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   1 Sachs, Ira S
Performance - driven IT management :five practical steps
to business success / Ira S Sachs.-- Lanham: Government
Institutes, 2011.
vii, 249 p. 23 cm.
ISBN : 9781605907024.
004.068 SAC 133113

** Information technology --Management., Electronic data
processing departments --Management, Business enterprises
--Computer networks, Performance technology, Success in

2 Muller, Hunter
The transformational C10 :leadership and innovation
strategies for it executives in a rapidly changing world
/ Hunter Muller.-- Hoboken: John Wiley, 2011.
xxxv, 236 p. 23 cm.
ISBN : 9780470647554.
004.0684 MUL 133080
The Transformational CIO is chock full of stimulating
thought leadership and useful knowledge that will help
you leverage new and existing technologies to create
business value, generate more revenue, increase profits
and improve customer relationships in rapidly changing
global markets. Executive Career Development The
Transformational CIO features real-world stories and
revealing anecdotes from CIOs and IT thought leaders at
leading organizations as Disney, Kimberly-Clark, Kaiser
Permanente, Dell, Flextronics, Wipro, Boston Scientific,
Salesforce.com, General Motors, Shell Oil, Pitney Bowes,
IBM, Cisco, Siemens, Citigroup, Microsoft, CVS Caremark,
Frontier Communications and the U.S. Tennis Association.

** Information technology --Management --Case studies,
Chief information officers --Case studies.

   3 Mitsa, Theophano
Temporal data mining / Theophano Mitsa.-- Boca Raton: CRC
Press, 2010.
xxii, 390 p. 24 cm.
ISBN : 9781420089769.
005.753 MIT 133083
Temporal Data Mining covers the theory of this subject as
well as its application in a variety of fields. It
discusses the incorporation of temporality in databases
as well as temporal data representation, similarity
computation, data classification, clustering, pattern
discovery, and prediction. The book also explores the use
of temporal data mining in medicine and biomedical
informatics, business and industrial applications, web
usage mining, and spatiotemporal data mining.

** Data mining, Temporal databases.

   4 Murrell, Paul
R graphics / Paul Murrell.--2nd ed.-- Boca Raton: CRC
Press, 2011.
xxvii, 518 p. 24 cm.
ISBN : 9781439831762.
006.663 MUR 133115

** Computer graphics, R (Computer program language)
   5 Nicola, Irma
Serials binding : a simple and complete guidebook to
processes / Irma Nicola.-- New York: The Haworth Press,
xvi, 83p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780789025043.
025.7 NIC 133908
The book presents step-by-step information needed to
begin a journal binding project. This handbook provides
novice faculty and staff beginning bindery programs at
school or library with a useful history of binding, work
flow information, and vendor information.

** Bookbinding, Libraries -- Special collections --
Periodicals, Periodicals -- Conservation and restoration,
Serials librarianship, Library bindings.

   6 Schwarzer, Ralf (ed)
Personality, human development and culture :international
perspectives on psychological science / Ralf Schwarzwe
and Peter A French.-- Hove: Psychology Press, 2010.
xvi, 309 p. 24 cm.
ISBN : 9781848720237.
150 SCH 133114,vol. 2

** Psychology --Congresses.

 170   ETHICS  
   7 Sedlacek, Tomas
Economics of good and evil : the quest for economic
meaning from Gilgamesh to wall street / Tomas Sedlacek.--
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011.
xii, 352p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780199767205.
174 SED 133844
This book is a historical tour of economic ideas in world
literature to examine the way societies have reconciled
their moral values with economic forces.

** Economics -- Philosophy, Economics -- Moral and
ethical aspects, Good and evil, Civilization -- History,
Literature and morals.

8 Koslowski, Peter
The ethics of banking :conclusions from the financial
crisis / Peter Koslowski.-- Dordrecht: Springer, 2011.
xv, 214 p. 24 cm.
ISBN : 9789400706552.
174.4 KOS 133107
The Ethics of Banking analyzes the systemic and the
ethical mistakes that led to the crisis. It keeps the
middle ground between excusing all failures by the
argument of a systemic crisis not to be taken
responsibility for by the financial managers and the
moralistic reproach that only moral failure is at the
origin of the crisis. It investigates the role of
speculation in the formation of the crisis and
distinguishes between productive speculation for hedging
and for securing market liquidity on the one hand, and
unproductive and even detrimental hyper-speculation going
far beyond of the degree of speculation that is necessary
in a developed economy for the liquidity of financial
markets, on the other hand. Hyper-speculation has
increased the risks of the financial system and is still
doing so.

** Business ethics , Banks and banking -- Moral and
ethical aspects , Financial crises ,

9 Zsolnai, Laszlo (ed.)
Ethical principles and economic transformation :a
buddhist approach / Laszlo Zsolnai.-- Dordrecht: Springer
, 2011.
xi, 213 p. 24 cm.
ISBN : 9789048193097.
174.4 ZSO 133105
The book promotes the basic value-choices of Buddhism,
namely happiness, peace and permanence. Happiness
research convincingly shows that not material wealth but
the richness of personal relationships determines
happiness. Not things, but people make people happy.
Western economics tries to provide people with happiness
by supplying enormous quantities of things and today-s
dominating business models are based on and cultivates
narrow self-centeredness. But what people need are caring
relationships and generosity. Buddhist economics makes
these values accessible by direct provision. Peace can be
achieved in nonviolent ways.

** Business ethics , Economics-Religious aspects-Buddhism

10 Speight, James G.
Ethics in science and engineering / James G Speight and
Russell Foote.-- Hoboken: Wiley, 2011.
x, 306 p. 24 cm.
ISBN : 9780470626023.
174.95 SPE 133106
This book explores the various scientific and engineering
disciplines, examining the potential for unethical
behavior by professionals. Documented examples are
presented to show where unethical behavior could have
been halted before it became an issue. The authors also
look to the future to see what is in store for
professionals in the scientific and engineering
disciplines and how the potential for unethical behavior
can be negated.

** Scientists --Professional ethics, Engineers --
Professional ethics.

   11 Myers, Tony
Slavoj Zizek / Tony Myers.-- London: Routledge, 2009.
xiv, 142p. 20cm.
ISBN : 9780415262651.
199.4973 ZIZ 133910
The author provides a clear and engaging guide to Zizek-s
key ideas, explaining the main influences on Zizek-s
thought, including his crucial engagement with Lacanian
psychoanalysis. Using examples drawn from popular culture
and everyday life.

