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 1  McGivern, Yvonne                                          

         The Practice of market and social research : an         

         introduction / Yvonne McGivern.--2nd ed-- Harlow:       

         Prentice Hall, 2006.

          xx, 553p, 23cm.                   

         ISBN : 027369510X.                                      

         001.4 MAC           121768             

         This edition provides a comprehensive account of the    

         techniques of market and social research and the        

         practical tasks involved in setting up and running      

         research projects from identifying the problem through to

         reporting and evaluating the findings. McGivern's book  

         covers the qualitative and quantitative techniques,     

         including a chapter on the analysis of qualitative data a

         topic which few texts in this market cover. The book is 

         aimed at those preparing for the MRS Advanced Certificate

         in Market and Social Research, at those doing an        

         undergraduate and postgraduate course with a research   

         module and/or a requirement to produce a research       



         ** Marketing research-Methodology; Social sciences-     





  2  McKay, Elspeth                                            

         Enhancing learning through human computer interaction / 

         Elspeth McKay.-- Hershey: Idea Group Reference, 2007.   

         xxii, 266p, 28cm.                                       

         ISBN : 1599043289.                                      

         004.019 MAC           121696         

         This book is a manual for the novice-Human Computer     

         Interaction (HCI) designer. It compares and contrasts   

         online business training programs with e-Learning in the

         higher education sector and provides a range of positive

         outcomes for linking information management techniques, 

         which exploit the educational benefits of Web-mediated  

         learning in computer supported collaborative learning.  


         ** Human-computer interaction 





 3  Staw, Barry M                                             

         Psychological dimensions of organizational behavior /   

         Barry M Staw.--3rd ed-- New Jersey: Pearson, 2004.

          vi, 546p, 23cm.                                             

         ISBN : 0130406546.                        

         158.7 STA           121769                

         This comprehensive paperback book contains carefully    

         chosen pieces that cover human behavior in organizations,

         from individual motivation to organizational processes. 

         This anthology offers a broad mix of classic and recent 

         articles; it covers emerging areas of interest such as  

         business ethics and processes of creativity and change. 

         This collection of readings is separated into four      

         clearly defined dimensions: why and how we work; thinking

         and making decisions; interacting with others: social and

         group processes; and facing the future: creativity,     

         innovation, and organizational leadership. An excellent 

         resource for managers and other executives who need to  

         know how to effectively lead their departments; this book

         provides the skills necessary for understanding the     

         organization, and how power, influence, and interpersonal

         relations affect their businesses.                      


         ** Organizational behavior; Psychology, Industrial




 4  Plato                                                     

         Phaedo / Plato.-- Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1999.

         xxix, 105p, 20cm.                                        

         ISBN : 0192839535.                                      

         184 PLA           121799                 

         The Phaedo is acknowledged to be one of Plato's greatest

         masterpieces, showing him both as a philosopher and as a

         dramatist at the height of his powers. For its moving   

         account of the execution of Socrates, the Phaedo ranks  

         among the supreme literary achievements of antiquity. It

         is also a seminal document for many ideas deeply        

         ingrained in western culture, and provides one of the   

         best introductions to Plato's thought. This new edition 

         is a revised version of the Clarendon Press translation,

         and is eminently suitable for readers new to Plato, and 

         ideal for classroom use, thanks to the provision of     

         Stephanus page and letter numbering.                    


         ** Plato. Phaedo, Immortality (Philosophy)-History





  5  Neuman, W Lawrence                                        

         Social research methods : qualitative and quantitative  

         approaches / W Lawrence Neuman.--6th ed-- Boston: Pearson

         , 2006.

         viii, 592p, 23cm.                              

         ISBN : 0205457932.                                      

         300.72 NEU           121770             

         This highly regarded text presents a comprehensive and  

         balanced introduction to both qualitative and           

        quantitative approaches to social research, emphasizing 

         the benefits of combining various approaches. Dozens of 

         new examples from actual research studies help illustrate

         concepts and methods.                                   


         ** Sociology-Research-Methodology; Social sciences-     




6  Walls, Theodore A (ed)                                    

         Models for intensive longitudinal data / Theodore A Walls

         and Joseph L Schafer.-- Oxford: Oxford University Press,


         xxii, 288p, 23cm.                                

         ISBN : 0195173449.                                      

         300.727 WAL           121767           

         The volume features state-of-the-art statistical modeling

         strategies developed by leading statisticians and       

         methodologists working on ILD in conjunction with       

         behavioral scientists. Chapters present applications from

         across the behavioral and health sciences, including    

         coverage of substantive topics such as stress, smoking  

         cessation, alcohol use, traffic patterns, educational   

         performance and intimacy. Models for Intensive          

         Longitudinal Data (MILD) is designed for those who want 

         to learn about advanced statistical models for intensive

         longitudinal data and for those with an interest in     

         selecting and applying a given model. The chapters      

         highlight issues of general concern in modeling these   

         kinds of data, such as a focus on regulatory systems,   

         issues of curve registration, variable frequency and    

         spacing of measurements, complex multivariate patterns of

         change, and multiple independent series.                


         ** Social sciences-Research-Statistical methods; Social 

         sciences-Longitudinal studies; Longitudinal method  






 7  Dube, Saurabh (ed)                                        

         Historical anthropology / Saurabh Dube.-- Oxford: Oxford

         University Press, 2007. 

         xiv, 427p, 23cm.               

