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 001   KNOWLEDGE  
   1 James, E Alana
Action research for business nonprofit, and public
administration : a tool for complex times / E Alana
James, Tracesea Slater and Alan Bucknam.-- New Delhi:
Sage, 2012.
xxi, 346p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781412991643.
001.4 JAM 134125
The book covers the background, process, and tools needed
to undertake and successfully initiate, plan, and
complete a participatory action research project within
business, nonprofit, and public administration
organizations. The book discusses how to successfully
initiate, plan, and complete AR within all types of
organizations while focused on business, nonprofit, and
public administration. It includes features such as
diagrams of the PAR process, reflective questions,
chapter conclusions, and tables and other visual

** Action research, Organizational learning,
Organizational change.

2 Rubin, Herbert J
Qualitative interviewing : the art of hearing data /
Herbert J Rubin and Irene S Rubin.--3rd ed-- New Delhi:
Sage, 2012.
xix, 265p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781412978378.
001.433 RUB 134124
This book describes in-depth qualitative interviewing
from underlying philosophy and assumptions to project
design, analysis and write up. In responsive
interviewing, the stages of research-design, data
gathering, and analysis-are intimately linked.
Researchers perform analysis throughout their projects,
not just at the end, so that as they learn more, they can
modify both the research problem they are exploring and
the questions they ask. The book assumes no prior
knowledge or experience, and the author-s tone is
conversational, revealing that interviewers can make
mistakes, recover from them and still obtain rich and
meaningful information.

** Interviewing, Interviewing in sociology.
   3 Soriano, Jose Lopez
Maximizing benefits from IT project management : from
requirements to value delivery / Jose Lopez Soriano.--
Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2012.
xiv, 302p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9781439841563.
004.0684 SOR 134622
The book provides comprehensive guidelines for
determining an accurate ROI before the project has
progressed to the point where it-s over budget and over-
run. It applies an iterative approach to the entire
project management life cycle that re-visits the ROI, re-
assesses the value delivered, defines the project scope,
and allows the project to be planned as successive
iterations based on the value delivered. This book
details a systematic and simplified approach for
effectively and efficiently selecting and evaluating IT
projects for your organization. Filled with equations,
tables, and figures that facilitate understanding, it
explains how to evaluate subsequent success of a project
so that it is simpler to manage, more efficient, and
yields the ROI estimated at the outset.

** Information technology --Management, Information
technology projects, Project management.
   4 Mehrotra, Kishan G (ed)
Developing concepts in applied intelligence / Kishan G
Mehrotra and others.-- Verlag: Springer, 2011.
ix, 128p. 24cm.
(Studies in computational intelligence, 363).
ISBN : 9783642213311.
006.3 MEH 134216
The field of Applied Intelligence focused on techniques
for developing intelligent systems for solving real life
problems in all disciplines including science, social
science, art, engineering, and finance. The book is the
result of International conference on Applied
Intelligence Systems seeks quality papers on a wide range
of topics in applied intelligence that are employed in
developing intelligent systems for solving real life
problems in all disciplines. Every year this conference
brings together scientists, engineers and practitioners,
who work on designing and developing applications that
use intelligent techniques or work on intelligent
techniques and apply them to application domains. The
book is comprised of seventeen chapters providing up-to-
date and state-of-the-art research on the applications of
applied Intelligence techniques.

** Artificial intelligence, Applied intelligence.
   5 Giordano, Peter J (ed)
Your graduate training in psychology : effective
strategies for success / Peter J Giordano, Stephen F
Davis and Carolyn A Licht.-- New Delhi: Sage, 2012.
xv, 326p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9781412994934.
150.711 GIO 134128
This book offers effective strategies and advice that
directly address the major issues confronting graduate
students, both master-s and doctoral level, during their
graduate training in psychology. The breadth of the
chapters make this volume relevant to a correspondingly
large and diverse array of graduate students and their
advisors, including those in applied (e.g., clinical,
counseling, school) and non-applied areas. Organized by
three developmental phases in a student-s graduate
career, it deals with issues related to Settling In to
life as a graduate student, developing and Maturing and
issues of Winding Down and Gearing Up (all at the same
time), that time in graduate training when students are
finishing up important requirements such as the
dissertation and beginning to move toward their career
after graduate school.

** Psychology-Study and teaching (Graduate), Graduate
   6 Lieberman, David A
Human learning and memory / David A Lieberman.--
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2012.
xix, 583p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9780521701396.
153.1 LIE 134203
This book focuses on human research in both memory and
learning while also bringing in important animal studies.
It integrates learning and memory, behavior, and
cognition. Key theories and issues are looked at in
detail descriptions of experiments include why they were
done and how examining the method can help evaluate
competing viewpoints. By looking at underlying cognitive
process, readers come away with a sense of learning and
memory being interrelated actions taken by the same human
being, rather than two separate activities.

** Learning, Psychology of, Memory.
   7 Maurer, Robert
One small step can change your life : the kaizen way /
Robert Maurer.-- New York: Workman Publishing, 2004.
182p. 18cm.
ISBN : 9780761129233.
158.1 MAU 134082
The book introduces the practical guide, incorporating
kaizen and its powerful principles into one-s daily life.
The author shows not only how and why kaizen works, but
how to make it work for you, how to position yourself for
change and make life more effective, whether at home or
in the office, how to address personal changes and career
changes, how to realize ambitions by sidestepping any
impediments. It describes peaceful and simple way of
handling all the difficulties in life.

** Success.
 170   ETHICS  
   8 Hartman, Laura P
Perspectives in business ethics / Laura P Hartman and
Abha Chatterjee.--3rd ed-- New Delhi: Tata McGraw Hill,
x, 483p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780070620049.
174.4 HAR 134422-134423
This book offers a foundation in ethical thought,
followed by a variety of perspective on different ethical
dilemmas in both the personal and professional context.
The book incorporates the traditional text with
definitions and explanations, and combines it with short
and long cases, reprints of both traditional and
innovative articles, and nontraditional materials such as
song lyrics, excerpts from classical literature, and
short stories. Indian ethical perspectives have also been
explored through readings on Buddhist and Indian ethics,
and cases on soft drink industry, cosmetics and
deployment of technology among others.

** Business ethics, Professional ethics.

9 Kavaliauskas, Tomas
The Individual in business ethics : an American cultural
perspective / Tomas Kavaliauskas.-- New York: Palgrave
Macmillan, 2011.
xx, 201p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9780230285538.
174.40973 KAV 134649
This book shows how business ethics grovels before
corporations and how it is too weak to create a truly
critical voice of American capitalist economy. The
individual-s treatment in corporate life is revealed
through the eyes of Protestant culture and its coercive
work tradition where efficiency value usurps values of
individual freedoms. The theory of Business Ethics
provides the moral guideline and standards for corporate
life and concrete business organizations apply those
standards to practice. The author discloses how
contemporary business ethics grovels before corporations,
how it is too weak to create a truly critical voice of
American capitalist economy. This book suggests a new
concept of an out-corporate individual.

