
services with wider corporate social responsibility
initiatives, including community engagement and poverty

** Environmental economics, Social responsibility of
business, Biodiversity, SCIENCE / Environmental Science.

108 Agarwal, Radharaman
Personality development and leadership / Radharaman
Agarwal and Anil Tandon.-- Jaipur: Oxford Book Company,
v, 301p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9789350300183.
658.4092 AGR 134266
The book provides the essential knowledge base and skill
set, imperative for managers to harness the power of
employees and teams to successfully navigate the changing
world of work. Increasing competition, growth of
corporations and the growing insistence on employee
support, have all contributed to the growth of this
field. It makes you traverse through the nitty-gritty of
this field getting the reader acquainted with the
history, methods, theories and models of this field. The
design development and empowerment of this arena has also
been stressed upon, with current trends and developments
in personality development and leadership.

** Leadership, Personality.

109 Kayes, Anna
The learning advantage : six practices of learning-
directed leadership / Anna Kayes and D Christopher Kayes.
-- New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.
xiv, 194p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780230577541.
658.4092 KAY 134716
Highlighting the best in management learning theory and
practices, the authors provide a comprehensive approach
to leadership from a learning perspective. This exciting
new book, from award-winning authorities on learning,
describes how leaders gain the advantage when they
cultivate learning in themselves and others. The Learning
Advantage describes a unique approach to leadership, what
the authors call learning-directed leadership. Most
approaches to leadership emphasize changing the
attitudes, beliefs, or behaviors of followers. Learning
directed leadership takes another approach. The book
summarizes the best ideas on management learning into six
easy-to-follow, yet complete practices of learning-
directed leadership. The book will prove an invaluable
tool for leaders interested in improving their own
leadership ability and developing new leaders.

** Organizational learning, Leadership.

110 LaFasto, Frank
The humanitarian leader in each of us : 7 choices that
shape a socially responsible life / Frank LaFasto and
Carl Larson.-- Los Angeles: Sage, 2012.
xii, 192p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781412999229.
658.4092 LAF 134745
In this book the authors show how each of us can
translate our own good intentions into good deeds --and
enrich our own lives along the way. Social problems in
our global community are complex and seem intractable.
Most of us would like to help, but don-t feel that as
individuals we can make a difference. But a particular
type of person confronts such problems head on-a person
that best-selling authors call the humanitarian leader.
Based on their groundbreaking research, the author traces
an inner path of seven critical choices. The path begins
with connecting deeply and personally with the needs of
others and culminates in leading the way for others to
get involved.

** Leadership, Social entrepreneurship.

111 Thomson, Peninah
Women and the new business leadership / Peninah Thomson
and Tom Lloyd.-- New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.
xxvii, 180p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780230271548.
658.4092082 THO 134743
Here the authors discuss the role women directors can
play in the reform of corporate governance systems
following recent financial, crises in leadership,
governance and the economy. The financial and economic
crisis and the public belief that failings in corporate
governance were partly to blame for it have politicized
the debate about how, and by whom, our companies should
be run. There is a new belief within the political
establishment that companies would be better run, and
less likely to act recklessly and so put the financial
system in jeopardy, if there were more women on their
Boards, and an expectation that companies will respond
appropriately when filling Board vacancies. In the
absence of an objective ex ante measure of the quality of
a company-s governance, the more gender-diverse board has
become an important symbol of the new, post-crisis

** Women executives, Businesswomen.

112 Narayanan, V K
Managing technology and innovation for competitive
advantage / V K Narayanan.-- Delhi: Pearson, 2007.
xviii, 510p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9788177586459.
658.514 NAR 134748
The first text to provide an integrated, strategic view
of management of technology, this theory/practice volume
addresses the contemporary challenges general managers
face today e.g., globalization, time compression,
technology integration and explores several strategic
approaches for dealing with them, from both a managerial
and economic viewpoint. Several integrative themes T-M
matrix, environmental drivers, process of decision
making, competitive versus collaborative approaches, and
value creation are followed throughout the author.