         ISBN : 0195690710.                                      

         306 DUB           121736                  

         In this book, conversations between anthropology and    

         history are approached by treating the two as           

         disciplines. It explores formative orientations of      

         anthropology to time and temporality, and of history to 

         culture and tradition. It considers the more recent     

         transformations of anthropology and history. It discusses

         important developments in study of pasts and communities,

         empire and nation, and culture and power in South Asia as

         part of a wider interplay between anthropology and      

         history. This collection brings together the terrains and

         trajectories of the entangling of anthropology and      

         history. It offers to students and scholars a wide-  

         ranging domain of anthropological and historical endeavor

         under the rubric of historical anthropology--marking its

         departures, charting its contexts, exploring it         

         characteristics and tracking its predicaments and       



         ** Ethnology-India; India-Civilization 






 8  Gordon, David L A (ed)                                    

         Planning twentieth century capital cities / David L A   

         Gordon.-- London: Routledge, 2006.

         xvi, 302p. 25cm.    

         (Planning, history and environment series).             

         ISBN : 0415280613.                                      

         307.1216 GOR           121726          

         The focus here is not only on recently created capitals.

         Indeed, the case studies which make up the core of the  

         book show that, while very different, the development of

         London or Rome presents as great a challenge to planners

         and politicians as the design and building of Brasilia or

         Chandigarh. Put simply, this book sets out to explore   

         what makes capital cities different from other cities,  

         why their planning is unique, and why there is such     

         variety from one city to another. To bring the book to a

         close Peter Hall looks to the future of capital cities in

         the twenty-first century. For anyone with an interest in

         urban planning and design, architectural, planning and  

         urban history, urban geography, or simply capital cities

         and why they are what they are, Planning Twentieth      

         Century Capital Cities will be the key source book for a

         long time to come.                                      


         ** City planning-Cross-cultural studies



 9  Shaw, Annapurna (ed)                                      

         Indian cities in transition / Annapurna Shaw.-- Chennai:

         Orient Longman, 2007.

         xli, 500p, 22cm.                 

         ISBN : 8125032053.                                      

         307.760954 SHA           121737    

         Urban India has been in transition for centuries but,   

         perhaps, never more so than since the last decade of the

         twentieth century when the national economy was opened  

         wide to international trade and competition. Indian     

         Cities in Transition seeks to understand the nature of  

         change that Indian cities are undergoing from a         

         multidisciplinary perspective. There are seventeen essays

         in the volume, encompassing the work of urban planners, 

         geographers, demographers, social anthropologists,      

         economists and political scientists. They examine the   

         processes of demographic, environmental, economic,      

         political and social change, and their impact on Indian 



         ** Cities and towns-India-Growth; Urbanization-India  




 10  Lal, Deepak                                               

         Reviving the invisible hand : the case for classical    

         liberalism in the twenty-first century / Deepak Lal.--  

         New Delhi: Academic Foundation, 2006. 

         xii, 320p. 23cm. 

         ISBN : 8171885675.                                      

         320.51 LAL           121727              

         Reviving the Invisible Hand is an uncompromising call for

         a global return to a classical liberal economic order,  

         free of interference from governments and international 

         organizations. Arguing for revival of the invisible hand

         of free international trade and global capital, eminent 

         economist Deepak Lal vigorously defends the view that   

         stasis attempts to ameliorate the impact of markets    

         threaten global economic progress and stability.  And in

         an unusual move, he not only defend globalization       

         economically, but also answers the cultural and moral   

         objections of antiglobalizers. Taking a broad cross-    

         cultural and interdisciplinary approach, Lal argues that

         there are two groups opposed to globalization: cultural 

         nationalists who oppose not capitalism but              

         Westernization, and new dirigistes who oppose not       

         Westernization but capitalism.                           


         ** Liberalism; Capitalism; Globalization




 11  Bruni, Luigion                                            

         Economics and happiness : framing the analysis / Luigion

         Bruni and Pier Luigi Porta.-- Oxford: Oxford University 

         Press, 2007. 

         xii, 366p, 23cm.                          

         ISBN : 0199215235.                                      

         330.01 BRU           121732              

         This book is the first of its kind to provide a         

         comprehensive overview of the burgeoning field of       

         happiness and economics. The essays collected in this   

         book provide an authoritative and comprehensive         

         assessment of the theoretical, applied and partly       

         experimental aspects of the whole field and discusses the

         economic, sociological, philosophical, and psychological

         contributions to the field. The book breaks new ground, 

         particularly on the more recent directions of research on

         happiness, well-being, interpersonal relations and      

         reciprocity. The meaning of happiness is thoroughly     

         explored and the tension between various definitions is 



         ** Economics-Psychological aspects; Economics; Happiness;

         Happiness-Economic aspects 



12  Smith, Vernon L                                           

         Papers in experimental economics / Vernon L Smith.--    

         Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2006.

         xvi, 812p.23cm.                                                   

         ISBN : 052102465X.                                      

         330.01 SMI           121725              

         Vernon L. Smith is the main creator of the burgeoning   

         discipline of experimental economics. This collection of

         his papers from 1962 to 1988 surveys major developments 

         in the field from early attempts to simulate economic   

         behavior in now classic double oral auction markets     

         through recent studies of industrial organization and   

         decision making. Topics covered include monopoly and    

         oligopoly supply and demand theory under posted pricing,

         uniform pricing, double continuous auction, and sealed  

         bid offer auction; hypothetical valuation and market    

         pricing; asset price bubbles, predatory pricing; market 

         contestability and natural monopoly; and the methodology

         of experimental economics. Taken together, the papers   

         form a history of the study of economics under controlled

         conditions. Vernon Smith is Regents Professor of        

         Economics at the University of Arizona, and is the author

         of over 100 articles an.                                