** Business ethics --United States, Corporate culture --
United States, Social values --United States.

10 Panter, A T
Handbook of ethics in quantitative methodology / A T
Panter and Sonya K Sterba.-- New York: Routledge, 2011.
xix, 519p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781848728547.
174.900142 PAN 134075
This book provide a practical, interdisciplinary review
of ethical issues as they relate to quantitative
methodology including how to present evidence for
reliability and validity, what comprises an adequate
tested population, and what constitutes scientific
knowledge for eliminating biases. The book uses an
ethical framework that emphasizes the human cost of
quantitative decision making to help researchers
understand the specific implications of their choices.
The order of the Handbook chapters parallels the
chronology of the research process: determining the
research design and data collection, data analysis, and
communicating findings.

** Quantitative research-Moral and ethical aspects,
Social sciences-Methodology--Moral and ethical aspects.

11 Tien, Liang
Ethics for psychologists : a casebook approach / Liang
Tien and others.-- New Delhi: Sage, 2012.
xvi, 551p. 26cm.
ISBN : 9781412978217.
174.915 TIE 134121
This book examines the American Psychological
Association-s Ethics Code using subtle and complex cases
and vignettes that requires any student or psychologist
to contemplate the issues carefully and consider
appropriate actions. Using an engaging approach, the
authors encourage an ethical process of analysis,
deliberation, and decision making. Not only does the book
describe complex ethical dilemmas that any of
psychologist or counselor might encounter, but it also
offers different frameworks through which to examine each
dilemma: legal, moral, values-driven, and global - all
while offering clear and succinct commentary on the
dictates of the APA Code of Ethics.

** Psychologists-Professional ethics--Case studies,
Psychology-Moral and ethical aspects--Case studies .

   12 Hall, John A
Ernest Gellner : an intellectual biography / John A Hall.
-- London: Verso, 2011.
xii, 400p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9781844677580.
199.4371 HAL 134081
Ernest Gellner was a multilingual polymath who set the
agenda in the study of nationalism and the sociology of
Islam for an entire generation of academics and students.
This definitive biography follows his trajectory from his
early years in Prague, Paris and England to international
success as a philosopher and public intellectual. Known
both for his highly integrated philosophy of modernity
and for combining a respect for nationalism with an
appreciation for science, Gellner was passionate in his
defence of reason against every form of relativism.

** Gellner, Ernest, Jewish philosophers-Czech Republic--
Biography, Philosophers-Czech Republic--Biography.
   13 Kuhn, Michael (ed)
Internationalization of the social sciences : Asia -
Latin America - Middle East - Africa - Eurasia / Michael
Kuhn and Doris Weidemann.-- New Brunswick: Transcript,
414p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9783837613070.
300 KUH 133814
This book rests on the setup of international scientific
infrastructures, networks and research agendas, it has
also stimulated discussions on academic dependency and
the need for the indigenization of theories and methods.
This book traces phenomena that accompany the
internationalization of social sciences in different
parts of the world. Contributions from East Asia, India,
Russia, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, South Africa and Latin
America offer manifold perspectives on the pathways and
desiderata of internationalization and make this volume
an important basis for future debates.

** Social science, Globalization.

14 Perri 6
Principles of methodology : research design in social
science / Perri 6 and Christine Bellamy.-- New Delhi:
Sage, 2012.
viii, 325p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780857024749.
300.72 PER 134123
The book shows how an understanding of methodology allows
us to design research so that findings can be used to
answer interesting research questions and to build and
test theories. Most important things in social research
(e.g., beliefs, institutions, interests, practices and
social classes) cannot be observed directly. This book
explains how empirical research can nevertheless be
designed to make sound inferences about their nature,
effects and significance. The authors examine what counts
as good description, explanation and interpretation, and
how they can be achieved by striking intelligent trade-
offs between competing design virtues.

** Social sciences-Research--Methodology.

15 Rossman, Gretchen B
Learning in the field : an introduction to qualitative
research / Gretchen B Rossman and Sharon F Rallis.--3rd
ed-- New Delhi: Sage, 2012.
xxv, 365p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781412980487.
300.72 ROS 134214
This book introduces the qualitative research, leading
the new researcher into the field by explaining the core
concepts through the theory research and applied
examples. Woven into the chapters and the characters
stories are three themes that make up the tapestry of
qualitative research, research is a learning process,
research can and should be useful, and, a researcher
needs to have a clear vision of the audience and purpose
of a study.

** Social sciences-Research--Methodology, Qualitative
   16 Turner, Jonathan H
The emergence of sociological theory / Jonathan H Turner,
Leonard Beeghley and Charles H Powers.--7th ed-- Los
Angeles: Sage Publications, 2012.
xvi, 502p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9781452206240.
301.0973 TUR 134596
This book covers the first one hundred years of
sociological theorizing, from 1830-1930, focusing
primarily on Comte, Spencer, Marx, Weber, Simmel,
Durkheim, and Mead. The text provides an in-depth
examination of these early sociological theorists with
biographical background, analysis of key works, major
influences, critical insights, and also answers the
question, "What do these ideas tell us about the basic
forces that shape the social world?" Posing this question
for each theorist adds a unique perspective to the text
and distinguishes it from other sociological theory
books. In addition, it also includes material on the
enduring models and principles of the theorists- work
that continue to inform sociological theory today.

** Sociology --History, Sociology --United States --
History, Social theory.
   17 Schneider, Frank W (ed)
Applied social psychology : understanding and addressing
social and practical problems / Frank W Schneider, Jamie
A Gruman and Larry M Coutts.--2nd ed-- New Delhi: Sage,
xiii, 486p. 26cm.
ISBN : 9781412976381.
302 SCH 134127
This book looks at the nature of social psychological
theory and how it is used to enhance our understanding of
social and practical issues. The book begins with
separate chapters that define the field, examine social
psychological theory, review research methods, and
consider the design and evaluation of interventions.
Subsequent content chapters focus on the application of
social psychological theory and knowledge to such areas
as counseling, sports, media, health, education,
organizations, criminal justice, community, environment,
and diversity.

** Social psychology.
   18 Heine, Jorge (ed)
The dark side of globalization / Jorge Heine and Ramesh
Thakur.-- Tokyo: UN University Press, 2011.
xxi, 302p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9789280811940.
303.482 HEI 134083
Globalization has brought many benefits, including the
reduction of poverty in several countries. But it also
has a dark side: the unleashing of negative forces as a
result of the compression of time and space made possible
by modern technology. This book examines the challenges
that the dark forces of globalization pose to the
international system and the responses they have
triggered. Written largely by authors from developing
countries, the book-s goal is to help maximize the
beneficial consequences of globalization while muting its
baleful effects.