** Zizek, Slavoj, Zizek, Slavoj -- Influence, Social
sciences -- China -- Philosophy.
   12 Noble, David F
Forces of production : a social history of industrial
automation / David F Noble.-- New Brunswick: Transaction
Publishers, 2011.
xviii, 409p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781412818285.
303.483 NOB 133066
This provocative study explains how dominant institutions
like the great corporations, the universities, and the
military, along with the ideology of modern engineering
shape, the development of technology. This book begins
with a critique of conventional (neoclassical) economics
and an overview of the antecedents of institutional
economics. The core of the book is formed by the chapters
on institutions, human economic behavior and needs,
arguing that institutional change is key to directing
economic development towards sustainable and adequate
living conditions, rather than merely formal growth

** Machine-tools --Numerical control --Social aspects --
United States, Automation --Social aspects --United
States Technology --Social aspects --United States.

13 Li, Charlene
Groundswell : winning in a world transformed by social
technologies / Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff.-- Boston:
Harvard Business Review Pres, 2008.
xiii, 286p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781422125007.
303.4833 LIC 133891
Corporate executives are struggling with a new trend:
people using online social technologies (blogs, social
networking sites, YouTube, podcasts) to discuss products
and companies, write their own news, and find their own
deals. This groundswell is global, it s unstoppable, it
affects every industry and it s utterly foreign to the
powerful companies running things now. When consumers you
have never met are rating your company s products in
public forums with which you have no experience or
influence, your company is vulnerable. In this book, the
authors explain how to turn this threat into an

** Online social networks --Economic aspects, Information
society --Economic aspects.
   14 Cities and climate change : global report on human
settlements 2011 / United Nations Human Settlements
Programme.-- London: Earthscan, 2011.
xvii, 279 p. 29cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
ISBN : 9781849713719.
304.25 UNI 133145
The book illustrates the significant contribution of
urban areas to climate change while at the same time
highlighting the potentially devastating effects of
climate change on urban populations. It reviews policy
responses, strategies and practices that are emerging in
urban areas to mitigate and adapt to climate change, as
well as their potential achievements and constraints. I.

** Human beings -- Effect of climate on, Human
settlements Urban climatology, Climatic changes.
   15 Cornwall, Andrea (ed)
Men and development :politicizing masculinities / Andrea
Cornwall, Jerker Edstom and Alan Greig.-- London: Zed
Books, 2011.
xv, 247 p. 24 cm.
ISBN : 9781848139794.
305.31 COR 133108
The expert authors collectively present the central
argument that mainstream international development and
social policy has had little engagement with either
patriarchal privilege or issues of male vulnerability,
while within gender and development the -men as problem,
women as victim- discourse continues to hold sway, and
work on men and masculinities has failed to engage with
efforts to change the structures that sustain gender and
sex inequality. Addressing such issues as the
relationship between domestic and communal violence and
armed conflict, and including accounts of masculinities
of men who do not confirm with the hetero-normative
notions - straight, as well as gay and transgender, the
insightful and groundbreaking new book asks what does it
take to break away essentialist understandings of women
and men without losing sight of structural inequities and

** Men --Social aspects, Masculinity --Social aspects.

16 Narayan, Badri
The making of the dalit public in North India : Uttar
Pradesh, 1950-present / Badri Narayan.-- New Delhi:
Oxford University Press, 2011.
xxxviii, 168p. 21.5cm.
ISBN : 9780198071877.
305.568809542 NAR 133138
This book is a commentary on politics and political
consciousness, participation, and mobilization among the
Dalits of Uttar Pradesh. Based on extensive fieldwork at
the village level in eastern Uttar Pradesh, it deals with
Dalit social and political history in Uttar Pradesh from
1950 to the present.

** Dalits -- Political activity -- India -- Uttar Pradesh
Dalits -- India -- Uttar Pradesh -- Social conditions,

Uttar Pradesh (India) -- Politics and government -- 20th
   17 Benhabib, Jess (ed)
Handbook of social economics / Jess Benhabib, Alberto
Bisin and Matthew O Jackson.-- Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2011.
2v. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780444531872.
306.3 BEN 133207,v.1A, 133208,v.1B
How can economists define social preferences and
interactions? Culture, familial beliefs, religion, and
other sources contain the origins of social preferences.
Those preferences--the desire for social status, for
instance, or the disinclination to receive financial
support--often accompany predictable economic outcomes.
Through the use of new economic data and tools, our
contributors survey an array of social interactions and
decisions that typify homo economics. Their work brings
order to the sometimes conflicting claims that countries,
environments, beliefs, and other influences make on our
economic decisions. Describes recent scholarship on
social choice and introduces new evidence about social
preferences Advances our understanding about quantifying
social interactions and the effects of culture Summarizes
research on theoretical and applied economic analyses of
social preferences.

** Economics -- Sociological aspects.
   18 Kofman, Eleonore
Globalization : theory and practice / Eleonore Kofman and
Gillian Youngs.--2nd ed-- London: Continuum, 2003.
xiv, 313p. 23.5cm.
ISBN : 0826454739.
320.12 KOF 133119

** Globalization.

19 Ravidas, Ajay
Comparative politics / Ajay Ravidas.-- Jaipur: ABD
Publishers, 2011.
vi, 264p. 21cm.
ISBN : 9788183762953.
320.3 RAV 133162
The book enables to understand how nations change and the
patterns that exist. It offers to learn a lot about other
countries, regions and the world. The book provides a
lucid and u-to-date presentation of the emerging topics
of comparative politics in dealing with the non-western
political systems an the politics of the developing area.

** Comparative government , Political science.
 330   ECONOMICS  
   20 Kapp, K William
The foundations of institutional economics / K William
Kapp.-- London: Routledge, 2011.
xii, 285 p, 24 cm.
ISBN : 9780415586559.
330 KAP 133067
In this book, the author presents the economic role of
institutions for economic development, capital formation
and technological dynamics in an easily accessible and
comprehensive manner. As a front-rank 20th century
institutional economist, Kapp pulls together arguments
from a variety of sources, including Thorstein Veblen,
John Kenneth Galbraith and Gunnar Myrdal, all of which
emphasize the crucial role of institutions. The author
cements institutional economics as a distinct and
coherent framework of analysis to effectively address
urgent socio-economic problems, such as environmental
disruption and sustainable development.
** Institutional economics.