         ** Economics-Methodology; Economics-Simulation methods; 




13  Barnett, William A (ed)                                   

         Dynamic econometric modeling : proceedings of the Third 

         International Symposium in Economic Theory and           

         Econometrics / William A Barnett, Ernst R Berndt and    

         Halbert White.-- Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 


         x, 376p, 23cm.                                   

         (International symposia in economic theory and          


         ISBN : 0521023408.                                      

         330.015195 BAR           121731    

         This book brings together presentations of some of the  

         fundamental new research that has begun to appear in the

         areas of dynamic structural modeling, nonlinear         

         structural modeling, time series modeling, nonparametric

         inference, and chaotic attractor inference. The contents

         of this volume comprise the proceedings of the third of a

         conference series entitled International Symposia in    

         Economic Theory and Econometrics. This conference was   

         held at the IC;s2 (Innovation, Creativity and Capital)  

         Institute at the University of Texas at Austin on May 22-

         23, l986.                                                


         ** Econometric models-Congresses


   14  Barr, Nicholas                                             

         The Economics of the welfare state / Nicholas Barr.--4th

         ed-- Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2004. 

         xxii, 408p,24cm.                                                   

         ISBN : 019926497X.                                      

         330.1556 BAR           121733        

         The text argues that the welfare state exists not just to

         help the underprivileged, but also for efficiency reasons

         in areas where private markets would be inefficient or  

         would not exist at all. The book has a new, separate    

         chapter on the economics of higher education and it     

         contains increased references to developments in the EU.

         Also included are a number of new, largely forward      

         looking topics: extended discussion of insurance to cover

         disability and long-term care; challenges to the welfare

         state including demographic change, globalization,      

         changes in family structure and changes in the structure

         of jobs; debates about the welfare state. Suitable for  

         students of both economics related disciplines, the book

         encourages greater accessibility for students and       

         contains a non-technical appendix in every chapter,     

         diagrams, additional readings and worked examples.      


         ** Welfare economics; Great Britain-Economic policy-1945-




 15  Bradfield, James                                          

         Introduction to the economics of financial markets /    

         James Bradfield.-- Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007.

         xvii, 489p. 25cm.                                       

         ISBN : 0195310632.                                       

         332 BRA           121738                

         The book provides an extremely accessible introductory  

         exposition of how economists analyze both how, and how  

         well, financial markets organize the intertemporal      

         allocation of scarce resources. The central theme is that

         the function of a system of financial markets is to     

         enable consumers, investors, and managers of firms to   

         effect mutually beneficial intertemporal exchanges. James

         Bradfield presents an intuitive, and introductory,      

         understanding of the primary theoretical and empirical  

         models that economists use to analyze financial markets,

         and then uses these models to discuss implications for  

         public policy.  This book is addressed to undergraduate 

         students in the liberal arts, but will also be useful for

         undergraduate and beginning graduate students in programs

         of business administration.                             


         ** Finance; Capital market   




16  Lewis, Nathan                                             

         Gold : the once and future money / Nathan Lewis.-- New  

         Jersey: John Wiley, 2007. 

          xvi, 447p, 24cm.              

         ISBN : 0470047666.                                      

         332.4042 WIG           121765     

         For most of the last three millennia, the world's       

         commercial centers have used one or another variant of a

         gold standard. It should be one of the best understood of

         human institutions, but it's not. It's one of the worst 

         understood, by both its advocates and detractors. Though

         it has been spurned by governments many times, this has 

         never been due to a fault of gold to serve its duty, but

         because governments had other plans for their currencies

         beyond maintaining their stability. And so, says Nathan 

         Lewis, there is no reason to believe that the great     

         monetary successes of the past four centuries, and indeed

         the past four millennia, could not be recreated in the  

         next four centuries. In Gold, he makes a forceful, well-

         documented case for a worldwide return to the gold      



         ** Monetary policy; Business cycles; Gold standard  




17  Yu, Oliver S                                               

         Technology portfolio planning and management : practical

         concepts and tools / Oliver S Yu.-- New York: Springer, 


         xiii, 173p, 24cm.                                

         ISBN : 0387354468.                                       

         332.6 YUO           121681              

         The book focus specifically on the concepts and tools for

         the planning and management of an investment portfolio by

         a government or a business organization for either the  

         development or the application of technologies. A       

         portfolio is a coordinated combination of technologies  

         that achieve a common objective for the decision-maker. 

         Thus, it also deals on those concepts and tools for     

         selecting and modifying such a combination of           

         technologies that will be either developed by a          

         technology supply organization, such as a national      

         laboratory or a corporate research center, or adopted by

         a technology application organization, such as a        

         government administrative office or a corporation       

         management department, to either advance public goals   

         (such as space exploration or disease eradication) or   

         enhance corporate strategies (such as improving         

         productivity or increasing competitiveness).            


         ** Technology-Economic aspects-Mathematical models;     

         Technology-Management; Portfolio management  


   18  Choudhry, Moorad                                          

         An introduction to bond markets / Moorad Choudhry.--3rd 

         ed-- West Sussex: John Wiley, 2006.

         xviii, 405p, 23cm. 

         ISBN : 0470017589.                                      

         332.6323 CHO           121722         

         This book describes and defines bonds within the context

         of the capital markets and the different types of bonds 

         that are traded. It includes a detailed look at the     

         analytical techniques used in the market by traders and 

         fund managers. This new edition will update the section 

         on swaps and risk management, update all exercises and  

         examples, add a new section on credit derivatives, add a

         section on structured finance securities & add a section

         on trading. Contents also include: Bond yield           

         Measurement, Interest Rate Risk, The UK gilt market and 

         corporate debt markets, Risk Management, Off-balance    

         sheet instruments, including swaps and options, and     

         Overseas and emerging markets.                          