** Globalization, Terrorism, Transnational crime.
   19 Whitbourne, Susan Krauss (ed)
The wiley-blackwell handbook of adulthood and aging /
Susan Krauss Whitbourne and Martin J Sliwinski.-- West
Sussex: Wiley-Blackwell, 2012.
xxi, 562p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9781444331479.
305.26 WHI 134626
The book provides an invaluable overview of adult
development and aging, taking in a wide range of topics
vital to gaining an understanding of the developmental
psychology of the adult years. Newly commissioned
articles from the top researchers in the field take a
biological changes (cognition, personality, psychology)
and social changes (family, lifestyle and work), as well
as including theoretical perspectives. Drawing on the
most recent demographic data combining classic research
with cutting-age, contemporary approaches, this
exceptional collection is an invaluable resource for
advanced students and researchers of adult development
and aging.

** Aging --Handbooks, manuals, etc, Adulthood --
Handbooks, manuals, etc, Gerontology --Handbooks,
manuals, etc.

   20 Lury, Celia
Consumer culture / Celia Lury.--2nd ed-- Cambridge:
Polity Press, 2011.
245p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780745643304.
306.3 LUR 134653
This book brings this successful introductory textbook
right up-to-date for students who are interested in the
nature and role of consumption in modern societies. It
introduces the importance of new object-based studies for
consumer culture, as well as adding new chapters on
branding and the rise of ethical consumption. Drawing on
a wide range of studies, and using contemporary
illustrations from the media and popular culture, the
author examines the rise of consumer culture and the
changing relations between the production and consumption
of cultural goods. She argues that consumer culture has
become increasingly stylized and now provides an
important context for everyday creativity. The author
explores the way an individual-s position in social
groups structured by class, gender, race and age affects
the nature of his or her participation in consumer

** Consumption (Economics) --Social aspects, Consumer
behavior, Culture --Economic aspects.

21 Corradi, Juan E
South of the crisis : a Latin American perspective on the
late capitalist world / Juan E Corradi.-- London: Anthem
Press, 2010.
xxvii, 144p. 23cm.
(Anthem studies in development and globalization).
ISBN : 9781843318538.
306.342098 COR 134077
The book examines why and how global capitalism has
entered a phase of unsustainable crises of accumulation
and legitimacy, and looks at various solutions to such
crises, from mild reform to radical overhaul. The book
then examines the various scenarios from a Latin American
perspective, arguing that different countries follow
diverse paths in adapting to the crisis with
significantly different outcomes. Their common challenge
is how to achieve economic growth with social inclusion.
The author investigates the pros and cons of different
policy solutions to the challenge of inclusion.

** Social integration-Latin America, Global Financial
Crisis, 2008-2009, Capitalism, Latin America --Economic
policy, Latin America --Social policy.

   22 Mullen, Rani D
Decentralization, local governance, and social wellbeing
in India : do local governments matter? / Rani D Mullen.-
New York: Routledge, 2012.
xvi, 235p. 24cm.
(Routledge advances in South Asian studies, 23 / Mitra,
Subra K (ed.)).
ISBN : 9780415670654.
320.80954 MUL 134624
The book deals over the past three decades,
decentralization has been seen as the means for allowing
local governments to become more accountable, and for
encouraging the deepening of democracy and the building
of village communities. By drawing on original village-
level case studies of six villages in three different
Indian states, this book presents a systematic analysis
of the impact of decentralization on the delivery of
social services at the local level within India.
Supplementing national and state-level data and analyzing
the different historical legacies in each state, the book
argues that decentralization is not simply a function of
the structure of the decentralization program or of the
relationship between higher-tiered and local government.

** Local government --India --Case studies,
Decentralization in government --India --Case studies,
Central-local government relations --ndia --Case studies,
Human services --India --Case studies.

 330   ECONOMICS  
   23 Postell, Joseph (ed)
Rediscovering political economy / Joseph Postell and
Bradley C S Watson.-- Lanham: Lexington Books, 2011.
xii, 259p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780739166604.
330 POS 134641
In this book, authors bring together some of America-s
most eminent thinkers on political economy in an attempt
to reconnect the discipline of economics to larger
discussions about the human good. The book is an
excellent and diverse collection of ten essays on
political economy. The collected papers address not only
the moral/ethical foundations of economic society but
also a rethinking of the enterprise of economics and
political economy. The book shows how political ideas and
economic theories can-and must-inform each other, and is
essential reading for anyone interested in politics,
economics, history, and culture.

** Economics.

24 Agenor, Pierre-Richard
Development macroeconomics / Pierre-Richard Agenor and
Peter J Montiel.--3rd ed.-- Princeton: Princeton
University, 2008.
xx, 787p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780691130903.
330.91724 AGE 133524
The book provides completely new and expanded coverage of
fiscal discipline, monetary policy regimes, currency and
banking crises, monetary unions, management of capital
flows, the choice of an exchange-rate regime, public
capital and growth, the political economy of
stabilization and adjustment. The authors review attempts
that have been made to adapt standard macroeconomic
analysis to conditions in developing economies, and they
use a variety of analytical models to address the
macroeconomic policy issues that most concern these
countries. The book systematically examines empirical
evidence on behavioral assumptions and on the effects of
macroeconomic policies in developing nations.

** Development economics, Macroeconomics, Developing
countries-Economic conditions.

25 Acharya, Shankar (ed)
India-s economy : performance and challenges / Shankar
Acharya and Rakesh Mohan.-- New Delhi: Oxford University
Press, 2011.
xv, 465p. 22cm.
Essays in honour of Montek Singh Ahluwalia.
ISBN : 9780198074953.
330.954 ACH 133523
The book contains essays and it is the result of the
contribution of distinguished economists and
practitioners from India and abroad who have been closely
associated with Montek Singh Ahluwalia. The book covers
the main aspects of India-s developments and focusing on
future challenges. The book covers the main features of
India-s economic development. It mainly addresses broad
issues relating to overall growth, inequality, and reform
and also focus on the evolution of macroeconomics and
financial policies.

** India-Economic conditions, India-Economic policy.

   26 Fechter, Anne-Meike (ed)
Inside the everyday lives of development workers : the
challenges and futures of aid land / Anne-Meike Fechter
and Heather Hindman.-- Sterling: Kumarian Press, 2011.
vi, 224p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781565493247.
331.76133891 FEC 134076
The book shows how aid workers in the field negotiate a
variety of often conflicting and contradictory
imperatives of the development system. The authors
examine how aid workers moral beliefs interlink and
conflict with their initial motivations, how they relate
to aid beneficiaries, their local NGO counterparts, and
other aid workers, their views on race and sexuality, the
effect of transient lifestyles and insider language, and
the security and family issues that come with choosing
such a career. Ultimately, they arrive at a more
comprehensive understanding of development processes that
acknowledges a rich web of relationships at all levels of
the system.