21 Fleurbaey, Marc
A theory of fairness and social welfare / Marc Fleurbaey
and Francois Maniquet.-- New York: Cambridge University
Press, 2011.
xx, 293 p. 23 cm.
ISBN : 9780521715348.
330.1556 FLE 132800

** Social justice, Welfare economics, Fairness.

22 Engelen, Ewald
After the great complacence : financial crisis and the
politics of reform / Ewald Engelen and others.-- Oxford:
Oxford University Press, 2011.
xiv, 281p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780199589081.
330.90511 ENG 133887
In this book, the authors argue that the causes of the
financial crisis lay in the bricolage and innovation in
financial markets, resulting in long chains and circuits
of transactions and instruments that enabled bankers to
earn fees, but which did not sufficiently take into
account system risk, uncertainty, and unintended
consequences. In the wake of the crisis, the authors
argue that social scientists, governments, and citizens
need to re-engage with the political dimensions of
financial markets. This book offers a controversial and
accessible exploration of the disorders of our financial
capitalism and its justifications. With an innovative
emphasis on the economically -undisclosed- and the
political -mystifying-, it combines technical
understanding of finance, cultural analysis, and al
political account of interests and institutions.

** Global Financial Crisis, 2008-2009, Finance, Public --
History -- 21st century, Financial institutions --
Government policy, Financial services industry -- Law and

23 Broadberry, Stephen (ed)
The Cambridge economic history of modern Europe / Stephen
Broadberry and Kevin H O-Rourke.-- New York: Cambridge
University Press, 2010.
2v. 24cm.
volume 1 :1700-1870 and volume 2 1870 to the present.
ISBN : 9780521882026.
330.94 BRO 133123,v.1, 133124,v.2
Surveying the transition to modern economic growth since
1700, these textbooks set European economic development
within a pan-European framework.

** Europe -- Economic conditions.

24 Jarvis, Darryl S L (ed)
Asean industries and the challenge from china / Darryl S
L Jarvis and Anthony Welch.-- New York: Palgrave
Macmillan, 2011.
xviii, 309p. 21.5cm.
ISBN : 9780230542341.
330.959 JAR 133121

** Southeast Asia --Economic conditions, China --Economic
conditions --2000- , Southeast Asia --Foreign economic
relations --China, China --Foreign economic relations --
Southeast Asia.
   25 Wilhelm, William J
Information markets : what business can learn from
financial innovation / William J Wilhelm and Joseph D
Downing.-- Boston: Harvard Business School Press, 2001.
xi, 219p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781578512782.
332.1 WIL 133892
In this book, the authors explore the interplay between
human capital and information technology in financial
markets, and distill critical lessons for strategists in
other information-rich business, including health care,
law, entertainment, and publishing.

** Financial services industry --Information resources.

26 Harris, Ethan S
Ben Bernanke-s fed : the federal reserve after greenspan
/ Ethan S Harris.-- Boston: Harvard Business Press, 2008.
viii, 237p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781422125847.
332.11092 BER 133890
How will Bernanke-s leadership affect the Fed-s actions
in the coming years? How will Bernanke build on
Greenspan-s success, but also put his own stamp on the
Fed? What will all this imply for businesses and
investors? In Ben Bernanke-s Fed, Ethan Harris provides
exceptional insights into these crucial issues. Engaging
and discerning, this book demystifies the man who has
stepped into what many describe as the second most
powerful job in America.

** Bernanke, Ben, Board of Governors of the Federal
Reserve System (U.S.), Banks and banking, Central --
United States, Monetary policy --United States.

27 Verdin, Paul (ed)
Growth and value creation in asset management / Paul
Verdin.-- Denmark: SimCorp Lab, 2010.
223p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9788799315123.
332.6 VER 132805

** Portfolio management.

28 Coles, Andrew
Midas technical analysis :a VWAP approach to trading and
investing in today-s markets / Andrew Coles and David G
Hawkins.-- Hoboken: Wiley, 2011.
xxi, 440 p. 26 cm.
ISBN : 9781576603727.
332.632042 COL 133110

** Investments --Mathematics

29 Pinto, Jerald E
Equity asset valuation / Jerald E Pinto and others.--2nd
ed-- Hoboken: John Wiley, 2010.
xx, 441p. 26cm.
ISBN : 9780470571439.
332.63221 PIN 133104
This book addresses essential issues in this arena,
including the equity valuation process, discounted
dividend valuation, free cash flow valuation, and
residual income valuation. Each author brings his own
unique experiences and perspectives to the equity
analysis process. It distills the knowledge, skills, and
abilities you need to succeed in today-s fast-paced
financial environment. This book contains clear, example-
driven coverage of many of today-s most important
valuation issues.

** Investment analysis, Securities --Valuation,
Investments --Valuation.

30 Lee, Ruben
Running the world-s markets :the governance of financial
infrastructure / Ruben Lee.-- Princeton: Princeton
University Press, 2011.
xvii, 450 p. 24 cm.
ISBN : 9780691133539.
332.64 LEE 133118

** Stock exchanges --Management, Finance --Management.

31 Talmor, Eli
International private equity / Eli Talmor and Florin
Vasvari.-- Chichester: Wiley, 2011.
xvi, 747p. 26cm.
ISBN : 9780470971703.
332.673 TAL 133189
The book provides an overview of the private equity
industry and uses the studies to exemplify all stages of
the deal process, and to illustrate such key topics as
investing in emerging markets, each chapter guides the
reader with an authoritative narrative on the topic
treated. Covering all the main aspects of the private
equity model, the book includes treatment of fund
raising, fund structuring, fund performance measurement,
private equity valuation, due diligence, modeling of
leveraged buyout transactions, and harvesting of private
equity investments.