** Technology --Management.

113 Verma, S K
Material management / S K Verman.-- Jaipur: ABD
Publishers, 2011.
vi, 320p. 21.5cm.
ISBN : 9788183763165.
658.7 VER 133513
The book deals with the tangible components of a supply
chain. Specifically, this covers the acquisition of spare
parts and replacements, quality control of purchasing and
ordering such parts, and the standards involved in
ordering, shipping, and warehousing the said parts. It
creates truck deliveries and service vehicle routes that
reduce conflicts for vehicles and pedestrians. Delivery
sites and loading docks are more effective and reduce
redundancy. Cost is reduced when it comes to solid and
hazardous when it comes to solid and hazardous waste
removal, storage, and recycling. Utility infrastructure
and service equipment relocation can improve aesthetics.
The book endeavors to provide all requirements of
students and teachers to enable them to achieve success
in materials management and related activities.

** Materials management.

114 Dhawan, P K
Research methodology in material management / P K Dhawan.
-- New Delhi: ALP Books, 2011.
256p. 21cm.
ISBN : 9789380184876.
658.781 DHA 134250
The book reflects Material Management and ERP (Enterprise
Resource Planning). It is an enterprise-wide information
system designed to coordinate all the resources,
information and activities needed to complete business
processes such as order fulfillment or billing. An ERP
system supports most of the business system that
maintains in a single database the data needed for a
variety of business functions such as Manufacturing,
Supply Chain Management, Financials, Projects, Human
Resources and Customer Relationship Management. To be
considered an ERP system, a software package must provide
the function of at least two systems. For example, a
software package that provides both payroll and
accounting functions could technically be considered an
ERP software package. However, the term is typically
reserved for larger, more broadly based applications.

** Research - Methodology, Materials management.

115 Soni, Ajay N
Business model strategy and entrepreneurial marketing /
Ajay N Soni and Anil Tandon.-- Jaipur: Oxford Book
Company, 2012.
v, 287p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9789350300145.
658.8 SON 134243
This book focuses on modern world of Marketing and
entrepreneurship. More individuals are coming forwards
to put their money in a venture that was usually not
taken up before. An Entrepreneur is a person who puts
money into areas that are generally not entered before
and does some business in the area. All operational and
management aspects of a new enterprise, such as buying a
business, entrepreneurial finance, human resource
management, entrepreneurial marketing, new product
development, e-commerce, networking and project
management, are dealt with in detail. The book also
discusses growth and exit strategies, and includes a
chapter on social responsibility.

** Marketing, Marketing--Management.

116 Weinreich, Nedra Kline
Hands-on social marketing : a step-by-step guide to
designing change for good / Nedra Kline Weinreich.--2nd
ed-- Los Angeles: Sage, 2011.
xiv, 309p. 28cm.
ISBN : 9781412953696.
658.8 WEI 134731
This book shows how to develop social marketing programs
through a simple, six-step process of strategic planning
and design. The author starts by introducing the concept
of social marketing and then walks the reader through
each of the six steps of the process: analysis, strategy
development, program and communication design,
pretesting, implementation, and evaluation and feedback.
This updated book incorporates developments in marketing
practice over the last 10 years and focuses on how to
apply the design approach to campaigns to effect behavior
change. All organizations can do social marketing, the
author insists, if they follow the steps and start to
think from a social marketing perspective.

** Marketing mix, Consumer behavior.

117 Lane, Nikala (ed)
Strategic sales and strategic marketing / Nikala Lane.--
London: Routledge, 2011.
v, 140p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9780415614511.
658.81 LAN 134640
The book deals growing evidence that the traditional role
of the sales organization in business-to-business
marketing is quickly evolving from a tactical,
operational function to a strategic capability concerned
with the management of critical processes that support
business strategy and deliver value to profitable
customers. This topic is of major relevance to scholars
in both the sales and marketing domains, and this
relevance is underlined by the intense interest of
managers and companies in how this field is changing.
This collection is a unique gathering of views on the
critical issues to be confronted in the strategizing of
the sales function, from distinguished scholars from
throughout the world. Their focus is on the linkages
between strategic marketing and the corollary of
strategic sales.