** Nonprofit organizations-Employees--Case studies,
Social service-Case studies, Humanitarian assistance-
Social aspects--Case studies, International relief-Social
aspects-Case studies.
   27 Hautsch, Nikolaus
Econometrics of financial high-frequency data / Nikolaus
Hautsch.-- Heidelberg: Springer, 2012.
xiii, 371p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9783642219245.
332.015195 HAU 134257
This book provides a state-of-the art overview on the
major approaches in high-frequency econometrics,
including univariate and multivariate autoregressive
conditional mean approaches for different types of high-
frequency variables, intensity-based approaches for
financial point processes and dynamic factor models. It
discusses implementation details, provides insights into
properties of high-frequency data as well as
institutional settings and presents applications to
volatility and liquidity estimation, order book modelling
and market microstructure analysis.

** Finance-Econometric models, Econometrics, Foreign
exchange rates-Econometric models.

28 Little, L A
Trend qualification and trading : techniques to identify
the best trends to trade / L A Little.-- Hoboken: Wiley,
xiii, 298p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780470889664.
332.63222 LIT 134316
This book shows how to identify and trade big market
moves and how significant money can be made in the stock
market by following big trends. The author explains how
to identify and qualify these trends to determine the
likelihood that they will continue and produce better
trading results. By combining price, volume, different
timeframes, and the relationship between the general
market, sectors, and individual stocks, the author shows
how to measure the strength of stock trends. He
demonstrates how to determine if a trend has what it
takes to develop into a major move with greater profit
potential or if it is basically a false signal. This book
also provide proven technical approach to identifying
and profiting from financial market trends and how to
best time entries, when to take profits, and when to exit

** Stock price forecasting.

29 Lee, Ruben
Running the world-s markets : the governance of financial
infrastructure / Ruben Lee.-- Princeton: Princeton
University Press, 2011.
xvii, 450p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780691133539.
332.64 LEE 134114
This book identifies and evaluates the similarities and
differences between exchanges, central counter-parties,
and central securities depositories. Drawing on knowledge
and experience from various disciplines, including
business, economics, finance, law, politics, and
regulation, the author employs a range of methodologies
to tackle different goals. Conceptual analysis is used to
examine theoretical issues, survey evidence to describe
key aspects of how market infrastructure institutions are
governed and regulated globally, and case studies to
detail the particular situations and decisions at
specific institutions. The book analyzes efficient forms
of governance, how regulatory powers should be allocated,
and whether regulatory intervention in governance is

** Stock exchanges-Management, Finance-Management.

30 Iacus, Stefano M
Option pricing and estimation of financial models with R
/ Stefano M Iacus.-- West Sussex: Wiley, 2011.
xv, 456p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780470745847.
332.6453 IAC 134317
This book presents inference and simulation of stochastic
process in the field of model calibration for financial
times series modeled by continuous time processes and
numerical option pricing. The book introduces the bases
of probability theory and goes on to explain how to model
financial times series with continuous models, how to
calibrate them from discrete data and further covers
option pricing with one or more underlying assets based
on these models.

** Options (Finance)-Prices, Probabilities, Stochastic
processes, Time-series analysis.
   31 Beattie, James
Empire and environmental anxiety : health,science, art
and conservation in South Asia and Australasia, 1800-1920
/ James Beattie.-- New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.
xv, 320p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9780230553200.
333.70954 BEA 134651
The book offers a fascinating new interpretation of
imperialism and environmental change, revealing the
anxieties imperialism generated through environmental
transformation and interaction with unknown landscapes.
Demonstrating that systematic deforestation accompanied
anxieties about human-induced climate change, soil
erosion, and a looming timber famine, the book
illuminates colonial fears about the power of
environments - and environmental change - to affect
health. It examines colonial concerns about the ugliness
of urban environments and attempts at improving their
appearance, but it also argues that some of the
conservation policies and bureaucracies that resulted
from expressions of environmental anxiety represented a
form of imperial control designed to generate revenue and
to enable the more efficient exploitation of resources.

** Imperialism --South Asia --History --19th century,
Imperialism --Australasia --History --19th century,
Environmental policy --South Asia --History --19th
century Environmental policy --Australasia --History --
19th century, Public health administration --South Asia -
History --19th century, Public health administration --
Australasia --History --19th century, Science and state -
South Asia --History --19th century, Science and state --
Australasia --History --19th century, HISTORY / Australia
and New Zealand, HISTORY / Asia / India and South Asia,
HISTORY / Modern / 19th Century, HISTORY / Modern / 20th

32 Sterner, Thomas
Policy instruments for environmental and natural resource
management / Thomas Sterner and Jessica Coria.--2nd ed--
New York: RFF press, 2012.
xvii, 638p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781617260988.
333.72 STE 134650
The book is an attempt to encourage more widespread and
careful use of economic policy instruments. The book
compares the accumulated experiences of the use of
economic policy instruments in the U.S. and Europe, as
well as in rich and poor countries in Asia, Africa, and
Latin America. While deeply rooted in economics, the book
is informed by political, legal, ecological, and
psychological research. The book includes greatly
expanded coverage of climate change, covering aspects
related to policy design, international equity and
discounting, voluntary carbon markets, permit trading in
United States, and the Clean Development Mechanism.
Focusing ever more on leading ideas in theory and policy,
the new edition brings experimental economics into the
main of its discussions.

** Environmental policy, Conservation of natural
resources --Government policy.
   33 Adam, Stuart
Tax by design : the Mirrlees review / Stuart Adam and
others.-- Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011.
xvii, 533p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780199553747.
336.200941 ADA 133440
This book identifies what makes a good tax system for an
open developed economy in the 21st century and suggests
how the UK tax system could be reformed to move in that
direction. The recommendations stress the importance of
neutrality and transparency in tax design. It draws on
the expert evidence from the commissioned chapters and
commentaries in Dimensions of Tax Design. It also
acknowledges the growing importance of globalised markets
and multinational corporations as well as the challenges
created by changing population demographics, the growth
of new technologies, and the broadened objectives of
policy makers.

** Taxation-Great Britain, Fiscal policy-Great Britain.

34 Chorafas, Dimitris N
Sovereign debt crisis : the new normal and the newly poor
/ Dimitris N Chorafas.-- London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011
xv, 275p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9780230298408.
336.3435 CHO 134652
The book is about sovereign debt, fiscal deficits, the
newly poor and the deceit of the State Supermarket. The
issues confronting the global economy, particularly the
USA, Europe and Japan, are inseparable from the current
lack of social and political leadership as well as of a
credible plan to deal with the mountains of debt amassed
by sovereign states, households and companies,
particularly banks. The many practical examples in the
book expose the situation into which western society has
cornered itself. It offers advice on how to rise up from
this, even if it means slaughtering unaffordable
endowments, unwarranted government rescues, and other
proliferating but unsustainable big spending projects.
The book considers the risks of losing sight of past
failures, and society-s ability to solve its problems,
with debt heading the list.