         ** Bond market; Bonds



19  Overhaus, Marcus                                          

         Equity hybrid derivatives / Marcus Overhaus and others.--

         New Jersey: John Wiley, 2007.

         ix, 326p. 25cm.           

         ISBN : 0471770582.                                      

         332.6457 OVE           121720         

         This book presents leading-edge thinking in modeling,   

         valuing, and hedging for this market, which is          

         increasingly used for investment by hedge funds. You'll 

         gain a balanced, integrated presentation of theory and  

         practice, with an emphasis on understanding new         

         techniques for analyzing volatility and credit derivative

         transactions linked to equity. In every instance, theory

         is illustrated along with practical application.        


         ** Derivative securities; Convertible securities



   20  Cohen, Stephen D                                          

         Multinational corporations and foreign direct investment

         : avoiding simplicity, embracing complexity / Stephen D 

         Cohen.-- Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007. 

         ix, 371p. 23cm.                                             

         ISBN : 0195179366.                                      

         332.67314 COH           121740      

         Foreign direct investment (FDI) and multinational       

         corporations (MNCs), for better and worse, play a large 

         and growing role in shaping our world. The integrating  

         thesis of this book is the inevitability of heterogeneity

         in FDI and MNCs and, accordingly, the imperative of     

         disaggregation. Large companies doing business on a     

         global basis increasingly dominate the production and   

         marketing of the world's goods and services. The        

         importance of these companies continues to grow while the

         debate about their nature and effects remains mired in a

         long-standing stalemate couched in strong black and white

         terms. It seeks to reconcile this impasse by analyzing  

         multinational corporations and foreign direct investment

         in an eclectic, nuanced manner. The core thesis is that 

         an accurate understanding of the nature and impact of   

         these phenomena comes from acknowledging the dominance of



         ** International business enterprises-finance;          

         Investments, Foreign 



 21  Bowles, Paul (ed)                                          

         National perspectives on globalization / Paul Bowles and

         others.-- New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2007.

         xiii,  220p, 22cm.                                             

         (International political economy series).               

         ISBN : 0230004652.                                      

         337 BOW           121723             

         This book brings together authors from eleven countries 

         to analyze and reflect on what globalization means to   

         them. In this fascinating collection, the study of      

         globalization is analyzed from a truly global           

         perspectives, which examines whether it has same meanings

         in Russia as in USA, or the same in China as it is in   

         South Africa. This book provides a global dialogue on   

         globalization and brings much-needed new perspectives on

         how to think about one of the most important processes of

         our time.                                               


         ** Globalization-Economic aspects, Globalization-       

         Developing countries; Economic development



 22  Kronenberg, Jakub                                         

         Ecological economics and industrial ecology : a case    

         study of the integrated product policy of the European  

         Union / Jakub Kronenberg.-- London: Routledge, 2007.    

         293p, 24cm.                                             

         (Rout ledge explorations in environmental economics; 7). 

         ISBN : 0415423317.                                      

         338.9407 KRO           121711       

         Holistic in approach and rooted in the real world the   

         book presents a new way of looking at environmental     

         policy  exploring the relationship between ecological   

         economics and industrial ecology. A topical and critical

         review, this book should be read by academics and policy

         makers alike, specifically those engaged with the       

         concepts surrounding sustainable development and the    

         rationale for more restrictive environmental policies.  


         ** Sustainable development-European Union countries;    

         Environmental policy-European Union countries; Industrial

         ecology-European Union countries 



 23  Bhattacharya, B B                                         

         Macroeconomic reforms, growth, and stability / B B      

         Bhattacharya and Sabyasachi Kar.-- Oxford: Oxford       

         University Press, 2007.

         xviii, 263p. 21cm.             

         ISBN : 0195684192.                                      

         339.5 BHA           121739                              

         In recent years, the Indian economy has achieved a high 

         growth trajectory becoming one of the largest economies 

         in the world.  India still has large reserves of untapped

         human resources to grow even faster in a sustained      

         manner.  The models for each sector are specified keeping

         in view both theoretical and empirical economic         

         considerations of the Indian economy in the pre- and post

         reform periods.  The macro model is then used to evaluate

         the growth, inflation, fiscal deficit, and balance of   

         payments.  It is found that the steady growth of the    

         nineties has given way to a higher growth path in recent

         years.  The analysis in this boom will benefit students 

         of economics and applied econometrics, researchers,     

         policymakers, economists, and others interested in the  

         Indian economy.                                          


         ** Macroeconomics; India-Economic policy-1991; India-   

         Economic conditions-1947




24  Henslin, James M                                           

         Social problems / James M Henslin.--7th ed-- New Jersey:

         Pearson, 2007.  xxiv, 596p, 26cm.                       

         ISBN : 0131930826.                                      

         361.1 HEN           121771                              


         This theoretically balanced book provides a thorough    

         understanding of major social problems facing the United

         States their causes, consequences, likely future course,

         and what can be done about them. It supplies readers with

         both the basic data and the sociological frameworks for 

         interpreting it. Extensive learning tools helps users to

         easily understand potentially complex ideas and to relate

         concepts to their personal lives. A four-part           

         organization covers the sociology of social problems,   

         norm violations in social context, problems of social   

         inequality, and social change and mega problems. For    

         those interested in a comprehensive look at the social  

         problems of America, as well as their possible solutions.