** Private equity, Investments, Foreign.
   32 John, Klaus D (ed)
Sustainable energy : conference volume of the 7th
chemnitz symposium "Europe and environment" / Klaus D
John and Dirk T G Rubbelke.-- New York: Routledge, 2011.
xvii, 162 p. 24 cm.
ISBN : 9780415566865.
333.794 JOH 132798

** Renewable energy sources, Sustainable development.

33 Djoghlaf, Ahmed (ed)
Biodiversity and ecosystem insecurity : a planet in peril
/ Ahmed Djoghlaf and Felix Dodds.-- London: Earthscan,
xxxiii, 230 p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781849712200.
333.9516 DJO 133144
The book provides an assessment of the threats presented
to human security and well-being by the loss of
ecosystems and biodiversity - confirmed as one of the
critical -planetary boundaries- that has already been
exceeded. It examine the current trends and state of
biodiversity globally.

** Biodiversity, Endangered ecosystems, Climatic changes
- Environmental aspects, Biodiversity conservation --
Government policy.

34 Whitmarsh, David
Economic management of marine living resources : a
practical introduction / David Whitmarsh.-- London:
Earthscan Publishing, 2011.
xiv, 171p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781849712590.
333.956 WHI 133102
This book has two main objectives. Firstly, it outlines
the problems associated with the management and
conservation of marine living resources, with particular
attention given to the twin concepts of economic value
and sustainability. It demonstrates the contribution that
economics can make to understanding these problems as
well as helping to frame policies to mitigate them.
Secondly, it looks in detail at the key methods that may
be used to collect and analyze socio-economic data,
oriented towards the information needs of decision makers
and stakeholders involved in fisheries management.
Together, these two objectives address the question: how
does society make the best use of its marine living

** Marine resources -- Economic aspects, Marine resources
-- Management, Marine resources conservation.

   35 Palan, Ronen
Tax havens :how globalization really works / Ronen Palan,
Richard Murphy and Christian Chavagneux.-- New Delhi:
Cornell University Press, 2010.
x, 270 p. 23 cm.
ISBN : 9788189930486.
336.206 PAL 132799

** Tax havens, Tax evasion, International finance,
   36 Sodhi, J S (ed)
Tracking globalization :debates on development, freedom
and justice / J S Sodhi.-- New Delhi: Penguin, 2011.
xxxii, 167 p. 22 cm.
ISBN : 9780670081349.
337.1 SOD 132801
Presented in this volume are the thoughts of leading
economists on India-s rocky relationship with
globalization. Drawing from lectures by Jagdish Bhagwati,
Meghnad Desai, Avinash Dixit, Edmund Phelphs, Amartya
Sen, Robert Skidelsky and Joseph Stiglitz, which were
organized by the Shri Ram Centre for Industrial Relations
and Human Resources, New Delhi, this volume brings
together all the major arguments for equitable
globalization. Tracking Globalization includes an
insightful introduction by the editor, J.S.Sodhi, and
discussions on topics as varied as the need to break down
trade barriers and monopolies, the failures of India’s
licence permit raj, and India-s strengths, such as the
large population of people of working age with English
language skills. Accessible and comprehensive, this
volume is an indispensable guide to making globalization
work for India.

** Economic development --India, Globalization --Economic
aspects --India, Globalization --Social aspects --India.

   37 Rosenberg, Nathan
Studies on science and the innovation process : selected
works / Nathan Rosenberg.-- New Jersey: World Scientific,
xvi, 412p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9789814273589.
338.0640973 ROS 133143
Science and technology have become increasingly
intertwined in the twentieth century. However, little
attention has been paid to the forces that have brought
about this condition. Indeed, many scholars have taken it
simply for granted that causality always runs from
science to technology. In this book, Rosenberg-s research
suggests that history and extensive empirical evidence
lead to a reality that is far more complex as well as far
more interesting. Here, Rosenberg-s papers explore a wide
range of pertinent issues, especially those connected
with the innovative process, including the realms of
electric power, electronics, chemicals, aircraft,
medicine, instrumentation and, in particular, higher
education and the organization of research activities.

** Technological innovations --Economic aspects --United

38 Piot-Lepetit, Isabelle (ed)
Methods to analyse agricultural commodity price
volatility / Isabelle Piot-Lepetit and Robert M-Barek.--
New York: Springer, 2011.
xvi, 231 p. 24 cm.
ISBN : 9781441976338.
338.18 PIO 133109

** Agricultural prices, Agricultural prices --

39 Tidd, Joe (ed)
Service innovation : organizational responses to
technological opportunities and market imperatives / Joe
Tidd and Frank M Hull.-- London: Imperial College Press,
xiv, 437p. 23cm.
(Technology Management, 9).
ISBN : 9781860943676.
338.4 TID 133139
This book brings together academic research and
management practice on innovation in services, and
identifies a range of successful organizational responses
to current technological opportunities and market
imperatives. It provide rigorous yet practical insights
into managing and organizing innovation in services.

** Service industries -- Technological innovations.

40 Shah, C K
Production and costing / C K Shah and Suresh Garg.--
Jaipur: Oxford Book, 2011.
205p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9789380179940.
338.51 SHA 132788
The book elaborates on purchasing and stores department,
labor records, wage systems, manufacturing orders,
production expense distribution, cost data collection,
costing, mail-order production expense distribution, and
special accounting forms in an easy way to understand.

** Economics.

41 Zarembka, Paul (ed)
The national question and the question of crisis / Paul
Zarembka.-- United Kingdom: Emerald, 2010.
vii, 299 p. 23 cm.
(Research in political economy).
ISBN : 9780857244932.
338.542 ZAR 133111
This volume focuses on nationality-s efficacy in much of
world affairs, and on the background and current issues
surrounding global crisis. As one of the most famous
Marxist revolutionaries, Rosa Luxemburg vigorously
promoted her own conceptions, often opposing Lenin, her
contemporary. In this volume, Narihiko Ito offers a much
needed, extensive analysis of her position. This is
followed by a critique of the current Iranian
conjuncture, offered by Farhang Morady. The development
of crises in capitalism is addressed both directly and
indirectly within the volume.

** Financial crises , Economics

42 Budd, Christopher Houghton
Finance at the threshold : rethinking the real and
financial economies / Christopher Houghton Budd.-- Surrey
: Gower, 2011.
xviii, 239p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9780566092114.
338.543 BUD 133188
The book offers a unique perspective from an english
economic and monetary historian. In it the author asks:
why did the banks stop lending to one another, and why
now? Was it merely a matter of over-loose credit due to
the relaxation of traditional prudence, or did global
finance find itself at its limits? Have government bail-
outs saved the day or merely postponed the problem.