** Debts, External, Debt relief, Financial crises,
Economic stabilization.
   35 Rosin, Christopher (ed)
Food systems failure : the global food crisis and the
future of agriculture / Christopher Rosin, Paul Stock and
Hugh Campbell.-- London: Earthscan, 2012.
xiv, 236p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781849712293.
338.19 ROS 134223
This book provides a critical assessment of the
contemporary global food system in light of the
heightening food crisis, as evidence of its failure to
achieve food security for the world-s population. A key
aspect of this failure is identified in the neoliberal
strategies which emphasis industrial efficiencies,
commodity production and free trade-ideologies that
underlie agricultural and food policies in what are
frequently referred to as -developed countries-. This
book examines both the contradictions in the global food
system as well as the implications of existing ideologies
of production associated with commodity industrial
agriculture using evidence from relevant international
case studies.

** Food supply, Food industry and trade, Hunger, Food

36 Westerbeek, Hans (ed)
Global sport business : community impacts of commercial
sport / Hans Westerbeek.-- London: Routledge, 2011.
ix, 127p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9780415457637.
338.43796 WES 134318
In this book, global sport business is viewed from a
number of different perspectives including a value chain
approach to describing the sport industry, the ever
increasing impact of the international media on sport
business, how globalization influences the style of
(sport) management, how social capital can be generated
through sport business, and the emergence of social sport
business. The book reflect on how sports global (and as
such commercial) attractiveness can, and often will
impact locally, on communities of people and individuals.

** Sports and globalization-Economic aspects, Sports-

37 Vogel, Harold L
Entertainment industry economics : a guide for financial
analysis / Harold L Vogel.--8th ed-- Cambridge: Cambridge
University Press, 2011.
xxii, 655p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9781107003095.
338.47791 VOG 134655
The entertainment industry is one of the largest sectors
of the U.S. economy and is in fact becoming one of most
prominent globally as well, in movies, music, television
programming, advertising, broadcasting, cable, casino
gambling and wagering, publishing performing arts,
sports, theme parks, and toys and games. This book
differs from its predecessors by inclusion of a new
section on the legal aspects and limitations common to
all such "experience" industries, reference to the
emerging field of the psychology of entertainment,
partial restructuring and expansion of the music chapter,
enhancement of the section on advertising, and broadening
of the coverage in the gaming and wagering chapter. The
result is a comprehensive, up-to-date reference guide on
the economics, financing, production, and marketing of
entertainment in the United States and overseas.

** Performing arts --Finance.

38 Cameron, A Colin
Microeconomics : methods and applications / A Colin
Cameron and Pravin K Trivedi.-- Cambridge: Cambridge
University Press, 2009.
xxii, 1034p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9780521848053.
338.5015195 CAM 134479
This book provides the most comprehensive treatment of
microeconometrics, the analysis of individual-level data
on the economic behavior of individuals or firms using
regression methods for cross section and panel data. The
book is oriented to the practitioner. A basic
understanding of the linear regression model with matrix
algebra is assumed. The text can be used for a
microeconometrics course, typically a second-year
economics PhD course, for data-oriented applied
microeconometrics field courses, and as a reference work
for graduate students and applied researchers who wish to
fill in gaps in their toolkit. Distinguishing features of
the book include emphasis on nonlinear models and robust
inference, simulation-based estimation, and problems of
complex survey data.

** Econometrics, Microeconomics-Econometric models.
   39 Montiel, Peter J
Macroeconomics in emerging markets / Peter J Montiel.--
2nd ed-- Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2011.
xiii, 763p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9780521514729.
339 MON 134480
This textbook describes how the standard macroeconomic
models that are used in industrial countries can be
modified to help understand this experience and how
institutional and policy reforms in emerging and
developing economies may affect their future
macroeconomic performance. The book contains extensive
material on themes such as fiscal institutions, inflation
targeting, emergent market crises, and the Great
Recession numerous application boxes, end-of-chapter
questions, references for each chapter, more diagrams,
less taxonomy, and a more reader-friendly narrative, and
enhanced integration of all parts of the work.

** Macroeconomics, Developing countries-Economic
   40 Litan, Robert E (ed)
Handbook on law, innovation and growth / Robert E Litan.-
Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2011.
vii, 332p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781848441873.
343.73074 LIT 134129
This Handbook provides breakthrough analyses on an
important, cutting-edge topic: the connections between
the legal system, both in substance and process, and
innovation and growth. It examines the features of the
legal infrastructure that affect both innovation and
growth. Individual chapters explore different legal
subject areas, in most cases offering recommendations for
rule changes that could accelerate growth, primarily in
the context of the US economy. The introductory chapter
cohesively ties all of the contributions together and
explains why it is time for legal scholarship and
research to move in a new direction.

** Law and economic development, Technology transfer-Law
and legislation--United States, Economic development-
United States.

   41 Sullivan, Thomas F P (ed)
Environmental law handbook / Thomas F P Sullivan and
others.--21st ed-- Lanham: The Scarecrow press, 2011.
xxxvi, 1043p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781605907253.
344.046 SUL 134597
The authors provide clear and accessible explanations,
expert legal insight into new and evolving regulations,
and reliable compliance and management guidance. Because
it is written by the country-s leading environmental law
firms, you receive the best, most reliable guidance
anywhere. This handbook begins with chapters on the
fundamentals of environmental law and on issues of
enforcement and liability. It then dives headfirst into
the major laws, examining their history, scope, and
requirements with a chapter devoted to each. This book
has been thoroughly updated, with major changes to
chapters on the Clean Air Act and the Oil Pollution Act,
and a rewritten chapter on the Safe Drinking Water Act.
This edition also includes a brand new chapter on Climate
Change and Environmental Law.

** Environmental law.
 346   PRIVATE LAW  
   42 Schammo, Pierre
EU prospectus law : new perspectives on regulatory
competition in securities markets / Pierre Schammo.--
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2011.
xxviii, 385p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780521517652.
346.240666 SCH 133839
This book provides a detailed analysis of EU prospectus
law (and the 2010 amendments to the Prospectus Directive)
and assesses the new rules governing the European
Securities and Markets Authority, including the case law
on the delegation of powers to regulatory agencies. In a
departure from previous work on securities regulation,
the focus is on EU decision-making in the securities
field. The author examines the EU-s approach to
prospectus disclosure enforcement and its implementation
at Member State level and breaks new ground on regulatory
competition in the securities field by providing a -law-
in context- analysis of the negotiations of the
Prospectus Directive.

** Securities-European Union countries, Disclosure of
information-Law and legislation--European Union countries
Prospectus writing-Law and legislation--European Union

   43 Costantini, Valeria (ed)
Hybrid economics : environmental accounts / Valeria
Costantini, Massimiliano Mazzanti and Anna Montini.--
London: Routledge, 2012.
xxii, 239p. 23cm.
(Routledge studies in ecological economics, 17).
ISBN : 9780415594219.
363.736 COS 134119
This book deals with the increasingly complex issues of
hybrid environmental and economic accounts. The
perspective of environmental accounting for the analysis
of the relationships between the economic and
environmental systems, especially regarding the satellite
accounts like NAMEA, is relatively recent, and partly
derives from the conceptual and applied deficits that
have emerged during the setting up of green GDP or GNP
measures as alternative measures of accounting. This book
is an integrated collection of complementary papers that
revolve around the issue of environment-economic
accounting. It deals with historical background and
empirical issues related to the NAMEA-type table
definitions and estimations and opens the window to
international case studies for different EU countries and
studies with methodological insights.