         ** Social problems; Deviant behavior; Equality;         

         Functionalism (Social sciences); United States-Social   







 25  Harris, Paul G (ed)                                       

         Europe and global climate change : politics, foreign    

         policy and regional cooperation / Paul G Harris.--      

         Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2007. 

         xviii, 415p, 24cm.     

         ISBN : 1845429443.                                      

         363.73874526 HAR           121715 

         The core objective of this book is to better understand 

         the role of foreign policy - the crossovers and         

         interactions between domestic and international politics

         and policies; in efforts to preserve the environment and

         natural resources. Underlying this objective is the     

         belief that it is not enough to analyze domestic or     

         international political actors, institutions and        

         processes by themselves. The eclectic group of          

         contributors explore European and EU responses to global

         climate change, and provide insights into issues on     

         environmental protection, sustainable development,      

         international affairs and foreign policy.               


         ** International relations-Environmental aspects;       

         Climatic changes-Government policy-Europe; Europe-Foreign





   26  Hyslop-Margison, Emery J                                  

         Neo-liberalism, globalization and human capital learning

         : reclaiming education for democratic citizenship / Emery

         J Hyslop-Margison and Alan M Sears.-- Dordrecht: Springer

         , 2006. 

        xv, 164p, 23cm.                                

         ISBN : 1402034210.                                      

         370.115 HYS           121598       

         This book reviews the political shift toward neo-liberal

         ideology and explores its tremendous impact on education.

         It explains with striking clarity the causes            

         precipitating this major ideological shift and considers

         the potential threats neo-liberal ideology, with its    

         focus on human capital preparation and instrumental     

         learning, poses to public education in a democracy. The 

         book outlines in an accessible fashion a number of      

         political, academic and intellectual strategies that    

         educators might pursue to reclaim education for          

         democratic citizenship. Finally, the authors explore the

         possible role of teachers and teacher educators as public

         intellectuals who actively engage political policy,     

         arguing that if students are expected to fulfill the    

         responsibilities of democratic citizenship, teachers and

         other educators must be prepared to model the necessary 



         ** Education-Political aspects; Democracy; Public schools

          Human capital; Citizenship-Study and teaching




 27  Odell , John S (ed)                                       

         Negotiating trade : developing countries in the WTO and 

         NAFTA / John S Odell.-- Cambridge: Cambridge University 

         Press, 2006.

         xi, 298p. 23cm.                           

         ISBN : 0521679788.                                      

         382.9091724 ODE           121741                        

         Negotiations between governments shape the world        

         political economy and in turn the lives of people       

         everywhere. Developing countries have become far more   

         influential in talks in the World Trade Organization,   

         including infamous stalemates in Seattle in 1999 and    

         Cancun in 2003, as well as bilateral and regional talks 

         like those that created NAFTA. Yet social science does  

         not understand well enough the process of negotiation,  

         and least of all the roles of developing countries, in  

         these situations. This book sheds light on three aspects

         of this otherwise opaque process: the strategies        

         developing countries use; coalition formation; and how  

         they learn and influence other counterpart's beliefs.   

         This book will be valuable for many readers interested in

         negotiation, international political economy, trade,    

         development, global governance, or international law.    


         ** Foreign trade regulation; International trade;       

         Negotiation in business; Developing countries-Commerce




   28  Levin, Jack                                                

         Elementary statistics in social research : the essentials

         / Jack Levin and James Alan Fox.-- Boston: Pearson, 2004.

         xii, 324p, 23cm.                                        

         ISBN : 0205375790.                                      

         519.50243 LEV           121763      

         This book is a concise, uncomplicated introduction to   

         statistics for the social sciences. Adapted from Levin  

         and Fox's Elementary Statistics in Social Research, Ninth

         Edition ((c) 2003), the new text retains the clarity and

         step-by-step approach that have made the comprehensive  

         book a best-seller. Written to be understandable to a   

         broad range of readers, particularly those without a    

         strong background in mathematics, it provides clear,    

         logical explanations for the rationale and use of       

         statistical methods in social research. Detailed step-by-

         step illustrations of statistical procedures are located

         at important points throughout the text.                


         ** Social sciences-Statistical methods; Statistics






 29  Camfferman, Kees                                          

         Financial reporting and global capital markets : a      

         history of the international accounting standards       

         committee 1973-2000 / Kees Camfferman and Stephen A Zeff.

         -- Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007.

          xxiii, 676p. 24cm.                                                   

         ISBN : 0199296294.                                      

         657.3 CAM           121734  

         Standardization and harmonization of accounting practices

         is a fundamental element of a global business           

         environment. Achieving this is a complex process that   

         involves technical and political negotiation. The book  

         studies the impact of the IASC's standards on national  

         standard setting and on accounting practice in developed

         and developing countries, as well as the impact on the  

         IASC of the policies and positions of the UN, the OECD, 

         the US Securities and Exchange Commission, the          

         International Organization of Securities Commissions, and

         the European Commission. It will be of vital interest to

         all concerned with accounting developments in a global  

         environment, be they academics, policy-makers, or       



         ** International Accounting Standards Board;            

         International Accounting Standards Committee; Accounting-

         Standards; Financial statements-Standards




 30  Thumann, Albert                                            

         Handbook of financing energy projects / Albert Thumann  

         and Eric A Woodroof.-- Lilburn: The Fairmont Press, 2005.

         vii, 432p, 23cm.                                        

         ISBN : 0849336678.                                       

         658.26 THU           121766             

         Filled with practical yet innovative financing methods, 

         Handbook of Financing Energy Projects provides effective

         solutions to finance problems. The authors delineate the

         key success factors for structuring a financed energy   

         project and getting it approved. They examine and assess

         the full scope of current project financing, including  

         energy service performance contracting, rate of return  

         analysis, and energy savings measurement and            

         verification. This book explores successful solutions for

         every situation and builds increased confidence in your 

         understanding of the many successful ways to assemble and

         finance an energy management project.                   