** Global Financial Crisis, 2008-2009, International
finance, Interbank market, Economic policy, Economics --

43 Larcon, Jean-Paul (ed.)
Chinese multinationals / Jean-Paul Larcon.-- Chennai:
World Scientific, 2009.
xxx, 269p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9789812835598.
338.88 LAR 133889
This book examines the rise of Chinese companies in
international markets during the last two decades of
rapid expansion of the Chinese economy. The fruit of a
collaboration between two leading business schools, HEC
Paris and the School of Economics and Management of
Tsinghua University, it provides a comprehensive overview
of the strategies of Chinese multinationals in terms of
international marketing and branding, MandAs and
international joint ventures, management of technology,
organization and human resource management, etc.

** International business enterprises --China,
International business enterprises --Management,
Corporations, Chinese.

44 Hanna, Nagy K
Enabling enterprise transformation : business and
grassroots innovation for the knowledge economy / Nagy K
Hanna.-- New York: Springer, 2010.
x, 314p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9781441915078.
338.926091724 HAN 133103
In this book, the author draws on his rich experience of
over 35 years at the World Bank and other aid agencies as
a development strategist and ICT policy expert, the most
current research, and best practices from around the
world to provide practical tools for promoting economic
and social transformation through ICT. He assesses
various initiatives to develop and diffuse ICT, such as
innovation funds, incubators, parks, public-private
partnerships, and comprehensive promotion programs. He
argues for the strategic options now open for developing
countries to participate in ICT production, to deploy ICT
to transform industries and services, and to leverage ICT
as a new national infrastructure for improving the
business environment and enhancing the competitiveness of
the whole economy.

** Information technology --Economic aspects --Developing
countries, Information technology --Government policy --
Developing countries, Economic development --Developing
countries, Business enterprises --Computer networks --
Developing countries, Developing countries --Economic

45 Heinberg, Richard (ed.)
The post carbon reader : managing the 21st century-s
sustainability crises / Richard Heinberg and Daniel Lerch
-- Healdsburg: Watershed Media, 2010.
xxiii, 523p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780970950062.
338.927 HEI 133885
In the 20th century, cheap and abundant energy brought
previously unimaginable advances in health, wealth, and
technology, and fed an explosion in population and
consumption. But this growth came at an incredible cost.
Climate change, peak oil, freshwater depletion, species
extinction, and a host of economic and social problems
now challenge us as never before. This book features
articles by some of the world-s most provocative thinkers
on the key drivers shaping this new century, from
renewable energy and urban agriculture to social justice
and systems resilience. This unprecedented collection
takes a hard-nosed look at the interconnected threats of
our global sustainability quandary--as well as the most
promising responses.

** Energy policy --Environmental aspects, Climatic
changes --Government policy, Economic development --
Environmental aspects, Sustainable development, Human

46 Srinivasan, T N
Growth, sustainability and Indian economic reforms / T N
Srinivasan.-- Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011.
xix, 152p. 22cm.
ISBN : 9780198076384.
338.954 SRI 133132

** Economic development --India, Sustainable development
-India, India --Economic policy --1947-

47 Ang, James B.
Financial development and economic growth in Malaysia /
James B. Ang.-- London: Routledge, 2009.
xiii, 197p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780415467261.
338.9595 ANG 132803
A significant improvement in the Malaysian financial
system, coupled with rapid economic growth and a rich
history of financial sector reforms, makes Malaysia an
interesting case study for this subject. The author shows
that some government interventions seem to have impacted
negatively on economic growth, whereas repressionist
financial policies such as interest rate controls, high
reserve requirements and directed credit programmes seem
to have contributed positively to financial development.
The analysis concludes that financial development leads
to higher output growth via promoting private saving and
private investment.

** Finance --Malaysia, Intermediation (Finance) --
Malaysia Economic development --Malaysia.
 346   PRIVATE LAW  
   48 Ayotte, Kenneth (ed)
Research handbook on the economics of property law /
Kenneth Ayotte and Henry E Smith.-- Cheltenham: Edward
Elgar, 2011.
x, 399 p. 25 cm.
ISBN : 9781847209795.
346.04 AYO 133117
Each chapter analyzes the basic architecture and
important features of the institutions of property law
from an economic point of view, while also providing an
introduction to the issues and literature. Property
rights and property systems vary along a large number of
dimensions, and economics has proven very conducive to
analyzing these patterns and even the nature of property
itself. The contributions found here lend fresh
perspectives to the current body of literature, examining
topics including: initial acquisition, the commons,
anticommons, and semicommons, intellectual property,
public rights, abandonment and destruction,
standardization of property, property and firms, marital
property, bankruptcy as property, titling systems, land
surveying, covenants, nuisance, the political economy of
property, and takings.

** Property --Economic aspects, Law and economics.

49 Graham, Lynford
Complying with sarbanes-oxley section 404 : a guide for
small publicly held companies / Lynford Graham.-- Hoboken
: John Wiley, 2010.
xiv, 354p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780470572559.
346.7306648 GRA 133099
Smaller public companies must now comply with Sarbanes-
Oxley 404. This book provides updated citations and
references to SEC and PCAOB materials, links to current
guidance on-line, and specific guidance to companies on
working with auditors to achieve benefits and cost

** Corporations --Auditing --Law and legislation --United
 370   EDUCATION  
   50 Check, Joseph
Research methods in education / Joseph Check and Russell
K Schutt.-- New Delhi: Sage, 2012.
xviii, 421p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9781412940092.
370.7 CHE 133906
The book introduces research methods as an integrated set
of techniques for investigating questions about the
educational world. It helps readers connect technique and
substance, appreciate the value of both qualitative and
quantitative methodologies, and make ethical research
decisions. It weaves actual research stories into the
presentation of research topics, and it emphasizes
validity, authenticity, and practical significance as
overarching research goals.

** Education -- Research -- Methodology.

51 Arthur, James (ed.)
The Routledge education studies reader / James Arthur and
Ian Davies.-- London: Routledge, 2010.
x, 371p. 25cm.
ISBN : 9780415482363.
370.711 ART 133907
The book provides an authoritative overview of the key
aspects of education beyond the introductory stages of a
degree programme in education studies. It provides a
blend of classic and contemporary readings, based on a
combination of empirical research and established theory.