** Sales, Marketing, Sales management.

118 Samli, A Coskun
Chaotic markets : thriving in a world of unpredictability
/ A Coskun Samli.-- Westport: Praeger, 2007.
xxvii, 198p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780275993719.
658.8101 SAM 134719
Drawing from decades of research, teaching, and
consulting in the fields of marketing and strategy, the
book demystifies the forces of market chaos, including
technological change, globalization, and consumer
behavior, showing readers how to identify those forces
that can be turned to their competitive advantage.
Featuring dozens of illustrative examples, of both
winners and losers, and concluding each chapter with a
series of questions designed to help readers apply the
book-s principles in their own organizations, the author
demonstrates how to detect changes in market conditions
early, uncover latent customer needs, create new products
and services, and maintain a competitive edge.

** Marketing, Strategic planning.

119 Patel, Vinod N
Brand management and consumer marketing / Vinod N Patel
and Sandeep Sharma.-- Jaipur: Oxford Book Company, 2011.
v, 323p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9789350300152.
658.827 PAT 133259
The book serves as an overview critical issues in
marketing management. Its brief, inexpensive format makes
it a perfect fit for instructors who assign cases,
readings, simulations or offer modules on marketing
management for students. It also works in courses that
implement a cross-functional curriculum where the
students are required to purchase several books. The aim
of this book is to provide a clear, concise and
comprehensive introduction to the theory and practice of
marketing management and the objective of the book are to
bring together a balanced selection of core concepts as
well as new perspectives that collectively articulate a
knowledge-based view of marketing management.

** Product management, Marketing, Branding (Marketing).

120 Saklani, Vikrant
Global brand expansion / Vikrant Saklani.-- New Delhi:
Rajat Publications, 2011.
x, 294p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9788178805122.
658.827 SAK 133619
The book says about Brand and role of Brand in society.
In contemplating foreign market entry, a firm should
separate ownership decisions from control decisions. The
current industry structure means that the decisions
regarding ownership and management involve two steps.
First, entrants must decide whether to own the facilities
in which their businesses will operate. The second step
is to decide whether the chain itself will manage the
property, whether the property will be operated by a
management company, or whether it will be locally
managed. The book also covers area of Branding, success
strategies for focused brands, SME Marketing Management,
enhance competitiveness - based brand identity, crises
and the signaling ability of brands.

** Product management.

121 Majumdar, Ramanuj
Consumer behaviour : insights from Indian market /
Ramanuj Majumdar.-- New Delhi: PHI Learning, 2010. ix,
24cm. CD-ROM.
ISBN : 9788120339637.
658.83420954 MAJ 134769
In this compact, concise and profusely illustrated text,
the author tries to provide interesting insights into
some of these and other interesting questions about
consumer behavior. He gives a masterly analysis of the
theory and practice of consumer behavior and decision
making and the factors that influence it. Divided into
six parts, Part I of the text shows the importance of
understanding consumer behavior, Part II highlights
different aspects of consumer psychology and covers such
topics as consumer motivation, consumer perception, and
consumer personality. Part III demonstrates how consumers
behave in their social and cultural settings, the effect
of personal factors, and the influence of reference
groups on consumer behavior. Part IV dealing with
consumer decision making describes the various stages
involved in brand choice.