** Environmental auditing, National income-Accounting,
Environmental economics.
 370   EDUCATION  
   44 Suter, W Newton
Introduction to educational research : a critical
thinking approach / W Newton Suter.--2nd ed-- New Delhi:
Sage, 2012.
xxxiv, 491p. 26cm.
ISBN : 9781412995733.
370.7 SUT 134122
This book examines how educational research is conducted
across the major traditions of quantitative, qualitative,
mixed methods, and action research. The text is oriented
toward consumers of educational research and uses a
thinking-skills approach to its coverage of major ideas.
This book enables students to think clearly and
critically about the scientific process of research in
achieving its goal to make research accessible to all
educators and equip them with the skills to understand
and evaluate published research.

** Education-Research, Critical thinking.
   45 Schrum, Lynne (ed)
Educational technology for school leaders / Lynne Schrum.
-- California: Corwin, 2012.
xxii, 217p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9781452217277.
371.33 SCH 134126
This book explores the ways to create the new educational
environment today-s learners need, how to lead change in
schools Curriculum, instruction, and assessment in the
21st century and methods for creating a safe
environment. This volume offers numerous tips,
strategies, tools, and samples, including a sample
Internet use contract and a sample acceptable use policy.
When educators are well informed on the breadth and depth
of 21st century skills and ways to approach them, they
can prepare students today for life, postsecondary
education, and careers.

** Educational technology, Educational leadership.
   46 Buskist, William (ed)
Effective college and university teaching : strategies
and tactics for the new professoriate / William Buskist
and Victor A Benassi.-- New Delhi: Sage, 2012.
x, 241p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781412996075.
378.1250973 BUS 134120
This book gives faculty and graduate teaching assistants
the strategies and tactics they need for excellence in
teaching. This book provides both the rationale and a
detailed guide for how to use and teach these practices
to others. Written by leading scholars and expert master
teachers, this volume outlines, reviews, and discusses
the best practices for becoming effective teachers for
undergraduate courses. Aimed at the professional
development of teachers at the college and university
level, the book provides full coverage of those topics
central to efficacious teaching practices such as
developing a teaching philosophy, becoming an ethical
teacher, and fostering active learning in the classroom.

** College teaching-United States, Professional learning
communities-United States, Effective teaching.
   47 Davis, Arthur M (ed)
Vertical specialization and value-added trade / Arthur M
Davis.-- New York: Nova Science Publishers, 2011.
viii, 146p. 26cm.
ISBN : 9781612095578.
382 DAV 134642
This book examines vertical specialization and value-
added trade and the significant change in the types of
intermediate goods traded globally. Trade in manufactured
goods has expanded rapidly. U.S. manufacturing export
share of GDP grew by 140 percent between 1960 and 2006.
The share of manufacturing output that is exported
quadrupled during that period. This fact is puzzling
given that manufacturing has not grown as a nominal share
of output. At the same time, vertical specialization (VS)
trade, trade in goods incorporating imported inputs, has
expanded rapidly.

** Imports, Intermediate goods, Industrial procurement,
Vertical integration, Production management,
International trade.

 400   LANGUAGE  
   48 Arabski, Janusz (ed)
Aspects of culture in second language acquisition and
foreign language learning / Janusz Arabski and Adam
Wojtaszek.-- Berlin: Springer-Verlag, 2011.
vii, 291p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9783642202001.
401.93 ARA 133437
This book offers a valuable contribution to this growing
body of research by providing theoretical considerations
and empirical research data on themes such as the
development of intercultural communicative competence,
the role of English as a lingua franca in intercultural
communication, and the place of cultural factors in SLA
theorizing, research, second/foreign language teaching
and teacher training. The volume also contains
contributions which share the linguistic interest in the
culture-related concepts and constructs such as time,
modesty, politeness, and respect, discussing the culture-
dependent differences in conceptualization and their
reflection in particular language forms and linguistic

** Language acquisition, Language and languages.
   49 Leon-Guerrero, Anna
Essentials of social statistics for a diverse society /
Anna Leon-Guerreo and Chava Frankfort-Nachmias.-- Los
Angeles: Sage Publications, 2012.
xix, 343p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781452205830.
519.5 LEO 134598
The book provides students the successful Social
Statistics for a Diverse Society in this edition. As in
the parent text, this concise statistics text puts a
strong emphasis on the theme of diversity which is
illustrated through the use of real data in examples from
contemporary social issues. The book-s informational and
inviting writing style, coupled with the use of real-
world examples, makes the book a more accessible and
engaging resource for students.

** Social sciences --Statistical methods, Statistics.

50 Bartholomew, David
Latent variable models and factor analysis : a unified
approach / David Bartholomew, Martin Knott and Irini
Moustaki.--3rd ed-- West Sussex: Wiley, 2011.
xiii, 277p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780470971925.
519.535 BAR 133439
This book provides a comprehensive and unified approach
to factor analysis and latent variable modeling from a
statistical perspective. It presents a general framework
to enable the derivation of the commonly used models,
along with updated numerical examples. Nature and
interpretation of a latent variable is also introduced
along with related techniques for investigating
dependency. It depicts a unified approach showing how
such apparently diverse methods as Latent Class Analysis
and Factor Analysis are actually members of the same
family. It presents new material on ordered manifest
variables, MCMC methods, non-linear models as well as a
new chapter on related techniques for investigating

** Latent variables, Latent structure analysis.

51 Xu, Jiuping
Rough multiple objective decision making / Jiuping Xu and
Zhimiao Tao.-- Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2012.
xvii, 428p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9781439872352.
519.542 XUJ 134637
The book deals the multiple-criteria decisions and
planning problems associated with many important
applications in fields including management science,
engineering design, and transportation. Rough set theory
has also proved to be an effective mathematical tool to
counter the vague description of objects in fields such
as artificial intelligence, expert systems, civil
engineering, medical data analysis, data mining, pattern
recognition, and decision theory. The book deals combine
state-of-the-art application of rough set theory, rough
approximation techniques, and MODM (Multiple Objective
Decision Making). It illustrates traditional techniques-
and some that employ simulation-based intelligent
algorithms-to solve a wide range of realistic problems.