** Education -- Study and teaching (Higher) -- Textbooks.

52 Conceicao-Heldt, Eugenia da
Negotiating trade liberalization at the wto : domestic
politics and bargaining dynamics / Eugenia da Conceicao-
Heldt.-- New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.
xviii, 275p. 21.5cm.
(International Political Economy).
ISBN : 9780230273566.
382.92 CON 133122

** World Trade Organization, Free trade, Commercial
policy International trade.
   53 Spiegelman, Clifford H
Transportation statistics and microsimulation / Clifford
H Spiegelman, Eun Sug Park and Laurence R Rilett.-- Boca
Raton: CRC Press, 2011.
xxvii, 355 p. 24 cm.
ISBN : 9781439800232.
388.015195 SPI 133081
By discussing statistical concepts in the context of
transportation planning and operations, Transportation
Statistics and Microsimulation provides the necessary
background for making informed transportation-related
decisions. It explains the why behind standard methods
and uses real-world transportation examples and problems
to illustrate key concepts. The Tools and Methods to
Solve Transportation Problems Classroom-tested at Texas
AandM University, the text covers the statistical
techniques most frequently employed by transportation and
pavement professionals. To familiarize readers with the
underlying theory and equations, it contains problems
that can be solved using statistical software. The
authors encourage the use of SAS-s JMP package, which
enables users to interactively explore and visualize data

** Transportation engineering --Statistical methods,
Transportation --Simulation methods.
   54 Lohne, Andreas
Vector optimization with infimum and supremum / Andreas
Lohne.-- Berlin: Springer, 2011.
x, 206p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9783642183508.
519.6 LOH 133087
The theory of Vector Optimization is developed by a
systematic usage of infimum and supremum. In order to get
existence and appropriate properties of the infimum, the
image space of the vector optimization problem is
embedded into a larger space, which is a subset of the
power set, in fact, the space of self-infimal sets. Based
on this idea we establish solution concepts, existence
and duality results and algorithms for the linear case.
The main advantage of this approach is the high degree of
analogy to corresponding results of Scalar Optimization.
The concepts and results are used to explain and to
improve practically relevant algorithms for linear vector
optimization problems. .

** Mathematical optimization, Vector spaces, Duality
theory (Mathematics).
 610   MEDICINE and HEALTH  
   55 Buncher, C Ralph (ed)
Statistics in the pharmaceutical industry / C Ralph
Buncher and Jia-Yeong Tsay.--3rd ed-- Boca Raton: Chapman
and Hall/CRC, 2006.
xxiii, 473 p. 23 cm.
ISBN : 9780824754693.
615.1901072 BUN 133084
This book presents chapters written by experts from both
regulatory agencies and pharmaceutical companies who
discuss everything from experimental design to post-
marketing studies. This approach sheds light on what
regulators consider acceptable methodologies and what
methods have proven successful for industrial
statisticians. Both new and revised chapters reflect the
increasingly global nature of the industry as represented
by authors from Japan and Europe, the increasing trend
toward non-inferiority/equivalence testing, adaptive
design in clinical trials, global harmonization of
regulatory standards, and multiple comparison studies.

** Pharmacy --Statistical methods, Pharmaceutical
industry --Statistical methods, Drugs --Testing.

56 Chen, Ding-Geng (Din)
Clinical trial data analysis using R / Ding-Geng (Din)
Chen and Karl E Peace.-- Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2011.
xxiii, 363p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781439840207.
615.50724 CHE 133098
Too often in bio-statistical research and clinical
trials, a knowledge gap exists between developed
statistical methods and the applications of these
methods. Filling this gap, the book provides a thorough
presentation of biostatistical analyses of clinical trial
data and shows step by step how to implement the
statistical methods using R. The book-s practical,
detailed approach draws on the authors- 30 years of real-
world experience in bio-statistical research and clinical

** Clinical trials, Drugs --Testing, Clinical Trials as
Topic --methods, Meta-Analysis as Topic.

   57 Hamada, Kazuki (ed.)
Business group management in Japan / Kazuki Hamada.--
Chennai: World Scientific, 2010.
xxiii, 243p. 23cm.
(Modern institute of management : Japanese management and
international studies, 7).
ISBN : 9789814289504.
658.00952 HAM 133888
This book explores and elucidates business group and
inter firm management in Japanese environments, both
theoretically and practically through case studies,
survey research and other methodologies. In considering
the concept of the "Keiretsu" in Japan, as well as other
management methods employed by Japanese companies, this
book provides extensive coverage on uniquely Japanese
management methods. Examples are the application of
evaluation system, execution of MandA, utilization of
segment information, management of inter-firm relations,
and organizational learning. The analyses, hypotheses and
conclusions presented in this book will be useful for
business practitioners and scholars.

** Conglomerate corporations --Japan --Management,
Industrial management --Japan, Inter-organizational
relations --Japan.

58 Gompers, Paul A
The money of invention : how venture capital creates new
wealth / Paul A Gompers and Josh Lerner.-- Boston:
Harvard Business School Press, 2001.
ix, 282p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781578513260.
658.15224 GOM 133894
In this book, the authors provide the first cool-headed
explanation of the venture capital industry and the role
it plays in our economy. They underscore that, regardless
of the economic conditions, innovation is incredibly
difficult to finance, take to market, and translate into
value. While venture capital has evolved to address these
problems - the industry has fueled innovation, economic
growth, and wealth creation for decades - features of the
venture industry have left it vulnerable to boom-and-bust
cycles. In the near future, say the authors, the industry
must transform dramatically, with important implications
for industry players and the entrepreneurs and
organizations they serve.

