ACE - Mutual Fund (Important: pl read the description/tutorial first)
   Steps for Client Installation ACE Mutual Fund (updated version)

Steps to be followed in sequence as mentioned:(please add double back slash before IP address)

1. Click on START  RUN  --> press Enter
(For a user installing ACE MF first time, system may ask user id & password at this stage. id: administrator ; password: Passw0rd )
2. Open ACEMFV2 folder--> open "utils" folder
3. Copy "securityshare.exe" from "utils" folder to your desktop.
4. Right click on the copied exe from your desktop and "Run as administrator"
5. In the folder path write
6. Apply-->ok --> Add permission --> ok --> cross it
7. Right click on ACE_OFFLINEV2.exe under "acemfv2" folder and send to your desktop
8. Click on the icon in your Desktop. Run it.User name: Admin; Password: Admin