** Multiple criteria decision making.
 577   ECOLOGY  
   52 Douglas, Ian (ed)
The Routledge handbook of urban ecology / Ian Douglas and
others.-- London: Routledge, 2011.
xxiv, 664p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9780415498135.
577.56 DOU 134314
This book analyzes this biodiversity and complexity of
ecosystem and provides the science to guide policy and
management to make cities more attractive, more
enjoyable, and better for our own health and that of the
planet. This book provides a state-of the art guide to
the science, practice and value of urban ecology to help
everyone understand and enjoy their urban habitat.
Original contributions from leading academics and
practitioners from across the world provide an in-depth
coverage of the main elements of practical urban ecology.
It examines human relationships with urban nature, the
health, economic and environmental benefits of urban
ecology and discusses the methods used in urban ecology
and ways of putting the science into practice.

** Urban ecology (Biology).
   53 Liu, Lerwen (ed)
Emerging nanotechnology power : nanotechnology RandD and
business trends in the Asia pacific rim / Lerwen Liu.--
Chennai: World Scientific, 2009.
xvii, 416p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9789814261548.
620.5095 LIU 133019
This book summarizes the efforts of Asian economies in
pursuing nanotechnology, and their determination to be
world leaders in the industry and economic development in
the 21st century. The book provides an overview of the
latest nanotechnology policy, infrastructure, research
and development highlights and business trends in 13
economies including Australia, China, Hong Kong, India,
Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand,
Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. With
contributions from the top policy makers, government RandD
institution executives and distinguished scientists from
the 13 economies in the Asia Pacific region. It will draw
great interest from government policy makers, academics,
industry professionals, and investors who are interested
in strategy, RandD, investment and business opportunities
in Asia.

** Nanotechnology--Pacific Area, Nanotechnology--Asia.
   54 Bhattacharyya, Asish K
Essentials of financial accounting / Asish K
Bhattacharyya.-- New Delhi: PHI Learning, 2009.
xv, 492p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9788120332522.
657 BHA 134425
This book provide a knowledge of key accounting concepts
and a understanding of corporate financial practices
that are essential in making good business decisions.
With a strong user based approach fortified by practical
examples, the author presents a tailor-made text tool to
meet the immediate requirement of the MBA curriculum. The
contents and the organization of the chapters make
eminently suitable for short term professional courses on
the subject.

** Accounting, Financial accounting.
   55 Fernando, A C
Business environment / A C Fernando.-- Pearson: New Delhi
, 2011.
xxiv, 663p. 28cm.
ISBN : 9788131731581.
658 FER 134294
This book focuses on economic development, examining the
business environment from the perspective of developing
economies. It includes illustrative cases that enable to
understand economic problems and issues in the real
world. It examines the functioning of economy, national
income, natural resources, human resource management,
India-s population and economy and emphasizes saving
and investment.

** Business enterprises, Management.

56 Oliveira, Nelio
Automated organizations : development and structure of
the modern business firm / Nelio Oliveira.-- Berlin:
Physica-Verlag, 2011.
xx, 236p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9783790827583.
658 OLI 133438
This book attempts to characterize a new organizational
form that is now visible in many companies as a
substitute of previous forms related to mechanized or
mechanistic standards. The book is based on the approach
of organizational structure and on Henry Mintzberg-s work
on organizational configurations. As a matter of fact, it
attempts to supplement and update Mintzberg-s
organizational taxonomy, taking into account changes in
the structure and work organization of business firms.

** Management, Organisational structure.

57 Hitchner, James R
Financial valuation : applications and models / James R
Hitchner.--3rd ed-- Hoboken: John Wiley, 2011.
xxxiv, 1288p. 26cm.
ISBN : 9780470506875.
658.15 HIT 133441
This book brings together thirty nationally recognized
names in the valuation industry hailing from a variety of
professional specializations, including accounting,
forensics, business valuation, and financial analysis to
provide a information on various valuation issues. This
book contains numerous models and methods to assist in
navigating valuation project discussing essential and
often controversial issues. This book has comprehensive
in coverage and authoritative in treatment. This book
provides trusted, complete business valuation information
for CPAs, appraisers, analysts, attorneys, and corporate

** Corporations-Valuations.

58 Das, Pulak
Strategic human resource management : a resource driven
perspective / Pulak Das.-- Australia: Cengage Learning,
xiv, 484p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9788131511480.
658.3 DAS 133474
This book examines the strategic and planning importance
of the management of human resources. Among a companyts
various productive assets, employee skills, competencies
and commitments are the most valuable ones. These help
company in building its competitive position. This book
is written entirely on the experiences and practices of
business organizations operating in India. The book
extensively covers the basics of business strategy. The
book presents different approaches to strategic planning,
contemporary issues, and real life case studies on the

** Strategic management, Strategic planning, Personnel

59 Dessler, Gary
Human resource management / Gary Dessler and Biju Varkkey
--12th ed-- New Delhi: Pearson, 2011.
xxv, 736p. 27cm.
ISBN : 9788131754269.
658.3 DES 134240
This book has been written for all students of
management, and not just those who will someday bear the
title of human resource manager. Thus, this edition
specifically focuses on the practical applications that
all managers need to carry out their HR-related
responsibilities. The addition of Indian case studies and
examples to the original concepts of the book make this
edition an invaluable, contextually relevant text for
students in the subcontinent.

** Personnel management.

60 Walker, Gordon
Modern competitive strategy / Gordon Walker.--2nd ed.--
New Delhi: Tata McGraw Hill Education, 2009.
xvi, 346p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780070668201.
658.4012 WAL 133464
The book draws on studies in industrial and institutional
economics, economic and organizational sociology,
mainstream strategy, and finance and marketing. Many
short cases, company examples, and practical tools are
used to illustrate the concepts. The book covers both
business and corporate level strategy. It is also covers
wide range of current strategy topics and links current
theory to management practice.

** Strategic planning, Competition-Management.

61 Kallinikos, Jannis
Governing through technology : information artefacts and
social practice / Jannis Kallinikos.-- London: Palgrave
Macmillan, 2011.
xiii, 160p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780230280885.
658.4038 KAL 134646
The book describes the vital importance which digital
information, in all its breeds and formats, acquires in
restructuring organizations and other domains of social
life in which expert work is carried out. Information
produced and disseminated by an interlocking ecology of
computer-based systems and artifacts currently provides
the essential yet steadily shifting means for planning
organizational operations and controlling organizational
performances through multiple comparisons of outcomes
across tasks, units, work clusters and sources. In all
these qualities, information ceases to be a simple
administrative companion through whom people execute or
monitor their duties and becomes a pervasive element and
a crucial platform upon which new social, administrative
and economic relations develop.

** Organizational change, Electronic information
resources Information technology.

62 Oshri, Ilan
The handbook of global outsourcing and offshoring / Ilan
Oshri, Julia Kotlarsky and Leslie P Willcocks.--2nd ed--
New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.
xiii, 286p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780230293526.
658.4058 OSH 134643
This book offers a broad perspective on various issues
relating to the sourcing of IT and business processes and
services in a company, national and global contexts. The
authors examine both the client-s and the vendor-s
involvement in sourcing relationships by putting the
emphasis on the capabilities that each side should
develop prior to entering a relationship but also that
they should develop as a result of their interactions
with each other. The book examines both the client-s and
the vendor-s involvement in sourcing relationships by
emphasizing not only on the capabilities that each side
should develop prior to entering relationship but also
the capabilities that they should develop as a result of
their interactions with each other.