** Venture capital --United States, New business
enterprises --United States --Finance.

59 Boxall, Peter (ed)
The oxford handbook of human resource management / Peter
Boxall, John Purcell and Patrick Wright.-- Oxford: Oxford
University Press, 2010.
xv, 658p. 24.5cm.
ISBN : 9780199547029.
658.3 BOX 133134

** Personnel management --Handbooks, manuals, etc.

60 DeLong, Thomas J
Flying without a net : turn fear of change into fuel for
success / Thomas J DeLong.-- Boston: Harvard Business
Review Press, 2011.
xv, 257p. 23.5cm.
ISBN : 9781422162293.
658.314 DEL 132804

** Employee motivation, Achievement motivation, Change
(Psychology), Job satisfaction. Success, Career

61 Magretta, John
Understanding Michael Porter : the essential guide to
competition and strategy / Joan Magretta.-- Boston:
Harvard Business Review Press, 2012. x, 236p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9781422160596.
658.4012 MAG 133915
This book provides an engaging and highly readable
summary of Porter-s ideas. It offers an invaluable
synthesis of this important body of work, making clear
how each of Porter-s powerful concepts relates to the
others and, most important, to the practical realities
managers face.

** Porter, Michael E., 1947-, Competition, Strategic
planning, Management.

62 Galliers, Robert D (ed)
The oxford handbook of management information systems :
critical perspectives and new directions / Robert D
Galliers and Wendy L Currie.-- Oxford: Oxford University
Press, 2011.
xx, 725p. 24.5cm.
ISBN : 9780199580583.
658.4038 GAL 133133

** Management information systems ,

63 Karmarkar, Uday (ed)
The UCLA Anderson business and information technologies
(BIT) project : a global study of business practice /
Uday Karmarkar and Vandana Mangal.-- Chennai: World
Scientific, 2010.
ix, 559p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9789812839459.
658.4038 KAR 133142
Most of the large economies in the world are already
dominated by services. Developed countries are now also
becoming information economies, the US is a case in
point. The confluence of these trends means that
information services are the largest part of the US and
other developed economies, with others close behind. This
evolution is being accompanied by a revolution: the rapid
industrialization of information services. These
developments have manifold consequences for the economy
as a whole, as well as for productivity, trade, jobs,
globalization and competition. At the sector level, many
industries are undergoing massive changes in structure.
The Business and Information Technologies (BIT) project
at UCLA Anderson is a global effort to track and assess
these changes through GNP studies, surveys of business
practice, and studies of key industry sectors.

** Information technology --Management, Industrial

64 Mehandjiev, Nikolay (ed.)
Dynamic business process formation for instant virtual
enterprises / Nikolay Mehandjiev and Paul Grefen.--
London: Springer, 2010.
x, 267p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781848826908.
658.4038 MEH 133101
Dynamic Business Process Formation fuses practical needs
with theoretical input to present important research
innovations in supporting Instant Virtual Enterprises
(IVEs). This new organization type brings a combination
of business dynamism and explicit business process
structure to domains where on-the-fly formation of well-
organized business networks is required to deal with the
complexity of new products or services under high time
pressure. This book contains the main results of the IST
Cross Work project, and, importantly, looks beyond the
boundaries of this project and sources input from related
projects and general trends in collaborative enterprises
and the automotive industry.

** Virtual corporations --Computer networks, Business
networks --Computer network resources, Knowledge

65 Pugh, Katrina B
Sharing hidden know-how :how managers solve thorny
problems with the knowledge jam / Katrina B Pugh.-- San
Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2011.
xxiii, 248 p. 23 cm.
ISBN : 9780470876817.
658.4038 DIX 133085
Knowledge sharing and transfer have been reduced to
reports, e-mails and tweets replacing vital personal
interaction. The lack of meaningful conversation coupled
with intense fragmentation across organizations and
networks has left leaders floating in a sea of
information and ideas without a map to channel insight
into action. Sharing Hidden Know-How starts the
conversation that allows organizations to take what they
know to the bank. The "how-to"/"how-act" guidebook
unveils Knowledge Jam, a facilitated collaborative method
for helping organizations rediscover the fundamental
discipline of knowledge transfer - the conversation.
Developed by Katrina Pugh, president of AlignConsulting,
the proven process uses human interaction to capture
unwritten insights, and more importantly to put them to

** Knowledge management, Organizational learning,
Organizational learning --Management.

66 Argoneto, Pierluigi
Innovative tools for business coalitions in B2B
applications : how negotiation, auction and game theory
can support small- and medium-sized business in e-
business / Pierluigi Argoneto and Paolo Renna.-- London:
Springer, 2011.
ix, 160p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780857297068.
658.4052 ARG 133077
This book presents a set of innovative methodologies that
can be used to face all the issues that stem from the
interaction of customers and suppliers in an e-
marketplace environment. The first methodology discussed
is multi-agent architecture and this forms the basis of a
simulation environment developed in order to test the
proposed models. The second concerns a bargaining model
based on the negotiation mechanism and the third centers
on production planning to support agents during the
bargaining phase. The fourth is the possibility of a
coalition between the suppliers and the authors offer a
choice of two different approaches.

** Negotiation in business

67 Fenn, Jackie
Mastering the hype cycle : how to choose the right
innovation at the right time / Jackie Fenn and Mark
Raskino.-- Boston: Harvard Business Press, 2008.
xviii, 238p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781422121108.
658.406 FEN 133893
The book lays out a disciplined, benefits-led approach
to innovation adoption that replaces the typical hype-
driven approach. This book shows how to drill down into
the trade-offs that must be made when prioritizing a set
of possible innovations.

** Technological innovations --Management, Organizational

68 Sherif, Mostafa Hashem (ed)
Management of technology innovation and value creation :
selected papers from the 16th international conference on
management of technology / Mostafa Hashem Sherif and
Tarek M Khalil.-- New Jersey: World Scientific, 2008.
xii, 433p. 23cm.
(Management of technology , 2).
ISBN : 9789812790538.
658.4062 SHE 133141
The International Association for Management of
Technology (Iamot) is one of the largest scientific
associations dealing with the education, research and
application of management of technology. The annual
conferences held by Iamot assemble the most important
scientists and experts in the field. The 16th conference
held in 2007 included papers by experts from 32
countries. This book compiles the best of those papers
presented at the conference. It covers topics and issues
related to the knowledge economy, commercialization of
knowledge, green technologies, and sustainable
development. .

** Technological innovations --Management --Congresses,
Research, Industrial --Technological innovations --
Congresses, Knowledge management --Congresses.