         ** Energy conservation-Finance; Industries-Energy       



31  Tunstall, Thomas Nelson                                    

         Outsourcing and management : why the market benchmark   

         will topple old school management styles / Thomas Nelson

         Tunstall.-- New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2007.

         xix, 219p. 21cm.                                              

         ISBN : 1403979677.                                      

         658.4 TUN           121724               

         Outsourcing and Management shows how the next generation

         of executives will employ outsourcing, systematic       

         thinking, disciplined management, and effective use of  

         technology to redefine organizational structure and drive

         performance to new levels. Too many executives still fail

         to grasp how the organizational whole becomes greater   

         than the sum of its individual parts. Layers of         

         bureaucracy, dysfunctional behavior, and simple inertia 

         continue to impose a drag on organizational performance 

         at all levels. Outsourcing and Management identifies and

         defines important new economy organizational            

         dysfunctions, the Moving-Target Theory of Management,   

         Internal Monopoly, the Bozo-CEO, and the Stream-of-     

         Consciousness Manager, all of which are destined for the



         ** Management; Industrial organization



32  Johnstone, Nick (ed)                                      

         Environmental policy and corporate behaviour / Nick     

         Johnstone.-- Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2007. 

         x, 278p,  24cm.                                                    

         ISBN : 184720032X.                                      

         658.4083 JOH           121714         

         For the last 30 years, analysis of the inner workings of

         the firm has been largely absent from economic          

         assessments of environmental policy. Recent work has    

         highlighted the importance of understanding a firm's    

         commercial motivations, decision-making procedures and  

         organizational structure when designing and implementing

         public environmental policies. With a specific focus on 

         the public policy implications of the empirical findings,

         the book provides a foundation upon which to formulate  

         public and corporate policy in the environmental sphere.

         Adopting a multi-disciplinary approach, the book will   

         appeal to academics and policymakers with an interest in

         economics of the environment, as well as presenting     

         business and management perspectives.                   


         ** Industrial management--Environmental aspects;        

         Corporations--Environmental aspects; Business enterprises

         -Environmental aspects; Environmental policy 


 33  Cliquet, Gerard (ed)                                       

         Geomarketing : methods and strategies in spatial        

         marketing / Gerard Cliquet.-- London: Iste, 2006.

         327p, 23cm.                                                   

         (Geographical information systems series).              

         ISBN : 190520907X.                                      

         658.804 CLI           121735

         This examination of spatial theories of marketing covers

         geographic techniques used to solve common marketing    

         problems and the geography of markets which focuses on  

         various constituents, density of households, types of   

         lifestyle, and spending patterns. Recommendations and   

         analytical methods based on the studies from members of 

         the French Society for Trenchless Technology are also   



         ** Target marketing; Consumer behavior 


34  Teboul, James                                             

         Service is front stage : positioning services for value 

         advantage / James Teboul.-- Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan

         , 2006. 

          xi, 161p, 24cm.                                 

         (INSEAD business press).                                

         ISBN : 0230006604.                                      

         658.812 TEB           121669            

         This book contains a simple but powerful definition of  

         services based upon a separation between back-stage and 

         front-stage activities. Services deal with front        

         interactions, production and manufacturing with back-   

         stage operations. The book uses this distinction        

         systematically to explore all the important issues of the

         field within a coherent set of concepts and maps,       

         including the service mix, the service triangle and the 

         service-intensity matrix. This is a novel approach to   

         services that challenges the traditional view.          


         ** Customer services-Management; Service industries-    

         Management; Total quality management  


   35  Kumar, Nirmalya                                            

         Private label strategy : how to meet the store brand    

         challenge / Nirmalya Kumar and Jan-Benedict E M Steenkamp

         -- Boston: Harvard Business School Press, 2007.

         xvii,  270p, 24cm.                                              

         ISBN : 1422101673.                                      

         658.827 KUM           121658        

         The growth in private labels has huge implications for  

         managers on both sides. Yet, brand manufacturers still  

         cling to their outdated assumptions about private labels.

         This book describe the new strategies for private labels

         that retailers are using, and challenge brand           

         manufacturers to develop an effective response. Most    

         important, they lay out actionable strategies for       

         competing against or collaborating with private label   

         purveyors. Packed with detailed international case      

         studies, valuable visuals, and hands-on tools, Private  

         Labels enables managers to navigate profitably in this  

         radically altered landscape.                             


         ** Branding (Marketing)       




 36  Crichton, Michael                                         

         State of fear / Michael Crichton.-- New Delhi: Harper   

         Collins, 2006. 

         603p, 15cm.                             

         ISBN : 8172236212.                                      

         813 CRI           121805 

         The novel is dense with cliffhangers and chases and     

         derring-do, while stuffed between these, mostly via     

         Kenner's dialogue, is a talky yet highly provocative    

         survey of how Crichton thinks environmentalism has      

         derailed. There are plenty of ready-to-film minor       

         characters as well, from a karate-kicking beauty to a   

         dimwitted, pro-environmentalist TV star who meets one of

         the nastiest fates in recent fiction. There is a lot of 

         message here, but fortunately Crichton knows how to write

         a thriller of cyclonic speed and intensity. Certainly one

         of the more unusual novels of the year for its high-level

         mix of education and entertainment, with a decidedly    

         daring contrarians take, this take-no-prisoners         

         consideration of environmentalism wrapped in            

         extravagantly enjoyable pages is one of the most        

         memorable novels of the year and is bound to be a       



         ** English fiction


37  Lahiri, Jhumpa                                            

         Interpreter of maladies : stories / Jhumpa Lahiri.-- New

         Delhi: Harper Collins, 2007. 