** Offshore outsourcing, Contracting out.

63 Bowerman, Karen Dill
The business of leadership : an introduction / Karen Dill
Bowerman and Montgomery Van Wart.-- Armonk: M E Sharpe,
x, 393p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780765621405.
658.4092 BOW 133487
The book integrates a review of theories, as well as
leadership competencies, using current and lively
examples. The book includes well crafted learning tools
with key terms, discussion questions, additional
resources, classroom activities and case analysis. The
book discusses the kind of leadership the managers
supposed to be exhibited in the executive roles for
ongoing organizational change and revitalization.

** Leadership-Psychological aspects, Management

64 Visser, Mirella
The female leadership paradox : power, performance and
promotion / Mirella Visser.-- New York: Palgrave
Macmillan, 2011.
xii, 158p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780230289208.
658.4092082 VIS 134645
The book describes the best-kept secret in corporate life
is the vanishing act of women on their way to the top.
Despite massive attention to the issue, the number of
women in top positions remains shockingly low. What can
women themselves do to optimize their careers in today-s
workplace? The Female Leadership Paradox is based on
frequently asked questions during lectures and workshops
on the topic of -Women and Leadership- and on the
personal experiences of the author. In the book twenty
case studies are analyzed and strategies proposed for how
to strategically overcome the challenges. Packed full of
practical advice, this is an invaluable insight into the
challenges that women may face in their careers. The
author analyzes these situations and proposes strategies
for women who want to develop their strategic leadership

** Women --Vocational guidance, Leadership in women,
Women executives --Promotions, Career development.

65 Krajewski, Lee J
Operations management : process and supply chains / Lee J
Krajewski and others.--9th ed-- New Delhi: Pearson, 2011.
xxi, 647p. 28cm.
ISBN : 9788131728840.
658.5 KRA 134241
The book provides a comprehensive framework for
addressing operational and supply-chain issues, building
the concept of a supply chain from the ground up.
Starting with the analysis of business processes and how
they relate to the overall operational goals of a firm,
this text proceeds to show how these processes are
integrated to from supply chains and how they can be
managed to obtain efficient flows of materials,
information and funds. This approach reinforces the idea
that supply chains are only as good as the processes
within and across each firm in the supply chain.

** Materials management.

66 Coughlan, Anne T
Marketing channels / Anne T Coughlan and others.--7th ed-
Chennai: Pearson, 2009.
xx, 564p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9788131717431.
658.8 COU 134424
This book showcases the theory and practice of sales and
distribution management with aid of examples and case
studies covering a wide range of products and services
available in India and abroad. This book relies on
examples taken from all over the world. The ideas it
presents apply to any channel for any product or service
in any market. The generality of the book is shown in its
many examples, which cover a wealth of different products
and services sold to business and consumers, selected
from worldwide business press, research, and consulting.

** Marketing channels.

67 Alserhan, Baker Ahmad
The principles of islamic marketing / Baker Ahmad
Alserhan.-- Surrey: Gower, 2011.
xiii, 204p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9780566089220.
658.80088297 ALS 134315
This book provides a framework and practical
perspectives for understanding and implementing the
Islamic marketing code of conduct. The Islamic Economic
System is a business model adopted by nearly one fifth of
the world-s population. The author identifies the
features of the Islamic structure of International
Marketing practices and ethics. Adherence to such ethical
practices elevates the standards of behaviour of traders
and consumers alike and creates a value-loaded framework
for firms, establishing harmony and meaningful
cooperation between international marketers and their
Muslim target markets. This book provides a complete
guide to the requirements an organization needs to follow
when managing its entire marketing function within the
Muslim market or when adapting part of its offering to
that market.

** Markets-Islamic countries, Islamic countries-Commerce.

68 Orr, Linda M (ed)
Advanced sales management handbook and cases :
analytical, applied and relevant / Linda M Orr.-- New
York: Routledge, 2012.
xv, 199p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9780415886529.
658.81 ORR 134623
The book fills the need in the market for a solid case
work, role play, and activity book. This book gives a
better opportunity to ensure quality of learning. The
book is intended to be supplemental to any other sales
management text on the market, but could be used alone in
an advanced sales management or marketing analytics
course in which the students already have the base
theoretical knowledge. The various cases, role plays, and
experiential exercises in this book will follow the same
topical structure of other sales management texts so that
any sales management instructor can readily adopt this
supplemental book. For many of the cases, actual data has
been given so that students are required to use and
understand analytical software.

** Sales management, sales management --Case studies.

69 McQuarrie, Edward F
The market research toolbox : a concise guide for
beginners / Edward F McQuarrie.--3rd ed-- New Delhi: Sage
, 2012.
xviii, 253p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781412991742.
658.83 MCQ 134454
In an Internet age, many more people than ever before are
involved in the design and conduct of market research.
This book provides an overview for busy managers and MBA
students seeking a place to begin. It shows how to think
about market research in the context of business
decisions, describes the essential market research
techniques, skills, and applications, and pays special
attention to business-to-business markets and technology

** Marketing research - Methodology.

70 Posavac, Steven S (ed)
Cracking the code : leveraging consumer psychology to
drive profitability / Steven S Posavac.-- Armonk: M E
Sharpe, 2012.
xi, 331p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780765629647.
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The unique contribution of the book is its spotlight on
how knowledge of consumer psychology principles can be
used to improve managerial decision making and
organizational performance. Research on consumer behavior
typically has a narrow focus and does not offer reliable
and practical direction for marketers. Taken
collectively, however, the conclusions of research
streams can provide valuable information from which
managers can base their decisions. The book contains
systematic, prescriptive advice based on state-of-the-art
knowledge from multiple research lines regarding how
consumers think and choose. The chapters cover
fundamental topics such as new product management,
marketing mix strategy, marketing communications and
advertising, social media, and experimental marketing.

** Consumer behavior, Marketing --Management.

71 Cateora, Philip R
International marketing / Philip R Cateora, John L Graham
and Prashant Salwan.--13th ed.-- New Delhi: Tata McGraw
Hill, 2007.
xxxi, 888p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780070666993.
658.84 CAT 133468
This book provides a well rounded perspective of
international markets that encompasses culture, ,
history, geography, language, religion, politics and
economics. It provide focused coverage of big emerging
markets, evolving global middle-income households, bottom
of- the pyramid markets, and channel structure in Europe,
Japan, USA, Latin America, and BRIC countries. The book
includes discussion on the effect of internet, cell phone
and other tools of information technology on the
international marketing. The book covers both consumer
and industrial services in detail, reflecting the rise of
service based occupations.

** Export marketing, International trade.




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