69 Brady, John (ed)
Environmental management in organizations : the IEMA
handbook / John Brady, Alison Ebbage and Ruth Lunn.--2nd
ed-- London: Earthscan, 2011.
xxxvi, 572p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9781849710626.
658.4083 BRA 133146
This book provides all the management tools, performance
measures and communication strategies that organizations
need to manage their environmental responsibilities

** Environmental management, Environmental sciences --
Information resources.

70 Marlier, Didier
Engaging leadership : three agendas for sustaining
achievement / Didier Marlier, Chris Parker and Mobilizing
Teams International.-- New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2009
xxv, 144p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9780230577527.
658.4092 MAR 133886
This book is on how to engage large number of people
(Leadership Engagement Process) into radical changes
whilst minimizing time wasted in politics, anxiety,
negative stories and other internal battles .This book
clearly shows how to link strategy and leadership with
the engagement of followers. This book, based on years of
experience with executives from many companies and
industries, provides with valuable practical insight on
how to change our own and others- behaviors in order to
accelerate implementation, develop new skills and of the
value and how of strategy.

** Leadership.

71 Mendes, Paulo
Demand driven supply chain : a structured and practical
roadmap to increase profitability / Paulo Mendes.-- New
York: Springer, 2011.
xiii, 185p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9783642199912.
658.7 MEN 133100
This book aims to identify and describe the practical key
components of demand driven supply chains, and based on
these components, develops a structured and integrated
assessment framework that companies can use to assess
their current and desired future supply chain states in
light of the Demand Driven Supply Chain (DDSC) concepts.
Another contribution of the book is the structured
framework developed to design a supply chain strategy,
which will consider the DDSC assessment results as one of
the key inputs, and will support the implementation of
the opportunities identified during the assessment. The
framework presented in this book was applied in different
supply chain operations of a global CPG company to
validate the methodology and formalize an action plan to
allow these operations move towards a DDSC.

** Business logistics, Supply and demand.

72 French, Jeff
Social marketing casebook / Jeff French, Rowena Merritt
and Lucy Reynolds.-- New Delhi: Sage / nsmc, 2011.
vii, 270p. 24cm.
ISBN : 9780857025449.
658.8 FRE 133911
This book brings a dedicated collection of international
social marketing case studies and vignettes from the
National social marketing centre-s showcase resource.
Each case study is explored from the scoping and research
stage right through to evaluation, providing the reader
with a complete overview of the most important building
blocks in social marketing.

** Social marketing -- Case studies.

73 Lee, Nancy R
Social marketing : influencing behaviors for good / Nancy
R Lee and Philip Kotler.--4th ed-- Sage: New Delhi, 2011.
xi, 502p. 23cm.
ISBN : 9781412981491.
658.8 LEE 133912
In this book authors take key marketing principles and
show readers how to apply them to campaigns and efforts
to improve health, decrease injuries, protect the
environment, build communities, and enhance financial
well being.

** Social marketing, Behavior modification.

74 Mooij, Marieke de
Global marketing and advertising : understanding cultural
paradoxes / Marieke de Mooij.--3rd ed-- New Delhi: Sage
publications, 2010.
xviii, 323p. 25.5cm.
ISBN : 9781412970419.
658.802 MOO 133120

** Target marketing --Cross-cultural studies, Advertising
--Cross-cultural studies, Consumer behavior --Cross-
cultural studies.

75 Reichheld, Fred
The ultimate queston 2.0 : how net promoter companies
thrive in a customer-driven world / Fred Reichheld and
Rob Markey.-- Boston: Harvard Business Review Press, 2011
xi, 290p. 23.5cm.
ISBN : 9781422173350.
658.872 MAR 133131

** Customer relations, Consumer satisfaction, Customer
loyalty, Employee motivation, Employee loyalty,
Leadership Success in business.
   76 Bhatia, Nandi (ed.)
Modern Indian theatre : a reader / Nandi Bhatia.-- New
Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2011.
xxxix, 487p. 21cm.
ISBN : 9780198075066.
792.954 BHA 133136
The book addresses pertinent questions like how drama
influences social change, the response of drama to the
emergence and domination of mass media and the
proliferation and influence of western media in India,
and how mediations of gender, class, and caste influence
drama, its language, forms, and aesthetics. The
Introduction by Nandi Bhatia provides a comprehensive
understanding of the interface between Indian theatre and

** Theater -- India -- History -- 19th century, Theater -
India -- History -- 20th century, Theater and society --
India -- History -- 19th century, Theater and society --
India -- History -- 20th century.

   77 Robson, Mark
Stephen Greenblatt / Mark Robson.-- London: Routledge,
x, 148p. 20cm.
ISBN : 9780415343855.
801.95092 GRE 133913
This book discusses ideas specific to particular works
and explores the relation of Greenblatt-s thought to new
historicism as well as other modes of criticism.

** Greenblatt, Stephen, 1943- -- Criticism and
interpretation, New historicism.

   78 Mount, Nick (ed)
Representing, modeling, and visualizing the natural
environment / Nick Mount and others.-- Boca Raton: CRC
Press, 2009.
xvi, 405 p. 24 cm.
ISBN : 9781420055498.
910.285 MOU 133116
This book explores the various scientific and engineering
disciplines, examining the potential for unethical
behavior by professionals. Documented examples are
presented to show where unethical behavior could have
been halted before it became an issue. The authors also
look to the future to see what is in store for
professionals in the scientific and engineering
disciplines and how the potential for unethical behavior
can be negated .

** Environmental sciences --Data processing --Congresses,
Ecology --Simulation methods --Congresses, Geographic
information systems --Congresses, Geospatial data --
   79 Brown, Judith M
Windows into the past : life histories and the historian
of south Asia / Judith M Brown.-- New Delhi: Oxford
University Press, 2011.
xii, 118p. 22.5cm.
ISBN : 9780198072546.
954.0072 BRO 133137
In this book author provides an original and thought-
provoking strategy for conducting and presenting
historical research. It focus on the lives of
institutions and families, as well as individuals, offer
a broad and rich means of studying history. This book
provides an example of the historian-s craft at its best.

** Gandhi, Mahatma, 1869-1948, Nehru, Jawaharlal, 1889-
1964, Balliol College (University of Oxford) -- Alumni
and alumnae -- Biography, Families -- South Asia --
Historiography, Families -- India -- Historiography,
South Asia -- Historiography, India -- Historiography,
South Asia -- Biography, India -- Biography.



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