** Consumer behavior.

122 Thakur, Sanjay
Retail store and supply chain management / Sanjay Thakur.
-- Jaipur: Oxford Book Company, 2012.
v, 296p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9789350300855.
658.87 THA 134251
The book discusses retailing and the channel of
distribution of product. Retail consists of the sale of
goods or merchandise from a fixed location, such as
department store, boutique or kiosk, or by mail, in small
or individual lots for direct consumption by the
purchaser. Retailing may include subordinated services,
such as delivery. Purchasers may be individuals or
businesses. In commerce, a retailer buys goods or
products in large quantities form manufacturers or
importers, either directly or through a wholesaler, and
then sell smaller quantities to the end user. Retail
establishments are often called shops or stores.
Retailers are at the end of the supply chain.
Manufacturing marketers see the process of retailing as a
necessary part of their overall distribution strategy.

** Retail trade - Management, Delivery of goods -
Management, Supply Chain Management, Marketing channels.

   123 Stahlberg, Markus
Shopper marketing : how to increase purchase decisions at
the point of sale / Markus Stahlberg.--2nd ed.-- London:
Kogan Page, 2012.
xi, 275p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780749464714.
659.157 STA 134688
The book explores the subject of focused marketing
initiatives aimed at browsers and shoppers who are in-
store and can be influenced in their final buying
decisions. Now with a new foreword by Philip Kotler this
second edition features 12 brand new articles that
reflect the current changes in the fast growing area,
focusing specifically on the international scope, the
online presence and the future of shopper marketing. The
book shows the most effective ways of converting shoppers
into buyers at the point of purchase. Also providing
practical advice about shopper needs and trends, retail
environments, shopper marketing strategies and much more,
this accessible title is a must-have for all marketing,
sales and retail practitioners, as well as students of
sales and marketing.

** Advertising, Point-of-sale, Marketing, Consumers --
Decision making, Shopping --Decision making.
 750   PAINTING  
   124 Tagore, Rabindranath
Rabindra chitravali : paintings of Rabindranath Tagore /
Rabindranath Tagore.-- Kolkata: Pratikshan, 2011.
389p. 31.5cm.
This book includes 4 volumes and one catalogue volume.
ISBN : 9788189323349.
759.95414 TAG 132987,V.1(Ref.),
132988,V.2(Ref.), 132989,V.3(Ref.), 132990,V.4(Ref.),

** Tagore, Rabindranath, -- 1861-1941 -- Catalogs,
Painting, Indic -- Catalogs.
   125 Mukherjee, Gurudas
A book of practical criticism / Gurudas Mukherjee and
Indibar Mukherjee.--5th ed-- Kolkata: Ane Books Pvt. Ltd.
, 2010.
82p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9789380156798.
820.09 MUK 133949
This book is meant for the teachers as well as for the
students of English Literature. Practical Criticism is a
part of syllabus in the undergraduate and postgraduate of
English Literature. This book is designed to solve the
problems of practical criticism raised by I A Richards,
Empson and Cleanith Brooks. The book includes meaning,
periods of passage, analysis of prose passage, the
texture of Poems and Appendix.

** English literature--History and criticism--Congresses.
   126 Jatava, D R
Sociological thoughts of B R Ambedkar / D R Jatava.--
Jaipur: ABD Publishers, 2011.
vi, 220p. 21cm.
ISBN : 9788185771294.
954.035092 AMB 134252
This book reflects Dr Ambedkar-s writings and speeches
have significant importance in tracing the history and
growth of social thoughts in India. This includes in its
scope some of the most important issues or problems of
the Indian society in terms of varna, caste,
untouchability, slavery, sanskar, ashramas, social status
of womenfolk, human relations among the people, marriage,
law, morality, religion and many other sociological
aspects of society, mostly related to Hindu society. This
may bewilder anyone who comes forward to write on the
sociological thoughts of Dr Ambedkar. The social
pluralism and diversity are the features of Indian
society. So he endeavored to discover the realities and
values that have molded the life-styles or the ways of
social living in India.

** Ambedkar, Bhimrao Ramji --1891956, Statesman-India-
Biography, India--Social condition.




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