        198p, 21cm.               

         (Praise for interpreter of Maladies).                   

         ISBN : 817223502X.                                       

         813 LAH           121795                

         Mr. Kapasi, the protagonist of Jhumpa Lahiri's title    

         story, would certainly have his work cut out for him if 

         he were forced to interpret the maladies of all the     

         characters in this eloquent debut collection. Take, for 

         example, Shoba and Shukumar, the young couple in "A     

         Temporary Matter" whose marriage is crumbling in the wake

         of a stillborn child. Or Miranda in "Sexy", who is      

         involved in a hopeless affair with a married man. But Mr.

         Kapasi has problems enough of his own; in addition to his

         regular job working as an interpreter for a doctor who  

         does not speak his patients' language, he also drives   

         tourists to local sites of interest. His fare on this   

         particular day is Mr. and Mrs. Das--first-generation    

         Americans of Indian descent--and their children.        


         ** East Indian Americans-Fiction


38  Lahiri, Jhumpa                                            

         The Namesake / Jhumpa Lahiri.-- New Delhi: Harper Collins

         , 2007.

         291p, 20cm.                                    

         ISBN : 0007258917.                                       

         813 LAH           121798                  

         The incredible bestselling first novel from Pulitzer    

         Prize winning author, Jhumpa Lahiri. 'When her          

         grandmother learned of Ashima's pregnancy, she was      

         particularly thrilled at the prospect of naming the     

         family's first sahib. And so Ashima and Ashoke have     

         agreed to put off the decision of what to name the baby 

         until a letter comes!' For now, the label on his hospital

         cot reads simply 'Baby Boy Ganguli'. But as time passes 

         and still no letter arrives from India, American        

         bureaucracy takes over and demands that 'baby boy       

         Ganguli' be given a name. In a panic, his father decides

         to nickname him 'Gogol' -- after his favorite writer.   

         Brought up as an Indian in suburban America, Gogol      

         Ganguli soon finds himself itching to cast off his      

         awkward name, just as he longs to leave behind the      

         inherited values of his Bengali parents.                


         ** East Indian Americans-Fiction; Children of immigrants-

         Fiction; Alienation (Social psychology)-Fiction;        





   39  Aggarwal, Ravina (ed)                                     

         Into the high ranges : the Penguin book of mountain     

         writings / Ravina Aggarwal.-- New Delhi: Penguin Books, 


         239p, 21cm.                                      

         ISBN : 0143029118.                                      

         823 AGG           121808       

         Cold and forbidding to some. A comfort and solace to    

         others. India's mountainscapes are a testimony to the   

         endurance of the human spirit. From the Himalayas in the

         north to the Nilgiris in the south, there exist a diverse

         range of physical, cultural, and aesthetic lifestyles.  

         Into the High Ranges brings together essays and creative

         works by some of India's best-known contemporary writers

         as well as fresh writings by other authors whose        

         imaginations have been fired by these high reaches.     

         Covering a broad spectrum of themes that delve into     

         literature, history, culture and politics, these        

         narratives present an intimate view that differs from   

         stereotypical musings on mountains.                     


         ** English fiction 


40  Baviskar, Amita (ed)                                      

         Waterlines : the Penguin book of river writings / Amita 

         Baviskar.-- New Delhi: Penguin Books, 2003. 

          xiv, 210p, 21cm.                                                   

         ISBN : 0143030388.                                      

         823 BAV           121817                

         The stories pulse through the heart of India. These     

         stories and essays reflect the presence of rivers in our

         lives. This book combines classic works with the best of

         contemporary writing. Here is Rabindranath Tagore's     

         brilliant tale of a young widow's passion in life. Ageya

         recounts his aunt's courageous battle against the Beas. 

         Arundhuti Roy and Advaita Mallabarman offersriver stories

         with dark currents. Mukul Sharma traces the travails of 

         Biharis living in the shifting diara lands. Nita Kumar's

         lyrical accounts of the pleasures of the Benaras ghats  

        includes bhang-induced "latrine'. Ananda Padian presents

         Tamil verse honouring Pennycuick, who dammed Periyar.   

         Ruchir Joshi pays homage to Hooghly and Howrah Bridge.  

         Waterlines is a tribute to rivers that every reader will

         enjoy dipping into.                                     


         ** Rivers-Folklore; Folklore-India


41  Dickens, Charles                                          

         The Pickwick papers / Charles Dickens.-- Oxford: Oxford 

         University Press, 1999.

          xli, 740p, 19cm.               

         ISBN : 0192834576.                                       

         823 DIC           121800             

         In 1836 the 23 year old Dickens was invited by his      

         publishers to write a "monthly something" illustrated by

         sporting places. Thus the Pickwick Club was born: its   

         supposed "papers" soon became a brilliantly comic novel,

         containing biting satire on pre-Victorian London.       


         ** Men-Societies and clubs-Fiction; Male friendship-    

         Fiction; England-Fiction


42  MacLean, Alistair                                         

         Fear is the key / Alistair MacLean.-- New Delhi: Harper 

         Collins, 2004. 

         372p, 17cm.                             

         ISBN : 8172236166.                                       

         823 MAC           121790

         A sunken DC-3 lies on the Caribbean floor. Its cargo: ten

         million, two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in gold 

         ingots, emeralds and uncut diamonds guarded by the      

         remains of two men, a wife and a very small son. The    

         fortune is there for the taking, and ready to grab it are

         a blue-blooded oilman with his own offshore rig, a      

         gangster so cold and independent that even the Mafia    

         couldn't do business with him and a hired assassin.     

         Against them stands one man, and the skeletons in their 

         watery graves are his people. His name is Talbot, and he

         will avenge their murders.                              


         ** English fiction


43  MacLean, Alistair                                         

         Force 10 from Navarone / Alistair MacLean.-- New Delhi: 

         Harper Collins, 2004. 

         325p, 17cm.                       

         ISBN : 8172236190.                                      

         823 MAC           121791        

         The Guns of Navarone have been silenced. But the heroic 

         survivors are far from still. They are ready for action 

         again and heading for even more excitement and danger.  

         Their mission: to free an entire partisan army trapped in

         the rugged mountains of Yugoslavia. It begins with a    

         parachute drop behind enemy lines and a deliberate walk 

         into German army camp. Six men against the might of two 

         armored divisions. They couldn't fight them. So they had

         to join them. And then somehow destroy them.            


         ** English fiction


44  MacLean, Alistair                                         

         HMS Ulysses / Alistair MacLean.-- New Delhi: Harper     

         Collins, 2004. 

         467p, 18cm.                              

         ISBN : 8172236204.                                      

         823 MAC           121793              

         The story of men who rose to heroism, and then to       

         something greater, "H.M.S. Ulysses" takes its place     

         alongside "The Caine Mutiny" and "The Cruel Sea" as one 

         of the classic novels of the navy, its men and its ships,

         at war. It is vintage MacLean-and unforgettable.        


         ** English fiction


45  MacLean, Alistair                                         

         The Last frontier / Alistair MacLean.-- New Delhi: Harper

         Collins, 2004.

          327p, 17cm.                             

         ISBN : 8172235992.                                      

         823 MAC           121797              

         Michael Reynolds was going insane slowly but inevitably 

         insane. And the most terrible part of it was that he knew

         it. Since the last forced injection, there had been     

         nothing he could do about the relentless onset of this  

         madness. The more he struggled to ignore the symptoms,  

         the more acutely he become aware of them, the deeper into

         his mind dug those fiendish chemical claws that were    

         tearing his mind apart.                                 


         ** English fiction 


46  MacLean, Alistair                                         

         Puppet on a chain / Alistair MacLean.-- New Delhi: Harper

         Collins, 2004. 

         222, 17cm.                              

         ISBN : 8172236018.                                      

         823 MAC           121803       

         Following a triple professional hit a U.S. agent arrives

         in Amsterdam to investigate a heroin smuggling ring. He 

         finds a city rife with drugs and a police force unable or

         unwilling to do much about it. With his incognito female

         fellow agent the American is soon stirring things up.   


         ** English fiction     



 47  MacLean, Alistair  

         South by Java head / Alistair MacLean.-- New Delhi:     

         Harper Collins, 2004. 

        320p, 18cm.                      

         ISBN : 8172236026.                                       

         823 MAC           121804               

         The shattered city of Singapore is surrendering to the  

         advancing Japs. Picking their way through the smoking   

         rubble towards the quay are a struggling party of       

         refugees - soldiers, nurses and civilians. Dawn sees them

         far out to sea but with the first murderous dive bombers

         already aimed at their ship. Thus begins an ordeal few  

         are to survive, a nightmare succession of disasters     

         wrought by the hell-bent Japs, the unrelenting tropical 

         sun and by the survivors themselves, whose hatred and   

         bitterness divides them one against the other.          


         ** English fiction  





  48  Mitra, Premendra                                          

         Mosquito and other stories : Ghana-da's tall tales /    

         Premendra Mitra.-- New Delhi: Penguin Books, 2004.

         xii,170p, 19cm.                                              

         ISBN : 0143032143.                                      

         891.443 MIT           121809

         Mosquito and other stories brings together twelve of    

         Premendra Mitra's most popular Ghana-da tales. These    

         stories within stories, told in first person by one of  

         the denizens of the mess-bari, straddle the thin line   

         between make-believe and truth. Ghana-da's bizarre      

         narratives draw upon science, history and geography to  

         conjure up exotic locales, other worlds and peoples,their

         habits, lifestyles and languages. In 'Mosquito' Ghana-da

         saves mankind from a new and deadly breed of the insect;

         in 'Pebble' he is trading in sandalwood in the new      

         Hebrides; 'Glass' and 'Duck' explore nuclear science; in

         'Hole' he tells his spellbound audience about the fourth

         dimension; and in 'Hat' he is dragged over Mount Everest

         by a runaway yeti. And that's just the beginning. These 

         accounts of travel and heroism, born of wild imagination

         and sound knowledge.                                     


         ** Bengali fiction 


49  Senapati, Fakir Mohan                                     

         Six acres and a third = chha mana atha guntha / Fakir   

         Mohan Senapati.-- New Delhi: Penguin Books, 2006.

          222p.  19cm.                                                   

         (Translated from the Oriya).                            

         ISBN : 0143028731.                                      

         891.4563 SEN           121814        

         This sly and humorous novel by Fakir Mohan Senapati, one

         of the pioneering spirits of modern Indian literature and

         an early activist in the fight against the destruction of

         native Indian languages, is both a literary work and a  

         historical document. Set in Orissa in the 1830s, Six    

         Acres and a Third provides a unique, view from below,  of

         Indian village life under colonial rule. This graceful  

         translation faithfully conveys the rare and compelling  

         account of how the more unsavory aspects of colonialism 

        affected life in rural India.                           


         ** Oriya fiction 



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